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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 15, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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he's remembered as a caring member of his community, a devoted husband and father and a gentle soul. may his memory and the memory of all of those we've lost to this horrible virus be a blessing. you can follow me on facebook, instagram, twitter @jaketapper. our coverage continues right now with wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. we're following breaking news. ominous signs right now that the united states is entering a dreaded second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, as the death toll here in the u.s. now tops 217,000 people, and the number of confirmed cases approaches 8 million. despite that very grim reality, president trump says the country is, quote, doing fine. a claim belied by a new cdc
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projection, up to 23,000 more deaths by november 7th. the president arriving in miami, about to participate in one of two dueling town halls tonight, replacing a debate that was canceled after mr. trump refused to take part remotely due to his coronavirus infection. our chief white house correspondent jim acosta is on the scene for us. the president is clearly in full campaign mode with less than three weeks to go until the election. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. president trump is on his way to a town hall here in miami after he backed out of what was supposed to be a presidential debate with joe biden. the president is lfr claiming he's being, quote, set up in tonight's town hall. mr. trump is also attacking one of his administration's top health experts, dr. anthony fauci, despite the fact that the president was featuring fauci in one of his campaign ads just a few days ago. on a night of dueling televised town halls with democrat joe
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biden, president trump is complaining about imaginary forces conspiring against him from the news media. >> i'm being set up tonight, right? they asked me if i would do it. i thought what the hell, three hours on television. >> reporter: to dr. anthony fauci, from the president's own coronavirus task force. >> you have my friend -- he's a nice guy, tony. tony fauci. he's a nice guy. he said this is not a threat. this is not a problem. don't worry about this. craziest thing. but he's a nice guy, so i keep him around, right? >> reporter: the president is lashing out at one of the most trusted health experts days after he was taken out of context in a trump campaign ad. >> i can't imagine that anybody could be doing more. >> reporter: his attack on fauci came as president trump staged another rally where many supporters were not social distancing and not wearing masks. just like top white house officials traveling with the president, chief of staff mark meadows and hope hicks, not
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wearing masks as they boarded air force one. the president is insisting his administration has a handle on the pandemic. >> we're not doing any more lockdowns. we're doing fine. >> center for disease control is forecasting as many as 240,000 deaths by november 7th. mr. trump is portraying himself as a worrier against lockdowns, blasting people like governor gretchen whitmer. >> they need to open up the states. that's the other thing with democrats. she wants to be a dictator in michigan and the people can't stand her. and they want to get back to work. >> it's not clear how seriously the president has taken the virus. as he conceded, he's not being tested every day for covid-19. >> i'm tested not every day but a lot. i was really tested a lot after i got rid of it, because they wanted to make sure. and i was tested a lot. >> reporter: contradicting what the white house said earlier this year. >> the president is the most
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tested man than america. he's tested more than anyone, multiple times a day. we believe he's acting appropriately. >> reporter: the president again is raising worries about what he will do after election day, refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses. >> i'm not saying anything. i'm saying this i think everybody says it. you have to have a fair election. >> reporter: mr. trump is continuing his war of words with nancy pelosi even as she is negotiating with officials over a new coronavirus relief bill. >> she has a lot of problems, mental problems. she wants to wait until after the election. she thinks it hurts the republicans. i don't. i think it hurts them. >> reporter: complicate those talks, senate republicans want a stimulus package that's far smaller than what pelosi and the administration are discussing. >> there were discussions going on between the secretary of the treasury and the speaker about a higher amount. that's not what i'm going to put on the floor. >> reporter: during his attack on dr. fauci earlier today, the
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president accused the administration's accused the doctor of being a democrat. when he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom, the president at that time was a republican, george w. bush. >> terrible what he's saying about dr. fauci. terrible indeed. jim acosta, thank you very much. let's get more on the breaking pandemic news. brian todd is working more on this story for us. health experts are warning almost -- they've been warned from almost the beginning that the u.s. potentially could face a second wave of this virus. it certainly seems to be the case. we're seeing elements that have emerging right now. >> that's right, wolf. lots of talk tonight about a second wave happening. record cases in illinois and other states. new coronavirus cases across america are shooting up to disturbing new levels. and you've got health officials now warning of new dangers outside american cities. new warnings tonight that this
