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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 14, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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no one can watch that and not be moved. thank you very much for joining us, "360" begins now. as you look at the president's third night on his super spreader tour. think about this. the minnesota department of health reports it now traces 16 cases of covid to the president's trip there last month. it is clear that the president does not care of the virus spreading at his rallies. the question tonight has the president decided to go for so-called immunity. the idea simply put is let as many healthy people to catch the virus. it is not as new idea. he once said he rejects it. he seems to let many of his
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followers risk infections at his own rallies. three scientists put out the great declaration. the most compassionate approach of reaching herd immunity to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus. here is what radiology ist says. >> we should be fine with letting them get infected, generating immunity on their own and the more immunity in the
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community, the better we can eradicate the threat of the virus including the threat to people who are vulnerable. that's what herd immunity is. >> dr. atlas seems to be the president's closest adviser. the focus protection is now something he may be okay without saying so. early last week scientists met with dr. atlas and alex azar who tweeted "we heard strong re-enforcement protecting the vulnerables while hoping schools ening schools." what he did not do and what dr. atlas had not done of reaching
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herd immunity could put thousands of lives at risk. take a look at tieonight's crow. how many young people you see live with or coming in contact with young people. who among these people may get the disease and recover and suffer long-term complications. there is a lot of healthy people who had mild cases. >> heard immunity is another word for mass murder. that's what it is if you allow this virus spreading. we are looking to two to six million americans dead. not just this year but every year. there is no such thing as herd immunity. these viruses come back year after year and infect the same
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people. >> that's professor william, who unlike dr. atlas does specialize special diseases. he's not alone on herd immunity. this is perhaps the world's most medical journal. isolating that many people as they say scientifically and ethically problematic. we can't afford distractions and undermine an effective response. that appears to be what the white house is entertaining without coming clean of the downside and without saying letting people get infected out loud. not everyone is vulnerable. does that mean not aggressively
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protecting everyone. we don't know and here is the president last month. >> we are focusing on protecting the vulnerable while enabling he will my americans to go back to work. we can do both in arizona and florida and other states recently shown. >> not on keeping us all safe and not all of uls wes wearing protecting yourself. no mention of herd immunity. senior official told reporters that the administration does not endorse herd immunity plan. if that's all there is to it, there is moments that the president suggested himself even though he did not get the words right. >> you will develop like a herd
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manu mentality. it is going to happen. it will all happen. >> the question is trying to make it happen? is he trying to make it happen or let it happen? that's also is policy. if so why is the public being given a say. melania trump revealed that her son contracted the virus. jim, what are you hearing from people there? >> what we are hearing from trump's supporters, they're placing their trust on the president as suppose to what top health experts been saying that people should practice social di distancing and wearing a mask. you don't see people wearing masks or practicing social distancing. earlier tonight they were all saying if i get sick or even if i die so be it. here is what they had to say.
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>> reporter: any health concerns of being at the rally? >> i don't have any concerns at all. >> you can't live your life in fear and i am not scared of this virus, there are all kinds of other vai iruses out there thatn jeopardize your health as well. you can't stop living. >> reporter: ma'am, what do you think? you feel the same way, i guess? >> it is a 99.9 survival rate. i am going to continue to live my life. i hope everybody else does, too. i am going to continue to live and i am not going to be in fear of it. >> reporter: what do you think of trump getting the virus? what did you make of it? >> trump getting the virus shows that we are all human and anyone
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can get the virus. you can be cautious and you can get the virus. >> reporter: what about getting all these people together in one space, they call it a super spreader? >> you can have two people in one space and you can get the virus. >> reporter: we are asking folks, how people feel about the safety of going to the rally with all those people there, do you think it is a health risk? >> i don't, i feel yes, covid is dangerous for people but for the most of us we'll go on with life. i trust god and not scared. >> reporter: but if you don't put yourself at risk, you may not die. >> i put myself at risk when i go to mcdonald's or go to work or do anything. i am not going to stop living.
