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tv   Supreme Court Nominee Announcement  CNN  September 26, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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14e she would be the youngest justice on the supreme court and her appointment would influence critical issues for the next 30, 40 years. and for today's announcement, it is decorated to look like 1993 when ruth bader ginsburg was introduced as bill clinton's nominee to the supreme court. and i was in the rose garden on that historic day. and at the time, i must admit, i had no idea how influential justin ginsburg coubegin justic be. and judge barrett's nomination comes only eight days since the passing of justice ginsburg.
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and this happens only 38 days from election day here in the united states when american voters will decide between reelecting president trump or electing his rival joe biden. joining us now, our cnn team. sdwrar any d jeremy diamond, anniriane de vo, phil mattingly, glor aia are borger, abby phillip. jar pli, you a we're getting a lac look at the line. tell us what you are learni. >> reporter: yeah, they have made a year decision that they would like to try and confirm this next supreme r. strecourt
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before the election. and we could see the first hearing on clilg papitol hill i next two week. and we expect her to begin to hit capitol hill over the next two week to begin to meet the snar senators who will vote on her confirmation. but this is a moment that we expect president to savor here in the rose garden. he has talked before about the fact that nominating justices to the u.s. supreme court is one of the most important things that he can do as president. and certainly not to just have one or two, but now three nominations to the u.s. supreme court is something that will shape president trump's legacy and certainly in a way that he indeed likes to see. and we've just been told that we're expecting the president to come out here in a couple of
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minutes where we expect him to finally announce that supreme court noubannouncement. and amy coney barrett started at the top of the list last week when ruth bader ginsburg passed. and she is now expected to be that pick. and we're h we're hearing the music that indicates that the president is coming utes. . >> and we'll see him walk in make this hirsz tohistoric anno. amy coney barrett has seven children and clearly they are proud. so let's listen in. ♪
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[ applause ] >> i stand before you today to fulfill one of my most important duties under the universited st
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constitution, the nomination of a supreme court justice. [ applause ] this is my third such nomination after justice gorsuch and justice kavanaugh. and it is a very proud moment indeed. over the past week our nation has mourned the loss of a true american legend, justice ruth bader ginsburg was a legal giant and pioneer for women. her extra ordinary life and legacy will inspire americans for generations to come. and now we gather in the rose garden to pin our never ending task of ensuring juequal justic. ands tod s tod today it is my honor to nominate
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a sgifgifted legal mind to the supreme court. she is a woman of unparallel achievement, credentials and unyield i unyielding to the constitution, judge kaamy coney barrett. [ applause ] we're also joined by amy's husband jesse, thank you, jesse, and their seven beautiful children congratulations to you
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all. a very special day. with us as well are the first lady, thank you, first lady. along with vice president mike pence and his amazing wife karen. thank you very much. judge barrett is a graduate of university of notre dame law school. and at notre dame, she earned a full academic scholarship, served as executive editor of the law review, graduated first in her class and received the law school award for best record of scholarship and achievement. upon graduation, she became a clerk for judge lawrence sti silberman for the district of columbia. and amy then received one of the highest honors a young lawyer
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could have serving as a clerk on the supreme court for justice antonin scalia. [ applause ] a very highly respected law professor professor notre dame wrote that amy coney barrett is the best student i ever had. that is pretty good. and justice scalia hired her shortly thereafter and we are honored to have his wonderful wife maureen with us skatoday. and our wonderful secretary of labor. thank you, mr. secretary.
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very good gene in that family. before joining the bench, judge barrett spent 15 years as a professor at the university of notre dame law school, renowned for her scholarship, celebrated by her colleagues and beloved by murder students. she was selected three times distinguished ploflgts or ed p year. when i nominated her to serve for the 7th circuit, every law clerk from her time at the supreme court endorsed her and endorsed her nomination, writing that we are democrats, republicans and independents yet we write to support the nomination of professor barrett to be a circuit judge, professor barrett is a woman of remarkable intellect character. she is irma nebtly qualified for the job. and i did that too, i looked and studied and you are very imminently qualified for this
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job. you are going to be fantastic. thank you. really fantastic. everybody at that school, we foot so magot so many letters supporting her nomination to the 7th circuit. they wrote in effect despite our differences, we uhe you in an mussily agree that our kons tugsz don't tug jirks we unanimously agree that amy is such a person. for the last three years, judge barrett has served with immense distinction. and she is also a profoundly devoted mother, her family is a core part of who amy is.
