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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  October 13, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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antibodies will be deployed at some point and i expect that we will have two or three vaccines begin to roll out. and then, we have, you know, six different vaccines in the works. and there may be as many as 800,000 doses by the middle of next year which means that not only would all americans be able to get them, but there would be some for the rest of the world getting them. and that, that will be it. one hopes. one hopes, that nothing goes wrong. >> i got 40 seconds left, it's all yours. what do you want people to think about when they think about why we will make it through this pandem pandemic? >> there's no question we were going to make it through the pandemic. the question is how many people were going to die along the way. and you know, if you look back at the model that the white house used had in the beginning suggested that the pandemic would be over by now and 2.2 americans would be dead. instead, 200,000 plus are dead,
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which is terrible, but we are to doing relatively speaking than we the did in 1918, when had no choice but to die. i cannot say exactly by went it will be stopped. as tony fauci said, it will be the middle of next year, the optimistic vaccine equitixpertsk earlier than that. but it should be fairly much over middle of next year and then we have to rebuild the economy and the help the rest of the world. >> keep on the right track and you will make it to the right place. i enjoyed your piece. thank you very much. >> thank you all for watching, cnn with d-lemon starts now. he sounds like you. >> will the optimism, you mean? >> yeah. >> you stole the open of my show, i'm trying to get optimistic. are you with me? are you ready?
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[ humming ] >> he also had -- >> we survived, six months, eight months, we can survive six hours in line. i don't care how long it takes. >> it's true. mcconaughey had the benefit of two bottles of wine and an eight ball. >> and he had the -- listen, it's all in how you look at it, you heard what mayor pete says, right? but trusting his life to someone. it's all in how you look at it. you heard what your last guest said, optimism. and how you look at itment mit. 21 is a lucky number. when you see the number, 21, it means something good is about to happen. right? and for us, optimist optimistic, because election day is coming. that means you have the opportunity to change and shape your country. if you are not happy with it, you have a chance. if you are happy with it, you
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have a chance as well. >> and you don't have to wait until that day. hence the lines in georgia and elsewhere. >> there you go. [ humming ] >> we are ready to go, i will see you tomorrow. >> you annoy it, brother, i love you. i will do this all night. >> get ready people, i'm going to fire you up tonight. that's what i'm going to do. i'm going to get you excited about voting. about this election. it's so dark lately. i know there's death out there. i know that a lot is going on. i know people are hurting and now is the opportunity to make it all better. this is cnn tonight and i'm done lemon. i'm happy that you joined me this evening. 21 the lucky number that i said, the number of the angels. right? the good luck had number. 21 days to go until election. the election day. just three weeks from today. three weeks. but americans are not waiting until november 3rd.
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wait for election day? take a look at this, in texas, this young woman wasn't even going to wait until tomorrow. she is having a baby. she waited two hours to vote. >> i'm due tomorrow morning, so, i was trying to decide am i going to stay, i wanted to go ahead and get my vote in, and make it count. it was disappointing to see people left, i wonder if the people will make it back in to vote or just not vote this year. >> well, some gentleman or gentle woman should have let her get to the front of the line, but i digress. because in every state where early voting is allowed like georgia, like texas, ohio, people are turning out in droves. waiting for up to 8 hours or more to cast their ballots. [ humming ] >> they are ignoring the noise, they are ignoring the distractions that we are all
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sick of and doing what they have to do. what they feel they must do. and that is vote with an exclamation point. no more excuses. there are none. get excited. vote. snail mail, plane, train, automobile. two wheels or two feet. get your souls to the polls. get your butt to the polls. vote! you know why in all seriousness here, seriously. you cannot let town the 215,000 americans who have died from this deadly pandemic. didn't have to be this way. don't let down the more than 7 million people who have contracted the virus or the ones still in the icu or on ventilators or who have long haul syndrome. the ones with pre-existing conditions. the ones who could not say goodbye to, the love of their lives. to their ailing mothers. to their widower father. their grandmothers. their grandfathers, their sisters, brothers, nieces or
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nephews. to their co-workers their best friends. if you don't vote for yourself. okay, if you think that, my vote doesn't count. well, vote for them. because their vote can count. and it does. they deserve as. that is the way that you pay tribute. vote for them. now, look, it's, it should not be this hard to vote in america. it shouldn't be, we should be making an opportunity for everyone to vote. as easy as possible for everyone to vote. that is our right as americans. lines like this, they can be a form of voter suppression, how many people are going to wait that long? do you have that much time? some people will turn away and that is a huge problem. but as i said, this is 2020. nothing is easy. more than ten and a half million
