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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 4, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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morning to cnn's "state of the union." kamala harris sits down for a cnn exclusive. i'm pamela brown in for jake tapper. our coverage on cnn continues right now. have a great weekend. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jim acosta. this is a situation room special report. and we're following breaking news. we're standing by to see if president trump takes questions at a white house briefing that's about to begin. it comes as the president is doing some damage control after a bombshell report in "the atlantic" which says mr. trump has made repeated disparaging remarks about servicemembers who were wounded or killed including those who died in battle losers and suckers. joe biden whose late son served in the military just responded to the report. he says if it's true the president needs to humbly apologize to every gold star
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mother and father. we're also following breaking pandemic news. the u.s. death toll has surpassed 187,000 people. but an influential university of washington model is now forecasting that number will more than double to 410,000 dead by january 1st. let's begin at the white house with cnn white house correspondent kaitlan collins. these alleged remarks by the president are just one of the bombshells in this reporting by "the atlantic." >> reporter: yeah. and the president is furious over that report. and it's obvious in the way that you've seen the number of current and former white house aides come forward to deny that the president made these comments or that he holds these sentiments about military. what's also notable is who isn't. the number of senior military leaders we have not heard comment on this article since it was released last night and even the staff who served the president at the time who have not said a word either, including john kelly.
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president trump is forcefully denying a report that he referred to fallen soldiers as losers and suckers and questions why anyone would volunteer to serve in the military. >> it was a totally fake story. and that was confirmed by many people who were actually there. >> reporter: his defense comes after he angrily denied the report last night while shouting over the engines of air force one. >> for somebody to say the things that they say i said is a total lie. it's fake news. it's a disgrace. >> reporter: citing four unnamed sources, "the atlantic" claims that trump canceled a planned visit to a paris cemetery where american soldiers killed in world war i are buried because he didn't care about honoring the war dead, asking senior staff why should i go to that cemetery, it's filled with losers. trump insisted the trip was scrapped because of weather. >> the helicopter could not fly because it was raining about as
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hard as i've ever seen. and on top of that it was very, very foggy. >> reporter: the president said he called his wife melania to express his displeasure about not being able to attend. though the first lady was on the trip with him. the article also claims that when john mccain died, donald trump said we're not going to support that loser's funeral and demanded to know why they had lowered the flags for an effing loser. >> i had to approve his funeral as president. >> reporter: but the president did not acknowledge that it took him two days to lower the flags after mccain died or how he attacked him publicly for years. >> hears a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> reporter: "the atlantic" report also claims asked trump not to attend -- saying, quote, nobody wants to see that. the pushback from trump's allies
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has been sharp and several aides who traveled with him to paris said it isn't true, including his former press secretary and other top staffers. >> it is absolutely damnable. it is a disgrace. >> reporter: earlier today an angry joe biden denounced president trump over the reported comments. >> if these statements aren tru, the president should humbly apologize to every gold star mother and father and every blue star family that she's denigrated and insulted. who the heck does he think he is? >> reporter: biden's son beau served in iraq. >> he wasn't a sucker. >> reporter: and at times today he became emotional. if it's true, and i believe the article is true, i'd ask you all the rhetorical question. how do you feel? how would you feel if you had a kid in afghanistan right now?
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>> reporter: last night in pennsylvania at an airport hangar, the president mocked biden for wearing a mask so often. >> it's hard to respond to something so idiotic. >> reporter: now, jim, there is one person at the pentagon that we had heard from today. and that's the defense secretary mark esper who didn't offer a denial of the story but did offer a defense of president trump, saying in a statement that the president has the highest respect and admiration for our nation's military members, veterans and families. esper was on that trip in november 2018 in paris in a different role. and one person we haven't heard from is the defense secretary at the time, jim mattis, who of course later resigned in protest. jim? >> all right, kaitlan collins, thank you very much. cnn's nick watt has the latest from los angeles. the model often cited by the
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white house projects 223,000 more american covid deaths by the end of the year. just stunning. >> reporter: yeah, it is, jim. and on that subject, dr. scott atlas, who is one of the president's newest coronavirus advisers, he says it is unfair to compare the death toll in this country with other countries. he says you've got to look at something called excess mortality. and by that metric he claims the u.s. is doing much better than europe. i'm just going to give you one fact and you can slice it whichever way you please. the u.s. is home to just over 4% of the world's population. but just over 23% of the world's confirmed covid-19 deaths. there is covid fatigue across the country including pennsylvania avenue. >> we're rounding the curve. >> reporter: but the worst could still be to come.
