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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  October 19, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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15 days until election day and we have multiple breaking news stories that could impact your vote. the supreme court handing democrats a victory in pennsylvania. pennsylvania is a key battleground state rejecting an attempt by republicans to only allow mail-in ballots received by election day to be counted. the ruling means ballots will be
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counted if they are received within three days of election day. and the debate commission tonight moving to mute microphones to prevent interruptions at thursday's scheduled final presidential debate. joining me now cnn's white house correspondent john harwood. political commentator amanda carpenter and supreme court analyst. appreciate all of you. so good to see you all looking dapper and ready to go. okay. so, john, start with you. pennsylvania is really a critical swing state. how big of a deal is this supreme court decision for democrats? >> don, in theory it is a very big deal. pennsylvania could be the tipping point state in the election. the one that decides who gets the 270 electoral votes. of course donald trump carried it narrowly last time. it was one of the throw midwestern states that put him over the top. most of the people who say they plan to vote by mail are
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supporting joe biden. trump has an advantage in the in-person vote and he is hoping to count as few of those mail votes as possible. i said in theory because joe biden has a pretty significant lead more than six points in the polling averages. he is over 50%. so the election might not be close enough that whatever fragment of mail-in ballots come in after election day are going to make all that much difference. however, this is a little security blanket for democrats that some of those late votes will be counted. >> listen, i want you to weigh in on this. this is your bailey wick. chief justice roberts sided with the court's three liberals. do you think this ruling will set the tone for other pre-l preelection challenges? >> you are exactly right. this is john roberts once again siding with the liberals in a way that really matters. i don't know if it is going to set the tone but even if somehow things change when the wisconsin case comes up there or other
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ones come to the court and the democrats don't prevail, this was one very big case simply because it is pennsylvania and the court was dead locked. two things on that. first of all it shows that john roberts is still wielding power over this court trying to steady it rather than have it lunge either to the right or the left amid the turmoil of the election, the recent death of ruth bader ginsburg, the expected addition of amy coney barrett. all the attacks by donald trump on the judiciary so this was a very strong institutionalist vote right here again with the left. but to answer your core question, about what it might say about other cases, john roberts takes them one at a time and he's a well known for, frankly, alternating so that he is not predictable to go with either the right or left at any given time. and we have a wisconsin case
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pending, another one from alabama and with two weeks to go i can see others coming up. >> let's talk more. you mentioned judge amy coney barrett. this was a 4-4 decision, joan. which means if she is confirmed or when she is i should say she will be a critical vote on election matters. >> exactly right, don. if this case had come up just a week later with her on the bench as we expect her to be early next week it might have gone the opposite way. she certainly has a far more conservative record than the chief justice. she might have believed this was the kind of thing that the state republicans in pennsylvania should prevail. when she comes on we still have presumably at least seven days before the november 3rd election and her vote could really matter in a way that as i say would be different than the chief justices tonight. >> thank you for waiting so
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patiently. i want to talk to you about the coronavirus. cases are surging across the country but instead of leading or even acknowledging there is a problem the president is attacking the country's top infectious disease expert. why is trump so focused on going after dr. fauci? i don't understand it. maybe i do in a way but go on. >> he is desperate to be right on this. correct? he can't have someone questioning the approach that he has taken to the virus. he has been firmly on the side of open it up. we'll see what happens. and get it done. dr. fauci has been warning things are about to get worse. trump is promising things are getting better. there is a vaccine on the way. they're just fundamentally at odds on this question. >> listen, he needs people. he is trying to change the narrative. he needs people to think that it is no big deal when it actually is very, very dangerous what he is doing. i'm surprised that, should i be
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surprised? i was going to say that the people come to those rallies and considering what is happening and they are in hot spots it is really a dangerous strategy. >> yeah, i think even looking at the places where he's been traveling to, states like arizona and georgia which should be a lock for republicans. i mean, the coronavirus is taking over everything. that is having a down ballot effect. look at the races -- she is pulling worse than donald trump. it is because only donald trump kind of gets away with the stuff he's been pulling over the past four years. other people try to mimic it. it doesn't work as well for them. so there are going to be republicans that try to draw some separation in the last coming days before the election but it is too late. their fates are tied to trump. they will be judged the same if not worse. >> john, the president is really using a new line on the campaign trail. listen to it and we'll talk
