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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 2, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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trying to smile, represent properly, not show any type of friction between the two of them and ivanka walked right by her and looked at donald, ignored melania. >> calling the relationship between the two women, "a cold war." top of the hour welcome to viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your day. a positive coronavirus development this hour. new research confirming common steroids can reduce death among critically ill patients. reason to worry as well, heading into the holiday warning. a warning from dr. fauci. holiday festivities may drive another surge. the new numbers remind us the virus has a plan of its own. we are back above 40,000 new
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infections a day here in the united states. add in this -- as parents wrestle with the back-to-school decision cases among children jumped 17% over the last two weeks. more on the virus and the urgency of this moment just ahead. first, though, a little 2016 deja vu. democrat joe biden leads the president in a new national poll with big leads among women and among non-white voters. but -- but -- a poll out of a key battleground shows biden's margin narrowing. the president needs to rerun the 2016 script to win and closer numbers in pennsylvania made clear today that remains possible. be it's clear from his words and tweets the president's law and order stoking the u.s. racial divide as his path to re-election. battleground north carolina his attention today. tuesday, wisconsin and specifically, kenosha. teeming with anger over a police shooting of a black man. the president's itinerary included a visit with the law
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enforcement but did not meet with the family of jacob blake. in fact he never mentioned blake's name. on the road again today? >> reporter: another battleground state. you see where the campaign's focus is these days. what we're really seeing play out this week, the divide, what it's going to look like between trump's vis it to kenosha and what biden's visit will look like tomorrow bep know he and senator kamala harris have already spoken with the blake family. you'll see that divide of how the president made the priorities during his visit to be law enforcement and the businesses factored by the riots, burned down by those riots and what joe biden focuses on tomorrow. also it comes as they are really in an advertising war also trying to capitalize on this law and order message the president is trying to push, because if you look at these new ads out this week, some in wisconsin and these states, you see the trump campaign is pushing this idea
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trying to tie biden to the riots. the protests, that kurnturned i riots. biden is allowing lawlessness. and quoting from biden's speech saying he is okay with peaceful protests and does not want people to be riding in the streets burning down businesses. he says that's not protesting. you're seeing just how much the biden campaign is starting to realize that this could be a message that voters take to heart and feel the need to respond to it in a more forceful way than we've seen in weeks before this as the president was pushing that. now, of course, the question is ultimately going to be whether or not that's something voters prioritize over something like the pandemic, and right now polls have shown voters are still much more concerned with health care, with the pandemic, with the economy and getting their jobs back than this. but it is a message that the president says he's going to be sticking to until november. >> and when you have the white house and you have the trump megaphone you can drive the
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agenda. see if is succeeds. thank you. continue the conversation. joining me, cnn chief political correspondent. our correspondent. broken record. national polls helpful. national polls are hopeful, state by state how we pick presidents. look at the pennsylvania numbers, we have what is predictable. people should not be overly alarmed. postconvention, tightening race, republican voters back to dna, democratic voters back to their dna. reminded, be careful. not over-focus on national polls? >> no question about it, because national polls equal the national mood. as you said, that is not how donald trump became president. despite the fact that he says with absolutely no credence to it whatsoever that the national numbers at the popular vote was wrong. it wasn't wrong. the popular vote was something that hillary clinton won by millions.
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so what we are looking at is a state like pennsylvania. is a state like wisconsin. is a state like north carolina where the president is going back today. that's what matters. full stop. the campaigns understand that. extremely well. the fact that -- that joe biden is going to wisconsin tomorrow is to give the broader pushback on the law and order message. the broader pushback on the idea that he is, sides with the appeals if protesters and so on and so forth, but it's also about wisconsin. because had donald trump not one wisconsin he would not be president now. >> lesson number one. state polls not national polls. lesson two, nia-malika henderson. donald trump lieutenant say outrageous things along the way. 2016, never get away with that. never get elected after saying that, and he did. listen here, donald trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.
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nearly 3 million votes. illegal immigrants did she say not vote in the presidential election. yet here we are four years later, donald trump says this -- >> i think i did win the popular vote in a true sense. there was tremendous cheating in california. tremendous cheating in new york and other places. >> ah, no. there was not. and then let me add in this. if you watched the conventions, both speeches, the final night, went past 11:00. go back look at the tape yourself no matter who you support at home. joe biden had more energy after 11:00 finishing his speech than donald trump. donald trump says something is going on there. listen. >> because i watched biden in the previous debates and he was horrible. and i watched him in the bernie debate, normal. he wasn't winston churchill but normal. on some kind of enhancement in the my opinion. i should take a drug test. so should he.