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another 220,000 plus americans could be killed by this virus by january 1st according to one well known model, which ominously has underestimated death tolls in the past. they now say 410,000 total by the end of the year. >> they also tell us that from that 410,000 number, if we were to ease our behaviors, that number goes up to nearly 620,000 deaths. >> reporter: but if masks were mandated across the country, they say we would save more than 120,000 lives. yet, the president mocks joe biden for wearing one. >> it gives him a feeling of security. if i were a psychiatrist, [ laughter ] >> reporter: he won't mandate them. neither will georgia's governor. >> i personally don't believe a statewide mask mandate is the way to go. >> we implore him to listen to the health care workers in the state of missouri and order a statewide mask mandate.
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we're the show me state, but a better name would be the make me state. >> imagine a vaccine that's available today that can reduce your risk by getting coronavirus by five times. that can save 100,000 lives by the end of the year. we would all want that. >> reporter: early results from a potential russian vaccine show it did trigger an immune response and only mild side effects. but scientists say more trials are needed. meanwhile, the president said he just spoke to drugmaker pfizer. and? >> i think the vaccines are going to be announced very soon. >> reporter: he is hinting at a pre-election october surprise. >> there is a very, very low chance that the trials that are running as we speak could read before the end of october. >> reporter: he just told science magazine i would immediately resign if there is undue interference in this process. now, our immediate hurdle, the long labor day weekend. the stay safe message targeted at the young. >> all of us when we were your
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age thought we were invincible. you can't pass this on. >> reporter: and you can get very sick. 31-year-old jenny caught covid, lost her father to the virus. >> he was in a lot of pain. and that's the face i'll never forget. >> reporter: she no longer tests positive, but still struggles to breathe. >> i have to walk around with an oxygen can. >> reporter: now, remember back in july when the my pillow guy was touting oleandrin, this plant exact as a covid cure? he's close with the president. they met, they talked about it. mike lindell claims the president was, quote, enthusiastic. well, jim, the fda has just rejected the application to use oleandrin as a dietary supplement. they say that they had significant concerns surrounding its safety. jim? >> all right, good to know that,
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cnn's nick watt, thank you very much for that. let's get more on the bombshell report the president is furious about. joining us now is the former defense secretary. thank you for joining us so much. we appreciate it. what is your reaction to this report from "the atlantic" among other things the president called fallen u.s. soldiers losers and suckers? i suppose your time at the pentagon you never heard anything like this. >> no. and i never heard language coming out of pt president of the united states that i've heard from this president. i thought it was really curious today where he would like to have his psychiatrist examine joe biden for why he wants to wear a mask. i would say, mr. president, you first. let's have a psychiatrist examine you as to why you won't. and i think that we'll go from there. the problem is that what joe biden is trying to do is to save lives by wearing a mask. it's not a sign of weakness. it's a sign of strength. it's a sign of confidence. and the notion that you wouldn't wear a mask because you
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therefore are projecting that you are a man and manly i think is preposterous that people are going to die as a result of that kind of symbolism. and, in fact, he has said i'm a wartime president. if that's the case and you've got 180,000 plus people who have died on your watch, it doesn't make you a very successful commander in chief. but getting back to your point about what i think about it. what i know, i can't say that i know the truth of what is alleged in that article. what i believe is that it is because i've seen the kind of language he has used in the past. he tends to mock many people. he's mocking joe biden for wearing a mask. he mocked a disabled reporter because of a disability, and he mocked him publicly at one of his demonstrations. so the notion that he would privately say something that was critical of our men and women in military doesn't surprise me at all. and when he undercuts our u.s. intelligence community, that affects our military. that affects our security.
