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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  September 2, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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top of the hour, cnn tonight. i'm don lemon.
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11:00 p.m. as a matter of fact here on the east coast. we're following multiple breaking stories for you. the president visiting kenosha, wisconsin, today, despite pleas from local officials to stay away. never publicly mentioned the name of jacob blake who is now paralyzed after being shot in the back seven times. the president focused on touring damage there from the riots and thanking law enforcement. that is as the coronavirus death toll in this country now surpassing 184,000 people. far more than any country in the world. so why won't the trump administration join the global effort to distribute a vaccine? and why is the president relying on a former fox news guest for medical advice instead of the country's top infectious disease expert? hmm. plus, the president and his doctor releasing a statement today denying he had a stroke, raising questions about a
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condition that no news outlet was reported. and a democratic data group warning election day could initially look like a trump landslide even if he loses when all the votes are counted, with an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots, this november election day will be more like election week. don't panic everyone. we're going to break down all these stories and more in the hour ahead. sit packed and we've got a lot to get to. i want to bring in cnn political analyst carl bernstein. miles taylor is a former trump homeland security official, now backing joe biden. i'm so thankful to have both of you on. mr. bernstein, long time new york see. the president goes to kenosha to focus on law enforcement, not jacob blake. what message is he sending here? >> that he is willing to see a real civil war in this country if it helps his re-election. we have had a cold civil war in this country for 20 years or so, trump was smart enough to
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exploit that cold civil war, get elected through his racist appeals and other means and now we are seeing him ignite this cold civil war, pouring fuel on the fire to stoke violence, a willingness to see americans die in the streets if it helps his chances for re-election. we've never had anything like this in our history where a president of the united states is willing to engage in this kind of conduct, and at the same time, he is doing all this through an unprecedented aauthoritarianism in which he has taken over the postal service, the scientific agencies that are responsible for our health. cms, the fda. he's politicized the -- these are all instances of an american dictatorship that donald trump has formed and with the enabling by the republican party in washington. it's extraordinary.
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it's the most dangerous moment of my lifetime in this country, and all americans should be looking at this for what it is, because it is authoritarianism. >> miles i see you nodding in agreement with what he says? >> don, i'll say this -- two years ago if you played what carl just said to me, i would have said, that's hyperbole. i would have shrugged you off. i would have. i would have written carl off. and two and a half years serving this president, being in the room with him, seeing how he operates, as carl explains what he just explained, i've gone from hyperbole to reality. that's the donald trump that we live with. that's the donald trump that i witness in the office, and i continue to be stunned to say that to you on camera. this is the united states of america.
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this is not belarus. you know, this is where we're living, and it's stunning. and carl knows it far better than i and has witnessed far more corruption than we had before this presidency and covered it very effectively. but we are in uncharted territory, and i think that's a big concern. and look, today we saw the president's rhetoric and yesterday and the day before and in the months before that -- rhetoric that again jumps the
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tracks from near conspiracy theory to violence. that's the big concern. i saw that with kenosha. as you said, don local elected officials said, please don't come do this. we're worried about the safety of our communities. >> let's talk about rhetoric and all this stuff. i wonder, where does he get this stuff in does he make it up off the top of his head? is he watching conspiracy theoritist videos online on social media? because he was asked today, miles, about -- he's made this wild claim about a plain full of looters. take a listen. >> i can tell you i could probably refer you to a person. i'd like to ask that person if it was okay. but that person was on a plane, said that there were about six people like that person, more or less, and what happened is the entire plane filled up with the looters, the anarchists, the rioters, people that obviously were looking for trouble, and the person felt very uncomfortable on the plane. this would be a person you know, so i'll see whether or not i can get that person -- i'll let them
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know and see whether or not i can get them to speak to you. but this was a firsthand account of a plane going from washington to wherever, and i'll see if i can get that information for you. maybe they'll speak to you, maybe they won't. >> you asked former colleagues in the trump administration, miles, about this. what did they say to you? >> so today, don, i talked to people in the white house. i said, what is this? and these are people i talk to and who share the same sympathies. i said, what's the president talking about? their response to me on secure messaging was, we're not really sure what the president is talking about. that's a concern in and of itself. but here's the bigger concern, is in my experience in this white house with this president, it's not that he uses these things cynically for personal self-interest. is that he actually believes them. so the president will embrace
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conspiracy theories like they are fact and legitimately in front of his cabinet secretaries and senior advisers really latch on to these things. >> does anybody say no. no, mr. president. no. someone who worked for him, someone who was a supporter? >> but the number of people -- hold on, carl. >> has dwindled. the number of people who say that, don, has dwindled significantly. it's down to a minimal margin. in years one and two, there were guardrails. they are gone. people don't say no anymore, because the president has a dissent purge. as a result he's surrounded now largely by sycophants, and i don't say that lightly. >> go ahead, carl. >> this is deliberate. this is his basic methodology and has been a throughout his presidency. we shouldn't fall for it.
