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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 23, 2020 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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the ballot. >> reporter: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is a special edition of "new day." it's friday, october 23rd, 6:00 here in new york. and you know, this morning, we can say we probably won't see joe biden and donald trump on the same stage again until the inauguration, but who's? that is the question? who won the final debate? perhaps the last best chance to alter the course of this contest? well, according to cnn's post-debate poll, viewers thought it was joe biden, by 14 points. now, this was a decidedly different debate. fewer interruptions, to be sure. and you will hear some people, though, that president trump was on better behavior. but remember, the real question here isn't whether second debate donald trump beat first debate donald trump, it's how he did against joe biden and who better articulated a path forward for the country.
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>> the candidates disagreed on how to fight the coronavirus pandemic. the president played down the pandemic, insisting without proof, that we are rounding the corner, and that it will, quote, go away. biden claims the trump administration failed america in their response to the pandemic. more than 223,000 americans have died. biden says anyone responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president. overnight, more than 71,000 new cases reported. that is the fourth-worst day since the pandemic began. more than 41,000 people are hospitalized. that's the most in two months. eight states reporting record hospitalizations. and deaths increasing in more than half of the country. but let's begin with cnn's jessica dean. she is live in nashville with the highlights of the last debate. >> reporter: good morning to you, john and alisyn. we're now 11 days away from this election and last night we heard the closing pitch from donald
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trump and joe biden to voters all across america. and there were far fewer interruptions, as you said. but there were also plenty of jabs. in the second and final presidential debate, president trump and former vice president joe biden clashed over the major issues. with fewer interruptions, the two candidates offered their final pitches to voters, including how they will combat coronavirus on a day that saw one of the highest numbers of new u.s. cases since the crisis began. still, the president repeated lies about the pandemic. >> it will go away and as i say, we're rounding the turn, we're rounding the corner. it will go away. >> 220,000 americans dead. you hear nothing else i say tonight, hear this. anyone who is responsible for not taking control, in fact, not saying i take no responsibility, initially, anyone who's
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responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the united states of america. >> reporter: trump also used his own recent coronavirus diagnosis to downplay the severity of the disease. >> i was in for a short period of time and got better very fast. >> he got out of the hospital and tauslks about, this is -- don't worry! this is all going to be over soon. come on! there's not another serious scientist in the world who thinks it's going to be over soon. >> president trump, your reaction? >> i'm not saying it's going to be over soon, we can't lock ourselves up in a basement like joe does. >> reporter: biden condemning the trump administration's coronavirus response and looked straight to camera, speaking directly to voters impacted by the pandemic. >> you folks home will have an empty chair at the kitchen table this morning, that man or wife going to bed tonight and reaching over and trying to touch, out of habit where their wife or husband was, is gone. learning to live with it. come on! we're dying with it.
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>> reporter: the president continued to paint himself as a washington outsider, and biden as a career politician, while the democratic nominee aimed to depict trump as a failed first-term president. >> there's a reason why he's bringing up all of this malarkey. there's a reason for it. he doesn't want to talk about the substance of issues. it's not about his family and my family, it's about your family. and your family is hurting badly. >> that's a typical political statement. let's get off this china thing, and then he looks, the family, around the table, just a typical politician when i see that. i'm not a typical politician. that's why i got elected. >> reporter: trump criticized biden's stance on fossil fuels in an move aimed to hurt the former vice president. >> a transition from the oil industry -- >> oh, that's a big statement. >> it is a big statement, yes. because the oil industry pollutes significantly. >> oh, i see.