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people have cast a vote so far. on the second day of early voting in georgia, long lines, but, determination. >> i would rather be out here doing my civic duty than not. i don't trust the whole mail-in voting thing. so i will be here and sign it and make sure it goes where it needs to go. >> i have voted in every president ally election since i was qualified to vote. i think it was important and i think we need to have a say and exercise the right to vote, i think it's a credititical actio. >> there's something that i have to do. so, i'm -- it's okay. it's just a price you pay to cast your vote. >> price you pay to cast your vote. voters in cobb county, georgiaer lining up at the polls before dawn. many of them tried to vote yesterday on the first day of
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early voting but couldn't, due to the large numbers of voters turning out. okay, kept checking the website throughout the day and it was like 480 minutes and all that. so, i said well, i guess i will be getting up early this morning. i came out yesterday, and it was wrapped around the parking lot, so, my cousin andi came out today, so, we going to make sure that we get our vote counted today. >> i think it will be one of the higher voter turnouts in my lifetime at least. >> look at this, people are wait hg in concert. waiting for the latest jordans. good for you. so, you might ask yourself, are the lines this long where everyone lives? or is there voter suppression going on. study in georgia found that there's voters and communities of colors were more likely to wait in long lines than white
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voters. so we are going to keep an eye on this for you every night between now and the election. okay. because there are, there are a lot of efforts to try to suppress the vote and even someplaces to steal people's vote. it's not a secret who is driving paem to t people to the polls. it's a referendum on one man. and that man, not surprisingly held a huge rally in johns town, pennsylvania. thousands in the crowd. very few in machks. no social distancing. not a surprise, again. trump's planning on holding big rallies up until election day, despite the spreading of the coronavirus, he has taken the coronavirus tour, the super spreader tour on the road. i felt good very quickly. i don't know what it was. antibodies. antibodies. i don't know. i took it, i said, i felt like
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super man, you know, i said, let me at then. month. and i could have been here four or five days ago. it's great. we had great doctors. i want to thank the doctors at walter reed and johns hopkins. one great thing about being president, ifyou are not feeling 100%, you have more doctors than you thought existed in the world. i was surrounded with like 14 of them. where are you from? i'm from this one. where are you from? i'm from johns hopkins, i'm from walter reed. what great talented people, they did a great job. >> 14 doctors, do you have 14 doctors? can you see a did doctor? do you have health insurance? 14 doctors surrounding me -- really? now, you have a pre-existing condition mr. president. like ins s -- like millions ot
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americans. but they cannot get 14 doctorthe best medicine and a helicopter ride to the hospital. 215,000 americans are dead. many of them died alone. or at home. ♪ >> most of them did not have to die as a result of a president who's derriliction of duty. look what happened. that cannot be taken away no matter how many times he goes and dances to the village people. ♪ ♪ ♪ young man ♪ there's no need to feel down ♪ i said young man ♪ it's fun to stay at the ymca >> wow. you know, they play that song like every night in every gay
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bar across america. but you know -- and last night i think it was "macho macho man" and that one too. you cannot write this stuff. but he is having fun and dancing on the graves of 215,000 americans. dancing. everywhere on the campaign trail tonight, joe biden already ahead of trump in the polls. he will secure the lead with his former because. barack obama is preparing to hit the campaign trail for him. and he will have a message in store for president trump. >> i never expected that my success or would embrace my vision. or continue my policies. i did hope for the sake of our country that donald trump might show some interest in taking the
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job seriously. that he might come to feel the weight of the office. and discover some reverence for the democracy that was placed in his care. he hasn't. donald trump has not grown in to the job because he can't. and the consequences of that failure are severe. in the democracy, the command er in chief does not use the men and wm of our military who are willing to risk everything to protect our nation as political props to deploy against peaceful protesters on our own soil. -- now, the former president barack obama campaigned hard for hillary clinton too, and we all know what happened there. she is not the president. even though sometimes if you watch state-run tv, you might think she is. given how obsessed they are with her and the stories about her. this time, he thinks democracy
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is on the line. and if you were watching capitol hill today and day two of the confirmation hardings for judge amy coney barrett. you would see joe biden's party, kamala harris' party, they want everyone to know that something else is on the line, that is the affordable care act. your health care. >> president trump has made it clear, he has promised that the nominees would overturn the aca. >> people's hoet health care is line. >> a week after the election, supreme court will hear a case that could take away health care protections for more than half of all americans. >> president trump who nominated you for this vacancy, has stated that the supreme court should overturn the affordable care act but he promised that he would nominate a judge who would quote, do the right thing, unlike bush's appointee john roberts on obama care.