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>> in the middle of a pandemic, racial unrest going on in the country and the president in the united states sitting in the white house saying the candidates for presidency should take a drug test before a debate? >> i didn't know therepds before a debate but apparently donald trump thinks that's what was going on with joe biden. we know donald trump isn't someone who tells the truth all the time. makes things up. a conspiracy theorist. that's what you have here. he said this before and may have said something similar around his debates with hillary rodham clinton in 2016. at this point in the race, this is sort of a man-to-man race. you'll see these folks go around the country. first you saw donald trump go to wisconsin and now you see joe biden wanting to go to wisconsin, too. trying to show a contrast with donald trump. he had that speech earlier on this week, essentially fact checked what donald trump said. you'll see him go to wisconsin and try to do the same thing. he's arguing he can bring all
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sides to the table. not just law enforcement folks, also activists who are out protesting what they see as unfair treatment in the hands of law enforcement. we'll see what that trip does for him. we do see these polls tightening. we knew that was going to happen. one of the things we're looking at and sound like broken records over and over how the candidates are doing with white voters. donald trump won overall white voters, i think won 58% white voters. joe biden doing much better with white voters at this point. he's a catholic and knows particularly midwestern states, a lot of catholics in those states as well. something you'll see him hit. quoted john paul, pope john paul ii in his last speech. something they're looking to capitalize on, too. more contrast with this president who we know is going to play down and dirty. know he'll play the race card in a way he did in 2016. much, much more sort of are
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boldly, i think, going forward in this race as we've seen so far. >> and dana, we'll see that on the ground when joe biden goes to kenosha tomorrow. same issue, very different messages. playing out in advertising. listen to a snippet. >> fires are burning and we have a president who fans the flames. you can't stop the violence, because for years he's fermented it. his failure to call on his own supporters to stop acting as an armed militia in this country shows how weak he is. >> lawless criminals terrorize kenosha. joe biden take as knee. biden and the radek's left's weak response has led to chaos and violence and calls for defunding police would make it worse. >> again be, the trump ad there breaks the fact check machine. biden has not said some of the things they say he said but i yield the floor. >> exactly. start with the fact joe biden has said over and over again he opposes some of his fellow
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democrats calls to defund the police. that's just a, one example. look, this is that -- that ad, the back-to-back ad you played there. the sound bite you played before of donald trump questioning whether or not joe biden is on drugs. that in particular means -- that is exhibit a of the huge challenge that the joe biden campaign has that the hillary clinton campaign had four years ago of how do you fight against that kind of thing? when you -- the biden campaign has -- you know, they would claim, more intellectual honesty. they don't want to go out and throw something out that is just an absolute lie, but they also want to try to stay on the offense and they think that comes with the whole idea that donald trump has done poorly with the response to the coronavirus and so forth, and yet you have a president
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throwing out these wild distractions, and you know, i'm sure you talk to people, as i do, who are in the biden campaign now, in the hillary clinton campaign four years ago, and even the obama world when donald trump came on the scene talking about the conspiracy theory about barack obama not being a u.s. citizen. the big challenge and the very narrow thread they have to sort of weave here is how do you make sure that that doesn't become the lure and doesn't become reality that sticks in places that matter, and yet not get too distracted by it. it's really hard running against donald trump and he knows that. >> they both know that. what do you respond to and what do you lead? an interesting campaign to finish. dana bash and nia henderson. thanks. up next for u.s., the white house task force warning iowa.
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a dire warning from the white house coronavirus task force. iowa, you're in the red zone. the state now has highest coronavirus infection rate in the united states. take a look. first national trends. look at it you see iowa in the middle in red. what does it mean? deep red, reporting significantly higher. 50% higher case rate this week than last. new infections. 17 states trending up. 26 states half holding steady. 8 trending down. the white house coronavirus task force specifically dr. deborah birx looking at the states in red and orange, states trending in the wrong direction and giving them warnings and this is why. look at the new cases since june 1 isn't iowa. spike in recent days. going up there. no need to explain. graphic tells the story. hospitalizations, something people say, watch that, too. cases that are landing people in hospitals? yes. look at the hospitalization rate trending up. not what you want. positivity rate. look at this.