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she opened her home and her heart and adopted two beautiful children from haiti. her incredible 3w07bd wibond win with down syndrome is a true inspirati inspiration. if confirmed, justice barrett will make history as the first mother of school age children ever to serve on the u.s. supreme court. [ applause ] to her children, emma, vivian, tess, john peter, liam,
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jewellian ajewelle i julian and benjamin, thank you to sharing your mom with our incredible country. thanking you very much. amy coney barrett will decide cases based on the text of the constitution as written. as amy has said, being a judge takes courage. you are not there to decide cases as you may prefer, you are there to do your duty and to follow the law wherever it practice take you. that is exactly what judge barrett will do on the u.s. supreme court. i want to thank the members of the senate, we have so many of them here today, thank you very much. i see you in the audience and you are so proud. i want to thank you for your commitment and to providing a fair and timely hearing. i know that it will be there. judge barrett was confirmed to the circuit court three years ago by a bipartisan vote.
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her qualifications are unsurpassed, unsurpassed. and her record is beyond reproach. this should be a straight 230rd and prompt confirmation, should be very easy. good luck. it will be very quick. i'm sure it will be extremely noncontroversial. we said that the last time, didn't we. well, thank you all vich avery much and thank you for being here. i further urge all members to provide her a dignified hearing that she deserves and frankly that our country deserves. i urge lawmakers and members of the media to refrain from personal and part is isan attac. rulings that the supreme court will issue in the coming years will decide the survival of our
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second amendment, our religious liberty, our public safety and so much more, to maintain security, liberty and prosperity, we must preserve our priceless heritage of a nation of laws and there is no one better to do that than amy coney barrett. law and order is the found dagsz foundation of the american system of justice. no matter the case before her, i am supremelyjudge bac barrett will issue rulings based upon a fair reading of the yyoh. congratulations again to judge barrett. i know that you will make our country very, very proud. please, amy, say a few words. thank you very much. con sgrat lagss.
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>> thank you very much, mr. president. i am deeply honored by the confidence that you have placed in me. i'm so grateful to you and the first lady, to the vice president and second lady and to so many others here for your kindness on this rather overwhelming occasion. i fully understand that this is a knmomentous decision. and i pledge to respond the responsibilities to the best of my ability. i love the united statesrd and i
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lo love the united states constitution. [ applause ] i'm truly humbled at the prospect of serving on the supreme court. i will be mindful of who came before me, the flag of the united states is still frying ft half-staff to mark the end of a great american life. justice ginsburg began her career at a time when it women were not women come in the lel profession, but speak not only broke glass ceiling, she smash bed them. for that, she has won the admiration of women across the country and indeed all over the world. [ applause ]
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her life of puck sblic service serves rasz as an example to us. and justices scalia and ginsbug d disxwle disagreed in print. but they demonstrated that it need not destroy relationships. and i was lucky enough to serve
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for just tis caice ask scalia, lessons i learned still resonate. his judicial philosophy is mine to, a just must apply the law as written. judges are not policymakers, and they must be resident lult olutg aside any policy views they might hold. the president has asked me to become the ninth justice and as it happens, i am used to be in a group of nine, my family. our family includes me, my husband jesse, emma, vivian, tess, julyiohn peter. and we have our two from haiti.