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>> since president obama signed the affordable care act in to law, senate republicans number one priority has been to tear it down. >> when donald trump and mitch mcconnell decided to ram the nomination through, days before the election, in an act of brazen hypocrasy, you know what their argument was? you know what i'm going to say. >> i will tell you simply that we won the election. elections have consequences. we have the senate. we have the white house. and we have a phenomenal nominee. >> elections have consequences. judge barrett's confirmation hearing is a great reminder to all americans had that voting really matters. the pandemic is a huge reminder of that ever present, every day in our lives. now, the voting lines, are a reminder of that.
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elections have consequences. you gone through a lot over the past couple of months. but you are strong. and you can wait in line. 21 days. vote. more in our breaking news from the trail tonight. we have other breaking news to tell you about as well. the washington post is reporting an investigation in to obama era government officials pushed by trump's doj, there's breaking news, it finds nothing. after railing about unmasking and conspiracy theories, conspiracies and crimes, no charges, no public report. kaitlyn collins, john ablon, after the break.
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over, no charges, no public report. this is a major development, how is the president going to react to this? >> well, he has not reacted yet, but don, you can guess if you judged his reactions lately, it's not going to be a good one. he is already unhappy with the investigation in the russian probe, and it's an investigation that the president and his allies built up believing that there were obama officials that had in appropriately requested the identities of people in the documents that were redacted. so they believe there was a wrong-doing. according to the report in the washington post, the federal prosecutor who is looking in to, this has now finished his investigation and there's no significant allegation of wrongdoing that will come out of it. ge again, according to the washington post, that was not news that the president wants to hear. if he was hoping it would be a political boost that he and his allies were building it up to be with all the hoopla around it, it's not going live up to what
11:22 pm
they projected it would. >> he was saying that, president obama and former vice president biden should be put in jail for what, whatever, i feel like we are back in 2016 again. so, john, they were looking at obama era officials and whether they improperly requested the identities of people named in redacted intelligence documents. according to the post, they found no wrong-doing. this is all part of their obsession with reliving the 2016 election instead of focusing on the issues that we face right now, in this moment. >> 100%. look, donald trump and his supporters in media have been fix ated on trying to relitigate 2016. he wants to be running against hillary clinton. but this is what he did here, threatening to jail his political opponents, all the hours spent. all the bluft ster, and senatorn his own party who floated specific names after all the slander and all the slurs and all the fearmongering, nothing.
11:23 pm
it was all a lie. it was all a fraud. even his own doj couldn't bring charges because there was nothing there. and it was just a reminder that when someone screams a lot, it's because they are weak. they are in a weak position. that's what was revealed. >> amen, brother. it was everywhere. unmasking, unmasking, unmasking the scandal, the unmasking. oh, my gosh, really. kaitlyn let's are talk about something new happening tonight. the labor secret, eugene scalia's wife tested positive for the coronavirus. she was at the rose garden super spreader event. this as the nation nears eight million cases. how does the president defend his behavior in the packed rally tonight? >> he is defending it, not the way was hoped. they hoped he would come out with saying i had covid-19 and
11:24 pm
now he has used it as a projection of strength that he has been talking about the last two nights. not what the political advisers would approach this. back to the late secretary's wife. we found out from the labor department that she had tested positive. they are not saying if they believe it was tied to this event, where so many other officials have tested positive. but she was there, she was seated right behind the first lady and next to kellyanne conway, both of the two individuals have tested positive, of course, we know. and it does say that the labor secretary himself does not have symptoms and you are seeing how all of the officials around the president, including himself got covid-19, it has not changed the structures of the rallies at all as you saw in the images. you were seeing no social distancing and very few people wearing a mask. >> yeah. >> let's, vice president joe
11:25 pm
