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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  July 8, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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pandemic. he's a demagogue. not a leader. that makes him an american't. thank you for watching. "cnn tonight" starts right now. >> what are these people -- come on. really? >> he's irish. >> i'm not saying -- >> couldn't be more italian than that. >> i'm not getting in on that thing. i wonder if the people work for the pretzel company. open -- >> they got it twisted. it's religion. you can't wear a mask. you don't see one on jesus. >> what is happening? have you seen the videos of the people in the stores who are like get away from me! you're threatening me. i don't have to wear a mask. i want to play all of them.
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not say anything and just let people see themselves. just wear a mask. you have to wear a shirt. wear shoes. you can't go without pants or i mean, come on. what's wrong with people. >> we have a will the more of this go on and i'll wear a maga hat. it will be true. we'll have to build greatness again. this is the most pathetic display. elected ohio state representative. >> well. people do anything for the job. you know what i'm saying. it's where we are now. i wonder looking over history when people five years from now, ten years from now. when people look back i wonder what they'll say about thepss. roll the video tape. and the pictures and the history backs and magazines of them at the rallies. not social distancing. >> we're killing ourselves. >> we have met the ultimate
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enemy. it is us. >> thank you, sir. listen. whatever. you know how i feel about you. >> i'll take it. >> get on your way. thank you. love you. this is "cnn tonight." and this is the worst day yet. of the pandemic in the country. i'm not lying. the day we passed 3 million cases. that means 25% of cases worldwide are right here. in the u.s. where we live. now, the death toll nationwide over 132,000. the numbers tell the story of how the virus is spreading. like wild fire. across the south and across the west. can we put the map back up. look at that. look how it's spreading. thank you. look at that map. look at the red and orange. still a hoax?
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still have it under control? in a good place? florida miami-dade county has seen a 70% increase in patients being hospitalized. and the president is headed there on friday. not to address the skyrocketing coronavirus numbers. no, no, no. he's going for a meeting on drug trafficking. hospital rates are up 44% in california. over the past two weeks. texas reporting highest number of coronavirus deaths in a single day. louisiana my hometown. home state. has lost all gains it made in june against the virus. and i'm looking at you louisiana folks. i know a lot of you. some of you i know really well. you think it's a hoax. you're telling me you don't believe in masks. you're traveling to other places not realizing there's a quarantine. you know who you are.
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and testing. we don't have the testing with e need. people are lining up for hours. four months after the president false falsely promised anybody who wants a test gets a test. americans are dying. more lives are at risk. this is no time for the president of the united states to be going against this country top doctors and medical experts. the president of the united states going against top doctors and medical experts. not when warnings could be the difference between life and death. that's exactly what he's doing. denying science and fact. and openly at odds with dr. fauci. a virus rages. you think he would be in front. he would be front and center at the coronavirus task force briefing. meaning dr. fauci. nope. nowhere to be seen. and not by choice. dr. fauci who the president has been complaining about dmind closed doors for months was
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sidelined today, everyone. sidelined exactly when we need to hear from him the most. that was clearly a deliberate move by the white house to take the spotlight off the doctor who is telling the nation what the president doesn't want us to hear. he doesn't want you to hear it. he wants you to stew in the ignorance that he perpetrates. sources telling us dr. fauci was told to join the meeting by video conference. keeping him off the briefing stage. that didn't stop him from saying this to the "wall street journal" pod cast. >> we have never gotten out of the first wave. i would call it a surging of cases within the context of a wave that never went away. so i wish we would stop talking about waves and looking at the reality of where we are.
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>> dr. fauci says he wishes we would look at the reality of where we are now. dr. fauci, we see that reality. we really do. but it's really about president trump with his eyes squeezed shut. this is a president who is consistently denying reality. constantly doing it. he can actually bring himself to listen to his own medical experts he would unfollow their urgent warnings. he would follow. he's unfollowing them right now. if that's a word. he wouldn't be ignoring guidance on mask. host mexicos president with no social distancing. holding campaign rallies like the one he has planned in new hampshire on saturday. a rally the governor says he won't attend because of the virus. or the one in tulsa last month.
