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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 6, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the governor won't go for that, not yet. >> very behind. >> reporter: also concern over in new jersey after that fundraiser thursday hosted by a likely infectious president. case counts are rising again across the northeast which was so recently a success story. these five states saw at least 50% more cases this past week compared to the week before. >> this is a wake up call to everyone in new york city to tighten up again, do the things that work. we overcame the worst problem in hello, and welcome to our the entire country. viewers joining us here in the >> reporter: new york state's governor says a lack of local united states, and all around enforcement is a big part of the the world. you are watching cnn newsroom. and i'm rosemary church. problem. >> you will see people die if we just ahead, back at the white don't do more enforcement. house, and unmasked, the latest the state is going to take over on president trump's condition the enforcement oversight in all as he tells americans not to be afraid of covid. the hot spot cluster. joe biden quickly draws a >> reporter: meanwhile, this contrast with mr. trump tweeting morning, down in miami-dade county, another former hot spot, wear a mask.
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how coronavirus is shaping the more than 22,000 kids returned race for the white house. to the classroom. and europe struggles under >> here to report happily that i the weight of a second wave with have seen nothing but happy all but four countries failing a faces. >> reporter: at one north carolina school, all 3rd grade critical covid stress test. now quarantined after a teacher, julie davis tested positive. she later died. there will be plenty more pain ahead. >> i'm actually disturbed and concerned about the fact that our baseline of infections is still stuck at around 40,000 per good to have you with us, u.s. president donald trump and day. >> reporter: he's been saying back at the white house despite that for weeks and we've only still being contagious with the gotten worse, back-to-back days of 50,000 plus new cases coronavirus. in a made for tv moment, he nationwide friday and saturday. stood on the balcony of the white house and took off his first time we have seen that mask in an effort to show he's since mid august. president trump tweets don't be beaten covid-19. he even came back outside for a afraid of covid, well, since his redo of his entrance still without a mask and given how positive test, since he was highly contagious he is at the medevaced to one of the greatest moment, putting all of those hospitals on earth to receive around him at risk. treatment that very few other but instead of being concerned people can get, since then, more about the health of those with than 2,000 other americans have him, here's what he said.
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died of covid-19, more than >> i knew there's danger to it but i had to do it. 200,000 americans have died of i stood out front. i led. covid since this began. nobody that's a leader would not and we are far from done. do what i do. nick watt, cnn, los angeles. and i know there's a risk. there's a danger, but that's okay, and now i'm better, and maybe i'm immune, i don't know. polls show a majority of americans are critical of the president's response, how joe >> but it's hard to understand biden might be looking to why his doctors would allow the capitalize on that. we'll take a look just ahead. i love audible because it's changed my life for the better. president to leave the hospital and then move around without a mask. especially since the white house physician would not share details about mr. trump's health. >> does he have pneumonia or whatever question i have i feel like inflammation in his lungs at there's an avenue to seek the answer. all? >> we have done routine standard hit that app and you start a story, you're on an adventure. imaging, i'm just not at liberty download a new book within seconds and it's ready to go. to discuss. >> doctor you're on board air there's something for everybody on audible. force one. >> you're not telling us what the lung scans show, just to be i like short stories. short stories are easy. clear. >> there are hipaa rules and they're quick. i like long and like intricate stories, regulations that restrict me in that's what i really love.
