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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 18, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- "outfront"nextthepresident just leaving arizona where people in the crowd did not social distance, few wear masks as trump is getting information
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from my pillow ceo. former president bill clinton about to take on president trump at tonight's dnc. we're learning new details as what is being described as his sharpest speech ever. alexandria ocasio-cortez gets 60 seconds tonight. smart move? let's go "outfront." "outfront" tonight, scorned by the virus. the president moments ago speaking in yuma, arizona. the county of yuma has a staggering 18% positivity rate for coronavirus right now, more than triple the accept rate. and yet this was the scene at today's event, the airport hangar packed with supporters, no social distancing, and all of them not wearing them correctly. this as deaths in the united states are up in 19 states, more than 1,000 americans dead today. 32 say its with a positivity
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rate above that recommended 5% as no new cases dip today. president continues to act as if the virus isn't killing people, including his own supporters, allowing and frankly encouraging a lack of social distancing and masks at his own events. the guy doesn't wear one himself. and he ignores the advice of his own task force and scientists, instead often making decisions based on questionable advice he is getting from questionable sources. today, the creator of my pillow, mike lynn dell, detailing how he got president trump to look into a total improven treatment made from a poisonous plant. >> this guy called me on easter sunday and said he had answer answer to the virus, and i reached out to my friend secretary carson who's on the task force and he's a doctor and he looked into it all, got everything from the company, and he said this is the real deal. it's been tested by over 1,000 people to be safe. >> sir, you said you've seen this test. where is it? >> the tests are out there.
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the thousand people -- >> where is the test? show it to us. >> i don't have the test -- >> name where it's from. who did the test? what university? what doctors? >> you would have to talk to -- i guess you would have to have dr. carson and the company -- >> how are you different than a snail oil salesman? >> i think my platform sale itself. i have a platform of integrity and trust. >> our medical unit confirms there is no evidence that it has been tested in 1,000 people, none whatsoever, only safety studies in cancer patients, fewer than 100. a trump donor gets a call who claims he cured coronavirus and the trump donor is able to get the meeting with the president and tell him all about it and the president is all ears. >> is it something that people are talking about very strongly, we'll look at i. we'll look at it. >> no, people are not ak talking about it very strong will.
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it is the latest example of coronavirus quackery that is influencing this president way too often. remember when trump touted a doctor from houston, the doctor who believes alien dna is used in medicine? the president called her an important voice in the pandemic because of this. >> this virus has a cure. it is called hydroxychloroquine, zinc and sitting rowe max. you don't need a mask, there's a cure. >> when the president likes the message, he embraces the messenger. here is trump's former doctor. >> i think wearing is a mask is a personal choice and i don't want my government telling me that i have to wear a mask. i think that's a choice that i can make. >> he is a doctor. and the president adding a new adviser to his task force, a frequent fox news guest who
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paints a rosie picture of the coronavirus, locked down recommendations, the ones that dr. birx said she regretted because they needed to be much tougher. this doctor says no, no, no, we should have let all those people die and millions more because then we would have had herd immunity, and what we did was a big mistake. >> you don't eradicate the virus by locking down. this is a temporary issue. it's isolating every single person and avoiding all human contact. you have literally prevented the best mechanism to establish population immunity. >> first of all, a lot of work is being done on herd immunity. no one knows if it exists and at what number. dr. fauci said in order for this country to get to herd immunity if it's there, the death toll would be enormous, millions of deaths. but trump embraces the most suspect messengers if he likes
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their message. it comes as trump tonight is taking on michelle obama for her call out in her taped speech at last night's dnc. >> more than 150,000 people have died, and our economy is in shambles because of a virus that this president down played for too long. he is clearly in over his head. he cannot meet this moment. he simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. it is what it is. >> kaitlan collins is "outfront" live outside the white house. those comments and her speech really got under his skin, clearly not happy from those comments from michelle obama. but his response to them, kaitlan, not really helping him out. >> reporter: yeah, one of his biggest criticisms of his speech is that it was prerecorded in advance. you can tell that because she didn't mention senator kamala harris, the vice president pick
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that was made last week but also because of the death toll she cited when it came to covid-19. she talked about the president's response which she criticized as a failure and said it was 150,000 americans dead. now it's at 170,000, something the president pointed out when i asked him what his response was today. >> she taped it, and it was not only taped, it was taped a long time ago because she had the wrong deaths. >> so what was unclear was how the president thought that was a worse reflection of michelle obama than of his handling of the response given that 20,000 more americans have died just in the short time since she did tape that. that wasn't the only thing he criticized her more. he said it was her husband's policies that propelled him into the oval office and joe biden's as well. he continued to talk about this today. it wasn't just this morning before he left to go to arizona. he talked about it again in arizona, once again criticizing
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her for taping it. clearly definitely got under his skin. the question is how closely is he watching the rest of the dnc? it looks ike liets pretty close. >> "outfront" now, dr. sanjay gupta and dr. jonathan reiner, director of cardiac cath lab at gw, advised under george w. bush. i want to talk about the event in yuma. the president there. the positivity rate there in that county is 18%. that is nearly four times what is deemed a level anything acceptable. we saw the crowd. there was no social distancing. pretty much completely maskless, a few noses hanging out of ones who were wearing them. meanwhile the president as i just laid out as continually set up again and again and again listened to people who tell him what he wants to hear whether it's about masks or hydroxychloroquine or some kind of a quack cure amplifying it.