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what this president does -- first of all, it is the big lie. all of these big conspiracies, all the birther stuff, all of what we saw at the hijacked republican convention, hijacked the white house, a criminal activity on the white house lawn, in violation of the hatch act. big lie. that is what this president is. he is the big lie. and the methodology is to throw out so many of these conspiracy theories, so many littler lies, smaller lies, but it's all one big lie, and we can't keep up with it. not the press, not the voters, not the citizens. because he knows what he's doing his cynicism is so great, he is so effective at this, that we are unable in a democracy -- we've never had a president that has seized the levers of power in such a way it's escaped the guardrails of our system. it didn't happen with nixon. the system reigned nixon in.
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he tried awful things. he couldn't get away with it. this president has gotten away with everything, and he continues to, and we are in the process of an election that looks like it's not going to be perhaps a legitimate election. he's taken the postal service and made it an instrument of his re-election. he's taken all these institutions for his own personal gain, his family's personal gain. we're in territory we've never come close to, and the american people -- especially republicans -- have got to wake up to this danger because it's a danger to american democracy. it's not about joe biden. this is something fundamental that is undermining all we have built in this country since the american revolution. there's never been anything comparable. >> well, um, i say you're right about that.
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carl, always a pleasure. you're on a lot. miles this is i think your second appearance on the program, at least when i'm here. love having you on the program. please come back. we'll have a longer conversation. thank you, gentleman. have a grade evening. >> this can, don. >> yeah. coronavirus cases in this country soaring past 6 million while dr. fauci is being sidelined. that amade new questions about the president's health as he and doctors say, a mini stroke did not prompt his trip to walter reed last year. president trump is on twitter talking about this right now. oh, my gosh. we'll be right back. we're going to discuss. when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation.
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the coronavirus death toll in this country now passing 184,000 people. more than 6 million americans have been infected. but instead of listening to dr. fauci, sources tell cnn the
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president is relying on dr. scott atlas, a former fox news guest known forpushing strategies at odd with the medical community. let's discuss. dr. lena wen is with us. doctor, good to see you. dr. fauci is getting sidelined by dr. atlas who has the president's ear and the white house seemed resigned to what they see as inevitable, the virus is spreading. are you worried the president hired someone who only tells him what he wants to hear? >> absolutely, i am first of all very concerned that dr. fauci may be getting sidelined. he is the top infectious disease doctor in our country, one of the foremost public health expert in the world. he's also consistently spoken the truth about this pandemic and has listen really humble all the way explaining what it is we know, what we don't know, and as a result gained the public's
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trust. now to hear that president trump may be listening to this other doctor whom has talked about theories like the herd immunity theory, this very dangerous concept that would result in us infecting potentially hundreds of millions of people and having 1 million to 2 million americans die to get there, to know that's how the president is listening to in the middle of this pandemic is really concerning, because we should be letting public health lead and not trying to silence the voice of science. >> i should tell thaw dr. atlas is denying he's pushing a herd community strategy. this is what he said about that. this was march. >> it's important for people to understand medical science to know that natural human immunity of populations that is sometimes called herd immunity, it's very important that that develops. that's how viruss are
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eradicated. >> so dr. atlas supported herd immunity and now administration officials say the policies he's pushing could achieve the same result. explain why officials are so concerned with this approach, dr. wen. >> well, it's unclear exactly what is the strategy of the trump administration at this point. basically they're saying we should re-open no matter what. we should have kids come back to school no matter what. we should re-open businesses, we should have bars re-open, even though we know indoor bars are very high risk for transmitting the infection. seems like in essence they're saying, we hope there's a vaccine soon, but in the meantime let's let it rip. but we see the impact of this. we see skyrocketing numbers of infections in certain areas. we're seeing that just as other places are able to control their infeks with mitigations like mask wearing and restricting indoor gatherings. what this results in, don, is
