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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  September 23, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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i got to pass the baton to the star. "cnn tonight" continues. we are monitoring coverage in louisville. police are about to have a presser. don will go to it. >> another night of unrest in america. after so many nights both covered this summer. i will get straight to it. this is breaking news tonight. protests in cities around the country demanding justice for breonna taylor. i want to get to jason carol. in louisville. where curfew went into effect an hour ago and police are awaiting a press conference. take it away. one police officer, what happened? >> we are awaiting for more information about that officer that has been shot. any moment now we're waiting to hear from police chief robert sloeder. expected to give details about what happened. let me review and get to the point where we can really explain how we got to the point where the officer was shot.
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it started about 8:00. we were at jefferson square park. the crowd started to become more agitated. some started to set small fires and minutes later at 8:15 a crowd of a couple hundred broke off from the park. approximate marching throughout downtown louisville. once they reached an overpass we heard what sounded like to be fire works. and shortly there after seconds later we heard what sounded to be like gunfire and everyone started running. seconds later after we were able to secure a location we heard word that an officer had been shot. i want you to listen to what is sounded like from a camera position.
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>> you can see some really tense moments there. as we were all there trying to take cover. trying to determine what happened. again we are awaiting word from police chief. where we are expected to get more information about what exactly happened to the officer. and just from the taylor family, we have heard over and over they said they want protests tonight. and going forward to be peaceful. certainly that's not what we saw at the end of the night. >> just to reiterate, we know nothing about the circumstances. who did it, where officers -- what was the officer shot with. nothing. we're awaiting this press conference to get that
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information? >> the only word that officers that police have given us at this point is an officer has been shot. period. they say they are going to give us more information again in a few minutes. i can tell you from looking at a number of folks in the crowd we saw a number of people carrying weapons. again this is the state of kentucky. it's open carry. it's legal to carry weapons here. it certainly gives a state of tension for officers trying to manage and police what's going on. as protestors march throughout the streets. once again, police were not giving us any details. we have to wait for the chief. he's expected in a few minutes. >> jason carol on the scene. we'll get back when police have the conference. covering the story from washington. where protestors are near the capitol. you have been marching with the protestors. what are you seeing and hearing. what are they saying about the
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verks verdict? >> we have been marching for an hour. in the last few moments this has taken a turn for a much more violent march. i want to turn around. this is the line of police. we have not seen police in this kind of gear. that has indicated that there has been a significant escalation. in just the last few moments. the protesters started going down this way in the response. it's unclear what prompted this police response until now i'm not saying it's peaceful but it hasn't been violent. since leaving the white house where it was a quiet somber more peaceful march, these protesters have been marching through some of the nicer parts of d.c. through neighborhoods with restaurants and bars and apartments chanting all sorts of things. antipolice slogans. some have been banging on street signs with batons and bats.
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fire works have been fired off. we have seen graffiti sprayed on a variety of buildings. and antifa flag being flown. and waved at the front of the march. we are now at the back of the march. again we started with this march at the white house. about an hour ago. we are now in adams morgan. there had until about five minutes ago not be any confrontation with the police. the police allowing this crowd to essentially go where ever they wanted to. to escort them. police are on bikes and not in riot gear. there sa point usually in the protests where you wonder which way will it go. peaceful or quiet. which had had been. or is it going to get violent. which sweecwe have been indicat of. this crowd continuing to walk through washington d.c. >> it doesn't look particularly violent.
