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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 10, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. this is a special edition of the situation room. we begin tonight, just 24 days until the u.s. presidential election, and with images from a white house event of president trump, might have seemed order nation but with the country now facing a looming second deadly wave of coronavirus, the i78ages have seen nothing short of reckless. yesterday, the united states, over 57,000 new cases, just yesterday. and more than 214,000 americans
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have now lost their lives to the virus in the past seven months or so. and while it's a time for caution, this is a scene at the white house and in florida by the way as well, and president trump and vice president mike pence held large in-person campaign events. some masks, little social distancing, seemingly putting their well-being in front of the well-being on americans. and president trump said he will hold three in-person rallies next week starting sunday. and the white house has been coy about when president trump tested anything tif on a virus that killed just yesterday 990. 990 americans in just one day. cnn's jeremy diamond is joining us from the white house right now. clearly the president is intent on returning to the kind of
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in-person rallies, despite his own medical condition and once again, he is claiming without any evidence at all that the coronavirus is just going to go away. tell us first about the white house event and the president's plans for the coming days. >> that's right, wolf, the president is not chastened, and he is gathering hundreds of supporters on the south lawn of the white house earlier today. the white house claiming that it was not a company rally but it looks like exactly that. you saw hundreds of people tightly packed together with make america great again masks. they were wearing masks this time. but there was no social distancing and the cdc makes very clear that masks are not a substitute for social distancing, and the president's rhetoric, he is making the same
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claims as before the coronavirus. >> through the power of the american spirit, i think more than anything else, science, medicine will eradicate the china virus once and for all, you see big flare-ups in yup, and big flare-up in canada, you saw that today. a lot of flare-ups but it's going to disappear. it is disappearing and vaccines are going to help and the therapeutics are going to help a lot. >> wolf, the reality is that in the united states is nothing like what president trump is explaining there. in fact, new daily coronavirus cases have been rising in recent days, coming close to 50,000 new cases a day on average. it is a startling reminder that coronavirus is very much here in the united states, and even as president trump continues to down play it. the president is expecting to return to the campaign trail as soon as monday.
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monday, tuesday, wednesday, he will visit a trio of states. and thousands of his supporters tightly packed together. very few masks and the president rallying the same time. >> given the president's past messaging when it comes to race, how much support can he count on from black and latino voters and they are largely there on the south lawn of the white house today. >> the president has overperformed the last no no nominee, and they expect him to perform again in 2020. as it replate lates to black americans, and candace owens, the black conservative activist, that is organizing the event and the president trump support among black americans is in the low single digits, what this is
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event is really about, wolf, and trying to address black americans. it's really an effort that trying to create this structure for white americans who have heard -- to try to convince them the president is not race ift and to encourage them. >> and thanks, we will get more of the poll numbers coming in later this hour. our own harry etten will join us. you will want to stick around for that. i want to bring in dr. patrice harris. and dr. shoeken, the doctor of presidential affairs. does president trump's push for events, the ones with you saw today, taking place in the coming dies, contradict middle
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guidance? how much do you question what he is doing? given the fact that a week ago, he was still at the walter reed medical center in bethesda, maryland. >> yeah, wolf, i'm very concerned about this. i think that this is a big missed opportunity to tell the american public the truth and to educate them. i think unfortunately, he is showing all the signs and symptoms of cvs, which is covid denial syndrome. you believe the virus is disappearing despite evidence it's not. you believe you're not infectious when you haven't taken a test. you believe that you minimize the signs and symptoms of the illess despite the fact we had 213,000 americans who have died of this, and it can be a very series illness, and finally, you don't recommend social distancing so the pandemic will
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continue to proliferate in the way we are seeing it. i'm very concerned about the way this is being handled, and you know, unfortunately, as you said, we're seeing no evidence that this pandemic is going away in this country, or around the world. >> dr. harris, today we saw not only the president but the vice president, mike pence, also hosted a in-person political rally at the villages in florida, a huge retirement, and just about 20% of the audience was wearing face masks. based on the age alone, these attendees, they're in a high risk category. what do you see when you see a gatders like this? >> if we are entering a dangerous time, and certainly, the science will be and is required for us to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. but those are not either-or activities.
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they are and activities. and i was glad to see at the white house that a lot of folks were wearing masks. as you noted, there in florida, not as many but also social distancing is required. washing our hands, avoiding large crowds and tss not that the numbers are increasing. we are about to enter flu season. we are about to be indoors because of the cooler weather. folks are getting tired and fatigued and are gathering in smaller crowds. but all of this increases the risk of covid-19 and i'm very concerned and it's all the layers of mitigation that science requires. >> as you know, the white house continues to avoid answering questions about when the president last tested negative.
