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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  October 17, 2020 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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. we love florida. >> there are a little more than two weeks until election day. >> seniors will be the first in line for the vaccine and we will soon be ending this pandemic. >> it's on the rise again. it's getting works as predicted. >> pay attention to the facts. it is a deadly, highly contagious virus. the virus is now winning. >> more than 20 million americans have already voted, according to data from 45 states in washington, d.c. >> i see it as probably being
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one of the most important elects in my lifetime going forward, i think? more than a millennial and more aware and maybe wanting to get out there. ♪ >> this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> good morning to you. so good to have you with us. a little more than two weeks until the election. on the weekend, the president and former vice president joe biden are focusing on key battleground states? they are taking him to michigan and wisconsin. he is scheduled to host two large rallies. we understand masks are openingal. there will be no mandated social distancing. both of those states, it is notable, are seeing a huge spike in covid-19 cases. >> this morning we start at the white house with sarah westwood. good morning to you.
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the president, a busy schedule, focusing on keeping those two chunks of the blue wall he tore away in 2016. but it looks like he's going to have a tough time holding on to them. >> that's right, victor, christi . that's what the polls are showing with more than two weeks until election day. the trump campaign is in full force right now. he's eager to make up for more time while he was struggling with coronavirus. today he is scheduled to go to wisconsin and michigan, two mid-west battleground states he badly needs for homes for re-election. in wisconsin, records were set in terms of corona cases. that state is holding a surge as he is setting a campaign today in janesville. yesterday, speaking to seniors at an event aimed at seniors, the president struck an empathetic tone he claims the u.s. is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. >> my heart breaks for every
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grieving family that has lost a precious loved one. i feel their anguish and i mourn their loss. i feel their pain. i know that the terrible pain they have gone through, you lose someone and it is nothing to describe what you have to bear. there is nothing to describe it. my message to american seniors stood one of optimism, confidence and hope. your sacrifice has not been in vain. the light at the end of the ton sell near. we are rounding the turn. >> we are not exactly rounding the turn here. in fact, on friday, just yesterday, the u.s. had the highest one-day total for new cases since july, with more than 68,000 new cases registered across the country. nonetheless, the president struck to the strategy down playing the virus headed into election day.
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that characterized his approach all along. clearly, that message struggled to resonate with many voters since the president is trailing in many battleground polls and nationally and joe biden is leading him by a wide margin. as you mentioned am some of the campaign events this week, masks were not necessarily required and in fact you see many in the crowd not wearing them. the democratic governor of michigan gretchen whitmer. her press secretary released a statement encouraging everyone in michigan today to wear masks. i will read you part of that we always are concerned when there are large gatherbings of masks and social distancing. there is a large outbreak when this happens. we encourage people to wear max and social distancing. the president is on the sprint as we head into november. two days from election day, he has -- two weeks from election day, he has ground to make up. >> we appreciate it.
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>> let's focus on michigan and wisconsin in the context that sarah just mentioned of the coronavirus cases, those states where the president will be holding his rallies. they are seeing spikes in coronavirus cases. yesterday, michigan recorded more than 2,000 new confirmed cases, 14 deaths. the u.s. surgeon general says cases in wisconsin are going in the wrong direction, right now at least 31 states are seeing a rise if cases compared to last week. 14 states reached their highest ever seven-day average of new daily cases. >> he says, we have turned the corner. and my grandfather wauld would say if he were here, he's gone around the bend. turned the corner. my lord. it's not disappearing. in fact, it's on the rise again. it's getting worse as predicted. >> former vice president joe
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biden there is reacting to president trump's comments that the u.s. is quote as you heard it rounding the corner when it comes to coronavirus. now, biden was campaigning in michigan yesterday. he is expected to be in north carolina tomorrow. jessica dean has more on the former vice president's message and the surrogates will be bidding for him the next few days. >> reporter: good morning, he made his pitch to michigan voters on friday an centered in on healthcare and the affordable care act. a through line as the campaign believes for so many issues, including the coronavirus pandemic, president trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic. amy coney barrett's nomination to the supreme court and republican's efforts to dismantle the affordable care act. remember, back in 2018, democrats made their message all about healthcare. they were able to regain control of the house. the biden campaign believing
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that, again, this is a very effective message that they want to keep the affordable care act and expand upon it. in the meantime, surrogates will be spread out all across the country, voicing their support for biden and encouraging people to early vote, whether in person or by mail. we will see elizabeth warren, andrew yang for biden around harris. next week we learn the biggest surrogate, former president barack obama will be doing his first in-person campaign traveling to philadelphia. another critical battleground state, pennsylvania. all of this as vice presidential nominee kamela harris remains grounded from any traveling over the weekend, this after two people, her communications director and a non-staff flight crew member tested positive for coronavirus. the biden campaign say they were never at risk in terms of being close to one another.
