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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 15, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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more dangerous and corrupt president than trump. he's harming our basic values, giving rise to hate, and he's selling out america to big corporations. i'm working to protect immigrants, women, communities of color, and lgbtq people. and i'm making corporations like pg&e and insurance companies play by our rules. we need experienced leadership to wipe away trump's stain on america for good. this is cnn breaking news. >> we want to welcome the
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viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the "situation room," and we want to follow breaking news. new and ominous indicators that the united states is plunging into the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. in addition to the rising death toll and case count, most states are now reporting alarming spikes in the new infections, and 21 of them seeing all-time highs as the hospitalizations are soaring, and president trump is insisting that the country is doing fine, as he campaigned in north carolina as the daily cases have peaked and the president is downplaying the fatalities as the cdc projects another 23,000 americans may die by the end of the election week. the president is in miami as he and joe biden prepare to take place in competing town halls tonight. it is the alternative to the second debate canceled because mr. trump refused to participate
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virtually. straight to the chief white house correspondent jim acosta in miami tonight. the president is complaining about the town hall tonight and renewing the attacks on dr. anthony fauci. >> that is true, wolf. the president is on the way to miami after he backed out of what was supposed to be a presidential debate the joe biden and he is claiming hae is set up in the town hall which is not true, and he is attacking one of the top health experts dr. anthony fauci even after the president was using him in one of the campaign ads saying that he is fine in one of the campaign ads claiming this is fine. >> reporter: on the dueling town halls, the president is saying that there are imaginary forces against him from the news media. >> and not set up tonight and i said, what the hell we have a free hour on television.
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>> reporter: to dr. anthony fauci to the coronavirus task force. >> and he is a nice guy, tony. dr. tony fauci, and he is a nice guy. and it is not a problem, but he is a nice guy and we keep him around, right. >> reporter: the president is lash out at one of the most trusted health experts days after he was taken out of context in a campaign ad. >> i can't imagine that anybody could be doing more. >> reporter: after that the president's attack on fauci came at a rally where many were not social distancing or wearing maxes. just like the white house officials, and staff mark med dose and hope hicks were not using masks and boarded air force one, he is insisting that the administration has handle on the pandemic. >> we are not doing any more lockdowns, and with refine. >> reporter: but this is fine?
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the forecast is 240,000 more deaths reported wednesday, and the president is saying he is a warrior against deaths including dr. gretchen whitmer. >> they need to open up the states, and the democrats need to open them up and she wants to be a dictator in michigan and that people can't stand her and they want to get back to work. >> reporter: it is not clear how seriously the president has taken the virus as he is not tested everyday for the virus. >> i am not tested everyday, but i was really tested a lot after i got rid of it, and they wanted to make sure and i was tested a lot. >> reporter: and contradictory to earlier in the year. >> he is tested a lot and multiple times a day and we believe he is acting appropriately. >> reporter: the president is raising worries about what he is going to df a e lo after electi
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>> i am not saying it, but i am saying that you to have a fair election. >> reporter: and she continuing the war of words with house speaker nancy pelosi even after she is sparring over a coronavirus bill. >> she has problems and ltf problems and mental problems. she wants to wait after the election and she thinks that it is hurting the republicans, but i don't, it is hurting them. >> reporter: and the democrats want a bill that is far smaller that on the one that pelosi is talking about. >> and the amount that the speaker is discussing is not what i am going to put on the floor. >> and during the attack, the president accused the top expert of being a democrat, but there is no ed thvidence that is the , and when he was awarded the
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presidential medal of freedom, he was awarded that under a republican, george bush. >> that is very sad. okay. the breaking news of the state of the pandemic here in the united states. and the second wave of the health experts here as nick watt is trying to put it together for us. nick, breaking news i understand out of georgia? >> that is right, wolf. georgia has extended the covid-19 restrictions through at least the end of the month and records are falling across the country. illinois the most cases in the day and the same in north carolina and both of the dakotas and ohio and the most cases two days in a row, and the words of wisdom from marty walsh in massachusetts. one day we will go to parties and game, but right now, we are at a critical point.