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so the notion that he would take a knee. he's criticizing colin kaepernick all these past couple years for taking a knee for equal justice. then he goes over and takes a knee in helsinki with president putin. then he undercuts our intelligence community by saying don't bring me any bad news, don't bring me any news that is critical president putin. so, i would say i don't know the truth of the allegations, they are completely consistent with his past behavior. and in the book "a very stable genius" is another example where he went to the tank over at the pentagon, a secure room where the joint chiefs meet, and he walked in and basically it's reported that he said that they're a bunch of babies or sissies, or he wouldn't go to war with them. i was astonished to read that. and i think if that is true, let's call the people who are in that room and ask what he would
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say if he never made those comments. >> the president is about to have a press conference. what should he say? >> well, he should say let's talk about the truth. i may have said these things. if i did, i don't remember them, which would be a lie, in many opinion, but he at least would say i apologize to anybody who believes i would say something like that. but i don't expect that. i think he'll come out and blast the report, say it's all untrue. once again say it's fake or a hoax as he did about the coronavirus. so i don't expect much. what i want is a president who will project "make america honorable again, honest again, make it admired again, and make it support its military and all aspects of our national security and community. that's what i would ask the president to say going forward today, tomorrow, and into the election. >> the president, as you know, is forcefully denying these
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comments. but we know he has publicly referred to the aleast one american war hero in the past. and that was the late senator john mccain. you were close to him. you were even in his wedding. the this type of criticism is not unheard of from this president. >> it's one of the reasons why i felt i could never vote for president trump or trump as president because of what he said about john mccain, he's not a hero because he was shot down, he was captured? what message does that say to all of the young men and women and their families who go into the service for our country and leave their bodies on the battlefield and say if you get caught, you're pretty incompetent. john mccain suffered for five and a half years. he was tortured almost daily. and when the time came they tried to make a deal with him because they were getting bombarded by the fleet that was
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commanded by his father, he said i don't make a deal just to say i have a deal and walk out of here ahead of my time. and so he stayed longer, took more punishment, took more beatings so he could walk out with his head held high that he didn't compromise his fellow pows. and he helped keep some of those pows alive. his fellow colleagues who were locked in there, they stayed alive because of his spirit and the way he lifted their morale and said we're going to get through this. i look at that and say that's not a commander in chief that i respect. he's not a commander in chief who believes in openness, who believes in shedding light on a particular subject but simply what he does is he pardons his friends and he punishes his enemies. and i want a president who again stands for honesty and honor for truthfulness and for the integrity that this company really represents to the world.
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when i travel around the world, i find many people, many leaders looking to me saying what has happened to your country? how did you ever descend from where you've been to where you are now in terms of having a leader who represents all of the characteristics that we like to see in the president of the most powerful nation in the world? and so they are astonished. they are no longer in awe of us. they no longer admire us to the same degree. and they are hoping that there will be a change in the future, as am i. >> former defense secretary william cohen, i don't know if i've ever seen you this passionate on a subject before. this obviously struck a chord within a lot of people in the community. thank you for joining us. good talking to you, sir. and the breaking news continues. next, we'll get more on the dire new forecast of 410,000 u.s. coronavirus deaths by year's end. dr. sanjay gupta will be joined by dr. anthony fauci to talk about all of the breaking
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we're getting details of remarks just made by the newest adviser to the white house coronavirus task force. let's dig deeper with cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. i want to ask you a question from dr. scott atlas. he says it's not valid to compare the death toll here in the u.s. to europe. clearly, there are differences between countries. but is it fair to make the comparison? >> yeah. i think it's fair to make the comparison. i heard these comments by dr. atlas. i wasn't entirely sure what he was driving at.
2:22 pm
he seemed to say excess mortality in the united states is comfortable or higher than europe. excess mortality is a metric sort of used to compare this year compared to last year. for example, in the united states they say 200,000 excess deaths. but many of those are attributable to covid. that's the big change in the population between this year and last year's covid. but let me show you a couple graphs, jim, because he brought it up comparing the united states and europe. you can sort of see the trajectory of how things have sort of changed since really the beginning of this pandemic. for a while, this hit the united states a little later than europe. but i think these graphs tell a story. that's why we put them up there. that is the overall number of people who have been confirmed to have the infection. we also can show you here the sort of number of people who died per million and how that's changed over time. again, going back to april is pretty similar and perhaps that's what dr. atlas was referring to. but clearly we have not had the same sort of rebound as we have.