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pandemic is taking a devastating toll on rural america. tennessee's health commissioner sounding an alarm for her state. >> that has been very starting to me and the team over the last several days. our death rate in rural population is double that in the urban population. >> in kentucky, one of at least seven states that has just reported record high hospitalizations for one day. the governor says residents need to be jolted into action. >> everybody ought to be concerned. everybody ought to be doing the right thing. and those that are out there that try to confront you for wearing a mask or being a jerk, that's all they are. they're putting your health at risk. >> wisconsin just reported more than 1,000 hospitalizations, highest number for a single day since the pandemic began. what's behind the spikes in rural areas across the u.s.? >> some of the bigger mandates that happen in cities like mask wearing and physical assistancing are not translating or going as far as rural areas. >> reporter: and concerns tonight about other states with
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large rural populations getting hit harder. in georgia, the governor's executive orders requiring social distancing and limiting mass gatherings expire at midnight tonight and so far haven't been extended. this comes as 35 states are trending upward in experiencing coronavirus cases. first time in months the u.s. recorded nearly 60,000 new cas s s in one day, on wednesday. >> fall weather usually brings colder temperatures. that means more people are doing indoor activities, which is very high risk when it comes to virus transmission. we're seeing some restrictions loosening in several states. >> reporter: meantime, america's top voice on the pandemic, citing the dangers of household gatherings told abc this year more americans may have to forego bringing their extended families together for thanksgiving. >> we really have to be careful this time. and each individual family evaluate the risk/benefit of
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doing that. >> there's in pushback to the idea of so-called herd immunity, letting the virus run unchecked through communities so more people would contract covid-19. the thought being some could later develop resistance to the virus. it's been promoted by some scientists and some people in the trump administration, but 14 public health organizations are condemning the idea. >> if you just let things rip and let the infection go, no masks, crowd, it doesn't make any difference. that, quite frankly, is ridiculous. >> reporter: there's new concern tonight that another great fall institution, college football, could be in some jeopardy. the biggest name in the sport, alabama head coach nick saban harks tested positive. the coach of the university of mississippi says his team, quote, is having issues with covid after playing alabama last saturday. a big game for florida versus lsu has been postponed until at least december after several members of the florida program
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tested positive. >> clearly this coronavirus pandemic is escalating even as we speak. brian, thank you very much. let's get to more of all of this. dr. sanjay gupta is joining us. based on the growing number of new cases, growing number of hospitalizations, the u.s. is clearly beginning to see what the experts call a second wave of the virus. are we headed for another surge in deaths? i hope not but potentially like the one we saw in the early spring? >> yeah, unfortunately, wolf. it sort of looks that way. if you look at the map overall, for some time it was sort of this patchwork, right? you saw increasing cases in one part of the country, stable or decreasing in other parts of the country. and the way it sort of moved across the country back and forth and up and down. as you point out, wolf, now more states than not actually increasing in numbers. none really going down any more. so it's starting to consolidate around this second wave,
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unfortunately. wolf, there's not a lot of context for this, right? call them waves in part because, as you mentioned what happened back in 1918. we can show that again. there were sort of three major waves at that point. and it was the second wave there if you can see that, it's a little bit smaller. timeline sort of fits exactly with what's happening now. saw a significant peak, the first wave in the spring. they had a much more significant leveling off and the second wave which began in the october timeframe is the real concern. that's exponential growth you're looking at, a line that goes straight up. that's what everyone is talking about and trying to prevent. >> the cdc now forecasting up to 240,000 u.s. deaths by november 7th, only a few weeks, over 217,000 deaths right now. that means another 23,000 deaths in a few weeks. in the president's words, he says the u.s. is doing just
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fine. almost 1,000 americans are dying every day. yesterday, we just checked, 985 americans died just yesterday. why is the president of the united states saying we're doing fine? >> i think he's obviously trying to paint a rosie picture here. we look at the overall number of people who are newly infected, tens of thousands, 50, 60,000 a day. it's unbelievable we talk about that as if it's a daily thing now. there are countries around the world that haven't had that many cases, near that many cases throughout this entire pandemic, and it's a daily thing here. the concern, though, wolf, is that the death rate, the number of infections go up, but we're still seeing, even though younger people may be more likely getting infected, we're still seeing, as you point out, these tragic deaths. this idea that if you're young and healthy, it doesn't matter. it does matter because the death rate has not gone down.