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and explain he tested negative already. >> i think it's so important for us to know when the president first developed signs of having the virus as well as when the virus became significant enough to test positive. that is the way we tell when and if it's safe for the president to go back out of course. we do recommend repeat testing, two negative tests, should you be symptom free for 72 hours without being on symptom medications and two negative tests separate bid 48 hours is the best evidence you are not spreading the virus. but it's important to be transpoint about this information with the american public, and you are writing it and all the emotion that we are seeing, and the confidence of
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those that are in scientific positions and help professionals and we need to have confidence in our health professionals in a time of a national pandemic. >> the president's physician hasn't held a media briefing on his quond since the president left walter reed monday. he issued a few start statements in rying. no opportunity for reporters to ask questions. and the president cited flare-ups in european and canada and made no mention of the fact that the u.s. has had bigger play flare-ups, more than 50,000 cases for three days in a row now, and the forecast models are projecting 400,000 american deaths by february 1st. what do you think of the claims that it's going to disappear and just go away? >> i think the facts and the data really contradict that
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opinion. we are absolutely going in the wrong dex, and certainly those numbers are alarming and you heard me say so many times, we don't have to reach those numbers and each of us, to wear masks, watch our distances, wash our hands and avoid large crowds. we are just entering the flu get a flu sack vien and it's important and certainly become informed, and and last year, over 400,000 of us were hospitalized and if you look at data from the cdc over the last decade, black and latinx communities were affected when
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it comes to hospitalizations for the flu. >> guys, thank you so much. always important having your views here in the situation room. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> the president is reverting the rhetoric that the virus is disappearing as the virus spreads among the top levels of the u.s. government. what are the national security implications of this? the president's former national security adviser is standing by live. we have lots to discuss right here in the situation room. lot scuffed up wall. embarrassing you. that wall is your everest. but not any more. today let's paint. behr. exclusively at the home depot.
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the coronavirus pandemic is certainly a national health crisis that is not slowing down here in the united states at all. and as the virus spreads to the white house, at top levels at the ug.s. government, there are serious fears kit be a major
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crisis as well. the trump's former white house security adviser, and a room where it happened, a white house memoir. you see the cover. you worked for this president on a day-to-day basis. what do you make of his actions since coming out a week ago from the walter reed national military medical center in bethesda, maryland? is it the same person you saw on a day-to-day basis or do you believe he has changed in. >> no, i think it's exactly the same behavior. he doesn't need spare steroids to behave this way. he tries to shape the world to be the way he wants it to, but intimidating people, and denying facts and he is trying to do the same thing here. what is increasing the pressure is the proximity of the
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election, and he is in trouble and he doesn't have the strategy to turn it around. >> and where a mask and practice social distancing. why is it so hard? that would save thousands and thousands of lives. he told the political supporters out there, the base, you got to do this? >> yeah, it certainly would have, and i think they would have gone along, they would have followed his lead. if you go back to the end of last year, before the first signs for raised in this country, there was no effort by the president to development a strategy, against contingencies of what about might happen with the disease? it was exactly the opposite. he denied the reality of it. he denied there was a problem in chai china and he denied the possibility. if i say it's no problem, if i say it's going to go away in the spring, it will go away in the
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spring. the virus didn't get the memo and we are paying consequences. but this is donald trump at work. and a second term would be no different and probably worse than the first term. >> that is why you're not supporting him. as you know, all but one member of the joint chiefs of staff, they were forced to self-quarantine this week. if you were still the national security adviser at the white house, what would you tell the president he needs to do to keep our country safe right now? >> well, i think him setting the example is the best way to do it. i think he needs to focus not simply on the re-election campaign. but it can be done privately. it doesn't have to be done publicly. didn don't think this is a moment to try to take advantage of it. don't think you are going to slip something by on us. i think that is very important. not that they would challenge us
5:20 pm
drerktly but they will try to take advantage of us in ways they think we're not paying attention to. and i think it is a change in the presidency and in the transition too. >> do you suspect adversaries, iran, might seek to take advantage of the uncertain our country is going through right now? >> yeah, i think they can see the president's not paying any attention to much of anything other than his own reelection. just today for example in north korea, the 75th anniversary parade for the ruling party, they ruled out an int intercontinental ballistic missile. if they have something that can hit the united states, that is a significant disproof of your years of the trump trags, north