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that's a big statement. >> well, if you would let me finish the statement, because it has to be released by renewable energy over time. over time. and i would stop giving to the oil industry, i would stop giving them federal subsidies. >> narrator: on immigration, biden called out the president on the 545 migrant children who have been separated from their parents. >> what happened? parents -- their kids were ripped from their arms and separated. and now they cannot find over 500 sets of those parents and those kids are alone. nowhere to go! nowhere to go! it's criminal. >> they are so well taken care of. they're in facilities that were so clean -- >> but some of them haven't been reunited with their families. >> one question. who built the cages? >> and when pressed on his record on race, trump made this claim. >> i am the least-racist person, i can't even see the audience,
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because it's so dark, but i don't care wlo. >> abraham lincoln here is one of the most racist presidents we've had in modern history. he pours fuel on every single racist fire, everybody single one. >> reporter: that's it for the presidential debates of the 2020 election. now it's back to the campaign trail. president trump will be in florida today for a pair of rallies. vice president biden heads to delaware. he's going to give remarks on the coronavirus pandemic and his plan to get the nation out of that crisis. meantime, biden's most prominent surrogate, his biggest surrogate, president obama heads to florida on saturday. john? >> jessica dean in nashville for us, jessica, thank you very much. joining us now, cnn national political reporter, maeve reston and cnn political analyst, toluse olorunnipa, a white house reporter for "the washington post." both of you wrote the debate wraps for your respective news organizations and you haven't suffered as a journalist until
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you have to write up an entire debate and publish it within minutes of it being over. so hats off to both of you. maeve, i want to start with you. top line, takeaway, last set piece of this campaign, the debate is over, the major takeaway? >> is i just thing that president trump went into this debate having to have some kind of a major debate-changing moment. he's continuing to slide with females and senior voters and he's needing to shore up his base of non-college educated white voters. and there was just no major moment last night where he seemed to address any one of those audiences in a really compelling way that would change the race. he seemed to miss these key moments where he could express empathy or a sense of
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understanding for what the rest of the country has been going through in terms of the coronavirus pandemic. and there were a lot of times with you were reminded of how risky his strategy was in painting joe biden as this person who couldn't finish a sentence or couldn't, you know, couldn't get his points across, because joe biden did that over and over again. and sometimes got the better of trump on several skpaexchanges trump went at him hard on things like corruption and biden circled back and hit trump on his taxes. it was a much more substantiative debate. donald trump will get points for being more restrained, but i don't think he changed the trajectory of the race last night, john. >> toluse, what jumped out at you? >> maeve covered a lot of ground and took a lot of my talking points. >> how dare she. >> good job. >> so go negative. that's what you do in a debate. >> exactly. well, one thing -- one reason president trump was not able to
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change the trajectory of the debate was that a lot of the things that came up had to do with his own record. four years ago, he was just, as he said, a businessman. he was not a politician. he did not have a record. now he has a record. and as much as he likes to talk about the first three years of that record, looking at the economy and what not, especially over the past year, and if you look at previous years, when it comes to things like immigration, he has also of question he has to answer about his record. family separations is a scar on his record. he tried to downplay that, but that was something that not only caused democrats to be outraged, but caused a lot of republicans to really question his willingness to show empathy. when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, he had to face a lot of questions about how he's handled it, how he's downplayed it, how he has not listened to scientists and mocked people for wearing masks. you saw joe biden waving his mask around, walked in with a mask on and trump did not and did not encourage americans to wear a mask or take any kind of public health measures, other than saying, we have to learn to live with this disease that's
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kill hundreds of americans every day. so the fact that president trump has a record and he has to try to defend it made it much harder for him to prosecute the case against joe biden, use all of these corruption allegations. every time he tried to raise questions about corruption, he found himself having to explain why he hadn't released his tax returns. having to explain why he had a secret bank account in china. and he ended up defending and explaining a lot rather than going on the attack. and you know, when you're explaining a lot of times, it means you're losing. >> look, 71,000 new coronavirus cases overnight. more than 41,000 people hospitalized. both of those numbers heading steeply upwards. by the middle of next week, it may very well be, that's all americans are thinking about. they won't even remember what happened on the debate stage last night. maeve, it's interesting, because the full 90-plus minutes of the debate painted a whole picture, including the very, very end. the closing statements. the question from kristen welker about what will you say to the
