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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 30, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room with breaking news on the fall out from the disastrous trump/biden debate thrown into chaos by the president's ugly and unruly performance tonight mr. condemn white supremacists doubling down on one of his worst debate moments even as he seems to be attempting damage control. the former vice president joe biden is denouncing his opponent's debate tactics as a national embarrassment. the commission that sponsors the debates now promises to change the format in hopes of bringing order to the next two presidential face offs all this as the nation remains in the grip of the pandemic that now
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has killed more than 206,000 people and infected more than 7.2 million with the cases on the rise in 26 states. jim acosta is getting ready for a large campaign event later tonight. even some trump allies are privately admitting that he crossed the line in the debate. >> reporter: that is right, wolf. post part president trump is doing damage control claiming he doesn't know anything about the right wing fringe group proud boys adding he has always condemned white supremacy. some are nervous about the fall out from the debate. one trump adviser was furious the president botched the question on white supremacy as this adviser put it and this is a quote f the proud boys with. after turning the first debate of the 2020 campaign into a dumpster fire president trump is trying to put out the flames. the president is insisting he is
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not familiar with the right wing group the proud boys the same organization he declined to criticize when he refused to condemn white supremacy at the debate. >> i don't know who the proud boys are. they have to stand down and let law enforcement do their work. >> reporter: the president gave the group a pass in a moment that even had fellow republicans cringing. >> you want to call them, what do you want to call them? give me a name. >> white supremacists and proud boys. >> proud boys stand back and stand by but i tell you what. somebody's got to do something about antifa and the left because this is not a right wing problem. >> how do you like the proud boys now? >> reporter: members of the proud boys a violent group embracing racist views celebrated mr. trump's comments posting images on social media stating they are standing by. gop senators quickly called on mr. trump to clarify his remarks. >> i think he misspoke in response to chris wallace's comment. he was asking chris what he wanted to say. i think he misspoke and should
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correct it. if he doesn't correct it i guess he didn't misspeak. >> should the president have condemned white supremacist last night at the debates? >> of course. >> reporter: the president's decision to clean up his comments came after white house officials maintained mr. trump's response was perfectly fine. >> the group is celebrating it >> i don't think there is anything to clarify here. >> reporter: one trump campaign adviser was outraged telling cnn f the proud boys. there i said it. not that hard. the president is also claiming he's always denounced white supremacy despite his history of equivocating over neo-nazi violence in charlottesville. >> i've always denounced any form, any form, any form of any of that. >> reporter: democrat joe biden's message on the subject was more succint. >> my message to the proud boys and every other white supremacist group is, cease and desist. >> reporter: there were so many interruptions mainly from mr. trump -- >> the question is -- the question is -- >> the radical -- who is on your list joe. >> will you shut up?
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>> who is on your list? >> this is so unprecedented. >> gentlemen, i think -- >> reporter: the presidential debate commission released a statement saying additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues. one member of the president's debate team said mr. trump probably went too far. >> yeah i think on the trump side it was too hot. with all that heat as you said before you lose the light. that potentially can be fixed. maybe maybe not. >> reporter: the president also played fast and loose with the facts claiming he's paid millions of dollars in taxes after the "new york times" obtained his tax returns and found that's not the case. >> millions of dollars. >> you paid millions of dollars. >> reporter: team biden is dodging the question of whether he would pack the supreme court. republicans are successful in seating their nominee amy coney barrett. >> the republican leader of the senate together with donald trump are in the spirit of hypocrisy trying to push through a nominee while the american people are voting and so joe has been really clear.