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you have people here at serious risk at his rally today. >> yeah, what is the purpose of the rally? i mean, to bring people together to cheer him on for an ego boost. i watched the rally. the president seems to enjoy the crowd. he feeds off the crowd. what he fails to know or maybe more appropriately fails to care about is that when he brings together dozens or hundreds of people mostly not e wearing masks, he's endangering them. he did that in tulsa, and people died. he did that in phoenix. he did that at mout. rushmore. you can't bring people together, particularly in a hot zone like arizona, particularly in a hot, hot zone like yuma, without endangering them. but the president doesn't seem to care about that. what he cares about is his re-election. he should not be doing these events. it's shameful that he's willing to really threaten the safety of
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the people who adore him. >> you know, sanjay, just to this point about who he listens to, we just heard mike lynn dough on cnn with anderson. he said there was a study. there was no study that i know that you and your team have been able to find, anything that would show this had been tested in any significant manner, even though he says it was and ben carson looked into it and the fda is looking into it. what have you found? >> right. we called the fda and talked to the fda regularly and they said no comment, we don't want to touch this basically is what the response was. there haven't been any studies. this has been looked at in previous years as a potential cancer sort of supplement or cancer therapeutic. but those are very early stage studies, nothing really came of that. there was a monkey kidney coronavirus study. so, they actually put some
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coronavirus in monkey kidney cells in a test tube, put some of this substance in the test tube, and they make the claim -- again, we haven't seen any of this. it's not been published. but they made the claim it inhibited viral activity. a lot of things would do that to be clear. bleach would do that as well, but you wouldn't ingest that. there are no studies. i think what is interesting, erin, as we dug into this a little bit, this idea this would try to get sold as a supplement, not even as a drug but as a supplement which is a far less regulated industry than getting drug approval. and for a lot of people, supplements say can't hurt, might help, why not. that's the general attitude. that's not the case here. this can hurt. this particular plant from which it comes from can be a cardiotoxic agent. dr. ruiner knows more about this than i do. it's called a cardiac glycoside and it can cause heart damage like fox glove, the plant.