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it's going up. people are spreading it, even if they don't know it. >> nearly 60,000 confirmed cases here in the united states, just yesterday, and nearly a thousand deaths. thank you very much, dr. sanjay dpupta always helping us. up next, more on dueling presidential town halls and the biden campaign, what can we expect from the democratic nominee? plus, keeping his running mate kamala harris off the campaign trail. someone on former vice president's biden's plane has tested positive as well. we'll update you on that. stay with us. hi,
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breaking news this hour. president trump arriving in
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miami for a town hall that will go head to head with the joe biden town hall in philadelphia. the debate that was scheduled for tonight was canceled after president trump refused to take part virtually, despite his coronavirus infection. our political correspondent, arlette saenz, is covering the biden campaign for us. she's in philadelphia already. what should we expect from this town hall tonight? >> reporter: well, wolf, joe biden will be taking questions directly from voters as he participates in an abc news town hall here in philadelphia. this town hall coming about, happening on the night that that second presidential debate was supposed to be held. the biden campaign had agreed to a virtual debate but the president canceled it. once he backed out, the biden campaign said that they were going to make other plans, scheduling this town hall. biden has participated in quite a few town halls over the course of his candidacy, including several with cnn, and his campaign in the past have felt these have been favorable
2:18 pm
formats for the former vice president to speak directly to voters. this is being held here inful did he hava by abc news. the moderator says that biden will receive a mix of questions from a mix of people, undecided voters and some people who have made up their minds for supporting biden or trump. everyone inside that room will be tested for coronavirus, abc news says. the former vice president himself tested negative for coronavirus last night. this is coming as we are 19 days out from election day. joe biden is entering that final stretch with a lot of cash. his campaign announced last night he raised $383 million in the month of september, a major financial advantage he has at this moment. >> a ton of money. arlette, thank you. let's dig deeper right now. cnn political correspondent abby phillips is with us, dana bash and david chalian. dana, we have a lot to discuss about tonight's separate, very
2:19 pm
separate town halls. first, the president is launching a new, direct attack on dr. anthony fauci, claiming that the top doctor is simply a democrat. these attacks on dr. fauci when almost 1,000 americans are dying almost every day. i've got to tell you, frankly disgusting. but what's been the reaction? >> well, you heard the reaction in the crowd. he was getting some atta boys and applause or maybe the better way to describe it is boos when he said anthony fauci's name. somehow the trump white house, the president at times, although he has been a little bit more careful, sometimes tongue in cheek, but a little more careful than others in the republican party to really slam anthony fauci. they made him into a boogeyman, which as you said, makes absolutely no sense. it's as if they can't really make the coronavirus the real ene enemy, which is that is what it is. the virus is the enemy. so they're making anthony fauci,
2:20 pm
who is as careful and as diplomatic as he can be, much more than, i think, anyone else would be in that position. and it is unfair and, you know, i think the person who would be the most surprised to hear he's a democrat is george w. bush, who gave him one of the highest honors that a president can give to an american citizen, to a civilian. that's what he did to dr. anthony fauci. and it was well deserved and i think it's an objective statement to say it still is. >> he has saved so many lives over the years. it's really disgusting. abby, right now we're, what, 19 days from the presidential election. we've only seen one debate between president trump and former vice president biden. tonight instead of facing off, they'll appear in separate town hall at exactly the same time. what impact do you think this will have on the contest? >> it's interesting, wolf. the president was the one who backed out of a virtual debate and is doing this town hall
2:21 pm
instead but based on his own comments today, his own tweets today, it seems to suggest that perhaps the president doesn't actually want to do this. he has been slamming nbc news. he has been sort of prespinning the town hall tonight. a town hall with voters, and saying it's going to be, you know, bad for him or that the audience is going to be stacked against him. this is a president who does not sound like someone who thinks that this is a golden opportunity to have the stage all to himself to speak to the american public. i think in terms of how this affects the race, it remains to be seen. it is not going to be possible for voters, really, to watch both of these at the same time. you'll see the audience bifurcate itself. that will lead to reinforcing people's already preconceived notions, not adding much to the debate. i think that's unfortunate for this race, but the president's comments and behavior today, it leads me to question what kind of donald trump are we going to see tonight? and will he use this as an