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let's focus on what is happening right now. deal with later, later. >> reporter: the president claims he is receiving a tremendous review for his performance at last night's debate but not everybody in trump world feels that way as one source close to the president told me earlier today it was a great night for joe biden. now the president will be here in minnesota for a rally later on this evening. this is one of those states, wolf, that he would like to peel away from the democrats but after last night's debate that job may have gotten more difficult. >> certainly seems that way. jim acosta in minnesota for us. thank you very much. there is more breaking news we're following on how the off the rails debate is impacting joe biden's campaign. i want to bring in our political correspondent covering the biden campaign. she is in pennsylvania for us. so what are you learning? >> well, wolf, woer' learning tonight that the biden campaign brought in a major fundraising last night, saying the biden
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campaign raised nearly $10 million during a three-hour period last night pointing to that as some of the enthusiasm that they are seeing from supporters during this debate. now, the biden campaign saw their single greatest fundraising hour between the 10:00 to 11:00 hour bringing in $3.8 million. this is just one of those enthusiasm signs they are pointing to. and earlier today joe biden was here in alliance, ohio. he gave an assessment of that debate last night, saying that the president made it about himself with his constant interrupting and was not speaking directly to the american people. i had the chance to ask biden about his upcoming debates with the president, whether he would participate in those, and whether he wants to see any changes made by the commission ahead of those debates. take a listen to what he had to tell me. >> i just hope there is a way in which the debate commission can control the ability of us to answer the question without
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interruptions. i'm not going to speculate on what happens in the second or third debate. my hope is that they're able to literally say -- the question gets asked of trump. he has a microphone. he has two minutes to answer the question. no one else has a microphone. >> reporter: what do you have to say to those undecided persuadable voters who were watching last night and were completely turned off by politics? >> i can understand it. it was -- i kind of thought at one point maybe i shouldn't say this but the president of the united states conducted himself the way he did. i think it was just a national embarrassment. >> reporter: so a very frank assessment there from joe biden after that debate where the president constantly was interrupting both him and the
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moderator. now, right now biden is on this build back better express train tour. that is what the campaign is billing it as. they started in cleveland, ohio. the site of the debate. and are making their way now through pennsylvania deep into trump country. biden is visiting areas of pennsylvania that the president won pretty decisively against hillary clinton back in 2016. we've heard biden over the past few weeks say that he wants to directly reach out to those trump voters, saying that the president ran on this campaign. that he was trying to appeal to the forgotten man, but biden is arguing on this tour that the president forgot those people in office. we'll see him later tonight in johnstown, pennsylvania for a drive-in rally as he is looking to boost his support in that critical battleground state of pennsylvania that helped president trump win the election back in 2016. wolf? >> all right. thanks very much. let's bring in our political commentators, david axelrod, van
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jones, and john kasich. you know, van, the president was given the chance to denounce white supremacy last night. once again, he didn't do that. what is his refusal to condemn hate tell you? >> well, it's terrifying people across the country. i've had people contacting me, people i haven't heard from for years, saying, you know, do you think that i should purchase a fire arm? what is going to happen? what does he mean? what does he mean, stand by. does that mean he is going to launch some kind of attack on election day? people are really terrified. and i think it is highly irresponsible for him to -- most people, anybody, the person silting next to you, you know, and the movie theater would be happy to denounce white supremacist, racist, nazis. that is not a hard thing. when you can't pass that test and that bar something is really wrong. >> you know, david, the president now says he doesn't know who the far right group is, the so-called proud boys.
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after telling them in his words to stand back and stand by. he said that last night. a long time trump adviser now tells cnn it is no the that hard to condemn the group, saying f the proud boys. might not be hard but the president hasn't done it. why do you think he hasn't done it? >> first of all his denial about knowing them doesn't really stand up and it is in keeping with his practice we remember four years ago when david duke expressed support and he said he didn't know anything about -- this is what the president does when he is confronted with these kinds of situations but here's what we know as well. if you say good things about the president, the president will say good things about you. that is the judgment. that is the prism through which he passes everything and it doesn't matter whether you have repugnant views whether you are qanon or the proud boys.
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as long as you stand with trump trump will stand with you. when i was in the white house one thing we were very clear on, not just the president but everyone who worked for the president that the words a president speaks matter. and when a president of the united states refuses to roundly denounce white supremacist organizations, anti-semitic organizations, it has an impact. and sadly, it had an immediate impact last night. so it is tragic but all too familiar. >> governor kasich the president claims he is getting tremendous, his word, tremendous reviews for his debate performance last night but we know that so many of your fellow republicans are voicing their opposition to at least some of his comments. you were critical of the president long before last night's performance but what is this dissatisfaction from other republicans now telling you? >> well, this is all a pursuit of power.