biden, john, was in florida, the day after president trump was there. trump is holding packed rallies. zero masks and biden had a drive-in event, their campaigning could not be more different, don't you think? >> i mean, 100%. they are fundamentally different human beings and more importantly, responding to the historic crisis in different ways. tone comes from the top. we are seeing it from donald trump and the way his support base and administration still after getting covid doesn't want to wear masks because the president thinks it's weak and he is tell fwregraphing it. joe biden is saying look we have to get through it together. that floats to the rallies. it's a contrast. one is responsible and the other is about self glorification. >> the packed rallies, are they hurting him as they see as trump super spreader events and people who care that they cannot see
11:26 pm
their family and friends because of the pandemic, john? >> as you pointed out, he is literally dancing on people's graves. you know, dancing to ymca when we passed 215,000 deaths. his hard core supporters love him. it is a matter of belief at this point. it's not a rational calculus, it's for their identity. for everyone who was impacted by this, it's an insult to their memory and donald trump has been solely focused on playing to the base and his base doesn't seem to care but they will when it affects them personally. >> thank you both, i will see you soon. >> a second u.s. vaccine trial paused today because of an unexplained illness. all of it as the coronavirus cases surge in 33 states. stay with us. everyone has a story. a history. we have different needs and challenges. but one thing we share is wanting to make our lives
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so, these are the facts. coronavirus cases are rising all across the country. leigh tho 33 states are now in the red zone. especially when you think of 215,000 americans have died from covid-19. that has not stopped the president from holding packed campaign rallies. he may be feeling better but just tonight we learned of a new caseattendee of from the super spreader event, it's not, there y we don't know contracted the virus and scalia has tested negative, but woill work from home for the time being. i will talk to dr. sheffner, thank you for joining us
11:32 pm
tonight. so, president trump despite getting sick, despite his wife and closest aides getting sick. he is back to saying to the country, that it is rounding a corner right now, that we are rounding a turn on the pandemic. he is lying. but the numbers don't lie, doctor. >> don, actually, we are turning a corner. an upward corner. the graphs are going up as you demonstrated that sound you hear is the beginning of the second wave coming on to the shore. you know, each of the major rallies is full of people who in all likelihood don't wear masks and social distance in their daily lives. when they all come together, the odds are, this is just a statistical statement, that some of them will be carrying the virus to the events. and i am just sure that each one of these events is going to be an accelerator.
11:33 pm
there will be spread within the actual rally and those people will take it home, and spread it to others. so, these rallies are act sell ating the spread of the virus wherever they are held and they are part of the increasing wave of covid infections that's over most of the country right now, with the winter just down the road. there's even more to come, i'm afraid. i wish i did not have this grim statement. but that's the way it looks to me. >> i want to play this for you and our viewers. it's dr. fauci speaking about the, the uptick in positivity rates in the country. here it is. >> you like to see them less than 3%. optimally 1% or less. we are starting to see a number of states well with above that. which is o and in fact, highly protective of resurgence of
11:34 pm
cases which historically leads to an increase in hospitalizations and then ultimately an increase in deaths. >> so, jumping off of what dr. fauci is saying there. 13 states have a daily positivity rate above 10% over the last seven days. wyoming's rate is above 17%. this is an alarming trend, isn't it? >> oh, absolutely, we read the numbers in the same way dr. fauci and i. this is an up surge, we are not in a plateau, and we are certainly not going down. this virus is still very much among us. and a lot of the states now affected have large rural areas. it's taken a while for this virus to get out of the big cities, and in to the small towns and the little hamlets in rural areas. it's starting to spread in those communities. slower than in the big city, but it's moving out there.
11:35 pm
we don't have a single county in the tennessee and we have many rural counties, that's covid free. so, it's out there. >> appreciate your exper teather expertise and your time, thank you. >> thank you. >> more than 215,000 americans dead from coronavirus. infections on the rise in 33 states. had this is how the president is conducting himself on the campaign trail. mary trump is here, she is going to respond next. ♪when you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion,♪ ♪upset stomach, diarrhea pepto bismol coats and soothes your stomach for fast relief and now, get the same fast relief in a delightful chew with new pepto bismol chews.