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about it. >> if you vote for biden he will surrender your jobs to china. he will surrender your future to the virus. he's going to lock down. he'll want us to lock down. he'll listen to the scientists. >> what, what, in what world is not listening to the scientists a good thing? i mean, are we living in a world where siding with science is bad? >> every single word donald trump said in that sound bite you just played was complete nonsense. but in terms of the scientists, you know, the thing donald trump is doing right now is trying to comfort his own, tortured ego. he sees the country rejecting him and his approach to coronavirus siding with people like tony fauci who has been in a different place and as amanda said, he needs to be right and needs to be right for -- to
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reassure himself. he is seeking the comfort of affirmation in the last days of the campaign. he is going to friendly audiences having these maskless rallies even though they probably hurt his campaign because they underscore his casual approach to the coronavirus. he does it because the people there cheer him. he mocks fauci. they laugh along. they -- he wants people to tell him he's great right now even if the voters are poised not to do that and part of doing that is asserting scientists are wrong i'm right and having people cheer that line. >> i want to follow up on something you said. you talked about -- the reason i want to follow up is because president trump told reporters today he doesn't think his re-election is tied to senate republicans and their re-election. and doesn't have anything to do with him. is this the beginning of his argument, you know, if there is a down ballot disaster, it isn't
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his fault? >> he's got to blame somebody right? this is flawed on the face of it because he demanded the ultimate republican loyalty from every person running. i encourage people to look at the race of kelly loeffler. she was asked in her senate debate today is there anything that you disagree with donald trump on about? anything. just name one thing. she says, no. i am very proud of my 100% voting record for donald trump. i mean, he demands this kind of lock step loyalty. and to say now that he has nothing to do with it, they have nothing to do with each other, i mean, it is laughable and you almost have to pity someone like kelly loeffler and martha mcsally who fell for this to begin with. >> almost. >> almost. i appreciate all of you. joan, rest up because you'll be very busy in the coming days. i appreciate all of you joining us. thanks so much. long lines around the country for early voting and election day still 15 days away. look at those lines.
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whew. plus the president lashing out at dr. fauci who actually needs security because of credible death threats against him and harassment of his family. >> that's sad. the very fact that a public health message to save lives triggers such venom and animosity to me that it results in real and credible threats to my life and my safety. one more bite! ♪ kraft. for the win win. a history. we have different needs and challenges. but one thing we share is wanting to make our lives the best they can be. if you have medicaid and medicare, a dual complete plan from unitedhealthcare can help. giving you more benefits at no extra cost to you.
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honey? new nyquil severe honey is maximum strength cold and flu medicine with soothing honey-licious taste. nyquil honey. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever best sleep with a cold medicine. two weeks until the election and with the covid-19 pandemic getting worse president trump is trying to make dr. anthony fauci a campaign issue calling him a disaster and claiming americans are tired of hearing from what he calls these idiots. let's bring in cnn's medical analyst dr. jonathan reiner. wow. what a statement. hi, doctor. how are you? >> hi, don. >> dr. fauci is the country's leading infectious disease expert and is trying to save
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lives and the president is saying this about him. >> people are tired of hearing fauci and all these idiots, these people. these people that have gotten it wrong. fauci's a nice guy. he's been here for 500 years. every time he goes on television there's always a bomb. there's a bigger bomb if you fire him. but fauci is a disaster. i mean this guy, if i listen to him we'd have 500,000 deaths. but fauci, if we listen to him, we have 700,000, 800,000 deaths right now. so with that, i get along with him. if there's a reporter on, you can have it just the way i said it. i couldn't care less. >> geez. you heard the gasp when he said that. why is he trashing dr. fauci like this? >> you know, i used to think that there was some kind of hidden three dimensional chess going on. i just think he's jealous of the adoration that large portions of
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the country have for dr. fauci and what he has done over his career and trying to do now. but people aren't tired of tony fauci. they're tired of the misery. in the 1970s the economist came up with something called the misery index a way to quantify something that is pretty subjective which is how much are people hurting at that time during the recession. he basically just added the inflation rate to the unemployment rate. and came up with a number. we have a new misery index and it is very simple. the unemployment rate and the covid positivity rate. in the united states right now that is 13% which is about twice what it is for some european countries. more than that compared to places like japan but in different parts of the united states much higher. so for instance in iowa, that number is 26%. it's 30% in wisconsin.