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frankly by both parties. people wonder. they scratch their head. they wonder why don't the republicans say something about this? well, it is all about power. the problem is, you can see that biden maintains a very strong lead. republicans have to lie in the bed that they made. a lot of republicans are like what happened with kasich? why did he do this? look, from the beginning i was concerned about this man dividing the country. all the way back in the campaign and then at the very beginning we had charlottesville. we have one thing after another and anybody who watched that debate last night, they were just like horrified. i haven't spoken to anybody today that had one good thing to say about it. you know what else is interesting, the entire world now is scratching their head. they're saying what the heck is happening in america? so, wolf, it is causing people to doubt. i tell you last night, you know, the very few people who are undecided i think after last night they are moving toward
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biden. but the republicans that are solid for trump because this is a power game, a power game on all sides, that is the problem with american politics today. it is about we win and you lose instead of, hey, you know what? you may have won this one. we can win the next one. in the meantime let's build a better country. >> you know, it is interesting. the last hour i spoke to bob woodward who has a new book "rage" on all of this on the president as we know and he is deeply concerned that right now we are potentially heading into a real constitutional crisis only weeks before the election that could underminus us democracy, these publicly urging the republican and democratic leadership in the senate and the house to do something to contain the president. what do you think? >> i think that would be great but going back to what john was saying, there is a resistance, you know, for people that come together. this would be a splendid time for republican and democratic leaders to lock arms and say, we
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stand for the sanctity of the american electoral process. we are going to make sure this is an orderly process, a peaceful process that every vote is going to be counted and that the winner will be installed as president seems outrageous that in america we should even have to have that kind of statement but that would be very useful. but the politics of the moment suggest to me that is not likely to happen. but, you know, you connect up with the president -- what the president didn't say last night about the white supremacist organizations with what he did say in casting doubt about the vote and suggesting widespread fraud as he did four years ago by the way before he won and after he won because he was unhappy that he had lost the popular vote. he does these things casually but, again, when a president of the united states says them, they have impact. and i think it would behoove other elected officials of both parties to stand up and say, that's not who we are.
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that's not what we're going to tolerate. >> van, what do you think? >> i agree and i'm just glad we have leaders like benta gupta from the leadership conference on civil rights, from the naacp, the legal defense fund, who are gearing up legally to make sure that we don't have a constitutional crisis that winds up with us having millions of votes eliminated. there are a lot of things that could go down. to have the president of the united states say and continue to cast as perfections on the electoral process itself is very chilling. when you put that next to seeming to give some kind of a shoutout to a far right wing extremist you're starting to scare people. i think rather than being afraid we should be determined we'll have a great election, get to the other side, whoever wins, and come back together. but we have to stand up for groups that are standing up for democracy like the leadership conference for civil rights like the naacp legal defense fund, and other organizations. >> van jones, david axelrod, john kasich, guys, we'll
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continue this conversation for sure down the road. these are critical moments in american history we're watching. just ahead i'll speak to two former top trump administration officials about the style and the substance of the president's debate performance and how it squares with what they saw behind the scenes. new york city takes a big step on reopening as parts of the state nearly half of the country are seeing very disturbing rise right now in coronavirus infections.