5:21 pm
korea policy. russia has crisis in seriesic stan -- k-- this is not the tim to try to sneak something over on us. >> the know the president's national security team, the defense department, the cia, they brief him but do you think he pays attention to the virus crisis you just mentioned in. >> no, i suspect he doesn't know that some of them will going on. the president has never been interested in learning about facts. he doesn't know about it, crept to the vital extent that affect his re-election company and i suspect, right now, he is
5:22 pm
probably paying almost no attention at all. >> this is very worrisome indeed. the former cia director michael hayden recently endorsed joe biden. more than 40 former republican officials are backing tiden and you know most of the former national security types. >> i'm not backing biden. i'm going to write in the name of another republican. the president doesn't have his own philosophy. it's already for republicans no to the support him and once he is free of re-election, if he wins, he will be more erratic in decision making. that is part of a national security threat by the we he is
5:23 pm
handling the pandemic. he just makes decisions without thinking adequately the cost and benefits and the pluses and minuses of the decisions. >> as a result of that as you know, the house speaker is absolutely supporting a big in congress that could give congress and added say. and the president. >> absolutely not. look, that was part of an ameantment to deal with the presidential incapacity. it's probably the worst sing the part of the amendment. i don't know who the political advisers to the speakers are, and the other ngs the house bringing it forward. this has to be the single worst moment because it looks like an effort to try to assume power
5:24 pm
from the president. why not just let and wait the american people vote. what is so hard about that? >> 24 days to go, and millions of americans are already voting, early voting is going on in so much of the country. thank you so much for joining us. stay safe out there. >> you too. thanks for having me. >> thank you. up next, today's white house event was billed as a pitch to black and latino voters, a group disproportionately affected by the coronavirus. will the pitch work? and new cases are rising right now in 28 states. that is next. we will be right back. still a father. but now a friend. still an electric car. just more electrifying. still a night out. but everything fits in. still hard work. just a little easier. still a legend. just more legendary.
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as concerns mount over a second wave of the deadly serena here in the united states, and the cdc is now warning events in washington, d.c. should remain below, below 50. this is what the white house event looked like today. hundreds of people gathering on the south lawn of the white house, not social distancing. cnn legal analyst laura coates is joining us now. this is an event to reach minorities. do you think the president understands the toll it's taken on the country? >> it is clear he did not. he has been essentially down playing the virus in a way that delies t belies the data and we know the "watch what happens live" is able to explode the ideas of social distancing in some parts
5:30 pm
of the country being a luxury, and affordable and good access to health care in the country is part of it. he has an aveevent where he is ignoring the guidelines and he has a crowd with a large number of people who are people of color and voters, it seems to be counterproductive and enter intuitive. he doesn't understand what is at stake here. >> you hosted really excellent cnn town halls on race and coronavirus. what happen do y what do you make of the president's appeal to minorities today? >> one of the things at the town hall this summer, with different mayors across the country, they were grappling with the covid 19 pandemic and people's desire to speak out against social injustice following the killing of george floyd and even they had concerns despite the
5:31 pm
concerns about social injustice in the country, they knew they had to temper it with the idea of being safe, and making sure that people could voice their concerns, air their grievances, and promote change, and be cog any accide -- cognizant to try to promote, not only understanding and social justice but also just how impactful it is. and he misses the mark on the issue, and the notion that he talks about black lives matters and continues to address that in a way in seems to under mine his understanding or perceived understanding about systemic racism in the country, and you cannot speak out about progress, and reform and deny there is ever a root cause to promote the changes. >> the president was asked
5:32 pm
yesterday about social tensions in the country about the conservative talk show host rush limbaugh. here is his take on the black lives matter movement. >> the first time i ever heard of black lives matters. it's a terrible term. it's such a racist term. it shoes division between blacks and whites, and it's a very bad term for blacks and they are very angry. it's a marxist organization. >> when you hear that, what is your reaction? >> i don't understand how three words can be -- evoke this e action from the president of the united states. think of the other words we have, we the people, phrases like this don't have the aim reaction. we talk about people's humanity. he wants to apply the marxist connotation. but essentially, he misses the
5:33 pm
mark saying to himself and the world that he is off ended by the premise that humanity should exist for all people. i don't understand why he continues do this and pry to promote his campaign among people he is saying, i guess your lives don't matter. that term in and of itself is offen offensive. it doesn't shdivision. >> he says the black lives matter movement is marxist. earlier this weir, he said kamala harris is a monster, called her a monster and a communist several times. laura, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> as the coronavirus pandemic grips the nation, we are 24 days from election day. what are the voters watching for in the final few days? stay with us. we will tell you when we come back.