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american people on the inauguration, i know you found that very telling how they responded, so let's play that. >> imagine this is your inauguration day, what will you say in your address to americans who did not vote for you. >> i'm cutting taxes and he wants to raise everybody's taxes and put new regulations on everything. he will kill it. if he gets in, you will have a depression the likes of which you've never seen. your 401(k)s will go to hell and it will be a very, very sad day for this country. >> i will say, i'm an american president. i represent all of you, whether you voted for me or against me. and i'm going to make sure that you're represented. i'm going to give you hope. we're going to move. we're going to choose science over fiction, we're going to choose hope over fear. we're going to choose to move forward, because we have enormous opportunities, enormous opportunities to make things better. >> so why did that land for you? >> so i just think that that was -- that was such a moment
3:11 am
where joe biden seized the opportunity to really speak to all americans and to underscore the things that they're tired of about donald trump, which is, you know, these slashing attacks and the blaming of blue states and championing red states. the politics of division that so many voters, but particularly independents are really tired of. and joe biden took that moment to speak to them and say, i will be a president of all people, no matter what your political persuasion is, and it was such a contrast to president trump's answer, where he did go again with the slashing attacks and claiming that we're going to plunge into a depression, you know, as soon as joe biden walks into the white house, which to a lot of people just sounds like an exaggeration and something that doesn't really comport with the person that they know in the former vice president. and so i think it was a missed
3:12 am
opportunity for trump and a moment where joe biden really was able to kind of broaden his audience and try to broaden his coalition. and that's of course when's so important in these final days, john. >> toluse, how about some moments where it seemed that president trump scored some points on joe biden, including the one of, you had your chance. you were there for eight years. you had your chance. you could have done all of this then. here are these moments. >> excuse me -- >> your response? >> he was there for 47 years. he didn't do it. it was just a little while ago, less than four years ago. he had eight years he was vice president. he did nothing there. you guys did nothing. >> we did -- >> you know, joe, i ran because of you. you're all talk and no action, joe. >> we got a lot of it done. >> you didn't get anything done! >> was that effective, toluse? >> that was probably one of the few things the president did last night that was consistent and relatively effective in
3:13 am
terms of pushing the message that his campaign aides want him to push. he has repeatedly referred to joe biden as someone who's been in washington for a half decade and has not been able to get accomplished a lot of the things he wanted to get accomplished now. every time joe biden laid out his policy prescriptions and talked about what president trump was going to do, president trump is quick to say, why didn't you do it when you were vice president or a senator for six terms? and that does have some resonance with a large number of american people who put trump in office in part because he was an outsider, he wasn't a traditional washington politician. and even though he's an incumbent president, it allows him to still run as sort of an insurgent candidate, an outsider. that was effective, and i think joe biden has a number of times where he sort of tried to shrug off those questions and didn't necessarily directly answer why he hadn't done some of the things that he wants to do now when he was in office. it is an effective political attack line and i would expect the president to continue using it on the campaign trail over
3:14 am
the next 13 days. >> the challenge, though, as you noted before, he's the incumbent. it's often hard to make that case when you yourself are running on your record. it doesn't mean he won't try and had some effect i haive momentsg it last night, it's just more difficult. toluse, maeve, thank you both for your service. i know how hard it is to write up these debates, publish, and come on tv 35 minutes later. thank you for being with us this morning. big question now is what do the candidates do next with this? how do they move forward out of this debate? how do republicans feel? how do democrats feel? 11 days left to go. that's next. a live bookkeeper is helping
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parents were ripped -- their kids were ripped from their arms and separated. and now they cannot find over 500 sets of those parents and those kids are alone. nowhere to go. nowhere to go. it's criminal. >> they are so well taken care of. they're in facilities that were so clean. >> okay. let's get the perspective from both the democratic and the republican side. joining us now, we have cnn senior commentator and former senator rick santorum. also with us, terry mcauliffe, the former governor of virginia and the former director of the dnc. rick, one thing that president trump did after that exchange was talk about the horrible optics of kids in cages and say, that started under obama/biden. so he pivoted that -- he seemed to be able to pivot that moment of the horrid policy of separating kids from their