9:17 am
22% positivity rate yesterday. coronavirus tests in iowa coming back 22% of the people taking those tests positive. way up from where it was in june. you see it rising up right here. just look at the map. the deeper the color, the worst that county is. 99 counties in iowa. dark red, see a lot of orange. the state has a problem. 66,000 cases confirmed since the beginning. 1,100 deaths. dr. birx warning the state things will get worse if you don't do something and do it now. white house task force calling for tougher restrictions in iowa. bringing those numbers down that way. and live from des moines joining us, white house says be on alert. omar, is the state listening? >> reporter: right, john. the white house coronavirus task force send these reports every week to governors here and the latest one to come here to iowa shows that over the past week at least iowa has the highest new case rate in the country, and it also touched on test positivity rates showing that iowa now is
9:18 am
in fifth place for test positivity rate. and obviously, numbers going up in recent days, but one of the things officials look at here, they point to universities as being potentially major spreading points, and that demographic is different than what we saw in the early days of the coronavirus taking hold here in the country as one infectious disease experts puts it here in iowa. >> what we're seeing now in the community is, i think it has to do with, you know, 18 to 24-year-olds coming in for university a smaller percentage of those people will probably require hospital-level medical care, but it's still dangerous from a public health perspective, because obviously those people then can perpetuate the infection, keep it going in the community. so it's very disheartening when you're trying to break the chain of transmission, when you have
9:19 am
such surges. >> reporter: now, this report also offers recommendations to the states. among them it says mask mandates across the state must be in place to decrease transmission and bars must be closed, indoor dining restricted to 50% of normal capacity and yellow zones and 25% of normal capacity in red zone counties. and metro areas. notab notably, there is not a mask mandate in place in iowa. reluctant to put in place including others like wisconsin have taken that extra step and individual jurisdictions tried to put it in place. look at the universities as new spreading locations. people coming back to school. we're two weeks away from iowa state's first football game who say they have social distancing protocols in place. a gathering bringing together, they say, around 25,000 people.
9:20 am
obviously, there are points of concern in the future. the question is, if there will be a response to this new data from the white house coronavirus task force from the governor's office and the governor herself here. john? >> a big event to watch as we watch the state deal with this hot zone crisis at the moment. omar jimenez, grateful for your reporting, continue the conversation with a disease specialist and epidemiologist. in the sense dr. birx is traveling the country doing what she should be doing. has all the data of the white house task force and warning public officials. we see dr. fauci on television saying we knew what happened about memorial day and after july fourth. be careful come labor day. two public health experts trying to be responsible and alarm states. we hear nothing from the white house briefing room anymore about this. we don't hear from the president. he does not give those doctors a platform. instead told increasingly his
9:21 am
listening to dr. scott atlas, pashing back saying the media is making it up. i'm not out there pushing this herd immunity theory. not pushing the herd immunity theory. do you see a breakdown in communication how the white house is doing its business? >> reporter: john, i don't just see a breakdown of communication. what i see is something that we call doctor shopping. he would not, if you had a heart attack, go to see a podiatrist to help you with your heart attack, unless you were looking for somebody, i guess, to say, yeah. get a new pair of shoes and your heart attack will go away. if you had coronavirus/pneumonia, see an e.r. doc, specialist or pull minologimi pulmonologist. and diseases, epidemiologist is what dr. birx, dr. fauci, have them on your side. dr. atlas is a radiologist. unless looking to have brain
9:22 am
x-rays read he is completely unqualified for the advice he's giving now. >> and that's -- i'm not qualified to say what you just said, but you are. you say unqualified but also saying he's like the president, says i never said that. now he's brushing back saying, who out there in the media says i'm talking about herd immunity? meaning allows tens of thousands more americans to come in touch with the coronavirus. he says he's never pushed it. listen to this. >> the more immunity in the community, the better we can eradicate's threat of the virus, including the threat to people who are vulnerable. that's what herd immunity is. >> am i not hearing what i heard? >> he is certainly ald voe kadv for herd immunity, advocated for the swedish response of herd immunity. we know that approach leads to
9:23 am
millions of americans dieing, and we may not actually even get to herd immunity after all of that. that would be deaths in vain. >> help me with something else, too. sorry to drag medical professionals into the politics. but there's been a big debate over whether those numbers on the side of our screen are believable. 6 million cases in the united states. 185,000 almost americans dead on our way to 200,000 or more. joni ernst, senator up for re-election state of iowa. has a problem at the moment. from a town hall. one attendee told her during the question and answer period he believes covid-19 cases and deaths are over counted. a theory discounted by medical professionals theys the numbers are actually much higher. ernst was so skeptical of the numbers. health care providers and other reimbursed at a higher rate if covid is overrated. what happens, people isn't
9:24 am
