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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 20, 2020 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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we're learning from the supreme court ruling that mail-in ballots can be accepted and the crucial battleground state in pennsylvania up to three days after the election. >> this is not the new trump campaign republicans wanted to see. >> everyone is going to need to be patient on election night. >> people are tired of covid. people are saying leave us alone. >> experts say the fall surge of coronavirus has arrived and the numbers bear that out. >> the hospitals are filling up.
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the number of dead is increasing. >> this is a very, very dangerous time. >> announcer: this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world in the is new day, it's tuesday, october 20th, 6:00 here in new york. we begin with two major breaking stories on the election. first, the u.s. supreme court rejecting a republican attempt to block mail-in ballots received after election day in the battleground state of pennsylvania. high court was deadlocked, so pennsylvania's supreme court ruling stands. it allows mail-in ballots to be counted even if they're received within three days of election day, even if they do not have a legible post mark. the 4-4 decision underscores the decisive role that judge amy coney barrett could play in election disputes if republicans succeed in confirming her next week. also developing this morning, the commission on presidential debates announcing
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they'll mute the mick phones to limit interruptions during the debate. president trump does not like this but he will still debate joe biden. more than 58,000 new coronavirus cases were reported overnight. that say very hiis a high numbe counts tend to be lower. all the states in red or orange are seeing a rise. the beige states are static. look at that map. 14 states had seen record numbers of hospitalizations in the last week. more than 220,000 americans have now lost their lives. this very well might be it. the exact moment the public health officials have warned about. the big cold weather wave. it's at this exact moment the president is denying the numbers, ignoring the trends, and instead attacking the
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doctors. a full day of attacks and insults on dr. anthony fauci, probably the most respected authority on infectious diseases in the country. so the less significant question is, why is the president doing this? the more important question is, how does this help save lives? public health expert equates it to attack the fire department when the house is burning down. we have a ton of news this morning. we're going to start with the supreme court, a big election decision. kristen holmes joins us. the net effect here, the biggest of big pictures, kristen, this means that more ballots will be accepted by mail in pennsylvania for longer. >> good morning, john and alisyn. that's right. i don't think we can stress enough just how big of a deal this is on so many levels. let's start with what's in front of us. this could potentially affect thousands of votes in f pennsylvania, a critical swing state, a state that donald trump
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needs to win and both campaigns are laser focused on. alisyn broke it down a little bit. it essentially says that ballots can be counted up to three days after the election in the is absentee ballots, as long as they are post marked on before the election or if that post mark isn't legible. we've all been there, get a letter in the mail, you can't really see what it says. those ballots still have to be counted. this is a big win for democrats. republicans wanted absentee ballots to stop being counted after election day. here's the secretary of state in pennsylvania talk about it. >> pennsylvania voters deserve clarity and confidence in an election that's already under way here in pennsylvania. and this ruling tonight by the supreme court of the united states gives them both. and it shuts down yet another attack by donald trump and his enablers on the laws of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> reporter: okay, so now let's talk about why this is important on other levels. alisyn, you touched on this as
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well. we say a win for democrats, but win is a little bit deceiving. this was a deadlock. we'll show you the breakdown. here you have liberals on one side with chief justice roberts. and then conservatives including two of donald trump's confirmed judges -- excuse me, justices, kavanaugh and gorsuch, on the other side. this shows you just how critical that ninth seat is. had amy coney barrett already been confirmed, we would likely be talking about a very different outcome here. so, this is going to affect other litigations that's coming before the court if she is confirmed. it's also going to affect all litigation. gives you an idea of what it's going to look like with the supreme court. >> there are long-term implications to be sure. short-term in pennsylvania, more democrats are voting by mail. this will allow more ballots by mail. no question about that. that's why in the short-term it is a win for the democrats. kristen holmes, thank you very much. developing overnight, the commission of presidential debates says it will mute mick
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phon microphones to limit the interruptions. everyone remembers that president trump interrupted joe biden all over the place in the first debate. boris johnson has the latest. this has to do with the first answers that the candidates give in each section of the debate. it's not like they'll be muting willy-nilly during the howevur a half. >> it has to do with the first two minutes of the response from each candidate, then they get 15 minutes of open discussion. of course this will be last chance for knees tthese two can to go head to head. the commission on presidential debate says this tweak is a meck mix meck mix mechanism to allow them to go forward. >> after the first debate devolved in chaos.