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it looks like there's chaos. is there a stronger presence of police or response from police? talk about that. >> yeah. it had been much stronger. it looks quiet is because the march had moved on as police moved in. police were chanting move back. and move back they did. the crowd certainly has shown no sign of dispating or going home. they are moving on. they didn't engage with the police. we saw one young man u believe taken into custody. other than that, there have not been violent altercations with the police. police are not wearing gas masks. which is usually a sign they are not planning on firing tear gas. the protesters themselves as we left the white house they did start putting on helmets and goggles. and start talking about keeping a tight group. frankly talking about marching tactics. it's clear at least they thought
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there was a possibility that things could turn violent. certainly we'll see where it goes. for now the march is continuing. >> we'll get back to you. stay safe. i want to get to cnn in new york city. where there are protests behind her. i understand you're near the barkley center in brooklyn. several hundred gathered. what's going on? >> we began at the bar clay center. several hours ago. before 7:00. where the crowd of hundreds gathered. it's hard to tell how many people are here now. they spent an hour there before marching across the manhattan bridge. we're in the east village. on a very narrow street. that's why there's a crowded scene. this is a group of people who had a peaceful march. but there's anger and frustration about the fact they believe is the fundamental injustice in the law enforcement
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system. in the breonna taylor case. you're hearing the usual chant of black lives matter. say her name. folks who are here are frustrated. they say yes the people are activated and in the streets. but the real change in law enforcement and legal and policing. that is being slow to come. there's a lot of frustration. i should mention along with the streets and the black lives matter protests. and chants. we are seeing some signs ha say things like trump, pence. out now. there's politics in here as well. the chief emotion is enough is enough. and they really want to see police held accountable for killing black people. black women, men and transpeople kp queers. you are seeing hundreds of people out here coming out for this cause.
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>> hundreds of people and the black lives matter group is there. this fwrgroup is extremely dive. this isn't just black folks marching. >> no. by no means. all races and they don't have strollers here now. at the center there were children in strollers. with the parents. everyone wearing a mask. there was a someone in a electric wheelchair. chanting. i have to tell you this has been a fast pace march. at the beginning when we were in brooklyn there was a guy on roller skates. a lot of bicycles. it's been at times kind of diffused. you had police kind of trying to catch up and figure out what direction the crowd is going in. at some point. after they broke up over the manhattan bridge. a very motivated crowd. it doesn't seem to have lessened very much. there's hundreds of people out
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here marching. now in the streets of manhattan and continuing to chant and demanding accountability. >> i hear them saying breonna taylor's name. we'll get back to you. be safe. see you in moments. i want to get to atlanta. what's going on where you are? >> there's protest going on for about three hours now. it has been peaceful up until the last 15 minutes. let me show you where we are. outside the state capitol. this is why there's all the concern. you can see you have a police presence here. as well as georgia national guard. and a vocal crowd. most of this protest when it was at the peak had several hundred demonstrators and all peaceful. marching through the streets of downtown atlanta. once they got to the state capitol, the attitudes began to change. law enforcement presence was significant. we hadn't seen a will the of
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police during the march. now there's a confrontation between the georgia state patrol and right here and armored vehicle. and the protesters which number maybe about 150. at this point. the numbers are down. but these are the hard core and it's clear that a confrontation is brewing. law enforcement said the people had just two minutes to clear the street. before they would start moving in. and making arrests. they continue td to announce over a loud speaker telling people to disperse. or that they will be arrested. so, that's the way it plays out in the streets of atlanta. >> all right. thank you. we'll get back to you. now to cnn also in louisville tonight. and it seems like from what i can see, obviously officers behind you taking an aggressive stance. they are abiding by the 9:00 p.m. curfew.
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i understand you were very near where we have the video of them saying dump saying officer down and hearing the shots? >> yeah. i was in that area. we were following a along as though protests and marchers were walking. >> i want to get to the news conference. standby. the chief preparing for the conference. >> good evening. chief of police louisville police department. all the information is preliminary in nature and may additional information may arise as the investigation continues. at about 8:30 p.m. our officers were called to the area. on a large crowd and shots fired in the area. as they were deploying to investigate what was going on at first and broad way, shots rang out and two officers were shot. both officers are under going
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treatment. at university hospital. one is in alert and stable. the other officer is under going surgery and stable. we have one suspect in custody. that's all the information i currently have. i'll take any questions briefly. >> what concerns you about the officers and the safety of more officers in the streets in the days to come? >> if i understand the question, how concerned am i about the officers and the citizens safety? i'm very concerned. obviously we have had two officers shot and it's serious. it's a dangerous condition. i think the safety of the officers and community we serve is utmost importance. >> tell us about the injuries the officers sustained. the one in surgery. >> to my knowledge they are non-life threatening. that's about as deep as i can
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go. >> do you have the names. >> we're not releasing names. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> a very short news conference. by the chief of police. the louisville metro police department. giving very limited information. but also confirming that two officers have been shot. both under going treatment at the hospital. in louisville. one in surgery and stable. the other is alert and stable. he also confirmed one suspect in custody. both of the officers injuries he believes non-threatening. no name of the officers or extent of the injury. and will not give the name of the suspect. saying two officers shot being treated at local hospital there. 8:30 they were called officers were called for a large crowd in the area. upon arriving or going out to the see what was going on.
