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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 30, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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you, just a quick programming note. with many traditional fourth of july events canceled across country, cnn is hosting a star-studded fourth in america special. so of course do not miss done lemon and dana bash hosting that. i'm brooke baldwin, thanks for being with me. the coverage continues now on "the lead" with jake tapper. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. and we begin with our health lead and the latest on the failed response by the trump administration and many governors to protect the american people from the coronavirus. today a grim new forecast from the nation's top doctors. doctor anthony fauci warning the united states could hit 1,000 new coronavirus cases every day if things do not turn around noting the u.s. is already at 40,000 new cases aday.
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in addition the cdc director is urging americans to take personal responsibility and wear masks in public. >> specifically i'm addressing the younger members of our society, millennials and gen z. i ask those that are listening to spread the word. >> 36 states, 36 are trending upward when it comes to new cases. only two states are seeing a decline. yesterday 15 states saw the highest seven-day average for new daily cases, yet only 3 have statewide face mask requirements. and the e.u. has announced countries allowed to travel there, including our neighbors to the north, canada, australia, new zealand, even china, once they reip row kate with the e.u and among those countries banned, brazil, russia and the united states. states within the u.s. are also now currently imposing
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regulations on americans from other states where the virus is still spreading like wildfire. new york, new jersey and connecticut are all expanding travel advisory adding eight more states that will have to quarentine for 14 days in travelers from there enter that tri-state area region. alexandria field joins us live from new york. and alexandria, which states are being singled out and why. >> it feels less and less by being singled out because the list is growing, including the hardest hit states and there is a lot of them. including california, georgia, iowa, idaho, mississippi, nevada and tennessee. so you have 16 states across the country where people, if they choose to travel to new york, new jersey or kreconnecticut, w have to quarantine for 14 days. the governor of new york has reminded people there will be penalties for breaking that quarantine. you could be fined and if your found out you could be forced into a mandatory quarantine.
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so the governors in this area really trying to hold on to the gains that they fought so hard to make, jake. >> and, alexandria, massachusetts just announced that anyone comes to their commonwealth with the exception of new england, will have to quarantine for 14 days. >> and other states are following suit. this week with you had rhode island have stricter terms, only allowing to people travel with people with less than a 5% positivity rate compared that to the 10% set by new jersey, north carolina and connecticut. the only way to get in is presenting a negative test for covid. if you come from a state with a high rate, you have to show the quarantine or the test. you have a country where you have cases surging in the northeast and two states that are seeing declines and they're
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trying to keep the progress here. >> thank you very much. in several bar owners are suing the governor over the shut of bars back down due to the recent surge in cases in the lone star state. they claim it is unkooupgs constitutional. they reported 67,500 new cases yesterday. lucy kafanov joins us now. clearly bar owners are reluctant to follow these measures. what about texans, what do they say? are they also objecting? >> reporter: well, jake, some bar owners are relukt ant. they hosted a small rally of a protest in austin. when you talk to ordinary people, the economic concern is front and center on everyone's mind but people understand the numbers here in texas are trending in the wrong directions and they hear the urgent calls to take more care by local
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officials. they see that testing capacity is at a limit. i was walking around downtown in houston and it was a ghost town. almost not a single sole on the street. people were wearing masks and businesses are empty because we're in the midst of a national crisis, hitting texas hard. and you could see behind me the line of cars of people trying to get tested, people taking this seriously. that line of cars, by the way, snaking around for miles, hours before the facility even opened. now the houston mayor expanding testing fos -- facility here in the city and even though the mortality rate is stable, thankfully, the number of people affected is growing exponentially. and i could tell you one more thing the governor extended the executive order to expand space at hospitals, that limits nonessential surgery but there is no state wide mandate for masks and that is tieing the hands of local officials and
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putting businesses in the awkward position of enforcing the rules, jake. >> lucy kafanov in texas, thank you. joining us our cnn medical analyst from mass general, doctor, thanks so much. let's start with dr. fauci. take a listen to what he said today. >> we can't just focus on those areas that are having the surge. it puts the entire country at risk. we are now having 40-plus thousand new cases a day. i would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 a day if this does not turn around. >> what do you think? is that actually possible? 100,000 new cases aday? >> good afternoon, jake. i think it is not only possible, it is very likely. we know that where we were last week in some of the very hard-hit states like florida, arizona, texas, we know a week ago they had half of the number of cases. we know that the cases that
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we're seeing today have infected the people of tomorrow that we're going to detect probably in the next week to 14 days. so the best hope that we have is taking those people, who we haven't even found yet, and trying to prevent the transmission from them. so i really think we need some measures to -- strong measures in place now. we know from march that it took a month of being shut down, of being in stay-at-home orders to curb this. our peaks were on april 24th and the shout shutdown was on march 22nd. we need drastic measures today to see benefits a month from now and if we continue to double every week, we could easily be at 100,000 in the next week or two. >> cdc director redfield specifically addressed millennials and gen z in his comments today telling them to embrace masks in public.
