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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 16, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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for the same medications as the vet, but up to 30 percent less with fast free shipping. visit today. hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and around the world. you are watching "cnn newsroom" and i'm rosemary church. just ahead, america struggles to cope. hospitals in part of the country are running out of beds as tens of thousands more people contract covid-19. dr. anthony fauci says he's walking a tight rope as people try to pit him against president trump. and joe biden, barack obama, bill gates and elon musk just some of the prominent people targeted by what twitter is
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calling a coordinated a social engineering attack. good to have you with us. covid-19 cases in the united states have now averaged a staggering 60,000 people per day over the past week. three times what it was a month ago. ever since many governors rushed to reopen even though the virus is exploded in all but a handful of states, and hospitals and many hot spots are quickly getting overwhelmed. florida now has more confirmed cases than the u.k. at 300,000. more than 50 hospitals in the state say they are out of beds and yet some famous theme parks plan to reopen. texas recorded nearly 11,000 new
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cases on wednesday. a local hotel in the border town of laredo will be turned into a covid hospital as medical facilities there reach capacity. and facemasks now becoming more common across the united states. alabama and montana on wednesday joined three dozen other states in requiring face coverings in public. but even as the crisis deepens, the trump administration continues to push for schools to reopen. cnn's erica hill has more. >> reporter: confirmed cases in florida have now topped 300,000. in miami-dade county where the positivity rate just hit 31%, the number of covid-19 patients in one hospital system has jumped 226% in the last month. >> we're bracing for more patients over the next several weeks. >> florida is one of several states recording ropt hospitalizations. they're seeing a rise in new
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cases over the past week. >> these alarming trends reflect behaviors from three weeks ago and it will take several weeks to see if our behavior now, including the roll back of previously opened sectors, slows the spread of the virus. >> texas reporting a record number of deaths and new cases on wednesday. >> hundreds and thousands of people are dying in america today because we are distracted by issues that are not the central ones controlling this virus. we've got to get our act together. >> reporter: at least 36 states now require a face covering in public. the latest to add a mandate, alabama. nationwide, customers at walmart and kohl's can't shop without one starting monday. in charleston, bars and restaurants can now refuse service to anyone without a face covering. >> you've got to take this seriously. it matters to all of our citizens and it matters to our economy going forward. >> reporter: increasing concern about summer travel fueling the spread, and it's not just the
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northeast requiring visitorsto quarantine. chicago has a 14-day quarantine in place to travelers from 17 states. canada will keep the border closed to late august. >> we do not have a handle on this outbreak. >> reporter: a new school year is up in three weeks. they are using these misters to disinfect classrooms. philadelphia will use a hybrid. san francisco will begin the year online. houston schools will too. >> i've had many sleepless nights up until this morning wrestling with this decision. given the threat of covid-19, we will not put the health and safety of our school and staff at risk. >> reporter: uncertainty grows about just what lies ahead. in terms of that decision making, a cdc official tells cnn that new guidelines could come as soon as friday. new guidelines will feature the most up to date science we're told and will focus on safely reopening noting that in areas
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of high transmission that may not be feasible. a second set of guidance geared towards parents will be coming from a white house work group requested by dr. birx. officials from health and human services, the domestic policy council and the department of education. in new york, i'm erica hill, cnn. a promising vaccine for the coronavirus is about to begin a phased retrial with 30,000 test subjects. drug maker moderna says an earlier limited trial with 45 patients resulted in everyone developing antibodies without harmful side effects. those results were published in the new england journal of medicine. the company's chief medical officer spoke with cnn about what happens next. >> we believe that the chances of this working are pretty good and the reasons are that the neutralizing antibodies i think has been demonstrated for other
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similar viruses and in clinical models. we've shown levels can exceed what you see with natural infection and so on balance we're cautiously optimistic but fully dedicated to seeing this through. >> joining me now is dr. mark sapino, emergency medical system at jackson health system in florida. thank you for being with us and for all that you do. >> thanks for having me. >> so intensive care units in 54 florida hospitals are full. the whole of miami-dade county has run out of icu beds. 26 patients will now have to be moved to converted icus and vent lator use is up 92%. it is a covid hot spot. and you're working on the front line there in miami. what is happening at your hospital? what are you seeing? >> we are full.