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it's 36% in nevada. maybe that misery index is why the election isn't going the president's way in those swing states. people are miserable. it is disgusting to heart president say that but also dr. fauci. he has advised six presidents now. he needs a security detail. he's a doctor. he shouldn't have to need that. >> no, he shouldn't. and i was thinking today when i was watching a clip from "60 minutes" and you saw him walking on the canal not far from where i live and he had a security guard in front of him, someone walking behind him and he was talking about how his children have been threatened and i was thinking about how angry i would be. angry. but he seems to hold it together and he goes to work every day. i admire him. you know, i was a medical student a long time ago, and the
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textbook of internal medicine when i was a medical student he was one of the editors for it. he's been a medical leader, a scientist, a leader in this country for almost half a century. he deserves our respect, period. >> thank you, doctor. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> the numbers are so sad. more than 220,000 americans dead of the coronavirus. tens of thousands of americans who didn't have to die. cases passing 8.2 million. more tonight from cnn's nick watt. >> chicago is now averaging more than 500 new covid cases every day. the most since late may. >> make no mistake. we are in the second surge. these numbers are extremely troubling. and are consistent with what we've been seeing across illinois and, really, across the country and world. >> reporter: in 14 of our states right now a test positivity rate
8:19 pm
so high it tells us the spread is out of control. in utah, average case counts now roughly double their summer surge. >> you cannot say that we're on the road to essentially getting out of this. >> cruel irony, connecticut and new jersey with cases climbing now appear to qualify for the covid travel restrictions they imposed on other heavily infected states. >> people are getting tired. the american people have given so much. we are seeing mitigation fatigue right now. you know, i just hope that we have so much promise in the weeks and months ahead. >> reporter: a vaccine? well, a week after johnson & johnson paused its trial following an illness in a volunteer the company and the fda won't tell cnn if that volunteer was actually receiving the vaccine or even if this is the first pause. >> we do have vaccines and therapeutics coming down the pike but when you actually look at the time period for that the
8:20 pm
next 6 to 12 weeks are going to be the darkest of the entire pandemic. >> this past month nationally the average number of new cases a day exploded. up 40%. >> there is nothing to stop this the way things are going. >> reporter: but there is a silver lining of sorts. the death rate per case has declined. >> it's a tribute to modern medicine. we have tools in our arsenal now. >> reporter: but we still do not fully understand the long term impacts of this virus on the millions who make it. fatigue. difficulty concentrating. lung issues. >> the other thing that we're seeing that's a bit disturbing is the degree of cardiovascular abnormalities by scans and other diagnostic tests, it may be insignificant, but i don't know that now. >> reporter: nick watt, cnn, los angeles. >> thank you, nick watt. 15 days to election day. and despite the polls joe biden's campaign is warning
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president trump can still win but does he have a potential path to victory? plus republican senators warning of grim election prospects. i'll speak to one democratic challenger in a close race in texas. (upbeat music) - [narrator] this is kate.