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is this consistent with what you're seeing at your hospital, that there is an increase in younger people getting infected and not taking the virus seriously when they go out in public? >> yeah, i want to say this is critically important. so the one thing, we know numerous things, the young people tend to do well and not as severe a disease and a lower mortality rate but they tend to have less commonly have symptoms. and because of that, they could unknowingly being transmitting because they are feeling well. and i would say even more importantly, for this population, because they are more frequently asymptomatic, they're the ones that actually need to be wearing the mask. >> 36 states are trending in the wrong direction. only two states seeing a decline. even though more than a dozen states, 17 to be precise, are pausing or reversing reoechipen plans. is that enough to change the
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trajectory, pausing or even going back? >> so, i want to just emphasize how heterogenius the united states is right now. we have some states in the northeast that are doing quite well and those are states that have had a really tough time in april and march. really had, you know, hospital shortages, massive loads of patients and have been incredibly conservative as they've thought through and had policies towards opening up. other states have been more complacent and have opened up quicker and not mandated face masks and opened bars and restaurants. i think we need to take a lesson from the states able to do this well and slowly. and, yes, i think it is critically important that we do so. >> here is dr. richard besser, the former acting director of the cdc. take a listen. >> when you look at where we were memorial day, so many states moving in the right
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direction with numbers of cases going down, parts of the country really trying to use public health guidance. and then in other parts of the country the message being get back to work, go out and enjoy your social life. when you see that clash of messages between some political leaders and then every public health leader taking this so incredibly seriously, when you see that clash of messages, this is the outcome. >> can that even be changed? i still hear governors and we know about the record of the president when it comes to belittling this threat, is it too late to change this so there is one consistent voice on this? >> i wouldn't say it is too late. we certainly have a lot of people who are susceptible to this disease out there. and anything we can do at the local level, at the state and federal level, we need to do. because infections are soaring. and i think we can -- the map
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clearly demonstrates and the policies demonstrate that states have taken this seriously and decides for the time being that the virus is in charge and listen to what the virus says so we could create the policies to decrease transmission, those are the states doing well. so i think at a state level, if not at a federal level, we're going to need to make policies and then sort of sleep in the bed that we make so to speak. i also want to just emphasize that there has been some comment that states that have seen a rise in cases have not seen a rise in deaths. and certainly i would hope that we don't see a rise in deaths. but i don't want to be falsely reassured that we'll not see a rise in deaths. certainly young people who are infected now are lower death rates than older people. but the death rates followed by four to six weeks after the case race and so i think it is really clear that we have to watch
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that. >> right. the hospitalizations come next and then the deaths. dr. rashiel lowenski, thank you. the white house just briefed democrats on the intelligence report that claims russia paid the taliban or offered them bounties to attack american and british troops in afghanistan. now there are more questions about the intelligence. that is next. and then it is not the coronavirus, but scientists are now looking at a new virus in china, they say has pandemic potential. stay with us. wayfair has everything outdoor
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in our world lead, despite president trump's claim he was never briefed on the matter. details of u.s. intelligence
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claims that russia has offered a bounty on u.s. troops heads in afghanistan were in president trump's presidential daily briefing or pdb earlier this year, a source tells cnn. the new york times is reporting that day may have been february 27th. that is same day that president trump met with diamond and silk at the white house and also claimed that the coronavirus would soon disappear. today house democrats went to the white house to get their own briefing on this intelligence. then they came out and slammed the briefing itself saying that the whole meeting was essentially the white house giving their perspective of the information. but added the intelligence itself was very troubling. house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff, one of the democrats briefed, said it is still not clear if the president was ever properly briefed himself. >> it is not a justification to say that the president should have read whatever materials he has. if he doesn't read, he doesn't read. they should know that by now.