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they were never more than six feet towards each other, never near each other for longer than 15 minutes and always wearing an n-95 mask. all of that before these two individuals tested positive. still out of an abundance of caution, the campaign keeping harris off the campaign trail until monday. christi , victor. >> jessica dean, thank you. 17 days now until the end of the 2020 election. already more than 20 million votes have been cast in 45 states and the district of colombia. both the trump and biden campaigns are watching the numbers, especially in the closest of six swing states president trump won in 20 ken. let's go to the political correspondent for the guardian. good morning to you. you have been focusing recently on one of those six states, arizona, let's put up the numbers. monmouth has a poll showing high turnout. that's what we have been seeing in early voting that biden has a seven-point lead over president trump. what is driving that democratic
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lead and we should remind people that president trump won that state by a 3.5 point back if 2016. >> he did. that was a narrower margin we seen for past republican nominees win the state beforehand. so we know that the state is changing, especially after 2018. they sent a democratic senator to washington for the first time in decade, you know, some of these changes are very long-term things that's been happening slowly. you have a big population of young latinos in the state. many are turning 18, have turned 18 since 2016. they are activated and they are ready to vote. but you also have what we have been seeing across the country in suburbs, in all these swing state. you have, especially women, walking away from the republican party and they, you know, they will point squarely at donald trump. these aren't suddenly liberal progressive women. but they are so tired of his
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conduct, his behavior. i talked to several women. everyone has a different off-ramp when they left the president and by extension the party. but these women are just very frustrated with how trump has handled his presidency and especially lately, obviously, the pandemic. arizona was a state really hit hard. so there is a lot of blame for the trump administration and for republican leadership in the state. >> so i wonder who has the coat tails here, pause mark kelley the democratic nominee for cincinnati there with a monmouth poll has a ten-point lead over republican martha mcsally. is he riding the national coat tails of vice president bind or is it the other way around? >> it's hard to tell there, right? i think, it's interesting in the senate race because mark kelley is running against someone who lost in 2018 and later appointed to a senate seat.
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so she lost to the democratic senator kirsten cinema in 2018. voters know her and it's a nationalized race, certainly some of senator martha mcsally's problems that voters as you heard is too close to donald trump and the monmouth poll pulls that out. while she terrorize to say her opponent mark kelley would be a rubber stamp for democrat. he has been consistent and good at messaging and he has been an independent voice for the state while unfortunately she has been tagged as sort of a loyalist to donald trump that has helped her in a state moving away from trump and his style of politics. >> senator ben sass in a call to constituents had some really harsh criticism of the president. let's listen to a bit of that recording of the call and then
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we'll talk. >> if young people become permanent democrats because they have been repulsed by the obsessive nature of our politics or if women who were willing to still vote with the republican party in 2016 decide that they need to turn away from this party permanently in the future, the debate is not going to be, you know, ben sass, why were you so mean to donald trump? it's going to be what the heck were any of us thinking that selling a tv-obsessed narcissistic individual to the american people is a good idea. it is not a good idea. >> i mean, really strong word. we heard him spore radically criticize the president and ted cruz talk about a blood bath potentially for the republicans, not in the case of the president personally. are we seeing republican senators broadly expressing jitters or one or two senators here and there? >> reporter: i think you are getting a conversation behind the scenes.