3:20 am
parents, which happened under the trump administration, to the cage thing, which started with the obama administration. how do you think trump did? >> well, i thought he did well on that, because he did turn it back to biden, which is, you know, they're the ones that constructed the cages, not trump. and as far as separating kids, again, i think he could have done a better job. he did try to say that, you know, these are -- he had to identify which is true. you have to identify whether these are actually their parents, because in a lot of cases, you know, kids being taken over, you know, taken over by coyotes -- >> but it's been three years. >> if someone is arrested, you don't keep your kids with them. if the parents are arrested, the kids don't come with them. so there is a lot of things he could have said even more than that. but i thought it was an effective counter that these horrible cages were actually an obama creation, not a trump creation. >> but in general, do you think
3:21 am
that trump won the night? >> yeah, i thought he was much stronger. i think everybody in the media has sort of discounted that the joe bobbles -- and i thought he looked very shaky at times. he was slurring his words, mispronouncing words, he looked a little, you know, off his game for sure throughout the course, particularly at the end when he was looking at his watch. if you recall, the media went crazy on george h.w. bush way back when at the end of the debate with clinton bwhen he looked at his watch like, gosh, you know, i can't wait until this thing is over and biden did the same thing and nobody says a word. so i think the public recognized biden for, you know, confirming some of the concerns they had about his ability to do this job. >> i don't know, i was surprised -- or i thought it was very notable that the cnn poll right after the debate found that joe biden won decisively by
3:22 am
14 points and a focus group we did with gary tuchman found that nine of the people who watched thought -- it was seven who watched thought joe biden won, two thought it was a tie. no one said that donald trump won. and one of the moments that was pointed out and that has to do with one of the issues that seems to matter to the voters we're talking about, which is empathy. who feels what we're going through more. and there was this exchange that i'm going to play for you where joe biden tried to connect, as he has done, with the viewers directly on the issue of the economic pain they're feeling with the pandemic and what not. donald trump dismissed it. we're going to play that and i'll play for you what one of the people hour focus group thought of that moment, governor mcauliffe. liste listen. >> trump responded with some mockery of that. and i think for me, politics are about relationships and people. and this is all about the american family. so that was quite revealing and disturbing for me to hear.
3:23 am
>> you're sitting at the kitchen table this morning, deciding, well, we can't get new tires, they're bald, because we have to wait another month or so. or are we going to be able to tell the mortgage. or who's going to tell her she can't go back to community college. those are the decisions you're making in a middle class family like i grew up. >> that's a typical political statement. let's get off this china thing and then he looks, around the kitchen table. that's a typical political thing. let's get off the subject of china and talk about sitting around the table. come on, joe, you can do better than that. >> we had nit reverse there, but i thought it was notable that governor mcauliffe that the person actually voted for donald trump in 2016 took away from that moment that donald trump was mocking, i guess, to a degree, the suffering that people are going through. >> well, that's right, john. and i think that's why you saw all of the polls after the debates that, you know, it was a
3:24 am
biden win. it was because, i think, biden connected to the american public. he kept talking about, this isn't about red states, blue states, this is about the united states. you know, you've got president trump showing noemp thi athy at. you've you're talking about child separation, and right from the start, when they started talking about covid, the biggest crisis that every american is facing today and here is drrp saying, well, we've rounded the corner, you can live wit. and i thought vice president was very effective when he said, no, we can't live wit, we're dying wi with it. and here is the biggest crisis that donald trump can dmnot fac reality that we have had 220,000 people who have died skbooand w in a horrible situation. that's why everyone said that joe biden won that debate last night. he was empathetic and showed
3:25 am
compassion and donald trump just can't do that. comparing himself to abraham lincoln. this is a man in charlottesville who would not condemn neo-nazis. this is a man who gassed innocent protesters on lafayette square. it all came through last night. joe biden was leading the presidential race substantially. he is leaving that debate substantially. this was a miss opportunity for president trump to try to do anything. >> how about that, rick? how do you think that president trump did on coronavirus and the pandemic? >> actually, i thought it was one of his more effective responses to coronavirus. he pointed out all of the things that he's doing, because he was asked directly, what are you doing? well, he talked about vaccines and therapeutics and talks about ppe and other things to try to combat this disease. he talked about the lowering death rate, talked about opening schools and the fact that kids, 99.
