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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 25, 2020 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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he went on to say 90% of americans have not been infected and are fully susceptible to the virus. and just a day after the united states foesed another daily increase, the trump white house is poised to cut funding to testing sites in just a few days. president trump is shrugging off the spike, tweeting an increase in testing is the cause. as you may recall the president has said he wants testing slowed down, putting him at odds with members of his own task force who say it should increase, and it will increase. and we should note multiple members of the president's campaign staff are quarantining after interacting with several colleagues who tested positive for coronavirus. following the president's rally in tulsa. the coronavirus surge is real, just ask anyone in a hot spot. cnn national correspondent, erica hill, is in new york. have many of the states wiped
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out their gains by reopening too quickly? >> there's a lot of question and criticism at the local level in certain states about reopening too quickly. here's what we do know. we're learning more about bhooz getting infected, more young people. and we knew about underlying conditions, the elderly and those morbidly obese. the cdc saying anyone with a bmi of 30 or higher is at higher risk and that's some 42 of the population. . >> reporter: in the nation's three most population states, things are going from bad to worse. >> i don't think the history is going to look back kindly on americans going through this. >> reporter: governor greg abbott pausing additional reopening in texas where hospitalization records are being set too.
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at texas medical center there are just two available icu beds in the greater houston area. two out of more than 1300. >> we're running out of that time with the runway short and our health care system is filling up. and we need to do everything we can as a community to fight this pandemic. >> reporter: one of the most efel effective ways to fight covid-19 is to wear a mask. >> i think this is incredibly unfortunate this has become so political. >> we're noticing more and more people not wearing them. >> reporter: clear modeling from the highest office. you have to make wearing masks a social norm. >> reporter: in florida where more than 5,000 cases were added thursday, they encourage face coverings, but says a state-wide order would be too tough to enforce. >> it's too scary. >> reporter: they're required in hard-hit miami where the mayor is considering fines for anyone
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who ignores his order. >> the only option we have right now is to order masks in public. >> reporter: dozens of secret service agents quarantined as a precaution. after two agents who worked the president's rally in tulsa test said positive for the virus. the cdc reporting thursday pregnant women may be at higher risk for severe covid-19 illness, especially black and hispanic women. california says it has not met the criteria. and louisiana's governor keeping his state in phase two. >> without a doubt, the virus is spreading in our community. >> reporter: meantime, new york city on track for phase three, bringing back indoor dining, sports, and dog runs on july 6th. and just a little more background on this pause we now heard about from governor abbott in texas, it can pretty much
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stay in the phase they're in. no one can move forward. the issue is he doesn't want to have to go backwards, close businesses again and this has been a big source of contention in the state of texas, specifically when you talk about things like masks. officials have asked the governor to mandate the statewide order which he has resisted doing on a local level. the governor encouraging people to wear masks too, practice social distancing, to wear their hands, looking at number of places around the state of texas right now and what could be coming in a phase -- >> yeah. it's pretty amazing, erica hill. live from new york for us. dr. gandhi is an internal medical physician and the democratic candidate for the 10th district. thank you for being with us. first i want to get your thoughts on the governor's decision in texas to pause further reopening there.
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he's not dialing back what's already open but he's not going to further open additional businesses. is that going to be enough? >> it's not enough. pausing reopening is literally the very least he can do. and when i mean least t is the least he can do. there are so many things he should be doing right now. he should be moving forward to mandate masks for use in public areas. and we need to take a hard look at closing down our bars and restaurants for at least a one to two-week period. i'm looking at my colleagues at the clinic who are exhausted. we are exhausted. reusing ppe, doubling our drive-thru capacity. doubling our respiratory capacity and it isn't enough. while people are in bars and restaurants without masks. so, we need more decisive action. and i think he ought to push that through here in the next week or two. >> so, if you have this pause
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but there is not that statewide mask mandate, does the pause work? >> no. it doesants work as well as it could. when we think about public health policy, we think of it as being part of an orchestra. you need have mandatory masks. you need to give our health care professionals a break for one to two weeks to catch our breath. you have to push forth expansive contact tracing and testing and all these things have to work in concert together. we cannot succeed with one off policy. and so while i welcome pausing further reopening and while i welcome the governor deciding to halt elective surgeries in four of the major surgeries in the state of texas today, he's pausing to expand our hosha capacity, which means he's ready to put up the white flag. if we think we're going to be hammered with increased
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hospitalizations, then we're not pursuing the right policy. >> can you tell us, doctor, what it's like in hospitals in texas, what you're seeing and your colleagues are seeing? >> absolutely. i know we're at record hospitalization and icu utalization in austin. we know this weekends our capacity will exceed the baseline capacity in houston at the medical center and we know we've had a roughly increase statewide since reopening. i'll tell you monday when i walk under to clinic and talked to colleagues of mine, they said you ought to walk around and rally the troops. and the reason is it's 95 degrees outside. we're about to be hit with a big dust storm and we're seeing patient after patient come in with symptoms. and the reality is the exposure isn't happening in health care facilities. it's in the community. their aunts, uncles, mothers,
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fathers, are all coming down with symptoms and it's happening so quickly. and folks are tired. and folks want science-driven leadership. so, yeah, it's exhausting. and i'm worried that my colleagues that are pediatricians at texas children's hospital are seeing adult patients. there is something wrong with our policy right now. >> yeah. they're bringing in the folks in need of care, right? even if that's normally not who they're supposed to be treating. so, in five days, federal testing in houston, el paso and dallas is set to stop. and the governor says the state is prepared to transition away from those funds; that a strategy is going to be announced soon. and second, does the state have the capacity to over see the scope of testing needed? especially as you're seeing houston emerge as a hot spot? >> first off, no.