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for a long time actually you've had especially among senate republicans, you had them privately express doubts with the president. but, of course, publicly in line with him or at least fought wanting to get on his bad side. you can tell with senator sass, who is one of the few senate republicans who are critical of the president. when he was rung in this primary, he needed the president's approval. he needed trump and he did eventually get that. i think what you see now at the end of the race polling looks bad in several states. we are starting to see what we talked about the migration of women away from the democratic party. you see young people really just completely, you know, upset with the way trump and republicans who supported trurp amp and so e are these existential way forward if president trump loses, do you have to start over with your outreach to disacted
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voters and will they hold you accountable for not standing up to the president? so i think you are starting to see that with someone like ben sass. sow can both see the concerns he has for the future post-trump if that so happens in november and realitiers about what trump has done sort of down ballot. >> for a lot of republicans is if trump does not win re-election, what will then happen to trumpism? will they hold on to that or try to recast themselves with the electorate? political reporter with "the guardian," lauren gambino, always good to have you. >> >> reporter: thank you. we have alarming new signs of the new coronavirus surge across the country. there are several key trends in multiple states. we're going to look at what that means for the days and weeks ahead, 17 days from november
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the clock may be ticking towards worse... parodontax is 3x more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums parodontax so the resurgence of coronavirus cases that expert versus warned us is coming appears to be here now across this country. >> yeah, the u.s. added more than 69,000 cases yesterday. that is the largest one-day total since the end of july. the latest tests coming back positive. the number of people in the hospitals due to covid-19 also spiking. >> cnn's paula sandoval is with us with the latest now. good morning to you. we are just about 10% off the all time number for new cases in a single day. and the cold weather that experts say would initiate this boost really hasn't set in
3:20 am
everywhere. >>. >> reporter: especially if you lock another the numbers here, test positivity, it's becoming clear in some states and other states like idaho, iowa, wisconsin, south dakota as well, those seeing numbers exceeding over 20%. so it's certainly deeply concerning. yesterday the surgeon general saying it is important to identify these spots and do everything they can to try to reverse those infection rates. the united states surpassed 8 million coronavirus cases on friday. the death toll is quickly approaching 220,000. case numbers are steadily increasing daily according to data from john hopkins' university. health officials from coast-to-coast are scrambling to contain the rising rate of infections. >> if you look at the map in the u.s., what's happening is exactly what we expected is the whole northern half of the u.s. transmission is on the upswing. >> reporter: at least four states, idaho, illinois, north carolina and wyoming reporting
3:21 am
their highest daily case count to date just as friday state health officials said, north carolina, president trump spoke to maskless crowds on thursday setting a few record for case on friday. florida now averaging nearly 2800 new cases a day. it's up from 2400 a week ago. wisconsin now has a positivity rate of more than 26%. the united states surgeon general warning wisconsin is a covid-19 red state especially want you all to be aware that wisconsin is currently one of our red states, meaning, your positivity rates are over 10% and going in the wrong doctor ex. >> reporter: president trump taking his campaign to wisconsin today. a state where coronavirus cases are at an all-time high. an infectious disease expert says gathering is a great risk. >> at this point we are recommending not to have any kind of gathering even to the point of family gatherings where
3:22 am
people from different households they're getting together sa risk, too. >>. >> reporter: early on friday, president trump said seniors will be the first to get a vaccine once approved and they confirmed vvk and walgreens once they're approved to long-term care facilities will be approved for coronavirus testing. a spokesperson describes as an uptick in officer covid cases. about 54 uniformed members of the department as well as 18 civilians. the nypd out sick this morning. the police commission telling them to conduct contact tracing and remind its employees and officers to continue taking those steps we all have been taking for the last several months now. >> paolo sandeval. appreciate it. thank you very much. of those reporting the highest ever seven-day cases is new mexico. we'll see what the governor
3:23 am