2:23 pm
they've really brought those numbers down. >> he also criticized experts who warn of a second wave saying no one know it's there will be a second wave. we have been in the middle of a resurgence of the first wave for weeks now. what do you make of his comments on this? >> i think the terminology is something that comes from 102 years ago with the 1918 flu. because at that point if you looked at the overall pandemic, you saw these distinct waves in the united states and other places around the world. we're not seeing that here, i guess, to your point, jim. there's not really been a second wave is because we haven't gotten out of the first wave. and even now it seems like we've plateaued at around 40,000 new infections per day and average about a thousand deaths per day. i think that that's what they're sort of referring to. but we may be looking at a very
2:24 pm
small part of the overall slope. we may be going like this and still is an upward trajectory or it may be coming down overall. we don't know. but right now things have sort of leveled out at a very high number. 40,000 infections per day is not where anybody would want to be. >> right. and a new university of washington model we've been talking about this throughout the day, projects the death toll could tip past 400,000 by january 2021. that is a scary number, sanjay. we know that these projections have fluctuated from time to time. but that number, i mean, it would almost accelerate, i would think, after where we are right now to get to that kind of number. that's incredible. >> yeah. it's really sobering, jim. i saw that about 4:00 this morning. what a wake-up call that was to see those projections. but you're right, it would accelerate because you see by december that's a model that projects that 3,000 people would be dying per day in december. if you dig into the model and
2:25 pm
try and understand it, really, they're basing it on a few things. they think mask usage sort of reached this peak in early august and they think it's coming down. many places around the country think, hey, covid is over. that's in the rear view mirror, it's not. there's a lot of fatigue out there around this. and in addition schools are starting going in the fall and early winter you are going to start to see people going back home. that could be accounting for these numbers. i want to show you this graph really quick just to give you an idea of how accurate or not the model has been. all models are wrong usually but some are useful as is this one. back in july you can tell how many projected deaths there were according to the model. and you can see that there were far more actually at that point as we've gotten here to october, they projected 180,000 deaths by october. as you know, we're still in early september and there's already 187,000 people sadly who have died.
2:26 pm
these models, as sobering as they are, may be underestimating a little bit of this. >> right. we keep surpassing these models. >> and i think people look at the model and they say that's awful, i can't believe we're going to get to that point. i remember talking to you. i don't know if you remember back in march. that same model projected 160,000 by august 4th. i am hoping that the new advances in testing, perhaps some new therapeutics and obviously everyone's talking about the vaccine. i hope things like that make a difference. but it is within our power still, our own individual behavior to bring those numbers down. mask wearing, physical distancing, still important. >> and i remember that conversation well and share your hope that we can get a handle on this. it hasn't happened yet, but dr. sanjay gupta, thank you f running through the numbers on
2:27 pm
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we're awaiting new details about the investigation into the police shooting of jacob blake in kenosha, wisconsin. let's go to cnn crime and justice correspondent. jacob blake remains hospitalized. he's paralyzed in the hospital right now. but today he had a court appearance. what are you learning? >> reporter: yeah. and it was the first time that we got to see jacob blake since we saw that video of him being shot by the officer. he had a court appearance for a previous domestic case. this is the case where jacob blake is the reason why that jacob blake was shackled to his hospital bed. you will recall that there was a warrant for his arrest regarding this case. and of course he was shackled to the bed. and then in the last week the sheriff's office removed those
2:33 pm
shackles. so it is for that case that he was in court today. he did it from his hospital bed. you can see he was wearing a blue shirt, a tie. the case is going to continue. and he'll be appearing again in september. and of course he did this from the hospital bed. this is all behind -- as we are waiting to learn more information from investigators here on the shooting, the attorney general, as you recall, told wolf blitzer -- william barr told wolf blitzer that it seems to indicate there was justification here for the officers in shooting mr. blake saying that blake was armed and that he was in the midst of committing a felony. we have yet to learn from the state attorney general on their findings in the key investigation. the key question is the knife. was it used in any threatening way? the family disputes that. blake's family disputes that. they say that the attorney
2:34 pm