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>> reporter: after speaking to some of trump supporters, they're not wearing their masks. one thing we should point out, the campaign is trying to pull a fast one with audience tuning in at home. they placed those people behind the president wearing masks, that's not the case for everyone here. >> if they feel so confident encouraging people not wear masks and the president down played masks, why do they manipulate people's believes and everyone that's not there. if they are so proud of not wearing masks why are they putting masks they clearly given out to people all have the slogan of the campaign on. >> anderson, i think they
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understand there is some serious apprehension out there with a lot of voters and moderate voters who sees these events and think they are plain crazy to have all these people packed in here and not practice social distancing and there are people in the community critical of what's happening. outside of the airport, there is a billboard that says trump's super spreader event. the president is going to be throwing gasoline on the coronavirus problem in iowa which has been getting worse. >> thank you, dr. richard besschler, does it make any sense to you of anyone in the white house would argue of herd immunity.
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1.2 million people in the u.s. could die with herd immunity strategy and the president mocked sweden for the choices they made and it seems like he's not doing that anymore. >> you know if you look at sweden, they have the highest death rate in europe and they taken an approach of having people go back to business and no masks. >> this great approach that's getting a lot of discussions today. it calls on young people living their lives and not wear masks and getting infected. where we see it taking place in summer and florida and texas, the rising cases in people does not stay with the young people. it follows with rising cases of groups having disease or dying, the elderlies. you look at who's affected today the most. people of color, black
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americans, native americans and hispanics, dying three to five times of white americans. if we go at this strategy, we'll see a continuing desperate impact on people of color and low income people who have to go to work and don't have the choice of working remotely. the fairness of that anderson is just unbelievable. >> the other thing of herd immunity idea is sort of predicated on what seems to be early in the pandemic notion that it is only old people who are going to get sick and are at risk and young people bounce back from it and we now know, there are what are called long haulers, people who have long lasting symptoms six or seven months out, who had relatively mild cases or even hospitalized but they're coming down with these - they haves continuing symptoms. doctors don't know a whole ton
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about that. >> i think this kind of approach really under estimates how little we still know about this virus. we don't know what proportion of the population would be to be infected for the virus not to spread easily in communities. we don't know the answer of what's the long-term impact. we don't know children who tend of low rates of hospitalizations and deaths. so the idea we go forward go ahead and get infected, it is a strategy that's willing to sacrifice thousands of lives in america for something that's unproven and untested when the possibility may be out there that there is a vaccine or other strategy that could get us back to a working society. >> the president is using the fact that he had covid and you
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know as a sign and that he's able to bounce back and it is not so bad and he's immune and put aside the fact that he got medical care that most people who got covid will never be able to get. how short lived or how long that immunity may last for? >> right. it is one of those unanswered questions. it does look like if you have this infection it is likely to date we have been following people for eight or nine months, it is rare to get a second infection. we don't know how long that protection last and that's a very important question. >> this whole idea with herd immunity of focus on everything on protecting the vulnerable and let others go to school and work and they'll get infected and they'll bounce back because they are young. first of all, there is a huge
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pool of those who are particularly vulnerable, people elderly and obesity, the idea that you are somehow going to magically protecting them, it is not like they're all in nursing homes. what are you going to do? round up all of these people and protect them? >> that's how the arguments laid out. well, you can protect people in nursing homes and protect the workers in nursing homes. people at risk are not limited to nursing homes. so many people living in generational households so they come home and infecting others. they're going to work with underlying condition and putting them at risk with a medical disease. one of the false arguments around this is you hear the
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description of totally shutdown as a society or totally open. what public health is allowing us to do, we follow the guidelines and we can gradually getting back to society. if we follow that road map and people all to wear masks, we would have a lot more economic activities than we have. the idea that you have to allow young people to get the ipfectii infection from a public health's standpoint and epidemiology standpoint does not make sense. barron is now tested negative. it does underscore people in the same household and clearly not enough precautions being taken at the white house nor at rallies.
