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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  October 17, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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biden are focusing on key battleground states today. the president campaigns in michigan and wisconsin, states seeing huge spikes in covid-19 cases. >> also, the long wait to vote. 17 days from election day now, and look at the lines wrapping around polling places. we have a live report for you. >> and her father is one of the president's closest advisers, but caroline giuliani is urging americans to end this nightmare and vote for joe biden. >> a lot of people's behavior is symptomatic of this toxic
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environment that he's created and it's gotten worse every year since he's been elected. it is always good to have your company here. it is saturday, october 17th. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. you are in the "cnn newsroom." >> two weeks, a little more than that to election day, but the election is happening right this moment. more than 20 million ballots have already been cast. >> so president trump and vice president biden out this weekend taking their message to the swing state voters. sarah westwood and arlette signs with covering the campaigns. the line is long and has been for hours. natasha, get us up to speed. >> reporter: yeah, the line is a little better than the last time i talked to you according to the website in cobb county, it is now down to three hours, which is better than four.
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but you can see how the line wraps around, doubles back here. the people who got here the earliest this morning arrived at 4:30 a.m. before the doors opened at 8:00 a.m.. and there are only 15 machines inside, so that's one of the frustrations that some of these voters have been telling me about. this line doubles back right here and then it actually goes all the way down this other corridor on the other side of the door. so there is much more to the line that you can't see on camera here. but there are people in line who are first-time voters. there are people in line who brought their dogs, brought their children, who are not of voting age, just because they wanted them to experience this. they brought their lawn chairs, their coffee. they're all prepared. here are what a couple of voters told us this morning about why they came and why it was important to them. >> we decided we all received absentee ballots, but in my
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mind, in my heart, coming here in person making sure my vote really does count. >> i didn't know how long i would be here, and if i was here for six hours, i wanted to make sure she was here, i have food and i have water and i have walked her already. >> reporter: and of course up to this point, as of 9:00 p.m. last night, the state of georgia says that 1.3 million voters have been cast. that's adding up early voting, as well as absentee ballots. if you look at 2016 at the same time during that election, five days into early voting, the turnout is up 134%. and i just want to point out that this poll worker, christina dunbar, has been cheering all morning for every single voter that has finished and come out the exit doors. she has cheered on more than 200 people now and just keeping that energy up and really celebrating the people who came out here early to vote today. >> we need more of her. we need more of christina, for
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sure, around these parts. natasha chen, thank you so much. good information there. cnn's sarah westwood is at the white house. what can you tell us about where the president is going to be in the next 48 hours? what are we going to see? >> reporter: president trump's campaign really moving at full speed for this final sprint to election day, a little more than two weeks left before voters head to the polls. as we just saw, voting is already under way throughout the country. president trump today is expected to head to wisconsin and michigan for a pair of campaign events before ending the night in nevada, but he does so against the backdrop of a midwest spike. in wisconsin, for example, that state has seen two consecutive days of record highs in terms of coronavirus cases, but trump is still holding rallies there anyway. nonetheless, last night the president struck a more optimistic tone about the coronavirus and also expressed a rare show of empathy for people who have lost loved ones. >> my heart breaks for every grieving family that has lost a
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precious loved one. i feel their anguish and i mourn their loss. i feel their pain. i know that the terrible pain that they have gone through when you lose someone and there's nothing to describe what you have to bear, there's nothing to describe it. my message to america's seniors today is one of optimism, confidence and hope. your sacrifice has not been in vain. the light at the end of the tunnel is near. we are rounding the turn. >> reporter: that's not exactly the case that the u.s. is rounding the turn. in fact, yesterday alone, the u.s. registered more than 68,000 new cases of coronavirus. that's a record for a one-day total since july. so a lot of spikes throughout the country that are causing concern for public health experts. but this is all really part of the president's strategy so far when talking about the pandemic to downplay the spread of the
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virus dispute the numbers that we are seeing. the polls show that might not be resonating for many voters. in fact, the president is falling behind in a number of key battleground states and joe biden leads him by a wider margin nationally. at these rallies we have not seen the kind of social distancing that experts have wanted to see. we have not seen uniform mask wearing, although mask wearing is encouraged at these events, images of the rallies and campaign events that the president has been having have shown not everyone is complying with that. now, ahead of the president's visit to michigan, the governor's office put out a statement encouraging people to please social distance and wear their masks. i want to read you part of that statement. we always are concerned when there are large gatherings without masks and social distancing. there is a risk of an outbreak when this happens, so we encourage people to wear their masks and practice social distancing. now, this week we saw the president hold multiple events a day in multiple states. that could be a preview of the packed schedule we expect the president to keep right up until
