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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 15, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heading the wrong direction in the majority of states. you wouldn't know it by looking at a trump campaign rally. europe is feeling a dangerous deja vu with curfews, mask orders and more lock downs. for years, president trump has accused the obama administration of spying on his campaign and committing treason. the year's long investigation has come to an end, but with a different conclusion than he expected. live from cnn world headquarters in tlatlanta, welcome to our viewers in canada and around the world, i'm kim brunhuber and this is cnn cases across the country. health officials warned that no state is moving in the right direction. despite the obvious health risks, thousands of trump
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supporters continued to show up at his rallies this week without precautions. many behind the president were seen wearing masks, most in the crowds weren't. america's top infectious disease expert says president trump doesn't appear to be contagious, but people around the president could be spreading the virus. we get more from jim acosta. >> reporter: president trump staged a super spread event in the des moines airport. in in the crowd were not practicing social distancing, and were not wearing a mask. i had a chance to talk to trump supporters as they were filing in. they essentially said they are placing their trust more on the president than the top health experts who say they should be playing it safe. here's some of what they had to say. >> we're talking to folks about going to the rally, and seeing what they think about the health risks of being in a large
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gathering. wondering if you had a thought on that. what do you think? >> i'm not worried. >> reporter: and why is that? >> because it's got a 99.9% recovery rate. we're going to live our life. >> well, you know, i care about people. i don't want to give it to them if there's a chance you might be carrying it around. myself, i'm not worried. the sooner we all get it, the sooner we'll be done with it. >> reporter: you don't think that could lead to a lot of people dying from the virus? >> i think the numbers are vastly inflated. >> i don't have any concerns at all. you can't live your life in fear, and i'm not really scared of this virus. there's all kinds of other viruses out there that can jeopardize your health as well, so can't stop living. >> if i'm going to get sick and die, i guess it's my turn. i trust god and i'm not scared.
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>> reporter: and there are plenty of critics of the president's rally in the des moines area, as we spotted outside the airport, there was a billboard called trump super spreader event with an arrow pointing to the rally site. >> democratic nominee joe biden out on the campaign trail announced a massive fundraising haul. biden says his campaign raised a record breaking $383 million last month. that follows another historic fundraising haul in august, and now he's also getting more support from the president he served under, barack obama. >> a lot of times when you're thinking about the presidency, it's great to look at policy and, you know, their 10-point plans on this, that or the other, but a lot of it is what is their basic character, right?
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are they people who instinctively care about the underdog? are they people who are able to see the world through somebody else's eyes and stand in their shoes? are they people who are instinctively generous in spirit, right? and that is who joe is. >> and next week, obama is expected to take that message to the voters. democratic officials say the former president will hit the campaign trail for biden in the final stretch of the race, and he'll focus on key states where people are already voting. on the final weeks of the presidential race come amid a soaring number of coronavirus cases in the u.s. more than 50,000 new cases are now being reported every day. in fact, not a single state is trending in the right direction. here's cnn's brian todd. >> a new field hospital opens in
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wisconsin as the state sets records for deaths in a day. it comes as we get the starkest indication yet of a brutal start to the fall. 36 states trending upward in new coronavirus cases. none heading in the right direction. no states are trending down in new cases, and for the first time in two months, america averaging more than 50,000 new cases each day. >> kwwe've got a lot of activits that are resuming. we've got sports all over the place with people in stadiums again. we have a lot of people getting back to work. we have schools open. we have people having kind of quarantine fatigue and trying to get back to some semblance of ir that norm their normal life. >> the white house task force and cdc say they are seeing an increased threat of virus spread from small household gatherings where precautions are often not taken. >> with thanksgiving coming up,