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we have received no guidance from the state level on how we're going to expand our testing and sustain our testing. i think what you've seen is what you've seen all along. we're making up the rules as we go because there isn't any state-level guidance. i don't think the state is going to be able to meet the capacity. houston leads all cities in the state of texas in the number of uninsured individuals. two of these sites test up to 750 pastients a day and they ar nearing capacity. i don't see a world without federal funds. we're going to be able to maintain, not just our current testing capacity but increase it. so, we're deeply concerned with what's happening in houston and, frankly, a federal retreat at the very time that we need -- at the very time we need the support. >> dr. gandhi, thanks for joining us.
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miami's republican mayor wants to fine people for not wearing masks in public. they're mandatory in miami and other parts of florida. anger erupted in palm beach county following a unanimous vote to make masks mandatory. the arguments made against the masks were jaw dropping. take a listen. >> you literally cannot mandate somebody to wear a mask, knowing the mask is killing people. it literally is killing people. and we, the people, are waking up. and we know what citizens arrest is because citizens arrests are already happening, okay. and every single one of you that are obeying the devil's laws are going to be arrested and you, doctor, are going to be arrested for crimes against humanity. >> the problem with humanity today is ignorance, arrogance and apathy.
11:16 am
keep listening to the tv brain washing you from birth. >> and they want to throw god's wonderful breathing system out the door. you're all turning your backs on it. >> i really have many question marks about your degree and what you really know. i'm sorry, ma'am, but i don't think you're worthy of your credentials and i would ask that you go back to school and get edge katsed. >> i'm joined by the state attorney for palm beach county, florida. dave, you heard those arguments. pretty stunning. but you believe that this is actually, as some people say, look it's not constitutional to have these mask laws in place. you say that's not true. explain this to us. >> brianna, these folk whose claim to be constitutional experts have obviously never read the constitution. their right to flail around their firsts stops at my face.
11:17 am
they are up there doing politics. they claim to care about their personal liberties, but where were they during the last hurricane? you know, we do get hurricanes in south florida. and the same county commissioner they're decrying had imposed curfews and mandatory evacuation orders during recent hurricanes. we didn't hear a peep from these folks. but now we hear from them about masks. and they're outraged about personal liberties. the code was broken. they unfurled their mask said in the middle of the meeting and hung it up for 20 minutes. you would hope this is the one area we could come together. it's all about sticking the middle finger up at the media and trying to get their leader re-elected as president. >> senator scott said just moments ago he doesn't think masks should be mandatory. he said quote, people ought to be able to make those decisions themselves. what's your reaction to hearing
11:18 am
him say that? >> well, he's not alone because that is the message from the president. and the republican party has taken their cues from the president. the governor of florida is a disciple of this president and that is why we still don't have a mandatory mask order in florida. even though his own surgeon general, his hand-picked, leading health official has told floridians they should wear masks, but the governor is going to follow the lead of the white house. and apparently, they don't think it's mandated to wear a mask, make fun of others for doing so. and this is a tragedy because this is an unprecedented pandemic in our lifetime and you have all these political gains going on. >> you say there's a basis for fining people for not wearing masks. explain that for us. >> under state law, especially when there's an order from the government, that is a an emergency order, local government can institute their
11:19 am
own executive orders and they're doing so. and it's a second degree miss demeanor. if someone violates in a local or state emergency order. in miami, they're moving ahead with a mandatory mask order that would result in a possible second degree misdemeanor, punishable up to 60 days in jail. in palm beach county, it's a civil fine. and the executive order says that warnings should be issued first. then you get a $250 fine. the whole goal of this is to educate people, that they need to wear masks. it's out of public saflt. -- if it's not about you, it's about them. it is in the law. and the only reason we're debating is because they think this rallies their base, when i think it's going to undermine their cause in november. >> yeah. thank you so much. joining us from florida.
