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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 22, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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vaccine to older people and also to people with most illnesses. of course, many prominent russians have already taken the vaccine but one notable exception remains the russian president vladimir putin who for months has remained in isolation essentially inside a bubble, brianna. >> all right, fred. thank you for that report. our special coverage continues now with jake tapper. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake p taker. we begin today with our 2020 lead. in a matter of just hours we're going to see the final presidential debate of this presidential election, just 12 days ahead of election day. either one of the last opportunities for president donald trump and democratic nominee joe biden to make their closing arguments to american voters. while biden has been off the trail we're told getting prepared for the debate, the president has been holding big rallies across the country, potential coronavirus super spreader events, officials say and shunning the events.
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we're learning of strategies after the president's frequent interruptions, a performance a renowned psychiatrist called emotionally abusive trump advisers pleading with president trump to be less combative this time. nonpartisan debate commission said it will mute the microphones during some portions of the debate. tonight team biden saying they are preparing the democratic nominee from all sorts of tactics from frequent interruptions to once again going after members of the biden family, even if a theoretically muted mic means those outside the arena at belmont university in nashville cannot hear what the president is saying, advisers are telling president trump if he's able to lower the temperature and appear less angry, he may come across more likable and be able to win over women voters and seniors. let's get right to cnn's jeremy diamond, live outside the white house for us. jeremy, so far the president does not seem to be lowering the temperature in any way. he's been out there attacking
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lesley stahl from "60 minutes," pushing forward what was right wing media is today. >> the president has avoided angry bulldozer like behavior that we saw from the president in that first presidential debate. we already know from polls, much of that behavior was turning off potential undecided voters, which is why the president's advisers are urngiging him to t to take care of that. they are taking care of part of the constant sbrupgs by muting under uninterrupted talk time. making it clear a lot will be on the president himself. what they are urging him to do besides lowering temperature use self-deprecating humor, which they think one of the ways the president comes off the best to voters. of course, the president has seemed receptive to some of that, jake, in these private sessions but it's not being reflected in the hours ahead of the debate. what we have seen from the president is these constant attacks against the debate
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moderator kristen welker from nbc news. he's been on this strange constant barrage of attacks against "60 minutes" and complaining about debate rules being unfair when talking about microphones being muted. ultimately it seems the president that trump card according to communications director who says if the president doesn't like the question, he will just answer the question he would like to receive. >> what better way to win poefr women voters attacking two women journalists held in high esteem, kristen welker and lesley stahl. we also got a preview of what president trump will say about the economy, which is an issue where his advisers, his aides want him to focus on. how is that going to hold up? >> look, jake, up make of the president's closing message has been counter-factual, denying reality of surge of coronavirus cases would have seen across the country, holding rallies with thousands of people, despite what we're seeing in terms of case numbers rising. more than 1100 people dead
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yesterday, just yesterday. the president is also trying to claim if it were not for the coronavirus the u.s. would have the best economy in its history. listen to what he told "60 minute minutes". >> let me ask you what you think your biggest domestic priority is for you right now? >> ultimately, it was happening. we created the greatest economy in the history of our country. >> you know that's not true. >> it's totally true. >> no. >> virtually every number was the best. >> lesley stahl is correct to point out that is simply not true, while the economy was in a strong position before the coronavirus hit the united states and the rest of the world, it was not the best economy in history by a number of metrics whether you look at gdp growth or wage growth, this was not the best economy in history. i think you can expect, jake, the president will continue to make that claim. the question is will he be fact checked or confronted by vice president joe biden when he
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makes those claims tonight. jake. >> the economy was strong before coronavirus but now we're living with coronavirus. it's almost irrelevant. thank you very much. moments ago we heard from joe biden as he boarded to the plane to head to tonight's debate. >> hopefully he's going to play by the rules. hopefully everybody has been tested. hopefully it's all worked out the way the rules are. i'm looking forward to this. thank you. >> the biden campaign says the candidate's strategy tonight is simple, to speak directly to the american people and highlight his plans for getting the nation through the coronavirus pandemic. cnn arlette sainz live outside the debate site in nashville. walk us through exactly how the biden team is approaching this debate. >> reporter: well, jake, joe biden is expected tonight to keep his focus on the issues that are top of mind for american voters. the campaign says he will be talking about covid-19 and the economy. but he is also fully bracing for those personal attacks from president trump as we saw play out during that first debate.
