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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  October 10, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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substance abuse service administration and the national alliance on mental illness health. like shelby said reaching out gives her hope. >> thank you, jacqueline. your next hour of "new day" starts now. >> where do you think you got the virus? >> they had big events at the white house, perhaps there. >> he wants to have another big event after the last one became a superspreader event. >> he didn't take the necessary precautions to protect himself or others. >> the faces of the men facing charges in an alleged domestic terror plot to kidnap the governor of michigan. >> two of the suspects discussed detonating devices in the area. >> this is not a militia. it's a domestic terror organization. >> into the u.s. coast. >> this is the last thing that southern louisiana needs, still blue tarps from hurricane laura
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that came through not six weeks ago. ♪ this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> you're looking at the clouds there in louisiana, overnight, we'll be checking with the team there in southern louisiana as hurricane delta, another tropical storm, hits communities that do not need more of the rain and wind after laura was there just a few weeks ago. good morning to you. today, president trump is hosting his first public event since being hospitalized for coronavirus symptoms. he's inviting 2,000 people to the white house. >> and the president says he took another coronavirus test yesterday. this morning, the white house hasn't released the results of that test, but you're going to hear more about the state of his
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health in his own words. also, this morning, the second presidential debate has been cancelled officially now. the president refused to debate joe biden virtually. we're going to tell you what the candidates are scheduling instead of attending that debate. we're going to start this hour with sarah westwood. following developments from the white house. so, listen, he had a few hundred people at the announcement of amy coney barrett as the nominee, and we saw what happened there. and now the president is inviting 2,000 people to the white house. anthony fauci called the superspreader event problematic there on the 26th of september, obviously. what's going to be different in the multiples of that number. >> reporter: well, the white house isn't being clear what exactly they're going to be doing differently moving forward in this event and others to protect people in close proximity to one another, because the white house is
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expecting other gatherings. we're expecting hundreds, perhaps thousands to be on the white house lawn. there there were masks, masks will be encouraged and handed out to guests and temperature checks will be performed but that's not really different than the event as you mentioned dr. anthony fauci described as a superspreader, just a few weeks ago, that rose garden ceremony that has been linked to multiple cases of coronavirus within the president's inner circle including governor chris christie who is still battling coronavirus in the hospital and others are recovering at home. we're awaiting the president's latest test results. we do not know if he's tested negative ahead of his first big public appearance tomorrow -- today, actually. he's saying that he's not on any more medication for coronavirus. but he did reveal in an interview last night, victor and christi, that a lung scan showed at one point that he had congestion in his chest. that's something that he had not previously revealed. >> and in light of a lot of
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people coming to the white house there's a lot of speculation today, of course, sarah, about how the president contracted the virus in the first place. what is he saying about that today? >> yeah, president trump is participating in that speculation about just where he contracted the coronavirus. he has previously speculated that perhaps he caught it sat an event honoring gold star families on the 27th. but last night, he acknowledged it was likely he caught the virus here at the white house. >> well, they had some big events at the white house. and, perhaps, there. i don't really know. nobody really knows for sure. numerous people have contracted it. but people have contracted it all over the world. it's highly contagious. >> now, last night, trump also defended his divisiecision last when he was hospitalized at walter reed to get into the motorcade, while he was sick and drive by supporters. that joyride as it's been called has received a lot of criticism but the president said the
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secret service agents in the car with him were adequately protected when he was defending that move. >> sarah westwood, thank you for that update. i want to get to jason carroll, he's with us on the biden campaign. jason, the former vice president, he's been critical of president trump for holding these events and his condition. what is he telling us now? >> reporter: without question, christi, this is some of the toughest language we've heard to date from the vice president on this issue. for biden, it's not just about the president's professional conduct, it's about his personal conduct. yesterday, he was at a campaign stop in las vegas, 97 nnevada, e he basicallied argued that not only has the president been reckless with his own life, but he's been reckless with his americans' lives. and he's not fit fob commander in chief. >> his reckless personal conduct since his diagnosis with the stabilizing effect it's having
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on our government is unconscionable. he didn't take the necessary precautions to protect himself or others. and the longer donald trump is president, the more reckless he gets. how can we trust him to protect this country? >> reporter: now, when it comes to trump holding these events, biden also basically at one point turned to reporters and said, what is wrong with this guy? he advised anyone who is planning to attend those trump events to wear a mask. and practice social distancing. as for biden later today, he'll be in eera sear erie, pennsylva an area hit hard and he'll try to make a play for those moderate democrats who switched in 2016. >> jason carroll, thank you.