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>> we talk about herd immunity. we talk about it as protecting those who are unable to get vaccinated or really need our protection so people who have cancer and getting treatments. people who have immune problem and can't get a vaccine at a greater risk. we don't talk about it as a way of let's get everybody infected so the disease stops transm transmitting. it is a specific concept to let you know what percentage of a population has to be vaccinated in order to protect those at the greatest risk. i am grateful that the president's son has a mild symptom but not everyone do. >> thank you. as the public being told the pandemic is under control. some donors were getting different numbers. remember the so-called unmasking
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behind us. we already know from the president's conversation with bob woodward's reporting that he knew this as far back as february. tonight new reporting on another example earlier which the public was kept in the dark but others were not. well, we just lost him but we'll try to get back in touch with mark. it is a fascinating remark in the "times." president trump is sipping through the wreckage of what they said of the tail end of the obama administration. and the president hopes it provided boom for the november election. >> the obama campaign spied on our campaign and they have been
5:22 pm
caught. >> we caught them spying on my campaign. who would have believe that one? they have been caught and it is right-hand right-handed. >> it is a massive thing. i got a list -- who could believe a thing like this? it probably never happen before or at least nobody got caught doing it. they used the intelligence agency of our country to spy on my campaign. they have been caught. >> there was absolutely spying into my campaign, i will go a step further, it was illegal spying. this was all obama and biden. these people were corrupt. the whole thing is corrupt. >> so none of that is true. the federal prosecutor appointed to investigate whether obama
5:23 pm
administration -- spying occurred completed his report, he found of no wrong doing. none. more from cnn's jessica snyder. >> reporter: president trump reacting to the news of his hyped conspiracy theory fizzling. >> that's a disgrace, they're guilty as hell. >> reporter: mr. trump refused to say if bill barr will be around. >> will bill barr be around the second term? >> i am not happy. >> reporter: it is a sudden end to the investigation, republicans relying onto prove wrong doing by the obama administration. >> if we were involve in a covid-19 crisis, this would be the scandal of the biggest thing of watergate. >> reporter: so much for that. the president created a conspiracy accusing his predecessor of treason and
5:24 pm
involving the unmasking of michael flynn. flynn was swept up at foreign intelligence gatherings when he spoke with officials. typically american names are kept secret but several officials unredacted or unmasked. >> this was all obama. this was all biden. these people were corrupt. the whole thing were corrupt. we caught them. >> reporter: unmasking is not illegal. senior officials had the ability to ask for names in certain circumstances. >> to turn this into some sort
5:25 pm
of conspiracy to support the president's political narrative and for the justice department to pursue the investigation on no grounds? it is disgusting. it is absolutely horrible. >> reporter: just last week, trump called for charges against obama and biden. >> these people should be indicted. this is the greatest political crime of our history. that includes obama and biden. >> reporter: with words that tru tru tru tru trump falsely labeled. >> i saw that, if they kplecompd the report, i would like to see it. >> our retired general, james clapper and our national security analyst, he's the author of "facts and fears." and with us john brenn brennan.
5:26 pm
director brennan, i wonder what's your reaction was when this whole unmasking probe just fizz fizzled up? >> it was exactly what i thought going to happen. there was nothing inappropriate or wrong that took place. this was motivated probe that barr initiated to please donald trump. i am glad it resulted and no charges and no report because the unmasking that went on was consistent with the practices that were used in the national security arena when senior officials need to have understanding of who may be involved of the activities concerning to officials.
5:27 pm
>> it was not surprising that barr did in the announce this did not come to nothing, they're hoping this news just disappears like the investigation itself because they don't want to draw atetention and the president jut making stuff up and the former president committed treason or etc. it is pretty weak for them to launch this investigation and calling these people treasonous and not have the attorney general stand up and say, you know, the investigation is over. >> certainly there were no findings of wrong doing. that would not support the narrative of what the president
5:28 pm
wants. as you show he was kind of disappointed in all this. this is a long standing routine procedure when a u.s. person is engaged with a valid foreign intelligence target. that's an important phrase. it is perfectly legitimate and appropriate to find out who that is in the context, the safety security of the country. >> director brennan, this conspiracy being posed for a long time and his allies in congress and fox news. have the well been poisoned so deeply that won't change their mind and convinced of something occurred? >> unfortunately, donald trump and other members of the republican party continue to propagate these conspiracy theories and tried to smear
5:29 pm
reputation of former officials. those who want to believe them and will believe them and understand exactly that this is being done for political purpose. it is a normal practice that mischaracterize by those who want to paint the obama administration engaged in something inappropriate. the investigation of russia interference and the activity that law enforcement engaged in during that period of time were obligations in part of those agencies ensuring the president and others understood the sense and the scope of what the russians were doing to try to interfere the election. >> just to add to that, anderson, also i may add that the justice department
5:30 pm
investigation, we are still on the subpoena list and the government operation security that i believe is still investigating on unmasking. >> this is in some way is sort of another example of the president throwing something out there using the arms of government to try to validate his unsupported conclusion. he believed hillary clinton won the popular vote so millions of undocumented immigrants were voting multiple times in california and elsewhere and that just gets expanded because they can't find actual proof of this. what's different this time was he was talking about treason, punishable by death. >> it is absurd.