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they have been preparing the former vice president for the possibility that the president once again goes after his son hunter biden as republicans have tried to do over the course of the past few days as this election nears its end. deputy campaign manager bedingfield said a short while ago if the president does bring up attacks against hunter biden, this is essentially amplifying russian misinformation. they don't biden will take the bait and go after the president's own children during these type of changes, instead trying to shift focus back to the american family and those issues relating to covid-19 and the economy. now, one area that president trump could try to take issue with with biden is the question about expanding the supreme court. it's a question biden has dodged for several weeks but he did offer a bit of a nuance in an interview with "60 minutes." take a listen to that clip. >> if elected, what i will do is i'll put together a national
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commission of bipartisan commission of scholars, constitutional scholars, democrats and republicans, liberal, conservative, and i will ask them to over 180 days come back to me with recommendations as to how to reform the court system, because it's getting out of whack, the way in which it's being handled. >> biden said that that commission won't just focus on the issue of expanding the supreme court but also other reforms to the court system. now, on that debate stage tonight, there will be moments where the microphone is muted by the biden campaign is fully prepared for the president to continue on with interruptions. the possibility the former vice president might be hearing the president when speaking when people at home might not hear those interruptions, they have been preparing him for those moments, trying to ensure he is not entirely distracted by the president. you heard the former vice president as he was leaving saying he hopes that the president adheres to the rules.
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he also talked about adhering to the rules when it comes to testing. one thing we know is joe biden tested negative for covid-19 this morning. we have yet to hear if that has actually happened on the president's side yet. this is going to be that last opportunity on the debate stage for voters to get their glimpse, fully gauge these two candidates up against each other 12 days out from the election. >> we still haven't heard if president trump tested negative before the first debate, arlette, forget today's debate. thanks so much. appreciate it. hastily scheduled announcement country's top security said russia and iran have both obtained voter registration information that could be used to try to influence the election. here is fbi director christopher wray. >> we've been working for careers to build resilience in election infrastructure and today that infrastructure remains resilient. you should be confident that your vote counts.
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early unverified claims to the contrary should be viewed with a healthy dose of scepticism. >> alex has more on this. what were the specific warnings from these top national security officials. >> jake, you're right. it goes beyond russia and iran trying to meddle in the election and sow discord, this is the first time the fbi has said voter information has been obtained by these countries. it's less about obtaining the dat data, it's what they are doing to it. what they said last night is iran has been sending out thousands of e-mail to voters, threatening e-mails to voters, that make them look like they are coming from far right pro trump group the proud boys. i want to show you ab example of one of the e-mails sent out, to show you what voters are receiving. the subject line, vote for trump or else. we are in possession of all of your information, e-mail, address, telephone, everything. you will vote for trump on
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election day or welcome after you. so some very threatening e-mails there, jake. listen to what john ratcliffe, director of national intelligence had to say about what he called these spoofed e-mails from iran. >> we would like to alert the public that we have identified that two foreign actors, iran and russia, have taken specific actions to influence public opinion relating to our elections. we have already seen iran sending spoofed e-mails designed to intimidate voters, incite social unrest, and damage president trump. >> jake, the last part about damaging president trump, that's raising a lot of eyebrows. the intelligence community has said iran would work to undermine president trump in this election. it is unclear how these e-mails do that because they are going after people who would be voting presumably against president trump. then when you listen to the
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press conference in its entirety, there's very little emphasis on russia when experts and officials say that russia is really the primary actor when it comes to meddling in this election in terms of impact, trying to denigrate vice president joe biden in favor of president trump, jake. >> alex, thanks very much. just released polls on the presidential race, do they change the potential path to 270 for either candidate. stick around. and now your co-pilot.
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trending in the wrong direction as the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the country. this is not just with new cases but hospitalizations and deaths as well. yesterday more than 1,000100 deaths were reported. that's the first day since mid september when the death toll hit more than 1,004 states. ohio, kansas, wyoming all saw their highest number of single day cases since the pandemic began. cnn's erica hill reports for us now. an alarming new study found hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been avoided if the trump administration had handled things differently. >> it seems like every day the numbers keep increasing. >> it's not just an increase at this el paso funeral home, the average number of covid deaths is rising in half the states across the country.