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>> i am feeling very incompetent. >> reporter: this virus destroyed ricardo aguirre's business. and yesterday, it was the highest tally in eight months. >> reporter: the atlanta falcons won't practice today after a positive test, and perhaps the biggest name in college sports is now positive. >> i have felt fine and i am surprised by this. >> reporter: these are the case counts and bad in the spring and worse in the summer and rising fast and then a call to arms at nyc, the epicenter at one time. >> this is the crucial week, and
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the week to stop the second wave. >> reporter: this week, 21 states logged the highest average daily case counts er. >> we have to get the numbers down, and if this trend continues the hospital capacity is in jeopardy. >> reporter: in a week, the number of covid-19 cases in indiana jumped 25%, and in ohio, 28%, and in delaware, 30%. in minnesota, 32%. in wisconsin, more covid-19 patients in the hospital now than ever. >> if there is the a major car accident in green bay between the hospitals, we would not be able to take care of it, but the advise forrs to the president promoting herd immunity. >> we have to look it straight in the eye and say it leads to unnecessary cases and leads to unnecessary deaths. >> reporter: what is new zealand
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the small island granted, but 25 deaths, why? real quick action and nationwide lockdown and strong tests and traces, and this is according to a new study in "the lancet." here the cases are rising, and some say that it never really ended. so thanksgiving? >> you may have to bite the bullet and sacrifice the social gathering. >> reporter: and indoors is the issue, and here is why. we have been hearing of the cdc about a amature hockey game in florida in the summer and one of them was infect and in the course of the game infected as many as 13 other player. granted, around the thanksgiving table, you won't be panting and hitting people as much as you will be on the ice, wolf, but it is indoors, and that is the issue. the virus spreads indoors, wolf.
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>> and harder to eat outdoors as it is colder and colder. thank you, nick watt, reporting from los angeles. and now joining us is richard b b boe boesser from the office of disease control. >> well, there are many parts of the midwest and many of the rural communities who thought that maybe they were spared by this are seeing the increases that occurred in other places. what we do will really matter. you know, the cdc dicts that the number of deaths will rise dramatically and so much of that
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depends on the guidance of the cdc and not only will we see the number of cases going up, and each region is going to see the increase of the number of hospitalizations, and that what you will see the increase of the number of deaths and the treatment of this has improved, but with the increase of the number of hospitalizations, we will see the increase of the number of deaths. >> and the cdc is forecasting, projecting up to 240,000 american deaths by november 7th, a few days the after the november 3rd election. the president on the other hand says that the u.s. is doing fine, and his word fine. but based on all of the modeling done by the cdc, we are still a long way away from the pandemic, aren't we? >> well, this is still early days. the cdc director has said that nowhere no more than 10 to 15% of the people in the country have been infected and that is leaving a lot of people
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susceptible to this. wolf, there is a damning report out today that looks at the fall of the cdc and the politic of the work and the influence has been catastrophic in terms the of not allowing the proper public health recommendations to coming toward and to allow the cdc to take the measures as a nation to keep the number of deaths as low as poss. >> you heard dr. fauci warn that there may not be gatherings such as thanksgiving as usual like happens every year givendemic s escalating every year. is he right about that? >> well, everyone has to be careful, and the look into the bubble of who they have contact with, and the risk of bringing people tone the close setting. if there is a group of people that you are associating with
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throughout this, and having the same exposures, and then that is a group that you could celebrate thanksgiving with, but the idea of people coming together from all over the country and exposing people at grave risk could have grave consequences, and this a time as well of a lot of students returning from the colleges and the universities bringing whatever exposures they have across the country, and making sure that the individuals coming back are kept away from the people of highest risk and in many households and particularly the lower income households. >> that a challenge, and dr. fauci is also warning the americans about the herd immunity which is a idea promoted by some within the white house, and why is that being applied to the coronavirus? >> well, when i hear about herd immunity as an epidemiologist, i
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think of it in terms of what p percentage of the population do you need to vaccinate so that those with the immune problems who have cancer and other conditions to put them at risk, but the idea of letting the disease run rampant and to think that young people will stay at young people, and those with conditions at risk and they will be kept separate such as the elderly, and that is ludicrous, and the idea that is going to be impossible like those with the latino americans, and the other populations will run rampant and it is reckless. >> and other younger people may have asymptomatic symptoms but yet pass it on to the parents
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and grand paparents and neighbo and yet it is very serious. >> yes. and now, there is a mock that president is being associated with white supremacists. and now we have new details come into the situation room about kamala harris and joe biden being exposed to the coronavirus.