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long lines across the critical battleground state of florida with most counties there opening for early, in-person voting today. more than 28 million americans already casting their ballots in this election about 20% of all the ballots cast in 2016. and there are still 15 days to go until election day. joe biden using today for debate prep while slamming president trump over his handling of the coronavirus after the president called dr. anthony fauci a disaster on a campaign staff call. and claimed he has never felt better about his election
8:26 pm
chances. >> this is the single best i have ever been in any campaign. we're going to win. i wouldn't have told you that maybe two or three weeks ago. >> a former campaign manager for president barack obama's successful re-election bid, jim, good to see you again. thanks for joining me. >> a pleasure. any time. >> this is what a source close to the debate commission is telling cnn that the decision to mute mics and allow candidates to speak uninterrupted was unanimous and an attempt to make the candidates comply with the rules they signed up for. the president says he'll go along with it but how is this going to change the debate? >> i think it is really good for joe biden. the trump theory has been they could knock biden off his stride by continuing to interrupt him. that won't happen because of this. is it is going to allow biden to do what he is best at, look directly at the camera and make
8:27 pm
his case to the american people. it is a clear advantage for biden. you and i wouldn't think actually obeying the rules would be a clear advantage for anyone but in this situation i think it is and is going to be very frustrating for donald trump to sit there and have to take it while joe biden goes at him. >> i'm sure you were shocked by the repeated attacks on dr. anthony fauci. do they make any sense from a campaign perspective? >> no. they are stupid for two reasons. first, the trump campaign just finished using anthony fauci on their own tv commercials so something that fauci said he was outraged by. the second thing is every moment donald trump is talking about covid he is losing. his only chance to win this election is get it back to an economic choice. and every time he says things like this he drives swing voters crazy. he continues to remind these kind of swing voters who are 58% women that he can't be trusted with covid.
8:28 pm
he can't be trusted with the future of his family. he just drives into what is his worst issue. it is kind of political malpractice but as you and i have been talking before there seems to be nothing sort of predictable about donald trump's behavior. >> yeah. jim, let's look at cnn's electoral college outlook. when you look at that biden has a clear advantage. the biden campaign is warning democrats not to become complacent. do you think there is a risk of that after what happened in 2016? >> never assume. right? i think the biden campaign is being very smart to continue to just remind everyone what happened last time. to take nothing for granted. let's be honest. it's hard to get out and vote given the covid challenges, the average swing voter has two jobs and has kids and they want to make sure all of their families and voters vote. they have to continue to remind people of why this is important. that's why the numbers you just showed almost 30 million people have already early voted.
8:29 pm
that is huge. this time four years ago it was only 5 million people. a six fold increase. that is incredibly important to make sure that both campaigns get their votes out. >> yeah. i want to put yourself in the trump campaign shoes. okay? so if you were running this campaign, what is your best path to victory right now? you may not want to offer advice but what is the best path to victory? >> look, i think the key has always been in the midwest and i think it's why the biden campaign is being very smart to lock down what you and i used to call the blue wall. wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan are the three states that are going to matter the most here. if you're the trump campaign you're going to do what they've done. park as much money as you can in pennsylvania, a tipping ground state, and so the midwest is where this campaign is going to
8:30 pm
be won or lost. trump won those three states by a combined 77,000 votes last time. really close margins. he has to find a way back. i don't think that he's going to get there. he has to defend a bunch of states he won handily last time like florida, arizona, ohio, iowa. and so it really is a challenge and distinct advantage for the biden campaign because they can keep him running in the states trump needs for his own wall and then compete in the midwest where they got to have it. >> you know, biden has a lot of money. he raised a ton of money in the last quarter in september. he's dumping some -- it's $400 million. that is his war chest. he is dumping some into ads during nfl games athe president over the coronavirus. how big a boost is all of this cash heading into the final two weeks of this election? >> it's really important. it is important because, you know, the voters who haven't
8:31 pm
made up their mind who they are going to vote for or if they're going to vote are starting to tune into this election. the average swing voter thinks about politics about four minutes a week. they're starting to pay attention and say hey. this is coming up. i got to figure out what to do. i think he is being very smart on the nfl buying. it is expensive but especially in the midwest and the states you and i just talked about. these are football states they care very deeply about. politics and football. they're starting to think about it. having the kind of resources to make the case in both your battleground states and then in some of the expansion states who would have thought the biden campaign would have the kind of money that could start to compete in georgia and states like that? if you're donald trump's campaign manager you're pulling your hair out. you got to say i don't have as much money. where am i going to put my chips? and they'll probably put all their money in the midwest. >> always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. texas republican senator
8:32 pm
john cornyn distancing himself from the president but will it be enough to keep his seat? i'll speak with the veteran hoping to oust him, coming up. ahead, she is trying to get the vote out and her message is going viral. ♪ okay guys. i'm going over here and guess my zhuzh. i got my clothes on. i'm ready for the heat. i'm going to vote. the new ergo smart base from tempur-pedic responds to snoring automatically.
