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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 20, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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. hello, and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world, you're watching cnn newsroom, and i'm rosemary church. ahead, just two weeks until election day, president donald trump goes on the attack against dr. anthony fauci. why the president described the country's health experts as idiots. the clock is ticking, house speaker nancy pelosi and treasury secretary steven mnuchin have hours left to reach a deal on a stimulus pass. would you take an
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experimental coronavirus vaccine. that's what these people are doing in china as the country offers one to some members of the public for the first time. good to have you with us. so with just two weeks to go before the u.s. election, president donald trump is ratchets up his antiscience rhetoric at packed campaign rallies, this as he keeps down playing the deadly coronavirus pandemic. mr. trump's latest strategy, attacking the nation's top infectious disease expert. on monday, the president called dr. anthony fauci a disaster and other health officials idiots. meanwhile, coronavirus cases are spiking in dozens of states across the country. hospitalizations are up too. it is a problem for the president. one that will certainly come out during the presidential debate
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later this week. mr. trump is already saying he thinks the moderator will be unfair. we get more on the president's day from cnn's chief white house correspondent jim acosta. >> reporter: with election day fast approaching, president trump sound like he's running not against democrat joe biden, buts against a man kwhowho's arguably the trusted doctor on the coronavirus. the president began his day of attacks on a call with campaign staffers. >> people are tired of covid. i have the biggest rallies. people are saying whatever, just leave us alone. they're tired of it. people are tired of hearing fauci, and these other idiots. >> fauci is disaster, if i listened to him, we'd have 500,000 deaths. >> the infectious disease expert said he wasn't surprised when mr. trump contracted covid-19.
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>> i was worried that he was going to get sick when i saw him in a completely precarious situation of crowded, no separation between people and almost nobody wearing a mask. nothing good can come out of that. that's got to be a problem. and then sure enough it turned out to be a super spreader event. >> drawing thousands of supporters who weren't wearing mask, the president is on an anti crusade against masks. >> biden wants to lock it down. he wants to listen to dr. fauci. >> he'll listen to the scientists. if i listened totally to the scientists, we would right now have a country that would be in a massive depression. >> reporter: biden responded to that charge of listening to the scientist with one word on twitter, yes. contrast that with fauci who says he has been muzzled by the white house. >> i think there has been a restriction, john, but it isn't consistent. >> reporter: the president snapped back at that remark too. >> he gets a lot of television.
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he loves being on television. we let him do it. sometimes he says things that are a little bit off and they get built up unfortunately. >> reporter: sources have told cnn for weeks the president has opted to listen to the questionable advice from another doctor on the task force who tweeted a post that said masks work, no, a comment removed by twitter because it violated the social media network's rules. atlas has become a lightning rod, the white house reported deborah birx complained to the vice president's office about him. in the meantime, the president is escalating his attacks on biden. >> joe biden is a criminal, and he has been a criminal for a long time, and you're a criminal in the media for not reporting. >> reporter: biden is asking voters to reject the president on character grounds. >> the words of a president matter. the words this president have used, that our children have heard, our sons and our
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daughters, have been despicable. >> reporter: a trump adviser questioning the president's decision to attack fauci two weeks before the election, saying the campaign is already struggling to keep up with biden's massive spending advantage, adding time is running out. being outspent is a problem. no one ever thought we would be outspent. time is our energy. the president is more confident. >> we're going to win. i wouldn't have said that three weeks ago. >> reporter: a campaign adviser says the president's attacks on fauci are ill advised as he reminds of the pandemic. a subject campaign officials want to avoid. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. democrat joe biden doesn't have any campaign events scheduled today but his wife does. jill biden has four stops scheduled in the crucial swing state of michigan, which mr. trump won four years ago. meanwhile, the president has a rally planned in erie, pennsylvania. first daughter ivanka will be
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campaigning in wisconsin and north carolina. donald trump jr. has two events in pennsylvania, and the president's daughter-in-law, lau lara trump will campaign in nevada and arizona. joining me now via skype is chris cofinas, a democratic strategist and former communications director for john edwards. good to have you with us! thank you. good to be here. >> so president trump was clearly not happy with dr. anthony fauci's 60 minutes interview on sunday, attacking him, calling dr. fauci an idiot and a disaster, and saying people are tired of the virus. all of this coming as infections surge, and two weeks before the election, he's picking on this most respected doctor. why would the president be doing this? how dangerous is a strategy like this. >> well, if there's any logic to the strategy it's that he is targeting his base. there's no question that, you
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know, in our research, the research that we have done, republicans have a very different view of the virus. of the various measures to address the virus, than democrats do. so in a weird way, and it's not logical, it's definitely not presidential, but it is strategic as much as trump can be strategic because he is clearly coming to terms or come to the terms with the simple fact that if he doesn't get his basis out, he doesn't have much of a path to victory. that's the only logical reason because on the flip side of that, you know, those kinds of attacks alienate independence, they alienate the undecided voters. there's not a lot of, you know, strategy to try to win over new voters. this is about bringing his voters out as much as this can. >> his rival joe biden put out this statement warning his party and supporters not to get complacent and this despite polls showing biden in the lead.