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and benjamin identify him as their favorite siblings, our youngest. our children obviousesly make our life very full. i'm better known back home as a room parent, car pool driver and birthday part i ply planner. when schools went remote, jesse and i barrel co-principles of the barrett e learning academy and yes the list mucof enrolled students was a very long one. my children are my great ets sg. at the start of our marriage, i imagine 245d we would run out household as partners. as it has turned out, jess are city does far more than his share of the work. to my sha glichagrin, he learne
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my children consider him to be the better cook. for 21 year, jesse has asked me every single more than what he can do for me that day. and though i almost always say nothing, he still finds ways to take things off my flaplate. and thathe has a busy law bra. he is a superb husband and i'm very fortunate. [ applause ] jess are city ande have a life relationships. not only with our children, but with siblings, friends, and fearless baby-sitter, one of whom is with us today. i am particularly grateful to my parents, mike and linda coney
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are. i grew up in their new orleans home and as my broors athers an sisters can attest, mop a mom as generosity extends to more than we can count. it is important to acknowledge family and friends. but this evening i also want to you acknowledge you my fellow to serve on the supreme court ame and that solution belongs to all of us. if confirmed, i would not assume the role for the sake in my own circle or certainly not for my own sake. i would assume the role to serve you. i would discharge the judicial oath which requires me to administer justice without
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respect to persons. do equal rights to the poor and rich and faithfully and impartially discharge my duties under the united states constitution. i have no illusions that the road ahead of me will be he had eith easy for the short term or long ha haul. i never imagined that i would find myself in this position. but i assure you that i will meet the challenge with both humility and courage. members of the united states senate, i look forward to working with you during the confirmation process. and i will do my very best to demonstrate that i am worthy of your support. thank you.
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[ applause ] >> come on up, family. i want to acknowledge attorney general bill barr. thank you for being here. chief of staff, thank you very much. doing a great job. and all of the senators, please, we really appreciate it. and i know that you will have a busy couple of weeks, but i think that it will be easier than you might think. so thank you very much for being here. thank you all. thank you all very much. thank you. congratulations aimle any. mle a.
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♪ >> so there you have it, the president spoke about ten minutes, clearly judge amy coney barrett is highly qualified as a jurist, she has a wonderful, wonderful personal story, a beautiful family as we all saw. and now the process of confirmation will begin in the united states senate and the republicans and president, they clearly want that to move very, very quickly. jeffrey toobin, what did you think of that present tagation? >> reporter: well, that is an impressive tableau. she is a remarkable person. and has a remarkable personal story particularly given the size of her family. of course what did not come up, a name that was not mentioned during the ceremony
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understandably was merrick garland who was also nominated and also has a beautiful family and never goott a vote or a hearing. amy coney barrett, you know, there have only been 114 supreme court justices in american history, so any nomination is ko consequential. but this one is special because amy coney barrett and ruth bader ginsburg could not be more different. so the differs for health care, for gun control, for affirmative action, her views will be tdie m tie metricity opposed to ruth bader ginsburg. and president trump is delivers on his promise.
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we'll see whether voters think that that is a good idea. >> yeah, and republicans clearly have the votes to confirm her and they have the votes presumably to do it rather quickly even before the presidential election. this is a very impressive skikoski kickoff. >> and you heard the president say that it might be fast. this is going to be easier than you might think. i mean irhe knows that republics despite the hypocrisy of many of them saying when it was merrick garland that no such vote should occur before an election now said let's get it done when the election is actually ongoing. i think that the question going forward is how do the democrats
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respond to this nominee and i think that that is a sdugts isia sbee internally. so what is the guebest tact to take? do they not immediate hemeet he the meeting, do the hearings talk about reproductive rates? i think that is the big decision that is going on within the democratic party. as far as i can see from republicans, more and more are saying get it done before the election. >> yeah, and as i say, elections have consequences. the republicans, 53 republicans in the senate, 47 democrats. so that iss is a majority, you
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need 50. if there is a tie, the vice president could break the tie. and abby, she is only 48 years old. and if confirmed, she will be a u.s. supreme court justice for the next 30, maybe 40 greeyears. >> and that is the hallmark of president trump's supreme court nominations. and in-died his federal court nominations. he is picking them as he likes to say as young as possible so they can be on the court for decades. for amy coney barrett, one of the things about her is that i think that we will find a lot of is her colleagues in the legal profession, whether on the left or the right, coming forward to speak to her intellect. and to her ability to do the job. and we've already seen some people including harvard law professor noah ffeltman saying