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audible originals. sharing certain things for his i like biographies. safety and his own health, and self-help. fantasy. true crime podcasts. i love it so much. reasons. >> cnn's kaitlan collins has i can literally listen to anything. i can do it any time. and any place. been following this story and has the latest for us. and you know, for as long as i like. >> yeah, it was less than 72 hours after the president was getting really into a story can totally transform where you are admitted to walter reed hospital that he returned to the white and your mindset. it's really cool. house when he dramatically every time i learn something new, climbed the steps of the white it just fuels the curiosity to explore more, to learn more. house, and facing live television cameras took off his mask, standing there for several there's anything and everything. moments and coming back out for a limited time, prime members, save $50 on your first year of audible. briefly as he could let a camera text listen25 to 500500. crew waiting inside the white house shoot his return to post a video on his twitter feed, touting his time in the hospital, and saying it cannot dominate american life. that comes as the president was on steroids and another drug that fewer than ten people outside of clinical trials have gotten in the united states. he down played his diagnosis,
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and his doctor earlier told reporters he was not out of the woods when it came to coronavirus and they would be monitoring him closely back at the white house. he's returning to a much different white house where his daughter and senior adviser, ivanka trump will not be there. she's at home quarantining after coming into contact of people testing positive. we are seeing this outgrabreak grow, starting with kayleigh mcenany, and now has tested positive for coronavirus and is working remotely as are two of her aides in the press shop who also tested positive. it's raising concerns about what life inside the west wing is going to look like over the next several days, and whether or not robinwithout the commission fees. so, you can start the president is going to stay investing today wherever you are - quarantined or if he's going to break out of that a little bit even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? early. kaitlan collins, cnn, the white download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. house. gillette proglide and proglide gel. >>. let's talk about that, cnn medical analyst, dr. lena five blades and a pivoting flexball designed
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to get virtually every hair on the first stroke, nguyen, an emergency physician. while washing away dirt and oil. thank you for all you do and for so you're ready for the day talking with us at this time. with a clean shave and a clean face. >> of course. thank you. ♪ >> why would president trump's medical team discharge him and send him back to the white house when they say he may not ♪ entirely be out of the woods. how risky could this prove to be, and what did you make of the photo op that he staged on his return? >> well, there's just a lot about president trump's medical condition that we don't fully understand, rosemary, and it feels like we are forced to play detective here. we have pieced together various sources of information. it sounds like he had two episodes where his oxygen saturation dropped. one was so severe that he ended up having to be hospitalized in the first place. we know that he is on at least three medications, one of which is is dexamethasone, which is a steroid medication which is a blast of immune support and the confidence to take on the day. given to patients who are severely or critically ill.
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that's why airborne is the only #1 pharmacist recommended immune support brand. note appl airborne. your daily dose of confidence. it's not given to patients who are not serious. makes you wonder, what is the president's condition. and by the white house's time line, it appears he is on day five of his illness. day seven of ten is when things could deteriorate and go u.s. democratic presidential nominee joe biden is launching downhill quickly. i don't understand, if they transferred him to the hospital new attacks aimed at president in the first place, why let him trump's response to covid-19. go two to three days before the worst could be still to come. he says mr. trump is responsible for contracting the coronavirus >> and doctor, as you mentioned, because he fails to wear masks president trump is taking a mixture of new drugs right now, and follow social distancing some designed for severe cases guidelines. his swipe at the president came of covid-19. during a town hall event in what impact do you think these drugs are having on his decision miami. >> anybody who contracts the making skills, like his virus by essentially saying premature discharge from hospital, his joyride on sunday, masks don't matter, social distancing doesn't matter, i and of course that bizarre staged photo op at the white think is responsible for what house? >> you know, we as physicians happens to them. often have patients who may >> the biden campaign also disagree with our tweeted this meme with the recommendation. they may want to leave the caption masks matter.