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when you look at all these reputable polls, do you understand, though, why you, democrats, are still very wary because of what happened in 2016, and do you see any path to victory for donald trump? where you're just not willing to accept that you've got this in the bag? >> the ghosts of 2016 are pretty hard to exercise. i mean, they still haunt the democratic party and the country, you know, and it's almost four years later. when people look back at 2016, what they saw were a lot of missed signs, in terms of the base support the president had at that time. i think a lot of signs in terms of the level of dissatisfaction there was towards both campaigns, but we really focused on trump, especially in the media and others. so i think when you boil it all down, it's really hard to forget, you know, how this happened in '16.
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i think people, you know, understandably and rightfully concerned about 2020. is this going to be a repeat of 2016. there are some obviously profound differences. he's running as an incouple bum. he's got a record. there's clear evidence in our research that voters are tired, even his own supporters. >> chris kofinas, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you so much. the final debate of the u.s. presidential election will take place thursday night in the u.s. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern, which is friday morning in much of the world. millions of americans are waiting to see if u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi and treasure secretary steven mnuchin can agree on an economic stimulus plan to help people hurt by this pandemic. pelosi set today as the deadline to agree on a deal if it's to pass before election day.
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she has blamed republicans for holding up the deal while the trump administration blames her. >> well, obviously there's more than just the white house negotiating, the 48-hour deadline is certainly welcomed by us. we thought that there should have been a 48-day deadline 48 days ago, and it's been really the speaker that continues to be very rigid in her negotiation. you know, it's her way or the highway. it's all or nothing. the american people don't understand that. many of her democratic colleagues don't understand that. >> and they continue to play politics. cnn's john defterios joins us live from abu dhabi. good to see you. millions of americans have been plunged into poverty, and they are relying on these politicians to come up with a stimulus deal. how likely is it that they'll do
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this? >> seems very unlikely by this deadline, rosemary, we have a case where the benefits are dropping because they were extended, and the covid case loads that we saw are spiking. you would think those issues would break the political log jam. we have three major players, nancy pelosi, steven mnuchin, the treasury secretary negotiating on behalf of the white house, and mitch mcconnell, the house democrats have never mutual fuoved of $2.2 trillion. mitch mcconnell and the senate republicans have never budged off a half trillion dollars. nancy pelosi is maintaining a tough line but we have a division between the white house and senate republicans. this is a republican led white house, by the way, so not a good line of support for the president that he can not rally his own party who are very worried about the election, number one and their own seats in the senate because of this spending. also another case about city,
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state bailouts, the democrats want it because there's large pensions that need to be funded for union members. senate republicans about that. how did this play in the markets, we have the asian markets after wall street, pretty stable with the exception of tokyo which has been trading lower, and if you look at u.s. futures, again, after 1 1/2% drop mainly across the board on monday on wall street, you see them trending higher. it's a good sign that they're trying to shut out the noise, and one other caveat here, steven mnuchin is in the middle east where i'm at, rosemary, it makes it very difficult for him in the last 24 hours or 12 hours, however you want to count it, to negotiate with nancy pelosi. they're very far away on numbers, and far apart geographically. >> you don't feel like there's the political will for this. we'll see what the outcome is. john defterios joining us live from abu dhabi, thanks. a grim warning from the top