general will barr was misinformed. so we wait for more information as we're approaching two weeks. sunday will be two weeks since this happened. and as we await for that, the attorney general here has up to 30 days to issue his report. >> with us now is the wisconsin attorney general josh kaul. he is handling the investigation into the blake shooting. and before taking office his primary practice was election law. and perhaps we'll get into some of that as well. can you give us an update on where this investigation stands? there is a sense and perhaps it's a misnomer, but there's a sense that it's taking a while to get to the bottom of this. >> well, first, jim, thanks for having me. what i can tell you is that this investigation is moving along very quickly. our office, the wisconsin department of justice, comes in, in some cases where there's an officer-involved shooting to be an independent agency conducting
2:35 pm
an independent review of the fac facts. there have been over 80 witness interviews conducted, over a hundred pieces of evidence collected. and we're going to continue moving quickly with this investigation. but we're only going to do so to the event that that's consistent with making sure that we have a full accounting of the facts through our investigation. >> and i understand you're reviewing dozens of videos the blake family attorney benjamin crump says there is evidence that will clear all of this up, in his words. have you seen video evidence that clearly shows how this incident unfolded? >> like everybody, i had seen -- that went viral. there were over 20 videos that were collected. but a lot of those are dash cam videos. and the fact that a video was collected doesn't mean that it contains relevant evidence. but it does mean that our investigators need to collect it and review it to see if there's
2:36 pm
relevant evidence. so that process is still ongoing. and our goal ultimately is to get as clear a picture of the facts here as we can and present that to the prosecutor so that a decision can be made so that if charges are not brought, it's clear to the public why that's the case. and if charges are brought, the case is as strong as possible for the prosecution to proceed. >> and the attorney general will barr told our colleague wolf blitzer earlier this week on this program that blake was armed and in the middle of committing a felony when he was shot by police. blake's attorneys dispute that. but the attorney general's comments obviously caught all of us by surprise somewhat. was blake armed when he was shot in the back by police? >> there have been a variety of comments made. we are going to be disclosing facts as we think is appropriate to protect the integrity of the investigation. this isn't a case that we are
2:37 pm
getting involved with to litigate in the media. we are working on establishing the facts so that when the prosecutor reviews the evidence, the prosecutor has as much evidences as possible for that decision. and so if this case goes before a jury, the jury makes the key fact findings in this case. >> i understand that. but you understand that a lot is being said in the press right now, for example. have you seen any evidence to support the kenosha police union claimed that blake was holding a knife? >> well, again, our role is not going to be to get into a public dispute between various parties about what the facts of this case are. our goal is to investigate this case as fully and thoroughly as possible and to seek a just outcome in this case. that's what we're going to -- >> would it jeopardize the case though to say one way or the other whether or not he was holding a knife? >> there are a couple of things that impact what we can release to the public. one is to the extent that there are facts that may be disputed, it's not our role and the
2:38 pm
investigators to try to publicly resolve those disputes. and then, secondly, by a jury if a case does go forward. the other thing, and this has impacted some of the timing, if there are certain witnesses who need to be interviewed, we don't want to put information out there that might impact the statements that those witnesses are going to be making to law enforcement. >> and does the attorney general's claims in the comments, do they jeopardize this case? do they make this investigation more difficult? did he make your job tougher this week? >> i think people should just ignore those comments. we're going to be releasing information as it's appropriate to do so consistent with protecting the integrity of the investigation regardless of what the attorney general or anybody else says about the facts of the case. >> all right. wisconsin attorney general josh kaul, thank you so much for that. we appreciate it.
2:39 pm
great talking to you, sir. have a good weekend. coming up, russia's controversial claim that they have a successful coronavirus vaccine gets some backup in a major medical journal. i'll talk about all of that and all the breaking pandemic news with dr. anthony fauci. he's joining us live in about half an hour from now. he's standing by and we'll talk to him soon. diego, california. we were one of the first stations to pilot a fleet of electric vehicles. we're striving to deliver a package with zero emissions into the air. i feel really proud of the impact that has on the environment. we have two daughters and i want to do everything i can to protect the environment so hopefully they can have a great future.
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there are now multiple potential coronavirus vaccines that have entered the critical phase three trial scene.