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>> make sure you in fact let people now. >> answer the question. >> the question is -- >> why won't you answer -- >> will you shut up, man. >> announcing new rules to help prepresent e rece prevent the candidates from interrupting one another. now joe biden and president trump will have their microphones muted for portions of the debate. the commission says each candidate will have two minutes of uninterrupted time at the start of each 15-minute segment. during follow-up discussions, both mike phobcrophones will be unmuted. in the final stretch to election day, biden is off the trail. meantime, trump traveling across arizona holding two rallies without social distancing and few masks. the president attacking the nation's top infectious disease expert, dr. anthony fauci, as
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coronavirus cases soar across most of the united states. >> i don't want to hurt him, he's been there for about 350 years. >> trump's liatest tirade againt fauci appeared to start with a phone call with staffers on monday. >> people are tired of hearing fauci and all these idiots. every time he goes on television, it's a bomb, it's a bigger bomb if you fire him. but -- >> this coming just one day after fauci said he was not surprised the president was diagnosed with covid-19. >> were you surprised that president trump got sick? >> absolutely not. i was worried that he was going to get sick when i saw him in a completely precarious situation of crowded, no separation between people, and almost nobody wearing a mask. >> during his rally, trump also slammed biden for trusting health experts like fauci during a pandemic. >> biden wants to lock it down.
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he wants to listen to dr. fauci. dr. fauci said, don't put on masks. you see the thing. and now he says put on masks. and they say, you know, he's a wonderful guy. and he is a wonderful guy, i like him, he just happens to have a very bad arm. >> biden responding to trump's attacks with a one-word tweet, quote, yes. the democratic nominee later releasing a statement writing the american people are tired. they're tired of your lies about this virus. they're tired of watching more americans die and more people lose their jobs because you refuse to take this pandemic seriously. >> reporter: and the president is facing criticism for his statements about dr. anthony fauci even from within his own party. they put out a statement saying that fauci is, quote, one of our country's most distinguished public serve vangts aants and t attacks are confounding because not only is the president going
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after a very popular figure, but is he by doing so acknowledging that he does not listen to the scientists and his own experts while then attacking his opponent for supposedly being willing to do so. it's a bind campaign ad that writes itself. >> boris, we're going to talk about the why behind all of those things. thank you very much for setting it up for us. meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic is getting worse by the day here. 31 states are seeing an increase in new cases over last week, as you can see on your screen. 14 states have hit record hospitalizations in the past week. and that includes kansas where cnn has just learned that all 62 residents of one nursing home had been infected. ten have died. utah also being hit hard. cnn's martin savidge joins us from salt lake city. what's the situation on the ground there, martin? >> reporter: utah continues to see new coronavirus cases at
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unpreu unprecedented levels. and utah is not alone. coronavirus cases spiking across the country. more than 58,000 new coronavirus cases reported on monday. 31 states seeing a rise in new cases over the past week. >> in many of our locations, up to half of these people have no known source of exposure. that's how much virus is floating around in our communities right now. >> reporter: the midwest still struggle with the surge. wisconsin reporting around 8,000 cases over the last three days. 14 states have seen peak hospitalizations over the last week. several of those states in the midwest. and in the northeast, new jersey's governor encouraging residents not to travel after recent increases. >> new jersey's come a long way, but our numbers are up. this is not just a northeast state, it's not just a blue state thing, it's an american challenge at the moment and it's real. >> reporter: in utah, the
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average daily case count has more than doubled since the summer months. the state reported nearly 1200 new cases on monday with a test positivity rate at more than 15%. we spoke to an associate professor of medicine at the utah health. he s she attributes it to a state surge. >> hopefully we have a vaccine in mid to late 2021. but it's hard to be optimistic of people taking a vaccine when they won't wear a mask. i mean, there's so much that could be done by our leaders and they're just not doing it. >> hospitalization rates are also a big concern in utah. the state has seen record highs over the past few days, and that is taking a toll on many in the state, including lori terry's family. she's a 47-year-old mother and recently suffered a heart attack at home with crucial minutes ticking by, doctors and nurses tried to transfer her to a
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different hospital with the right equipment. but could not find one with space. >> so, to people who say, look, this whole covid thing say hoax or it's not that serious, it's life and death for your sister. >> my sister could lose her life right now today because she was unable to access medical care in a timely manner. >> she was eventually transferred to another hospital. her sister is urging americans to continue to take precautions seriously. >> no sporting event or family party or dance party is worth losing somebody you love. >> reporter: this past week has taught medical officials here that they soon will have to make those painful discussions that they have had to make in other states. in other words, that utah doctors will have to start to decide who has access to life-saving medical care. who may have to wait and who may not get it at all. alisyn. >> we remember those life and death decisions being made by