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so, the second presidential debate has been officially cancelled. that's because president trump refused to debate joe biden virtually. abc news will host an event with former vice president biden. the trump campaign senior adviser jason miller said that the president will answer questions from undecided voters on multiple networks. as of right now, the third debate is scheduled to take place, and it will happen in person. >> let's get some thoughts from cnn political analyst margaret talev now, editor for axios. good to have you. i want to read you something from the former chairman of the ccc. he told "the new york times" in seven decades of televised debates, this is the first debate to be cancelled. the loser is the american voter. and he said -- i mean, that's the exact line that was in -- that we were talking about and
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heard so much from people after the first debate. of what value is this second debate and the loss of it? >> so, christi, you're saying it's a lose/lose proposition. i mean, this is the problem. debates only work if everybody who's involved in them plays by the same rules that they agreed to. so, when a debate turns into like a trolling sort of situation or a spectacle, you are getting some of the -- you know, you're getting information as a voter. but it's not like substantive information. you're getting information about people's strategy for communications. but if you want to get actual answers to like a policy or how somebody would govern, you can't get it in a situation like that. you can't get it in a situation where the debate doesn't exist, but for a debate in person, certain safe guards have to be observed. you know, at the point that the commission is making these
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decisions, nobody at the white house was able to share publicly whether or not -- when the last time the president had a negative test was. you have to be able to protect the health and safety. the last time the campaign included the president was, you know, not wearing masks in places where groups are wearing masks. so the on again/off again kind of ping-pong nature of this has been very hard to follow. to some extent, the two candidates are going to give the public some version of this, in these competing town halls. but, again, the moderated debate format, it almost seems like just from the time past, that it only works if the rules are followed and if there's a good faith effort to follow the rules. >> yeah. that's a good point that there was -- was a quote that says debates are grounded by established rules but as established norms and traditions. both are only as strong as the
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candidates' willingness to respect them. that was the presidential debate historian. we know there's a third debate still on the table. supposed to happen in nashville. is there any expectation that it will be different somehow? >> i don't know. i think everybody, the two campaigns and the commission are struggling to figure out what's the right course. they all have different motives and end goals. my instinct is there will still be this third debate. but i think you can't really count on anything anymore. and the idea that, a week ago, we had a president being hospitalized, and now he's holding a large event at the white house and preparing to resume large rallies just gives you a sense of, i think, how agile we have to be as journalists in figuring out how to cover this. but for voters, the window of time for the election is continuing. people are casting ballots as we speak. and all the uncertainty, i
5:11 am
think, you know, could be having an impact in terms of how people are voting and when they're voting. >> we mentioned what's happening today at the white house. these 2,000 guests that have been invited. we were just talking about that. there's also a newly scheduled rally for the president on monday in florida. in an airport hangar outside of orlando. we know that the president is trying to portray this picture that covid is survivable, that it's beatable. but we cannot overstate that 200,000 plus families who have lost somebody watching this who have lost somebody, this is real and it's hurtful. there seems to be a sensitivity in the president that is missing when he talks about this. and i'm just wondering what kind of support does the president have for these kinds of rallies and events at this time from even people in this inner circle? is he being supported by them? >> yeah. i mean, christi, the answer is
5:12 am
two-fold, because on the one hand there are many white house staff who are concerned both about his health, about their health, and about the wisdom of continuing with this large-scale events. but nobody is really until a posture of trying to stop him at this point. he's the president. he's always set the rules and gone his own way. that's certainly what he's continuing to do. my colleague jonathan swann said this is comfort food for the president. and there's an understanding inside the white house that there's no point in trying to change his mind. the only thing to do is to try to make them as safe and successful from a political perspective as possible but, you know, i don't know anyone at the white house who thinks that the last several days have been weiss strategically. the problem is that the president is still locked into this strategy of showing that he can survive coronavirus. and the show must go on.
