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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 5, 2020 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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he's still fighting for them. >> still he has his own protective detail and he's putting them at risk. >> the white house doctor is having a difficult time answering very difficult questions. >> i was trying to reflect the very upbeat attitude that the team had and in doing so came off as if we were trying to hide something. >> in medicine, you don't throw the kitchen sink at a patient with an abundance of caution. i think the president might be the only person on the planet to ever receive this particular combination of medicine. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day," it is monday, october 5th, 6:00 here in new york. this morning, the president of the united states is waking up in the hospital with coronavirus and we have no idea how long he intends to stay there or how severe his illness is. yesterday, the president took a spin outside of the hospital to wave to his supporters. the white house medical team apparently okayed this drive-by,
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but other doctors say it put the secret service agents that he's with there in the car, it put their health at risk. the white house gave no notice to reporters, which breaks long-standing protocol and the stunt follows a dizzying weekend of conflicting reports about the president's condition. >> so this morning, we want to tell you what we know, but we need to preface it with this disclaimer. the president's doctor has admitted lying to the american people. beyond that, the president's doctor and the white house are deliberately withholding information that would shed light on how many people's lives the president put in jeopardy. the following is what they tell us, but really it's unclear whether it can be believed. they tell us, again, those who have lied tell us that the president is receiving a variety of treatments, remdesivir, and a steroid, dexamethasone, which is only to be given to people with severe breathing issues. the president's doctors say he's experienced two drops in his
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oxygen levels and was given supplemental oxygen on friday. dr. sean conley lied about that in his first news conference. the president had a high fever. they won't tell us how high. now they say he has no fever. they say they've looked into his lungs, but won't tell us if there's any damage. we know that this giant white house event to announce the supreme court nomination of amy coney barrett might have been a super spreader event. ten people in the president's inner circle are now infected, including the first lady, two senators, the president of notre dame and governor chris christie. he's still in the hospital and we have had no word since saturday on his condition. the pandemic itself is showing signs of surging. 23 states are showing rising case numbers. all the states there in red and we are seeing a rising number of deaths in certain states, as well. let's begin outside walter reed medical center, where the president is, joe, i know we're trying to get reliable information, but that word, reliable, has been trod upon over the last few days, joe.
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>> sure has, john. and the president's been here since friday, but there's still a lot of uncertainty about his condition. his doctors say he's made great progress, but the medications he's taking suggest a very sick covid-19 patient. and then there's a drive-by out here on the road, just last night, a political photo op, certainly, also indicating more questions about the president's health. and the health of the people who are protecting him. a political photo op meant as a show of strength raising questions this morning about how seriously the white house is taking the president's covid-19 diagnosis. president trump being driven past supporters outside walter reed national military medical center, seen through his suv window wearing a face mask and waving to his supporters. a member of his secret service detail in personal protective gear. the drive-by prompting outcry
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from medical experts who question trump's judgment and his doctors. >> amazingly irresponsible. and his physician should have said "no." >> reporter: an attending physician at walter reed hospital who is not treating the president had this response. >> i have a hard time believing that without undue influence, based on their chain of command, that those physicians would have cleared that. masks or no masks, being inside a vehicle that is hermetically sealed, circulates virus inside and potentialliy lputs people a risk. >> reporter: the white house saying this event was cleared by trump's medical team. >> i don't think this was a stunt at all. i think this was president trump showing people that he's very gracious for the hospitality they've shown him. >> reporter: the president also releasing a video recorded in the hospital, saying he had learned a lot about the virus, more than eight months after the first u.s. cases were reported. >> i learned a lot about covid. i learned it by really going to school. this is the real school.