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breaking news. the u.s. supreme court opened the door to more mail-in ballots to be counted for longer in pennsylvania. this is something that democrats wanted badly in this key swing state. joining us now, cnn political analysts toluse and sung ming kim. sung king, i want to start with you. we're going to start with the larger implications for what that decision means. but in the short-term, democrats wanted this in pennsylvania because more democrats are voting by mail. this allows more votes to be counted for up to three days after election day. how do you think this helps them
3:18 am
in this key swing state and how are they feeling this morning? >> well, certainly this helps the democratic party right now because we know generally the trends have been that people who have engaged in early voting have tended to be democratic while republicans have been relying on people showing up to the polls actually on election day for a bulk of their votes. if you look at that, then surely this helps democrats for the time being in pennsylvania. and we see how crucial the state is for both candidates this cycle. we have president trump going to pennsylvania later today. you have president obama campaigning on behalf of his vice president joe biden in philadelphia tomorrow. and this is a state that clearly democrats are going on the offensive. you know, president trump can still win re-election without pennsylvania, but he certainly needs it considering he's playing defense in so many other states this cycle. >> toluse, let's talk about the
3:19 am
debate this week. it looks like it is going to happen at the moment, though anything can happen over the next 48 hours. but the presidential debate commission has decided to enforce a rule whereby they will mute the microphones of either candidate during the first two minutes of an answer of the opposing candidate so that candidate can get their words out without interruption. president trump's campaign doesn't like this rule. and i'm just curious, what's their stated reason for not wanting interruptions? i mean, or for being against the blocking of interruptions? i don't understand why they're claiming that's biased. >> well, if you saw what happened i think the first debate president trump has a strategy of trying to knock joe biden off of his game by interrupting him and not letting him get through his two-minute answer. the trump campaign believes that by muting the mic the debate commission is essentially putting its thumb on the scale, that they've been complaining about this commission for weeks
3:20 am
now. they've been really whining in some ways about being treated unfairly by the debate commission, about the moderators, the rules, about the debate commission deciding to go virtual on the second debate. this is more of the same with the trump campaign. they want to work their reps ahead head of the game. but they did agree to the rules that originally they said it would be unacceptable for the president's mic to be cut because is he the president of the united states. they said will be at the debate. they're accepting these rule changes. they're not going to back out and partly because they know that they need to change the dynamics of the race. they do know that the president is behind and by pulling out of another debate he would be seeding one of the one opportunities that he has to try to change the dynamics of the race. so, as much as they complain, they will be at the debate and they'll play by these rules and not allow trump to interrupt biden, at least during the first two minutes of the debate. and so i do expect that during the open exchange there will be
3:21 am
a lot of interruption. the president will try to go in a very aggressive way towards, you know, challenging biden after those two minutes are up. >> these are both interesting stories, the supreme court and also obviously what happens in the debate. i continue to think that there is nothing that will have a bigger impact on the election than the pandemic, which why what the president has been doing over the last 24 hours, to mow, me, is probably the most significant thing. he's attacking dr. anthony fauci. probably the most respected infectious disease doctor in the country. he's insulting him. he did it on a campaign conference call. he's also doing it at debate rallies as well. now, overnight we have dr. fauci's first response. if we can put this up on the screen so i can read it off the screen. this is the first direct response to this new round of attacks. fauci quotes the godfather. he says, it's like in the godfather nothing personal, strictly business as far as i'm concerned. i just want to do my job and
3:22 am
take care of the people of this country. that's all i want to do. now this is what dr. fauci said in a radio interview. i will note that this is what's said in the godfather before someone gets whacked. so dr. fauci is like being ice cold here quoting the godfather, it's strictly business, nothing personal. i'm going to tell you how bad this pandemic is. why is he doing this? what does he get out of this? how can you explain why he thinks this helps him? >> the president has constantly chafed at just the -- frankly the reality of the pandemic. you've seen how he had constantly projected the much ro rozier projections painting the situation better than this is and kind of refusing to september reality th accept the reality we are still deep into this pandemic.