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1124 reported nationwide on wednesday, the first time deaths have topped 1,000 in more than a month. >> there's a whole lot of people who are dead in america that completely preventible, not have been dead if we had used scenes and public health tools. >> that from a new study which faults the administration's anemic response for as many as 210,000 covid deaths. experts warn there is more pain ahead. >> we don't just have one or two hot spots, we actually have virus hot spots surging all across the country. >> new cases rising in 31 states. only hawaii showing a meaningful decline. north dakota, which continues to have more cases per capita than any other state suspended contact tracing because it can't keep up. florida just reported its highest daily case count sin mid august. no more indoor dining or bar service in southern illinois starting today.
12:18 pm
gatherings capped at 25 people. >> things have changed. every region of the state moved in the among direction. >> in boston rising positivity rates raising to fully remote learning for the city's public schools. >> putting that many people in a building at this particular moment is not the smartest thing to do. >> several states recording record numbers of covid related hospital saigs including new jersey. the former governor chris christie is urging americans to mask up in a new op-ed admitting he was wrong not to wear one when prepping president trump for the first debate. writing, it's not a partisan or cultural symbol, not a sign of weakness or virtue. calling out the politics but not the man who led that charge. >> we have a president who has made fun of wearing masks, who didn't let the scientists run this process and the task force, and that has been the problem. >> jake, we are continuing to
12:19 pm
see records shattered. ohio just a short time ago announcing highest single day for new cases. that was originally yesterday. now that new number with today's cases more than 2400, and the governor had this to say. it seems like we're not even starting to get to a plateau, he said, jake. it just goes up and up. that is the concern. this country never got low enough to get to a manageable plateau and now we're seeing consistent increases. >> everyone says it's because people are not abiding by basic regulations, wearing masks, avoiding clouds, et cetera, et cetera. erica hill, thank you. so dispiriting. joining me cnn medical analyst and chief of diseases at mass general. doctor, good to see you again. a new report from columbia university found the administration's faltering response led to between 130,000 and 210,000 covid deaths, according to columbia, could
12:20 pm
have been prevented. do you agree with those findings? and as long as the trump administration is in charge and handling it the way they are handling it, is there any way to turn this around? >> good afternoon, jake. it's a pretty scathing report. what they basically say is there are deficiencies in testing, mask guidance and mitigation efforts in shutting things down. when they compare, for example, per capita testing rates happening in south korea, it took us about three or four weeks to get to per capita testing rates. as a result they claim 215,000 deaths could have been averted if we had tested at rates south korea tested? >> do you buy it? that's basically saying we would only have 5 or 6,000 deaths right now. that's pretty stark. >> we do know in other countries they do not have the death rates we have had.
12:21 pm
ours are around 500 her million, in china around 300 per million. we know certainly during a pandemic there would be excess deaths in this country but the question is how many. there's been a report from the cdc just this week that demonstrated about 300,000 excess deaths, more deaths than were expected and looking at it by age group. only two-thirds related to covid, a third of those related to lack of hospitalization and care, we've been talking about flattening the curve. we still need to continue those efforts. now again we're in a really bad place in many, many places across the country. >> the cdc redefined what they call close contact with somebody who is infected to include cumulative exposure over time. used to be 15 minutes within 6 feet of a person, 15 minutes in
12:22 pm
two chunks, does that change how people should be interacting with one another? >> you know, this was a report out of the cdc, it was a prison guard who developed infection after sbir mitt intermittent st measures. i don't think this will change much. if you're wearing a mask, practicing mitigation efforts, it might increase the number of people we need to contact trace. the definition is a little bit more liberal. i would say we can't have a fatalistic attitude here. we have -- certainly the cases are going up. there's tragedy among us and much tragedy ahead but there is a lot we can do. we're entirely empowered to make this better. it's a matter of where americans will do so and the leadership will create at strategy to allow
12:23 pm
it. >> trump adviser and former new jersey governor chris christie wrote an op-ed and said of masks, wear it or regret it, as i did. cristie does not mention in his op-ed the leading underminer of mask wearing in the united states is president trump. do you think that would have helped him make his case, or is it better for him to not do so, so as to convince more trump supporters of the need to wear masks? >> i think we communicate by the words we speak and by the actions we take. i think we need to communicate to this country they need to be wearing masks and that we should do so both through our leadership and our word and our action. >> health and human service secretary alex azar reiterated that a vaccine could be available to all americans by april, april 2021. what information and statistics will you be looking for to ensure a vaccine is safe?