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>> cnn's jeremy diamond joins us now. and it is been reported that then chief of staff kelly reduced the numbers of actual briefings because of the president's short attention span. it is been reported that president's not a big reader. it is been reported that briefers are reluctant to bring up russian hostility and is any of that relevant here. >> the president is known for not regularly reading his daily intelligence briefing and that may be the reason why he said he was not aware of these reports even though it was in this daily highly classified intelligence packet packet that the president and his top advisers receive every morning. they are trying to insolate the president for fr any action on this front but did tr does fall on the president to read these materials. and now that the president does know about this, what is he
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goi going to do about it and what has he said about it so far and the answer, jake, is that we haven't seen much from the president. he criticized "the new york times" and going after them for reporting this in the first place but we haven't heard concern that this intelligent may indeed be real and we haven't heard the president give a message of what kind of consequences russia would face if, indeed, this intelligence is fully corroborated. and ultimately, jake, what we're not hearing from the president is any of that. and now we're finding the white house in a position of trying to dismiss this notion of this intelligence being real rather than saying what they're going to do about it. >> jeremy, house democrats say that the top intelligence agency officials, when they went to the briefing, were not even in the room. >> reporter: yeah, so a democratic aide has told cnn that the director of national intelligence was in the room, but again all of the officials who were in the room were all
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political appointees of the president and most of them former republicans. the officials who you did not have there who the democrats say they would like to get briefed by now on the intelligence is the career intelligence officials, the analysts who would be able to produce an unvarnished, unbiased view of this and they said they got in this briefing today was the white house's perspective on this intelligence, they would like to see the actual views of this purported intelligence. jake. >> good clarification, i appreciate that. jeremy diamond, thank you so much. first on cnn, alarming new reportings about how trump handles classified information and how he deals with world leaders when he's on the phone with them. carl bernstein said president trump has been consistently unprepared for serious talks and was often out-played by other world leaders while being abusive to the leaders of american allied countries. that it, quote, helped convince
12:21 pm
some senior u.s. officials, including president trump's former secretaries of state and defense, two national security advisers and his longest serving cleave of staff that the president himself posed a danger to the national security of the united states. youtubi joining me now, carl bernstein. if your sources, how is america's national security at risk? >> it is at risk because these foreign leaders, particularly strong men like putin and erdogan took great advantage of an unbriefed ignorant to use their words, president of the united states. the best example is the withdrawal of american troops from syria at erdogan's and putin's urging, doing their business and putting our allies, the kurds, at risk of slaughter. erdogan wanted this for a long time and putin wanted this for a
12:22 pm
long time and the president doesn't read the briefings and slavish it the strong men while berating and denigrating and even being sadistic in terms of women heads of state of our allies. and what these calls show, according to the people that you just enumerated, former chiefs of staff, secretaries of state and defense, is that he is unfit in their view to be the president of the united states because he is endangered the national security and continues to. >> you had this anecdote where president trump had a conversation with putin and he received praise for that call from one aide. but tellingly -- tell us who the aide was. >> well there were two aides. ivanka and jared kushner were in the room to listen to one of the earliest calls with putin. but also in the room were the
12:23 pm
great experts in intelligence officials and national security officials, including fiona hill would was director of the soviet and russian and european part of the nc operation, the secretary of defense, others who were in the room, and trump just cut them off because they were skeptical about the call and thought that putin, indeed, was out-playing him. but he didn't want to hear from them. and he went right to listening to jared and ivanka. this is not a president interested in anything having to do with real information but rather seeking praise. building himself up. and that is what is in the calls. and so disturbing to those who heard them, and know their contents. >> and tell me about the conversations president trump has had with some of our older allies, the u.k., and france, what are your sources told you about that. >> well, that he is berated our