5:31 pm
to john's point, unfortunately words matter. when the president of the united states says something, people listen to it. for some people in this country, they're always going to be believers regardless of the actual facts to backup what he says. >> dr. brennan, your new book is titled "undaunted," there could be little doubt of whom the book subtit subtitled, do you think the president of the united states as an enemy and if so of who? >> i think he has been ill prepared and ill-equipped and
5:32 pm
incompetent in carrying out the office of the president of the united states. we have seen his interactions with putin and other leaders around the world, i don't believe he's helping and strengthening our u.s. national security but perhaps he's undermining it including on not relying on those partnerships that has been so important. the security that lasted 75 years. i do consider he has been a problem from a national security standpoint and he's not the responsibility that jim and i have expected from a president of the united states but seen in previous presidents that we served. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> thanks. >> we think our technical difficulty with mark. we'll have his new reporting next. how will we do it, at a time like this?
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we've been asked that before. and through pandemics, and depressions, wars that split a nation, and fractured the world. americans have always found a way to vote and make their voices heard. so stand with the national council on election integrity and help make sure every vote is counted. no matter who you vote for, or how. because while this election may feel different, we all call america home.
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we had some technical difficulty with mark, mark, thank you so much fort lupt beih us. weeks before the pandemic, president trump sent out a tweet "the coronavirus is very under control and coronavirus the sto looking good to me."
5:37 pm
what did you learn? >> over the next couple of days, there were private meetings with a group of board members of the hoover institution and my of them think republican dopnors. some of the advisers were being cautious about about what the impact could be. they're warning it could be worse than what the president and his advisers saying in public. there was a memo that circulated very quickly around. some very big hedge funds spread to their fence and their compliaclients and this stock market that happened this week, it was a critical period of time when any information of what the government knew about coronavirus was essential, not only for the public but for
5:38 pm
people tradings t the market. >> larry kudlow said this about cnbc about the virus the next play. >> u.s. is concerned. when you look at this, we have a whole higher head count of the infection because of the cruise ship people coming off. we have contained this. i won't say airtight but close to airtight. >> so was he saying something else in private there? >> so, a couple of hours after that interview, which began infamous for the trump administration not leveling the public of an extent problem. he's asked about it and he back pedals and according to the memo that was written. well, it is locked up down to this point but now we just don't
5:39 pm
really know. >> this was read as another sign for the person who wrote this memo that clearly the economic team is concerned than in private than they are showing him in public. basically shorting the stock market. >> they can benefit by shorting where the mark is goiet is goin. >> right. if it falls you make money. >> an interesting thing, anderson, you want people to go along with you so your bet pays off. that's what we saw of this hedge fund a successful -- it is sort
5:40 pm
of how some privileged information can be used by investors to gain advantage before the public really has this information. >> fascinating reporting. >> thanks, mark. long lines for early voting. what does it means? >> and new call for president obama. >> we'll continue. ure to gid under control, his failure to deliver real relief to working people. does he not understand and see the tens of millions of people who've had to file for unemployment this year, so far? the people who lost wages while the cost of groceries has gone up dramatically. donald trump has been almost singularly focused on the stock market, the dow, the nasdaq
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weeks before the election day and long lines. also huge enthusiasm. georgia had record turn out when early voting began on monday. the 10% of total voters have already cast their votes. >> anderson, 20 days out, the math is indisputable. joe biden leads and leads comfortab comfortably, joe biden at 290. takes 270 to win. the president is at 73 which means he has a long way to go.