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this isn't the "let's read the book" school and i get it and i understand it. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump's doctors saying he is receiving an aggressive cocktail of medications, including a five-day treatment of antiviral, remdesivir, dexamethasone, and an experimental antibody treatment. trump's physician contradicting overly optimistic tone, and that he received supplemental oxygen at the white house ton friday. dr. sean conley admitting his team had not fully disclosed the president's concerning condition. >> i was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude that the team, the president, that his course of illness has had. i didn't want to give any information that might steer the course of illness in another
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direction. and in doing so, you know, it came off that we were trying to hide something. it wasn't necessarily true. >> reporter: and what about the presidential campaign? vice president pence is back out on the campaign trail today. he's going to hold a rally in utah, and that appearance will be ignoring cdc guidelines that say that if you've been exposed to a person who has covid, you should self-quarantine for about 14 days. alisyn, back to you. >> right. that's what we've all been told for eight months now. joe, thank you very much. joining us now is dr. jonathan reiner, professor of medicine at george washington university. john harwood, cnn white house correspondent. and margaret talev, cnn political analyst and politics and white house editor at axios. great to see all of you. dr. reiner, we'll get to what happened over the weekend in a moment, but i want to talk about what might happen today. president trump's doctor said he could be released from the hospital today, but we know that he's on this remdesivir
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treatment and isn't that a five-day protocol, which would mean he has to get it again today and tomorrow, and can that be administered at the white house? or is that only administered in a hospital? >> good morning, alisyn. it can be administered at the white house. i'm not sure why you would administer it at the white house. the president is likely still infectio infectious, although we don't know that. his team has not disclosed whether they've rechecked whether he remains positive. so if you think about the environment in which he is staying now, it's a very sophisticated, large suite that occupies almost an entire floor at walter reed. very self-contained with all of the communications and security equipment that the president of the united states would require. so he's in a very safe, monitored environment. why would you move him from that right now? particularly if he remains
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infectious. you're going to bring him to the white house and isolate him in the relatively small residence upstairs, leave him there at walter reed for now. he can work from walter reed. and be monitored and receive the drugs. it makes no sense to move him to the white house, until he's truly recovered and no longer requires isolation. so i have no expectation that they're going to move him today. >> we don't know. and if they do, it really doesn't tell us anything about his medical condition, because what we do know, the one thing we now know for certain is that politics is superseding medicine here. there's just no question about it it at this point. when dr. conley lies on saturday and then gleefully admits to lying on sunday, you know that politics has taken precedent, john harwood. and when the president gets in an suv with secret service agents, i don't care if they're wearing masks or in scuba gear, but when by a guy who is by all
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accounts still infectious, it's clear that politics is more important than medicine. >> this has been an episode that encapsulate the incompetence, the irresponsibility that characterizes the administration's approach to coronavirus from day one. it is shocking that dr. conley made a fool of himself repeatedly over the weekend, giving misleading, evasive, comic lally evasive answers. everyone could see he was evading answers and explaining them by saying he didn't want to influence the course of illness. you have these ridiculous statements from jason miller, the campaign strategist, who went on to criticize joe biden for using a mask as a prop while his candidate is sick in the hospital with coronavirus. and then the candidate himself putting in danger his secret service detail by going out for no reason at all, other than to
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wave through the car window at supporters who were out, you know, honking their horns and waving flags there for him. it is just unreal that this is the president of the united states, this is the white house team, this is the trump campaign behaving in this way. but it helps explain why the administration response has been so bad. why we are 4% of the world's population and have 20% of the world's deaths and cases. it is all right there in front of us right now. >> and margaret, president trump, you heard a little clip of this in our open, now says he's gone to school on coronavirus. so ten months into this, now he says -- i mean, he was sort of implying he's been to the school of hard knocks, because he's gotten it. now it's real for him. now he's gone to school on it. and he looks forward to sharing, at some point, what he's learned. not yesterday. he didn't feel like sharing it. now he will share it. i don't know what that means for
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the public when he gets out, what he plans to tell them. >> well, alisyn, i think what the president seems to be previewing is the idea that he wants to get back out there to campaign in some format in the closing weeks and that he will attempt to take what we have all been living through the last several days and turn it into a closing argument for himself. i think that's some pretty high-level politics. but this is about him putting a spin on this in terms of his strength or his ability to survive this. and i think anyone who has had coronavirus or lost a loved one to coronavirus knows that the primary lesson is not leave your bedrest before it's safe to do so and go out to give people political assurances. the deep frustrations inside the white house are truly uncontainable in terms of staff being worried about their own health and their own confusion.