there had to say. >> we're not succeeding at combating the virus. the virus is now winning. the reality is we're if uncharted waters. this is the most serious emergency that mexico has ever faced. >> mathew, primary care physician in atlanta now. it's good to see you. john hopkins' is saying that this, the u.s. is one week average of new cases, that it's increased 55% in just over a month. so when you couple that with what doctors are calling this twindemic, the koifrd and the flu together with then indoor gatherings of the cold wet and the holidays, first of all, as a doctor, how confident are you that we can keep this under control and that the medical community is prepared to deal with another escalation? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, christi , it's a terrible situation. this is exactly what physician all over the country have
3:24 am
dreaded. we're not even in the thick of the cold and flu season and the cases are 60,000 new cases already. if you look at the right of our screen, you can actually multiply those cases by ten, unfortunately. we know for every one covid case that's diagnosed, there are ten people that go undiagnosed. recently, christi , the ihme model was predicting, what's going to happen as the surge continues? are hospitals going to be ready? if you look at the current number of bed in the u.s., we have about 1 million and get this, we're going to need 4 million beds by january. so to answer your question more specifically, you know, obviously, we all want to be optimistic. we have to deal with the numbers. we have to deal with the surges. it's back to what we have always been saying. everybody has to really kind of tighten the grip and, unfortunately, we're going to take off linearly in the next few weeks. it's going to get worse. >> the medical community has been through this all those front line people and
3:25 am
professionals have been through this already. what is the emotional sense going into this season? >> i think one word that i can describe is a sense of fear and i think also just not really feeling prepared. do we have enough ppes? are we going to be able to manage patients that get into the icu? what kind of medications really help patients with covid? right now we're throwing the kitchen sink out there in terms of what's available and recently with the whole ramdesivir study that shows it probably doesn't work, it's a sense of feeling hopeless. but we have to do the best that we can. >> i wanted to ask you about that ramdesivir report. because there had been -- i feel like there were medical professional who's are saying that there is some indication that it works. this is a report from the
3:26 am
w.h.o.. have you seen it work and what do you make of this new report? >> i think the biggest problem is sort of like i mentioned earlier, when patients come into the hospital and then get admitted into the icu, obviously, these are patients that are getting sicker by the day by the minute. what we do right now is we throw the kitchen sink at them. we give them anti-body therapy if it's available. they get that as well. maybe antibiotics. if you have pneumonia and what is happening, christi , is she's patients get better. we don't really know if they got better from ramdesivir. if they get better, we're happy about it. now with this w.h.o. study throwing caution on ramdesivir, we have to go back and look at the numbers again and specifically see is it true that it doesn't improve patient mortality? and unfortunately the study is suggesting that it doesn't help patients recover faster from the
3:27 am
icu, which is what we thought earlier would happen. >> there is information suggesting blood type and covid, the patients with either o or b blood type are less susceptible to catching the virus or having symptoms if they do? how reliable is evidence suggesting this and what does it mean for treatment? >> you know, i think this is going to end up being a few trivia question in the next few years with pandemic 2020. ultimately, there is nothing to do to change our blood type. i think it's interesting to know if you have a blood type o that you have decreased space in the icu. get this, you might also have a decreased risk of getting covid-19. if you look at the genetics of what type of blood type you have, you get that directly from your parents. there are certain proteins on the surface of these red blood cells that determine which blood type you have. well, you are not going to be able to change your blood type. it's not like i can tell patients with blood type o, take off your mask and you can breathe freely.
3:28 am
ultimately, it doesn't matter what blood type you have, you got to pay attention to the safety measures. >> your expertise is very valuable here, sir. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, christi . guiliani is urging american to get out and vote but not for president trump. >> a lot of people's behavior is sim to mating of this toxic environment that he's created and it's gotten worse every year since he has been elected. >> that's caroline guiliani. she says she is voting for joe biden. i'm just gonna grab a burger. oh, you think that's a bad move? so you're saying i should go to subway for a delicious footlong. amazing speech coach. i know. now in the app get a free footlong, when you buy two. because it's footlong season. when you buy two. we like do it! run your dishwasher with cascade platinum. and save water. did you know certified dishwashers... ...use less than four gallons per cycle, while a running sink uses that, every two minutes. so, do it with cascade.