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i don't have many other words to describe the situation. we are wall to wall filled with patients. we have a lot of covid patients, of course. we have a lot of patients who come in with other illnesses, and in some of those patients with other illnesses we discover that they have covid as well, they just happen to be asymptomatic carriers. because of the hospital being full, a lot of those patients do stay in the emergency department waiting for beds and that does include patients that are waiting for icu beds as well. >> how worried are you where this is going? >> you know, if there's anything that we've learned in 2020, it's that it's difficult to predict and so i think my immediate thoughts are day to day and just to not necessarily know what to expect when we walk into the hospital on a daily basis. you know, i think about what to
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expect, it's really a great unknown. i think right now we are just trying to keep our heads above water and it's either sink or swim and we're all trying to swim. and we're really unsure about what to expect in the next few weeks to months. >> doctor, moderna's chief medical officer was on cnn earlier, and he talked about the published evidence of antibodies and all 45 participants in phase 1 trials of biotech's vaccine. he said stage three human trials will get underway this month. they don't yet know how long the antibodies will last, but how much hope does this give you? >> incredible amount of hope. i think that that's been kind of what we've all been looking forward to and not knowing when that vaccine will be available. so having read about that myself, i feel extremely hopeful. i'm hoping that even if we can get a vaccine that gets us through the next six months or
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six to 12 months, kind of similar to a flu vaccine, that that gets us over this hump. that gets us through this terrible period we're enduring and gives us sort of a new future to look towards and really makes me feel that -- really feel hopeful. i really do feel hopeful. >> doctor, i did want to ask you this, too, because we learned wednesday that hospital data will now be sent directly to the trump administration instead of the cdc. what's your reaction to that decision to divert covid-19 hospital numbers to washington? >> yeah, i read that myself. i'm a little unclear as to what that means, what the intention of this is. in the face of this it's difficult to know numbers and to know how many people are sick, how many people are getting sick and how many people have
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recovered. whatever method is available to have those numbers available to those of us who are on the front lines to the people behind the scenes to the people working towards the solutions, those numbers matter and those numbers are important. they can't really speak towards the thought process behind the information we learned today. i'm just hopeful we continue to think of this as an everyone issue and we all need to be in this together. >> dr. s aupino, thank you for talking with us and everything that you do. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. america's leading expert on infectious diseases is pushing back against white house officials after multiple efforts to discredit him. dr. anthony fauci says he doesn't like conflict and is walking a tight rope as people try to pit him against the president. cnn's jim acosta has more now from the white house.
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>> reporter: after wagging a campaign to discredit one of the nation's most trusted experts on the coronavirus, dr. anthony fauci, the white house appears to be waiving the white flag, at least for now. >> i have a very good relationship. well, that's peter navorro. i have a very good relationship with dr. fauci. >> reporter: president trump and his aides are backing off only after white house aid peter navorro blasted him writing dr. anthony fauci has a good bedside manner with the public but he has been wrong about everything i interacted with him on. asking about that, he accused navorro of going rogue. >> he made a statement representing himself. he shouldn't be doing that. >> reporter: after biting his tongue for weeks, he is defending himself. >> i cannot figure out in my wildest dreams why they would want to do that. i think they realize now that was not a prudent thing to do
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because it's only reflecting negative on them. i can't explain peter navorro. he is that he a world by himself so i don't want to go there. >> reporter: navorro's op ed came after they sent unflattering talking points about fauci. he said that was unwise too. >> if you talk to reasonable people in the white house, they realize that was a major mistake on their part because it doesn't do anything but reflect poorly on them. >> reporter: now white house officials are trying to distance themselves from navorro with one aide saying the peter navorro op ed didn't go through white house channels. the president values the opinions. one white house official said navorro had been told by staff member meadows to de-escalate. mitch mblg come -- >> what's your level of
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confidence in dr. fauci at this point? >> total. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham, both are battling for re-election. >> we don't have a dr. fauci problem. we need to be focusing on doing things that get us to where we need to go. i have all of the respect in the world for dr. fauci. i think any effort to undermine him is not going to be productive quite frankly. >> reporter: but the white house is still showing some hostility to public health officials calling on hospitals around the u.s. to accepted their data on the virus to the administration in washington bypassing the centers for disease control. they said the cdc will simply no longer control the data. on the issue of using masks, dr. ronnie jackson who's running for congress with the president's support downplayed the importance of wearing them. >> i think wearing a mask is a personal choice. i don't particularly want my government telling me that i have to wear a mask so i think that's a choice that i can make. i don't wear a mask all that often to be honest with you.