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hospital before we think they they save lives. are ready, for example, and we always have to assess the biden has been touting mask capacity of the patient to make wearing throughout his presidential campaign. that decision because in this this tweet was published after mr. trump was released from the case, it's about his health. i mean, the secret service car hospital on monday. biden is also offering some ride yesterday to me was the advice to the president. most troubling of the lot. because first of all, he may cnn's arlette saenz has that have been unstable himself in terms of his medical condition part of the story from miami. so it could have endangered his >> reporter: joe biden campaigned here in the critical health but also this was something that directly, battle ground state of florida on the same day president trump purposefully, knowingly left walter reed hospital as he endangered other people's health continues to battle coronavirus. as well. i do worry about the president's decision making andormation tha the former vice president wished the ones that they won't president trump a speedy disclose, that president trump recovery, but he also had this almost certainly has pneumonia. message for the president. and not a mild pneumonia, but at take a listen. least a moderate, maybe a severe >> i was glad to see the pneumonia, which is why he's on president speaking and recording all of these medications and had videos over the weekend. now that he's busy tweeting a decrease, several decreases in his oxygen saturation. campaign messages, i would ask him to do this, listen to the perhaps he doesn't want to share that with the american people but we need to know, and we need scientists. support masks. to know the time course of his i hope the president's recovery illness so we know what to is swift and successful, but our nation's covid crisis is far, expect. what day of his illness are we actually at, and also, this is
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important for contact tracing because the president was highly far from over. >> reporter: joe biden and mobile prior to his diagnosis. president trump are set to the period that a person is most debate here again in miami, florida, in just nine days. infectious is 48 hours before they develop symptoms. the president's campaign says he so we critically need to intends to debate biden despite understand when he developed going through coronavirus at this moment. and biden and his advisers have symptoms exactly, when his last negative test was and his first said that he will debate the positive test so that we can president in less than two pinpoint who he was exposed to weeks, if the health experts and protect them and their loved recommend that it's safe. now, on wednesday night, kamala ones too. >> indeed, dr. lena wen, thank harris and vice president mike pence will face off in their you so much for talking with us. first and only vice presidential >> thank you. and questions are girliswirling debate in salt lake city, utah. we have learned that there will be plexiglass dividing the two how contact tracing is taking candidates as they are seated place in the white hwas a close 12 feet apart, one of the many changes happening at this debate due to the coronavirus pandemic. back to you. adviser hope hicks. hicks had also tested positive. >> joining me is cnn political mcenany told fox news she's analyst, he's also the white house reporter for the "washington post." feeling well. great to have you with us. >> first, how are you feeling, >> great to be here. do you know maybe how, when, >> so medical experts across the where, nobody knows when they contract this? >> yeah, i'm feeling great. country and indeed the world are
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scratching their heads as they i'm having no symptoms, you watch president trump's response know, i'm very blessed to have a to his own covid-19 infection, and then his rather bizarre mild case, just an asymptomatic staged return to the white case. my heart goes out to all of house, and now we learn he plans to participate in the next presidential debate with rival those affected by this and all joe biden. those that have lost their what is your political reading of all of this? lives. i'm pleased to see our commander >> well, it's clear the in chief is doing well. president was determined to make >> many others who attended last it seem like things are getting saturday's rose garden event or back to normal at the white other events on president house. he did not want to be cooped up trump's schedule say they have within the hospital. he did not want to be stuck received no communication from the white house on contact behind the doors of the hospital tracing. that includes high profile as the campaign is in its very attendees like chris christie last stages, so he decided to and rudy giuliani. check himself out of the and while some members of hospital, go back to the white house in this dramatic return the trump administration battled and start campaigning right the coronavirus, the leading away. he went on video that he thinks expert on infectious diseases he's immune from the virus, told cnn that president trump could experience a reversal in people should not be afraid of his recovery. it and looking forward to getting back on the campaign here's dr. anthony fauci. trail and debate his rival joe >> sometimes when you're five to biden. >> new cnn polling shows most eight days in, you could have a americans say donald trump acted reversal. a reversal meaning going in the irresponsibly with his own covid wrong direction and get into