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you don't want to be taking this stuff. last time something like this came up like with the bleach, i thought there's no way we have to say that but we do have to say it. people believe it. don't take the stuff. >> dr. reiner, cardiotoxic? >> yeah. it acts in the same way as an old drug called digitalis does. we use that in very controlled ways. but the drug has real effects on the heart. don't take it. there's no data to support this. don't get your medical advise from a pillow salesman. >> sanjay, i want to ask you about a new study out today about the virus spread, and this was about it possibly spreading on a plane which s a great focus for a lot of people. what have you found? >> this was a study from some time ago, erin. this was from march. it was a study that was out of germany. what they found in this particular study was on a flight -- under under five-hour flight -- there were seven
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people who were subsequently known to have coronavirus. and when they did their tracing, they found two people got infected. they sat across the aisle from the infected passengers. it was tough to know for certain those passengers were infected on the plane. they were sitting across from infected people, so that heightened the suspicion. this was back in march. there weren't mitigation measures at that point. people weren't wearing masks on planes. they didn't have the extra space and that stuff. we haven't seen significant outbreaks come from airline travel. they've obviously been flying a lot less, but i think the concern is not great at least at this point. >> so i want to ask you one other thing before you go because i know you had breaking news on the moderna vaccine tonight. what is that? >> well, one of the big things is they're trying to recruit enough people for this trial. they want to get into the tens of thousands of people. one of the things we're learning
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according to an investigator's call is they want to shoot for 50% of participants being above the age of 65 and 20% to 25% being minorities. so, you're getting a clearer idea of what they want in order to actually look at getting a broad enough cross section of the population. obviously we know older people more at risk, people with pre-existing conditions more at risk. they've got to include those people in the trials. if you just have young healthy people, it becomes harder to read into that data. >> and if it works on them, you can't give it to the populations at greatest risk until it's tested on them. thank you both very much. former republican secretary of state collin powell with make an appearance at the dnc, the latest republican to come to the dnc to speak for joe biden. and democrats highlighting one of biden's unlikely friendships. >> it was a friendship that shouldn't have worked. >> and jill biden hoping to push
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breaking news, night two of the democratic national convention about to quick off and the biden campaign releasing a video of collin powell releasing a word for joe biden. >> the values i grew up with were the same values joe biden's parents instilled in him. i support joe biden for the presidency of the united states because those values still defeign him, and we need to restore those values to the white house. our country needs a commander in chief who takes care of our troops in the same way he would our own family. for joe biden, that doesn't need
4:20 pm
teaching. it comes from the experience he shares with millions of military families, sending his beloved son off to war and praying to god he would come home safe. >> now, "outfront" where biden is tonight, arlette, colin powell continuing a theme of top republicans coming out and speaking on behalf of joe biden at this convention, trying to appealing to gop voters in the middle to support biden over trump. >> that's right, erin. part of this convention is focusing on those republicans who are rallying behind joe biden's candidacy. as we saw play out in that video, former secretary of state colin powell who served in the republican administration making the case for joe biden saying he has the values to lead the country. tonight's focus is also leadership matters. we're also going to hear from former secretary of state john kerry talking about his time working alongside joe biden
4:21 pm
within the administration. you have these two former secretaries of state, one a republican, one a democrat, who are talking about the urgent need for a joe biden as president as they are looking at that national security spectrum and having him restore what they argue, restore leadership back on the world stage. and hearing directly from a republican at tonight's convention, colin powell, just continues on from hearing from john kasich as tonight and yesterday and throughout the convention they're trying to make the case that biden can appeal to all american of both parties, democrat and republican. >> so, you know, you talk about former secretaries of state, also former presidents, tomorrow barack obama, tonight bill clinton and jimmy carter. we're hearing bill clinton will give his sharpest rebuke ever tonight. what more can you tell us? >> bill clinton is expected to go hard after president trump, specifically calling out his
4:22 pm
handling of the coronavirus and other issues in the past four years of his presidency. now, according to some of the excerpts that we have received, the former president will say donald trump says we're leading the world. well, we are the only major industrial economy to have the unemployment rate triple. at a time like this, the oval office should be a command center. instead it's a storm center. bill clinton will say, there's only chaos. just one thing never changes. the buck never stops there. bill clinton and former president barack obama who's slated to speak tomorrow have this unique perspective in that they have served in the white house. they understand what it takes to be president and to lead in the times of crises. and tonight we're going to hear bill clinton in his sharpest rebuke of president trump all to make the case for why joe biden needs to be elected. >> thank you very much. i want to go to john king, our chief national correspondent and host of "inside politics." john, you know, arlette just
4:23 pm
talking there about bill clinton. you know, we have seen former presidents and first ladies speak before, but what we're going to hear from that excerpt she just shared from bill clinton, it's nasty, right? it's very direct. it's very personal. how much does this break with tradition, what we're going to see from bill clinton, what we saw from michelle obama, being so direct about the sitting president? the trump presidency has put everything on steroids, erin. let's be honest. if you go back to the last convention, hillary clinton tore into donald trump pretty good. barack obama was the former president. he spoke at the convention in 2016. he tore into donald trump, then the candidate, the businessman, pretty good, but not in such personal terms, character terms, a liar, a fraud, a cheat, someone in over his head. it is much more personal because of the polarization of the trump years, the presidency, not the candidacy, now the presidency, and just the pandemic experience in which these democrats are trying to make the case as michelle obama did last night
4:24 pm
and bill clinton will tonight that this man is a fraud. he said he was ready for the ojob. he was mr. art of the deal, mr. get things done. they're making the case he was none of those things and they're doing it in deeply character attack terms. >> i just mentioned the breaking news about colin powell. he's going to be speaking, right? as a republican. john kasich as a republican who ran for president is going -- spoke last night. if three other republicans speak and now you're going to have this video about joe biden's friendship with john mccain. that across the aisle friendship narrated by cindy mccain. all these republican voices, they have clearly made this a focal point, one major focal point. what will the impact of this be? >> i think that is a fantastic question. four years ago, donald trump used this to his advantage. hillary clinton was the epitome of the establishment. donald trump ran against both parties. the system is rigged.