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>> reporter: as for dr. fauci, the nation's top diseases expert says he does not want to step down telling the atlantic earlier in the day he just wants to do his job. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. a major shakeup in u.s. president's campaign. mr. trump announced he is promoting bill stebian while pro demoting brad pascale. pascale's future had been up in the air after his much behind return fell flat. pascale predicted massive crowds for a tulsa, oklahoma, rally but only 6,000 plus supporters showed up. this comes on the same day a new poll shows president trump trailing his political rival joe biden by double digits. they show the presumptive democratic nominee with a 15 point lead. the poll also finds growing
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spain has honored the more than 28,000 people who have died from covid-19 in that country. king philippe has just finished leading a public remembrance ceremony in madrid. many world health officials were there. a pandemic is over and a spanish island is having to rethink its reopening plans. tourists ignoring social distancing rules. al goodman joins me live from madrid. al, what all was said at this ceremony honoring covid-19 victims and what's the latest on the shutdown? >> reporter: the ceremony
1:20 am
wrapping up a short while ago. it was to honor the 28,000 spaniards who died and also to thank the doctors, nurses, police officers and others who kept the country going during a pandemic? only three short speeches, one by a brother of a journalist. this man, another speaker was a front line nurse at a major hospital in barcelona. she basically was reminding the crowd and the nation that was watching this on live television to respect the norms to wear a mask. i'm not wearing one right now because i'm up at high on a perch. the king is trying to give a national sense to this whole event. clearly there's concern because even though the nationwide state of emergency had been lifted last month, officials are grappling with a series of outbreaks. this is probably what led the regional government, the island
1:21 am
of mayorka. a street that is filled with bars where social media video has emerged of british tourists dancing on top of cars not respecting the social distancing, no masks and the operators of the bars are trying to enforce some sort of rules that are going on. they've shut down the entire street of bars and a different part of the island closer to the city on another street, the beer street, they shut that down which is german young tourists there. not just here but across the nation most of the spanish regions require that mask use is mandatory in public at all times. even if you have social distancing, you still have to wear a mask. they see this as a very effective way from trying to keep this becoming a full scale nationwide second wave. rosemary? >> it is a reminder to these
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young people how to behave. al goodman, many thanks to you. joining us live from madrid. brazilian president bolsonaro says he has tested again for covid-19. he continues to take the controversial antimalaria drug hydroxychloroquine. he posted a video to facebook about his experience with the drug but he acknowledges there's no scientific evidence that proves it's effective in treating covid-19. in japan, a rise in covid-19 cases on u.s. military bases is straining relationships. we spoke with okinawa's governor about the increased tensions. >> reporter: mistrust is mounting in japan as more u.s. service members test positive for the coronavirus. the majority of the cases are in
1:23 am
okinawa with more than half of u.s. troops in japan are stationed. exclusive interview with cnn, the governor said he flew to tokyo with this plea. >> translator: first, please stop people from the u.s. mainland from coming to okinawa. i would like the alert level to be raised to the highest level in order to put those two facilities into lockdown. honestly, i have doubts about whether adequate precautions are being taken to prevent the virus from spreading. >> reporter: it's the latest strain in a troubled relationship. the presence of u.s. bases in japan dates to the end of world war ii and is the bedrock of japan's security policy. complaints about noise, accidents have tested the bond over the decades. >> there's a long history of distrust between okinawans and
1:24 am
japan. >> reporter: in unusually terse terms they called it an extremely serious situation as fears grow that military personnel could be spreading the virus at the very moment that japan is grappling with a second wave. >> it really highlights the special status that is given to the u.s. military personnel when the -- there is a general traffic restriction even outside of the base. they behave and come across and are arrogant like colonial masters. >> reporter: japan has a travel ban with 100 countries and america is on that list but an agreement dating back to 1960 exempts u.s. military personnel raising questions about how effective japan's border controls really are. cnn, tokyo. the united states marine corps just released a video to