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we think it's important to stress the vigilance of the continued mitigation steps. >> reporter: tony green knows that threat too well. he held a small family gathering in texas in june. from that event, he says, 14 people became infected and two relatives died. >> i feel like a drunk driver who killed his family. >> oklahoma city seeing a rise in hospitalizations is extending its mask ordinance until december 7th. new mexico's governor saying her state is approaching a point where the spread of the virus will be quote uncontrollable, announces several new restrictions. bars and restaurants serving alcohol have to close at 10:00 p.m. gatherings limited to five people. in new york city, the mayor says while some hot spots have leveled off, the city is at the threshold of getting back together. >> we're threatened with a full blown wave in new york city. if that happens, the entire city
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would have to go back to the restrictions we knew in march and april. >> reporter: new york's governor expressing frustration with a sweet 16 party at this inn on long island last month which spawned nearly 40 new cases, citing pop up cluster like that, he offers a sobering projection for the country. >> this is not going away anytime soon. i think best case scenario, we're looking at another year, even if everything works out well. >> some good news mixed with caution. three new reports just published say for people who have been infected with coronavirus and recovered, immunity from the virus can last for several months, maybe even longer because they have produced antibodies. one expert cautioned us that with most coronaviruses, that immunity can wear off in a year or so making the race for a durable vaccine even more critical. brian todd, cnn, washington. besides the president and first lady coming down with covid-19, we have learned their
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14-year-old son barron became infected. that was revealed by melania trump, detailing her own experience with the disease. the president had this to say about it at the rally in iowa. >> barron trump, you know, he had the coronavirus, the china virus. to me it means china virus. he had it for such a short period of time, i don't think he knew he had it because they're young and their immune systems are strong, and they fight it off. 99.9%, and barron is beautiful and he's free. >> i'd like to bring in dr dr. sanjaya, and an associate
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professor of medicine at australian university. thank you very much for being with us. i want to start with that idea of herd immunity, i thought most of us had moved on from that fallacy, but here at least in the u.s., there's a renewed push to adopt herd immunity as a so-called strategy. i want to play you a clip from renowned scientist, william hassletine who had a powerful take on this. >> herd immunity is a word for mass murder. if you allow this virus to spread as they are advocating, we are looking at 2 to 6 million americans dead, not just this year, but every year. the reason for that is that there is no such thing as herd immunity. these skviruses, coronavirus cos back year after year and infect the very same people. >> so i'd like to get your thoughts on the danger of this, you know, strategy, which as proponents articulated would try
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to protect those at highest risk while letting the virus basically rip through the rest of the population. >> the first thing i would say in this modern age, we talk about it in immunization. we don't talk about it in terms of natural infection. as experts said in the lead up to the interview quite correctly, we really don't know how long the immunity from this infection lasts. in fact, you have the first u.s. case of reinfection recently notified in a health 29-year-old man, and that was within two or three months of his first infection, and there also is the chance because the immune system plays a big role in covid and how severe it can be that a second or maybe a third infection could be more severe in some people, and even if you
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think covid has a .3% death rate, out of 300 million americans, that's a lot of unnecessary deaths. >> but you mentioned, we don't know exactly how long immunity can last but there is new evidence out there now that immunity might actually last longer than we thought. >> you're right right,, a coupl papers coming out, some suggesting immunity might be lasting five to seven months on the basis of neutralizing antibodies they found in people who had covid. there was a london study, kings college london that found after three months a lot of people's antibody levels were falling as well. so it is hard to tell with antibody levels how long immunity will last. you can get an idea but at the end of the day, the best way to find out is to expose someone again and see if they get it.
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we know with other coronaviruses, you do get r reinfections, it does occur. those new studies are somewhat promise in terms of the vaccination studies we've got going at the moment. >> our thanks to the doctor for his perspective there. countries across europe are seeing a resurgence in covid-19 cases, which nations are being hit hardest. cnn has reporters covering the story live from multiple cities, we will take you there, stay with us. ically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try our new gummies for 30 days and see the difference.