3:26 am
99.998% of children recover from this. that is flu like or even better than flu like. and there's no transmission. he talked about that. that there's no evidence of transmission of the 200,000 kids who were surveyed. and biden had nothing. he just say, you know, we have to protect people. you know, if we're going to use the science, use the sign. so i think trump did a very effective job in countering and portraying biden for what he really is, which is looking at these democratic governors and looking at the states that are shut down and looking at their higher unemployment rates than the other state that are not shut down and looking at the human suffering behind that. i think he articulately talked about suicide and depression and drug abuse and cancer diagnosis. all of these things where people are hurting because the economy and democrats are shutting down. and you can say, well, he's dividing. but it's the reality, that the folks that are dividing are the democratic governor who not opening their economies. >> i will say, the coronavirus is five times more deadly than the flu, according to the new cdc -- >> i'm talking about with kids --
3:27 am
>> i'm just talking about dead people. i'm just talking about dead people, and it's five times more deadly. >> john, john, we're talking about school -- >> hang on, hang on, hang on, i'm talking about what's more deadly and it's the coronavirus. five times higher mortality rate for people -- >> schools and -- >> let me finish, rick -- for people who are hospital i'ized. and when joe biden talks about what he should do, he talked about mask wearing, which is something chris christie says also. i want to get your take on the same thing that rick was just talking about. listen. >> there's not another serious scientist in the world who thinks it's going to be over soon. >> i didn't say over soon, i say, we're learning to live with it, we have no choice. we can't lock others up in a basement like joe does. >> he has says, you know, we're learning to live with it. people are learning to die with it. you folks home will have an empty chair at the kitchen table this morning, that man or wife going to bed tonight and
3:28 am
reaching over and trying to touch their -- out of habit, where their wife or husband was -- is gone. learning to live with it? come on. we're dying with it. >> governor mcauliffe, who got the better end in your mind of the coronavirus exchange? >> i thought that was joe biden's most powerful moment. the covid crisis is on everyone's mind. 220,000 people have died. you see all the states around the country are seeing increased infections. they're not blue states. they're blue states and red states. the united states are seeing an increase in infection. and joe biden laid out what he will do. but it also was a good opportunity to explain why we are in this mess. because donald trump sat around, had the information, didn't want to affect the stock market and didn't want to do anything about it, and there are thousands of people dead today because of donald trump's inaction. the public knows that and the more we can have a discussion about how we go forward. so i thought it was biden's best moment. people are concerned about the covid crisis.
3:29 am
trump was out to lunch on the issue and that's the problem we have today. joe biden is leading in every battleground state today in america. he went in, trump's losing badly, he left that debate, he had to have a big win. he didn't do it because he just can't put it together. and finally, his debate preppers, i promise you, said to him a hundred times. do not attack dr. fauci. i promise you. what did donald trump do last night, he attacked dr. fauci. >> governor terry mcauliffe, senator rick santorum, thank you very much for the perspective. great to talk to you. >> thank you. the fall surge is here. and it's getting worse. overnight, the u.s. recording the greatest number of coronavirus cases since the summer. what is the plan to get the outbreak under control? that's next.
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so developing overnight, a staggering 71,000 new coronavirus cases were reported in the united states. that is the highest number since the summer. that's the fourth-worst day of the entire pandemic. more than 41,000 people are hospitalized this morning. that is the highest number in two months. eight states are reporting record hospitalizations. so joining us now, dr. carlos del rio, he is the executive associate dean at emory university medical school and a contributor to the moderna vaccine trial in cooperation with the national institutes of health. these numbers, dr. del rio, are deeply troubling. you look at the number of new cases, 71,000. that's a big number. 41,000 hospitalizations. that is a big number and they're both trending upwards. the president keeps on saying at the debate last night we're turning a corner.