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trouble. it's unlikely that it will infection, and they distrust the happen, but they need to be white house information regarding his health. heads up for it. he knows it, the physicians know most americans also think his it, but he certainly does look diagnosis will not change the very well. way he deals with this pandemic. you don't need me to tell you that. what impact would you expect all you saw the way he came out of the helicopter into there. of this to have on the he looked like he was in pretty presidential race? >> the president's own diagnosis good shape. >> and right now, there are ten with coronavirus means that this issue continues to be the number coronavirus vaccine candidates one issue that's covered here in late stage trials across the and it continues to be the number one topic on the mind of world. and there's hope some of these voters as they cast their ballots, and the fact that they vaccines will be deemed safe and give president trump such low effective. dr. fauci says it's possible a marks when it comes to how he vaccine could be available in handles the coronavirus, how limited doses before the end of trust worthy his administration is. it means it's going to be very difficult for the president to spin this as a positive thing or the year. to spin it as a political >> i think comfortably around benefit. that's part of the reason the president has an up hill battle november or december, we'll know in the upcoming election to whether or not the vaccine is safe or effective. convince voters to give him four i'm cautiously optimistic, from more years. what i have seen about they don't trust that he will preliminary data in phase one, keep them and their families there's a good chance we'll have safe from the virus. a safe and effective vaccine. >> and joe biden had taken down they have already started to his negative campaign ads while produce doses way before we'll president trump was in the know whether the vaccine is safe hospital as a way of respect. and effective, so by the time we
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get to the end of november, but now we see this on biden's december, there should be some twitter account, using the image doses that are available for of the president taking off his mask on his return to the white distribution. house monday and comparing that >> the u.s. death toll from the image to biden putting his on virus is 210,000 and counting, with a message that reads masks with the infection rate still matter. soaring at an average of 43,000 they save lives. what does this signal to you? cases a day. >> they realize in the joe biden over the past week, only a handful of states reported fewer camp that contrasting joe cases than the week before while biden's vision for the coronavirus with president trump's is a strong position for more than 20 saw a rise of at them. they want to be able to show least 10%. that joe biden will be a new york, the former epicenter different kind of president in the middle of a pandemic than of the pandemic in the u.s. is, president trump has been. again, reporting some of the and this is a clear example. worst numbers in the country. the issue of wearing masks. details now from cnn's nick the president went back to the white house and immediately took watt. >> in nine new york city zip off his mask in front of the cameras, not modeling good codes, schools are closing down public health behavior, and joe again. >> it's time for us to rewind. biden has been wearing a mask to try to show the public that >> reporter: in those same zip that's the right thing to do. and i imagine they will continue to push out those images to contrast what joe biden is doing nonessential stores, gyms, with what president trump is indoor dining closed doing, and the race is back on. there's no more sort of
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piecemeal approach to how they're approaching this, instead they're going to attack one another holistically and try to focus on the hardest argument they can make against each other, and for joe biden, it's on the coronavirus. >> toluse olorunnipa, thank you so much for talking with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. and the next debate will be between democratic vice presidential nominee, senator kamala harris and vice president mike pence. cnn's special coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. wednesday on the u.s. east coast. that's midnight thursday in london, and 7:00 a.m. in hong kong. still ahead, struggling to contain a second wave. we will look at how europe is dealing with the sharp rise in covid-19 infections. that's coming up. want to brain better? unlike ordinary memory supplements- neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try our new gummies for 30 days
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more on our top story this hour. u.s. president donald trump staged a departure from walter reed medical center on monday. attempting to convert his covid-19 infection into a show of strength. he posed for a photo op on the white house balcony, removing his mask and telling his followers the virus was nothing to fear. this amid news his press secretary kayleigh mcenany also tested positive for the virus. she's the latest person known to have testing positive after attending the super spreader event at the rose garden. president trump says he learned a lot about covid-19 after being admitted to walter reed, now that he's discharged, he's back to down playing how serious the
1:17 am
deadly virus can be. take a listen. >> i just left walter reed medical center. and it's really something very special, the doctor, the nurses, the first responders, and i learned so much about coronavirus. one thing that's for certain, don't let it dominate you. don't be afraid of it. you're going to beat it. we have the best medical equipment. we have the best medicines. >> and what president trump fails to mention here is that not everyone has access to top health care like he does. more than 210,000 people have died in the u.s. from the coronavirus. kristen's father was one of them. she says he died because he trusted president trump's advice, and didn't wear a mask. here's more of what she told cnn. >> at this point, i think the president of the united states is the most dangerous person in
1:18 am
the world. he is continuing to spread misinformation about this virus, not only through his words, but through his actions. by taking off his mask and entering into the white house, he is signaling to his people and to his supporters that it is the strong person's will to go forward with the virus as is, and everybody will be fine, but that simply is putting people at risk for contracting this deadly disease, and it's appalling. >> and a lot of questions remain about when the white house knew president trump had contracted covid-19. and everyone including mr. trump's doctor is dodging those questions. >> doctor, what was the date of the president's last negative test. >> i'm not going to get into all the testing going back. but he and all the staff routinely are tested. >> can you answer the question
1:19 am