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cases since the pandemic began. cnn has reporters around the world covering how countries are handling the pandemic. we have melissa bell in france, and ben wedeman is live from rome. let's go first to melissa in france. as i said, the president there ordering a nighttime curfew. that sounds very serious. >> that's right. you mentioned a moment ago the second wave that might be worst than the first. that was exactly the point the french president made last night on television. in the first wave some parts of the country had been harder hit than others. that had allowed for patients to be transferred. this time he made the point that it was all over the country, also that medical staff retired and there were no reserve beds left, hence the need to bring the figures back down under any means necessary for the time being. that is a system of curfews, here's what he had to say. >> if we stick to this curfew
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for six weeks, if we take collective responsibility for reducing our contacts, we think that we'll be able to progressively reopen at that stage. >> basically from saturday, eight french cities plus the greater paris region will see a curfew closed fr, and entering stage of san toitary emergency. bringing the country's figures back under control. >> thanks for that. melissa bell in france. we'll do salma abdelaziz in liverpool, locally where you are more anger over the restrictions and nationally, more pressure on boris johnson. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. this spike in coronavirus cases has exposed the political division in the country. a growing course of opposition
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against the prime minister and his strategy, he and his administration argue the best way forward is localized limited lock downs like the one happening in liverpool right now. on the other side, you have a growing number of people arguing that's not the way to do it. the way to do it is to have a nationwide lock down for a few weeks to stem the rise in cases and in that camp, you have the government's scientific advisers. today there will be a lot of facing off with the prime minister and his government. several meetings happening to determine whether more towns and cities will have their levels raised. we have the three-tier covid alert system. london could be escalated, manchester might have its levels increased, similar to liverpool to level three and while all of the political wrangling happens, we have the number of coronavirus cases flooding the hospitals, continuing to rise. we have a greater number of coronavirus patients in the
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hospitals than we did in march when the first lock down went into effect. >> thank you so much for that. salma abdelaziz in liverpool. >> in rome, i understand experts are recommending a christmas lock down which points to how quickly the case numbers there have risen. >> reporter: that's one of italy's top virologists is suggests that over the holiday period there be some form of nationwide lock down to stop what has been a fairly dramatic surge in the number of new cases. in fact, here, la republica, in august, 159 cases, as of yesterday, 7,332 cases were recorded, and that is the highest number of new cases recorded in italy since the first case was reported on the 21st of february. now, what's interesting in these numbers, however, is that the
1:24 am
death toll is still relatively low. yesterday, 43 people passed away from the pandemic. when you compare that to the worst day for fatalities from covid-19, which was back in march, 969 people reported to have died on the 29th of march, so what is clear is that testing is getting much easier and better in italy. in fact, it's become much easier to get tested. yesterday i was tested as home, and it took just three minutes to get the result, just a few month ago you had to be showing clear symptoms of coronavirus for a doctor to approve a test. also, it appears that the people who are getting coronavirus are generally much younger and healthier than earlier in the year when italy was the worst spot for this pandemic. so the situation is somewhat
1:25 am
different than it was earlier this year, but certainly there is growing pressure to impose new measures to try to stop this spread. prince, earlier this week, the government made masks mandatory. if you don't wear a mask now, and i'm trying to adjust mine here, you could be fined as much as 1,000 euro. that's almost $1,200. kim? >> that rapid testing and fines for not wearing masks clearly in sharp contrast to the measures we see in the u.s. thank you so much, ben wedeman in rome. we're seeing many americans casting their ballots early. some are facing slow lines that are hours long. we'll have more on that, and an investigation into the scandal in the obama white house found nothing. those details also coming up. stay with us. kim is now demonstrating her congestion. save it slimeball. i've upgraded to mucinex. we still have 12 hours to australia.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states, canada and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber and you're watching cnn newsroom. voters in the u.s. state of north carolina will get to cast their ballots in just a few hours, joining millions of americans who are voting early. georgia is breaking records for turnout, despite some computer glitches but the secretary of state says the long lines are simply because some precincts are more popular with voters. in texas, a suburban houston county will extend voting hours this week after someone entered the wrong date into the system shutting down the machines. we'll get more from some of our
1:30 am
correspondents reporting from some of these early voting states. >> i'm ed lavandera in richardson, texas. across this state, we are seeing record numbers of people turning out to vote early in the first two days of the early voting period here. around a million votes already cast. there are about 17 million registered voters in this state, and here in richardson, we are in one of the northern suburbs of dallas, and this is one of those areas where political operatives will be watching very closely here in the weeks ahead, leading up to this election. these are areas that have been reliably republican for decades in this state, and this is exactly the kind of areas where we are seeing evidence that president trump is alienating so many republican voters. so the question is how many of these voters will flip from president trump to vote for joe biden in this election? that is the major question, and where many democrats believe they have a reason to believe