4:25 pm
i will drain the swamp. four years later we the presidency to look at. he has not drained the swamp, not been bipartisan, not made the government work. are there voters that made things matter, the suburbs of cleveland, philadelphia, outside phoenix in john mccain's home state, are they sitting there with a check box, where is john mccain, where is cindy mccain, where is colin powell? no. that's not how people think. where's the establishment. where's the power structure. part of chaos. david axelrod says we pick presidents, pick the op it sit, pick something different when we trade presidents. the trump presidency has been chaos. joe biden is trying to sell calm, even a little boring, leadership the way it used to be. the normal. the challenge is can you sell normal. >> we're going to hear from broc obama tomorrow. you've got the three living democratic presidents speaking for biden. george w. bush did not speak for
4:26 pm
trump in 2016, not expected to this time either. does this matter not only that you have republicans speaking here but you have the former president not speaking for trump or does he sort of revel in that? does that help him? >> he used to revel in that. back to that saint point, that was part of the trump calling card four years ago. i'm going to go into ash washington and break all the glass. send me in there. i am going to go in there and break all the glass and make it work. the question is now everybody is anxious. everybody is scared. pick your word. pick your word in the middle of the pandemic. can i send my kids to school? is it safe? can i go in a crowd? pick your issue. largely parents right now. and the school debate. at this anxious time i do think people look to people they trust. and barack obama, republicans might not trust him but a lot of suburban americans trust him. they remember the no drama obama
4:27 pm
years. now you have donald trump as the incumbent now, barack obama trying to say a little bit of you miss me don't you? and joe biden hopes that rubs off. >> john king, thank you as always. next we are getting a video excerpt from the democrats who will be the keynote speakers, rising stars in the party. you can see some of them here. we just got the tape and oits a big part of joe biden's sell that he's going to work across the aisle. sidney mccain narrates this tape. will it change any voter's minds? ♪ live the life you want to have ♪ ♪ send it off, with a bang ♪ ♪ ♪ whistling [ indistinguishable muffled words ] pre-order now and get up to $150 samsung credit.
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night two of the democratic national convention kicking off in just a few moments. we're getting a look at the keynote address. that was the moment that launched president obama on to the national stage in 2004. there's usually a person, a rising star, they pick this person, this person gets to speak. this year is totally different. there are going to be 17 people filling that spot together sharing the address. >> let's get real. there's a lot riding on this election. >> when we're facing the biggest
4:32 pm
economic and health crisis in generations. because our president didn't and still doesn't have a plan. >> when doctors, nurses, and home health care aides in philadelphia have to risk their own lives to protect others because there's not enough protected equipment. >> "outfront" now, david chalian, our political director, karen finny, plit tal director at the dnc, former governor of ohio john kasich who spoke last night at the dnc, and alexander rojas. thanks to all. david, you've been covering these conventions obviously for many cycles. why do you think the democrats made this decision because there's some criticism about it. hey, everyone only gets a minute. to split the address among 17 people instead of selecting one. >> well, you have to remember the convention program itself is condensed this cycle because of the virtual nature. the dnc is only programming two
4:33 pm
hours a night. there are a lot of mouths to feed of people who want to speak at the democratic convention. that's one reason. the other is can you really take -- you used the barack obama 2004 example which is one of the most famous keynote speeches in convention history, can you take a single rising star in this virtual format and catapult them or would that fall flat and you would diminish that rising star? so, what you have here are a whole bunch of rising stars. and i think it's also sort of in line with what joe biden himself has been saying that he sees himself as a transitional figure to the next generation of leadership in the party. and i think that's what this 17-person keynote address will display. >> so, karen, one of them is congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, delivering the
4:34 pm
speech for bernie sanders in 2016 days before the convention. as one who worked on the clinton campaign, when you see how everyone is handling this, does it feel different? >> it's very different and my first convention was 1992. it was completely different. it was great to see senator sanders last night. he really delivered the criticism, the policy critique on trump quite well. one of the things i like about what we'll see tonight with these different leaders is it gives us an opportunity to highlight a range of voices and face. and i hope we get to see broad diversity of up and coming talent. you know, there's always this sort of navel gazing in the party from time to time about oh, my gosh, who do you have? here you go. we're going to see some of our best and brightest talent tonight on the stage -- or the screen, really. >> so, alexandria, ocasio-cortez has only one minute to speak