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joe biden and president trump are competing for viewers as well as voters as they are
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holding dueling town halls in less than two hours. our correspondent m.j. lee is joining us. tonight the town hall for biden is coming as we are learn about covid scares about the biden campaign and kamala harris and what else are we learning? >> we are learning, wolf, that a member of the aviation company that charters the biden plane has tested positive for covid-19. this is someone who chartered the plane on monday and tuesday going to florida, but they are emphasizing that this person did not have close contact with the vice president biden and they used a different entrance getting on and off of the plane, and they were both wearing masks the entire time, and the doctors have determined that there is no need for biden, himself, to quarantine, and the reason that we are finding out about all of this is that they are doing a contact tracing right now after a member of the flight staff on
3:21 pm
senator harris' plane tested positive for covid-19 late last night. senator harris has tested negative for covid-19 multiple times, but harris' campaign has said they are going to pause in-person campaigning for a couple of days. i wanted to point out that we have now gotten two lengthy statements from the biden campaign and a conference call with reporters today to lay all of this out. it is of course, so much more than we have ever gotten from the white house and the administration and the campaign for trump after their massive outbreak from the white house. >> m.j., thank you. m.j. lee reporting. let's bring in our political correspondent from the white house david gergen and david, the author of "my country." and why is the president of the united states attacking this renowned expert, expert in this field who has worked for
3:22 pm
democratic presidents, and republican presidents? >> yet another mystery, wolf. it is just not a smart campaign tactic to go out the criticize the most respected man of america and the man on the cover of "time" magazine, and it is asking for trouble. dr. fauci, and for a long time, president trump was so proud to get fauci to work for him, and then he threw him under the bus when he was no longer helpful for him, and part of a pattern and really dumb move. >> it was sickening at the campaign rally that the president was doing in north carolina when he was making fun of dr. fauci and he is a nice guy, and nice guy and basically suggesting that he does not know what he is talking about and it is not pleasant at all to hear about it especially those of us who have known dr. fauci for a long time and admire him. and bakari, 19 days before the
3:23 pm
presidential election, and tonight, they are appearing in separate town halls, because president trump refused to participate in the virtual debate that was proposed, and so what impact is this go to have on the race, bakari? >> i don't think it is going to have much impact at all, wolf. i believe running for office before and being on the winning end, and david will attest on this close no election day, it is about getting out the vote, and wooing people to your side, and the campaigning is over, and you in g-o-t-v, get out the vote. and in florida and north carolina and other swing states is going to be far more important than what is happening tonight. joe biden is sitting is on half a billion dollars to activate
3:24 pm
the voters. >> i want to play some amazing audio of governor ben sasse of nebraska and this a town hall he was doing with thenebraskans and he was speaking brutally about the president. listen to this. >> he mocks evangelicals behind the closed door. his family has treated the presidency like a business opportunity, and talked about white supremacists, and he has refuseded to treat it seriously like a news cycle rather than a multi-year health crisis. >> and he said it with people on the call, and it is not a private conversation, but a
3:25 pm
scathing rebuke and it is amazing to hear a member of the president's own party to hear him speaking about him, and privately a bunch of the republicans say stuff like that. >> and ben sasse has been a ren ga renegade and he is going to be paying a price for it, but it is a brave thing to do. and one thing about the town hall tonight, and trump has been given credit to talk about this thing with biden mano a mano and he has been playing this thing, and if trump had gone on with the regular debate, he had been able to reach 70 million, and that is what he could have met. and the last town hall for nbc in september, he got 3.8 million, and so he had a chance to reach 65 million with the
3:26 pm
last, and maybe the final opportunity to make the case. >> quickly, bakari, what do you make of senator sasse's comments? >> well, it is befuddling, because i am not sure that he thought that the comments would be out and played on cnn on wolf blitzer's show. >> well, 17 people were listening. >> it sounds to me like the best closing argument that joe biden is going to be making, and it is going to be on ads across the country, because it sounded like democratic talking points and yet telling the truth, and only the other republican senators had the fortitude of sasse had. >> yes, thank you very muchment and stay with cnn later tonight, democratic vice presidential nominee is going to join don lemon after the dueling presidential town halls. i will get the reaction of
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keisha lance bottoms to extend the restrictions of the state, and the 17 million early ballots that have been cast here this the united states. what does it tell us about the voters and the false claims they have heard from president trump. [birds chirping] ♪ [female announcer] food delivery just got more rewarding. now that grubhub gives you rewards when you order your fav foods. [dog barks] want a hamburger, some fries, a drink, nuggets? then, boom! rewarded, with a wendy's '4 for $4' perk.