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with only 15 days to go before election day some gop senators are trying to put daylight between themselves and the president. nebraska senator ben sas hitting the president's character hard in a recent call with constituents. >> the way he treats women and spends like a drunken sailor, the ways i criticized president obama for that kind of spending i criticize president trump as well. he mocks evangelicals behind closed doors. his family has treated the presidency like a business opportunity. he's flirted with white supremacists. >> in texas republican senator john cornyn tried to distance himself from the top of his party ticket. in an interview, cornyn describing his relationship with trump this way and i quote. maybe like a lot of women who
8:38 pm
get married and think they're going to change their spouse and that doesn't usually work out very well senator cornyn saying in the interview he disagrees with president trump often on issues like deficits and trade. that he does so privately. but 538's vote tracker says he has supported trump's policies 95% of the time. today a former republican strategist who has worked on campaigns for cornyn telling cnn he hardly recognizes him. >> i don't recognize this guy. i don't understand. like a lot of these people under trump i really don't know what happened to him. he is saying that he gave advice to trump that trump didn't take, which is sort of an odd argument for a u.s. senator to be making like i'm ineffective with a member of my own party as president. it seems to me to be a lose-lose and maybe lose-lose-lose when you throw in the reference to women. >> meanwhile senator cornyn's democratic opponent m.j. hagar
8:39 pm
hammering cornyn for toeing the party line in a new campaign ad. >> six months since the senate has done anything. texans out of work and getting sick. small businesses shuttering. john cornyn, no action. no leadership. but when his party bosses call he jumps to rush through a supreme court nominee. i'm m.j.hager. i did three tours in afghanistan. earned a purple heart. and am raising two kids in the middle of a pandemic and john thinks i'm going to get pushed around in washington like he has? >> all right. m.j.hager joins me now. hello and thank you so much. i really appreciate it. >> of course, don, my pleasure. we are so excited to tell the whole country what is happening here in texas. >> after that interview with cornyn came out you tweetd, quote, coward. >> yes. >> what do you think about republicans like your opponent trying to distance themselves from trump now? >> you know, i just think it's too little too late. i think texans have a very sensitive bs meter. i think we see right through it.
8:40 pm
we are very clearly seeing john cornyn doesn't serve texas but his party and special interest corporate donors and frankly either he is wildly ineffective or lying. he's lied to us quite a bit, spread misinformation. he says things that are politically convenient that he wants to fight for and then he goes and posts against them. we are used to being lied to but i think in this case a little bit of both. >> what is your reaction to cornyn saying he doesn't like to confront the president publicly because it doesn't end well? but yet has voted with him 95% of the time for his policies. >> it doesn't end well for him and his hope to be senate majority leader. it would end much better for texans. we're using a lot. snark and a little sarcasm here but i feel like i've been punched in the gut when i think about the texans' lives and jobs that could have been saved if he had stood up to this president, the veterans and the military members who would have liked to have seen somebody stand up to this president with the way he
8:41 pm
disrespects the military. it hurts to think of what it could have looked like. what could have been if john cornyn had stood up to the president and trusted the american people with information whether it was, you know, correct, data driven information about this virus or, you know, clearly disgrowing with the president publicly. i just think about what might have been. >> i want to read something from an op-ed from retired navy admiral mccraven, in "the wall street journal" tonight titled biden will make america lead again. he says he is pro life, pro second amendment, small government, conservative, but writes, quote, if we remain indifferent to our role in the world, retreat from her obligation to our citizens and allies, and if we fail to choose the right leader then we will pay the highest price for our neglect and short-sightedness. i voted for joe. so he voted in your state.
8:42 pm
trump will likely get a good share of military votes. how many do you think are up for grabs? >> oh, i think he is going to get -- i think that the vast majority of military votes are going to go to joe biden for the same reasons that not only admiral mcraven but many other military leaders have laid out and inspired me and many other veterans to run. we see the grave threat he poses to our constitution and our national security interests, the reputation we are losing around the world for not keeping our word whether paris climate accord agreements or the iran nuclear deal. withdrawing our influence at international bodies like the u.n. just destroying our reputation. it is a huge national security threat and we took an oath when we put on the uniform to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and whether it is the violent removing of peaceful protesters and clergy from lafayette square, or inciting violence against the michigan governor.