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we're back with breaking news on the president's refusal today to explicitly condemn white supremacists when asked about his stunning debate remarks from last night about the far right group known as the proud boys. let's talk about that and more
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specifically the debate performance by the president with two former trump administration officials, cnn contributor miles taylor who served as chief of staff to homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen and olivia troye former adviser to vice president mike pence and the coronavirus task force. members of the far right group interpreted the president's comments in the debate last night as encouragement. you previously told me president trump didn't prioritize white supremacist violence or domestic threats in general. how did that become clear in your meetings with him and your work deep inside the trump administration. >> i'll tell you this. from the beginning of the trump administration we had a sense that the numbers were going in the wrong direction. by the numbers i mean, the number of terrorist plots we were tracking in the united states. when we first came in isis was the big threat. that was obvious to everyone. there was a surging threat from
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violent extremist groups here domestically primarily focused on white supremacy. and that was a big concern for us. the fbi and our own dhs analyst came to us and said this is worrying. we went to the white house and said the numbers are heading in the wrong direction. the response we got was the president put his head in the sand. the president and his senior advisers did not want to pay attention to the threat. they didn't want to talk about the threat. they told us to not use certain terms having to do with the threat such as right wing extremism and at the end of the day they refused to actually include this in any meaningful way in the national counterterrorism strategy. the message from the white house to us could not have been clearer. it was do not focus on this. do not prioritize this. i'm glad to say the secretaries that i served didn't listen to that. they did prioritize the threat. we worked extremely closely with the fbi on this. it is important that the white house care because the white house can muster a whole of government response against a
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threat like this. the white house never did and as a result we have maimed cities that remind us how bad the threat got. charlottesville, el paso. we could go on down the list. those events happened in part because our government wasn't as focused as it should have been on the threat, wolf. >> yes. that is so disturbing. olivia, last night the president also said he did a great job responding to the coronavirus pandemic and that if biden had been in office he said 2 million people would have died. you worked there. you were on the coronavirus task force. you worked for vice president pence. should the american people believe that these more than 206,000 american deaths over these past seven months or so were inevitable? >> i mean, the president's comments last night were once again offensive to me. he is personally responsible for a lot of these deaths for the perpetuating of myths and lies he has told the american public,
3:24 pm
and his messaging. and to hear him try to campaign on it last night on his record of success i don't know how you do that when we're still struggling on a number of areas here, domestically, to get control of this virus. >> when you say he was personally responsible, for many of these 206,000 deaths, just elaborate a little bit. tell us what you mean. >> from the very beginning, the president told the american public this was a hoax. this wasn't real. and then he made the mask a political device. he made it a political debate. it didn't need to be that way. he could have taken a different approach and utilized the mask in terms of a safety precaution and what would really make a difference for american lives. instead he chose the opposite route regardless of what people on the task force and inside the white house were advising him to do. >> miles, the president also refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. he is telling his supporters to
3:25 pm
go watch the polls. he is discouraging people from voting by mail, behind closed doors. does the president show a commitment from your perspective, and you worked on the inside, to the basic principles of our democracy? >> he doesn't, wolf. let me tell you why. a lot of people were offended by last night's debate. but i took it personally in particular and i thought it was one of the worst political moments of the 21st century which is really saying something because serving in the donald trump administration was a pride swallowing siege every single day but it was one of the worst political moments for this reason. we spent so much time trying to explain to donald trump what our foreign adversaries were trying to do in the united states to divide americans that it would be my hope that donald trump would have heard some of that and avoided some of the rhetoric that would have aided and abetted those foreign enemies. there were three things we were worried about when it came to election security and what our adversaries wanted to do. one they wanted to spread misinformation about candidates. two was they wanted to undermine
3:26 pm
the integrity of the vote and question the actual electoral process itself. and three, they wanted to generate civil unrest in the united states. donald trump materially contributed to each of those last night and as a result the president of the united states has fulfilled the dreams of america's enemies. >> miles taylor, olivia troye, guys, we'll continue this conversation for sure. just ahead, we're learning more about the far right group president trump told to stand back and stand by during last night's debate. we'll take you inside the world of the proud boys. and new york city restaurants are reopening for indoor dining but the mayor isn't ready to make reservations. ♪ you can go your own way