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one health official say likely contributed to the surge in new cases there. demanding that the nation schools reopen ready or not. threatening to cut off funding if they don't. threat or no threat he can't up and cut federal funding for schools. the president tweeting this morning that he disagrees with the cdc on tough and expensive guidelines for opening schools. translation. he disagrees with science. he disagrees with fact. he disagrees with anything that he thinks can get in the way of his reelection. that's all it is. which doesn't bode well for anybody hoping against hope leader will get their act together before it is too late. a few hours after that tweet the vice president backtracked saying the cdc will issue new glins on reopening schools next
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one. speaking to an audience of one in the white house. >> the president said today we don't want the guidance to be too tough. next week issuing a new set of tools. >> too tough. too tough. the president doesn't want schools work too hard to keep teachers and students safe. parents want kid to go fo school. plenty of kid want it too. after months of staying home. we want them to be safe. we don't want them forced into a classroom because the president thinks it will help him in november. >> i think it will be good for them politically. they keep the schools closed. no way. we'll put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools to get them open. and it's very important. >> you try to tell kids -- i'm
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not a parent. i'm an uncle. baby sit a lot. tell kids to stay in one place? social distance? how do you do that on the school bus. always grievances. always accusing enemies of putting politics of what's right. projecting much? trying to rewrite reality. all to get himself reelected. when it comes to the deadly virus that's putting everyone in danger, he said this to real clear politics about reelection. he said quote i want it with all my breath. with every ounce of what i represent. the question is, what is he willing to do to get it? he didn't say i want everyone to
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be safe. for everyone's health to be good. i want with all my breath to be reelected. tonight you know, please listen to me, we'll take on a controversy that is raging in the sports worltd and beyond. super-star jackson sparking out rage with antisemitic social media posts for which he later apologized. i often say in person and here that black people and jewish people have more in common than not. bigots hate us for no rational reason. ignorance. that doesn't need to be an oppression competition between jewish people and african-americans. genocide through slavery or holocaust is still genocide. murder. let us be real, you never want to endorse genocide. you don't ever. no human being should ever get anywhere near that.
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you should rethink being on social media if that's what you post. even if you apologize later. every thought in your head doesn't need to be shared on social media. former nba player steven jackson got in the middle of this saying he supported jackson. he knows about prejudice and pain. calling george floyd his brother. he's going to join me tonight and we'll talk about this. what he meant and what he is saying now. these are by the way the kind of tough conversations about being black in america that i have on my pod cast. called silence is not an option. i hope you'll check it out and stay tuned. we'll go through all of this and dig deep. how much trouble are we in with the president sidelining dr. fauci in the middle of a deadly pandemic. we'll discuss. some companies still have hr stuck between employees and their data.
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u.s. passing another grim milestone now more than 3 million case of coronavirus since the pandemic began more than 132,000 deaths. cases spiking in 35 states. president trump feuds with dr. fauci and the cdc. good evening to you. i hope you're doing well. dr. fauci was noticeably absent from the task force briefing. why was the nations top infectious disease expert not there? >> so, there was a meeting right before that, it was at the department of education. where you saw the briefing happening with the vice president and several other people. dr. fauci was back here at the white house because he was told to join that meeting from the situation room. by video teleconference type situation.