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then if you were to stop now, you know, from a safety perspective or from a personal health perspective from a political perspective, changing the message in the closing days of the campaign, it's probably too late to portray yourself as a new kind of candidate. it would perhaps -- he sees it just as a sign that he was wrong. and that's something that he's not willing to give. >> it's an interesting take because last weekend we were all kind of wondering if his messaging on this would change after being personally affected by it. margaret talev, always so great to have your voice in these conversations. thank you for waking up with us. >> thanks, christi. ♪ and now the tracking of the tropical storm delta this morning, moving through louisiana. widespread, heavy rain, flooding. the biggest threats, as it heads into mississippi and other parts of the south this morning.
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>> that's what people were seeing there in the area. we're getting our first look at the damage from overnight, too. more than 760,000 people until louisiana, texas and mississippi do not have power right now. more than 500,000 of those people without power are in louisiana alone. there are scenes like the ones you see here, flooded neighborhoods and streets. and you can seat wind and what's that is doing with the water. >> in louisiana that is a record. let's go to meteorologist derek van dam. he's in delcambre, louisiana. the sun is up now. first shot with the sunlight. is the water receding at all there? >> reporter: yeah, good question, victor. what you're looking at is indeed
5:15 am
storm surge. and it is indeed receding, good news. now that we have our first light here, residents are getting to wake up and assess the impacts of the flooding that has clearly occurred here. of course, some people more fortunate than others. look at this house over my left shoulder. obviously on stilts, they'll be fine. but look at the home mibehind m it's a submerged garage. and that home has taken on water. no one lives there. i've spoken to residents along this road, they say to actually live in delcambre, louisiana where i am, you have to have stilts on your home. that is the only way you can insure your house. at the peak intensity of the storm that is above normally dry ground.
5:16 am
of course that spills into the bayous and canals around the region. this area is prone for flooding and residents here know it. peak winds, 95 miles per hour. there were reports of 100-mile-per-hour winds and rain fall of 14 inches it's no wonder that people are waking up to flooding and scenes just like this. of course, we'll get the full extent of the damage in the coming hours. >> hope that everybody is okay. glad to see that you and the crew are as well. derek van dam, in louisiana, thank you. yesterday, the united states reported more new coronavirus cases than it has in nearly two months. that means more than half the country is seeing a spike in cases. what does that mean for where we've been and where we're going for this pandemic? we'll talk about it. plus, more details in one of the suspects that the fbi says was involved in the plot to kidnap the governor of michigan. so what's going on?
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significant new warnings from health experts here in the u.s. the country's daily new covid cases jumped to more than 57,000 yesterday. that's the highest level until nearly two months.fectious diset tells cnn that florida is ripe for another outbreak. there are two states, maine and nebraska reporting a decline in cases. >> now, there's a pretty frightening report from "the new york times" said the white house blocked what would have been the toughest peril mandate on stopping the spread of the virus. according to the paper, two federal health officials said the cdc drafted an order to make masks compulsory on transportation with the support of the health and human services but the white house coronavirus task force let by vice president pence declined to even discuss it apparently. cnn's polo sandoval is in new york with the very latest.
5:22 am
polo, good morning. what are you hearing? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. back to those trends, consider about 28 states saw an increase in daily covid cases this week over last. many states in the midwest, parts of the northeast here. when you hear from experts in spite of the mixed messaging from the white house, the experts agree that the outlick for the future in terms of a fight against covid is fairly grim. the centers for disease control and prevention is out with a new warning drawing another link between young people in some of the nation's covid-19 hot spots. general cases began rising about a month before the region was designated a covid-19 hot spot. researchers are underscoring the need to help young people spark outbreaks. a survey worried young people would feel weird or wearing masks. >> it started with college
5:23 am
students coming back to universities and colleges and weird seeing substantial transmission there spilling into the older population. >> reporter: this week, the posted higher cases in a few months, only a few states in green reported new cases over last. in ohio, governor mike dewine predicting a very bad winter. >> every single month it's gone the wrong way. >> reporter: from september 8 to october 8 is went up a staggering 91%. dr. deborah birx of the coronavirus task force warns of asymptomatic viral spread on families. >> for the communities that are seeing uptick, please, bring that same discipline that you're bringing to the public spaces into your household and really limit engagement with others outside of your immediate
5:24 am
household. >> reporter: in parts of new york city's queens and brooklyn burroroughs call for a decline. no virus vaccine is still in the works. one cdc official says formal plans to distribute it once it's available are on target to meet an october 16th deadline in some states and in d.c. you know, we mentioned those new york city so-called hot spot zip codes those are seeing an average positivity rate of 5.4% compared to 0.9% statewide here in new york. those are not including those hot spot regions, viktor and christi, that's one of the reasons you're seeing a scramble now to get some of the rapid tests in the hands of health care officials and hospitals, et cetera, they're sending about 400,000 of those out this weekend. >> polo sandoval, thanks so much.