12:24 pm
allies in the most demeaning terms. let's look at germany, france and the u.k., in the case of germany angela merkel, the chancellor, he called her stupid, attacked her for playing ball with the russians of all things and, quote, being in their pocket. went on to talk about how she didn't know what she was doing in the case of theresa may, the prime minister of england, said that she had no spine, no backbone, didn't know what she was doing in terms of brexit, that she aallowed the u.k. from getting away from not paying dues but rather than dealing with issues of mutual concern for the allies for 75 years, rather than dealing on a substantive basis with real strengths and problems, he always in these conversations went to the default point of these countries ripping us off and talking about himself as being ripped off rather than
12:25 pm
having an integrated discussion about european and nato policy. but in the case of these two women, it was misogyny. it was treating them in a severe sadistic way as the sources said to me. and there has now been confirmation to the cnn report by german officials of these calls and the abuse of merkel, one of our cnn colleagues got a response from a german official. i'm not even sure exactly where the german official was positioned, i think it might have been in germany, it might be here in the u.s. but that confirmation is extraordinary. people who read the story ought to take a look at it, confirming that he was sadistic, abusive to the chancellor of germany. >> and in light of the new reports about u.s. intelligence saying that russians have put a bounty on u.s. and british troops in afghanistan, how do
12:26 pm
you see this new report given how -- given your new report about the president dealing with world leaders? >> the two stories fit together hand and glove. because in both cases, the sources of both stories have to do with a president of the united states who refuses to be briefed in an intelligent way, in fact refuses to be briefed very often altogether. that is showed in the calls with putin and erdogan and the result is the president, as one of my sources said, putin is like a grand chess master and on calls with trump he's up against putin, somebody who is a sunday checkers player. but the extraordinary thing that we look at now, all of the people listed in my story, one of whom you named at the beginning, chief of staff kelly,
12:27 pm
came to the conclusion that the president of the united states, bolton and others is unfit to be the president of the united states. why didn't these people go to mitch mcconnell, why didn't these people go to capitol hill and say we have a national security emergency in which the president of the united states is endangering the national security of the united states. he was unfit to be president and let those politicians on the hill know what the hell was going on. they abrogated their duty it seems to me, the more and more we learn by not bringing to the attention of the american people and the representatives that we have a president unfit, clearly we're seeing why he's so unfit and these people knew, finally we're getting the record and it is reflected in how the president is being viewed this late term in his presidency. >> carl bernstein, thank you for your reporting and being with us today. coming up, a vaccine, the only thing that could allow the
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there is no guarantee and anybody involved in vaccines will tell you, that we'll have a safe and effective vaccine, but we're cautiously optimistic. hopefully there will be doses available by the beginning of next year. >> the nation's top infectious disease expert, dr. fauci today in what appears to be an attempt to lower expectations for an effective vaccine in the coming months and warning that if states do not start turning things around the u.s. could see a rate of 100,000 new cases of coronavirus every day. making a search for the vaccine all the more crucial. cnn correspondent elizabeth cohen joins us now. and the fda commissioner also said today that they will provide guidance to vaccine developers so they could get a vaccine approved faster, is that right? >> reporter: that's right. and members of congress have been asking the fda for a while now, please tell me what
12:34 pm
requirements will you have for a vaccine makers, for example how many people will have to be in clinical trials and today dr. hahn was quite vague as the large scale trials start this summer. half a rear into the coronavirus outbreak, and the best bet to stop it, a vaccine. 17 teams around the world now testing covid-19 vaccines in human according to the world health organization. three supported with u.s. funding. yet there is no published data on how well the three vaccines are working in human studies so far. dr. fauci said data is coming out any day now. >> what i've seen thus far looks good. >> reporter: final trials are expected to start this summer with the goal to deliver 300 million doses by january. but the army general in charge of the government vaccine effort, dubbed operation warp speed, offering no assurances. >> those numbers of doses are a
12:35 pm