3:23 am
he has buffed people around him who have told him this is the situation of the pandemic, we need to encourage mask wearing and social distancing. dr. fauci has been one of those people and that's why the president has lashed out at the doctor for kind of telling it like it is. but it's worth pointing out that the trump campaign and the president have -- when it benefited them, really relied on fauci's word, sometimes against his own -- against dr. fauci's own wishes. remember that trump campaign commercial from a couple weeks ago where it used dr. fauci's words to validate the president's handling of the crisis. and dr. fauci said, no, i do not want to be used in a political commercial like this. i'm a nonpartisan public health official. but the president said you said this, we're going to use it. >> out of context but they did use it. you're right. thank you both. any time the trump campaign better look at for luca. all right. joe biden and donald trump face off in one last presidential debate.
3:24 am
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this morning, we're seeing signs that the country has entered the next wave of the coronavirus pandemic. 31 states seeing new cases increase. 14 states hitting record hospitalizations in the last week. our next guest says it's time to start planning today for how we will all handle the next view months. dr. peter hotez joins us now. he's the dean of the national school of tropical medicine at
3:29 am
baylor college of medicine. great to have you here. you had this warning via twitter that it's time to come up with a plan and i stall our socinstall distancing teams. i'm hoping you can tell haus that looks like. what should we be doing today? >> there are two parts this to this. first of all, it was before i delivered difficult news, i like to preface it with a long-term vision of hope and to tell -- remind people not to despair. by this time next year and probably earlier by the summer we'll be in a much better position. vaccines should become widely available. we're going to feel a lot better about going out and about in public and going to work and socializing. so the key is now hanging on for the next four or five months where we're going to enter what may be the worst period during this epidemic, as bad as it's been it's about to get worse. and that's based on projections
3:30 am
about a fall/winter surge as people are indoors more, health metrics in philadelphia projections showing steep rise in the number of new cases and deaths, unfortunately. so we're at about cases a day. some of the projections just awful. we could be looking at a doubling of the number of deaths a week before the inauguration. this is tough stuff. what i've been trying to explain to people is it will get better, but we're going to go through a terrible period and get ready. and getting ready means identifying the family members or loved ones or friends that you want to social distance with over -- over the next four or five months, create a unit that -- where you're not seeing a lot of outside people coming in. and it's better to do that than
3:31 am
be alone during this period. because there's going to be a huge impact on mental health. you're going to get sad. you're going to get scared, depressed. this is a normal response to a very stressful situation. have access to mental counsel virtually, have numbers to call and put all those belts and suspendners place he was go through this very difficult period. remember also. it election goes against the president, as most people predict, we don't really know what the white house is going to be doing in terms of providing guidance or any kind of leadership in terms of controlling the pandemic. they haven't really been very involved in creating a national response to begin with. i can only imagine what it's like during that lame duck session. so people are going to feel abandoned. they're going to feel on their own in the is going to be one of the darkest chapters in modern american history, and get ready for it are y for it, but just remember it will get better.