2:44 pm
brian, this involves tens of thousands of volunteers. >> that's right, jim. it does involve that many people. and as we've been reporting, there is a lot of political pressure to bear on those conducting the vaccine trials and those approving them. so we decided to take a deeper dive into what phase three is really like. this tv news anchor in savannah, georgia, could be the neil armstrong of the coronavirus vaccine. this summer baker became the first person in the u.s. to take part in a phase three clinical trial for a vaccine against covid-19. she was asked by cnn's elizabeth cohen how it felt. >> it is very exciting. i'm very anxious about it. i just hope that there are really, really good results. i know a lot of people are doing a lot of different vaccine trials and things are going on. but i feel so proud. >> reporter: baker is participating in the phase three trial for the vaccine being developed by a company called moderna and the national
2:45 pm
institutes of health. two other companies, as zena, pfizer and biontech and other companies. >> it's the only way you can tell whether it's safe in tens of thousands of people. >> reporter: phase one involves a small group of people, usually less than a hundred. its purpose is to evaluate a vaccine's safety and identify side effects. phase two tests it in a larger group usually between 100 and several hundred. its purpose is to determine the vaccine's basic effectiveness and dosage. phase three is even more critical, experts say, because it tests an even larger group, often between ten and 60,000 and observes how people respond to it in real-life conditions. >> let's say you give 20,000 people the vaccine and then 10,000 people a placebo like saltwater. so now let's say that 150 people have gotten covid-19 in the
2:46 pm
placebo group but only five have gotten covid-19 in the vaccine group. that's a statistically significant robust observation that the vaccine works to protect against covid-19. >> reporter: as for what vaccine volunteers go through, experts say in a phase three trial, they're tested before they get their first dose of the vaccine to see if they've got the virus or antibodies of the virus. then they are given their first dose. they get their second dose about a month later and are constantly monitored the whole time with blood tests, nasal swabs and other means. experts say they can get side effects during the process as occurred during phases one and two of the coronavirus vaccine trials. >> people can get fever and they can get symptoms associated with fever, like headaches, muscle aches, chills. >> reporter: but dr. paul offit says so far no serious side effects have been involved with the coronavirus vaccines. one problem that has cropped up with phase three according to a trade group representing the
2:47 pm
companies conducting it, they haven't been able to recruit enough members of minority communities who have been hit especially hard by the virus. >> i know that some communities have some lack of trust to biomedical research. but if we really want to see a future that doesn't have the health disparities that we witness today, then we all have to make sure that all of our communities are involved in the research process. >> reporter: experts say it is important that people do trust this vaccine when it's deployed on a wide scale but that they don't get the idea that this is some kind of magic bullet. dr. paul offit says even when the vaccine is deployed, we're still going to have to take hygenic measures like hand washing and mask wearing and social distancing even for a year, year and a half even after the vaccine is deployed. coming up, a major medical journal backs up russia's controversial claim of a successful coronavirus vaccine. i'll ask dr. anthony fauci about all of today's breaking pandemic news. he's standing by to join us
2:48 pm
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>> you were waiting. >> there is a theory that i can do it without the approval, but i would rather get the approval so that we have it. but i could take the 300 million. money we have and haven't spent and i would love to give it to the american people as a very powerful stimulus. i would ask congress to approve it. it is a very simple approval. literally a one sentence approval. the democrats should do that. the republicans will do that. we will see whether or not they
2:50 pm
do it. >> reporter: mr. president, in an exclusive interview with the delaware fraternal order of the police chapter they said they would endorse you. >> i am honored about delaware. i don't see biden anywhere but delawa delaware. i like delaware too. to have the law enforcement in delaware give their endorsement to me is really a great honor. it just shows you how pathetic the democrats are when it comes to crime and when it comes to law and order. will you please extend my very great thanks. a great honor to get it from delaware law enforcement. we have gotten it from almost all law enforcement. every time they see biden speak it is delaware. delaware. he never leaves.
2:51 pm
i'm all over the country. i'm all over the place. >> reporter: mr. president, germany has said the russian opposition leader was poisoned. what do you think should be done to russia about that and how should the international community and the international community respond? >> i think we have to look at it seriously if that's the case. nobody has been tougher on russia than i have. i get along with almost all countries. if hillary got elected right now you would be in a war with north korea. many millions of people would be killed. in the meantime we got along with them. we didn't get to war. everybody said if i were elected we would be at war in one week. we are doing well in afghanistan, bringing the troops down it a very low level and other things that are happening
2:52 pm
very interestingly. we have a great peace deal going on in the east with the uae and israel. that has been received like very few things that many people have done. we will have other countries announcing soon and joining. that a lot of countries are saying why didn't you bring us in from the beginning. they want to be in. we are doing a lot of things. i think i was the one that alerted the united states and the world. i said why is germany spending billions and billions of dollars to russia to get their energy from russia and then we are supposed to protect germany from russia. what is that all about and the sanctions and everything else. at the same time with russia we are negotiating a nuclear nonproliferation treaty, which is a very important thing and to
2:53 pm
me the most important thing. some people say global warming, i don't. i say this is far more important. we are the biggest. they are the second biggest. china is third, a distant third but they are building pretty rapidly. at some point we will include china into those talks but we are doing well with russia on nuclear nonproliferation. i don't know exactly what happened. i think it is tragic and terrible and it shouldn't happen. we have not had any proof yet. i will take a look. it is interesting that everybody is talking about russia. i think china is a nation you should be talking about more than russia. the things are far worse if you take a look at what is happening with the world. look what happened with the china virus. look what they did by not
2:54 pm
keeping that within the confines of china. look what they have done to 188 countries all over the world. but you never are asking about china. you are always asking about russia. i would be angry if that is the case. we will take a look at the numbers and the documents. we will be sent a lot of documents over the next few days. >> reporter: mr. president -- my question is with don jr. -- [ inaudible ] >> i didn't understand everything you said.