1:25 am
military personnel in okinawa with guidance on how to protect bases and the surrounding area from covid-19. >> we have identified and isolated those who have tested positive for covid-19 and separated those -- >> the video is intended to educate military personnel and show the local community that the u.s. is serious about preventing the virus from spreading. the surge in coronavirus cases across the u.s. is overwhelming laboratories and delivering test results. cnn's victor blackwell says he's still waiting for his results 12 days after he got tested here in the state of georgia. now compare that to germany where our fred pleitgen said he got his results the very same day. they spoke to brianna keilar about their very different experiences. >> started back on june 30th when i was experiencing some shortness of breath, nothing dramatic, no other symptoms so i
1:26 am
thought it would make sense in this environment to get a coronavirus test. i couldn't find anything through the clinic, cvs circuit near my home. i was going to be near augusta near the fourth of july so i got one 150 miles away, july 2nd, 10:30 in the morning. by the time that came i was no longer having the shortness of breath. i was told i would have results in two to four days. that went by. i went and checked the portal where the results were supposed to have been posted. there was an alert, because of six to ten days. yesterday on day 12 i called the toll-free number and it took several attempts to get through the automated system. after i did i waited on hold for 30 minutes and it dropped my call. so i don't know if they lost my results or if they are coming, but results two weeks after the test do no good to me or anyone else. >> reporter: results the same
1:27 am
day, that's great. >> reporter: it is great. i've gotten two corona tests, pretty much in the same time period that victor is actually still waiting for his results, because i got this second test at the local city hall here. i basically walked up. they had a mobile truck there. they took the swabs for the pcr test and then i had the results i think it was about 11 hours later. >> and health experts warn quick testing is the key to contact tracing and controlling the spread of this pandemic. one of the biggest security attacks ever on twitter. more on the hack that took control of some of the platform's most popular accounts. we'll have that on the other side of the break. stay with us. reinventing. it's what small businesses do.
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the coronavirus is spreading so quickly across the united states that so many hospitals are at capacity scrambling to find beds. they reported 3 1/2 million cases in the u.s., a staggering number just since the july 4th holiday. texas recorded 11,000 new cases on wednesday. a local hotel in the border town of laredo will be turned into a covid hospital as medical facilities reached capacity. researchers in france say they passed the coronavirus on .
1:32 am
>> reporter: dr. daniel luca specializes in newborns at this hospital outside of paris. >> this is the reality, the v w virus can pass through the placenta. >> reporter: the doctor said the virus was present in the mother's blood, which was rare, and transmitted through the placenta and when the baby boy was delivered, he tested positive for the virus. there were already strong suspicions of what was called neonatal transmission, but his study proved it.
1:33 am
>> within hours they had cerebral irregularity and muscle movements. then as i told you, they weren't very happy. >> the virus left no lasting damage and the baby was discharged from the hospital less than three weeks later. >> when it happens, wow, as you see the baby, it's most likely going to recover pretty soon alone. >> reporter: according to the doctor, there is growing evidence that newborns are resistant to covid-19 and the best news of all, he says, neonatal transmission of the virus remains extremely rare.
1:34 am
cnn, paris. twitter is blaming the takeover of multiple high profile accounts on wednesday on what it calls a coordinated social engineering attack. accounts belonging to elon musk, bill gates, barack obama and others were involved in the hack involving a cryptocurrency scan. cnn's john defterios joins me live from abu dhabi. was this a highly targeted attack that provides incredible access to these high profile accounts? >> reporter: i think that's a fair assessment, rosemary. they were certainly executed by those who are not minor league players or hackers, let's put it this way. i did catch again twitter off guard here or flat footed. the company has suggested that they targeted key employees.