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preventable deaths. we should not not let that happen on our watch. >> so dr. wen, admiral brett giroir, he says he doesn't live in a utopian world where everybody can get a test every day. he says he lives in the real world. he might be annoyed he's still being asked about the testing but the reality is, the country still needs more testing and faster testing. >> that's exactly right. i think admiral giroir also has things back wards. we should stop justifies why we don't need more tests. we know we need more tests. why don't we figure out, what is the number we need? and figure out a strategy to get there. and actually, admiral giroir does live in this dystopian world, because he's around the white house. we have major league sports, we have universities. this is something that's
12:20 am
possible. as a parent, i would feel so much better about sending my toddler back to preschool if i knew the students and staff and teachers were getting tested all the time. if that's possible, why don't we aim to get there? >> i wonder if that's too much to expect. you mentioned the utopian society because he lives in the white house. should we have it for front line workers and essential workers? >> we absolutely should. we should have it for individuals who are higher risk as a start. if there are scarce resources we need to allocate to those who need to it most, but we need to elevate widespread testing. at least 50% of the spread of covid-19 is from people who don't have symptoms. so there's no way to contain the infection unless we can implement the widespread testing, which is something we
12:21 am
don't have yet. >> dr. wen, stay same i'll see you soon. i want to get to diane gallagher now with the setback for a coronavirus their pushed by president trump. >> reporter: a national institutes of health panel says doctors should not use convalescent plasma as a standard of care for covid-19 until more study has been done. this is a little more than a week after the fda issued an emergency use authorization and president trump praised it as a historic breakthrough. >> incredible rate of success. today's action will dramatically expand access to this treatment. but the national institutes of health saying in a statement today, quote, there were insufficient data to recommend either for or against the use of convalescent plasma for the treatment of covid-19. there are now three potential
12:22 am
coronavirus vaccines in phase three trials here in the united states, but dr. anthony fauci is cautioning that proven safety is far more important than speed when it comes to a vaccine. >> so, >> you don't want a vaccine to be available widely to the american public unless it's been shown to be safe and effective. >> reporter: after saying a vaccine could be authorized for emergency use or even approved before human trials are completed, fda commissioner dr. state your full name hahn now says he's consider resigning if he was pushed to authorize a vaccine before it was ready. >> i think all options are on the table. with respect, i hope we won't be in that position. >> reporter: if one is approved it's expected to be in short supply initially. >> a lot of companies in phase three trials are saying they'll have to do vaccines that north single dose, but double dose vaccines. >> reporter: so, who gets it? today an independent committee appointed to help the federal government released a four-phase praisele that gains with health-care workers, first responder ands people with
12:23 am
conditions that make them especially vulnerable to covid-19. as testing totals decline, admiral brett giroir, who leads u.s. testing efforts announced $5 antigen tests will be sent out in a couple of weeks but also said he's tired of being asked about tests for every american. >> i don't live in a dystopian world. i live in the real world. >> reporter: dr. ashish jha responded on twitter, saying that's what white house staff and major league sports get now. sure, let's call it utopia when it's for the less privileged. the average number of daily cases and deaths have declined over the past seven days. as a coronavirus surge appears to be moving from the south to the midwest. but officials are concerned about what labor day weekend might bring, since cases spiked in many areas in the week after memorial day weekend and fourth of july. >> as we approach labor day, let
12:24 am
me encourage people to be mindful. the virus is still looking for. if you come together, then you will give it a home. >> reporter: diane gallagher, cnn, atlanta. new questions about president trump's health after a book says vice president was put on standby to assume the president's power while he made an unplanned trip to walter reed medical center. the president denying again tonight he had a stroke. plus, a democratic group is warning election day could look like a trump landslide, but those results won't be what they seem. s... neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory... focus... accuracy... learning and concentration. try it today with our money-back guarantee!