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24 days until the election in the united states, and trump appears to be putting re-election before health. today and the white house, the president addressed a crowd of largely black and latino voters, and in florida, vice president mike pence was hitting the campaign trail with large in-person events including a lot of elderly. cnn's guest harry is joining us today. the president is planning rallies in days to events, and do they help the president with voters? >> you know, wolf, i just got to be honest with you. i don't know what the heck the president's thinking. i mean, we have numbers on this that ask whether or not he is asking responsibly and what the cnn poll found is that 63% of
5:39 pm
americans said that trump's handling the risk of the covid-19 risk of the infection, he is actinger irresponsibly. i didn't get it. >> today's event is working to persuade the african-american voters. and there is a sign that it's actually working? >> all i do is look at numbers all day. i stay inside. look at them. here's the deal. joe biden has won black voters overwhelmingly. clinton won them by 79. do you want to argue that trump is pulling a little more african-americans in the republican tent? you can. given how poorly he is doing among white voters. so the answer to that is maybe a
5:40 pm
little bit. >> harry, the polls show that joe bide season ahead. and you say that president trump is still in the race. tell us why? >> yeah, you know, the first thing -- the first part of your question gets at it, joe bide season clearly ahead. he is up by ten points, over 50%. he is doing better than hillary clinton, and here's the key nugget. there are a number of elections, i went back and looked 24 days before the election where are incumbent presidents polling at this point, and we do see there are examples of presidents who did come back and win who are trailing, truman was trailing by six, he won by four. and bush was down, and barack obama was down by a point and he ended up winning by four. sop trump's in trouble at this point, but there is still a chance he can pull off a victory based on history. >> if he gets his base of his to
5:41 pm
actually turn out and vote in big percentages. the president is going to iowa this week. should be an easy win for him. is it more about the tight senate race? that is going on. >> no yeah, props so. i mean, obviously, if you look, president trump, you know, iowa is a state, he won by nine points four years ago and right now, if you look at the polls, he is down by two, and yeah, he wants to hem out, but he also wants to help out himself and the fact is, if he doesn't win iowa, he is trailing in other player places where he needs to win such as wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. the fact he is going to iowa and the fact he is down there is a really bad sign for him. >> good to have you here in the situation room. thanks very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. great to be with you.
5:42 pm
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young adults who should be starting their lives are instead finding themselves stuck on pause as they wait for an end to the terrible pandemic, they are also seeing the virus take a toll on their families and their
5:47 pm
friends. cnn has more now on what hard hit members of generation z are going through. >> reporter: hanna and joseph knew it could be tough growing up but never imagined it would be like this. >> towards the end of april, they consecutively went to the hospital. it was any grandmother first and my dad the next day and the next day is my mom. >> reporter: covid-19 took them one by one. over just a few months. leaving the 22-year-old and 17-year-old joseph alone. >> my parents are gone. and for the last three months, we didn't even have capacity to think about our futures. we were just scrambling to save our parents. >> reporter: she has no time to grieve, no time to show loss. anna is in college now, joseph in high school. with no extended family nearby
5:48 pm
or a path how to make a living. >> this is a memorial for our parents. we can remember them every day. >> reporter: they are part of the hardess hit age group in the economy, young people. and about half say they or someone in their house hold last a job had a hay cut. >> we don't have a choice. i work or get sick and i end up in the streets. >> reporter: 29-yard jose is the seoul breadwinner, paying rent in the small garage he shares with his mother and girlfriend. he kept working in the worst in california. and they were notified that a covid positive patient visited in march. >> that is when i started to get the fever, the cuff.
5:49 pm
and i couldn't breathe at all. >> reporter: this is what happened to martinez. for 45 days, he was in a medically induced coma, nearly losing his life in intensive care. weeks later, he survived but he is dependant on a walker at the age of 30. do you think it will affect you making money in the future? >> yeah, any activity i did normally, now i can't do. >> reporter: young americans with no choice but to deal with the hand they have been dealt. >> i'm still alive and my brother is still alive, and we're healthy and so, you know, i think that's just pockets of joy, is what i'm looking for, and it's what keeps me going. >> reporter: cnn, los angeles. >> in august, the cdc released results on of a survey that show the pandemic is having impact on
5:50 pm
the mental health. they found elevated levels of anxiety, depression, more substance abuse and suicidal thoughts affecting all ages and races across the country. dr. patrice harris, you know that told is would mental health day. can you describe the mental toll they are taking right now and it drags on and on, and so negatively impacting people every day. >> yeah, wolf, today is world mental health day and it gaives us an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of mental health as a critical component of her health and a powerful story, we just listen to. because we know that precovid, and i know this in my own
5:51 pm
personal practice as the town psychiatrist, we were seeing young folks reporting with and dealing with increased level of depresen depression and anxiety. and since covid, it has disrupted lives of so many of us, and particularly, our children, and increase in symptoms of anxiety and depression and inability to cope. and also those who had a diagnosable mental disorder prior to covid note the siymptos are worsening. and they didn't start with covid but covid has negatively impacted the mental health so so many in the country. >> what groups of people seem most at risk to the mental toll of the pandemic? the front line, medical takers, and those who lost loved ones what do you think?