5:25 am
six men accused of being domestic terrorists. they make their first court appearance over a plot to kidnap michigan's governor and start a civil war. we'll see why investigators say the alleged ringleader was planning the attack. and why a lawyer for another said his client had nothing to do with it. light. it eliminates odors... with no heavy perfumes... in light scents you'll love. new febreze light. - with spray moppingrk vacmop to lock away debrisuction and absorb wet messes, all in one disposable pad. just vacuum, spray mop, and toss. the shark vacmop, a complete clean all in one disposable pad.
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! six of the 13 men charged in a terror plot to kidnap michigan's governor have been arraigned on multiple state terrorism charges. >> yeah, federal and state officials say the alleged domestic terrorists were deadvising an elaborate plan to start a civil war. but an attorney for one of the suspects tells cnn he believes his client may not have anything to do with the foiled scheme. >> he was not proud about what he was connected to? >> well, he had some confusion. and he's certainly not happy to
5:30 am
be connected with what he's connected to. but, you know, even reading through the complaint, i'm not sure what he's connected to yet. the only thing he said to me was that he's a person who likes his privacy. and supports the bill of rights. and that he doesn't really find that he belongs in one party or the other. >> the suspected leader of this group lived in the basement of this vacuum store. he also worked there. cnn national correspondent sara sidner spoke with the owner of that store. >> ehate to say i love the kid but i'm mad. >> reporter: the owner of this vacuum shop said adam fox lived here for a couple weeks.
5:31 am
he live down in the basement, with his dogs, one with an emotional support collar and a don't tread on me tag on it. >> he was in a militia and got kicked out. >> reporter: one of many things, titus says, he only was concerned when' realized packages he was getting. what was he getting from amazon? >> like mies. he was buying stuff for attachments and buying like, food. and i'm not stupid. i was in the marine corps. i told him he had to go. >> reporter: but before he left, fox and 12 others were arrested in fbi raids. we found several suspects ranting against the government online. one suspect calling president trump an enemy. >> trump is not your friend, dude. >> reporter: while another had praise for the president. tweeting, keep up the good work. we the people love your work. the fbi said the alleged plot centered around a plan to kidnap michigan governor gretchen
5:32 am
whitmer, whose coronavirus restrictions have been railed against by armed groups at the capitol. two of the suspects discussed detonating explosive devices to divert police from the area. one said in an encrypted chat the fear will be emanated through bullets. fox said copy that, loud and clear. these are the types of things that you hear from groups like isis. this is not a militia. this is a domestic terror group. >> what we're seeing here in michigan lake is not just a michigan problem. it's an american problem. and i think there's going to be more incidents to come. >> reporter: a problem forewarned by frank meeink, a former neo-nazi convicted in the '90s for a politically motivated kidnapping. i spoke to him the days before the initial plot was known to the public. what's the scenario in this election that would create what you're calling the potential of a race war? >> i'm telling you, this is going to happen, states like
5:33 am
michigan, states like wisconsin, the north states, in the wilderness area, there have been militias from other states training up there. they are waiting and hoping that something does go wrong because they want to hold up in those hills and they say we don't want the federal government up here no more. >> reporter: he said president donald trump's rhetoric has emboldened extremisextremists. whitmer agrees. >> of course, we know anytime this white house takes a shot at me, we see an increase, rhetoric online, violent rhetoric, and so there's always a connection. and certainly, it's something that we've been watching but this took it to a whole new level. >> our thanks to sara sidner. let's go to louisiana now which is waking up to flooding and a lot of damage of what is now
5:34 am
tropical storm delta. more than 500,000 people in the state have no power. >> now, we know this is just weeks after hurricane laura. and it hit the same region there. >> our next guest is helping people in that part of the state deal with the toll of these storms while dealing with the storm himself. most recently after hurricane laura, he helped feet evacuees. >> andrea speedo joins us from louisiana. chef, thank you so much. we appreciate you being here. i first of all want to find out if you're doing okay. and if your family is okay. i understand they are in one of the areas that has been hit, have you been able to speak with them yet? >> well, we had a lot of wind, a little rain, a little trees here and there. but in the area, i haven't spoke with my family yet. i got word that they lost power last night.