3:35 am
i don't know that these graphs are telling that story. >> unfortunately, john, we're not. if we're turning the corner, the corner is turning uphill, right? not downdownhill. and i'm very concerned that the increase in cases and the really uncontrolled outbreak in the midwest and great plains is really troublesome. we are easily going to reach, you know, 90 to maybe 100,000 case is if we don't stop this. and it's not going to be easy, but again, this goes back to the basics. we have to wear masks, we have to social distance, we have to wash our hands, we have to avoid crowds. we have to avoid close conglomerate settings. if we do that, we can control transmission and then wait for a vaccine. but right now, we're really not doing what we need to do. we're letting the virus run its course. and that's costing hospitalizations and cost a lot of deaths, too. >> doctor, you say we could reid 90 to 1,000,000 cases when?
3:36 am
>> at the current projection, i suppose it will be before november 1st that we will be there or right around the election time, that we'll be at that level. >> that's a lot. that's quick. i mean, that's quick, dr. del rio. >> you've got to think that, you know, this is a virus that if you have one person infected and that person then doesn't isolate, doesn't wear a mask within, you know, four days, that person has infected about 2.5 to 3 people. and within a month, as a result of that one person being infected, 400 people have gotten infected. and that's what we call exponential growth. if you have one person infected and there's no precautions, that one person leads to 400 infections. >> that's just amazing. last night, president trump talked about his timeline for a vacci vaccine. so listen to this. >> we have a vaccine that's coming. it's ready, it's going to be
3:37 am
announced within weeks and it's going to be delivered. we have operation warp speed, which is the military is going to distribute the vaccine. >> you, doctor, are involved in the moderna vaccine trial. are we weeks away? >> well, i think for one thing, i would say that we have really development of vaccine is one of the most successful stories in this pandemic. and when we talk about all the failures, i think the way vaccines have been developed is absolutely incredible. we went from finding a new virus in january to getting a first vaccine to humans in march, to starting phase iii trials in july. and yesterday, the moderna vaccine study actually completed the enrollment of 30,000 participants. again, that was an incredibly fast speed of enrolling people. pfizer also has completed enrollment. we have two vaccine studies that johnson & johnson and astrazeneca, that are on hold because of a side effect. the way the vaccine race is heating up and is going, we will either have moderna or pfizer
3:38 am
ready to look at the data. they'll probably look at the data some time in middle to late november, early december. there was a meeting of the advisory committee yesterday. i expect the presidnt is a little optimistic. we'll probably have a vaccine, if everything goes well, we'll probably is a vaccine ready for approval early next year and probably start rolling out immu immu immunizations in march. both of those vaccines need two doses and a need refrigeration minus 70. this is a vaccine you'll be getting at very specific sites that states are going to set up for vaccination. >> dr. del rio, thank you for that. really appreciate you being with us this morning. >> glad to be with you. so white lies to outright whoppers, so much to fact check in this debate. that's next.