8:43 pm
i mean, there's multiple instances of a domestic threat to our constitution that men and women in uniform aren't going to stand for. we're not as loud about it. it is hard for me even as a candidate to talk about it because it is kind of trained into us you have to serve both parties commander-in-chief. it is extraordinary to see so many members of the military and generals stand up and be so vocal >> i want to make sure i get this question in. you've seen the long lines, seen them on television, early voting breaking records all across the country. in texas more than 4 million votes already cast. that is nearly 24% of all registered voters in the state. what does that turnout mean for what we could expect to see election night? >> it means everything. it is probably why cornyn is distancing himself now from the president. he is seeing the same things we're seeing and the numbers. and i am so inspired by the amazing turnout because we have been 4r9 through 50th for voter turnout for a long time. we were just classified as the most restrictive state for
8:44 pm
voting. we are one of only six states that haven't relaxed restrictions for vote by mail during the pandemic and john cornyn has said things like if you can go to the grocery store you can vote. it is positions of privilege that he says that make it very clear he doesn't understand the challenges of regular working texans and is not interested in fighting for us. being a low voter turn out state and very populated state, it's 24% of registered voters, already in one week of early voting and two more to go and election day it is already nearly half of the vote in 2016. i mean, we've registered nearly 2 million voters since 2016. this is the time that texas is going to lead again and we are going to show the country and the world who we are. who we are not is aligning ourselves with a president and a senator who don't acknowledge systemic racism exists and don't, you know, speak about white supremacy and domestic
8:45 pm
terrorism in a way that heals our nation. yeah. we have a lot of work to do but texas is ready to step up. >> you are down in the polls. you probably have your own internal polling but i want to put up a poll earlier this month by the university of texas and it shows biden behind trump by five points. you chose senator cornyn by eight points but there is a margin of error plus or minus 4%. how do you close the gap? >> we're just working our tales off. i got to tell you we just had a poll came out today within the margin of error. polling in texas even 538 says democrats out perform the polling. you can't look at just the polls in texas without doing more deeper data analytics because what is a likely voter in a state doubling its turnout? we don't really look at the polls that much. we look at turnout. we look at connecting with rural voters in places where we need to lose by less or when. i did really well in the rural half of my district.
8:46 pm
rural texans know i am fighting for education and health care which are important not only in rural texas but are most of the jobs in rural texas. i am fighting for us to lead in the next chapter of the energy industry instead of continue losing jobs like we have since 2014. i am fight forging for immigrat reform more in line with texas and american values. texans are starting to see that. i have every confidence that the amazing candidates, it is an amazing slate, not just me, that we are a very military state. we want a commander-in-chief who understands what it means, the service and sacrifice it means to deploy troops. we have a lot of military families and veterans that want a better, healthier foreign policy environment for men and women in uniform. i could talk for hours about why texas is going to vote for me and joe biden. we'll have a lot to celebrate in november. >> we have to go. best of luck to you and i don't mean with the election because may the best man or woman live.
8:47 pm
i am talking about raising two kids in the middle of the pandemic. it ain't easy. >> teacher appreciation day every day. >> thank you. be safe. i appreciate you coming on. >> thanks, don. take care. long lines plaguing millions of americans already out and voting but my next guest is not letting that discourage anybody. ♪ i'm red. i'm going to get my damn zhuzh. they can stand out there for 15 hours. i got my chair. they can stand out there for 24 hours. he used to have gum problems. now, he uses therabreath healthy gums oral rinse with clinically-proven ingredients and his gum problems have vanished. (crowd applauding) therabreath, it's a better mouthwash. at walmart, target and other fine stores.