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we are following breaking
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news oft georgia where the governor extended the pandemic restrictions in the state through the end of the month and discuss with the mayor of atlanta keisha lance bottoms and does governor kemp's confidence keep you from seeing the city of atlanta from seeing another wave of coronavirus from unfolding throughout the city? >> well, it seems that the city's guidelines did not go enough and really did not recognize and put into place all of the things that we need to have in place to make sure that we stay safe in the pandemic, and so we have a separate set of guidelines in the city of atlanta, and these things came together with a group of public health officials and the corporations and the business representatives are in phase two of our advisory guidelines, and we were hoping to get to phase
3:33 pm
three, but the numbers are going back up in our state. >> and that is so disturbing, and good luck of looking at the numbers in fulton county. let's talk about early voting in atlanta, mayor, and just under way in the atlanta area, and they are forced to wait an extremely long lines and sometimes for hours. how do you explain this various polling places where you can see the lines going on and on? >> well, it is aunacceptable tht people were reporting six to eight hours in line and it is not like we have not had voting here, and so we not had glitches and i am happy to hear that, but reencourage people to make a plan to vote and then to be patient. people are literally died for people to have the right to vote, and so an inconvenience is
3:34 pm
just that an inconvenience, but it is worth that for the people to be impatient and in line, and are you seeing the large racial disparities when it comes to people waiting in line to vote? >> we are, and especially in fulton county on the south side of fulton county, we are seeing the extremely long lines, and moving faster in other areas, and more diverse areas across the metropolitan area, and then we are hearing this for people who have requested the absentee ballots and they have not received them and even the candidates who are attempting to get the mailers out mailed three weeks ago and it is a slowdown with the postal service. so there is a lot of challenges, and it is all going to relate to voter suppression. voter suppression often comes in the very subtle ways and often overt, and all of this is a form
3:35 pm
of voter suppression and more reason for people to stand in line and cast their votes. >> i wanted to get your thoughts on governor christy in new jersey and your family has been suffering from coronavirus, and your husband and son and governor christi said that i was wrong not to wear a mask at the amy coney barrett announcement, and at my multiple debate prep sessions with the president and the team and i hope that my inexperience shows the fellow citizens that you should follow the cdc guidelines in public and no matter where you are to wear a mask and protect yourself and others and he is also in the hospital and days and days and in intensive care unit, and he is out now and doing better, but it is underscoring how serious this problem is. >> i appreciate the fact that he has publicly acknowledged that he obviously didn't have to do
3:36 pm
that, and it is unfortunate that it is on the end of such a grave experience as it relates to covid-19. but this is the reason that we are encouraging people to wear masks, and it is maybe your health or maybe a loved one's health. but it is simple, just put on a mask and be thoughtful of other people, and i applaud him for sharing that with the nation. >> i applaud him, too, for saying what the president of the united states should have said when he merged after 3 1/2 to 4 days in the hospital, a nd we didn't hear him speaking like the governor christi is speaking. thank you, mayor keisha lance bottoms. >> thank you for having me. and 17 million americans have voted despite miles-long lines. and now, president's trump's
3:37 pm
nominee in the supreme court as republicans have scheduled a committee vote.
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3:42 pm
we go to our executive producer of a new documentary based on his best selling book entitled "the perfect weapon" and a document airing tomorrow night with the same name. the president has sown so much doubt about mailing ballots, and so how much doubt does this provide for russia and other adversaries? >> well, first of all, thank you for having me on, wolf. we have seen the russians amplify the mail-in ballots and the president is going to lead to fraud and there is no evidence that it would and in fact, five states in the u.s. have used universal mail-in ballots without any ballots for a long time. the russians keep putting this out, and the message that it
3:43 pm
sends is that this time, unlike 2016, the russians don't need to make stuff up and pretend to be people they are facebook, but repeat the president's messages and those echoing the president. >> so disturbing. let me play a clip for the viewers, david, about your new documentary showing the lessons for the adversaries that are unfolding for the iowa caucuses, and watch this. >> 16 hours since the iowa caucuses began. we are still waiting for the results. >> the ad didn't work and nobody knew if it would. >> and this is so far not so good. >> iowa was exactly my worst fear. >> the biggest concern is that the voters would not be able to trust the system. >> and what about the confidence in the vote? >> and especially against the backdrop of russia. >> and the biggest adversary of
3:44 pm
the adversary of the united states, they don't have to do anything but create the appearance. >> and what implication is that, david of the november 3rd election night? >> well, alex stamos used to be the head of security at facebook and now at stanford was talking about perception hacks and what that means is that you don't have to take out of the state of wisconsin or michigan or pennsylvania, but you need to have the perception that something has gone wrong in a few districts to create the impression or at least the argument that the president or someone else could make that the entire state's balloting has gone bad, and that is what happened in the perfectly innocent set of mistabs s imisa and you saw a cable cut in virginia and cut off the ability of people registering in the last day to vote, and there is always some things that should
3:45 pm
happen on election day, and the fear of something accidental and certainly something triggered by the russians or the domestic actors or foreign actors could create a hack. >> and i am sure that book was great and the documentary will be as well. dr. david sanger, thank you for everything that you doing. the documentary special "the perfect weapon" premiers tomorrow on hbo. ahead, the democrats are trying the delay judge barrett's confirmation process in the u.s. senate. we will have that and also, president trump and joe biden are holding simultaneous dueling town halls. we will have more than. try my favorite, turkey. order on the app. anything for my fans. try the new subway buffalo chicken or bbq chicken. she always wanted her smile to shine. now, she uses a capful of therabreath healthy smile oral rinse to give her the healthy, sparkly smile she always wanted.