2:29 pm
she is the most incredible that he has seen. and so while other appintments have been rated not qualified by the american bar association, criticized for their lack of a record, amy coney barrett is different in that that she is widely viewed to be well qualified for this position even among people who don't agree with her actual positions. so i think that that is going to be a tough thing for democrats to overcome. and in fact img that well wikct see democrats try on to avoid litigation of her legal ability or history and deal with the issue of process and deal with the idea of whether or not she would respect roe vs. wade. >> and it was important that she began her remarks by praising ruth bader ginsburg buyeras a w
2:30 pm
of talent and that scalia and ginsburg were close 2re7bd fri. ? absolutely. and at she discussed the role her husband played, it really did remind me of ruth bader ginsburg's relationship with her husband. and they have that in common. but she is a student of justice scalia's, i think that she was clear about the fact that even though she believed in dealing with differences of minu of opi believe that she said that you should do it with some degreed
2:31 pm
comrade writ com r camaraderie. and i think that her appointment will make the court more conservative than it was before. so whether she believes in respecting people on the other side of the ideological i'aisle there is no question that she will be a conservative justice if she is confirmed. >> and there are live pictures coming in from middletown, pennsylvania where the president will be heading to do another rally. again, not much social distancing, not much masks as far as we can see. jeremy diamond, you are still in the rose garden. we didn't see many masks or a lot of social distancing in the rose garden. >> reporter: no, and it was really a who's who of the president e's conservative
2:32 pm
supports. some entered with the mask but sntsz they we isn't they were in the crowd, they took them off. and scott atlas, he was the without a mask. but no question that given the conservative make july of this audience and the president's view of the importance of this, he viewer it is important in terms of his legacy for the long term, but also at this november 3 election and the impact that this will have particularly on his conservative base. the president hoping that this will rhyme up shows suppoeally turn up in droves. and of course this is one of the reasons why so many of those conservative supporters who dislike the president's personality but decided to support him anyway because of these issue, because of the ability that he mifr to remahe
2:33 pm
remake the supreme court. and if amy coney barrett is confirmed, this will set up this very strong conservative majority on the court to shape decisions for deck 5irds to cai come. but also the question of what it could be on the left. no question that amy coney barrett in her position, there is a huge question about what her position on the spreeupreme court could mean for reproceed du reproce redubl reproductive rights. and this is going to have political implications on the right as well as on the left. >> phil mattingly is on capitol hill and they have a schedule already in place for the confirmation hearings before the
2:34 pm
senate yjudiciary committee. correct me if i'm wrong, they have the republicans pretty much in line, they will have a majority, they can move this relatively quickly if they want to despite on that position from t -- opposition from the democrats? >> reporter: yeah, if you have the 1r0e9, y vote, you vote. and right now it looks like they have the votes in place before the election and also to confirm the nominee. right now over the course of the last 12 hours or so, the yjudic compa chairman is saying that it would be a four day hearing process that is normal. and that would tee itch you wer vote on kabl by tamy coney barr
2:35 pm
end of act 37d aoctober. and when you have 51 to actually vote for amy coney barrett, you are can move quickly. so what can democratsed do to try to slow down or block this process? the answer is nothing. they cannot block amy coney barrett's coffin fir nation barrett's condition fir magts if they have the votes. they can slow it down, perhaps some options on the floor, but i think that the big question now, how do democrats want to approach this. do they want to try procedural wrenches into play, no the meet with the nominee, not show up for the hearings or try to use the hearings to talk about issues that they believe will help them politically? no fibnals have been made.
2:36 pm
i think that the idea right now is that they are leaning towards let's go through the full. probably 50 ther/50 over who 3m with the nominee. and they understand that there is nothing that they can do to stop the nomination. and the first thing to keep an eye on, next week mitch mcconnell on tuesday i'm told is expected it to meet with amy coney barrett, and so expect lindsey graham to follow shortly thereafter. and then one of the big questions will be how much of those democrats decide to sit down with the anonymous knee. and already senator blumenthal hats said that he wijrkts hats
2:37 pm
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or sending corporate their expense reports. i'll let you in on a little secret. they don't. by empowering employees to manage their own tasks, paycom frees you to focus on the business of business. to learn more, visit so historic are moment has now occurredhe rose garden, the presidentanonymo nominating coney barrett to be tnext supree court justice. and i want to bring in our reporter ariane de vogue. we heard the president say that she will decide cases based on the constitution as written.