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axios spent the weekend reporting on people's frustrations over the lack of guidance and our jonathan swann went to the white house press conference shortly after 8:00 last night to ask for their response for a story we were preparing to publish. it was about 15 minutes after that that the white house, the president's side of the white house actually finally released guidance for the first time. the first lady's office, the vice president's office, had released that guidance days ago. this has been, unfortunately, a matter of keeping people in the dark, both the public in terms of these public presentations and the staff inside the west wing, keeping many people in the dark in order to be able to try to maintain this narrative of upbeat, you know, mild symptoms, et cetera, in the face of really different information. >> it tells you how much you care about the own employees that the first email went out last night. "the wall street journal" is reporting that when a white house employee tested positive last thursday, the president
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specifically told that person not to tell anyone. and margaret, i know you have some reporting on this also, but cnn is reporting about immense displeasure inside the secret service, that they were made to drive in that hermetically sealed deathmobile with the president last night. this is a quote here. a veteran secret service agent harshly criticized president trump's motorcade photo op. it's reckless and irresponsible, unbelievable. he said he shared a view expressed by a confidant of an agent who told "the washington post" of trump, he's never cared about us. that is a true statement. margaret, axios has got some reporting on this, too. >> that's right. i talked to a supervisory agent, a former supervisor in the detail last night, who shared some of these concerns, as well. the concern is among their agents and their spouses about them bringing it home and their own safety. and beyond the health aspect, there's just a real concern about politicization of this. we know that the president's deputy chief of staff is a
3:13 am
former top agent in the presidential detail. there are real concerns that the only job, the job of the secret service detail is to protect the president. they don't get to think about protecting themselves. so if -- you don't -- i think if you're an agent, you don't have that split second to think, is this really a good idea? that's not your job. your job is to protect the president, even if that means driving him if he wants to take a drive-by supporters. but there are steps in that command where people are supposed to have time to think this through and think about the contingencies and when that doesn't take place, it's a matter of national security. and that's what a lot of these concerns are about. >> we have a lot more questions for you guys, so we're going to carry you over to the next block. thank you very much for your patience. we're going to talk about the things that we have been told. again, we can't trust them because the doctors have admitted to lying, but we're
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going to try to understand the things that we have been told and what they might mean for the president's health moving forward. that's next. re is hard. it's hard. eliminate who you are not first, and you're going to find yourself where you need to be. ♪ the race is never over. the journey has no port. the adventure never ends, because we are always on the way. ♪ ♪
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new febreze light. so the white house released a twitter video of the president speaking to the camera last night and when he looked better. he looked better on sunday than he did on saturday. but honestly, that's all we have to go on. because as i keep saying, the president's doctor, the white house doctor admitted to lying to the american people. why do i keep saying this? what you're about to see is this doctor, sean conley, first on saturday, telling us that the president did not receive oxygen on friday. he said, no, he did not receive oxygen friday or saturday and then sunday, he cleaned it up and said, oh, yeah, he did. listen to this. >> yesterday and today, he was not on oxygen. >> the only oxygen that i ordered or that we provided was that friday morning, initially. >> so he said yesterday and today, he was not on oxygen. then he said, the only oxygen we gave him was friday. that was yesterday in that
3:19 am
formulation. that's not a rosy picture. that's not trying to put things in a good light. that is a lie. >> i think he also got oxygen on saturday. >> we don't know. he said he didn't know. the saturday thing, his oxygen level was dropped. and he was asked, did he get oxygen, and he said, i don't know, you'll have to ask the nurses. because apparently the white house doctor doesn't know if the doctor got oxygen on saturday. the reason i wanted to establish that is this at this point, really, we just can't trust, we can't trust what the doctors are telling us, but we have to try to piece together the president's condition based on, you know, what they may be telling us the truth on. one of them, after first, you know, refusing to tell us whether he was on troisteroids friday, yesterday they finally admitted they gave him dexamethasone. what does that tell us in and of itself? it has been shown to be very helpful for certain patients, but the w.h.o and nih also say, it should only be given to patients with severe breathing