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the senate judiciary committee will vote a week from today to advance judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court, setting up her confirmation by the end of the month. democrats attempted to delay, saying they've had inadequate time to review the dom knee. we're joined by senator chris coons of delaware. senator, thank you for joining us. and as you've been hearing all day, senate democrats are facing some serious criticism for what some view was a cautious approach to questioning judge barrett is. there anything more your party could have done to oppose her nomination over the past few days?
3:51 pm
>> no, wolf. we used every procedural tool we had available. frankly, i thought we launched a very coordinated, focused, capable challenge. both to judge barrett's legal philosophy, her writings, to demonstrate her impact and we worked tirelessly to make it clear to the american people what's at risk, what's at stake. both what's at the -- on the docket of the supreme court, what are the cases that are coming up soon? where having her seated might make a dramatic difference in the lives of the average american and what's on the ballot. democrats focused on real people from our home states, who would be denied coverage if the affordable care act were reversed or repealed. that's on the docket of the supreme court a week after the election, which is just 19 days from today. and wolf, i think we made it clear, every one of us, that we opposed this rush to partisan
3:52 pm
proceeding, and we had profound and justifiable questions about how judge barrett, if she becomes justice barrett, might carry out president trump's promise that his next justice would overturn the affordable care act, reverse roe versus wade, and may well be the deciding vote in an election dispute should one arise from this upcoming presidential election. >> do you acknowledge it's probably over, it's a zone dedo, she's going to get confirmed, the republicans have the majority. >> if the republicans are determined to keep racing forward with this unprecedented confirmation this close to a presidential election, in which more than half the states are voting, there's nothing else we can do except appeal to the american people. >> i want you to listen to part of a recording from a campaign telephone town hall given by your colleague, republican ben sass of nebraska. here's what he said, a
3:53 pm
republican, speaking about the president in a public town hall with nebraskans. listen to this. >> e mocks evangelicals behind closed doors. his family has treated it like a business opportunity. he's flirted with white supremacists. t at the beginning of the covid crisis, he refused to treat it seriously. he treated it like a pr crisis rather than a public health challenge, which is what it is. >> what is your reaction to that, senator coons? >> it's triking that senator sass is repeating outloud in nebraska what millions of americans already know but most republican senators won't confirm, which is that president trump has badly mishandled our nation's response to this pandemic. as a result, nearly 8 million americans are infected. more than 120,000 dead. and we are facing a second great
3:54 pm
depression if we can't deliver another round of covid relief. why republicans aren't more forceful in publicly calling on president trump to change course and to take his responsibilities for our public health and safety seriously, is beyond me. if you watched the proceedings of the last couple of days, wolf, i made several personal appeals to my republican colleagues like senator sass who serves on the judiciary committee with me, to step back from the precipice of confirming judge barrett, instead work together in the better interest of this country to prevent this ongoing challenge of the pandemic, the recession, and the ways in which president trump is an unconventional president, putting our very democracy at risk. >> thank you for joining us, senator. >> thank you, wolf. more news just ahead. - [narrator] ordering chipotle for the family? voila, rewarded with guacamole and a side of quiet.
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but i can't say i expected this. because it was easy. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do.
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if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15. finally tonight, we honor more of the people whose lives were cut short by coronavirus. edward from wisconsin was 53 years old. a proud native american and proud union member, he was a devoted son, sibling, father and grandfather. he was a fan of cribbage and the packers and considered the life of the party at family gathering. tim hyatt of maryland was 62. his daughter kribs him as a caring hard worker who shared his kindness with those in need. he loved spending time can his wife, children and grandchildren, as well as pursuing hobbies, including bird watching, coin collecting, and
4:00 pm
golf. may they rest in peace. and may their memories be a blessing. thank you very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." you can follow me on twitter and instagram. tweet the show. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, breaking news. chris christie, a top trump ally, who spent seven days in the hospital with coronavirus after being in a closed room with the president, says he was wrong to think he was safe at the white house, and wrong not to wear a mask. plus, trump and biden in duelling town halls as kamala harris cancels campaign travel due to coronavirus cases in her inner circle. and clash in california. republican party defying a state order to take down unauthorized ballot drop boxes. the man they're defying is my guest. what is he going to do next? let's go "outfront."


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