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and here's a look at what else to watch for today. ♪ >> there's a place where a man on another planet meets a man born to be a star, where a big star meets a boddau bing. plz and the who meets a crew. las vegas is now requiring everyone to wear masks. we'll see how that is going over there. plus premature triplets diagnosed with the coronavirus. but the mystery remains over how they were infected. one expert says it's safer to send kids back to school than to keep them out of it. hear why. ♪
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the nfl hall of fame weekend in canton, ohio has been postponed until next year. that includes the induction ceremony and the opening preseason game, which was supposed to be early august. this move as several nfl players have tested positive for the coronavirus. reporting on the new covid-19 cases being reported in other sports.
11:26 am
>> hi. as teams and athletes ramp up towards a return to play, the potential reality staring them in the face. more positive tests. especially in mlb, where teams plan to travel to other cities, with just six days until the start of spring training, the red sox, tigers and mariners, all confirming at least one positive test. that makes nine reporting positive cases since last week. and former rookie of the year and pacers star is one of three nba players who announced yesterday they tested positive. the nba set to resume games in orlando, july 31st. finally, the kentucky derby planning to allow a limited number of fans for saturday. but major events, like the new york city marathon, continue to be cancelled. so, as more athletes test positive, how will teams, leagues and players respond in
11:27 am
the coming weeks? certainly something to keep an eye on. >> thank you, coy. doctors in central mexico are trying to figure out how a set of premature triplets were born infected with the coronavirus. doctors say the babies are stable and, quote, evolving favorably. how they contracted the virus is a mystery because both parents have tested negative. this as deaths are sky rocketing. more than 1,000 deaths reported just in the last 24 hours. pediatrician and child health expert is joining us now to discuss this. thank you for being with us. you're also an assistant clinical professor at the mattel children's hospital. so, give us your expertise here. how is this possible? >> so, it is very unusual, brianna. and i think the also brings to
11:28 am
light that there is still so much we don't know about the virus and are learning. i would expect if the babies really contracted it in ute row, the mom would be sick. so, i do believe the parents are negative and potentially they contracted it after birth, which can sometimes happen. i think the great news is they're doing fine and when we have babies and young children and older children that have been infected with covid-19 and testing positive, they are usually doing very well. kids have more flexible immune systems and tend to be more immune to respiratory viruses. the good news is most of our young population are going to do okay. >> so, doctors right now, as you know, they're trying to investigate sources of transmission when it comes to mother and baby. they're looking at breast milk. they're looking at the plu sentau. where are they on this?
11:29 am
and what would this information reveal? >> well, i think we're going to have to wait and see what comes out of the testing. i haven't been involved in the specific case. so, i don't know the details. i think only time will tell if they can isolate the virus through any of those sources. i think it's unlikely since both parents are negative. but we'll see. this will help us figure out new pallalcies and procedures to help protect everybody. i think in the united states we've done a good job protecting pregnant moms and babies and the hospital and we've seen low numbers when it comes to babies being born infect woued with covid-19. >> i want to talk to you about the possibility of their children getting back to school because they know coronavirus is such a risk. then on the other hand, they're watching what feels a bit like a
11:30 am
disaster, having their kids not being in school, right? so, there's a harvard environmental expert saying it's better to reopen schools but with strict safety protocols, than to keep them closed because of the devastating health risks some children can face at home. what do you think? what is your perspective on this? >> i do agree. i'm a mom of three school-aged kids myself. i think in most cases kids do need to go back to school, not just for education but mental health, physical activity, nutrition and some receive special services at school that are challenging to deliver online and some can't go back to work if their kids aren't in school. where is your school located around the country? what is the rate of covid-19? how many students are there and what resources does your school have to prevent illness,
11:31 am
contract trace and test? but i think there's a way to get kids back to school safely in most situations. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> chicago is introducing social distancing ambassadors in public. does this risk alterations though? plus, as cases sore, what are the chances other states will implement travel restrictions like new york and new jersey? the california attorney general will join me live. and a warning that coronavirus surge has moved into younger populations. when managing diabetes you can't always stop for a fingerstick. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you don't have to. with a painless, one-second scan
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with coronavirus cases surging in many u.s. states, the governor of nevada is now making face masks mandatory. the directive after a four-week cline d cline in the cases. >> reporter: with a spike in new cases, nevada becomes the latest state in the country to require
11:36 am
everyone to wear a mask. that means if you're in las vegas, visiting one of the dozens of hotel casinos, you will have to wear a mask. this after many people were seen in the city, they haven't been social distancing and haven't been wearing masks. the governor says he hopes nobody is fined or sited butted says everybody must take the new mandate seriously. >> and little by litthal state of illinois is reopening. the governor issued a stay-at-home order in march extended through may. the number of new cases each day has dropped. so, as people venture outside to exercise along the chicago lake front, they will be greeted by social distancing as part of an initiative to keep people moving. and chicago park district.