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a scary and sobering message from the top health official in the u.s. on monday. health and human services secretary alex azar made it very clear that one way to control the spread of covid-19 is to practice social distancing, even from your family. his message coming just weeks before the holiday season that traditionally brings u.s. families together. >> and we've seen a fwragreat d of community spread from household gatherings. just people having friends and neighbors and family members over and not practicing the precautions of, you know, washing your hands, watch your distance, and wearing your facial coverings, when you can't watch your distance because you think in your home you're safe, you think people know you're safe. we try to remind people that you can get disease from people that you're related to as well as people you're friends with, as well as from neighbors. >> and that warning comes as cases are spiking all across the
1:18 am
united states. cnn's nick watt has the details. >> chicago is now averages more than 500 new covid cases every day. the most since late may. >> make no mistake, we are in the second surge. these numbers are extremely troubling. and are consistent with what we have been seeing across illinois, and really across the country and world. >> reporter: in 14 of our states right now, a test positivity rate so high it tells us the spread is out of control. in utah, average case counts now roughly double their summer surge. >> you cannot say that we're on the road to essentially getting out of this. >> reporter: cruel irony, connecticut and new jersey with cases climbing now appear to qualify for the covid travel restrictions they imposed on
1:19 am
other heavily affected states. >> people are getting tired. we're seeing mitigation fatigue right now, and i just hope that we have so much promise in the weeks and months ahead. >> reporter: a vaccine, a week after johnson & johnson paused it trial following an illness in a volunteer, the company and fda won't tell cnn if that volunteer was actually receiving the vaccine or even if this is the first pause. >> we do have vaccines and therapeutics coming down the pike but when you actually look at the time period for that, the section 6 to 12 weeks are the darkest for the pandemic. >> reporter: this average number of new cases per day exploded, up 40%. >> there's nothing to stop this the way things are going. >> reporter: but there is a silver lining of sorts, the death rate per case has declined. >> and it's a tribute to modern medicine. we have tools in our arsenal now. >> reporter: but we still do not fully understand the long-term
1:20 am
impacts of this virus on the millions who make it, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, lung issues. >> the other thing that we're seeing that's a bit disturbing is that the degree of cardiovascular abnormalities by scans and by other diagnostic tests, it may be insignificant but i don't know that now. >> reporter: several studies w show this virus can attack the blood vessels, and muscles in the heart that could lead to fay call consequences further down the line. in california, the governor has created a scientific safety review work group to look at any vaccine that's approved by the food and drug administration before it is rolled out in california. a sign of just how little california trusts the federal government and the trump administration. nick watt, cnn, los angeles.
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joining me now is cnn medical analyst dr. jonathan reiner, a professor of medicine at george washington university. thank you, doctor, for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> i want to start by getting your reaction to president trump repeatedly lashing out at dr. anthony fauci on monday, calling him a disaster and idiot. what do you say to a u.s. president who attacks the u.s.'s top infectious disease expert in the midst of a pandemic. >> it's indescribable. i don't understand the politics, and there's no way to understand the public health benefit for that. it's kind of like being on an airplane in a thunderstorm and hearing a fight going on in the cockpit. it's very disquieting to see this kind of really chaos coming from the white house. anthony fauci is a preeminent
1:22 am
scientist and physician. he's been that way for 40 years. he understands very well what needs to be done now. the president just doesn't want to hear it. and he's lashing out at dr. fauci. i wonder sometimes whether what bothers him most is that the public's perception of dr. fauci is substantially more favorable than the public's perception of the president. i wonder if that is what bothe s him the most. >> and of course dr. fauci says u.s. covid cases are high because this nation hasn't shot down as much as other countries, not early enough, and not for long enough. but he's not advocating a national shut down just yet. he wants to see every american wear a mask. if they did that right now, could that avoid a shut down. and at the same time, turn this around, if, of course, in conjunction with that, we had better testing in place. >> absolutely.