1:35 am
not just these but very progressive players that kind of raises the question why didn't it go to the spectrum. two intelligence sources that could have been a nation state that executed this or one that acted on behalf of a nation state. those that developed cryptocurrencies, these were against any regulations and almost a message that were here, that we can penetratage a company. they had different breaches in the past. you could put out a breach and say what's next is a question
1:36 am
that's asking many right now. back to you. well, the trump administration is making another move against beijing. mike pompeo announced visa restrictions of some employees from chinese company huawei. it's unclear how many would be affected. richard quest was told he wants the u.s. and china to fix the tensions behind the crackdown. >> i don't think there should be any escalation. i don't think there should be any retaliation. i think any escalation is a huge
1:37 am
mistake. >> they're not happy about a new u.s. law and our kristie lu stout is following us in hong kong. what all do we know about the meeting? >> relations are at a new low. companies, individuals to be deemed to erode this. they have summoned the u. sms. you have a strongly worded statement from china's top office accusing the united states of, quote, gangster logic and bullying.
1:38 am
we're going to play a sound bite for you from the spokesperson from china's ministry for china affairs. quite a push back. listen. >> translator: united states should think carefully about its policies. when speaking about sanctions, china is not afraid. if the united states wants to stir up trouble, then let the storm rage with greater force. >> reporter: the storm is, indeed, raging. china, the united states are locking words over a host of issues, not just hong kong, but also human rights abuse issues, the south china sea, over the world health organization, the pandemic investigation, over taiwan, the trade war, the tech war. there doesn't seem to be a diplomatic off ramp here. when the u.s. president was asked by reporters whether he had spoken to chinese president xi jinping, he said no and he didn't have any plan to.
1:39 am
>> a little concerned. kristie lu stout joining us from hong kong. george floyd's final words were, i can't breathe. a newly released video from a murder case that sparked protests across the globe. so what's going on?
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we are learning more about the moments that led up to george floyd's death as police show cnn new body camera footage. this comes as floyd's family has filed a civil lawsuit against the city of minneapolis and the officers involved in the case. floyd's death sparked protests around the world against police brutality. cnn's omar jimenez reports. >> reporter: new body camera video shown to cnn but not shared with the general public is providing critical new context into the moments leading up to george floyd's death. the call for officers began over
1:43 am
a fake bill being used at a store in minneapolis. less than 40 seconds after finishing conversation with the store employee, the officers are at the door of a car. officer thomas lane yelling to put your fing hands up following an initial knock with a flashlight. >> this is a crisis in black america, a public health crisis. >> after repeated asks to get out of the car, floyd is seen sobbing with his head on the steering wheel at one point saying he's sorry according to video reviewed by cnn. please don't shoot me, mr. officer. please don't shoot me. please, can you not shoot me, man. step out and face away. i'm not shooting. step out and face away. it's at that point floyd is forcefully pulled from the car as officer lane and jay alexander king struggled to handcuff him. shortly after a big struggle to get floyd into the squad car parked across the street. as floyd says, he's
1:44 am
claustrophobic and refuses to get in. at this point flied is beioyd i pushed in and pulled in. i can't breathe, i can't breathe floyd says all the while flailing. get him on the ground, lane says. let go of me, man, i can't breathe. i can't breathe. at one point floyd letting out a desperate scream for three seconds straight. about 30 seconds later the other officers are insight of the body camera and everybody falls to the infamously familiar picture with chauvin's neon floyd's neck. he calls out for his mom. >> get up. >> >> maria:. >> as chauvin appears to increase pressure according to body camera video. about four minutes later still cuffed and under the knee of chauvin floyd says, please,
1:45 am
please, please. each please seemingly weaker than the one before according to video review. lane says should we roll him on his side? chauvin, no, he's staying put where we got him. those are the last words listed in the transcript but audio heard by cnn shows seconds floyd says please. >> [ bleep ]. >> not breathing right there, bro. >> those would be his final words. >> omar jimenez, cnn, minneapolis. a black lives matter sculpture that was secretly installed in bristol has been moved to a museum. that is according to the city's officials. the statue of a black protestor had replaced the toppled statue of the slave trader. the city's mayor says the people of bristol must decide what will be put in place at the original statue. we are joined now live from bristol. good to see you, selma. while the statue has now been taken to a museum, what's the
1:46 am
backstory to all of this? how likely is it that the people of bristol will decide to put it back? >> reporter: well, rosemary, bristol is waking up to yet another surprise today, but this one is of disappointment. we've seen several hours and so many are passing by. so many who had seen the statue and were disappointed to see it go and others who had wanted to see it and left. the artist anticipated this would happen. this was not given by the authorities. this was installed in guerilla style and it was here after the one that was here of edwin colson, a slave trader had been pulled down, dragged through the streets and thrown into the harbor. you can only imagine the level of excitement, shock, joy when people found yesterday that
1:47 am
there was -- that that was replaced with a statue of a strong black defiant woman. take a listen to what one group of young women who have come up to see it told me. >> i'm happy. >> great chat. it was popping off left, front, center. there was a lot of excitement. a black woman. >> a black woman. >> that's something that we're going to tell our grandkids about you. >> that was a group of about 12 women. all dressed in black. they brought a photographer. it was a photo shoot. that's what it felt like here. it was an absolute event. now the city has to deal with what happens after. as you said, the city's mayor will democratically decide what will be up here and if we're lucky they might vote that back in. rosemary. >> they might just do that.