11:37 am
colleen, thank you. and several feet away. >> reporter: yeah, they were very excited on monday when we opened up for physical activity and to keep it moving, which is what the parks are all about is to get people moving and get people moving. so, we're asking people to definitely wear the masks and to always wear your face masks too, keep six feet apart and hand washing and solution with you. >> and so these are -- you're wearing the trademark powder-blue t-shirt. there's a uniform and transition
11:38 am
in. interaction. >> and while the beaches are closed, just social distance ambassadors and then we'll be growing their programs throughout the summer when they become a lifeguard to -- and we're going to get someone. and the activity. we want you here butted you have to wear a mask.
11:39 am
did you know you wear a mask if you're not six feet apart. i always go off. and they didn't know and they null masks off. they were done. >> are you having any confrontations? are there people reacting favorably and the instructor? >> you know, other than a few eye rolls, and they put it on, we haven't had any conversations. with the 300 social distance ambassadors that have been out in the parks of chicago.
11:40 am
>> thank you, colleen, for telling us about this. it's a fascinating effort you have going on here in chicago. and we certainly wish you the best as you try to keep everyone healthy. thank you. >> thank you. stay active. and come visit the trails, safely. from the cdc, including who is at higher risk and why there are so many more undetected cases than previously thought. plus multiple trump staffers are quarantining themselves after tulsa. t-mobile and sprint are joining forces
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today the trump administration plans to file papers to overturn balm care. and amid a pandemic that will likely drive millions more americans to depend on its coverage. i'm joined by javier. thank you so much for joining us from sacramento. and give us your perspective on what the impact is, the tangible impact of dismantling obamacare in the middle of a pandemic. >> for the more than 4300 americans that no longer have to worry about losing their health insurance or no longer qualifying for it because they have a preexisting medical condition, that would return if the trump administration would
11:46 am
succeed in dismantling the affordable care act. for the millions of senior whose have got better price for prescription drugs because of the affordable care act, that disappears. those under 26 who still have insurance under parent's policies, that will disappear. and every american who got insurance for the first time, or was finally able to afford it as a result of the affordable care act, that disappears. i could go on and on, because clearly, at a time when we're going through this covid-19 pandemic, this is not the time to take away people's health care. and fortunately we have a candidate for president, joe biden, who says let's go the opposite direction, let's make it better. >> you a biden surrogate, we should point out. and i want to talk to you about your state. because you're seeing a spike there right now, along with other states. i think this is something many are curious about. we recall california was the first state to really lock down.
11:47 am
and yet you're seeing the spike happen. what happened? what went wrong? >> brianna, i don't think anyone has the truly scientific answer to that, other than it looks like when people cluster or go home or to work, they start to have contact with other people, that you see the spread. and because california is such a large state, 43 million people, you could see clusters at beaches and parks, that could have an impact. and certainly if you start to have indoor gatherings, that could make it far worse. >> are you going to have to dial this back? shut down again and take more measures? >> that's the governor's call. we have defended every order that he has promulgated and dozens of times we have defended and won every case defending his executive orders.
11:48 am
clearly the public's health is at risk, lives are at stake. so, we'll continue to do what the law allows us to. and there the governor is the final decider. >> but i wonder if using it should be considered because we're looking at texas where the republican governor is pausing things, right? he's not dialing things back. we've spoken to experts who say it's not going to be enough to pause things and not open additional businesses. and so in california, is that something that you could get behind or that you believe has, you know, you believe could be a good strategy? >> governor newsom has gone way beyond where most states have gone. and i don't believe heels going to stop doing what's best for the 43 million in our state. and in many ways we're five or six different states.