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. closed captioning brought to you by -- 30 minutes beyond the hour on this saturday morning. glad to have you here. federal investigators are looking at e-mails are a part of a russia disinformation effort. e-mails from president trump's
3:33 am
two confidants, steve bannon and his personal attorney rudy guiliani. >> the white house was warned last year guiliani was used to feed misinformation to the president. >> reporter: we are being told by two people who have been briefed on what the fbi is doing. they're looking into these unverified e-mails, hunter biden published by the new york post of foreign business dealings are a part of the bigger russian disinformation effort which is well under way in the final days of the 2020 race. the intelligent community has said for months that russia is very actively engaged in a disinformation company in this 2020 election, in particular against joe biden to denigrate his campaign in favor of president trump. your post says they got these hunter biden e-mails from rudy guiliani and steve bannon, that they were found on a laptop left in a repair shop in delaware, which according to guiliani's lawyer then reached out to
3:34 am
guiliani, bannon according to paper cated he knew about the hunter biden e-mails last month. for a long time, guiliani has been openly working to did he go up dirt and promote disinformation on the bidens. one person he has teamed up with is a ukrainian prescription andre derkoch named by the russian community as a russian agent and sanctioned by the u.s. treasury department so here have you rudy guiliani openly working with a phone russianing a and now the washington post is reporting the intelligence community was so concerned that the russians were using guiliani to feed russian disinformation to the president that they warned the white house about it last year. guiliani, as you can imagine is denying this. take a listen. >> no one in the intelligence community warned me. the president didn't say that to me. this is the first time i am hearing that. >> right. >> and i have a pretty good idea where it's coming from and these are people who are trying to tear down donald trump and destroy his presidency and it's
3:35 am
inside the intelligence community of which there are many. >> so again that classic deep state argument we hear time and time again from president trump and his supporters. >> alex, thank you. rudy guiliani's daughter caroline is speaking out against her father's client saying she will not speak out for him but his rival. >> she called on americans to quote end this nightmare by voting for democratic nominee joe biden and his running mate kamela harris. >> for any family, all family versus differences of opinion and political differences and, you know, this is maybe on a different scale. but how do you normally deal with it? is it something you choose not to put up with politics, he is your dad, after all? or in the article you talk about at times you feel like you have no other choice but to address certain issues. >> yeah, i think those things
3:36 am
boil up and at a certain point you can't or at least i couldn't profess them. it was definitely a give and take throughout my whole life. i think we have come to such a point of crisis that i had no choice but to say something. this toxic and environment of bullying and vicious sniping needs to be turned around and i really think that joe biden and kamela harris can do that. i absolutely love kamela harris. >> joe biden was not your first choice? >> not initially, but i was keeping my option opened and seeing what people had to say and i was a huge fan of kamela and when joe biden picked kamela i got so excited because it just -- i feel it reflected that he is willing to have people who challenge him around him and that is the way to break up the echo chamber of yes men and which i think is a huge problem right now. >> when you see "the washington
3:37 am
post" report that the white house was warned that your dad, you know, was quote being used to feed russian disinformation to the president. i just seen that in the news. what goes through your mind? i can't imagine it? >> no, i choose to focus on what we can do to fix this problem. i think that's where we all need to be focusing our energy. i think that is by making sure that everyone votes and chooses to elect someone who has empathy and will start to turn this country around. >> now, this is not the first time that caroline guiliani has publicly supported a presidential candidate. she endorsed hillary clinton in 2016. in 2008 when her father was a candidate for the presidency, she joined a facebook group that supported barack obama for president. >> so stay with us. because there are new questions in the breanna taylor case.
3:38 am
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stop your coughthe stronger, from interrupting,-longer with dq cough and congestion. it's max strength formula coats your throat and provides powerful relief. new dayquil cough and congestion. the maxcoat daytime power through your cough medicine. 42 minutes past the hour right now. let's talk about the breonna taylor case today. none of the officers have been charged in connection with her death. the kentucky attorney general refused to say if he will indict any of the officers. he released going recordings to
3:43 am
provide transparency, it didn't include juror deliberations and statements. the attorney general refusing to allow jurors to make public statements a about the case. that's despite his holding several news conference regarding the proceedings. criminal defense attorney janet johnson is with us now. good morning to you. here's what we know. an anonymous juror filed this motion. in that case what would the judge consider in deciding whether to grant this motion? >> good morning, christi , well, there is a rule if kentucky as in most states that the going proceedings are secret and no one can discuss them. that's why the juror went ahead and filed this motion. otherwise, he or she could be held in contempt, fined, could be locked up. so the judge has the authority under the rule in kentucky to waive that secrecy to allow somebody to speak about the case. attorneys are allowed to speak about the case if it goes towards the disposition, but
3:44 am
jurors generally don't and the attorney general says in kentucky this would be unprecedented. so the judge has to decide do i want to set a precedent? do i want to start opening a flood get a where jurors can talk about secret proceedings when the rule says they shouldn't unless i deem it necessary. so she'll consider is there a public interest in hearing about what happened in that jury room? is there an interest in the secrecy of other jurors in not opening the flood gates? and the juror claims that one of their concerns is if someone finds out they were on this grand jury, will they have questions about why they didn't indict the officers and can they explain that to people and maybe it wasn't even presented to them that that was an option. >> so if the motion is granted, can it be appealed? i mean, does that open up the possibility that some jurors, obviously, could remain ape none mus, if they so chose? >> well, attorney general cameron said he would appeal.