1:23 am
look, the goal is, in any pandemic, the goal is to achieve some form of herd immunity. now, the usual way to do that, the most efficacious way to do that is with a vaccine, which i think we'll have very very soon. but another way to get herd immunity is for 80% of the population to wear a mask. masks are very effective at preventing transmission. masks also prevent the person wearing them from acquiring the virus, and if more than 80% of this country wore a mask. we would, effectively, have herd immunity. now, the way the president's now principle adviser, scott atlas wants this country to attain herd immunity, by basically letting the virus rip through large portions of this country, essentially unabated, would result in the death of probably at least 2 million people in this country.
1:24 am
so why don't we start with the masks. let's start with something simple like that, and very effective and let's see where that takes us before we start shutting down. why not do what's easiest first. >> yeah, it does seem to be the easiest and the most obvious solution here, but medical experts are very concerned about the weeks ahead, expecting the darkest days to be in the next 6 to 12 weeks. the u.s. death toll already makes up 20% of all global deaths. how bad are you expecting this to be by the end of 2020? >> well, it's already getting bad. if you look at the most recent seven-day moving average of cases in the united states, it's now at 57,000 cases per day. we're averaging about 700 or so deaths per day. if we start to tick up from here, if we get to, let's say,
1:25 am
70,000 cases per day. that's going to equate to about 1,500 deaths per day. and then you can really start to get a sense for how the deaths continue to mount. >> dr. jonathan reiner, thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. here in the united states, there's been record turnout for early voting in the presidential election. we will look at who's casting these ballots. also ahead on cnn newsroom, a pointed message to the trump campaign. john fogerty is standing up for his song and taking action to keep it from being played at the president's rallies. want to brain better? unlike ordinary memory supplements- neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try our new gummies for 30 days and see the difference.
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president donald trump is on the campaign trail with two weeks left until election day in the united states. despite covid-19 cases rising across the country, the president continues to attack the country's top medical experts. on a campaign call, the president said the u.s. was ready to move on from covid-19. he then made disparaging remarks about dr. anthony fauci and other health experts. >> people are tired of covid. i have the biggest rallies i've ever had, and we have covid. people are saying whatever. just leave us alone. they're tired of it. people are tired of hearing fauci and all these idiots, these people, these people that have gotten it wrong. fauci is a nice guy. he's been here for 500 years. he called every one of them
1:30 am
wrong. >> the president's team has confirmed he'll take part in thursday's debate with democratic presidential nominee joe biden, but mr. trump, and his campaign are already claiming the debate will be unfair based on the topics. a rule change that will allow microphones to be muted and what they call a biassed moderator. president trump is on a campaign sprint across the country holding packed rallies, despite a surge in covid-19 cases. cnn's jeremy diamond has more now from the campaign trail. >> reporter: president trump continuing his mad dash to election day on monday, barn storming the state of arizona with two stops, with unin prescott, a one in prescott, and one in tucson, arizona. this is a state the president won in 2016, but the president is down, trailing biden by an average of the same margin, four points, once again. this is certainly a must win
1:31 am
state for the president, and again, what we are seeing from him, familiar lines of attack, throwing out red meat to the base, and attacking the biden family, calling them a criminal enterprise at this ally rally i tucson, focusing on unsubstantiating a unsubstantiating allegations against joe biden. particularly the issue of the coronavirus pandemic, president trump on monday really continuing to down play the pandemic, attacking dr. anthony fauci who is the most trusted public health expert and the government's leading expert on this virus and on infectious diseases. the president seemed to have decided at this point that he's going to focus on himself and doing what we wants to do as it relates to the virus, and that certainly includes continues to have large scale rallies where thousands of people attended as they did in tucson, arizona, on monday. now, what's interesting here is that the president's advisers,