1:31 am
hopeful. this state has not voted for a democrat since 1976. jimmy carter. and a democrat hasn't won statewide office for almost 25 years. >> in marietta, georgia, we are continuing to see long lines for voting throughout the state. part of the reason is a lot of polling sites are dealing with issues related to electronic poll pads, these are the electronic voter check in systems that verifies the voters registration and generates an access card to cast their ballot. the georgia secretary of state says this has been a statewide issue, it has caused a crashing of the system in gwinnett county. here at this location in cobb county, we're told the slow down of the system contributed to a five hour wait time on the first day of early voting which was on monday. we are told that officials are working to solve this problem by
1:32 am
the end of the week. >> president trump's narrow victory in pennsylvania helped propel him to office in 2016. now, the state is again center stage as the president and joe biden return their time and time again. biden has made his campaign headquarters in philadelphia while the president tries to get even more out of his base. here's cnn chief political correspondent dana bash. >> reporter: a line forms outside well before opening. waiting to enter the trump house. >> we're ready for the next group to come on in. >> a mecca of sorts for the president's supporters where the turnout helped deliver his surprise pennsylvania victory and the white house. leslie rossi created the trump house in 2016 where she put disaffected voters to choose trump. >> we gave people a place to
1:33 am
come to believe they could win. >> reporter: now trump supporters show up daily for swag and yard signs and help registers to vote. >> we need trump in there again. i'm 65. i think it's time to register. >> have you not voted ever? >>. >> reporter: no. rural westmorland county has seen a surge in republican registrations. they help with that too. >> changed my registration from democrat to republican. >> reporter: why? >> from what i have seen in the last couple of years, i'm ashamed to say i was a democrat. >> reporter: but joe biden isn't giving up here. campaigning in westmorland county this month. hillary clinton didn't come here in the general election. >> it's not an area democrats come and campaign very often, but you're here, why? >> i'm here because like i said, we are not take any vote for granted. >> they have seen the past four years -- >> reporter: gina, ten years ago
1:34 am
she was miss pennsylvania in donald trump's miss usa pageant. now she's an elected democrat working to blunt trump's advantage here. >> in 2016 donald trump was a fresh face. he was new to politics. everyone was excited. he made big promises, bring back jobs, but frankly, donald trump broke those promises. >> reporter: in small town pennsylvania, signs matter. trumps are everywhere, big and bold. but biden's are out there too. >> when you see signs like this, it makes the republicans and democrats that voted for trump in 2016 realize i'm not alone. >> reporter: a big biden challenge, his supporters are being covid careful. >> never did we think we would be meeting by zoom. >> reporter: phyllis friend, head of democratic women of westmorland county is clear about the democrats goal in 2020. >> we can't win pennsylvania but we can add to the total numbers. >> reporter: as for republicans, they never stopped traditional ways of getting out the vote.
1:35 am
knocking on doors, walking in neighborhoods in masks and using a gop data driven app to find and persuade voters. >> depending on who that voter is, we're able to tailer the message at the door how we think we need to target the voter and get them out. >> reporter: boosting the vote here is critical for trump. >> how important is it for him to get his numbers even higher than it was four years ago? >> i do think that we need to increase our voter turnout here for the president to offset some of what may be happening in the southeastern part of pennsylvania. >> reporter: back at the trump house, leslie rossi showed us the log of visitors from thousands of trump supporters. what do you think this year? >> my numbers have tripled. tripled. four years ago, my work was hard here. i had to convince the voters to vote for the candidate. i had to convince them president trump was the best choice for them. this time, i don't have to do
1:36 am
any of that. they're all in. >> reporter: could determine whether trump wins pennsylvania and a second determine. dana bash, cnn, westmorland county, pennsylvania. for months, president trump and his allies claim they uncovered a huge political scandal involving the obama administration. they called it a domestic spying operation and had the u.s. justice department investigate, but the probe found no wrong doing, well, they didn't feel the need to give that outcome as much attention. >> reporter: an investigation that president trump touted as a scandal has quietly ended in a wimper. the months long justice department investigation which was ordered by attorney general bill barr into the unfounded allegations against the obama administration in its final days has come up empty. >> there's a big thing going on right now, which is spying, and you can call it anything you want, the unmasking, and the
1:37 am
spying and to me, that's the big story right now. >> reporter: the president's reemt repeated accusation that his administration was spied on. the goal to look into the obama's request for the revealing of names or unmasking in intelligence reports. one name that was revealed was michael flynn who before the election had been speaking with the russian ambassador under surveillance. earlier this year, republican senators released a long unclassified list of obama officials including former vice president joe biden who had requesting the unmasking, alleging it showed the obama white house was spying on trump. >> this was a scandal, if we weren't involved in the covid-19 crisis, this would be the biggest thing since watergate. >> but the doj investigation found according to "the washington post" that everything had been done legally and there
1:38 am