3:20 am
problems because of potential side effects. >> right. let me just say something quickly about sean and the briefings. he's broken the cardinal rule of being a physician and briefing the public on a public official, which is, you must tell the truth and the entire truth. physicians are truth tellers. and once you breach that, you have no credibility. and now you're seeing the outcome of that. as for the dexamethasone, the recovery trial, which was a large uk-based trial, look at sick hospitalized patients with covid-19. and patients who were either receiving supplemental oxygen or who were intubated did derive a benefit in terms of a rureducti in mortality when they received dexamethasone for up to ten days. but i want you to know, these are sick patients. and even the best arm in the recovery trial, the
3:21 am
dexamethasone arm, the mortality out of 28 days was 23%. so if the president was truly sick enough to receive dexamethasone, and that's what it suggests, then it really shows you the magnitude of his risk. and dr. conley also sort of slipped a little bit and disclosed that it sounds like the president has either x-ray or ct evidence of pneumonia. which is almost certainly why they added the dexamethasone to his regimen. >> dr. reiner, i have one more medical question for you. is there anything we can glean as regular people from this one-man clinical trial that president trump appears to be in at the moment. because the rest of us have been told for ten months, you do not go to the hospital until you cannot breathe. because the hospital will turn you away. you wait until the last minute until you go to the hospital and 209,000 americans are dead. what president trump did, of course, he's the president, was
3:22 am
different. he went to the hospital right away and got this trifecta of remdesivir and dexamethasone and the monoclonal antibody treatment. so can we take anything from that? should we go to the hospital sooner? can the rest of us get that combo of drugs? >> well, the answer is "no." because no one on the planet has ever received this triple regimen of monoclonal antibodies, remdesivir, and dexamethasone. i don't think it's been given to a single patient on the planet. so this speaks to the urgency of the situation. so either the president was desperately ill at the end of the week, or his physicians panicked or the patient was panicking. there is no other explanation. either they felt he was on death's door or there was just a loss of control in the white house. there's one other thing i want to say about that. we must know when the president was last tested negative.
3:23 am
and this has become a tightly guarded secret in the white house. the reason that's important is that if he truly was negative multiple days during the week -- he should have been tested the day of the debate. they say he's tested every day, that's why he doesn't wear a mask. when we know that date, we'll know what his risk is. because if he was truly negative on wednesday, then he hasn't reached his peak risk yesterday. we tend to see that seven to ten days after someone turns positive. but if he indeed could have been positive for several days, then he actually may be on the road to recovery now. the worst might be over. we need to know that. that also speaks to the risk to the vice president on tuesday. >> there's also a serious political reason why i think they're not telling us when his last negative test was. and i think if it painted things in a good light, they would tell us. i think they have to assume that's why they're not telling us. there was this event at the white house last saturday for supreme court nominee amy coney barrett, where so many people
3:24 am
have now become infected. was the president tested after that? did he receive a negative test on saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday? i don't know, because they won't tell us, if the answer is, no, he wasn't tested, that means the president with no testing after that event, john harwood, did debate prep. chris christie is now in the hospital. he went to the debate, stood on stage with joe biden who is now being tested every day. he went to minnesota on air force one. michael scherer who we're going to have on the show went on that trip. he has now tested positive. that was on saturday he flew. and also on to new jersey. so it's possible that the president wasn't tested at all and that the white house has been lying about testing, including lying to the debate commission. >> exactly. and, you know, the big event on saturday, the colossal event on tuesday night, when he was on stage with joe biden. the other man who could become
3:25 am