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election day, perhaps making up for some of that lost time that the president was essentially sidelined over the past week when he had coronavirus. >> sarah westwood for us at the white house. thank you so much. vice president biden is expected to campaign in north carolina tomorrow. today several of his surrogates are going to be out, including senator elizabeth warren and magic johnson. >> somebody else coming out in the next week, we understand, who would be pivotal for the vice president. what can you tell us, arlette? good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are certainly some big names who will be campaigning for joe biden not just this weekend, but also next week. the former vice president will be getting help from one of his friends who also happens to be the biggest political surrogate in the democratic party at this moment. former president barack obama will campaign in person in philadelphia on wednesday. this marks his first in-person
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campaign appearance for his former partner and will be part of a handful of stops that he's making in these final two weeks of the election. the biden campaign believes that president obama can help mobilize black men, latinos and young voters, to get out and vote for joe biden. now, this stop on wednesday from the former president will be a solo stop. we expect joe biden to be deep in debate prep on wednesday as he prepares for that matchup against president trump on thursday night. but there is a possibility that obama and biden could reprise their political bromance, as they used to call it in the white house, and they could appear in person together in those final days before the election. now, joe biden yesterday travelled to the battleground state of michigan, where he once again focused on the coronavirus pandemic and criticized some of the president's recent comments about it. take a listen to what he had to say.
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>> he said i think last night in his town hall, i didn't have the pleasure of hearing it. i was doing one myself. he said we have turned the corner. my grandfather might say he's gone around the bend. turned the corner, my lord. it's not disappearing. in fact, it's on the rise again. it's getting worse, as predicted. >> reporter: now, one thing you are hearing joe biden talk about consistently in these final days before the election is the issue of health care and the need to protect and expand upon the affordable care act. the campaign believes that this is really an issue that touches all facets of the campaign right now, from the coronavirus pandemic to that nomination of amy coney barrett to the supreme court, and also republicans' efforts to dismantle obamacare.
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health care was a winning issue for democrats back in 2018 when democrats won back the house of representatives. and that is something that the biden campaign is hoping to replicate in the coming weeks as they're trying to pull out that win and focusing a lot on health care. now, tomorrow joe biden is heading down to north carolina, one of those states that president trump won back in 2016. biden will be campaigning in durham as early voting is under way in the state and he is trying to mobilize his voters to get out and vote with 17 days to go until the election. >> thank you. so pennsylvania is a crucial state, obviously, for president trump and joe biden. back in 2016 the state's 20 electoral votes went to the president, of course. right now, though, joe biden is holding an edge. >> cnn's dana bash talked to voters in the count that flipped from blue to red four years ago. >> reporter: a line forms outside well before opening, waiting to enter the trump house. >> we're ready for the next
7:11 am
group. come on in. >> reporter: a mecca of sorts for the president's supporters in southwest pennsylvania, where trump's record turnout four years ago helped deliver his surprise pennsylvania victory and the white house. leslie rossi created the trump house in 2016 where she pushed disaffected democrats and never before voters to choose trump. >> we gave people a place to come to to believe they could win. >> reporter: now trump supporters show up daily for swag and yard signs and help registering to vote. >> we need trump in there again. i'm 65, i think it's time to register. >> reporter: have you not voted ever? >> no. >> reporter: mural westmoreland county has seen a surge in republican registrations. >> change my registration from democrat to republican. >> why? >> from what i've seen in the past couple of years, i was ashamed to say i was a democrat.
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>> reporter: joe biden is ahead in pennsylvania polls, yet his campaign motto is every vote matters. campaigning here in westmoreland county this month, which hillary clinton did not in the 2016 general election. >> you're here why? >> i'm here because, like i said, we are not taking any vote for granted. >> reporter: this is the count commissioner of westmoreland pa. ten years ago she was miss pennsylvania in donald trump's miss usa pageant. now she's an elected democrat working to blunt trump's advantage. >> in 2016 donald trump was a fresh face. he was new to politics. everyone was excited. he made big promises, bring back jobs. but frankly, donald trump broke those promises. >> reporter: in small-town pennsylvania, signs matter. trump is everywhere, big and bold, but biden's are out there, too. >> when you see signs like this
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it makes the democrats and republicans that voted for trump in 2016 realize i'm not alone. >> reporter: biden's supporters are being covid careful. >> never did we think we would be meeting by zoom. >> reporter: the head of democratic women of westmoreland county organizes from home. she's clear-eyed about the democrats' goal here in trump country. >> we can't win pennsylvania for them, but we can add to the total numbers. >> reporter: as for republicans, they never stopped traditional ways of getting out the vote. knocking on doors, walking in neighborhoods in masks, and using a gop data driven app to find and persuade voters. >> depending on who the voter is, we're able to tailor the message at the door to how we think we need to target that voter and turn them out. >> reporter: given the president's struggles in the suburbs, boosting the vote here is critical for trump. how important is it for him to get his numbers even higher than it was four years ago?