responsible, people in the community look to for leadership say things like that? >> john, to be very clear, these numbers are underestimates. we are undercounting the number of coronavirus cases out there. essentially what's happened, let's say you have a patient who comes in, has a heart attack and dies. that patient also had high blood pressure, diabetes and smoked two pack as day 40 years. did they die from their heart attack? from smoking? from all of the above. so when you have a patient who dies from pneumonia also had underlying conditions in addition to covid, some of these politicians are basically saying, oh, well, they didn't really die from just covid. that's a completely inappropriate way to make the count. what we know is that there have been an excess of deaths related to coronavirus and it is due to coronavirus infection and the damage caused to people by the coronavirus. >> every one of those numbers is a person, we should not disrespect the numbers because you're disrespecting the victim,
9:25 am
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political history last night in massachusetts. a kennedy losing a state-wide election for the first time. that would be congressman joseph kennedy iii, member of the house trying to move up to the senate
9:30 am
challenging the democratic incumbent senator edward mark any a primary, but markey was the big winner and last hour said he owes his thanks to progressives. >> voters won. big changes. voters want big changes in our country. my progressive view of where our country has to go is the one that was chosen by the voters yesterday. >> cnn's manu raju on capitol hill tracking the race. is there a big message or just the incumbent beating a candidate? >> reporter: always hard to beat an incumbent and to defeat an incumbent you really need to have a compelling message why that person needs to be replaced, and one reason why senator, congressman joe kennedy had a hard time defeating ed markey, who won rather handedly last night by 11 points in that race, and markey was able to capitalize on the support of younger and progressive voters. people may not be as familiar
9:31 am
with the kennedy legacy, but he, the reason markey was able to do that, season on a number of issues critical to that generation, particularly millennials, environmental issues, something like the green new deal, something ed markey introduced alongside congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. who backed him. he'd been in congress more than ten decades and in congress longer than joe kennedy has been alive. hard for kennedy to provide a real, a compelling reason why markey should be unseated. to kennedy's frustration, he tried to make the case ar markey's record more broadly beyond those issues. talking about things out of step with the progressive movement such as backing of nafta, the crime bill. the iraq war vote, but unable to convince voters that was enough
9:32 am
reason to get rid of ed markey and kennedy himself, john, waited some time to really dip into his family name. talk about, that he wanted to extend the kennedy legacy. it was late in the campaign that he did that, but unclear if that would have made any difference at all as kennedy, ed markey showing the power of the incumbency in that state and, of course, also winning a house race in massachusetts last night, ways and means chairman richard neal defeating a young progressive upstart there. so incumbents, difficult to defeat. even though it's happened a few times this year, john. >> even if your name is kennedy. appreciate that. that means time being joe kennedy would not follow the family legacy to the united states senate. his grandfather, robert f. kennedy served there and his uncles. not for joe kennedy yet. >> to my family, the kennedy family, whose name was invoked
9:33 am
far more often than i anticipated in this race. you are my example. my example of what public service should be and can be when it is done with courage and grit. >> joining me to talk about this, duvall patrick, democratic president's as well. what's happening in our commonwealth? home to me as well even though i live in washington, d.c. temporarily as i say. a long temporary stay here. >> always say that. >> glad you do. what happened? the kennedy name lost its magic? >> i think ed markey had two things going for him. one, a strong record of leadership on progressive and ambitious policies over a long period of time, and, two, a campaign manager in john walsh who is the grass roots genius who ran my first campaign. and joe kennedy is somebody you
9:34 am
should never count out, and i don't, and i hope that he stays involved in public life. he is talented. he's genuine. he is beloved in massachusetts and beyond. so i've got big expectations for him, great hopes as well, and i think a lot of other people do, too. >> do you think he overread 2018? i ionna pressley, and others. did he maybe overread what was happening on the ground in massachusetts? think there was more democratic unrest? >> i hear you. no. it's hard to compare those two races or frankly any two races. this is a moment in time, and i think it has been, and i hope it continues, where the public is hungry for big ideas. big ideas that work. which is why i think it's really in some ways a time made for the democratic party. and i think ed markey has been a thought leader and a policy
9:35 am
leader on big ideas that worked for a long time. and what he needs and what i and others are working on is to make sure he has a democratic majority in the senate so we can move some of these yud ideas alongside the house. >> massachusetts, say this and you'll probably be oh feffendof. masses is not america. more blue. it is more blue than america at large. so part of the challenge on issue ed markey used effectively, green new deal, climate change, part of the challenges selling that to parts of the country that are more skeptical. that either deny the problem and in some cases deny the problem. even places where they acknowledge the issue don't want as big a government role or big a government regulation. what's the path forward if you're ed markey to advance that cause but bringing people you need along? >> you are right. i hate that characterization and hear it all the time about massachusetts except when it's time to raise money.