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they never really arrived at the where they said they were going. near first street the officers were shot. so again two officers shot in louisville, kentucky. let's get back and talk about all of this. you heard the police chief there. he said the safety of the officers also explaining why the officers were where they were. happened at 8:30. and now the officers one is being treated. the other in stable condition. one is treated one is not. both alert. >> right. we were right there at first and broad way. that overpass. where we heard what sounded to be like fire works and then the gunfire. and everyone started running to take cover. you heard the police chief talk about how concerned he is for officers going forward. it's been a tense situation with officers here in the ground. given what's happened. particularly with the officers from the louisville metro police
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department. you heard him say that we thought initially it was one officer that had been shot. now we're hearing it's two. you heard him say one is in stable condition. the other is in surgery. the injuries are not life threatening. you can hear the concern. you can see from the officers who are here on the ground. trying to interact with the protesters it was very clear as word started to spread in terms of what happened with the grand jury that the crowd was becoming more agitated. and this was a crowd that started at jefferson square park. we see the memorial set up in some ways for breonna taylor. and as the night started to go on and we got closer to curfew at 9:00 p.m., the crowd was becoming more and more agitated. starting to light small fires. and as a group of a couple hundred broke off from that park and started marching throughout
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downtown louisville. again we saw folks carrying weapons. it is open carry legal here. then we heard the gunfire. and now comes word two officers have been shot. this lies in the face of the what the family wanted. i spoke to her mother. she wanted protests to proceed for justice for her daughter. but wanted them to be non-violent. she said the people who are out here in the pass and have been destroying property, that is not in her daughter's name. this is not what the family wanted to see tonight. this is certainly not the situation that louisville metro police want to find themselves in. >> standby. i want to explain to the folks at home what we're seeing on the left. the left side officers in atlanta now. it's a full confrontation. with protesters. officers with weapons pointed at
7:18 pm
protesters in the crowd. and it looks like -- maybe that's a camera. i can't make it out. don't quote me on that. i'm looking at pictures live coming in. it is sad. here we go another night after there is not a verdict in the case. but investigation that doesn't seem to go the way it should go for the family and also for the people who are involved and live in the town. in the places where these horrific events happen. and there's unrest in an american city. we're watching this in atlanta. jason carol in louisville, kentucky. both near the scene of the shooting by police officers. of police officers. by one suspect who is in custody
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now. and also two officers who were involved. one in surgery. the other is aaert letter aaler stable. aggressive stance. there was a 9:00 p.m. curfew. take us through the streets now. what are you seeing? >> jason talked about this during the live shot about jefferson square park. they set up a memorial for breonna taylor. you can see that just over my shoulder here. that entire area is set up as a memorial. this is where a lot of the protesters have been gathering for weeks now. what's happening now is the police are not enforcing the curfew. it took effect at 9:00. and they allowed -- you can see the police standing. this is the state police. the reenforcement that the kentucky governor sent in along with the national guard. of course you have the
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louisville police department which has been patrolling most of the streets and dealing with the protesters that left this area and headed out through downtown and other parts of louisville. i was with a group earlier. there was some smaller group. there was some pockets of flare ups between police and protesters. and made arrests there. it all starts here and they leave from here. most of the people here it's been peaceful. they have been voicing opinions about police and the police have been standing by. allowing them to voice their opinion and anger. for the most part people here are just sitting around, standing around and as for this area specifically, this is where city hall is. the courthouse. the local jail. the police are not enforcing the curfew. they are allowing many of the people oit here to remain as long as it stays peaceful. this is how it will remain.