4:35 pm
tonight. that's how they divided it up. some are frustrated. he's only one of three latinos. julian castro is not getting to speak at all. he's warning this could be a problem for democrats. here's what he just said. >> we could win in november, but you see a potential slide of latino support for democrats. so, it's incumbent on the biden campaign to make sure that they are doing everything they can to reach out to a community that already has one of the lowest rates of voting that needs to be brought into the fold. >> do you share this concern, and are you concerned that there are only three latinos among this group? >> i absolutely share that concern, and i also share concern of, you know, not just thinking about how do we defeat donald trump in november but also how do we defeat every
4:36 pm
donald trump that's going to come after him because this is not going to be the last time unfortunately, that we see this politics of hate and close to fascism enter our political system. so, i think it's really, really critical that we not only engage voters that are more moderate or, you know, republicans that don't feel like they have a home in their party right now. it's also critically important that we don't forget about young latinos, young black voters who are not identifying -- don't want to identify with the democratic. and aoc is one of the most effective communicators regardless of your politics in american politics. so, just from a -- it's a huge missed opportunity by not show casing or using the opportunity to show case what i think is clear with someone like alexandria ocasio-cortez just really representing the next generation of voters that increasingly think and look a lot more like her than joe biden.
4:37 pm
>> governor kasich, we just played a clip a moment ago because we just found out that colin powell is going to be speaking, republican senator under george w. bush. this comes after you and three other republicans spoke at the dnc last night. now we have the video of the cross aisle friendship of john mccain and joe biden. what do you make of this strategy to show case so many republicans like yourself? >> because i think there's a suspicion that there's a number of republicans that really don't like donald trump and they want to be comfortable and being able to cross over. it's interesting. you talk about john mccain and joe biden. i was at the university of delaware with joe. i don't know, it was about maybe a year and a half ago. and i got back and i called john mccain because john was sick, and i wanted to see how he was doing. and he said what have you been doing? i said, well, i was with joe biden. and i tell you, it was the most
4:38 pm
fun conversation with john talking about joe and how they get along and how they travelled. and i think it's very smart that they're doing this. and they're trying to touch every base. and maybe not touching them all the way they should. i think the comment that alexandria made is very legitimate about are there enough latinos involved with all that. it's just hard to get it all right. but touch every base as i think they're trying to do. and they're trying to reassure republicans. and now this is foreign policy with colin powell that it is okay to be for joe biden. you don't have to just not like trump and write in your mother-in-law, but it's okay to cross over and to vote for a democrat because of the situation we find ourselves in. >> david, quickly to circle back to you on aoc, do you think there's a feeling among the biden camp that it was a missed opportunity? >> i don't get that sense.
4:39 pm
aoc obviously was a big bernie sanders supporter, and we are going to see the roll call vote happen, another sort of unity play today where both bernie sanders and joe biden are put into the nomination. the roll call moves forward. we expect to see bernie sanders accumulate his delegates. and that is a good role for alexandria ocasio-cortez to be a part of that. it brings that wing of the party into the unity piece of this. but i do think broader than just aoc, erin, i do think this notion that governor kasich is talking about touch every base, as the campaign is emphasizing the outreach to republicans and permission for republicans to come on over with value day tors like kasich or colin powell, progressives in the party are starting to look up and wonder, is this the democratic national convention i'm coming to here. of course in politics it's not
4:40 pm
either/or. it's a both end equation here. and joe biden and his campaign understand they need to keep an energized base and they need to be reaching out to the middle and beyond to be successful. >> i love it. neither/or but a both/and. cindy mccain in that video highlighting that biden's unlikely friendship with john mccain. the campaign overplaying the tie to the republicans. plus jill biden about to take the stage to talk about the man she knows better than anyone else.