9:36 am
then they treat the commonwealth like an atm. i think that the green new deal is aspirational on purpose. it is about how we transition to an economy and an earth that we can inhabit and that is just, and i think that it reflects a history of innovation, industrial and otherwise in america. we are very, very good at that. we are not as good historically at transition. this is to the point of the question. meaning, we move on to the next thing often, john, i think, without always taking care to pay attention to the consequences of that change. who's left behind? who's left out? i think the real opportunity now to win support for the green new deal and for the objectives behind it particularly those that have to do with moving us to a carbon-free economy, is how we bring folks who are involved in the carbon economy along.
9:37 am
not just persuasion, but giving them a stake in moving from where we are to where we need to go. >> governor patrick, grateful for your insights. interesting time in the commonwealth subpoena to get up there myself and do a little reporting nap would be helpful. >> you're always welcome. thank you. take care. when we come back, global coronavirus headlines. cases inching closer to 26 million worldwide. is sweden a good model how to hand many the pandemic? well, depends on who you ask. bs proprietary material adapts and responds to your body- -so you get deep, uninterrupted sleep. take advantage of our best offer of the year, with savings up to $500. did you know that some aluminum- free deodorants only mask odor? secret aluminum free helps eliminate odor instead of just masking it. and is made with three times more odor fighters. with secret, odor is one less thing to worry about. secret. to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't.
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sweden's pandemic response an experience in the so-called
9:42 am
herd immunity. has it paid off? depends on who you ask. >> reporter: here is sweden public health experts believe some level of immunity against coronavirus might have built up in the population. never into a full lockdown and initially one of the highest death rates in europe, but now one of the lowest death rates and the working theory is that people might be getting immunity from their t cells rather than antibodies, which are the more common test for immunities. t cells are harder to test for and no program is available. however, the public health agency warned its preparing for possible new outbreaks of the virus in the fall and if that's the case, they might bring in tough, new local restrictions or some level of local restriction, at least, such as wearing face masks or preventing local gathering as well. max foster, cnn, stockholm, sweden. >> reporter: i'm will ripley in
9:43 am
hong kong. finally news that many 6 these 7 million-plus living in the city pli limited in activity and people waiting to hear the city will now ease social distancing measures as the number of daily infebzs tuesday hit the single digits. just nine new cases in the city. that is evidence, city officials say, that the mandatory mask wearing and other measure, closing restaurants for dine-in service were justified. now that the numbers are low are they're starting to reopen the economy. restaurants can now serve customers until 10:00 instead of 9:00. bringing in extra revenue even though only at 50% capacity. limited to groups of two. anything larger you face a fine. begins reopening. big news for a lot of fitness thinkists. beaches won't reopen for now nor public pools or bars. people still can't go ow drinking but at least can go to dinner. it's the small things sometimes during this pandemic.