5:52 pm
>> you know, wolf, it's certainly everyone now, early on in the pandemic. we saw the toll it took on those who were working on the front line. i think you and i ever chatted about physicians and other health professionals who were writing, rewriting their wills, updating wills, living apart from families that is very difficult and bringing up shs of their own. so i think that, you know, issues around mental health know no age limit. they may impact ages in different ways but certainly all of us, certainly, and by the way, wolf, it's normal in times of uncertainty to feel an increased stress and anxiety. but if these symptoms are prolonged, if folks feel like they can no longer cope using their typical coping skills, if their ability to function isn't
5:53 pm
paired, by the way that is the time to seek health. there is no shame. it should be no stigma around seeking health. >> dr. harris, thank you so much. so important all this information indeed. we really appreciate it very much. let's take a quick break, we're getting some major news coming in from the white house right now. we'll update you when we get back. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq.
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there's breaking news.
5:56 pm
we have a brand new statement from the president's physician about the president's health. i want to bring in jeremy diamond. what is in the new memo? the news is that he is essentially clearing president trump to return to public activity. that he did a coronavirus test this morning, the molecular pcr tests and it said that the pcr sample demonstrates he is no longer considered a transmission risk to others. and the doctor goesen to say day ten from simpen to on set, fever free for 24 hours and all si symptoms improve and revooef will is no longer evidence of replicating virus, and he is going to continue to mon toll the president clinically adds i had returns to -- an act ti schedule.
5:57 pm
obviously, wolf, this is the news that the president had been waiting for. the news that the white house had been waiting for, and cleared the president, and once he had gotten a negative coronavirus test, and joe biden is calling for the president to release that information once it comes in, and here it is. this is notable, president trump is expected to resume his campaign schedule this week. he has three rallies monday, tuesday, and wednesday and this is what the president had been waiting for to have the full kfls confidence of the doctor to say he is able to go out there and where he is interacting with a number of people. i will let the doctors weigh in, and based on what dr. conley is saying, he is lo n longer a risk to other people. >> that is very important and very encouraging. let's bring in dr. shook n a
5:58 pm
brief statement? >> wolf, it's very good that we're finally getting some information. it's just not clear to me why they haven't been transparent all along, and we should know when the president trusted negative. is there a test that is positive? did it just turn negative? it's a good idea for the white house, to be as transparent as possible about what the test results mean. the american public with understand what we are dealing with. >> let me read another sentence from the statement from the doctor. now from symptom on set, frooefer free, fever free for 24 hours, and obtain there is no longer evidence of okay tifly replicating virus. so translate that. >> what it means is that he hasn't had symptoms for 24 hours, our general
5:59 pm
recommendations are to be symptom fee for 72 hours, and tilenal -- tylenol, aspin or mo motrin. >> there are questions that needs to be answered but it's encouraging, at least this statement coming out on a saturday night. >> it is. you know, all along, i think they should have been transparent about what these lab tests were showing, and finally good news that at least they're releasing this one test. i believe they should be able to release the results of the prior test that have happened as well. >> and what would also be encouraging and important is for dr. shawn conley to go out and meet with reporters in there. is good news here, but plenty of questions to be answered. dr. shook, thank you for joining
6:00 pm
us. town hall, coronavirus facts and fears. that is getting to start right now. it will be back tomorrow. see you tomorrow. ♪ hello and welcome. i'm anderson cooper. >> and i'm dr. sanjay gupta. this is our 22nd global town hail. coronavirus fak accoun coronavirus facts and fears. >> the coronavirus has torn through the white house. we have seen close to the president become ill. some seriously wilill. the president's doctors and people, have refused to answer questions about his own illness, and something that the public has a right to know. >> in that respect, everything has


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