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dh is interesting because the department of education is only a mile and a half down the road yet fauci was told to go to the situation room and watch the briefing from there to participate in the meeting from there and of course he couldn't come to the briefing after ward because he wasn't in there. if there's a reason he wasn't invited to the department of education the task force hasn't provided it. it raises the question of is this because dr. fauci has been one whosoever in the past hasn't been afraid to break with the president and say he doesn't agree with the assessment of where the nation stands when comes to coronavirus. >> the president is trashing the cdc school reopening guidelines. the cdc will update them? this raises questions whether reopening plans will be on science or politics. >> what's notable is the vice president directly tied it had to the president saying he felt the guidance so far was too
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tough. that's what he said today. it raises questions of why wasn't the president aware before the cdc posted the guidance. we asked the white house what is it exactly the president doesn't like at the guidance? when you look at it it's social distancing, refitting classrooms so students can social distance. new ventilation. and they only gave us one reason. that was for example students being urged by the guidance to bring lunch to school. which the white house said wasn't feasible because students do rely on schools to get lunch. that was the only reason they gave us when we asked multiple times what are all the issues that he has with the guidance. >> quickly. the president gave a joint statement at the white house. with mexican president. and there's a dinner at the white house? are people wearing masks and distancing? >> no. if you look at the delegation in the rose garden they were not wearing masks of course we know
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the u.s. side hasn't been doing so. mexico wasn't either. the white house justifies this saying everyone got tested and arrived here at the white house. mexican president was tested before he left mexico. it is notele that the president is hear welcoming the mexican president and joining him. the canada prime minister was invited it was a join celebration of the trade agreement. he declined to come because of the coronavirus. >> i want to bring in a former professor at harvard medical school. thank you for joining us. we're hearing two different messages from president trump and dr. fauci. listen to this. >> i think we are in a good place. >> we're facing a serious problem. >> we're almost up to 40 million. in testing. and 40 million people which is unheard of. >> this is the thing that is a little bit concerning. we have 37 million tests have
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been performed. the question is when you get on the phone and talk to the people in the community there are lapses there where the dots are not connected. >> the chart of death. deaths are way down. >> it's a false narrative to take comfort in a lower rate of death. >> my question is how worried are you that dr. fauci he's the expert in this, he wasn't at the briefing and president is openly disagreeing with him. >> i have worked with dr. fauci for 30 years. during the aids epidemic i worked with him closely. we all are worried. it's not just dr. fauci. every american at this point is worried about what's happening. whether they are voicing that worry or not. you can't look at 3 million people infected and 60,000 new infections yesterday detected. that actually if you translate
7:21 pm
that that means there are probably 20,000 new people -- 12,000 new people going into the hospital. of that at least 1,000 people die. just because they were diagnosed today. we know that our states are going to something like called crisis standards of care. they will be turning away people because they don't think they have a chance to live. they'll be turning away people because they are old. because they don't think it's worth -- they can't afford. it's worth saving. they don't have the facility. we shouldn't be talking about restricting things. we should be talking about getting more aid to the southern states that are in desperate need. >> southern and western. and if we have the map you can put it up and the red and orange. if you listen to the president,
7:22 pm
and many in the administration or his apologists. there's a map. plus 50% with the red and orange is plus 10 to 50% in the country. new cases in the past week. the previous week. that is just extraordinary. it's astounding. >> i want people to think about something else. we have seen this cdc guidance reversed before. remember when it had to do with reopening the cdc had one set of guidelines and asked to rewrite the guidelines by the white house? and they did. and look at what happened. well, we're asked the cdc is being asked to rewrite the guidelines for school opening. what do you think could happen then? >> that's what i want to know. >> he is really pushing hard to
7:23 pm
send students back to school. so many considerations. students and teachers. siblings and parents at home. all the workers. school bus drivers. lunchroom. how do parents know if it's safe to send kids back to school and teachers know it's safe to hold a class? go on, please. >> first thing i would say is everybody wants the kids to go back to school. we know we need it for the future of the nation. we need it for sanity. of the children and the parents. it is a very difficult situation. we all want to do it. we want to do it safely. our children are the most important precious things we have. i have to say, i hope dr. red field was quoted out of context when he said it's difficult for children to get sick. that is not true. children get infected and infect each other. they infect parents. and when they do get sick, it is
7:24 pm
catastrophic. i have a friend with a child who got sick. he barely made it out alive. we now know there's long term damage to the brain. four out of four children in one study had brain damage that may last a lifetime. this sh not something to fool around with. >> you were being i think sarcastic. saying you hope dr. red field was taken out of the context. i don't think he was. >> i wasn't being sarcastic. he's a wonderful man. fought aids his entire life. he's in a difficult position. it's not true. >> i hope it wasn't accurate as well. in this environment, well, i won't go on. thank you. i appreciate it. >> cases in hospitalization skyrocket in florida dozens of hospitals run out of icu space.
7:25 pm
i'll talk with the miami beach mayor about the dire situation there. next.