1:32 am
including his campaign manager, bill stepien, ands rnc chairwoman. in july when coronavirus cases were, the attitude is there's two weeks left until election day and the president just needs to carry on. jeremy diamond, cnn in tucson, arizona. more than 28 million americans have cast ballots in this election, shattering early voting records, and later today, voters in hawaii, louisiana, utah, and wisconsin will get their chance. cnn's pamela brown has our report. >> there's a chance that your voice is not going to be counted. why risk it? >> many voters are taking no cans. already more than 28 million votes have been cast nationwide. that number representing almost 20% of the more than 136 million
1:33 am
total ballots cast four years ago. ballots are now available in all 50 states and d.c. with in-person voting beginning in several key swing states in the coming days. today it started in 52 counties. and rain this morning in south florida didn't stop voters from lining up before sunrise. for those voting by mail, by midday monday, more than 2.4 million ballots have been cast in the sunshine state. that's only about 260,000 ballo ballots fewer than all the mail-in ballots in 2016. >> i did have an absentee ballot but i wasn't comfortable with everything you hear on the news, so i ddecided to come in myself >> 30% coming from republicans, 49%, democrats, and 20% no affiliation, a growing trend in florida as voters are turning
1:34 am
their backs on both parties. in georgia, early voting continues to shatter records a week in. a massive 653% increase in absentee ballots cast by mail over 2016. today in colorado, vote counting begins as does in-person voting. meanwhile, president trump continues to give democrats every reason to be concerned about a potential peaceful transfer of power if he were to lose to joe biden. >> then they say, if you lose, will you have a friendly transition. i say i want a fair election. >> reporter: cnn is now learning that congressional democrats, the biden campaign, and outside groups are working on contingency plans behind the scenes. coming up with a two-part strategy in anticipation of the very scenario, preparing for a post election legal battle and messaging war into combatting misinformation about voting. pamela brown, cnn, washington.
1:35 am
the u.s. supreme court has rejected a republican attempt to require mail-in ballots be received by election day in pennsylvania. the court says officials can count these ballots if they're received within three days of election day, even if they don't have a postmark. lawyers for the republicans tried to argue that accepting ballots after november 3rd would inject chaos into election process. pennsylvania of course is a key battleground state in this election. campaign rallies are all about creating excitement and energy, often using music. the president's events are no different. john fogerty of credence clear water revival demanding the trump campaign stop using his song. the lyrics include avoiding the
1:36 am
draft. take a listen. >>. ♪ it ain't me, some folks are born silver spoon in hand lord ♪ ♪ it ain't me it ain't me i ain't no millionaire son ♪ >> released in 1969, fortunate son became an anthem against the vietnam war. fogerty told cnn he doesn't support the current president. he also said he wrote the song to be critical of people just like mr. trump. >> one of the subjects that really ticked me off as i began to hear about senators sons, and rich people's sons avoiding the draft or getting cushy jobs, they say, in the military, like, you know, entertainment director or something, and it just, you
1:37 am
know, rubbed me the wrong way. i ended up writing this song. you could say i wrote this song about donald trump, although i didn't know him at the time. >> one city in china is offering some people an experimental vaccine for covid-19. now many are race to go try atrt it without knowing if it's safe. back with that in a moment. the lack of control over my business made me a little intense. but now i practice a different philosophy. quickbooks helps me get paid, manage cash flow, and run payroll. and now i'm back on top... with koala kai. hey! more mercy. save over 30 hours a month with intuit quickbooks. the easy way to a happier business. understanding how to talk to your doctor about treatment options is key.