possibility and a hope but you can't make any promises or commitments as to the number or when they'll be actually aavailable? >> i'm working on the goal to achieve as you articulated but i can't promise it right now. >> reporter: and dr. fauci tells cnn it is possible that a covid-19 vaccine will only be 70% to 75% effective. that might not be enough to stop the outbreak, given that a cnn poll shows that about a third of americans don't intend to get a covid-19 vaccine. >> there is a general anti--science, anti-authority, anti-vaccine feeling among some people in this country and an alarmingly large percentage of people relatively speaking. >> reporter: six months into the oit break we have remdesivir, cuts down on hospital stays by about four days. supply has been limited and the u.s. government plans to continue managing shipments of the drug to hospitals until the
12:36 pm
end of september. the company that makes remdesivir is working to make a version used outside of hospitals and steroids showing success with the reduced risk of death by a third for the sickest patients. >> we have promising therapeutics benefiting tens of thousands of american patients and in all likelihood have already saved thousands of lives. >> doctors are studying blood transfusions from recovered patients, antibody cocktails, a drug for heartburn, another for gout to see if think will work to help people with covid-19. >> reporter: now as we've noted, many americans don't want the covid-19 vaccine so to not enough people get it, it doesn't matter if we come up with a good one. dr. fauci said there is a explanation in place and we talked to cdc and operation warp speed and found no evidence that such an education program is in place.
12:37 pm
dr. fauci and others saying that program is crucial. jake. >> elizabeth cohen, thank you so much. at midnight small businesses across the country lose access to what has been a vital lifeline for so many. ppp. what happens to the millions of dollars that are left over in that program? stay with us. woman: my reputation was trashed online.
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in the 2020 lead today, point by point, joe biden laid out how he believes president trump has failed country on
12:42 pm
coronavirus. costing the nation american jobs and american lives. >> more testing is not only how you find more cases of coronavirus, mr. president, it is how you stop the coronavirus cases. fix the shortage of ppe for our health care workers before you tee off another round of golf. >> cnn's arlette saenz is in wilmington, delaware and he took questions and outlined how he would respond to the pandemic as president. how specific did he get? >> reporter: well, jake, joe biden's overarching message today is that he believes president trump has failed when it comes to grappling and handling this coronavirus pandemic. he portrayed the president saying that he called himself a wartime president but he said he is now surrendering to the virus. and biden went point by point to
12:43 pm
lay out a plan of what he would do if he was in this situation. he talked about the need to ramp up testing. to produce more ppe. he also talked about a need to focus on treatments and vaccine as well as establishing national standards when it comes to reopening. as many states are doing this right now on a state by state basis. and his final point was that people need to wear masks. that is something that biden has continuously stressed over the past few weeks. he also said that he would ask anthony fauci to serve again in his administration and give him a platform to voice what his concerns and opinions are. and you've really see biden zeroing in on the coronavirus pandemic as this has become a big issue in the general election campaign. >> and arlette, president trump and his various supporters there
12:44 pm
congress and fox have been attacking biden in terms of his cognitive ability and he was asked about that. >> reporter: he was asked and i believe that is the first time he was asked that question and take a listen to that exchange. >> i forget my train of thought from time to time. you got 12 years on me, sir. have you been tested for some degree of cognitive decline. >> i've been tested and constantly testing. look, all i got to do is watch me and i could hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to that cognitive bully of the man i'm running against. >> reporter: now the trump campaign has tried to question biden's mental acuity and you heard him right there trying to turn the tables on trump, questioning whether it is his cognitive ability that should be under the microscope. jake. >> arlette saenz in delaware.
12:45 pm
thank you. in our money lead, today is the last day that small business owners could apply for money under the ppp program which provides forgivable government loans for companies that keep employees on payroll or quickly retire the employees. 4.8 million small businesses have had loaned approved but since the pandemic smaller companies have shed 18% of their work force. let's discuss with cnn's business anchor julia chatterley. and amazingly about $130 billion for the loan program may go untapped given how many people are out of work, tens of millions, why hasn't that money bebeen used? >> jake, despite how it looked it wasn't about a lack of need. i could pinpoint, a few things, a fear of debt but all honed in on the fact that the rules of the program changed 18 times. ant despite that i think in many cases for the hardest hit industries like those in hospitality, this program was still not fit for purpose.