1:48 am
we'll keep an eye on that. appreciate it. back in the united states, it didn't take long for a symbol of america's racist past to be flying high over the latest nascar race. last month the stock car association banned the confederate flag. the stars and bars were seen fluttering over wednesday's race at the bristol motor speedway. to most americans, the flag is a reminder of slavery and blatant racism. president trump has said he believes the flag represents freedom of speech. attending the race the tennessee governor tweeted he would be wearing a mask. the event, which drew at least 20,000 fans, marked the largest crowd for any competition since mid march. still to come, how facemasks may be making the statement to flashy fashion must have. back with that in just a moment. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office
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for the same medications as the vet, but up to 30 percent less with fast free shipping. visit today. well, facemasks have been viewed by some in the u.s. as a political statement but retailers are adapting to the growing need for them anyway. and fashion brands aren't the
1:53 am
only ones seizing the opportunity as cnn's claire is he pastian explains. >> it took just a few days for meagan lavoy to pivot her small textiles business to make facemasks. >> i was giving them all away for free at a bin on my front porch and then there was a huge demand. then i listed them on my et ceteray shop. i have had my shop for two years. >> more than 12 million masks were sold in april alone. meagan had to pause sales of all of her products for a month to clear her backlash. three months they're still in her best sellers. she's hired an extra person. >> people had no masks and now i think most people have at least one to wear. now it's more people looking for a cute mask that goes with their style. >> that shift has brought much larger businesses into the facemask market for luxury
1:54 am
brands, these $100 masks all sold out to gap which sold over 3 million masks in may. we're seeing some companies showcasing their signature designs like these from levis. the company says these have been the most viewed item on their website for the past six weeks. it's not just the world of fashion. this is from dunkin' donuts. clearly the masks also present a marketing opportunity. >> i think it's becoming a ubiquitous staple and there's no good reason why most retailers wouldn't provide it, either as a customer service feature or as a branding opportunity or as a fashion accessory. >> reporter: in early april, vista print, the company known for cards and signage realized
1:55 am
their customers needs had changed. >> for us to get into facemasks was an easy decision. one of the biggest things we saw was going to happen was small businesses had to be able to reopen safely. >> vista print can produce a couple hundred thousand a month with the ability to scale. >> it will be a category that as urgent as it is a year from now, probably not. it's something that will be part of our everyday lives than it was six months ago. definitely. >> reporter: a simple safety product now giving the business of accessories a whole new face. claire sebastian, cnn, new york. >> a smart choice. wear a mask. if you are feeling so stressed out you want to scream, iceland can help you out. its tourism board can help you out where you can record your screams and listen to others as well. here's the app for it.
1:56 am
>> ahhhh! >> and here's the best part. iceland will broadcast your screams with speakers set up in remote parts of the country. it's a novel idea, isn't it? thanks for your company at this hour. i'm rosemary church. be sure to connect with me on twitter @rosemarycnn. you're watching cnn. "early start" is coming up next. every time we pre-rinse
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officials are racing to add restrictions as coronavirus cases expand. mask mandates are growing. more schools are going online as hospitals start to fill up. and a big change at the top of the trump campaign, but will it make a difference if the president wond change course? welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. it's thursday, july 16th. 5 a.m. here in new york, and this morning across america local politicians and business leader


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