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we need experienced leadership to wipe away trump's stain on america for good. we're following an alarming increase in new covid-19 infections as the total number of cases and casualties continue to rise here in the united states. cnn's brian todd is joining us. brian, 26 states clearly right now heading in the wrong direction. we're seeing some communities actually loosening restrictions. what is the latest? >> reporter: right, wolf. hot spots all over the place. the upticks in new coronavirus cases now cover more than half the states. new york, which got some high marks for its handling of one of the worst outbreaks this past spring is now seeing worrisome
3:32 pm
signs. new york city takes a major step at a vulnerable time and starts to reopen restaurants for indoor dining for 25% of their normal capacity and with rigorous inspections. but mayor bill de blasio isn't ready to take that step himself just yet. >> my outdoor dining experiences have been amazing. i'll keep doing that for the foreseeable future and then of course shift to indoor when the outdoor isn't as prevalent because of the weather. >> this comes as new york city and other parts of the state see upticks in coronavirus cases that while slight at the moment are concerning. the mayor says in at least six specific neighborhoods the positivity rate continues to rise. certain businesses and neighborhood institutions may have to close. america's top voice on the pandemic warns about those smaller upticks in test positivity. >> which is generally a predictor that you're going to start seeing surges. so we've got to now double down and make sure that we're very conscientious without shutting
3:33 pm
down. >> reporter: but should new york city pause its reopening of schools and restaurants which it started this week? >> i think it is very important that new york weigh the risks of opening up at this point. we all know that when the virus has an opportunity to spread, it takes that opportunity. i would hate to see all of the hard work new york has done to keep this virus at bay be undone. >> reporter: today the trend nationwide is a major concern among experts. more than half the states now seeing a rise in cases. >> we're also heading into flu season. we're also seeing more schools reopening for in-person teaching, university compasses opening for students as well. so all of these factors are converging to increase cases in some places but also just to make it a much more vulnerable time. >> reporter: the midwest states are almost all seeing rising case numbers. the spike in wisconsin particularly alarming. record hospitalizations there.
3:34 pm
the coronavirus task force warning of a, quote, intense period of viral surge in wisconsin. and pleading for more social distancing. but president trump is still planning on holding back-to-back rallies in that state this weekend. despite being pressed in the debate over why he continues to hold large events. >> because people want to hear what i have to say. >> reporter: college campuses tonight continue to be major drivers of transmission. an outbreak on the notre dame football team that infected a dozen and a half players according to their coach spread like wildfire. the university of central florida has residents of three sorority houses under quarantine attempting to head off an outbreak there. and georgia tech has canceled spring break. we have this just in. some positive news for major league baseball. the baseball league has announced that fans will be allowed in the stands this fall for the national league championship series and the world series. major league baseball made the announcement just a short time ago.
3:35 pm
they'll be making tickets available, about 11,500 tickets available per game. the national league championship series and the world series both being played at globelife field in arlington, texas so about 11,500 fans will be allowed per game. they'll be socially distanced and masks required but live fans in the stands for baseball's biggest moments this fall. >> we'll see what happens on that front. brian todd reporting. thank you. dr. hotez, thanks for joining us. as you heard last night the president contradicted the experts on the timeline for the coronavirus vaccine. he is actually accusing politics of slowing the vaccine process down. what is a realistic timeline for a vaccine to be developed and who should the american people be listening to on this critically important subject? >> well, the irony, of course, is yes there is politics and the president is the one who is introducing the politics.
3:36 pm
look, we've got a very robust, scientific program, operation warp speed has a very orchestrated system of clinical trials. they're being done at the highest level of scientific rigor and integrity. 30,000 people trials. we were involved through our nih vaccine active working group in helping with organizing those trials and looking for possible safety events. so everything is all set to release safe and effective vaccines to the public but you have to give it the time. you have to let -- giving two doses of each of those vaccines to 30,000 people or at least half of those groups, two-thirds of those groups, compared to a placebo and then giving it adequate time to show the vaccines actually work and are safe. that's what's paramount. we will have that data by the end of the year. then if one of those three vaccines is shown to be safe and effective or maybe all three then they can be released to the public but that is how it works.