president after this election. think about the wreckage that donald trump has left in his wake. so many people close to him now having been diagnosed positive after close interactions with a president who recklessly has defied public health guidance. and you know, john, you were talking about, with dr. reiner, about sean conley and how dishonest sean conley has been. let's don't forget, this flows from the top. the president of the united states is a deeply dishonest person. in fact, the american people have known this throughout his presidency. pollsters have asked from the beginning of the trump administration, do you think the president is honest or not. a majority of americans have said that he is dishonest from the beginning. but those numbers have gone up this summer. you had a finding from quinnipiac. 66% of the american people said
3:26 am
they thought the president's dishonest. and "the washington post"/abc poll, 64% of the american people say they don't believe what the president says about coronavirus. this is now playing out in realtime with staggering consequences for him personally and for the people closest to him. >> margaret, what should we be focused on today? what are you looking at? >> well, the big question that everybody will be watching today, of course, is whether or not they decide, in fact, to release the president and to return him to the white house. what that looks like in terms of his care and what kind of messaging we will see follow. i think there is also a real fallout in the white house in terms of what to watch. and we're watching to see which other senators or people who have come in contact with any of the people who were in contact with the people there in the rose garden or anywhere down this chain of command, how many additional positive diagnoses that we see. and there is one other issue
3:27 am
that dr. reiner can probably talk to better than i can, but this also goes to that timeline question, and understanding the president piece real path to recovery. and that is that we don't know yet what his recovery will be like. will he bounce back quickly? will he fall into this category of long haulers, who we have heard about, chris cuomo, your chris cuomo on cnn talks about this a lot. the after-effects, there can be physical after-effects and cognitive after-effects that can last "x" period of time. how will that impact the president's ability to both campaign, but also to govern in weeks or months ahead. >> such important questions. margaret, john, dr. reiner, thank you all very much. >> and the white house coronavirus outbreak extending to capitol hill. three republican senators also testing positive. what does this mean for the fight over the supreme court nominee? you can't predict the future.
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the outbreak of coronavirus in the white house could affect the timeline of confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee amy coney barrett. two republican senators who have tested positive sit on the senate judiciary committee. cnn's sunlen serfaty is live on capitol hill with the latest. so how's this going to go, sunlen? >> reporter: alisyn, this covid outbreak in congress certainly could be a huge problem for republicans who are hoping to get amy coney barrett through before election day. put most simply, they need these three senators to be back here in washington to vote. if they remain sick, if they're unable to roecover from covid ad cannot return to washington this month, that put, most bluntly, would threaten and potentially derail her confirmation from getting through on that timeline. democrats up here on capitol hill are pushing for the republicans to delay her confirmation hearing. here's the senate minority leader chuck schumer just
3:33 am
yesterday. >> even though he has said it's not safe for the senate to meet in session, but it's okay to have the hearings. and the idea of having virtual hearings, where no one is with the witness, for the highest court in the land, for a life appointment that would have such effect on people's lives, makes no sense. >> reporter: now, due to this recent outbreak among their own, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, he has pushed back senate floor activity for two weeks to respond to this outbreak. but the confirmation hearing scheduled for senate judiciary hearings, john, that is going on as scheduled, and that starts just one week from today. john? >> sunlen, thank you very much. obviously, this has major implications across the board. democratic presidential nominee joe biden talking about implications. he is going to florida today for campaign stops. his campaign announced he has tested negative for the virus again last night. cnn's jason carroll with the very latest on the biden
3:34 am