3:32 am
>> it's pretty bleak. the next three months will be very, very hard, so figure out who you want to spend those three months with and buy a lot of flour. dr. hotez, you talk about the fact that therehasn hasn't been strategy from the white house. what we have had is district personal attacks and insults on dr. anthony fauci. probably the most respected infectious disease doctor in the country. a man you've known for decades. what do you think the impact of that is on the battle of this pandemic and on hopes for science? >> you know, the way i look at that is the president and the white house are becoming increasingly unfiltered and open in their contempt of science, in their contempt of what's needed to actually bring this epidemic under control. and total lack of understanding of hwhat our research
3:33 am
institutions, institutions like the nih, national institute of all allergies and the insurance sthut propelled to us victory in world war ii because of the radar and manhattan project led us to victory over the safe jet soviets in the space race. this is the reason why america is loved and revered is because of science. and the fact that he has no understanding of that is -- is very troubling. and the fact that we could have avoid 220,000 american deaths had he listened to the scientists. look, he had access to the world's greatest scientists at our research institutes and universities all over the nation, and he chose go in a different direction and bring out a team that made up a lot of fake science, fake concepts of
3:34 am
herd immunity, you know, trying to discredit masks. why he did that, we'll never understand. but it resulted in this public health catastrophe, and now that catastrophe is morphing into a homeland security crisis as people feel threatened and -- and worried and scared for their lives and for their loved ones. >> dr. hotez, thank you. we freesht as alwa appreciate it. the u.s. xtresupreme court delivering a big win for pennsylvania. what's the impact? that's next. when i was in high school, this was the theater i came to quite often. the support we've had over the last few months has been amazing. it's not just a work environment. everyone here is family. if you are ready to open your heart and your home, check us out. we thought for sure that we were done. and this town said: not today. ♪
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okay. breaking overnight, the u.s. supreme court ruling that pennsylvania can count mail-in ballots for up to three days after the election. chief justice john roberts sided with the liberal wing which made it a 4-4 decision meaning the lower pennsylvania court decision stands. but for how long? joining us now is cnn contributor a proffer from the university texas school of law. great to have you here. the timing here is so significant because, again, this was a 4-4 decision on the supreme court. this thirst senate judiciary committee is voting on judge amy coney barrett's nomination to the supreme court. is there a way that this will be revisited in the next two weeks before the presidential election? >> alisyn, it's possible. i mean, so what happened was the supreme court last night denied a pair of applications for stays of this decision by the pennsylvania supreme court. there's nothing that bars the
3:40 am
same parties, the republican party of pennsylvania, couple of pennsylvania state legislators from going back to the supreme court for another stay or, indeed, trying to get the supreme court to hear this case on the merits. i think the question is whether once judge barrett is confirmed, is the court going to want to touch this again? that is to say even though the four other conservative justices consented from last night's orders,s orders, as we get closer to the election is the court going to want to change the rules where absentee ballots that are mailed by election day but either have no post mark or ill leling able post mark, are they going to change that now? it's possible, i think it's pretty unlikely, though. >> what's the significance of chief justice john roberts having sided with the more progressive wing? >> i think once again we're seeing the chief justice in the role he played over and over again through the court's term last year and really up until
3:41 am
justice ginsburg passed away, he's just thinks it's a bad sign for the court to be intervening in a way that looks tra transparently partisan. it's telling us less that the chief justice crossed over to create this 4-4 split, but that you had four justices from the conservative side, folks who usually are the first to defend the awe tutonomy of state courto were willing to put aside their own election law. >> why wouldn't state -- a state court have the final word in a state election law? >> yeah, so usually it does. here the challengers, the pennsylvania gop and these two state legislators made an argument to the supreme court that what the pennsylvania supreme court had done by allowing these either unpost
3:42 am
marked or allegedly post marked ballots to be counted for a couple days after election day, even if it's consistent with pennsylvania law as interpreted by the pennsylvania supreme court runs afoul of the federal constitution. that say is a broad argument that if accepted could have massive consequences not just for pennsylvania, but across the landscape for all of these states trying to figure out exactly what they can and can't do to count as many legal ballots as possible, given the complications of covid and just how many more americans this year are voting remotely, are voting by mail, how many more of these ballots are going to come in at the last minute. >> and, professor, the supreme court sent this back. they said the lower, the pennsylvania supreme court decision stands. so why isn't that good enough? when you say that this could come up again, republicans could revisit it with the supreme court, why isn't that decision final? >> i mean, alisyn, it's the posture that matters. this was not an appeal of the
3:43 am
pennsylvania supreme court decision. it was an application for an interim stay basically putting the supreme court decision on hold while the u.s. supreme court considers it. by denying the stay last night, the court has not precluded it going forward from either taking up a full appeal or even considering another application for a stay. i think the critical point is that the court has the power, alisyn, to still come back and hear this case, but the closer and closer we get to election day and with so many folks already voting, i think the more unlikely it is the justices are going to be inclined to potentially change the rules where pennsylvania may think that as long as they mail their ballot by the day before election day, even though election day itself it's likely going to be counted, it would be a huge power grab and a really disruptive move. it court were to change those rules between now and november 3rd. >> we really appreciate you understanding and explaining all of this for us. thank you.