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♪ i know you're waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. and breaking news, we're learning new details about the closing moments of tonight's convention. it's going to be an eight-minute video, and it will highlight joe biden's friendship with john mccain. cindy mccain is narrating this and is intended to narrate joe biden's character and draw reaction from president trump. >> i was a navy senate liaison and used to carry your bags on overseas trips. >> the son of a gun never carried my bags.
4:45 pm
he was supposed to carry my bags, but he never carried my bags. >> everyone's back with me. karen, we're learning -- how do you think democratic voters will react to this image to biden as the democrat that republicans like? how will democratic voters react to that? >> i think we're all, myself included, looking with an ear towards where are we making -- where are those touch points where we are making the progressive case for our values as democrats, our ideas as democrats, to lead this country? yes, it's important to be reaching out to crepublicans. it is important to say we may not agree on all the issues, but we can agree on a future and a way forward with some common goals and values in addition to wanting to get rid of trump. but i'll certainly be listening for it. i have great respect for john mccain, but i'm listening for -- bill clinton is going to make the economic case which i think
4:46 pm
is going to be so important. i'm listening for the progressive ideals of some of these young leaders that we were just talking about. >> so, alexander, i know you share that same focus. do you think that something like this video, does it add -- does it add for democrats and for those who want to hear the progressive message, or does it detract? >> i think there's a huge focus of this convention that is on republican voters, to be quite frank, you know. and there are some instance where there's definitely efforts to lean in to a more progressive message. and i think that diversity and representation is hugely important. but alexandria ocasio-cortez, jimbo man, some of these other rising leaders that just got elected to congress represent the protests to politics movement that is happening in the backdrop of this convention. i think it's hugely critical for us to pay attention to that, for
4:47 pm
joe biden to pay attention to that. and as democrats for those young people, latinos, folks that have felt really left out of politics, aren't republican or democrat, they just feel like they've been left behind. they want a political home that's around a vision of what the future can be if we stop saying no, we can't, and we start saying we actually are going to do what we have to do to meet this moment. and it's pretty clear to folks whether you look at health care that employer insurance tied to your employer doesn't make sense when you have 40 million people unemployed in the midst of this. so, it feels a little off. i recognize the importance of it. i just hope they don't have another missed opportunity to bring in voters under 45 with the progressive message. >> so, governor kasich, the image of you was trending last night. there you were giving your speech. one of my favorites comments was actually dispute as to whether that was a cross roads or a fork
4:48 pm
in the road, definition of what those were. what kind of reaction are you getting from people today? >> i'm getting personally very much reaction because people are saying not so much what i said but you had the courage to stand up and do this. a lot of people are saying you put into words the things that i really care about. your words reflected by feelings. and remember, a number of these things that we're hearing tonight are not just about appeal to republicans but also independents. these independent voters are really, really critical. and, you know, they can lean either way. so, the ability to reassure them -- i think the john mccain/joe biden is not just about that relationship. i think it's also about those who believe that america has a role in the world, that it's a very special place in the world. and what were mccain and kerry doing? they were traveling to important parts of the world trying to
4:49 pm
bring our allies together to ensure the peace to keep the coalition together after world war ii that has kept the peace and that underlies the fact that, you know, it's been withering and it needs to be restored. that's sort of another subtle message in this. >> and i think to your point on independence, i think we use the word republicans, and i think it's important you say what you said. people identify, a quarter as republicans, 30, 33% as democrats. the big lions share were defined as independents. it's fair to raise the point you're raising. as you look ahead, what is the most important thing they are trying to accomplish given these two things they were doing, given what alexandra and karen were saying about the progressive message? >> i think you saw it last night and tonight. it's whiplash to the progressive message and next generation of leadership and the republican outreach. but listen the two high profile
4:50 pm