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when was the last time your property tawhat?l went down? never. are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up. while the corporate burden has gone down. prop 15 reverses that. it closes corporate loopholes and invests in schools, small business, and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, your tax bill goes down. that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year for the average home. give homeowners a break. vote yes on 15. so senate judiciary talking about his own struggling campaign in south carolina. >> all of you over there want to impose obama care on south
11:40 pm
carolina, we don't want it, we want something better and we want something different. you know what we want in south carolina? south carolina care, not obama care. that's the political debate we are involved in a campaign in south carolina, my fate will be left up to the people of south carolina. let's go to citizens united. to my good friend senator whitehouse, we are going to come close er and closer about regul regulating money, i don't know what's going on out there, there's a lot of money being raised in the campaign. i would like to know where the hell it's coming from. >> don't be a hater, raise your own money. graham went on fox news to beg for campaign donations as the race is comiing down to the wir. look at that, that is really a
11:41 pm
story, even if harrison does not win. look at, at south carolina? an incumbent senator? a republican going up against a democrat? that is, whoa, let's talk to the democratic candidate for u.s. senate in south carolina, jamie harrison. jamie, good evening. listen will -- >> good evening, don. >> just the fact that it's this close. i mean, that says something about what's happening in south carolina. it's, i -- people should be shocked. >> well,ton, what folks are seeing is the emergence of what i call a new south. >> hm-mm. >> one that is bold and inclusive and diverse. and senator graham should be worried. it is because he has been our senator and been in washington, d.c. for 25 years and people don't like his record. and you know, it's is aed that he will take a moment in a hearing that we should not have, because he said, we could use had his own words that we were not going have this hearing in the midst of a campaign, and i wish he would take all of that
11:42 pm
energy and passion that at the has, asking people to go and give him contributions, and actually pass a covid relief bill. because that's the issue that is on the minds of people in south carolina. we need help here in south carolina and he will not provide it. >> i know you are speaking for south carolina, but across the country, people need help. you touched on it a bit. senator graham looking like he is using today's amy coney barrett hearing as a campaign ad. >> yeah. >> he said is it's appropriate to respond to political attacks in a political way, what say you? >> and senator fwram is desperate. i'm living rent free in his head right now. even when he is doing his official duties. all he is thinking about is the fact that he is about to lose his job. i want folks to continue to help me live rent free. let's add another bedroom in his mind right now. folks go to jamie and let get him more anklxious
11:43 pm
tomorrow. >> folks are desperate here. we have the highest eviction rates in the country. 3500 people have are died because of covid, 750,000 are unemployed and we need help and we are not getting it from our senior senator. >> consider caning the timeline here, do you think it will affect the time line for confirming, the whole process with amy coney barrett, they are eyeing october 29th, do you feel it will affect your election? >> well, it has already affected the election. we were supposed to have are another debate on october 21st. we have given graham a number of dates and they have been passed back and forth. you know, senator fwrgraham, i h he would put the urgency on south carolina as he does on
11:44 pm
being important and relevant in d.c. >> you saw senator graham today, i'm sure you were watching, not wearing the masks at the hearings. your debate last friday was cancelled after the campaign requested to take a covid test and he refused to do that. what are you hearing from voters? how is the coronavirus impacting the race? >> well, you know, folks and even in the state newspaper editorial board wrote about how, how it was hedge scratching that senator graham would not take a covid test. you know, it takes less than 30 minutes. it takes two minutes to get the could cotton swab in your nose and less than 30 minutes to get the end result. he got easy pay a test the week prior. we didn't understand what the big deal was, why he could not get a test this time around. when all the people at the tv station got a test the. i got a test. it's not a big deal. but for senator graham, i have no idea. i'm sure, don, every time he went golfing with the president, i bet you he got a test.
11:45 pm
again, when it comes to south carolina, we are, we are always second. and it's d.c. that is first. >> well, jamie thank you very much, we appreciate you joining us. stay safe, best of luck, we will talk to you soon. >> thank you, don, take care of yourself. >> you as well. the president falsely touting immunity on the camp obtain trail, falsely out thing that as the death toll is topping 215,000 people. there she is, she is here, mary trump, and she is next. woo! go go go go on a real vacation. visit go or your nearest rv dealer. (combative yelling)
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my hands are everything to me. but i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture. and it got to the point where things i took for granted got tougher to do. thought surgery was my only option. turns out i was wrong.
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so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. the president said is it would be disgusting if he loses the election against joe biden.