2:22 pm
opportunity to change the narrative around his presidency and his candidacy? it seems like he's gearing up for it to be just more of the same, which so far has been very, very damaging to him among key groups like women voters and older voters, seniors in particular. >> david chalian, what does the president need to do, starting tonight, 19 days to go, to change things around? the polls are not good for him right now. >> they're not, wolf. as abby suggesting, the advice would probably be, from his advise advis advisers, to redirect his closing argument here as best he can, deal with coronavirus head on and then try to highlight some of the good in the economy and building back, and the plan to restore america to sort of a post-covid time. but that's not what donald trump does. that's like in some laboratory over here in politics. and so what donald trump does, he lays out his grievances. he tries to throw mud up and distract away instead of dealing
2:23 pm
head on with the pandemic that every american is dealing with. and it is because those have been his strategies and his tactics that he is in the position he's in. these are fleeting opportunities for him now. you noted 19 days left. there's only one more debate. you don't get this kind of shot at millions of viewers tuning in where you can really sell your message. there aren't many of those left, wolf, in this campaign. remember, 17 million people have already voted. we're over the 10% mark of votes cast in the expected electorate. time is running out each day for donald trump and these opportunities should not be squandered. >> david, thank you. dana, abby, thanks very much. for our viewers, stay with cnn tonight. vice presidential nominee kamala harris will join our own don lemon after the dueling town halls. that's live at 10:00 p.m. eastern later tonight. >> coming up, is president trump in denial or is he still trying
2:24 pm
to downplay the coronavirus pandemic? i'll ask the veteran journalist, bob woodward, who spent hours interviewing the president for his new book "rage." new restrictions in europe are emerging as new cases on the continent are surging. a verizonr and today, we're turning on 5g across the country. with the coverage of 5g nationwide. and, in more and more cities, the unprecedented performance of ultra wideband. the fastest 5g in the world. it will change your phone and how businesses do everything. i'm proud, because we didn't build it the easy way, we built it right. this is the 5g america's been waiting for. only from verizon.
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>> president trump is in florida after wrapping up a rally in north carolina. as with all of his rally this is week, the president made some wild, tloilt unsubstantiated claims in front of his supporters who ignored social distancing guidelines and despite all of this happening, despite a second wave of coronavirus cases sweeping the country, we're joined by the veteran journalist bob woodward, associate editor at the washington post, associate editor of the brand new book titled "rage" about president trump and his administration. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> the u.s. clearly entering a second wave, so disturbing. the president telling americans, as he did today, everything is fine. he used the word fine. is the president in denial or is he still trying to downplay the virus like he admitted to you he was doing back in the spring?
2:30 pm
>> i think it's both. i want to go back to that january 28th meeting, which is really when this began for him, when his national security adviser, robert o'brien, said the virus will be the biggest national security threat to your presidency. and then matt pottinger, the deputy who had been in china laid out -- now here's what's really interesting, as we look back on this. pottinger laid out what was coming, but what he said to the president was, look, china is in trouble because they are in denial officially. that the experts, health experts, and pottinger had sources, know this is going to be a pandemic. and the big problem is that the
2:31 pm
chinese government will not officially tell the population what is happening. and so now we see what ten months later the president doing exactly the same thing he was warned about by matt pottinger saying to him, look, the chinese lied. this is their habit this is why they are in trouble. this is why they literally, at one point, the next month in february, the chinese locked down half the country. and when the chinese lock down, it's not just, oh, please don't leave your home. they lock you in your home. so literally, the president had the description of chinese behavior that was so catastrophic for the chinese.