3:45 am
he has said that. so it would go on for a little while even if it is granted. what he said is there are some federal investigations under way and this could damage that investigation and it also could have a chilling effect going forward because other grand jurors might say it says this is secret and we don't have to talk about it. but is this judge lets this juror talk, is my secret anonymity going to be waived in the future? so he says he will appeal and the young is still thinking about it. so obviously that weighing heavily on the judge. the judge if she allowed it would let the other jurors reman anonymous. obviously, there is no interest in making everybody come out and talk about it. >> right. janet johnson, thank you very much. welcome. i appreciate it. >> thank you. so nba season is over. but players are working toward a different gel to get their fans out to vote. we'll show you how a former all star is making a difference during the election.
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only two-and-a-half weeks left in the election and the nba is encouraging people to vote and do it early, if they can. >> carolyn manno is here with how a former all star is using his voice to try to get to you the polls. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you both. between the launch of which works to register poll voters and registers. black if september. they're trying to create awareness and education as much as they possibly can. for this week's dmpbs makers, we sat down with two time all star keron butler for why there is so important. >> you see all lives and hours
3:51 am
of wait periods and you feel like is it really worth it? for the life of me, i didn't understand it when i was younger. i understand it now. we are the new ancestors. it's extremely important all of us be engageed from the top down to drive change. so since the death of george floyd, we immediately came together and we talked about what our specific call-to-action. in the nba and the national basketball association exited to taking league wide action and supporting it to like civil engagement if efforts to span voting access and voter awareness. to date, we have 28,000 people to access to voting poll stations. everybody is engaged and just giving us a space where you can safely come in, you are not harassed. you are not going through the voter suppression. so now they're showing that we
3:52 am
are true partners in this fight together. i love the fact that when you think about our players association, more than 90% of the eligible players that's able to vote are rejs theered to vote f registered to votant i love that our players are standing behind our message. so to see vote and all those things on shirt and public display. that power. you know, young people being engaged. young stars being engaged, that's extremely powerful. the only reason why we're having this discussion on national outlets is because people from all walks of life said, this is not okay. enough is enough. let's pivot in this direction and drive for change and strive for it and that's what's happening in real time. >> and christi and victor, as you know, the league is putting their money where their mouth is as well, which is critically
3:53 am
important, donating $300 million over the next decade to help spur economic growth in black communities. >> good to know, carolyn manno, thank you so much. good to see you. >> joe biden an president trump with these dualing town halls. learn more about those ratings. who came out ahead and what will it matter anyway in the fight for the white house. cnn's chief media correspondent brian stelter has the numbers for us next.
3:54 am
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. social distancing has protected a lot of elderly people during this pandemic. but being cut off from their family and friends has drained them mentally and emotionally. >> since 2014, cnn hero carol rosenstein has been using music to help people who battle dementia and parkinson's and other degenerative diseases. but her role is ever more crucial now. >> covid just makes this doubly difficult for people to sustain the levels of wellness because they've got so much isolation going on, we are going to see people deteriorating faster. >> zippety dodah.
3:59 am
zippety yay. >> but it can create a substitute and keep us healthy and well during quarantine. ♪. >> music is medicine for the mind. >> the complexity excites so many centres in our brains. all of that excitement miraculously pushes neurotransmitters that help us function. medicine with a side effect? or just pure joy? >> where is my kleenex. >> that is awesome. how they are using music to fight the impact of coronavirus isolation. go to cnn him.
4:00 am
>> there are a little more than two weeks until election day. >> seniors will be the first in line for the vaccine and we will soon be ending this pandemic. >> it's on the rise again. it's getting worse as predicted. >> pay attention to the facts. it is a deadly virus. the virus is now wining. >> more than 20 million americans have already voted, according to data from 45 states in washington, d.c. >> i see it as probably being one of the most important elections in my entire lifetime going forward. >> i think more of the millennial and younger are a little bit more aware and maybe are more wanting to get out there and vote f.. >> this is "new day


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