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all right. so let's talk about the breaking news. pictures now this is new york city. where there are hundreds of protesters out and about. we're with them covering this story. she said this protest started at the bar clay center in brooklyn and somewhere in east new york. these are pictures now from new york from the affiliate. you can see extremely large crowd of people out on the street. of new york city this evening. of course they are upset and marching about the charges that were filed against one officer in the breonna taylor case and not the other two officers involved that the charges for the one officer not related specifically i should say to the breonna taylor death. the way he conducted himself
7:26 pm
during the shooting that evening. i want to get to pictures from louisville, kentucky. i believe we have two reporters on the scene there. and that is there was a 9:00 curfew in louisville, kentucky. there are people out. but the shooting has of two police officers happening earlier. the police chief confirming two officers shot there. one in surgery. and stable. the other one is in alert and not in surgery. being treated at the local hospital. people out in the street despite a curfew in louisville, kentucky. there are protests happening in washington d.c. and atlanta, georgia. as well this evening. we're keeping an eye on all of those. this is washington d.c. we have been out reporting the protesters there. and in atlanta. martin savage on the scene.
7:27 pm
keeping an eye on the protests there. violence breaking out in louisville tonight. where police confirm two officers have been shot. one is alert and stable. one is in surgery. their injuries reportedly not life threatening. one suspect in custody. that's what we know. police not enforcing the curfew there. protests spreading in the streets of major cities. all that after no one was charged today in the death of the 26 year-old emt. shot by police in her own home. a grand jury did indict fired louisville police officer brett hankinson. on three counts of wanton engagement. not for causing lt death. but what the police department said was blindly firing into the apartment ten times. those shots ripping through a neighboring apartment. two other officers who also fired shots during the botched march police raid were not
7:28 pm
indicted. meaning no one was charged with killing breonna taylor. the kentucky attorney general. daniel cameron. saying the officers were justified in their use of force. because taylor's boyfriend fired first. joe biden is issuing a statement. breonna taylor was a beloved daughter, member of her community. and essential worker who served as an emt as covid-19 began to spread. she died shot in her own home by the police. in the wake of the tragic death we mourn with her mother. family and community. and ask ourselves whether justice can be equally applied in america. i know for so many people today's decision doesn't answer the call. people are frustrated and have a right to peacefully protest. violence is never acceptable. we can express pain and grief and anger. disappointment. at the way things are. but remain focussed on
7:29 pm
rebuilding trust in the community and delivering change that can be the change that can be. we have all of this as we saw a stunning moment tonight from the white house podium. the president refusing to commit a peaceful transition of power after an election that's only 41 days away. >> will you commit to making sure there's a peaceful transferl of power after the election. >> we'll see what happens. i have been complaining about the ballots. the ballots are the disaster. >> we have never heard anything like that from a the president united states. refusing to commit to peaceful transfer of power. that's the basis of democracy. the fact is people have been warning about this for months. now the president says he says it out loud. sounding more like the strong man he's always kissing up to
7:30 pm
instead of the leader of the free world. joe biden reacting tonight. >> what country are we in? i'm being facetious. he says the most ir rational things. i don't know what to say about it. it doesn't surprise me. >> not only is the president doubling down on his repeatedly debunked claim there's something fraudulent about mail in ballots, he seems to be saying get rid of those ballots. and he'll win. >> get rid of the ballots and you'll have a peaceful -- there won't be a transfer. there will be a continuation. the ballots are out of control. >> he wants the supreme court nominee in place. against the will of 60% of people. saying the next president should choose the justice.