2:32 pm
now we're experiencing e ining y that. it is orwellian plus plus. >> it looks like it's getting worse by the day. as i said almost 1,000 americans died just yesterday. according to the "new york times," bob, early on in the pandemic, the trump administration officials gave private briefings on the virus to wealthy investors that were much more dire than the public message the administration was sending out there. that sort of lines up with your reporting, doesn't it? >> it does. and the idea that there's a secret channel to investors is horrifying and corrupt, whether it was intended that way or not. as you know, as reporter reporte always looking for inside information. what really happened? business people, investors who
2:33 pm
have tens of billions of dollars hinge on whether you mac a smart move. so information is power and information is money. and this is a kind of corruption of the system. again, you have to go back and put this on president trump's shoulders. he knew. he had the opportunity. he has the bully pulpit. in so many ways, he could have warned the public. and the duty to warn is probably the first responsibility a president has. and so this is turning into a nightmare. i believe it's turning into not only a health nightmare, but a political nightmare. not just for the republican party, but for the whole country. because the political system we have, it seems that we can't
2:34 pm
deal with the reality of what is right before us. here we had, what, ten days ago the president -- wasn't even that. the president of the united states saying, getting the virus is a blessing from god. >> yeah. >> now suppose you have somebody in your family who died of this. you had to shiver. i think, just to summarize, we're in one of the most dangerous periods in american histo history, because we're not in control of this. the president is not in control. and we have a political system that seems to also be dysfunctional. >> in your excellent book, "rage" you interviewed a buvenl of folks, including people who work closely with the president, a lot of republicans. i want to play for you, bob, some new audio that's just
2:35 pm
emerged of republican senator ben sasse talking about the president. i want you to listen to this. >> he mocks evangelicals behind closed doors. his family has treated the presidency luke a business opportunity. he has flirted with white supremacists. the places where we differed on covid. he, at the beginning of the covid crisis, he refused to treat it seriously for months. he treated it like a news cycle by news cycle pr crisis rather than a multi-year challenge, which is what it is. >> republican senator from nebraska, ben sasse, saying those things. what do you make of that? >> what i make of it is, he got caught telling the truth. and as i know, there are other republican senators who feel exactly the same way, and they have not yet been caught.
2:36 pm
more catastrophically, they won't share with the public the conclusion, the private collusion -- conclusion they have. so, you know, i am sure more people are going to get caught on this. what has sasse said? i haven't heard. >> his office confirmed that it's authentic audio clip of what he said in a private conversation that has emerged now. it's obviously, you know -- what i heard from a whole bunch of republicans who are refusing to go public and saying things like this, privately they will say these things, but they're afraid of the president. they don't want to say anything like this publicly. i'm sure you've heard that as well. >> yes. but step back on this, and the horror of it. that we have the world of private truth and public
2:37 pm
untruth. the job of public officials is to find some way to get the private into the mainstream. it really is almost a crime against every voter in this country to not somehow break down that barrier. in our business, in the media, we try to break down that barrier. we try to get behind it and say what are the real attitudes? what's going on? what are the real motivations? and we have a gigantic breakdown here. >> yeah. >> it's very dangerous. >> very dangerous, indeed. bob woodward, as usual, thank you very much. best selling book is entitled "rage." there you see the book cover. definitely worth reading. coming up, a look at the global headlines, new harsh restrictions in europe as a new wave of cases is sweeping across europe.
2:38 pm
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the united states isn't the only country dealing with a second wave of coronavirus. cases are surging across europe, causing officials to tighten restrekss b s restrictions big.
2:43 pm
phil, what are you seeing over there? >> reporter: from saturday, it will be illegal for people from different households to spend time together indoors. no hanging out in bars, cafe, restaurants, even in homes. which makes it harder for people to draw support from their most important relationships. it will be possible to socialize outside in group of six but will become less practical as the winter deepens. london says there's no choice but to implement these restrictions because it is now clear, he says, the virus is spreading rapidly in all parts of the capital. wolf? >> phil black in london, thank you. new restrictions go into effect this weekend in hard-hit cities across france melissa bell is there. >> eight french cities,
2:44 pm
including paris, will see a curfew from 9:00 p.m. till 6:00 a.m. they enter a state of santory emergency, giving local authorities a great deal of power if they need to assert stricter rules. dramatic new surge in cases across italy is producing some of the worst numbers of the entire pandemic. ben wedeman is in rome for us. what's the latest there? >> reporter: wolf, for the second day in a row, italy is recording record high increases in the number of covid-19 cases, numbers far higher than we saw at the height of the lockdown earlier this year. most of the cases -- rather the largest number of cases are in the north of the country, which was hardest hit by the pandemic.