11:50 pm
>> i'm running against the worst candidate, can you imagine if you lose to a guy like this? it's unbelievable. it's disgusting. >> it's the second night in a row that the president said there's nmore pressure on him t win because biden is the single worst candidate of all time. that is what he said. vice president biden, shows him with a 290 electoral votes enough to win the presidency no wonder the president is feeling the pressure. he has a lot of ground to make up if he wants to win. mary trump is here, the president's niece, she's psychologist and the offer of too much and never enough, how my family created the world's most dangerous man. good to see you again. thanks for coming on. >> thanks so much, don. >> so as we noted the president said it would be unbelievable
11:51 pm
and disgusting. how does he react losing the election given his up bringing and who it is. >> first of all, he is not making it any easier if he does. he is setting himself up to look really bad if he loses to joe biden. he is not going to take it well. losing is not an acceptable thing in my family. my grandfather set his business up and family up in a zero sum game, that means one person can win and everyone else needed to lose. in order to win, donald was trained to do everything that it took. whether it was lying, cheating or stealing. on the one hand we are in for a rough ride and on the other hand, he is in for a rough ride if biden wins. >> have you seen him act the way he is acting now? >> no. and i don't believe that's
11:52 pm
because he is worse. i think the only thing that's changed is the context. you know, when i knew donald, pretty much everything always broke his way. there was always somebody there to clean up his mess and hand him hundreds of millions dollars to bail him out. he is in a completely different universe right now, where nobody is left, really to help him out of the jams he keeps getting in to. and i think, that's the pressure he is feeling. honestly. >> this is interesting. he made this very direct appeal to suburban women at the rally tonight. >> i ask you to do me a favor. suburban women, will you please like me? remember, please. please. i saved your damn neighborhood, okay. >> i saved your neighborhood, listen, there's no truth to any of that.
11:53 pm
he clearly seems to know who he needs to win. he needs suburban women on his side. sort of helpless lly flailing here. >> it's sort of uncharacteristically obviously weak. you know, calls to mind his criticisms of jeb bush in the primary of 2016. >> oh, yeah, please vote, please clap, please clap. >> right, and calling him low energy. >> yeah, exactly. please vote, please clap me. it's weak sauce, as they say. and he may understand how desperately he needs that particular demographic. what he doesn't seem to grasp is that he is not going to get it through using misogyny and racism. >> just today alone, he attacked dr. anthony fauci and retweets
11:54 pm
several is conspiracy theories and hosted another packed rally putting people's lives in danger, at risk. what is it -- what makes him incapable of learning from his mistakes. repeating the super spreader events. i called them a repeat, that is redunda redundant, but it's recitivous. >> he is, indeed. you cannot learn from your mistakes if you are incapable of admitting that you make mistakes. that's the first problem. he also has it stuck in his head that he if does what he did in 2016, he will prevail had this type. when you know, we are living in a completely different world right now, so, that, that just showing that, the man has no ability to learn at all. and as for his attacks on dr. fauci and in particular, his continuing to put other people at risk in the way he is doing
11:55 pm
so flagrently, it's he depraved and willful and he needs to be held accountable for it. it is beyond acceptable. >> i want you to check be this out. this is a president dancing to the village people's ymca in his rally tonight. he did it last night in florida, to, to, you think it's macho man. it is beyond out of touch with what a's going on in the country. but he is having a good time, despite the widespread suffering of americans, and 215,000 people dead. that's what he cares about. the tone deafness of, as i say, it's grotesque and it shows just how out of touch he is not just with the horrific circumstances, he is continuing to create.
11:56 pm
but, also, where we are right now. you know, he completely misunderstands the message of that song, i'm guessing. and i'm angry at you for making me watch that again, okay. >> i said at the top of the show, every gay bar, every night they play that song. and that and macho man, and there he is dancing. you cannot write this stuff. >> is that dancing? i don't know what that white man under bite thing is. >> you are reading my mind, i couldn't say it, at a wedding. go on, sorry. >> i mean, all we can do is laugh. you know, because what's the alternative? so, i just, i don't, i continue, i know i keep repeating myself, i continue to not understand why there's nobody, nobody to stop him. even if only for his own sake. he still is sick. he must still be sick.
11:57 pm
you know, people don't get over covid like that. and even if he isn't, he is stale contagious, most likely. so why is nobody willing to step out and just say, hey, come on, you can, you can do this again next week. let's just, you know, get better. get to the point where you are not a danger to other people, i think donald likes being a danger to other people, that is sort of all he has left. >> you know, that is doing the right thing is probably a better message to win of suburban women than what he is doing now. thank you, mary. i appreciate your time, be safe. we will be right back.
11:58 pm
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