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well the names have all changed since you hung around but those dreams have remained and they've turned around who'd have thought they'd lead ya back here where we need ya welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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coronavirus is surging in florida. and the numbers are staggering. nearly 10,000 new cases reported today. 42 hospitals in the state have no more beds in the icu. hard hit miami-dade hospitalizations due to covid-19 are up 70% over the past two weeks. i want to discuss now with the mayor. of miami beach. thank you so much. i appreciate you joining us. in miami-dade hospitalizations up 70%. patients in icu up 84%. ventilators up 116%. what's going on? this is dire. >> it is. and i don't think it helps for people to suggest it isn't. i think one of the problems has been that im hearing from the white house how it's not a big deal. 99% of people shouldn't worry. our governor isn't making people wear masks and the result is that people don't see this
7:30 pm
crisis and the truth of the matter is because of the way it bakes into the community, it doesn't show up. it won't show up for two weeks and more icu and people on ventilators. this is a real problem. it's frustrating for people like me. seeing at the local level. >> indoor dining parties, venues. gyms. they're all closed. they closed but back up today. beaches reopened following the holiday weekend. is this mixed messaging? should it be tighter restrictions across the board? >> indoor dining will not happen. that for sure because it's inside without a mask. i think we're only headed towards more restrictions because obviously -- in two weeks we have doubled the patients on in icu. double patients on ventilators.
7:31 pm
that's an amazing spike. if this continues we're not going to have a healthcare apparatus to deal with it. we'll have to do things like roll up the carpet more. not allowing people to do things they like to do. hopefully not shelter in place. the problem is we're having problem getting people to comply. it's a mixed message are not helping. it's becoming political statement to wear a mask and how long before that can be the case makes no sense to me. >> it's mind boggling. if this is about the health of americans. if they the president -- which is what he wants the economy to rebound. shornt the administration do everything they could in one fell swoop to get the in your opinions of people infected and dying under control rather than piecemeal?
7:32 pm
that will hurt the economy to keep closing it and roll up the sidewalk and take away the i'm open sign. right? >> it's worse than that. if you do it a second time people don't trust you anymore. you told them it was safe to open. the real problem is the president keeps telling people to just go ahead and act the way they want to. all the local officials who see the icu and the ventilators. we are rushing to tell people just wear a mask. and we can do this. do all these things. sacrifice a little bit for your loved one or a stranger. that's what americans do. the president could convince people to do this. because certainly a number of people listen to him clearly. he could be the leader in this if we solve this it's not because of his leadership. it will be in spite of it. >> helping each other out is the american way. anything else is un-american. thank you. be safe.
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desean jackson a wide receiver for the eagles now apologizing for a series of antisemitic posts that sparked out rage. >> reporter: he's been one of the most dazzling and best known players for more than a decade. he's trying to salvage his reputation. the eagles wide receiver in recent day posted on instagram quotes that are falsely attributed to hitler.
7:38 pm
the director of the antidefamation league says it's not a real quote isn't the point. >> to see that on instagram from a sports figure is so jarring and hurtful and offensive. and that's bha we want him to understand. what his spreading of the message the impact it has. >> the eagles whose owner and general manager are jewish. called the post absolutely appalling. they called him highly inappropriate. offensive and divisive. he issued an apology. i have no hatred in my heart towards no one. but then another apology. saying my intention was to uplift. unite and encourage our culture with positiveivity and light. unfortunately that didn't happen. i unintentionally hurt the jewish community in the process. for that i'm sorry. >> i want you to understand that it never was intended to be to
7:39 pm
put any race down or any religion down. >> according to the "washington post" jackson posted an image of nation of islam leader. calling him powerful. >> he is a powerful speaker. the problem is he has been known for decades to spew hate. against the jews and others. and amplify the message is dangerous. >> the fall out from the post probably couldn't come at a more sensitive time. weeks after several black athletes sent powerful messages against racism during the george floyd protest movement. >> if you remember the african-american community, and you want respect from people, you have to give ha same respect. you can't tell people that we should be treated like human beings which is obvious. and then go and demean another group of people. >> adding to the controversy was a posting from steven jackson.