12:46 pm
let me illustrate. what we saw for food and for the hospitality, the hotels industry, they share near half of the jobs for the entire industry and took less than 10% of the loan amount. that makes no sense. they should have gone hand over fist for this loans. steve mnuchin addressed this today. he talked about repurposing the money and pushing it toward the industries. this is agood idea but for me the bigger idea is at foot. according to independent business, two-thirds of the business that took ppp money will have used it by the end of the month. what then? the emergency situation isn't over, the health crisis isn't over, they're going to need more support. why end this program at all. >> indeed. that is a great question. julia chatterley, thank you so much. it is in china and it could infect humans and a brand-new virus. it is not covid-19, it is
12:47 pm
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in our world lead, dr. anthony fauci is addressing concerns about a new type of swine flu recently discovered in china which scientists say can infect humans. >> it is something that is still in the stage of the examination. it is not so-called an immediate threat where you are seeing the infection, but it is something that we have to keep the eye on just as we did in 2009 with the emergence of the swine flu.
12:52 pm
>> cnn's david culver is live in beijing, china, and david, this new virus is related to the h1n1 swine flu which killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide including the united states, and why are the doctors such as fauchi saying there is no need to panic right now? >> well, the biggest differentiator right now, jake, between say this swine flu they are labeling g-4 and covid-19 for example is human-to-human transmission and it is not appearing to go from one person to another, and it is going from the pigs to humans, and it is all rooted in the study done over the course of seven years, 2011 to 2018 by the chinese researchers and they went to essentially pig farms in ten provinces to find out what swine flus they were carrying and they found that 1 of the 179 swine flu viruses was consistent year after year and even intensified
12:53 pm
at times, and that is the g-4 one they have labeled now. and so the concern here is that while it is not deemed an imminent global threat, it is that it can cause severe infection and it can even cause death, and more than that, they know that in two of the provinces, more than 10% of the folks working in the pig farms contracted this virus. now, the other big concern is the obvious where it is emerging from right here in china, and we have talked about this, you and i, jake, the kept schism of handling the covid-19, going back to december and january and hearing the lack of human to human transmission was put out early in china and we know that obviously it is not the case, so it has to be watched with the new swine flu virus. >> all right. david, thank you so much and appreciate your time today. as many as 1,000 new viruses per day and this is a stark warning
12:54 pm
for dr. fauchi and what he says needs the be done so that does not happen. we know that mask makes a difference and the type of mask a bandanna versus a fitted mask can make a difference when it comes to the spread of the virus. that is straight ahead. stay with us. given my unique lifestyle, that'd be perfect! let me grab a pen and some paper. know what? i'm gonna switch now. just need my desk... my chair... and my phone. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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welcome back to "the lead" i'm jake tapper in washington and we begin this hour with breaking news in the health lead and urgent plea from the top officials on capitol hill today. dr. fauchi envisioning the u.s. hitting 100,000 new coronavirus cases everyday if things don't turn around. the u.s. is at 40,000 cases everyday. the head of the cdc dr. robert redfield is imploring all americans to unite and take steps to defeat the pandemic including wearing masks in public and this is as the virus is spreading out of control in the nation, and at least 36 states are seeing the spike in the new infections and 12 are holding steady and two states are seeing the declining numbers. hospitalizations are up in nearly one quarter of the nations and despite the white house is insisting that has been flattened. the curve has not been flatten and look at the graph showing that the curve is dropping p
1:00 pm
precipitously in the european union and there with the green going north in the united states where you don't want it to be. and the united states of america which makes up less than 5% of the world's population has the most of the coronavirus deaths according to the numbers and that failure of leadership at the state and the federal number is prompting the democratic and republican governors to roll back the reopenings for fear that the public health crisis is only going to be worse. as jason carroll reports that new york and new jersey and connecticut are requiring residents from 16 other states self-quarantine for two weeks upon arrival there. >> clearly, we are not in total control now. >> reporter: the nation's top infectious disease expert dr.