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>> i think that we need to increase our voter turnout here for the president to offset some of what might be happening in the southeastern part of pennsylvania. >> reporter: back at the trump house, leslie rossi shows us the log of visits from thousands of trump supporters. >> what are you seeing this year? >> my numbers have tripled. four years ago my work was really hard here. i had to convince the voters to vote for the candidate. i had to convince them president trump was the best choice for them. this time, i don't have to do any of that. they're all in. >> reporter: whether enough are all in could determine whether trump can overcome the headwinds he faces to win pennsylvania and a second term. dana bash, cnn, westmoreland county, pennsylvania. stay with us, because rudy giuliani's daughter has a raw assessment of her father's most high profile client. why caroline giuliani is telling voters to end what she calls donald trump's, quote, reign of
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rudy giuliani's daughter carolyn is criticizing her father's highest profile client and endorsing his rival. >> in a piece for vanity fair she called on americans to, quote, end this nightmare, by voting for democratic nominee joe biden and his running mate, kamala harris. >> for any family, you know, all families have differences of opinion and political differences and, you know, this is maybe on a different scale. but how do you normally deal with it? is it something you just choose not to talk about politics with -- you know, he is your dad, after all. in the article you talk about at times you feel like you have no
7:20 am
other choice but to address certain issues. >> yeah, i think those things boil up and at a certain point you can't -- at least i couldn't repress them. but it was definitely a give and take throughout my whole life. i just think now we've come to such a point of crisis that i had no choice but to say something. this toxic environment of bullying and vicious sniping needs to be turned around and i really think that joe biden and kamala harris can do that. i absolutely love kamala harris. >> joe biden was not your first choice? >> not initially, but i was keeping my options open and seeing what people had to say and i was a huge fan of kamala. and when joe biden picked kamala, i got so excited because i feel like it reflected that he's willing to have people who challenge him around him and that is the way to break up the echo chamber of yes men, which i think is a huge problem right
7:21 am
now. >> when you see the "washington post" report that, you know, the white house was warned that your dad was, quote, being used to feed russian misinformation to the president, just seeing that in the news, what goes through your mind? i can't imagine it. >> no, i choose to focus on what we can do to fix this problem. i think that that's where we all need to be focusing our energy and i think that is by making sure that everyone votes and chooses to elect someone who has empathy and will start to turn this country around. >> caroline giuliani has publicly supported democratic presidential candidates in the past. in 2016 she endorsed hillary clinton, in 2008 when her father was running for the gop nomination, she joined a facebook group that supported barack obama for president. there's new evidence this morning that we're seeing the coronavirus resurgence that
7:22 am
experts feared. the u.s. has added more than 69,000 new cases just yesterday. that's the largest one day total since the end of july. >> at least ten states on friday saw their highest daily case totals since the pandemic started. cnn's paulo sandoval is tracking the latest. the rate of tests coming back positive, the number of people who are in hospitals sick with covid-19, those are climbing in several states, too? >> reporter: and it certainly is contrary, victor, to maybe what you've heard out there, perhaps coming from the commander in chief himself, that we could be in the clear in some parts of the country or that the situation is improving. the reality is just yesterday alone ten states, ten states in the country, showing their highest number of new covid cases since the start of the pandemic. it is october. so it's certainly something to keep in mind. and then yesterday we also heard from the nation's surgeon general saying it is key to try to recognize some of those hot spot areas and try to reverse
7:23 am
some of these infection rates as well. >> the united states surpassed 8 million coronavirus cases on friday. the death toll is quickly approaching 220,000. case numbers are steadily increasing daily according to daily from johns hopkins university. health officials from coast to coast are scrambling to contain the rising rate of infections. >> if you look at the map in the u.s., what's happening is exactly what we expected, it's the whole northern half of the u.s., transmission is on the upswing. >> reporter: at least four states, idaho, illinois, north carolina and wyoming reported their highest daily covid-19 case count to date, just as friday state health officials said north carolina, where president trump spoke to maskless crowds, set a new record for cases on friday. florida now averaging nearly 2,800 new cases a day. that's up from 2,400 a week ago. wisconsin now has a positivity
7:24 am
rate of more than 26%. united states surgeon general, jerome adams, warming that wisconsin is a covid-19 red state. >> i want you all to be aware that wisconsin is currently one of our red states, meaning your positivity rates are over 10% and going in the wrong direction. >> reporter: president trump taking his campaign to wisconsin today, a state where coronavirus cases are now at an all-time high. infectious disease physician in green bay, wisconsin, said gatherings create a risk. >> at this point we are recommending not to have any kind of gatherings, and even to the point of family gatherings where people from different households, they're getting together is a risk, too. >> reporter: earlier on friday, president trump said seniors would be the first to get any vaccine once it's approved. officials also confirmed friday that cvs and walgreens pharmacies have been designated to distribute free coronavirus vaccines once they're approved to long-term care facilities.