7:31 pm
>> i think this will end up in the supreme court. and i think it's important that we have nine justices. >> he wants hids own votes on the supreme court when he tries to throw out ballots. like he said the other day. when you have the votes you can do anything. our white house correspondent joining us now. good evening. there's a lot of news. the president wouldn't commit to a peaceful transition of power. this isn't something we expect to hear in the united states. talk about it. >> it seemed like a simple question. it was the first one he got out of the gate at the briefing and you saw what he said. wheal see what happens. we'll see what happens. the president not committing to that. that's something many people have criticized him for when he wouldn't raise his hand in the debates in the past. accepting the election results. even his campaign tried to turn onto clinton. talking about how she acted in
7:32 pm
the results of 2016. the president saying tonight he would not commit to accepting what the results will be in this november election. and whether or not there would be a peaceful transfer of power. of course something that's a staple of the american democracy. and didn't just say that, he went onto cast doubt that we believe many people will be voting by election this fall. of course by mail. you have seen massive up ticks in several states where people are requesting mail in ballots. we have not seen before because of course the pandemic that we are lifing through. that is something the president tried to cast doubt on. referencing it there by talking about the ballot. and making this the threat on american democracy. the basis of it. voting. saying if you didn't have ballots there wouldn't be a problem. he seemed to be speaking cheekily. but it does matter. it is important when the president will not commit to something that simple and of course that vital to american
7:33 pm
democracy. >> we heard from mitt romney yesterday he would go along with the vote for the. he is responding to the story that we're talking about. the transition peaceful transition of power. what's he saying? >> this is so notable. we know the relationship between the president and romney has been troubled at best. yesterday i was at the rally in pittsburg. and referenced what he said about supporting moving forward with the supreme court pick. the president praising him which is something you don't often hear. and tonight after the comment, romney put out statement and said the peaceful transition of power. without that there is bell ruse. any suggestion is unthinkable and unacceptable. that is not likely a statement from mitt romney that is likely to win praise like the supreme
7:34 pm
court one did. >> i appreciate your reporting. i want to bring in cnn election law analyst. and staff writer at the atlantic. with more on the president's refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. if he loses the election. good evening, gentlemen. i'll start with you. you have never been more worried about american democracy than you are now. did the president's comments today make that fear all the more real? >> they sure did. i wrote the piece in slate today making that point before the president had made the comments. what we have had is not just trump saying if the election goes biden's way it's rigged. the son says there's millions of fraudulent ballots and attorney general of the united states. put it together and combine it with the lawsuits that the trump campaign and allies are trying to stop ways of having people vote safely by mail.
7:35 pm
during the pandemic. and it adds up to potentially both a legal stras ji and political to try to game it out if it's a close election november 3. >> i read your long article in the atlantic today. i started this morning and finished this evening. you write this election could break america. we hear president say things all the time. this president. false. about election fraud and mail in ballot and so on. you think that this is all part of the bigger strategy. what does it look like? >> it looks like this, i did this piece by starting with the proposition that president trump is never going to concede defeat. he could win a majority. if he doesn't, he will not concede. the system is surprisingly poorly designed to handle a president who won't concede. concession is how we end elections. trump's plan is to halt the vote
7:36 pm
count. with the day of votes. to litigate the rest into oblivion. and what i learned from this article and describe in great detail is that he and his people are talking about contingency plans to by pass the vote of each state. we think of electoral votes as representing the results of the popular vote state by state. the constitution doesn't guarantee that. state legislators have the power to appoint electors directly. and legislators in six battleground states are controlled by a republican. the trump campaign is talking about the possibility of asking those republicans legislators to disregard the popular vote. because it has been rigged. and to simply appoint trump electors to represent the state. >> that is frightening.
7:37 pm
and listen, this is a reason that elections especially presidential elections are so important. they get to appoint all the judges and people in charge. of what you're saying. how frightening is that prospect for you? >> i scared myself with this story. i have never broken the fourth wall in a news article and stopped reporting in the third person and going straight to talking to the reader. i do that in this piece. because i think it's so disturbing. what i have discovered. and so dangerous. to the democracy. you have a president who is unwilling to accept defeat. insists out loud there won't be a transfer of power. it will be continuity of power. everyone has to prepare for an
7:38 pm
elec and everybody has to understand and understand this better than anyone, the there is no umpire. in an election. there's no single official who can say to the loser you have lost. that's definitive and the game is over. the system isn't built that way. >> rick, i want to bring you in. talk about your reporting. president trump was talking about how the election could end up in the supreme court. >> i think this will end up in the supreme court. and i think it's very important we have nine justices. this scam that the democrats are pulling. it's a scam. the scam will be before the united states supreme court. and i think having a 4-4 situation is not a good situation. >> it is unbelievable if he doesn't win it's a scam.