as to when the president's last n negative test was? >> as i said earlier, i'm not part of the white house medical unit. >> you said on tuesday, at the president's debate, and was he tested thursday morning. >> i'm not going to give you a detailed with time stamps, he tested regularly, and the first positive test he received was after his return from bedminster. >> was he tested wednesday night. >> not giving a detailed readout of his testing. safe to say his first positive test was upon return or at least after bedminster. >> and the man fielding most of the questions about the president's health has been his physician. dr. sean conley, he has become a household name in just a few days, holding regular briefings. as cnn's tom foreman reports, conley is becoming just as famous for what he doesn't say. >> when did the president last test negative for covid? >> i don't want to go backwards. >> how high was the president's
1:20 am
fever? >> i'd rather not give any specific numbers. >> any sign of pneumonia? >> i'm just not at liberty to discuss. >> was he ever getting supplemental oxygen? >> he's not on oxygen right now. >> yesterday and today he was not on oxygen. he's not on oxygen right now. >> from the start of the 74-year-old president's battle with covid, white house physician sean conley has been giving vague and oddly optimistic assessments considering trump was hospitalized, being pumped full of powerful drugs, including an experimental treatment, and when conley was caught misleading, turns out the president had gotten extra oxygen, his explanation? >> i was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude that the team, the president, that his course of illness has had. i don't want to give any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction. >> reporter: conley's file, he went to notre dame, studied ost
1:21 am
owe pat -- o and then into the navy, before rapidly rising to the top job in the white house, replacing dr. ronny jackson who once gushed about the president's incredible genes and excellent cardiac health. >> he has a lot of energy, a lot of energy and a lot of stamina. >> conley has told the trump line too, amid the questions about his health. he called his trip to walter reed part of a routine physical, a claim widely seen as suspicious considering the extremely unusual nature of the visit. rump said in may he consulted his doctor and started taking hydroxychloroquine, despite that doctors saying it did no good and could be dangerous. in a white house that prizes loyalty, conley appears to be just what the president ordered. >> the president has been a phenomenal patient during his
1:22 am
stay here. >> reporter: to be clear, conley might be a fine doctor but anytime he is asked any question that might see his medical expertise collide with the president's opinion, even if the public health is involved, the doctor dodges. tom foreman, cnn, washington. one in every ten people in the world may have contracted coronavirus since the pandemic began. that is according to the world health organization. the w.h.o. did not provide a specific number but 10% of the world's population would be about 770 million people. that number is more than 20 times higher than the official tally of 35 million cases by johns hopkins university. the w.h.o. and other experts say the real numbers are likely much higher than those confirmed cases with infection rates varying significantly by region.
1:23 am
>> southeast asia continues to see a surge in cases with europe and the eastern mediterranean regions showing an increase in cases and deaths. the situation in africa and the western pacific is currently rather more positive. our currently best estimates tell us that about 10% of the global population may have been infected by this virus. this various from urban to rural. it varies between different groups. but what it does mean is that the vast majority of the world remains at risk. >> to europe now, where the continent is struggling to get control over the second wave of the virus. only four european countries are measuring below a key threshold of new covid cases . in brussels, european commission president is self-isolating after she took part in a meeting with someone who later tested positive. the u.k. government has vowed to investigate how it failed to
1:24 am
report nearly 16,000 new coronavirus cases. and in the french capital, bars have now closed for two weeks. restaurants in paris can remain open, but they face a set of strict new rules. so let's bring in cnn's melissa bell. she joins us live from paris. good to see you, melissa. what are these new rules for restaurants there in paris? >> well, going to a restaurant is going to be slightly less than it was. you can't have a table of more than six, for instance. you will have to show that you have uploaded the authority's tracing app, and you're not going to be able to take your mask off before you get to the first course. those were the conditions so restaurants could stay open at all. ever since paris officially moved up into that maximum alert category from today, i mean, it had reached the criteria, things like icu occupancy, things like incident rates, both for the general population and for the
1:25 am
elderly, it had reached those criteria, putting it in the maximum alert category. from today, the fresh restrictions came in, and it was a price that restaurateur had to pay. they were simply very reluctant to see their establishments close once again, given the economic fragility of their recovery over the course of the last few weeks. but if you happen to be here in paris in a bar orca f cafe owne you will be seeing your establishment shut all together. a package of restrictions, ensuring that students can no longer have parties, lecture halls can only be attended by 50% of the students, to try and bring that second wave back under control. for the time being, the figures here in paris with not good, rosemary, and at a national level, that positivity rate reached another record level yesterday. 8.6%. that is up from 7.6% in just a week at the national level rosemary. >> incredible numbers there. melissa bell, many thanks,
1:26 am
bringing that report live from paris. >> violence is erupting in a part of the world that doesn't usually make international headlines. the conflict between arizoin ar causing instability. we'll take a look at that on the other side of the break. robinhood believes now is the time to do money. without the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood.