was no wrong doing, resulting in no criminal charges and no public report. unmasking is a standard part of intelligence gathering. if foreign intelligence reports contain the name of american citizens, those are always redacted. however, certain u.s. government officials had the ability to unredact or unmask those names to better understand the report, and unmasking has actually gone up under trump. >> people who understand unmasking and what it is understood from the start that this was complete nothing burger and so it was trotted out as something that sounded sinister or could be made to sound peculiar and strange. >> reporter: president trump clearly not happy with the department of justice of his attorney general bill barr. he was asked by the right wing news outlet whether barr would have a role in a possible second term. president trump said he had no comment, that it was too early. he called the lack of indictments after the investigation a disgrace and ridiculous, not the tone of
1:39 am
someone who's going to let go of this idea that his campaign was illegally spied on. alex marquardt, cnn, washington. president trump is leaning into another fake conspiracy theory in an attempt to discredit former president barack obama. "the washington post" reports the president used his twitter account to promote an absurd claim that osama bin laden wasn't killed by u.s. special forces. the president re-tweeted an allegation that the obama administration deliberately shot down a military helicopter with u.s. navy seals as part of an elaborate cover up. one of the people on the bin laden raid spoke to cnn. >> well, the first thing i want to say is that every man that was on the that mission to include the air crew and the pilots are all alive. we went in there, we all kissed our kids good-bye because of what happened on 9/11. and to see these conspiracy
1:40 am
theories thrown around due to politics, it's almost like -- it's an insult to real people because they bring in another event from part of brothers at seal team 6 that was shot down in august. despite doing this stuff on the internet and making light of something like this, you're trampling on graves some of the best heroes i've ever personally worked with, and it's a shame we have gotten there because of politics. >> that was former u.s. navy seal rob o'neill who was part of the operation that killed bin laden on may 1st, 2011. a missouri couple caught on tape pointing guns at protesters have pleaded not guilty to weapons and evidence tampering charges. that came during a hearing in st. louis on wednesday. you may remember this video of mark and patricia mccloskey in late june. it was posted on social media showing them holding guns outside their home as protesters walked down a private street. the white house has defended the
1:41 am
couple and the two even spoke during the republican national convention. and another story that was big on social media, you may remember the white woman who called police on a black man in new york's central park last may claiming he was threatening her, well, now prosecutors say she actually called twice, falsely claiming the man was trying to assault her. >> i'm going to tell them there's an african-american man threatening my life. he is recording me and threatening myself and my dog. i'm being threatened by a man. please send the cops immediately. >> the man amy cooper accused, christian cooper, no relation, was simply trying to bird watch in the park that day. amy cooper is charged with falsely reporting an assault. she made a court appearance but didn't enter a plea. two months after russia announced it first coronavirus
1:42 am
vaccine, vladimir putin says the government has approved a second one. we'll have latest from moscow in a moment. look here, it's your very own all-in-one
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russia now says it's registered a second coronavirus vaccine ahead of phase 3 trials. the news comes as the country reports it highest single day death toll so far. our frederik pleitgen joins fus from moscow. i understand this was created by a former biological weapons research, how much confidence can we have in the latest vaccine. >> this is from the vector institute based in siberia. he announced the new vaccine had been approved yesterday at a cabinet meeting, and it's also the case that just like with the first russian vaccine that was approved, the same is the case with the vector vaccine, that it has not gone through the key
1:46 am
phase 3 trials which are the main trials to determine whether a vaccine is safe, and whether a vaccine is effective. those are the trials where the vaccine and placebo are given to tens of thousands of participants. the russians say with the vector vaccine, so far it's been administered to only about 100 people. 14 people in the phase one of the trial, and 86 people in phase 2 of the trial. however from what the scientists are saying, they say there are no serious side effects and they believe that the vaccine will be effective but again, of course those phase 2 trials have not started yet. they're saying they want to produce the vaccine to make about 60,000 doses as fast as possible. but one of the things that does appear to be clear is neither of the two vaccines are going to be available to the larger, broader public here in russia anytime soon. in fact, the moscow mayor said a couple of days ago, he believes it will be several months before a vaccine is going to be available on an industrial scale and as we've mentioned over the
1:47 am
past two weeks, round about, and especially over the past week, russia has seen record numbers of new infections. down today at 13,754, as you mentioned. the death toll at 286 is the single highest death toll for a single day. the russian authorities seem to be on top of the fact that it's not going to be the vaccine, at least in the short-term that's going to bring the situation under control. that's why they're calling on people to abide by the anti-pandemic measures and putting new measures in place. for instance, they have announced over the past couple of days that some of the school classes, right now, school holidays, those are going to end soon. some are going to do long distance learning and are not going to be going back to school. there are certain measures that are in place. the russian government at this point says they are still going to be able to avoid, they believe, a full lock down of the country, which of course is something that russia did see earlier this year.