12:24 pm
>> that seems like an aggressive time line to me. certainly i would love to see that happen. i will be looking to the scientific evidence, to data from the fda that has been reviewed by the scientists, reviewed by the advisory committee on immunization practices. and so certainly, you know, i would like it quickly. but to all americans by april seems rather ambitious. the first thing i would like to see is we have a safe vaccine that has some efficacy. the next thing i would like to see is follow national academy's guidance on how it's going to get rolled out. to claim all americans are going to have it by april i think is aggressive. >> dr. walensky, good to see you as always. president obama not showing ring rust when it comes to giving stump speech but does the former president's blistering attack play right into donald trump's hands? stay with us.
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the site of the final debate.
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white house staff say the president had been tested for coronavirus while on the way there and they say his results of negative. ahead of the debate president trump has been on the attack trying to discredit moderator kristen welker, who is quite respected, also suggesting the entire debate system and process is unfair. here to discuss jeff zeleny and lauren lopez. trump advisers telling him loud and clear, lower the temperature, don't seem so angry. i have not seen much evidence of that yet. >> jackie, if the president decided to do that, that would certainly be a change in approach and a change in course. we have rarely seen him do that. the big question hanging over the debate tonight, which president trump is going to show up, the grievance laced president trump or the one they have been clam oregon for, someone to talk about the economy. someone to talk about the supreme court. someone to talk about the issues they believe are more win
12:31 pm
article issues. so far president trump has really decided to pick a fight with virtually everyone every day this week, lesley stahl, kristen welker to people america isn't focused on. he's trying to say, look, this is an unfair process. this is the last, best opportunity for the president to get make of those people back on board who may be wavering. i think that's a small slice of the electorate. no doubt about it. there are people who like the republican policies, they just don't necessarily like the republican president's attitude and conduct. so perhaps he can attract those tonight. jake, we have not seen any indication he has a second act here. we'll see. >> yeah. i mean, it's become so cliche, almost as much as infrastructure week. people in the media saying will the president have a new tone. there might be like a moment of relative normalcy. even if he has a relatively normal debate, we know we'll be
12:32 pm
back on the campaign trail the next morning. laura, there will be plexiglass barriers between trump and biden tonight and their microphones will be muted during portions of the debate. there are some really extraordinary steps being taken here because of the pandemic and because of president trump's behavior last time. >> yeah, that's right. coronavirus is going to be on everyone's minds because of those plexiglass barriers, similar with vice presidential debate. on top of it, yes, because of the way the first debate went and the president's behavior and the back and forth between the two, the commission decided to take extra measures so that way there could be a more -- there could be more from each of the candidates the voters can hear from. a lot of the voters i spoke to after the first debate said they barely really heard much from biden. they described -- this was
12:33 pm
undecided voters to me, described trump's performance as unhinged. they described it as not presidential, but they still had questions they wanted answers about biden's policy proposals. hopefully tonight's debate will see a bit more of that. who knows factually it will work given the president could lash out based on what he's done this we week. >> trump has already said muting microphones is unfair. they will be muted for biden and for him. theoretically he'll still be able to interrupt biden and knock biden off his game even if we at home or at work won't be able to hear it, biden will be able to hear it. what do you think biden needs to do tonight. >> they will be on the same stage. the vice president will be able to hear exactly what he's saying whether muted or not. the reality is i'm told joe
12:34 pm
biden has been planning all week long for those interruptions. he's planning for this exact moment. i think it would be more of a surprise if they don't come. joe biden is going to try to do one thing, first and foremost, try and focus this discussion on how he believes the president and the trump administration has let down america on coronavirus, been asleep at the switch not recognizing the truly challenges here. something joe biden will have to do, and this can be ricky as you know. his family is personal to him. he knows president trump is almost certain to go after hunter biden, his sob. that is something joe biden is going to have to deal with. i'm told again on practice sessions all week long, they are pretty brutal going after hunter biden in very personal terms. so that's what we will see. it's hard to imagine at this point in the campaign any new information would come forward here. we've pretty much heard it all, especially with the president tweeting out so much of his own internal thinking here.