5:44 pm
let's start by looking at that. if you look at the campaign travel this week, kamala harris in washington for the supreme court hearing, joe biden visiting florida, north carolina and pennsylvania. yes, he needs pennsylvania. these other states, joe biden does not need him. he's on offense, not defense. all states republicans carry, all states are in losing in 2020. yes, the president came back in 2016 and republicans believe that he can pull off another miracle. look at this. ten recent battleground, what's missing? >> joe biden with a big lead in w wisconsin and michigan. and iowa is a tie. if you look at the battleground polling, are you saying the
5:45 pm
president having momentum? let's come back to this map. here is what's striking. the golds are our toss ups now. >> so let's put it up the map, joe biden can win the presidency without winning florida or north carolina or flipping more republican states. he can win without winning, the toss up is -- he must win florida and keep georgia red and north carolina red and he must win iowa. if the president sweets our toss up, he's back in the game but he's still short which is why it gets so complicated. he has to take something aware and not just one. let's say the president won out in arizona, it is not enough, right?
5:46 pm
he would have to take away something big like pennsylvania. let's say the president does get pennsylvania, joe biden holds onto arizona. this is why the chest game gets so complicated. the president must win a toss-upstate on this map. the president has to tie up these toss upstate and he has to find even more possible at the moment. very tough. >> john king. thank you so much. let's bring in val demings. how are you engaging voter enthusiasm and how do you see the election playing out there in. >> it is great to be back with you. all of the enthusiasm from what i have seen and heard and talking with voters clearly in
5:47 pm
biden's camp. i heard john say that joe biden could win without florida. i will tell you what, we are working hard to make sure we give him plus one. s you see the response as vice president biden talked to senior for example, you see them pull away from the president at raes what should be his campaign at alarming rate. the vice president is not taking anything grounded on the ground. we really feel good and although not relaxing too soon but we feel good about vice president's biden chances in the sunshine state. >> i want to play something that president obama just said responding to president trump's call to indict him. >> the allegations are so absurd that everyone republican control
5:48 pm
committe committees, looking in top it have dismissed them and you know attorney general barr has d dismissed them. one of the fund discriminational stone of a democracy, the idea is that you do not allow the politicalization of the criminal justice the intelligence system and the mill trey. >> i am pointed that republicans who know better have not checked hill on this. i think a very important question after the election even if it goes well, with joe biden is whether you start seeing the republican party would restore
5:49 pm
some sense of norms that we can't breach because he breached all of them. they have not said to him this is too far. >> i wonder what your reaction is? >> you are republican colleague on capitol hill do no better. if president obama has been doing what president trump had done, their head would have been exploded. >> it is so good to hear president obama's voice of reason. he's absolutely correct. i worked in the criminal justice system for a number of years. i serve on the intelligence committee and served on judiciary and impeachment manager, the republicans never,
5:50 pm
never, i witness them -- checks president trump on any of it. so it has been very, very disappointed. we know if we continue to work hard, we have just a couple more peeks. i believe there will be a change at the top but it has been. there were times i was quite barry burbankly shocked. at the i mean, he went as far as he wanted to go, and that was clearly disgraceful. >> do you worry about democrats being overconfident? because i love john king and everything he said is true, and he also said, you know, the president can still win. there is a path for him. it is a difficult one. same thing four years ago. it was a difficult electorate path for him, but he got it. >> anderson, i do not believe that we are overconfident. you have seen the lines. look at the lines in georgia. look at the lines in texas.