7:40 pm
lt former nba player a inspiring voice during the george floyd protest. supporting the now deleted postings about jews. so much for the goodwill that he created over the past few weeks. >> he said some really passionate, smart things. and was a really good almost spokesperson for what's happening. and then now i think this destroys it all. >> joining me now to discuss all of this. retired nba player steven jackson. desean jackson issued multiple apologies. can you clear it up for us? do you support the antisemitic rhetoric? and took down? >> i tried with that preview. y'all tried it. i laughed at it. nobody can find a video or article of me saying i hate
7:41 pm
anybody. i owned something that says love for all that have love for all. i stand on that. i have been in 42 years you can't say i approach any race or stand different. no i don't support any of that. maybe i could have been more clear of what i thought desean was correct about. i didn't feel the need to go into a conversation and that we had about how they were treating him and cooper. i couldn't change the words. the people that know me and my jewish friends know that the last thing i was spewing was to defend hitler or any other post. that's why i didn't speak on hitler or the post. i spoke on exactly what adwreeed with. they were handling him different than cooper. that's the end of it. they can twist it. that's what it is. i don't hate anybody. >> why would you cosign something that desean apologized for and said that he didn't
7:42 pm
know -- didn't understand what he was putting out on social media. quotes were wrong. he's meeting with the rabbi to learn more about antisemitism and the religion. why feel the need to cosign something that that was not positive? that's what people don't understand. especially after all the goodwill that you inspired and created after george floyd. why would you even weight into this? >> nice try. i have been out fighting for justice and equality. i was speaking on equality. why they weren't having cooper and jackson any other way. they can twist it. you didn't hear a word out my mouth saying i hate jews or saying i'm supporting hitler. tla can twist it. i don't hate anybody. i stand for everybody. i'll continue to.
7:43 pm
and that's just the end of it. you never heard that come out of my mouth. >> i don't want to get into an argument. i don't know what you mean nice try. i'm using your words and post ask asking about it. you can feel the way you feel. i'm not trying anything. we're reporting the story. and nobody is trying to twist it. you had a conversation earlier and reference the banking family. watch this. >> jews are the richest. >> specific example. i do. >> they control all the banks. >> do you understand -- that is an antisemitic trope about jews and money. it's offensive. >> can you go back and watch the whole conversation why we brought it up? we were talking about money. and when i said he didn't take the the wrong way.
7:44 pm
people money wasn't associated with jews. it wasn't an insult. our conversation went on and had a good conversation. the person i'm talking to understood what i was saying and didn't take it as an insult. nobody else should. >> steven, just because you don't understand -- >> i didn't say i don't understand. >> let me get the question in. because you don't understand that something that you're saying it or doing is antisemitic. doesn't mean it's not. i think that you are trying to defend something that you don't understand is antisemitic. just as people try to defend things they don't understand is racist against black people. so should you instead of defending this so much shouldn't you try to understand as you want others to understand whap
7:45 pm
what happened so george floyd and black lives matter and racism. shouldn't you be trying to understand why jewish people are offended and many others who are allies of jewish people like me who are offended by and see what you don't understand about what you're saying and the trope about jewish people and controlling the banks. do you understand what i'm saying? >> i totally understand. but that never was my intent. >> i understand that. it doesn't have to be. maybe you just don't -- >> i apologize for using lt wrong words. i stated i could have changed my words. there's nothing that said that i support any of that. there's nothing i said that i hate anybody. i apologize for my words and i could have switched up. that's the end of it. i love everybody. i'm not going to threat anybody demean my character.