12:35 pm
that is what i'm told joe biden is planning to do, trying to keep his cool over questions on hunter biden. you remember it was an empathetic moment when the president raised him because it gave joe biden a chance to talk about his son, hunter biden, challenges and all. >> president trump is going to say he created the greatest economy ever. it certainly was strong before the pandemic struck. seven nobel winners wrote an open letter opposing his re-election saying his handling of the pandemic has been selfish and reckless and chaotic and ineffective negotiator when it doss trade. how do you think president trump should respond if joe biden brings that up? >> how i think he should respond is not how he's going to respond. he will likely refute the premise of the question and repeat the same claim that you just said. so he will likely say that he did create the greatest economy.
12:36 pm
and the fact check by us as reporters and the fact check by economists is likely not going to change anything that he says, and he won't believe it. what his advisers want him to say, as jeff was saying, want to focus on what he'll do to make the economy better, what he'll do to bring back the country after the coronavirus pandemic. but so far across his rallies, across the first debate and across his tweets, there's no indication he plans on doing that purcha that. >> yeah. no indication he has a plan to get us out of this coronavirus pandemic. thanks so much. you can see the final presidential debate between donald trump and joe biden right here on cnn. our special coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. a medical mime milestone in the search for a coronavirus vaccine. 300,000 americans taking part in one clinical trial. what that could mean for when a vaccine, or if, is ready for you. [birds chirping]
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the only medicare advantage plans with the aarp name. [sfx: mnemonic] back to our health lead,ed fda holding a special meeting today to focus on the effort to develop a successful coronavirus vaccine. the agency hoping that this day long event will fk public confidence in the fda approval process resulting in more people taking the vaccine when and if it becomes available. cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins us now. elizabeth, have we learned anything new at this meeting about the development of a coronavirus vaccine? >> jake, what we've learned actually is something the cdc plans to do once the vaccine
12:42 pm
comes out on the market. they have planned for this cell phone-based application where people who get the vaccine will be followed. they will get text messages, they will get e-mails saying, hey, how are you doing post vaccine? they will get a text or e-mail every day for a week and then every week for six weeks. after that asking them are you having any side effects, et cetera. i think this is really aimed at further increasing or doing anything they can to increase confidence in the vaccine. we know they are following up on the first group, mostly essential workers, hopefully means we'll get more information about whether this vaccine is as safe as they want it to be. >> also on the vaccine front moderna with a major milestone in phase three clinical trials, it has in rolled 30,000 participants. explain the significance of this. >> right. the significance is that, hey, the very first trial that started in the united states for
12:43 pm
a covid vaccine has in rolled all of its people. they have given them all their first shots, given nearly all of them their second shots. that tells us things are moving. however, it does not tell us we will have a vaccine on the market any time soon, because just because they gave people shots, it doesn't mean the vaccine actually works. so let's take a look at some of the details here. as of this morning moderna enrolls all 30,000. half got the vaccine, half got placebo. nobody knows, participants don't know, doctors don't know, moderna don't know. once 53 participants get sick with covid, a safety board will unblind it. of those 53 if fewer than 14 received the vaccine, 25% or fewer received the vaccine, then moderna will ask the fda for an emergency use authorization. jake. >> so that's 53 participants
12:44 pm
getting coronavirus on their own. not that they will get infected with it like they are doing with that experiment in london. today republicans on senate judiciary committee vod-of-voted to advance amy coney barrett to the supreme court. this sets up a full senate vote early next monday just days before the election. manu raju live on capitol hill. this will give president trump his third supreme court justice. i don't see anything democrats can do on it. >> they can't. she will be on the seat for life, for as long as she wants to serve. this despite the democratic protest, one of the quickest confirmation proceedings in modern time, just over a month. typically takes two to three months to get it through. this happened in a month. despite refusing to move on
12:45 pm
barack obama's nominee eight months before the election that year. nonetheless democrats tried to register their objection today by not showing up to a judiciary committee vote that actually advanced the nomination to the floor. none of the democrats showed up, in place they had people affected by affordable care act instead. republicans ignored that, disregarded democratic concerns and plowed right ahead. >> this is a groundbreaking, historic moment for american legal community and really politically. we did the right thing. it would have been wrong to deny her a vote. in my view, if you're a republican, it would have been crazy not to vote for her. >> democrats themselves have come under criticism from their own base, jay, for not going harder at amy coney barrett at last week's confirmation hearings. dianne feinstein praised the hearings, a lot of democrats critical of her. today nothing they could do if
12:46 pm
she criticized the proceedings, they don't have the votes to stop her. >> republicans might have been unanimous in committee hearing but not be the case for republicans for the full senate vote next week. >> that's right. they expect to lose probably two senate republicans, susan collins in a difficult re-election race. she said it's too close to an election to move ahead. she indicated she would vote in. lisa murkowski had a similar concern she would raise. she told reporters she was likely to vote no. she has not said that outright but that's the expectation. it will be the closest for sprnlg justice she will get the vote, 51-49 vote she'll get confirmed monday night. >> manu raju, thanks. 13 days left a reality check on the road to victory. what president trump and joe biden have to focus on tonight during the final debate. stay with us. still a father. but now a friend.