7:25 am
in the northeast, multiple states reporting some sharp increase in cases as well. even the nypd this week alone reporting at least 54 uniform police officers tested positive, out sick this morning. the police commissioner saying that they are performing the contact tracing and also continuing to encourage those officers to take those measures that we've all hopefully been taking, wearing the masks and of course hand washing and social distancing as well. >> my goodness. paulo sandoval, thank you so much. this morning we spoke with two doctors, two experts about the surge in cases, and what it signals for the next few weeks. >> we also asked about the concerns for health care workers right now, because they're staring down another dire projection about what's to come in the winter months. here's what they said. >> people going inside, spending more time indoors, having a little bit of mask fatigue and pandemic fatigue, all of that is a wicked brew that may lead to real transmission everywhere.
7:26 am
and i want to put one more note on this. when we saw this kind of transmission earlier on in the pandemic in march and april, the virus hadn't seeded everywhere. at this point the virus has had more than six months to get to every nook and cranny of our country. so as these structural behavioral changes increase the probability that we're going to start seeing outbreaks in every small part and big part of our country goes up. this is a harrowing time and people have to be careful and follow those recommendations. >> we have to deal with the numbers and deal with the surges. it's back to what we've always been saying, everybody has to really kind of tighten the grip. and, unfortunately, we're going to take up linearly in the next few weeks. it's going to get worse. >> i think one word that i can describe is a sense of fear and i think also just not really feeling prepared. do we have enough ppes, are we going to be able to manage patients that get into the icu? what kind of medications really help patients with covid?
7:27 am
right now we're sort of throwing the kitchen sink out there in terms of what's available and recently, with the whole remdesivir study that probably shows that it doesn't work, i think it's just a sense of feeling hopeless. but we have to do the best that we can. >> a live look at the line in marietta, just north of atlanta. you see crowds there in line. the wait at last check, three hours to cast a vote. just 15 machines inside. far more than 15 people outside. we will talk about the race in georgia where joe biden appears to have a broadening gap, a lead here. i'll be discussing that with scott jennings and scott bovin after the break. pain gel, my husband would have been on the sidelines. but not anymore!
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live look at the line here in marietta, georgia, for the sixth day voters have waited in long lines. the wait here last check, three hours to cast a ballot in the 2020 election. almost 22 million votes now have been cast so far in 45 states and the district of columbia. let's bring in now cnn political km politic political and former chair of the national bar association. welcome back. i'm going to be using last names. scott jennings, let me start with you. georgia, let's look at the poll here from quinnipiac. it has, among likely voters, president trump down seven points behind joe biden.