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shop online and build your deal today. you got to plan your vote, with only 15 days to go until election day. but more than 28 million americans have already cast their ballot. i want you to take a look at this map of the country. listen to texas voter, belinda. she posted a video on tiktok and it's gone viral. >> okay, guys, i'm going over here. i got my grown-folks hair on. i got my savage clothes on. i'm ready for this damn heat. and i'm ready for these people. cause i'm going to vote, and there ain't [ bleep ] going to shop m stop me. not this song. not this heat. and y'all need to go and get y'all vote on because let me show you. i'm ready. i'm going to -- they could stand
8:53 pm
out there for 15 hours. i got my chair. they could stand out there for 24 hours. i got my snacks. i ain't going to play with these hoes. i'm going to vote. and i said you go vote, too. >> belinda joins me now, along with her daughter. look at your daughter. do you see your daughter, belinda? by the way, hello. i'm so happy to meet you guys. your video is amazing. why did you do it? >> i just wanted everything to be prepared for those long lines. you know, you see 'em on tv, and how could you not be prepared? especially, for somebody -- i'm a senior and i have bad knees. i wasn't going to be able to do it. i had to be prepared. >> i love that you had on your grown-folks hair, though. that's amazing. listen. i've been telling people that they have to prepare like they're going to a tailgate. so you went. you prepared to wait in a long line. how long did you end up waiting? >> i actually only waited an
8:54 pm
hour and a half and i was surprised because when i drove there earlier, the line was around the corner, up the street. but i was still sitting there with my chair and my snacks. >> i love you so much. it's amazing. you really want seniors to get out and vote in this election. why is it so important? and how do you tell them prepare for it? >> i want everybody to get out and vote, especially my seniors. because my seniors might think just because the lines are long, they're not going to be able to stand out there. and they're not going to want to stand out there, especially if they're full of arthritis, like myself. so i want them to get that chair. get their snacks because some of them might be diabetic. you know, and i had an umbrella, too. so when the sun shifted one side, i shifted to the other side. >> you made an event. you made it fun or interesting, rather than just standing in line. perfect. very, very smart. and you are volunteering to drive people to the polls, i
8:55 pm
understand. >> oh, yeah. they call me. i am going to take them. we're going to pick some cans up but i'm going to take them. we got to get some gas money. >> the issues that motivated you to go, to vote? >> well, what motivated me was the fact that somebody talking about taking my social security away. and they talking about taking my health care away. and i just can't see that happening. and i'm -- i -- i'm ready for somebody to get in the white house, with compassion and a sense of humor. with respect for other people's feelings and their wellbeing. and i'm -- i'm just fed up with it. so i need everybody to get out and vote. if you want change, for the better, get out and vote. >> you better tell those young folks, too. like, belinda, sitting behind you, they need to get out and vote as well. i mean, like chevelle. sorry about that. belinda, you are a gem. thank you so much. you inspired me.
8:56 pm
i'm so happy to meet you. you take care now. >> thank you. >> bye-bye. >> thank you. >> bye, y'all. and bye, y'all. the new ergo smart base from tempur-pedic responds to snoring automatically. so no hiding under your pillow. or opting for the couch. because it's our first system that detects snoring and automatically adjusts to help reduce it. your best sleep. all night. every night. tspreading everywhere.. washington is a red zone. the commander in chief,
8:57 pm
senators, secret service agents, staff... infected. but donald trump and mitch mcconnell will stop at nothing to jam through a lifetime supreme court appointment. failing to stop the spread across the country. super spreader events in washington. crowded hearings making it worse. tell congress: don't let trump and mcconnell rush someone into lifetime spot on the supreme court. demand justice is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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scott wiener immediately went to work, making sure families could put food on their tables, defending renters facing eviction, securing unemployment benefits, helping neighborhood businesses survive. scott wiener will never stop working until california emerges from this crisis. the bay area needs scott's continued leadership in sacramento. because we know scott is fighting for all of us. re-elect scott wiener for state senate.
9:00 pm
good evening. with 220,000 americans now dead from the coronavirus, we begin tonight with the president's own words, and how they speak to his priorities. which seem to revolve, right now, around settling grudges, not saving lives. the first clips you will hear are from a campaign conference call that he phoned in today. now, before we play it for you, you should know today marked day one of what the white house officially declared to be, and i am not making this up, national
9:01 pm
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