7:46 pm
i'm not apologizing for a job. i don't work for anybody. what i stand for is love for all who have love for all. i mean that. that's where i draw the line. >> i want to get this in. i appreciate you coming on. i gather you understand that it wasn't your intention. you understand that what you said was wrong? is that correct? >> i do. >> i want to play this from the pittsburg steeler. offensive tackle put up this video messaging condemning antisemitism. >> we need to understand that jewish people deal with the same amount of hate and similar hardships and hard times. i'm not trying to get emotional. i want to preach to the black and brown community that we need to uplift and put our arms
7:47 pm
around them just as much. >> so, what do you think of what he's saying. do you agree? >> i definitely agree. i want that same energy when we're getting killed in the street. he didn't say anything wrong. i want the same energy. all the way around. >> okay. thank you. i appreciate you joining us. good luck and be safe. so, these are the conversations that i have in my pod cast. it's called silence is not an option. be sure to listen to this new episode it's out tomorrow. and i think you'll learn a lot from this. you can find it on apple or your favorite pod cast app. you have heard from steven jackson. what is the hall of fame broadcaster have to say about this? we'll find oit. he's next. ♪ ♪ we've always put safety first. ♪ ♪ and we always will. ♪ ♪
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so, you just heard from stephen jackson. he says anti-semitic posts from nfl player desean jackson are speaking the truth. let's discuss now with bob costas. bob, thank you so much. i should welcome you, right? are you a new contributor here? is it official? >> officially. seems like i've been a contributor for a few months but now i am officially that. >> thank you and welcome. i'm sure you heard the interview with stephen jackson, desean jackson causing a lot of pain in the sports world and black and jewish communities. give me your reaction to what he said. >> well, stephen, i give him full credit for all the good things he has said and done in the aftermath of the murder of his friend george floyd, but he's not coming to terms yet
7:53 pm
with what you were gently trying to coax him to seeing. you cannot proclaim, for example, and this didn't come up in the interview, but you cannot proclaim your love and support for louis farrakhan without being in some way associated with anti-semitism and the many other hateful and objectionable things that farrakhan has said and stood for over decades right up until recently. and when it comes to instagram or twitter, where desean jackson becomes ensnared, everybody ought to back off a little bit. if you don't know what you're talking about, you don't have to share your every random thought. stop. >> yeah. i said that in my open tonight. every thought you have does not have to be -- you don't have to put it on social media. former philadelphia eagles president joe banner says that this is -- this about desean jackson in his original post. he said, if a white player said anything about african-americans as outrageous as what desean jackson said about jews tonight,
7:54 pm
there would be at least a serious conversation about cutting him and a team meeting to discuss, which would be absolutely appropriate. absolutely indefensible. do you think the nfl should have a serious conversation about desean jackson, that serious as what i just read? >> yes, they should. yes, they should. but i'm not for cancel culture. desean jackson has a chance to step forward and apologize. apparently he's taken those steps. he can say that he's come to terms with it, he understands that what he said was outrageous, and it's gonna to be compared with riley cooper, who coincidentally also played for the eagles. he used the "n" word at a concert. it was overheard. i can't recall if it was caught on cell phone video or not, but there is no dispute that he used it. he apologized. this is sports. and you know this, don, riley cooper was at an earlier stage of his career and might have been viewed as a more valuable player. >> yeah. >> sometimes these things are not decided on morality.
7:55 pm
they're decided on far less lofty concerns. desean jackson is 31 years old. young man, but advanced athlete age, especially in the national football league. we'll see hahave to see if that any part in this. >> it was caught on tape and given a slap on the wrist. >> to the completely indefensible. completely indefensible. >> yeah. you know, bob, it's interesting because a lot of what you're saying i said in the open in a very short way. i don't understand, you know, if you don't know what you're talking about, right, again, i don't think you should be saying it on social media. but you cannot say that you want people to understand that the plight that african-americans are going through and that people are innorton about whant they say or how they react and not having understanding for an
7:56 pm
ignorant jewish trope. it doesn't make sense. >> you're right. just as i hear you say this, it popped into my head. i think it applies. many years ago i was interviews a holocaust survivor who won the nobel peace prize. he told me he lost members of his family. he was a boy when he went into concentration camp. he told me about when it was liberated and he could still see the face of the black sergeant, the black sergeant and the look of compassion on his face. and i thought as i sat there listening to this great man, i thought, well, sure, sure, especially that. when the oppression was even greater than what we're talking about now. was more overt. it was under the heading of legality. state-imposed. of course this black sergeant could understand, maybe better than anyone he would understand. if -- when you have moral high ground, hold on to it. >> yeah.
7:57 pm
well said. bob, stick around. bob is going to be back with us next hour to talk about how the coronavirus is disrupting sports across america. and just ahead, the u.s. hitting a startling milestone. now reporting more than 3 million cases and hospitals are struggling to cope. the countdown has begun... 'til everyone can enjoy a professional clean feel... at home. don't just think about where you're headed this summer. think about how you'll get there.
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