2:42 pm
and then judge amy coney barrett said that she will -- the law must be applied as written. so explain to our view youers what is behind those specific words, where she is coming from and what we would anticipate if she does become a justice on the supreme over the next 30 or 40 years. >> absolutely. and while we are -- ] undisearnable ] >> i want you to stand by, we can barely what you are saying because of the crowd behind you. so standing by for a moment. and explain the legal consequences of what we heard from the president and from the supreme court nominee? >> reporter: we'll see them right away.
2:43 pm
and i want to mention, you referred to the fact that you were in the rose garden in june of 1993 when rbg was unveiled by bill clinton and i was right next to you. it has been quite a 27 year run. and now we have a historic are nomination that will trance forp transform the court for decades and a noof vember 10th case tha will be heard on the affordable care act. and she much as she tried to identified herself with the late justice ginsburg, her heart, her mind, her approach to 9 lawyer is with antonin scalia her ment mentors who wife and son were there. and so what will happen, the president wants her to be confirmed by the election, by november 10th when the court will look at the constitutionality of the affordable care act. and that case is always hung on
2:44 pm
by one or two votes. ruth bader ginsburg was a key vote in 2012 to up hold its constitutional. judge barrett has not had any opportunity to rule, but wrote after the 2012 decision that she did not find plausible the way chief justice roberts upheld the law. so she has not put her cards on the table about that and i think that we'll probably see during the hearings a lot of just open-ended phrases, not being able to commit to many things as many have done in the past. but as i've studied her hearing from 2017, she is pretty expert at deflecting senators'
2:45 pm
questions especially from the did thats and i'm smur sure many of their questions will go to the affordable care act and the precedence of roe v. wade and what she would do if suddenly there was a contested election and it came to the supreme court at she was a sitting justice. >> are can we assume that she would be very similar to antonin scalia on the u.s. supreme court? >> absolutely. i have no doubt. because 14e7d i67 she said that us uses l use scalia at her model. and they looks back to the intentions of the framers of the constitution. and so justice scalia was the most vocal and arctticulate of
2:46 pm
that view. and it narrowly reads the constitution the opposite of justice ruth bader ginsburg. and in fact justice scalia was her opposite and amy coney barrett has proven in her writings that she would be the opposite of ruth bader ginsburg on things like rero reproductiv and the second amendment. again, she has not written on all these things, but the path that she carved certainly puts her in league with justice scalia. >> we'll have a lot more on all of this. and we're getting statements coming in from the testimonies including joe biden, speaker of
2:47 pm
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ss president trump has now nominated amy coney barrett to to be the next supreme court justice. jeffrey toobin, we're getting a statement in from the democratic presidential nominee joe biden. among other things he says this. today president trump has nominated judge amy coney barrett to the seat of justice ruth bader ginsburg. she critiqued john roberts'
2:52 pm
opinion. it affects their everyday lives. the united states constitution was designed to give the voters one chance to hear who serves on the court. it shoot happen till the next president and the next congress. that's biden, jeffrey. they're going disobey that wish from biden. >> that's for sure. you know, one person who was not thanked during the -- during the ceremony was one of the people who was most responsible and that senator, dianne feinstein who in 2017 when she was the ranking democrat on the committee engaging in questions that was so incompetent, so
2:53 pm
inept. so apparently religiously discriminatory that amy coney barrett became a hero to religious conservatives. you know, dianne feinstein was and is a distinguished public servant who has served for many years on the supreme court. she is now 87 years old and she has repeatedly engaged in behavior in recent months that seemed out of step with what democrats want to do. she's going to be the leader. and all i can say is good luck with that, democrats. >> she's the ranking democrat on the judiciary committee. explain what you're saying. you want her to recuse herself? give the responsibility to somebody else? >> yeah. she could leave the committee. she could go to the intelligence committee. you know, this is not some joke.