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which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain, high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction, sleepiness, and stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. the chinese city of ewu is offering an experimental covid-19 vaccine to select members of the public. there are two doses for about $60 but the supply is limited and demand is apparently very high. cnn's david culver is following the story from shanghai. good to see you, david. any concern that selling this
1:41 am
experimental covid-19 vaccine to the public without being fully tested could result in negative side effects or worse, and will they be monitoring these people? >> reporter: good to see you as well. you hear the word experimental, and you and i would be uneasy jumping in on getting the vaccine. there's a mix of emotions, hesitation for some but then you have an eagerness a desperation, a determination from others who want this vaccine. they want immunity against covid-19 here, and you've got to understand, this is not about the concerns within china because the reality is here most people are even taking off their masks. life has come back to near normal. it's about leaving china, folks who want to return to international business and education, and for that reason, they are tracking down any opportunity to get this vaccine. they arrived early from all over china, folks lured to the
1:42 am
international manufacturing ub of ewu city, specifically to this small community hospital, one of the first public locations where china rolled out an experimental covid-19 vaccine. they began injecting people over the weekend. the cost, about 60 u.s. dollars for two doses. word spread quickly. some showed up monday thinking they would get a shot. annie among them. this is something important to you, i asked her. yes, she replied. if you have the vaccine it's much safer to leave the country. she has worked in inpormport, et in chili. it's a two hour flight from her home in southern china. a bis desperate for immunity. >> hospital staff confirmed to cnn they had run out. local officials said this distribution was only for those with specific travel needs and
1:43 am
preapproval. notice the groups of people waiting around the hospital parking lot. some of them traveled in from neighboring provinces, wanting the vaccine. >> would you take the vaccine? >> reporter: originally from syria, we met enis, he pulled up with his young daughter and wife in the car. he was curious and a bit hesitant. if you were to walk in, and they had it, would you take it today? >> actually, i don't know, i don't have the answer. >> reporter: we know folks are going in to inquire about how they might be part of the trial, essentially. because you have to remember, this is part of the emergency approval use granted by the chinese government. this is not an actual release of an approved drug as of yet. >> reporter: the vaccine distributed at this hospital is made by sinovac biotech. it's more than a dozen chinese companies working on a coronavirus vaccine. at the time of our visit in late summer, they were constructing a
1:44 am
new facility to meet production demands, still going through phase 3 trials which have not yet concluded. it all seemed to be happening at rapid speeds. >> none of the staff is sacrificing inequality with the vaccine. providing good quality to the people in the world. >> reporter: china has been trying to push past the early allegations of mishandling, cover ups and silencing of whistleblowers. instead, officials here have lighted their swift and seemingly successful responses to outbreaks. the most recent, last week. health officials began strict contact tracing, and tested more than 10 million people in less than a week, and life it seems quickly returned to near normal again. but that's mostly within china, a bubble of sorts. for some whose livelihood is
1:45 am
rooted in other parts of the world where cases are surging once again, their only hope may be the vaccine. annie and others on to the next location to track one down. and it's not just that city we took you to there. we have learned a city about 90 minutes from where we are here in shanghai is like wise rolling out a similar vaccination opportunity for folks. they're having a preapproval process, mary, essentially they're trying to find people who have international travel needs, mostly for business. that shows how important the economy is in. to your question, as are they just giving it to folks and not tracking it, the companies behind the vaccines, are certainly monitoring those who are receiving the vaccine, and also trying to determine if they have issues going forward. there is a news conference underway in bay shingle in which k two companies are discussing the current progress of the vaccine. they have had no serious issues.
1:46 am
>> that's amazing. this pandemic has pushed us to do remarkable things, hasn't it. david culver, many thanks for bringing us to up to date. urgent restrictions in countries across europe as the second wave of coronavirus begins to take a toll. a sudden spike in infections and hospitalizations has made the czech republic once again making masks mandatory. the rule applies in urban areas and for people in cars with other people who are not part of their household. starting wednesday, island will impose some of europe's strictest measures. no social gatherings in homes or gardens and restaurants or bars can only offer takeout. whales will see a new two high temperature week lock down beginning friday. everyone will be forced to stay home except for critical work skpers those in jobs where work from home is not possible.
1:47 am
the uk will conduct first human challenge trials for potential covid-19 vaccines at the beginning of next year. the british government is working with irish fa pharmaceutical companies. some critics call the process unethical since there is no proven cure for covid-19. let's turn to cnn's phil black. he's following the story from london's royal free hospital. human challenge trials, very controversial. how is this going to work exactly? >> rosemary, a small number of volunteers will receive a potential vaccine, and a few weeks later, they will be brought to a secure facility at london's royal free hospital, and they will be deliberately dosed with the virus, and doctors will assess, watch, see what happens, and determine whether or not that potential vaccine is effective.