11:49 am
you want to take into account the differences. rural areas are very different from urbanized areas. transportation hits you harder than private transportation. i i think governor newsom has done more than most, if any, in trying to move a people forward. so, i'm fortunate we get to defend his actions and, as i said, so far we're batting a thousand when it comes to defending the governor's orders. a moment ago, president trump accused a black lives matter leader of sudition after a the activist said, and this is a quote, if the u.s. doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down the system and replace it. this is from hawk newsom, who heads the black lives matter movement in new york. said he could be speaking figuratively or literally, depending on your interpretation. what do you think of what the
11:50 am
president said? >> i don't think a lot of what the president says. we think about what is in front of us. i don't listen to what donald trump says i watch what he does and why we've had to sue donald trump some 84 times most of the cases successeding. in this case, listen, americans have a number of ways of are saying things, and what i do know is that having heard a little about this particular matter that that individual you mentioned has said many different things and how we need to move forward in the 21st century. i would hate to take out of context remarks in ways he probably would disagree that he doesn't mean. i would just say this is the playbook of donald trump. i'm not going to fall for that. >> attorney general, thank you for joining us here on cnn. >> thank you. the pandemic causing strife
11:51 am
across this nation and the globe, scrambling to raise $10 billion and disney and apple struggling to reopen and dozens of secret service agents and campaign staffers quarantining after the president's rally in tulsa.
11:52 am
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staffers now quarantining after president trump's rally in tulsa last weekend. cnn learned those staffers were isolated after interacting with eight colleagues who tested positive for coronavirus. dozens of secret service agents are also now under quarantine. a secret service official said the quarantine lg not impact future operations and the agency is also taking additional precautions. agents who are involved in presidential trips must now be tested 24 to 48 hours beforehand. a reminder this was an event that took place inside and attendees were not required to wearing a masks and almost all did not. the coronavirus continuing to hammer the global economy. australian airline qantas announcing today it would cut some 6,000 jobs due to the pandemic. first we begin in germany. >> i'm fred pleitgen in berlin, shareholders for germany's flagship carrier lufthansa, a bailout by the german government.
11:57 am
all this gives the german government a large stake in the company. however, the management says it still plans to cut thousands of jobs and also drastically make its fleet smaller by about 100 planes. lufthansa, of course, got into a lot of trouble because fewer people are flying because of the coronavirus pandemic. >> reporter: i'm shasta darlington in sao paulo. covid-19 in latin america tripled in the last month surpassing 2 million infections. that's according to the pan-american health organization. the group's director warned governments are under pressure now to ease social isolation measures due to economic and political crises, even though transmission is still increasing. brazil alone registered well over 1 million cases, and on wednesday the health ministry reported more than 42,000 new infections. the second highest daily increase on record. also, more than 1,100 additional deaths.
11:58 am
>> reporter: i'm from paris where the eiffel tower just reopened to visitors after its longest shutdown since the second world war. the eiffel tower experience is slightly different. you wear a face mask, of course, and lifts aren't available to visitors physical few days, meaning no choice but to climb up the stairs if you want the view, despite the very hot weather. hoping for 4000 to 5,000 visitors, a far cry from the normal amount they get this time of year. >> thanks to our reporters for that. this just in. the nascar investigation failed to determine who tied the noose at talladega super speedway. a picture of the noose found. the picture released by nascar and the investigation hoped to uncover who made what appeared to be a garage door pull, a rope, into a noose back in 2019. this was ultimately found in the
11:59 am
garage stall of bubba wallace over the weekend. nascar says it checked other stalls for additional nooses but only found this one. nascar plans to install additional cameras in the garage areas at future races. the press, steve phelps, thanking wallace for his leadership over the past three weeks and of course leaded charge to have confederate symbols banned from nascar races. our coverage continues. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our health lead, breaking records on new coronavirus cases in states across this nation. right now there are nearly 2.4 million confirmed cases in the u.s. and that number is tragically surging with the cdc director warning this afternoon that the actual infection rate could actually be ten times higher, because of those who show no symptoms, but have the virus and can spread it.
12:00 pm
infections are soaring in california, in texas, in florida. three states that make up more than a quarter of the u.s. population. in texas, republican governor greg abbott is suspending the reopening to deal with the growing crisis, and once again in several counties, canceling elective surgeries in hospitals. the mayors of houston and austin in texas are warning intensive care units could soon become overwhelmed. one medical expert in texas gave this sobering perspective. increases in hospitalizations and affections across the lone star state could become "apocalyptic." from dallas, texas, our reporter. is this a major reversal from governor abbott considering how much of the state has already reopened? what does this actually change? >> reporter: look, he has certainly pumped the brakes here. remember, of course, that texas was out in front of a handful of other states quick to reopen
12:01 pm
during the