campaign plans. jason? >> and yes, john, florida, one of those key states in play. the vice president will be making his way down to miami for a few campaign stops. he'll be speaking to communities of color. he'll be in little haiti, in little havana. his wife, jill, will be joining him, as well, and of course, later on this evening, we'll be participating in a televised down hall. going forward, there have been some concerns about the fact that the vice president shared the debate stage with trump last week and about testing. his campaign says that john, he will be tested on a regular basis. he was tested last friday, twice. remember, he was in michigan last friday. he was tested again yesterday. all of those tests have come back negative. and his campaign says that once again, not only will he be tested regularly, but each time he travels, he'll be tested, as well. looking ahead at the vp debate, some concerns there about harris and about pence. the biden camp raised concerns
3:35 am
about the spacing between the two candidates. initially, the two candidates were going to be about 7 feet apart. now there's going to be a change there. they're going to be about 12 feet apart. also some other changes, masks will be required by everyone inside the debate hall with the exception of the moderator and the candidate. but any guest who's in there, john, not wearing a mask and being told to put one on and does not put one on will be escorted out. remember those images last week of the debate when the trump family was there, was seated, was asked to put on masks and refused to do so. >> yeah, the trump family for a photo op actually made clear they were taking their masks off, while sitting in the audience, despite pleas from the cleveland clinic. jason carroll, thanks so much. please keep us posted. pandemic news across the globe. russia this morning racing forward with its coronavirus vaccine. cnn speaks exclusively with the lead laboratory scientist there, who now has this new message for the now-infected president trump. repair your enamel with pronamel repair.
3:36 am
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the russian scientists behind a controversial coronavirus vaccine say the u.s. should seriously consider the sputnik-v vaccine in the wake of president trump's coronavirus diagnosis. cnn gained exclusive access to a russian lab and matthew chance joins us live from moscow with all the details. matthew, what did you learn? >> alisyn, thanks. president trump wouldn't be in the situation he's in now if he had taken the russian vaccine and other u.s. officials should consider taking it. those are the words of scientists from the gamma lea institute, which is behind russia's own covid-19 vaccine, sputnik-vaccine. it's a tightly controlled institution, funded by the russian government and at the center of that battle against covid-19, so it's very sensitive. but we managed to get through the doors and speak to some of the key scientists behind what russia calls its vaccine breakthrough. it's taken us months to gain
3:41 am
access to this secretive moscow lab, where these very scientists helped create russia's coronavirus vaccine. you assess the effectiveness of sputnik-v in this lab here? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: now cnn has been given a brief but exclusive glimpse inside the gamma lea institute, a chance to understand how this russian government facility was able to produce what it says is a working covid-19 vaccine ahead of the world's biggest pharmaceutical firms. >> team. >> it's one of the secret. platform is another. >> reporter: scientists here insist it's their expertise plus tried and tested technology used on vaccines for other diseases, that gave them an edge. >> what else is it? a team, the technology, but what's the secret? >> what the secret? i think the secret is when your team is really involved in this process. concentration on this process. i think in many pharma, you have
3:42 am
different projects you have involved, but here, when you concentrate on this special task, when people are ready to stay here overnight, let's say. >> everybody is just working on one thing. >> yeah. >> sputnik. >> vaccine. exactly. >> this is one of russia's oldest, most accomplished vaccine research laboratories. but in the rush to create sputnik-v, critics say this institute has abandoned normal scientific practice. as well as skipping large-scale human tests before approval. russian soldiers were used as volunteers in early trials, and the institute's director even injected himself and his staff with the experimental vaccine. now, in a rare interview, the gamma lea director is defending his methods. the world is at war with covid-19, he told me, and we must use all available means to
3:43 am
defend ourselves. but the fact that your vaccine has been registered for use before phase iii clinical trials have ended, so before we know if it is safe or effective, you know, is in itself the cutting of a corner. are you comfortable with that corner being cut? >> yes. >> reporter: maybe we should ask the relatives of those killed by covid, if they would prefer us to wait until phase iii trials have finished, he said. or to vaccinate their loved ones with the vaccine that demonstrated brilliant early results. the answer, he says, is obviously. >> here, i have a couple of rooms where we purify proteins. >> reporter: he could be right and the russian vaccine created here at breakneck speed could prove safe and effective. but if it doesn't, reputations and lives could be ruined. >> a number of lives being affected and potentially ruined here in russia, continues to grow.