7:33 am
listen, i wonder if you foresee what ben sasse has suggested, ted cruz, which is possible, is this blood bath for republicans. >> well, i think -- by the way, good morning. good to see you all. i think even good polster can lay an egg and i think they laid an egg on sorj ya, both the senate and presidential number are way off. i think the race is incredibly close. most of the other polling shows a one or two-point race and biden has persistently had a small lead. so i would put this race on the knife's edge. i've talked to a few folks i know down there and they are bullish on trump being able to pull it out. make no mistake, joe biden could definitely win georgia. on election night, if he wins it, that probably portends wins across the sun belt. >> this is my third election in georgia and every cycle i go to the democratic party of georgia
7:34 am
headquarters and shoot the same story that dems say this is our cycle, and it isn't. do you believe this poll, seven points it has biden up? >> i think donald trump under-polls all the time, so i don't think it's seven points. if they poll in the next week or two before the election and he's up seven or more or seven or less, i'll start to believe it. but let me tell you something, the fact that scott jennings is saying what he's saying, the fact that these polls show that biden has got a 1% or 2% lead, or even 7% lead, that he's competing in georgia, that portends a big, big problem for the republicans if it holds. you see those long lines? those long lines mean commitment by the voters for change, if you will. three hours, seven hours, that's a republican red state. they've made those lines based on voter suppression, whether it was legal or illegal, and so i think the gop has a lot to look at and a lot to learn if georgia
7:35 am
falls or goes blue, because it's purple right now. >> why don't former vice president biden just answer the question about court packing? he has been against it for decades, he was against it last fall in the primary, and now he's being cagey about it. and the reason, he says, is because he doesn't want his answer to be the center of the focus. his non-answer is now what we're focusing on. just answer the question. >> well, for the media, it's real simple. it's still a hypothetical. in prior statements he said he's not for that, that's not really what he would try to focus on. but, remember, the republicans have taught the democrats about stacking the court if we expand it. the mayor of garland delay, the push-through, kavanaugh. i find it rich that the gop wants him to answer and then they'll use that to motivate
7:36 am
their base on a hypothetical. it makes no sense. >> but isn't he holding back an answer not to depress or suppress his own base, or the left of his party? i mean, what is the reason now for not answering? >> it will motivate the republican side. why should he answer a hypothetical? he's not even president yet. >> all of these are hypotheticals. every question we ask a candidate is a hypothetical, what would you do, what is your plan. they're all hypotheticals. scott jennings, your answer? >> you just made the point i was going to make. every prospective candidate gets asked questions and they're all hypotheticals. he doesn't want to answer because he wants to do it, he knows his base wants to do it and he knows it's unpopular among the main people. so i fully expect him to do it. he's changed his position on a lot of issues this year and the primary was i'll ban fracking, now it's i won't. he's got a lot of different
7:37 am
answers on green new deal and a lot of different answers on taxes. he said said in the past he's not a fan of this but that has not caused him to change other positions. so i have no confidence that he'll stand up to the left on this. if he wins the race, they're going to expand the supreme court. >> let me move on to something else because nebraska senator ben sasse had a conversation with his constituents and now we have the response that we all expected would come from president trump. here is first what senator sasse said about the president, part of it. >> first he ignored covid and then he went into full economic shutdown mode. he was the one who said 10 to 14 days of shutdown would fix this and that was always wrong. so i don't think the way he's led through covid has been reasonable or responsible or right. >> and then the president has gone on this diatribe through twitter of attacking senator
7:38 am
sasse, saying he's the weakest of the 53 senators. it's a long tweet. we're not going to go through it. it's the typical boilerplate trump tweet about senators who criticize him. scott jennings, my question to you is, he's trying to hold onto his office. every tweet wasted on ben sasse, or something else that's not focused on beating joe biden, what does this get him? >> it gets him nothing. i would also point out that although i expect trump to win nebraska at large, i think that nebraska, too, they split their electoral votes out there. i think he's struggling in nebraska. so that's one thing to keep in mind. he needs to be focused on drawing a line between him and joe biden, i would do this on taxes, joe biden would do that. make it a choice election, so every communication, tweet, at the town halls and debate, everything needs to be framed, everything needs to be focused on my plan versus the joe biden
7:39 am
plan. if trump is at the center of the election, whether he's attacking sasse or it's a pure referendum on him, it makes it harder to win. my advice, get focused on your real enemy here, joe biden. >> we want you both to stay after the break. before we go, i just want to give you five seconds each, oftten seconds each. do you expect we will see a debate next thursday? >> yes. >> scott jennings? >> yeah, i agree. i think they need to have one. they should have had one last week. >> easy enough. i want to ask about this moment. this was from the rally in georgia. senator david perdue in macon, this is what happened. >> kamala, kamala, i don't know, whatever -- >> apparently a georgia senator can't pronounce his colleague's name, kamala harris. we'll talk about this after the
7:40 am
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scott jennings, a. scott bolden back with us. let's look at this moment from last night. georgia senator david perdue and his attempt to pronounce senator kamala harris. >> the most insidious thing that chuck schumer and joe biden are trying to perpetrate and elizabeth and kamala, whatever -- >> there have been references to george allen in 2006 and his moment there, using a term that i won't repeat here. you know what i first thought about was sitting in classrooms as a kid, and more than one teacher would mispronounce the names of black boys and black girls repeatedly, dismissively.