7:39 pm
no matter what. that is stunning. it sound like he's admitting hehe wants the court to hand him this election. >> i don't know how much he understands about the court and how much he understands about the process. just to take a step back, if the election is not close, i think trump will leave office and all of this will disappear and we'll wait until the next crisis. maybe 2024. if it's very close, it could come down to the supreme court and republican legislators doing something like trying to appoint electors directly. or a dispute in congress between the senate and house. over who is electoral college vote is counted. it depends on the margin. go out and vote. demand transparency of the election officials and get a fair vote. the people have a role to play. protests and being out there in public is important that we may have to do.
7:40 pm
to keep our elections fair and clean. >> i would suggest you read the article in slate and the atlantic. but sit down while you're reading them. thank you. i appreciate it. come up we'll speak with the attorney for the family of breonna taylor. about how her family is doing tonight. and what they'd like to see happen next. that as you see protests continue around the country tonight. as people take to the streets. did you know that some aluminum- free deodorants only mask odor? secret aluminum free helps eliminate odor instead of just masking it. and is made with three times more odor fighters. with secret, odor is one less thing to worry about. secret.
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7:44 pm
kentucky grand jury charging one of three officers involved in breonna taylor death with three counts of continuen endangerment. no officers charged directly with the death. joining me the attorney for breonna taylor's family. thank you so much. it's been a busy day for you and
7:45 pm
i'm sure a horrific day for the family. how is the family doing tonight? what's the reaction to the charges or lack thereof. >> they are out raged and it's just heartbreaking. it's like killing her all over again. legalize genocide of people of color. no matter how much evidence we have, they always find a way to try to legally justify. it's like dr. king said. just because it's legal doesn't make it right. in this instance, this grand jury proceeded was outrageous. the da can indict a ham sandwich if they want to. we strongly feel they did not want an indictment against these police officers. >> the kentucky ag said the use of force by sergeant john mattingly and detective miles was justified. because they were reacting to shots fired by the boyfriend.
7:46 pm
that is the law in kentucky. they can't be charged because they were acting in self-defense. is that what's going on? >> he needs to learn the self-defense law in kentucky. fact she never had a gun. even in the report the fact that she didn't shoot at anybody, the law of self-defense is very clear. innocent bystander you can't use force against them and trying to justify self-defense. so, the whole reason they were there in the first place. the policy of no knock warrant. the fact they lied on the probable cause affidavit. warranted charges. the family the community it is righteous anger tonight when you come to the fact that this district attorney this attorney general presented to the grand jury to get the result that he
7:47 pm
wanted and the fact that wanton engagement on the apartment that she was not located in. the fact that you'll charge for bullets going into an apartment but not for bullets going in breonna taylor's body. is outrageous. and on top of that, the fact that the only wanton engagement charges were for the bullets going into the white peoples apartment. but there were black people that a bullet went into. and they didn't charge on wanton endangerment there. it under scores the fact that there are two justice systems in america. one for black america and one for white america. >> i know you are traveling. i appreciate you doing this on the fly. if you can raise the camera a bit. the state of kentucky was unable to determine who fired the fatal shot at taylor. the fbi found it was the detective kos grove. what do you think of the
7:48 pm
discrepancy. is the fbi findings could be based the basis for the charges? >> the fact that from the beginning you have this no knock warrant that regardless if you try to say one person heard the police, we have 12 additional neighbors there who say they didn't hear the police announce themselves. kenny walker didn't hear the police announce themselves. if you would have not had such a flag rant discriminatory policy in the first place, breonna taylor wouldn't have been killed. on the other problem is with policing. the fact they were recklessly shooting outside the apartment. into the apartment. blindly and recklessly. that was the basis there for the second degree homicide. based on the recklessness of it. from all the officers. how they executed this search
7:49 pm
warrant. the fact they sent the ambulance away which was clearly a violation of policy. and the last thing is the prosecution. you have the piss poor three p.s in the situation. policy, policing and prosecution. and the prosecution and policing they go hand in hand. they are partners. it's like the famous journalist. the people who were the murders writing the report to justify the murder. and right now we have refuse to let them justify the murder of this black woman. black women lives matter too. and i know the fbi investigation is still ongoing. but this grand jury proceeding and this announcement was outrageous and insulting to the family of breonna taylor.