3:44 am
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the big breaking news from the supreme court overnight, a ruling that will allow more mail-in votes to be counted for longer in pennsylvania. which might be the most critical of all the swing states in the country. so let's talk about what this means in the short-term. let's talk about what it means in the race to 270 electoral votes. the man for that, cnn's harrient te harry enten. why are democrats so excited about this ruling from a mathematical perspective? >> it's simple, because if you look at the breakdown in the polls of who's going to be voting absentee versus those who are going to vote on election day in the state of pennsylvania, you see this well in the abc news "washington post" poll, among absentee voters, joe biden holds a 75 point lead while the president
3:49 am
of the united states hold about a 20 point advantage among those who are voting on election day. the more absentee ballots that are counted, the better it is for former vice president joe biden. i should note that pennsylvania is one of a number of the six closest swing states that donald trump won in 2016 where, in fact, you can get votes that come in after election day as long as they were sent by election day, michigan and north carolina being the other ones. so i think this just goes back to the point that we're going to have to be very, very patient on election night and thereafter to understand who's going to be the next president of the united states. it's going to take a long time to count those votes. >> legislators in pennsylvania are block being the ability to process these ballots that come in now before election day. they're creating a backlog there making it a longer process to be sure. let's talk about 270 electoral votes, harry. that's what a candidate needs to get. where do things stand in the states that mikt big difference? >> you look again at those six
3:50 am
closest swing states that president trump won in 2016 and what you see is that former vice president joe biden holds a lead in all of those states at this time. obviously the leads are somewhat larger in those midwestern battleground states of eight to nine points, while it's close in florida, arizona, and north carolina. but the key there is the left side of your screen, those electoral votes are enough if you add them to the clinton states for joe biden to get to 270 electoral votes. >> reemphasize that, all those states to the left whether you put it back up so people can see, those states on the left joe biden holds a pretty big lead. that's all we need. that's all he needs to win the election. now, if we expand the map, though, harry, to get a ber sen better sense of where things stand, i'm sure president trump would like to pick off states that hillary clinton won four years ago. >> he'd like to do it. look here. i think this gives you better understanding of why this election is tilting towards former vice president joe biden.
3:51 am
in the biden reaches the states that trump won by five to ten points in 2016, which basically see as an even race, right? georgia plus one, iowa tied, ohio plus two providing texas with trump with a small lead. but look at the trump reaches, the states that clinton won by two points or less in 2016. joe biden has an overwhelming advantage in pretty much all of them. the closest is nevada where bind leads by only seven points and maine where i leads by 15 points. so if you look at those reaches it gives you an understanding that biden is much deeper into trump territory than trump is into biden or democratic territory. >> could we put that graphic up full so people could see the smaller numbers? there's one point i want to make there assault states on the right, georgia, aiowa, ohio, texas, biden is tied or ahead in three of them, he needs how many of those to win the election, harry? >> zero, zero, zero.