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the president tweeting again tonight denying that he had a mini stroke. this after he and his doctor released a statement earlier today denying that he had a stroke, mini stroke or cardiovascular emergency. the thing is, no news organizations reported the
12:29 am
president had a stroke. but there is new reporting about an unannounced trip he took to walter reed medical center last year according to a copy of "the new york times" reporter michael schmidt's new back that cnn obtained. vice president pence was put on standby to assume the powers of the presidency. the white house explained it away, saying it was for a quick exam and labs as part of his annual physical out of anticipation for a very busy 2020. pence was asked about the reporting earlier today, and he didn't deny it. >> i don't really being told to be on standby. i was informed that the president had a doctor's appointment, and -- >> i just want to clear it up. >> i got to tell you. part of this job is you're always on standby if you're vice president of the united states. >> he said he didn't recall, and
12:30 am
he said the president had a doctor's appointment, the president not having that either, though, tweeting that pence, who you just heard tell you, as vp you're always an standby says, quote, the vice president was never put on standby. let's talk with dr. jonathan reiner. he served as former vice president dick cheney's cardiologyist. the president saying he was at walter reed to complete his physical, but his secretary said he was there to begin portions of his routine annual physical and he himself said the same thing in a tweet at the time. begin phase one, will complete next year. so were they lying and then lying then? or are they lying now? like, i don't know what to make of this story. i can't make heads of tails of it.
12:31 am
>> oh, i can. and they were lying then and they're lying now. >> okay. >> i had a conversation today with a former white house physician who also -- you know, laughs at this story. look, very briefly, the white house has a very predigitous medical capacity in the medical building, there's a building with medical equipment, and in the white house itself, in the residence, just a couple of floors below the president's bedroom is the physician office with exam rooms and equipment there. so if the president just needed a quick exam and some labs, all he had to do was get in the sell elevator that takes him down to the basement of his house. yet he went on a saturday afternoon, unannounced with the physician jumping into the car with him, a break in -- never done for tactical reasons.
12:32 am
now we hear when he did that, that the vice president was put on alert that he might need to assume the powers of the presidency under the provision of the 25th amendment. don, if i tell you, stand by, don, later tonight you might need to be president. vice president pence's nondenial denial today is really very disengeneral use at best. >> he also said it was a short visit. we know that it was over two hours, about two hours and 15 minutes. does that count as a short visit? >> well, we don't know what happened to him, but what we know is that if he left the white house on a saturday afternoon to go to walter reed
12:33 am
unannounced, he went because something was happening that either couldn't be treated at the white house or couldn't be diagnosed at the white house. now, i won't speculate what that is, but, you know, no one mentioned today about mini strokes. the president was sort of auto defending that. i don't know what happened to the president, but something did and the white house is going out of their way not to tell the public. they need to explain what happened to the president. this is an election season. the public is entitled to know about the health of the president, and we know very little about this man. mind you, his sort of clearance letter when he ran for president four years ago was written by dr. bornstein who later admitted the president himself had written the letter.
12:34 am
that's the famous let that are essentially says that if elected he would be the healthiest man to assume the office of the president and that all his tests were exceedingly positive. the president wrote his own letter. we know nothing about his health. yet he carries the nuclear launch codes, yet he managing the worst public health disaster in the nation's history. we should know something about this man's health, and we don't, and something happened to him last year. >> okay, so let me -- this is what trump instructing his doctor to release a statement, and here's what he writes. i did confirm that president trump has not experienced nor been evaluated for a cerebral vascular accident, stroke in parentheses, aschemic attack or any cardiovascular energies has have been reported in the immediate yam they're denying a number of issues it would have been, assuming this letter is the truth. by the way, as i said at the beginning no media organization had been reporting there was actually a stroke or mini strokes but there's a denial. what concerns would remain with you if this is the truth?