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and rocket attacks on civilians the deadly conflict enters the second week. the ren region is recognized as part of azerbaijan but an ethnic majority governs there. the u.s., russia, france and the head of nato are all calling for a cease fire. there are fears the violence could turn into a wider regional conflict, escalating tensions
1:30 am
between russia and nato and cnn niece nick paton walsh is following the conflict for us and reports on the spiraling crisis. >> reporter: it has gone so much further than many expected. neither diplomacy, nor exhaustion nor civilian casualties seem to slow the war between armenians and azerbaijan. over a week old, the video from the armenian side we can't verify, shows the impact in skyline over the ethnic armenian enclave within the borders of the fighting. civilians sheltered in a church crept when the siren sounds we go here, she says. we have been living in fright and fear for many years and this cannot be resolved in any way. azerbaijan said its large cities were hit by armenian shells. one of two attacks alleged over the weekend.
1:31 am
armenia denied it was them and the break away armenian republic said it would only target the military in azerbaijan cities. armenian images show these artillery active friday, but this is now so far from the few days of isolated clashes that's commonly blighted the past decade of this conflict. with azerbaijan parading what it said were abandoned armenian positions here, and claiming it has also captured some territory. a sign that well reserved operation is moving swiftly. the president demand armenia withdraw, and admit not part of armenia. azerbaijan has denied the sophisticated attacks, including drone strikes, brandished daily in defense ministry videos supported by turkey, despite ankara's throating backing for their campaign. france's president emmanuel
1:32 am
macron has claimed saying it was a red line. these videos growing in number which cnn has not independently verified appear to show syrians on the azerbaijan front line. the big question as fighting continues, what is russia's red line. power broker russia is a closer ally to armenia than azerbaijan, and putin pictured over the weekend with his security camera virtually meeting. would he tolerate turkey for his allies defeat. support for azerbaijan's military push was visible sunday in barku, and armenians here in the capital were rushing supplies to the corner. decades of amnesty, now aspiring war. nick paton walsh, cnn, london.
1:33 am
police in kyrgyz use tear gas, riot police moved in. they used tear gas and water cannon to disburse some of the protesters. t western observers say was corrupted by vote buying. the result heavily favored two parties chr parties which campaigned on closer ties with russia. wall street appears optimistic about president trump's covid-19 recovery. monday saw some of the best numbers in weeks, but will this rally continue. a live report on the markets next. >> and the u.s. postal service admits its struggling to deliver the mail on time. what happens when there's a flood of mail-in ballots for the presidential election. we'll take a look.
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1:37 am
u.s. president donald trump is trying to convince the world his covid-19 diagnosis is no big deal. that strategy appears to be working on investors who welcomed news mr. trump would be leaving the hospital and returning to the white house. the dow finished 466 points higher on monday.