1:48 am
the idea is that this is a more efficient way to assess and identify the most promising of the many convenience that are being developed around the world. more efficient because you're tealing with fewer volunteers and you know with certainty that those volunteers will be exposed to the vie urus. that's the key difference between the challenge trial and large scale field trails where thousands, many tens of thousands are given a vaccine, and heroreleased to go about th every day lives with the hope and assumption they will be exposed to the virus, and that data can be assist. it is controversial. critics will point to the fact that the volunteers are young and healthy. they do not represent those who need the protection from the vaccine, and it is potentially risky because there's no guaranteed treatment for covid-19. all will be closely assessed by
1:49 am
an ethics committee, they will with looking at a calculus of risk versus reward, they will need to see the reward outweighs the potential risk to volunteers taking part. >> phil black, many thanks for brings us up to date on that. officials in russia believe they can avoid a lock down despite a surge in coronavirus va vaccinations next. no. and i've done the research. of course you have. audiobooks, podcasts, audible originals, all in one place.
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russia marked a new record in daily increases as it reported nearly 16,000 new covid-19 cases monday. russia has seen a surge in cases since early october. but officials believe they can avoid a full lock down. cnn's frederik pleitgen joins us live from moscow. good to see you, fred. with a new daily record of nearly 16,000 cases, how do russian officials think they can avoid any lock down here? >> yeah, rosemary, first of all, you're absolutely right, they are by all means trying to avoid another national lock down
1:54 am
because the last time people went through this, it was difficult for people in moscow and other cities who basically had to sit in their apartments for well over 2 months. they are trying measures to avoid that. as far as schools are concerned, especially in the moscow region which by far is the largest epicenter with coronavirus in the country, they're telling some classes to stay home to do distance learning rather than going to school, and essentially what you're seeing from the administration in moscow is they're trying to keep older people especially who are of course more vulnerable to having severe cases of covid-19, trying to get them to stay at home, rather than going to work. telling them to please stay in their apartments. they have ordered businesses to have a proportion of their work force stay at home and do home office rather than come to work simply to avoid people from bunching up in public spaces. the other thing we have seen
1:55 am
over past week and a half, weekend, especially is you do see more police in public places enforcing some of these mask wearing mandates, which of course, especially in indoor areas are very important. one of the things the administration said is for the moscow metro system, very beautiful, and very large and has a lot of people it transports every day, mask wearing was ubiquitous over the past weekend. that was something that was a large concern for folks here in this country. one of the things that the russians so far don't seem to be counting on is for their vaccine, which they approved in august, i believe, without going through the main tests for safety and efficacy for a vaccine, that that is going to be the solution in the short-term. they are saying, look, it might be available in a couple of months to the broad parts of the population but right now they say they have to get through this very difficult time without too many losses as they put it,
1:56 am
and one of the reasons why the central government here says they believe they can avoid a full lock down is they say over the past months they have built up hospital capacities, hospital bed capacities, therefore, they say they can also deal with more people having to be hospitalized which is already happening. in fact, just yesterday there was a public event here in moscow where two new hospitals were open to in public spaces as well. rosemary. >> and of course wearing masks is key in all of this for everyone across the globe. frederik pleitgen, many thanks, appreciate it. and thank you for your company, i'm rosemary church, "early start" is coming up next. you're watching cnn, have yourselves a great day. hey allergy muddlers... achoo!
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a divided supreme court rules ballots can still be counted even if they arrive after election day in a critical swing state. it's a decision that could help democrats now but serves as a warning of what could happen on the high court later on. then what happens if thursday's debate disintegrates into a side show. we'll explain the commission's new rule. welcome to our viewers in the united states, and around the world. this is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm laura jarrett, tuesday october 20th, 5:00 a.m. here in new york. exactly two weeks to the elecon


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