12:35 am
>> well, all kinds of things that the president could have been experiencing that would prompt an emergency room visit, which is basically what that was -- but what's noticeably absent from commander conley's statement is what actually happened to the president. it would be very easy for him to say, look, the president didn't have a stroke, he didn't have a heart attack. he went there because he had some back pain and wanted to get x-rays. okay, now you're telling us what happened to the president. yet they're sticking with the nonsense that the president on a saturday afternoon was bored so he thought he'd go have some bloods drawn, which could be done in his bedroom, basically, and he'll be back in a couple of hours after he has blood drawn at walter reed. it fails the laugh test. docs who have worked in the white house are laughing at this. >> doctor, always a pleasure. >> thank you. my pleasure, don.
12:36 am
>> thanks. a firm funded by michael bloomberg says it could take days if not weeks to tally all the mail-in election votes and they're sounding the alarms about the misinformation, the chaos that could come in between. plus, ohio's republican secretary of state debunks the false mail-in voting claims floating around on the internet and being floated by the president as well.
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mail-in voting expected to soar in the middle of a pandemic. now michael bloomberg's political data and analytics firm is warning the number of mail-in votes could make it look like a landslide victory for trump on election day, everyone if he actually loses once the mail-in and absentee votes are counted. joining me to discuss, the harem after hawk fish, gary brings. man, you just started something, you guys, here. good to see you. thank you. help us get through this, gary. so you're sounding the alarm bells warning of a red mirage on election night. explain the concerns you're raising with this model. >> one of the things a want people to understand is in a year like we've never seen we're going to have an election like we've never seen.
12:42 am
the you be in of people we expect to book by mail is going to be historic. so what we did was a few weeks ago we went out and did a survey and surveyed about 17,400 people across the country, which was enough for us to have projectable samples in every state and also ask people who they planned to vote for and their party. as we looked at that it became pretty clear there is much more democrats than republicans planning to vote by mail, and that has significant implications for what election day is like versus what the election will be like. >> okay, so, scary. that's what people are saying. some reaction has been that it's too alarmist. i do want to ask you why your state includes florida as a state we might not know about. they have a history counting ballots quickly, except for, you know -- >> sure. we tried to understand historically how fast results come in and look in terms of
12:43 am
recent history. and as we looked at that. if you go back and look at the congressional races back in 2018, the night of in 2018, i think the thought was the democrats picked up 21, 22 house seats and by the time the votes were counted they picked up 40. we know the way that the results are coming now is very different. that's going to be exacerbated by mail. >> i was going to say, except for the hanging chad issue. cnn's polling shows an outstanding -- 6% of trump voters say they plan to vote in person on election day. 53% of biden supporters say they prefer voting by mail. if we're going to see a red mirage or blue shift, what should we do to prepare for this? >> i think a couple things -- one is, you know, i think our point really is we want people
12:44 am
to make sure all votes are counted. that's really primary in why we want people to understand the nature of this year's election. we're trying to encourage people for their own state to go to the secretary of state's office, their website, or go to and understand, one, if you're registered and two, what is the particulars of your state? if you can vote by mail, get that in early. make sure when you get the ballot, you fill it out and send it back right away. we just want people to realize that because of the nature of the pandemic we're in, because of the nature of how ballots are going to be more complicated because of the mail-in process, we want people to be ready for what's going to be different this year, and that's really our main point, just to have all
12:45 am
votes be counted. >> gary, is it also possible that people will suit up with masks, be more willing to go to polls as we've got more accustomed to life under this pandemic? people have gotten used to going out masking up and distancing. >> the hope is that if you can, if you're willing and able and physically you can protect yourself that you go and vote in person. and also you should know, don, this is a scenario, where we asked people whether they were going to vote in person or by mail be who they were going to vote for. through that scenario we projected what would happen and by state how the results will come in. granted the nature of what happens on election day could be different. the point in why we're saying this now is because we want people to get prepared and that's really the point of this idea of the red mirage. if we said nothing and things went forward as they are now, what could be on election night, we're just used to focus leak you coming on at 2:00 in the
12:46 am
morning and saying, so and so won. this year we know that's not going to be the case. >> 2:00 a.m., that will be lovely, wouldn't it? it's a nice idea. blue wave. now we have red mirage in the lexicon. we'll see what happens. thank you, gary. appreciate it. i want to bring in ohio's secretary of state frank la rose. thank you. appreciate you joining us here. you just heard that conversation with gary. you said your state will be able to tabulate mail-in ballots on election day. >> we have four weeks of absentee voting and mail-in voting and election day voting. the good thing about here in ohio is our boards of election can begin processing the ballots as soon as they come in. this is why we're encouraging ohioans to get them in as soon as they receive them and flatten the curve to we don't get them all at the same second. >> he just said 2:00 a.m.