3:37 pm
and any attempt to derail that or interfere with that can only be counterproductive. this was very disturbing last night. the president made fun of joe biden for wearing a mask at the same time the white house coronavirus task force is pushing states to encourage mask wearing. how damaging is it, doctor, that the president is mocking a practice that health officials insist is absolutely necessary and can save thousands of american lives? >> well, it's just tragic at this point that we're still debating masks. we won't have vaccines until well into 2021 when a significant percentage of the population could get vaccinated. this is one of the few tools that we have to limit transmission. and so by mocking it, or we heard the florida governor now is no longer going to require it. this is -- this only makes people at risk. and what we should be having is
3:38 pm
a president and a white house that is setting a national tone for wearing masks. instead, he has helped to heavily politicize it so this has become now part of people's political identity not to wear masks almost in defiance. and it's having tragic consequences. a significant number of the 60,000 people who perished during that second peak of our epidemic this fall across the southern states in part because people were refusing to wear masks. so we can directly translate this into human lives. and there's no excuse for it and we've got to fix this right away. >> not that hard to simply put on a mask and save lives. dr. hotez, thank you as usual for joining us. >> thank you so much, wolf. just ahead despite the president's claim he is getting tremendous reviews for his debate performance, some trump allies privately admit they're furious with his response on white supremacy. plus, we're digging into the far right group president trump told
3:39 pm
to stand by. we'll be right back.
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tle right now we're learning more about the far right group president trump told to stand back and stand by during the debate last night a group the antidefamation league calls islama phobic with members that espouse white supremacist and anti-semitic ideology. speaking with some members at one of their rallies over the
3:44 pm
weekend. >> we're a drinking club with a patriot problem. as proud boys our main objective is to defend the west. do i look scary with this? i would never use this to hit someone out of just a blatant attack. it would be only self-defense. >> we're at the proud boys rally in delta park. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag. >> the proud boys are a far right group with ambiguous beliefs. >> we're not punching in the face. >> reporter: part of the culture is to be lightly punched. >> yes. >> reporter: they planned this rally after a far right activist was killed here a few weeks ago. many worry their presence in oregon will result in clashes with antiprotesters. there are at least 300 people here though they hyped up to 3,000.
3:45 pm
their ratio of journalists to proud boys is very high. are you here to get in fights with antifa? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: you guys are sort of dressed in the aesthetics of political violence. >> and actually what we are and aesthetics is two different things. we are all wearing protective gear. >> reporter: it just seems like every time there is a proud boys event it ends with some people getting beat up. >> if our mere presence causes people to want to commit acts of violence we're not afraid to defend ourselves. i know what you do, bro. >> who that's not a white supremacist and nazi? >> reporter: the proud boys tell us they're here to drink beer and barbecue but there have already been a couple events that teeth erd on the edge of violence including our own crew being threatened. >> cnn -- get the -- out. get out. >> reporter: just film that. >> you got something to say? >> we had one antifa come in here. he openly admitted he was.
3:46 pm
the cameras captured it all. look. they're being so violent. they didn't touch him. he wasn't bleeding. he wasn't marked up. he didn't get punched. he didn't get nothing. i told him later you're lucky. >> reporter: well if you're not here for violence it wouldn't be luck it would be the plan, right? >> right, i mean, if -- yeah. >> reporter: it wouldn't be a stroke of luck. >> sure. >> reporter: you weren't expecting to be violent. >> but i can't speak for everybody else. >> reporter: the sheriff's department estimated about a thousand people came to delta park throughout the day. meanwhile about a thousand counterprotesters gathered three miles away. what do you think the proud boys represent? >> fear. fear of losing power. they feel like they are just losing everything they thought. you know, they are the superior race. we call them the proud little peanut boys. >> reporter: why is it important to have a counterrally to the proud boys? why not just ignore them? >> we're out here to show we're
3:47 pm
not afraid and not going to back down and face the tyranny especially when the president is amping up this whole situation. >> what do you want with the proud boys? >> reporter: as the nightly protests people waited for the proud boys to show up but they never came. instead the only clashes that occurred were the same ones between police and protesters that have happened nearly every night since may. in the end it was just another night in portland. >> excellent report indeed. just ahead we're taking a closer look at the president's repeated false claims against voting during the debate and the possible strategy behind these attacks.
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