3:44 am
in the past 24 hours alone, there's been nearly 11,000 new cases recorded. that's the highest level since may. so russia may have a vaccine that it says works, but if you're having any impacts at all on the rates of infection. john? >> that tells you something, doesn't it, matthew? and i think the important thing here is we are at a stage in this pandemic where it is getting worse around the world, including here in the united states. so the race for a vaccine even more important. matthew, thank you very much for your reporting. so more nfl players have now tested positive for coronavirus and that means a double header for monday night football. andy scholes with more in the bleacher report. >> the chiefs and patriots were supposed to play yesterday, but the nfl announcing they were moving that game after a player for both teams tested positive for coronavirus and the player for the patriots turned out to be star quarterback, cam newton. now, no further patriots or chiefs have tested positive for covid-19 as they have done
3:45 am
further testing, and that's despite a source telling cnn that cam went through an entire day of meetings and practice before the team eventually learned of his positive test. so the patriots and chiefs, they're scheduled to play tonight in kansas city at 7:05 eastern. that pushes back the falcon/packers game to 8:50 eastern. in the meantime, more tennessee titans players and staff have tested positive for covid-19, bringing the total to 20 in the organization. we have ten players and ten staff members now. a league source telling cnn that there is an investigation to determine whether the team was following covid protocols that have been put in place by the league. and you know, john, the type it were supposed to play the steelers yesterday. the titans scheduled right now to host the bills on sunday, but adds more people in the organization continue to test positive, john, that certainly seems like it's in jeopardy. >> how can they play? i don't see it. maybe it will happen, but as we
3:46 am
sit here this morning, andy, it's hard to image them playing and that will be a game and have to get postponed as well. thank you, andy, so much for that reporting. 29 days until the election. how will the president's infection with coronavirus affect the campaign? we're going to speak to former white house communications director anthony schoouch. when r flu shot at walgreens you don't just get a bandage you get assurance that we take the right precautions to keep you safe. so you can defend your crew against the flu. get your flu shot safely from our pharmacy experts at walgreens
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can attack anywhere. get fast relief here with primatene mist. available over the counter for mild ashtma. primatene mist. breathe easy again. president trump's decision to leave walter reed medical center for an unscheduled joy ride is raising more questions about president trump's judgment on the pandemic that has killed 209,000 americans. joining us now, former white house communications director, scaramucci. anthony, we have so many questions for you. when the president decides to do something like that, to go for this unscheduled joy ride, he ditched the press. the long-standing protocol of the tight group of press that follows a u.s. president around at all times so the american public can have transparency about where the president is, he ditched them. so what happens around the president in terms of his aides when he decides to do something like that? >> well, so it happens all the
3:51 am
time, so it's a fairly predictable thing. obviously, there was some impetuosity in terms of making that decision. he then probably bullied some of the doctors and the aides are easily bullied now, because he has nobody left with a backbone, so they said, okay. and he puts those secret service men and the driver in ppe and puts all of them and their families in harm's way to go do that ridiculous stunt. so he thinks that stunt is a sign of strength and a great metaphor and a great image. and it may be for some of his cult members, they thought it was great. but in general, the world is actually laughing at that. and in general, real leadership would have been something more compassionate and something more informative and something more empathetic to the 200,000 plus people that have died. and so he's getting the best care. he's trying to take care away from other people. i mean, the symbolism here is absolutely horrible, but, no,
3:52 am