2:45 pm
what's different this time is the number of cases reported in the southern part of the country are dramatic, far higher than in the past. this is an area that doesn't have the resources to deal with covid-19 and also has italy's highest population densities. also worrying is the fact that the death toll reported thursday is almost twice that from the day before. wolf? >> ben, thank you. ben wedeman in rome. coming up, details of a federal investigation into a suspected foreign link to president trump's 2016 campaign cash. it's a cnn exclusive. plus the president claiming his town hall later tonight is a quote setup. we'll be right back. and i sleep cold?t? no problem. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is temperature balancing, so couples can sleep better together. and it senses your movements and automatically adjusts
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money flowing through an egyptian bank could have been that trump campaign used in the trump k5campaign used that they could have used and decided not to pursue charges. our special correspondent evan perez is joining us. this is something that was not publicly known before today. >> that is right, wolf. it is conducted with utmost secrecy and started after trump won the presidency and continued until this summer and never described publicly, and we have spoken to more than a dozen sources and what we knew from court documents and the hints from public records. two of the sources told cn nshgts that fbi investigators became interested in this the case after the intelligence
2:52 pm
became interested in the case after $10 million injection of the campaign less than two weeks of the campaign from an egyptian-owned bank. they never had concrete evidence of a bank transfer, but multiple sources told us sufficient evidence to justify a subpoena in court and to keep the investigation goingen after robert mueller ended the investigation and looking into the campaign finance violation and that began with a attorney conducted by mueller's investigators, but after mueller was done, it went back to the investigators here in washington, and then it was told by the court that it was a robust probe, but they never got enough records from the egyptian bank. sot th it was this summer that the case
2:53 pm
was closed and the questions they never answered is if donald trump was indebted to or support bade foreign power. jason miller told cnn that donald trump has never received a penny from egypt. >> was there a discussion of trying to get to the bottom of this by subpoenaing the president's financial records? >> this one of the more interesting things that multiple sources told us that last year as recently as last year, the federal prosecutors in washington were pushing for the president's records to be subpoenaed, and the issue went to jesse liu and she decided to reject the subpoena request and then liu decided to meet the subpoena, and interestingly, she did not close the case, and the
2:54 pm
justice department was told by the senior justice official for this reporting that, quote, the case was first looked at by the council investigakoucounsel who case and then the united investigainve attorney's office who did not bring the case. >> so there were never any leaks about this, and how did they keep it secret? >> wolf, very few details came out and they never mentioned it in the mueller report and listed in 11 cases that mueller transferred to the prosecutors when it ended but the entry was redacted and the only indication was this secretive court
2:55 pm
proceedings over the subpoena that mueller's team named over the foreign company of records, and now that mueller's team was going to the extent of actually locking down the entire floor of the federal courthouse so that the federal attorneys could come and leave without being seen and none of the details was ever publicly released, but cnn was told that it was the fight over this with this state-owned egyptian bank. by the way, wolf, the spokesman for the egyptian president declined to comment for the sorry. >> and this continued to go under bill barr and did the prosecutors explain why? >> we know that the court, they told the court that the investigation was continuing robustly and they said that it is very much a live issue, and we know that they were looking
2:56 pm
about the issuing a subpoena, but even to this day, the case was close because the investigators never got an answer to the case if donald trump was supported by or indebted to a foreign power, wolf. >> thank you, evan perez. and now, as a second wave of the pandemic sweeps the country, donald trump says that the country is doing fine, quote. our nation has never had a
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more dangerous and corrupt president than trump. he's harming our basic values, giving rise to hate, and he's selling out america to big corporations. i'm working to protect immigrants, women, communities of color, and lgbtq people. and i'm making corporations like pg&e and insurance companies play by our rules. we need experienced leadership to wipe away trump's stain on america for good. this is cnn breaking news. >> we want to welcome the


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