5:51 pm
they are certainly not taking anything for granted. we know, based on the last four years how high the stakes are. something else that president obama said was basic competence can save lives. i believe that every person who was out there standing in those lines for hours waiting to vote understood that we do not have even basic competence in the white house right now. so we're not taking anything for granted. we're working hard for every voter that you see standing in those long lines. and i do believe that their sacrifice, their commitment to exercising their right to vote will pay off for them. >> i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. as you saw with john king, pennsylvania critical to president trump's chances to winning the election. dana bash traveled there to see if president trump's success there in 2016 was a one-time
5:52 pm
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the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. as john king showed us earlier, pennsylvania could be decided on the election again and both candidates know that. dana bash went to what is considered to be a trump-friendly part of the state. here's what she found. >> reporter: a line forms
5:56 pm
outside well before opening, waiting to enter the trump house. >> we're ready for the next group. come on in. >> reporter: a mecca of sorts for the president's supporters in southwest pennsylvania where trump's record turn-out four years ago helped deliver his surprise pennsylvania victory and the white house. lessly created the trump house in 2016 where she pushed disaffected democrats and never before voters to choose trump. >> we gave people a place to come to to believe they could win. now trump supporters show up daily for swag and yard signs and help registering to vote. >> we need trump in there again. i'm 65. i think it's time to register. >> reporter: have you not voted ever? >> no. >> reporter: rural counties have seen a surge in registration. they help with that here, too. >> changed my registration from democrat to republican. >> reporter: why? >> from what i have seen in the last past couple of years, i'm
5:57 pm
ashamed to say i was a democrat. >> it is a great honor to have you here. >> reporter: but joe biden isn't giving up here, campaigning in west marlin county this month. hillary clinton didn't come here in the general election. >> it's not an area democrats come and campaign very often, but you're here. why? >> reporter: i'm here because, like i said, we are not taking any votes for granted. they have seen the past four years. >> reporter: gina is county commissioner in west moreland, pa. ten years ago she was ms. pennsylvania in trump's pageant. now she's an elected democrat. >> he was new to politics. everyone was excited. he made big promises, big back tr jobs. >> reporter: signs matter. trump's are everywhere, big and bold. but biden's are out there, too. >> when you see signs like this, it makes the republicans and the
5:58 pm
democrats that voted for trump realize, i'm not alone. >> never did we think we would be meeting by zoom. >> reporter: phyllis, head of democratic women of west moreland county organizes from home. she's clear-eyed about the democrats goal here in trump country. >> we can't win pennsylvania, but we can add to the total numbers. >> hey, david. this is joan. i volunteer for the trump campaign. how are you doing. >> reporter: as for republicans, they never stopped traditional ways of getting out the vote, knocking on doors, walking in neighborhoods in masks and using a gop data driven app to find and persuade voters. >> we're able to tailer that message at the door and on the phone to how we think we need to target that voter and turn them out. >> reporter: given the president's struggles in the suburbs, boosting the vote here is critical for trump. >> how important is it for him to get his numbers even higher than it was four years ago? >> i do think that we need to
5:59 pm
increase our voter turn-out here for the president to offset some of what might be happening in the eastern portion of pennsylvania. >> reporter: lessly shows us the log of visits from thousands of trump supporters. what do you think this year? >> my numbers have tripled. four years ago i had to convince the voters to vote for the candidate. i had to convince them president trump was the best choice for them. this time i don't have to do any of that. they're all in. >> reporter: it could determine whether trump wins pennsylvania and a second term. and republicans we talked to in rural southwest pennsylvania were really candid that they expect the president to do even worse in the suburbs in pennsylvania than he did in 2016, and so they feel a lot of pressure to deliver even bigger margins than ever if he has any chance of winning the keystone state again. of course, anderson, that would be crucial to his path to
6:00 pm
victory. >> i'm glad a lot of people in the line were wearing masks. thank you. news continues. i'm going to hand it over to chris. >> thank you very much. i am chris cuomo and welcome to prime time. we learned today that trump's teenage son had covid, good news. they say he was asymptomatic and is now negative. but here is why i bring it up. how can trump keep holding potential super spreader events that will sicken other folks and maybe their kids after what his own family has been through? i can relate to very little when it comes to trump's motivations. we may have grown up in the same place, but we are very different people. but this i can relate to. i got my wife and son sick just like he did. but with me, it crushed me. it left me ashamed and super sensitive to keeping people safe. now, with trump not only does he not reall