5:35 am
and there are a lot of trees and a lot of lines down. so, i'm still here, waiting on a phone call to see if they're okay. >> we're hoping you get that. listen, i read that you called this one of the worst years that you have experienced. i'm sure there are a lot of people saying amen to that this morning, after what we've all gone through in 2020. but especially for you with the weather there. really, a lot of what we've seen, coronavirus started the debate, we've not watched a lot that has happened with the hurricane. but how much have the storms impacted the people where you are in that part of the state? >> man, whoo, it's mind-boggling because, it's like, here in the south, you know, we're known for getting out and socializing. and now, everywhere you go, you got to cover your face. you go places.
5:36 am
you're in a store with people that, you know, you grew up with, and you can't recognize them because you're hiding behind sa face -- you know, behind a mask, due to the coronavirus. and i appreciate people out there doing the safe precaution, but like i said, it touches -- it touches a lot of people out here in the south, man. >> all right. so real quickly, you said that you finally feel like you're operating in your calling when you're able to pass out food. real quickly, we only have a couple of seconds, but what does that really mean to you? >> well, you know, i grew up, you know, with a family that was always feeding anybody that come to the house. so, if -- you know, if i have it, i'm going to share it. and right now, me and my family, you know, we can go out and share, you know, food, clothes or items that people need,
5:37 am
especially in this time right now. with the storms and the covid or whatever. yes, ma'am. >> andrius vitto, we appreciate everything you're doing. we hope everything is well with your family. >> thank you, appreciate you guys. still ahead, the white house puts forward its largest offer for economic relief yet. but the president's flip-flopping has it already risked any progress, or growth? that's next. also, through scandal and tragedy, jackie kennedy inspired america. in cnn's series "first ladies" profiles jackie kennedy tomorrow on cnn.
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turns out, it's you. doing your thing. dreaming dreams. building new worlds. it's why we built our workspace technology. to help you do your best work and to see what you can become. you're made for bigger things. so, the white house has floated a $1.8 trillion stimulus offer, this was after scrambling to revive talks president trump had called off just a few days ago. the president appeared to want to undercut the stimulus offer, telling rush limbaugh this on friday. >> i would like to see a bigger stimulus package, frankly, than either the democrats or the republicans are offering. >> cnn police and politics
5:43 am
correspondent cristina alesci is in new york. the president has gone from i want a big package with checks to individuals, to the talks are off to maybe individual pieces to now more than 1.8, to more than 1.8. it's difficult to follow because there seems to be no strategy. is this damaging, obviously, the talks, but the economy? >> yes, victor, it's as simple as this. we have seen that the previous rounds of stimulus helped companies stay in business and rehire workers. every day. and weeks that goes by makes that reconnection, re-establishing that worker to employer relationship it makes it harder. take a look at this chart. you'll see that while companies have been rehiring workers since the depth of our job depression back in april, the inside bar on this bar chart shows you that the permanent job losses have actually been increasing over the last several months. and now, we have 4.5 million
5:44 am
people who are permanently out of work. that is trouble the number back in april. so that is just stunning. and without jobs, and you guys -- you and christi have been covering this over the week, people will find it more difficult, obviously, to pay rent and mortgages. just this week, the census bureau put out numbers that 8.3 million americans are going to find it difficult to pay their rent over the next months. that has not changed since august. and this is not a good sign for the american people who have been through whiplash this week, with the president not being able to decide what he really wants, and not knowing what will come next, victor. >> so, what are the chances for a stimulus or rescue bill at this point? >> well, with the election just 25 days away, there's almost no chance that a stimulus gets done before the election. now, even though the white house has proposed this $1.8 trillion,
5:45 am
it still is $400 billion off of what the democrats had asked for. so, not only are they far apart on the top line number, but there are very critical issues, like funding, to state and local governments and protections that the republicans want for companies to protect companies from getting sued when they re-call workers back to work. those kinds of issues still have to be hashed out. and then you have mitch mcconnell and senate republicans who need to get on board and they seem more focused on obviously confirming amy coney barrett. saying this week, the situation is murky. everybody is trying to elbow for political advantage. i'd like to see us rise above that like we did back in march and april but i think it's unlikely in the next few weeks.