9:44 am
will ripley, cnn, hong kong. >> reporter: today marks return to a new normal at the vatican as pope francis back to doing papal services. doing it video link since lockdown began in italy in march. new, the vatican changed the venue. not only held outside in saint peter's secure into a cordyard, maximum capacity 500 people. the vatican is doing it to comply with italy the health regulations lasting through september, they say. it's true fewer tourists are around now. italy has strict travel restrictions for tourists coming from many countries. saw a spike, not as bad as our european countries. still bad for italy. no tickets necessary to get into
9:45 am
see pope francis, for those in rome on a wednesday morning, at least the month of september, a rare chance to see the pope up close in an intimate setting. delia gallagher, cnn, rome. >> reporter: here the state of the union address was given tuesday. politicians want to do, ticked off what he believes are his country's successes over the past year including his fight against covid-19. despite the fact more than 65,000 people died as a result of this virus so far. runs hundreds continue to die every day. the president believes the worst is over from a public health standpoint and from an economic standpoint. he said more than 93,000 jobs were added in the month of august alone. that doesn't change the fact mexico's economy has been devastated by this pandemic. second quarter of the year mexico's economy shrank more than 19% and the imf predicts
9:46 am
2020 gdp in this country will fall by 10.5%. matt rivers, cnn, mexico city. up next, with the help from the fbi, facebook identifies trolling trying to influence, yes, your 2020 vote. what happens now?
9:47 am
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facebook now identifying a new effort by a russian troll group trying to influence
9:51 am
americans ahead of the 2020 presidential election. this after a tip from the fbi. the announce munt comes at the social media giant comes under fire not doing enough to stop misinformation. cnn business reporter joining us among our people who take as close look at this. donie, what's at issue here? >> reporter: john, a significant update here on foreign interference. people typed the same russian troll groups the one mueller indicted that interfered in the 2016 election are back again, facebook says, following a tip from the fbi. this is by far the most insight we have what russians are doing right now, today, to try to use social media to insert themselves into the american conversation ahead of the election. the fbi's tip to facebook centers around a website called piece data that posed as an independent left wing online magazine. incredibly recruited real, unwitting american writers and
9:52 am
journalists, contributors, to it, and paid those writers. the sorts of stories popping up there were attacks from the left on joe biden and kamala harris. a tactic we saw russia use in 2016 when according to prosecutors they tried to use social media to split the democratic vote for hillary clinton. and there are also, on this website, some criticisms of trump, u.s. foreign policies racial inequality in the u.s. as one might expect from a real left wing website. now, the good news here is, credit where credit is due to facebook, after they got the tip from the fbi, they caught this campaign pretty early. in its infancy and didn't go viral. bad news, of course, john, the fact russia is doing this in the first place, and you can be pretty sure this is not theonly attempt. >> interesting to see that the president is mad the fbi tipped off facebook. follow that another day. and these fake pictures generated through artificial intelligence. is this a new worry? >> reporter: yeah, john.
9:53 am
things get crazy and dystopian. to do this, the site had to have an editor nap editor had to look convincing. enter alex lakusto. profile, not looking suspicious about this account but the picture you see of a the man in spectacles, supposed to be him. that is not of a real person. that picture, that face, generated by artificial intelligence deep fake technology. before back in 2016, ewa to tell if there was a fake account or troll account, might use stolen pictures of real people. obviously now technology being used in a way to help evade detection and this all highlights we're swimming in very murky online waters, just 62 days to go to the election. >> it is wild. donie o'sullivan, grateful we have you to look into this and report back. thanks. and germany confirming a
9:54 am
poisoning by a russian nerve agent. details, next.
9:55 am
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9:59 am
novichok. a powerful nerve agent we've come ago before. novichok was used to poison former spy sergei skippov. leading to the death of a british citizen and c contamination of a widespread area. alexy navalny was rushed to the hospital after drinking tea. no evidence of poisoning. the german physician where he's been treated and remains in a coma identified novichok at the probable cause. the kremlin has a track record of categorically denying any wrongdoing. they denied in the spripoff poisoning and in this. no information that alexey navalny was poisoned with
10:00 am
novichok saying the german government has not informed them of the finding. >> thank you for joining us today. see you back here tomorrow. busy news day. brianna keilar picks up our coverage right now. have a good day. hello. i'm brianna keilar and welcome virus here in the united states and around the world. it is september 2, two months until election day. six months into the pandemic, and as events move as a dizzying pace, here's perspective we we are. nearly 190,000 americans have lost their lives to the coronavirus in just six months. almost 30 million americans are out of work with no relief in sight, because the senate is on a month-long vacation, and congress can't compromise. a newly reveed document claims the president painted a rosy picture of the