1:48 am
kim. >> absolutely. thank you so much, fred pleitgen from moscow. appreciate it. still ahead, the heart wrenching toll of covid-19. the virus not only killed eight members of one man's family, now it's taking his livelihood. >> this is what's left of ten years of hard work. neuriva has y proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try our new gummies for 30 days and see the difference.
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the past seven months, covid-19 has brought death and hardship to people around the world. one arizona man understands the painful toll all too well as he struggles to cope with the deaths of loved ones and the loss of his once thriving business. cnn's miguel marquez has this story. >> i don't want to cry because i know god has something better for me. >> reporter: ricardo aguirre. the coronavirus killed his father and seven other family members, he says, it took his business. it sickened him, his wife, who was then four months pregnant, and two of his kids.
1:53 am
>> i felt very incompetent. a man not being able to go back to where i was. i lost my dad. it's very hard. it's hard. >> he doesn't know how they contracted the virus. they wore masks and used sanitizer constantly. it swept through his family in may. his father fought the virus for months. >> my dad unfortunately, you know, he massed on away on september 11th in my arms at 3:30 in the morning. it was very hard because we did everything together. 42 years being by his side. >> his mother is home and still
1:54 am
fighting the effects of the virus. now he spends his day shuttling her to hospital visits, helping his wife, now eight months pregnant, dealing with an ever increasing pile of bills, all of this with little income and no health insurance. >> reporter: you don't have medical coverage? >> i don't have medical coverage at all. i can't afford it. it's just too much. it's literally another house payment. >> reporter: he and his family built a food truck, prep kitchen in downtown phoenix, and a long list of corporate and wedding clients. >> this is what's left of ten years of hard work. >> reporter: you were living the american dream? >> yes, i was. >> come visit us. as you can see, we are busy. >> reporter: when covid-19 cases in arizona jumped and the economy jumped down, aguirre watched all of his catering jobs
1:55 am
scheduled for the next year evaporate. his food truck was repossessed. he couldn't pay rent on his prep kitchen. when did it all come to a halt? >> march 17th. >> reporter: covid? >> yes. >> reporter: overnight? >> yes, just like that. he would like the president to understand how devastating the disease is for some. >> when he says don't be afraid of covid. don't let it dominate your life, what do you say to him? >> may god continue to bless you and your family. >> reporter: but how does the real world deal with covid? >> it's bad. it's bad. >> reporter: aguirre is now looking forward to the big day in november, november 7th, the day his first daughter is due to be born. >> we felt that we were ready financially and we were ready, you know, emotionally, you know, to take care of another human
1:56 am
being. now with this going on, i just ask god for strength to get me by another day. >> reporter: the real toll of the coronavirus on one american family. miguel marquez, cnn, phoenix. >>. >> on that sad note, that wraps this hour of cnn newsroom, i'm kim brunhuber, "early start" is up next. are you sick and tired of lookingand
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progress lost, the coronavirus threat is growing again. we are back to august levels here. the nation is in jeopardy, the president is in denial. just basic competence can end up saving lives. >> and president obama going all in for joe biden, getting ready to hit the trail and that's not the only big infusion for the biden campaign. welcome to our viewers in the united states, and all around the world, this is "early start." i'm christine romans, and welcome to boris san


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