3:52 am
>> why is pennsylvania so important in terms of a tipping point? >> because if you look at the states in which biden has held a five-point lead or more in both september and october, if you look at this electoral map, what do you see? you see in those particular states it adds up to 279 electoral votes. but if you took away pennsylvania, then all of a sudden biden would fall below 270 electoral votes. pennsylvania, in my mind, is probably the most important swing tastate because it has 20 electoral votes and it probably would correlate very, very well with trump winning the election. >> thank you very much for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure. whether the winter olympics, france's election and the ukraine electrical grid have in common? the justice department says all were targeted by russian intelligence hackers. new details next. 133 million americans have pre-existing conditions
3:53 am
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such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma. this administration and senate republicans want to overturn laws requiring insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions. they're rushing a lifetime appointment to the supreme court to change the law through the courts. 70% of americans want to keep protections
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for pre-existing conditions in place. tell our leaders in washingtn to stop playing games with our healthcare. if your gums bleed when you brush, the answer is yes. the clock may be ticking towards worse...
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parodontax is 3x more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums parodontax look limu! someone out there needs help customizing their car insurance with liberty mutual, so they only pay for what they need. false alarm. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ developing this morning, the justice department has charged six russian military officers for allegedly carrying out some of the world's most destructive cyberattacks. je jessica has more. >> reporter: the six russian intelligence officers are from the same military unit investigators say were responsible for the interference back in 2016. so the message for prosecutors here is really clear, that the russians are still at it. in fact, they're more aggressive than they were in 2016.
3:57 am
so this indictment covers malware attacks around the world, including in ukraine where they knocked out the power grid, the 2017 french elections where they hacked into emails, even the 2018 olympic games in south korea where investigators say they interfered with the opening games. it also includes hacks into computer systems at two hospitals in western pennsylvania. prosecutors continue to crack down on these russian-led interference across the globe while the president continues to down play it. listen to what they said yesterday. >> no country has weaponized its cyber capabilities as maliciously as irresponsibly as russia. wantingly causing unprecedented collateral damage to pursue small tactical advantages and fits of spite. >> reporter: now, we have seen russian intelligence officers indicted before. in fact, in 2018 the special counsel robert mueller indicted
3:58 am
12 gru officers for conspiring to hack into the dnc as well as the clinton campaign. but it's unlikely that any of these russians will ever see a judge here in the u.s. because that's with have no extradition treaty with russia. however, it could restrict their travel because if they do travel to another country, they could risk being turned in. alisyn. >> good to know. thank you very much for all of that reporting. and new days continu contin now. >> ballots can be accepted in the crucial battleground state of pennsylvania three days after the election. >> if only the president had been encouraging, this could actually be helpful to the president. >> can't we all agree that we should have every eligible voter vote? why is that controversial? president trump is attack dr. anthony fauci and dismissing the pandemic as infections are rising in multiple states. >> fauci's a nice guy. been here for 500 years. he called every one of them wrong. >> the president is referring to him as an idiot.
3:59 am
it's obviously just totally ridiculous. >> announcer: this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world in the is new day. two major breaking stories on the election. the u.s. supreme court just opened the door for more mail-in ballots to be counted in pennsylvania for a longer period of time. this is a big deal for democrats. and probably the most crucial of all swing states as democrats are showing much greater enthusiasm for voting by mail. and now ballots will be counted if received up to three days after november 3rd. now this was a 4-4 decision at the supreme court, which means a state court ruling stands and it also underscores the decisive role that judge amy coney barrett will play when she is confirmed. also developing this morning, commission on presidential debates announced they will mute candidate microphones during parts of thursday's final
4:00 am
presidential debate to limit sbriptions sbripti interruptions. you will, that president trump just trofrpd all up just tromped all over the rules in the first debate. he says he doesn't like these rules but he will show up to debate joe biden. now to the coronavirus. we have entered a new and deadly phase in the pandemic. we had a very high number for a monday reported when counts tend to be lower. 31 states are seeing a rise in cases this morning. only one state, you can barely see it on our map, but it's hawaii down at the bottom there, that's the only one in green this morning that's heading in the right direction. 14 states have a record number of hospitalizations this morning. more than 220,000 americans have died. president trump is not talking about any of that. instead, he's attacking dr. anthony fauci, arguably


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