ditching the press, that fits right inside of his narrative about the press being the enemy of the people and all of that nonsense that he's been spewing for the last three and a half years. >> as a reporter, i care about ditching the press. i think the bigger issue is putting secret service agents at risk. and white house staff, anthony, that only last night, you know, four days into this was the first email they received. you worked in the white house. albeit for a short period of time, but what must the morale be like inside the white house now, not knowing if the guy or woman in the office next to mine is positive? >> the morale is at an all-time low, but it's also an all-time low on capitol hill. people do talk to each other and they're like, okay, what do we do now? he's got coronavirus. he totally ignored the rules and the protocol. he forced all of us to ignore the rules and the protocol. it's aides inside the white house, john, but it's also aides
3:53 am
up on capitol hill, and it's elected leaders. like, okay, ed rollins called it the party of dumb. so now the gop represents incompetence and malpractice in addition to all of the other insanity that the president has perpetrated on the gop. and so the morale is at an all-time low. the morale in the campaign is at an all-time low. the donors to the republican party, their morale is at an all-time low. but i guess because the president is loaded up with steroids, his morale is at a delusional all-time high. none of this stuff makes any sense anymore, so what we have to do is just get out there, good americans, men and women have to get out there, explain how crazy this is, and work tirelessly over the next 28 days to defeat him. >> hey, anthony, let's talk about those republican donors. you know, after what may have been a super spreader event of the amy coney barrett nomination celebration at the white house,
3:54 am
the president went to various fund-raisers and may have been positive and not disclosed it or not known. so what are you hearing from republican donors about all of this? >> well, as you would imagine, i was a donor to the republican party for 30 years. i wrote my first check to rudolph giuliani when i was 29 years old in 1989. i know the donor community in new york and most of the donor community around the united states, but they are very sour right now, because, you know, what do we know? he only cares about himself. we also don't know where a lot of the money has gone. i think we all realize that. i'm not going to accuse anybody on the air and everybody is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but there's a lot of nefarious activity going on. so donors are concerned about where the money is, how did they run out of money. he's the incumbent president. why would he come up to new jersey when he's not feeling
3:55 am
well? and maybe he didn't get tested before, so he didn't definitively know that he had covid-19 or symptoms related to it. but why is he doing that to the rest of us? so the money is drying up. his narrative is failing. and he's flailing. and so it's upsetting to watch, because he is the american president, alisyn. and, you know, the world is watching us and they're saying, okay, what is he doing, exactly? he got diagnosed with covid-19, he's on experimental drugs, he's taking massive steroids and forcing the secret service to ri ride around in a hermetically sealed car with him four days after the diagnosis? how does anybody not think that is crazy. i think that's the most resonating thing going on right now in a donor community. >> normally when you go a high-dollar fund-raiser, what you get is a photo with the president. now you get to leave with a photo and exposure to a potentially deadly virus. >> i'm trying to be super
3:56 am
serious, john. >> look, i'm being very serious, too. there are a lot of people right now who need to be tested because of the president's actions, anthony. i appreciate your time this morning, really. >> thanks, anthony. >> good to see you. "new day" will be right back. roasted cauliflower tacos with spicy chipotle sauce. [doorbell chimes] thank you. [puck scores] oooow yeah!! i wasn't ready! you want cheese to go with that whine??
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so.. i've never been this confident in my body. my name is sara and i changed my life with noom. visit and lose the weight for good. questions about how seriously the president is taking the virus, even in the face of his own struggle. getting into that car and doing that drive-by. >> president trump wanted to as a sign of gratitude show folks that he's still fighting for them. >> here he has his own protective detail and he's putting them at risk so he can go out and wave. >> the white house doctors are having a difficult time answering very basic questions. >> i was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude that the team has had, and in doing so, came off that we were trying to hide something. >> it shakes the public's confidence and makes it that much harder to believe. >> in medicine, you don't throw the kitchen sink at a patient with an abundance of caution. i think the president might be the only patient on the plane


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