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day, flipped from blue to red in 2016 as critical to his re-election. both president trump and joe biden have one final debate tonight to make their last pitch to voters in such a large audience. how could one face-off effect the race theoretically? harry, let's start with a reality check where we are 12 days out. >> sure. i mean, look, this is the cnn electoral map right now as we see it. it gives you a pretty good indication that former vice president joe biden is ahead in this race. 290 electoral votes, 270 win. he's over that threshold. truch at 163. the rust belt. michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania leaning democratic. we're 12 days away with a debate tonight. this map could change. >> tonight is the final debate as you note between biden and trump. what do past election cycles tell us how or whether the last debate performance can affect
12:53 pm
the race. >> sure. look at 2016 and 2012. two things when we make a comparison to the polls now than the first thing. former vice president joe biden has a larger lead than either hillary clinton or mitt romney, who was ahead at this point in 2012 and obviously it was barack obama who won. that gets to the second key point. we do see some differences between the national poll average and the eventual popular vote in both those elections. in fact, differ by five points. say joe biden's lead dropped by five points and he only won the popular vote by five, that could be enough for president trump to carry the electoral college. so i would say tonight could be something that ends up being pivotal could shift the race. we'll have to wait and see. >> as they deliver closing arguments tonight to an audience this big, what are the crucial voting blocs that bideen and trump each need to be focused on winning over? >> for trump it's pretty clear. noncollege white voters is his core group of support.
12:54 pm
he won them by 30 votes in 2016 in preelection polls. he's still ahead but only by 19 percentage points. they make up a disproportionate share. for joe biden it's hispanic voters, right? he's still ahead of them. not up by the same margin hillary clinton won them by. she led them in the preelection polls by 27 points. two key states, florida and arizona, which are tight races. if joe biden really wants to secure that electoral map, he wants to make sure he wins those states in case something happens in the rust belt to his support there. >> what does he need to say? what does biden need to say, convey to hispanic voters? what does trump need to say to white working voters? >> i think joe biden wants to make sure he doesn't say anything really silly. he wants to get an economic message, especially in south
12:55 pm
florida with cuban voters who wants to distance himself from socialism and bernie sanders wing of the party. in terms of noncollege white voters it's noncollege white women. he has alienated them. he wants to make sure he speaks to their concerns and doesn't sprupt all the time. women voter seem to be repelled by that. >> appreciate it, harry. how president trump and joe biden are preparing for tonight's historic debate. stay with us. we're excited to do business with you
12:56 pm
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welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with the 2020 lead, final presidential debate will kick off in a few hours w 12 days until the election, it is likely neither president donald trump nor democratic nominee joe biden will have another chance to make their final pitches to as many voter as tonight will offer. tonight, there are new
1:00 pm
adjustments. the nonpartisan debate commission has announced new enforcement of the rules by muting candidates' mics during some portions of the debate and plexiglass barriers will be separating the candidates. first lady melania trump is making her first public appearance today following her coronavirus battle as well. trump advisers have been, we're told, pleading with the president to try a different strategy than his frequent interruptions during the first debate. trump sources tell cnn they want him to stay on message, touting his accomplishments and avoiding attacking dr. anthony fauci, as the president has been doing in recent days. team biden, meantime, is preparing the democratic nominee for the president's personal attacks on his son, hunter biden. correspondents are covering both trump and biden's debate preps first. jeremy diamond follow this had report on the advice that president trump is getting. >> reporter: before the final