speeches, bill clinton and joe biden. you're going to have a former president take on the sitting president in the most aggressive way he's done since trump has been president. and you're going to have jill biden tell the story of joe biden in a way we haven't before. >> we will hear all of that coming up. i 100 years ago today the 19th amendment in this nation was ratify that granted some wm men t -- women the right to vote. that was decades in the making, decades they fought for that for some women. the amendment did not go far enough. it was the first big step in the right direction and just reminded today of what women were up against at the time. the argument that quote women possess neither the intellectual capacity to make reasonable decisions. can you imagine that? i'm sure my mother, my mother would have had a lot to say about that. she took me as a little girl with her to vote. our voting location was the fire
4:51 pm
house in maryland, a small town of about 400 people where i grew up. it was a very exciting thing for me. the fire house was very different on those days but very serious. that was clear. i take my children to vote, there they are last election day hoping they will remember the transformation of a school and community center because i want to teach them the power of voting the way my mother taught me and they proudly wear their i voted stickers. the right to vote for all women took a long time and a lot still needs to be done for equality. this evolution is the special -- the subject, i'm sorry, of my special report that follows the complex history of the suffrage movement. i'll talk to women including melinda gates and ambassador carol mosley and hear her story about how wearing pants, you know, in our lifetime was actually controversial. >> so i came to work one morning. i had on a pantsuit. i thought i was looking cute. i get there and come to find
4:52 pm
out, it was this great behind the scenes about me having on pants. >> let welcome senator carol mosley. >> that's what started it. >> do you ever think i'm a trailblazer and it about wearing pants? you never thought that would be a trail you have to blaze. >> when i showed up the guard didn't want to let me in the door until somebody told him that's the senator for illinois. he never seen a black woman coming in the door of the senate as a member. >> it's a new day in america. >> women represented the 100 year battle for equality area this saturday at 10:00. i hope you'll join us.
4:53 pm
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joe biden moments away from delivering a personal speech about her husband. the wife of the presumptive democratic nominee speaking from her old classroom in delaware. if joe biden wins in november, she is vowed to keep teaching as first lady. kate bennett is "outfront". >> reporter: when jill biden makes her prime time speech tonight, it will be the latest on a long line of remarks from a seasoned political spouse only this time for biden, the stakes are even higher. >> i've never felt this kind of urgency before. people have have been coming up to me for months and saying joe's got to win, joe's got to win. >> after four decades of marriage, the bidens present a united front. >> my name is joe biden, i'm jill biden's husband. >> jill jacobs married then senator joe biden in 1977 five years after his first wife and baby daughter were tragically killed in a car accident. >> we dated two years actually
4:58 pm
with beau and hunter we went on dates together. we ate dinner together. we went on vacations together, and we actually all got married together and beau and hunt were on the alter. >> the couple had a daughter together, ashley now 39. biden credits jill for giving him a new chance at family, something biden's late son beau once said. >> it's not just my dad that rebuilt our family, it's my mother. [ applause ] >> because they together truly rebuilt our family. >> reporter: jill biden has a tough side, as well. it was she who jumped up to protect her husband after two women tried to rush the stage at an event in march. an advocate for education, women's health and military
4:59 pm
families, biden worked closely with her friend and former first lady michelle obama on those issues during the years she served as second lady while keeping her day job teaching and biden vent recently announced s intends to keep that job working at a community college near washington d.c. which would be another first of its own. >> i guess i hope they will see that i have a sense of independence from my husband when i do go out there. >> reporter: she certainly is out there working for him as one of his most vocal supporters. >> this is how we've always done things. i campaigned in every election. i take one, you know, i go one way, he goes the other so we can cover more ground and talk to more people and it's, you know, he's always supported my career. >> reporter: friends and colleagues say jill biden is supportive, loyal and has a fun streak. and no doubt she will continue
5:00 pm
to push to the finish line this november. >> i know where his heart is and his values and i think he's in such direct contrast to what we have now with president trump. >> reporter: kate bennett, cnn, washington. special coverage of the democratic national convention continues now. tonight, the democratsrats up their plea for leadership in the white house as they make their presidential choice official. joe biden is about to be formally nominateed d to challe president trump. jill biden is the headliner tonight and will discuss the values her husband would bring to the presidency and we'll hear from former president bill clinton delivering his sharpest rebuke of president trump ever.