1:38 am
its best day since july. the s&p 500 and nasdaq also closed higher. their best performance in nearly a month. and here's a look at how u.s. stock futures are faring now in negati negati negative territory. markets bounce back on news president trump was heading back to the white house, but he's not out of the woods yet, according to his medical team, so will that rally continue, do you think? >> well, it seems almost i irrational, you have the return to the white house prematurely, many would suggest. that was a bye signal for wall street because of what was transpiring from friday to the monday trade. by the way, this is not unusual historically because going back to 1919, the average length after a presidential shock usually takes four days, and
1:39 am
that's what happened but that was quite a rally that took place. that sentiment spun into europe today where we see some negative results but asia had a pretty good day with the gain of about a third of 1% to nearly 1% in hong kong. the european markets started higher and then retraced here because that halo effect is not lasting. after the rally, we're going to hear from the world trade organization. and have updates on the economic outlook. the star performer on monday was the oil market, up nearly 6%, and again, the international benchmark going above $41 a barrel. we have strikes in norway, 3,000 barrels a day, and a tropical storm off the gulf coast, called delta, which shutting in production in the united states as well. that's the real driver here, along with president trump going back to the white house. kind of a twist of fate, rosemary, and the valuations, once again, on wall street are very high in terms of prices. >> and john, u.s. stimulus bill
1:40 am
is still being debated, well after the deadline. is the market view that a deal is imminent here. >> yes, i think the market has been hoping for that, rosemary, you and i have talked about it for a better part of a month right now, thinking any day they will cross line and the deal will be done. there's quite a gap between the u.s. house democrats and the senate republicans. the latter don't want to spend as much as the house dr democra. let's do it bit by bit. here's the chief of staff to the white house, mark meadows. >> well, i do think that there is the potential for a deal, as long as politics do not get in the way again. even if a large comprehensive bill is not possible because of a few things that are out there, and there's still some major differences, let's go ahead and pass a number of the things that we can agree upon. >> and it's hard to get politics
1:41 am
out of the way, rosemary, right, with the presidential election on november 3rd, senators and congress people trying to go back to the polls and win their seats back. it is very political at this stage. >> just about everywhere, isn't it? thank you so much, john de appreciate it. searching coronavirus in parts of the u.s., will likely mean a surge in mail-in ballots with many voters choosing to avoid crowded polling stations. and with the president trying to undermine the credibility of voting by mail, concerns are growing about voter suppression, potentially on a massive scale. cnn political correspondent abby phillip has the latest. >> i'd rather just come in and drop it off. >> reporter: as millions of voters begin casting their ballots in person or by mail, the postal service acknowledging
1:42 am
in court documents there has been a significant drop in first class on time mail delivery. the usps saying it will increase staffing and make other changes to fix the problem. in battle ground michigan, voting is ramping up and so are the worries from voters. >> i want to personally make sure it got handed in. with all the talk of problems with the mail and that sort of thing, i wanted to be sure. >> reporter: in texas, governor greg abbott is facing two federal separate lawsuits after he issued an executive order restricting ballot drop boxes to one per county because he feels they will be more secure. opponents say this is no less than voter suppression. >> to make it so our voters who have dabtisabilities, elderly voters have to drive 50 miles in some cases to drop off their mail ballot, it's unfair. >> reporter: millions have hours left to vote for the 2020
1:43 am
election, including competitive states like arizona, florida, georgia and texas. already some 2.6 million general election ballots have been cast according to cnn, and edison researchers survey of election officials in 24 states reporting voting data, and in six of those states where party data is available, registered democrats make up more than half of the ballots returned. in pennsylvania, ongoing disputes over the changing ballot rules, poll watchers, new voting machines and the spread of disinformation are adding to the challenges some from the president himself. >> it had trump written on it, and it was run in a garbage can and this is what's going to happen. >> amid all of this, we are also learning about a new cyber security threat. in the last week, cnn has obtained an e-mail sent by the democratic national committee warning campaigns and organizations about e-mails sent by a hacking group intended to mimic official e-mail, but it includes a malicious attachment. these are the kinds of e-mails
1:44 am
that have election security officials concerned that hacking groups could try vulnerabilitie ahead of this election. abby phillips, cnn washington. >> i'm rosemary church, be sure to connect with me anytime on twitter. "early start" is up next. have a great day. want to brain better? unlike ordinary memory supplements- neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try our new gummies for 30 days and see the difference. i love awhatever question's chai have i feel likehe better. there's an avenue to seek the answer. hit that app and you start a story, you're on an adventure.
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. president trump sheds his mask knowing full well he could be shedding the virus in a heavily staged white house return from the hospital. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "early start," i'm laura jarrett. >> good morning, i'm christine romans, it is tuesday, october 6th. 5:00 a.m. in new york. four weeks now to the election, and president trump back in the white house this morning after effectively checking himself out of the hospital last night while still being treated for the coronavirus. in
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