7:50 pm
and is disrespectful continues to disrespect black women by american society and the court of law. >> i have another question. the attorney for breonna taylor's family is do you have time for one more question. >> got to go quick. >> okay. if you an answer it, fine. if not, you can go. >> i got to get to breonna's family. >> the kentucky attorney general did not include the issue of the warrant in his investigation. is that a big missing piece of this puzzle for you? >> you know, it is exactly what daniel cameron seemed to have wanted to do with this grand jury. find a reason not to hold these officers accountable. >> mm-hmm. >> when a prosecutor wants to indict someone, they indict them. when they don't want to indict someone, then they lead the grand jury to a place where they won't give an indictment.
7:51 pm
and clearly daniel cameron and the attorney general's office wanted to exonerate these officers or try to justify the unjustifiable. but we don't accept the justification. we stand here today to say that there is no justification for the murder of breonna taylor. and we will go to our graves proclaiming that breonna taylor did not get justice from the kentucky attorney general's office. >> benjamin crump, thank you very much. get your plane. i appreciate you joining us while you're traveling on this story. thank you, ben crump. >> thank you. >> and that was ben crump speaking with me just moments before the show this evening. but we're following the breaking news now. and you saw the pictures up on your screen, protests spreading in cities all across the country after a grand jury decides not to charge louisville police officers in the killing of breonna taylor. when we started carvana, they told us
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we are back now with our breaking news. protesters taking to the streets. the country demanding -- this country demanding justice for breonna taylor after a grand jury decision not to charge louisville police officers with killing her. our drew griffin is here with the details for us. drew, thank you so much. i appreciate you joining us. we got a lot of new information from the kentucky a.g. about the taylor case today. no officers charged relating directly related to breonna taylor's death. there's still a lot that we don't know, though, and you've reported about the missteps that led to breonna taylor's death. shotty detective work and so on. >> yeah, and you hit upon it in some of your other interviews. the real thing that was not prosecuted today was the actual actions of the police that got those three officers to the door of breonna taylor.
7:56 pm
the search warrant, the investigation, the surveillance that was all done supposedly on her we found was very shotty. the only thing connecting her to the drug ring that they were trying to break up on that night was a visit from one of the suspects to breonna taylor's apartment back in january, which he supposedly picked up a usps package and went away. so the family has referred to that as very shotty work. the five different no-knock search warrants, don, they all contain almost identical language, identical language from invading a drug house to breonna taylor's apartment. that seemed like a lot of stuff to pack into -- into this kind of a warrant being served where police believed you had a single woman living in an apartment, why did they show up there with a battering ram and knock her door down in the first place? that is where the investigation seems to have let a lot of
7:57 pm
people down. >> and drew will continue to investigate. drew, i appreciate your reporting. thanks so much. protests spreading across this country tonight in the wake of a grand jury's decision not to charge louisville officers with killing breonna taylor.
7:58 pm
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this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. it is 11:00 p.m. here on the east coast. 41 days until election day. we're following multiple breaking news stories for you that could impact how americans cast their votes in the 2020 election. protests breaking out tonight in louisville, kentucky, and other cities around the nation after a grand jury decides not to charge any louisville police officer directly in the shooting death of breonna taylor. in her own home back in march.


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