2:54 pm
these committee assignments are done largely by seniority. republicans don't do it typically by seniority. they pick who can do the best job. democrats do it based on seniority. senator dianne feinstein is going to be the leader on the force as to the nomination. she could move off that committee, but her incredibly inept behavior during jchlt barrett's confirmation hearing helped the forces that dianne feinstein has spent her entire year fighting against. that's just what happened. democrats have to decide if they want that to happen again. >> she did have bipartisan support for the seventh circuit court of appeals.
2:55 pm
a brief statement, a tweet from kamela harris, the vice presidential nominee. president trump's pick makes it clear they intend to destroy the affordable care act and overturn roe. this would clear the way and harm millions of americans. senator kamela harris is a member of the judiciary committee. we're getting other statements, gloria, as well. >> to jeffrey's point, kamala harris as you point out is on the judiciary committee. and the fact is whether they'll let her take the lead as the vice presidential nominee on handling this nomination, and i think that might be wise, and i think what you hear kamela harris saying and other democrats saying, we want to hone in on health care because they want to talk about it in terms of a pandemic that has
2:56 pm
cost over 200,000 lives. that's what joe biden wants to talk about in this campaign. that's what kamela harris wants to talk about in this campaign, so they're going to reiterate time and time again, don't forget you've got this hearing before the supreme court, and your pre-existing condition is in danger of going away. your coverage is in danger of going away, and you're going to hear that over and over again, and i think kamala harris may be the one who takes the lead on this because she is the one who, after all, is campaigning for vice president, and i think the democrats would be very wise to let her do that, wolf. >> you know, it's interesting, abby, the very strong statement from the speaker, nancy pelosi, similar to the other statements we're getting. we're getting a ton of these statements coming in. i'll real a couple of sni statements. health care will be ripped away in the middle of a pandemic that
2:57 pm
has affected 17 million people and every vote is a vote to dismantle health care. the american people will hold every senator responsible for their vote at the ballot box. so you see the lines, abby, are clearly being drawn right now. >> it's not a coincidence that all these top democrats are saying the same thing. they know health care is central to americans. it's what powered them to the house majority in 2018 and it also seems to me to be a recognition among the democrats that they can't actually, to phil's point, stop this nomination. they can't stop her from necessarily getting a vote eventually in the senate, however, this could become a very powerful turnout tool for democrats and for independents who are very motivated by this issue of health care. what's also interesting to me that i see happening on the
2:58 pm
republican side is they're hoping democrats fall into the kind of trap that jeffrey just talked about that dianne feinstein fell into, talking about amy coney barrett's fate, more culture war types of issues. i'm seeing a lot of republicans suggesting democrats are going to bring up amy coney barrett's adopted children into the conversation. frankly what i've seen so far is republicans are hoping the democrats step in it, and democrats so far are trying to stay in line in a narrowly focused way, talking about the significant impact this would have on health care. and you saw in kamela harris's statement, she does mention amy coney barrett's views on a precedent that could affect "roe v. wade." so i think you're going to see them trying to be as narrow as possible and the democrats are
2:59 pm
going to step on a line that could hurt them down the road. >> i'll read a statement from chuck schumer. says this. justice ginsburg's dying wish is that she not be replaced until a new president installed. he could tear down anything we've built. i will strongly oppose this nomination. so it's clear, abby, that the democrats, at least the leadership on the democratic side, they're gearing up for a big fight, but they clearly, abby, don't have the votes. >> they don't have the votes. they don't have the procedure power to stop this. they do, to phil's point, have the power to slow this down, and i note we will see -- i think we can expect to see amy coney barrett's own words coming up in the context of the process here. she spoke out about whether or not barack obama should have
3:00 pm
nominated and confirmed a supreme court justice in the final year of his term, arguing that it was too close to an election, arguing that it was not a one-for-one sort of switch, that he would basically be nominating a liberal to replace a conservative. well, that is exactly what's happening with the shoe on the other foot now, so i expect to see her own words coming up in this confirmation hearing. everyone stand by. we have a lot more coming up here "the situation room." welcome to our viewers in the united states and around washington. this is a special edition of "the situation room." we begin with breaking news, the president of the united states making his third nomination


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