7:45 am
some kids laughed it off and some tried to correct the teachers. it's not as if they couldn't pronounce them, it's as if they didn't think it was important enough and that immediately made me think of how it was that dismissive. now, senator harris is not a child, we know that. but she deserves the respect of having her name pronounced correctly. david perdue knows how to pronounce it correctly because he did the first time in that sound bite. i would suggest, though, he is a teacher. what is his lesson? >> his lesson is that what's in a name, it says who i am, it says where i'm from, it says my parents and who brought me into this world. and his statements, his joke or attempted joke was completely disrespectful, it smacks of miss obje and phobia, because of her parents. it indicates that he's desperate, he's behind in money. he may not be behind in the polls. if he is, those candidates in
7:46 am
georgia are desperate. they're making directly negative statements rooted in racism and sexism. it's got to stop, because it's more than partisanship, it's racially offensive. he should learn. that should be his lesson. he doesn't look like me and you, he doesn't get it. >> scott jennings. >> first of all, i agree whole heartedly that everyone, including kamala harris, deserves to have their name pronounced correctly. it's a sign of respect and i have no doubt that senator perdue knows how to do that. they've served on the same committee. i would humbly suggest to the senator that he sends her a note of apology and says i didn't mean anything by that. i don't think he was making a racist statement. i think he got tongue tied and i think he tried to make a joke to cover it over and it came out rather clumsy. so i don't agree with the attacks that it's racism. but i think in politics we ought to show each other the kind of
7:47 am
respect that we would want to be showed ourselves. so in this particular case the correct move would be for him to send her a note of apology and say i didn't mean anything disrespectful here and that would show us all that what scott bolden said is not true, which is that this had anything to do with race or anything else. >> the fact of the matter is because i may not disagree with you, but the impact of his racial or gender insensitivity, you can't ignore the impact of it, whether his attempt was race neutral. that's why he should send out an apology or give her a call and say in the heat of this discussion or being tongue tied, i apologize for having a negative impact and even suggesting that i am a racist, or jzen phobic, based on from you're from. >> we've got to see if that exchange happens. scott jennings, a. scott bolden, thank you both.
7:48 am
>> thank you. we have some live pictures we want to show you of the women's march that's about to start in washington, d.c. there are thousands expected to protest the supreme court  nomination of judge amy coney barrett. we'll have more on that ahead. stay close. but some can't do it alone. they need help to stay home... ...and stay safe. they need us and we need you. home instead. apply today.
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has helped protect people who are elderly during the pandemic, but being cut off from the people you love, that has a draining effect on mental and emotional well-being. well, since 2014, cnn's hero carol rosenstein has been using music to help people battle dementia, parkinson's, and now obviously that work is even more crucial. >> covid just makes this doubly difficult for people to sustain their levels of wellness, because they've got so much
7:54 am
isolation going on. we are going to see people deteriorating faster. but we can provide a great substitute that's going to keep us healthy and well during quarantine. ♪ >> music is medicine for the mind. ♪ don't worry >> the complexity excites so many senses in our brains. all of that excitement miraculously pushes neurotransmitters that help us function. medicine with a side effect that is pure joy. >> where is my kleenex? >> isn't that awesome. to see the full story about carol's work using music to
7:55 am
battle the impact of covid isolation now, go to i want to show you live pictures that we're getting of the women's march set to start soon in washington, d.c. the march organizers there say the event is in honor of late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. >> they say it is also a protest of president trump's supreme court nominee, judge amy coney barrett. the march will start at freedom plaza and end on the national mall. one of hundreds of marches taking place in both person and virtually across the country. we'll see if there is social distance maintained. >> organizers are reminding people who show up, please wear your masks and, yes, victor, they do say police practice social distancing, which we look like we might have seen a little bit of it there. thank you so much for sharing your morning with us. we appreciate you. we hope you go make good memories. >> more ahead in the next hour of cnn's newsroom. fredricka whitfield is up after
7:56 am
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thank you so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. the coronavirus pandemic front and center as the election enters the home stretch. the u.s. has now surpassed 8 million covid cases, with a record number of cases friday. more than 69,000 people infected in a single day and experts fear it will get much worse in the weeks to come. still a defiant president trump is holding his sixth day of campaign rallies since he was diagnosed with the virus, downplaying its dangers and threatening to lock up political opponents, and even suggesting he would leave the country if he loses. and his supporters taking their cues from him, georgia's state congressman, vernon


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