2:55 pm
i know india and the young people you mentioned. they are good young people and their relationship with india and very good and so is mine. the prime minister is a friend of mine. he is doing a very good job. nothing easy, but he is doing a very good job. while we are at it, we are talking about china and india going at it pretty good on the border. it has been a very nasty situation. we stand ready to help with respect to china and india. we would love to help. we are talking to both countries about that. i appreciate the sentiments. they think a lot of india and so do and i think a lot of your prime minister. thank you. >> do you think they are supporting you? >> i do. we had an event in houston as you know.
2:56 pm
it was a fantastic event. i was invited by the prime minister. this was a massive -- where they play football, the houston football team. it was incredible. it was actually incredible. the prime minister could not have been more generous. we have great support from india. we have great support from the prime minister and i would think that the people, indian people, would be voting for trump. i also, as you know went to india prior to the pandemic setting in. india has been hit very hard. i left about a week before that. we had an incredible time. what we saw, the people are so incredible. it is really an incredible place. an incredible country. it is definitely big. it is definitely big. but you have a great leader. he is a great person. >> reporter: do you think china
2:57 pm
is bullying india? >> i hope not. i hope not. but they are certainly going at it much more strongly than a lot of people understand. go ahead. >> reporter: you said you have not had any proof yet. do you have any reason to doubt? >> i hear germany was definitive or almost definitive. we have not seen it ourselves, no. but i would certainly be okay with that. they want to do something. they want to take action. shouldn't happen. shouldn't happen. we are working closely with a lot of countries on a lot of different things. we have taken stronger action against russia than any other country in the world. president putin would tell you that right now. the fact that i get along with russia and that i get along frankly with everybody.
2:58 pm
right now i am not getting along with china, but that is my choice. i don't like what happened with respect to the pandemic and the china virus. i don't like it at all what they have done to this country and europe. it is terrible. but i do get along with president putin. but i have been tougher on russia than everybody by far. if you look at the obama administration, they were weak. look at the land they gave up. look what happened with respect to ukraine, such a big part of ukraine given up in the obama administration. i don't think they would have done that with me. i don't think they would have done that with me at all. we gave tank busters, they gave pillows. they sent pillows and we sent tank busters to ukraine. with that being said if we can do a nuclear nonproliferation
2:59 pm
agreement, that would be a great thing. but i would not be at all happy if that were the case. looks like that might be the case. based on what germany is saying that looks to be the case. john. >> reporter: mr. president i want to ask you about something you said back in 2015 you said you didn't think john mccain was a hero and you prefer people that don't get captured. in light of all that happened since then and all you learned do you regret saying that? >> i say what i say. i never got along with john mccain. i disagreed with john mccain and you know that better than anybody frankly. i wasn't a fan. i disagreed with many of his views and his views on the ridiculous endless wars and the way that he handled the vets, the v.a. the v.a. is running much are better than with the mission act
3:00 pm
and all of the things we have done for the v.a. but i disagreed with john mccain on many things. but that does not mean i don't respect him. i respect him. but i disagreed with him on a lot of things and i think time has proven me right to a large extent. >> reporter: thank you mr. president. earlier in the statement that you read before questions, you spoke about how you believe that as you put it we are rounding the corner on the coronavirus pandemic. >> yeah. >> reporter: yesterday as well. and i think everybody would love to see the pandemic come to an end. no doubt about that. i wanted to ask you about a forecast that has come out at the university of washington. they were forecasting that by january the 1st of next year we will have 410,000 american


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