12:47 am
that would be great if that does happen on election night or the morning after. if needed -- excuse me, what changes can these states make to speed up getting the results faster? >> i think states should do what we're doing in ohio. we're augmenting the staff at the board of elections with extra personnel. we're bringing in extra mail handling equipment. even something as simple as that machine that can you tell us open envelopes can improve efficiency. once again, the voters have a responsibility to get the absentee ballots in as soon as they can. we made the form simpler. we know we're going to see more absentee voters this year. ohioans for close to 20 years
12:48 am
trusted aboutentee voting. we normally see 20, 25. we're confident when that number goes higher we're going to record it. >> the president has been hammering mail-in voting. will ton this. >> when you do all mail-in voting ballots you're asking for fraud. people steal them out of mail bocks. people print them and sign them and give them in. absentee ballots are great. al sentee ballots you have to request them, go through a process. but the universal mail-in ballots turned out to be a disaster. i don't think the post office is prepared for a thing like this. they're going to mail out 80 million ballots. it's impossible. they have no idea who's mailing them. mostly democrat states and democrat governors.
12:49 am
well, supposing they don't mail them to republican neighborhoods? >> so, listen, you're a republican and you support mail-in ballots. do you believe president trump is trying to undermine this democratic process? what do you think? >> well, don, what i support is the process we have had close to two decades in ohio. and i appreciate him making that distinction with absentee voting and the universal mail-in process that other states have. ohioans trust this process. have more many years because of the safeguards we have in place. you have to prove your identity when you request your ballot with a signature, driver's license number. we don't allow ballot harvesting in ohio. that's prohibited. we ask voter tos track their ballots so you know when it's coming and voting. we also in ohio maintain the accuracy of our voter rolls. because of that, ohioans know they can trust it. we're sending out 7.8 million absentee voter requests.
12:50 am
everyone's going to get one. if that's the route you choose, we ask you get your ballot in right away. >> secretary, some more important business, that's the best in office or home setup i've seen, so could you please give our other guests some advice? it's done very well. you look completely official. i'd vote for you. i'm just saying. i don't know your politics or whatever. looks great. thank you. i appreciate you joining us. >> thanks, don. have a great evening. breaking news tonight -- a historic loss for a kennedy in massachusetts senate primary. the results next. here's breaking news we have when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless.
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i think there's like 180 books in my, in my library now. it changes your perspective; it makes you a different person. it's true, it's so true. to start your free 30-day trial, just text listen25 to 500500. here's breaking news we have right now. senator ed markey defeating challenger congressman joe kennedy, humbling the democrat party family dynasty that had never before lost in massachusetts. grandson of robert f. kennedy, told supporters he called to concede saturday evening. won by campaigning as most progressive person in the race. thanks for watching everyone, our coverage continues. we miss you.
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it's totally not the same without you. we miss your "let's do this" look, the sound of your laugh cry screams,
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and how you make every day here the best day ever. we can't wait to get you back so we've added temp checks, face coverings, social distancing and extra sanitizing to get the good times going again. we're finally back... and can't wait until you are too. buy now and get two days free at the parks. restrictions apply.
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hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom" and i'm rosemary church. just ahead a few bad apples, no systemic racism. donald trump's pro police assessment while on a controversial visit to kenosha, wisconsin. russia at it again according to facebook. how trolls are targeting the 2020 election. a contradiction on covid-19 treatment just as the


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