5:46 am
>> christina asleristina alesci new york, thank you. keeping a child interested in reading is critical. finding a book that have main characters that are black, it's not easy. >> so, there's a couple in chicago that have created a nonprofit to open the minds of all readers. it's called young, black and lit. >> when a black child reads a book that's mirrored to them, they feel valued. it wasn't something that i thought around until my niece came around. it saddened me that there were bookstores that she would look into and not be seen. young, black and lit is a mission to provide children's books to youth featuring black characters with no cost to the youth or the family. >> since 2018, we've provided over 5,000 books to community
5:47 am
centers, organizations, schools and directly to students' homes. >> it was just always a challenge finding the ones for his age. with the programs in school, they was pretty excited about it. >> other people say they can't do stuff, and then prove them wrong. >> we try not to just focus on one historical figure, because we value the performance but we also have folks getting a heir cut. >> it's better than others. and the power. >> and you inspired the name? >> yes, i did. lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose.
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we know covid literally halted our world, right, not for the first responders, of course, their world was pushed into overdrive. but for the rest of us, we found ourselves at home, isolated and surrounded by families or haven't seen them for months. and we're having the face-to-face meetings, quarantine compounded we covid changed everything. here's the question, how did it change you? well, i'm asking people that question hoping we can learn from each other, and one of those people is actress jane seymour who got a first dose of
5:53 am
this reality when asked to shoot a movie in australia eight weeks ago. she was under strict quarantine in a hotel when she arrived. >> next door, for two weeks, couldn't open the door. everyone was masked, no one got covid. we lived to tell the tale. i have actually done things that other people haven't done. i have traveled. i've been in empty airplanes. in empty airports. empty hotels. and i have tried to, you know, let life go on. >> she said that once she sat down and realized what was happening, her first instinct was, how can i help? >> i've taken this as an extraordinary opportunity to have the time to connect in a way that i don't normally get to. i'll take the time out, vie the conversations that are meaningful. the conversations we never normally have. i was doing all of these paintings during covid especially when i was locked up in australia. i put these paintings out on
5:54 am
auction for the covid charities, through the open heart foundation, and we raised $75,000. >> pretty incredible, right? her second thought is what happens from here. and that brought her to a reset, as i call it. a perspective that she's practicing now every day. >> i think, you know, the real issue is that i think with the people when we go back to normal -- there is no normal. normal doesn't exist. but i feel my recommendation to everyone with resetting is do not live in fear. although i understand you will feel fear. just don't live there. live in the present moment, live in your gratitude, and look at your abundance and how you can help others that really need you right now. >> finding our abundance and sharing it even when we feel like we don't have a lot to go around, right? tell me what you've learned from covid in quarantine. i want to hear from you. you can find me on twitter,
5:55 am
instagram and facebook. but what you have to say is important. i want to hear it. i want to know about your reset. thank you for sharing it when you do. >> we can certainly, certainly learn from just a moment of reflection and how, even if we don't have a lot, we can share with someone else. >> amen. >> thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> "smerconish" is up next.
5:56 am
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24 days and counting, time to crunch the numbers. i'm michael smerconish in philadelphia. poll after poll shows democratic presidential candidate joe biden with a commanding lead over president trump, both nationally and in key states. and after days of often paralleled chaos surrounding the white house there's a feeling that this thing is getting away from the president. as peggy noonan wrote for "the wall street journal," quote, this is also a week that journalists and policecos in washington began wondering about something they never expected to be thinking about this year. they're wondering if november 3rd won't be a win for j


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