3:39 am
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last night's debate left us with a lot to fact check. luckily, john avlon has been up all night, as far as i can tell, and he has it in our reality check. hi, john, but looking as fresh as a daisy. >> thank you very much. great to see you. look, grading debates on a curve doesn't actually tell you what's happened. and that's why we're going to focus on the facts. because right out of the gate, donald trump lied about the covid crisis that has claimed more than 220,000 american
3:44 am
lives. >> as you know, 2.2 million people, modeled out, we're expected to die. >> all right, this is what i mean about grading on a curve. trump is trying to make the worst death total in the world look good. because that 2.2 million number was estimated by a british report, if the usa did literally nothing about the pandemic. in a new columbia university study found that at least 130,000 u.s. covid-19 deaths could have been avoided if the trump administration responded properly earlier. and so there's also no evidence, as trump claimed, that world leaders have congratulated him on his response. >> we're rounding the turn, we're rounding the corner. it's going away. >> okay, unfortunately, coronavirus is not going away in the usa. in fact, newly confirmed cases, hospitalizations, and the test positivity rate are all getting worse, not better. >> we have a vaccine that's
3:45 am
coming, it's ready, it's going to be announced within weeks. >> just like trump's health care plan that's always going to be released in a few weeks, this is false. several companies are working intensely on a vaccine, but it is not ready. no vaccines have been applied to the fda. go on to election security, given new reports that russia and iran are interfering in this election. >> he said, the one thing that's common to both of them, they both want you to lose, because there has been nobody tougher to russia, between the sanctions, nobody tougher than me on russia. >> okay, that claim is just absurd on its face. cnn has found at least 37 times trump has been strangely soft on russia, ignoring intel reports of bounties being placed on u.s. troops, for example, and refusing to condemn the poisoning of an opposition leader. now, while trump criticized obama administration's response during the seizure of crimea last night, he's repeatedly refused to condemn russia's aggression there. and as for the idea that russia
3:46 am
wants trump to lose, the russians have targeted biden throughout this election, to apparently benefit trump, as they did in 2016. and for all of trump's unhinged accusations about biden in ukraine, don't forget, a republican senate report last month found no wrongdoing. we'll be back with more next hour, but for now, that's your reality check. >> thank you very much, john. and we will look forward to next hour. all right, meanwhile, the texas supreme court making a ruling on drive-through voting in the state's most populous counties. so we will tell you what they've done, next. if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! it can provide lasting relief.
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so 11 days left to vote and by some counts, the number of votes cast already is around all the votes cast 12 years ago, at least in the places that kept track. more importantly, the amount of votes in already is about 34% of all the votes cast and 11 days left to go. cnn's kristen holmes joins us with the latest here. what's important, there are two ways to vote early.
3:51 am
by maile and in person. and what's happening is, each of those methods are telling a little bit of a different story and things need to be tighter. >> that's right, john. so the pattern we really have been seeing, when it came to early voting, and this of course included mail-in ballots and that is that democrats were far outpacing republicans in terms of actually casting these early ballots. that is no longer the case, particularly in the swing states of florida and north carolina, where we have really seen that ramped up early, in-person voting. north carolina, for example, just between last monday and today, the margin between democrats and republicans, it has been cut in half. now, we still want to point out that the mail-in ballot system, that is still largely being utilized by democrats. and john, when we talk about early voting, when we talk about what's going on across the country, it's really important to talk about all of the different cases that are shaping this election. court cases. and i want to mention one that is out of texas, another state that's seen a huge influx of
3:52 am
early voting. the supreme court there, in the state, ruling to allow curbside voting. now, this is something that was put in place by harris county because of the pandemic. they said it was safer, that it was socially distant, and republicans had sued to stop it. just to keep in mind here, harris county is the most populous county in the state, the third most populous county in the entire country. so now the supreme court is saying that this is allowed. so different from what we just talked about yesterday, when the u.s. supreme court said that curbside voting in alabama was no longer going to be an option, but i do want to note, this is super important for texans, because 73,000 of them have already voted using the system. >> kristen, thank you very much for being with us. interrupting your nonstop counting of the early vote to give us the latest report. appreciate it. so this morning, europe struggling to contain record-breaking surges in coronavirus cases. we have reports from around the world, next.
3:53 am
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this morning, coronavirus cases are rising across much of europe, as stricter restrictions go into place. we have cnn reporters across the world covering all of the new developments for you. >> reporter: i'm scott mclean in berlin, where germany has recorded its highest single-day covid-19 death toll since may. europe is throwing restrictions, curfews, and even lockdowns of
3:57 am
the coronavirus, but so far, the numbers continue to rise. france saw record-high cases this week and is now extended a 9:00 p.m. curfew to most of the country, now affecting 46 million people. eastern europe is seeing a spike in coronavirus deaths that it never saw in the spring. poland is seeing four times more new covid-19 deaths now than it did at the peak of the first wave. the czech republic is seeing six times more. >> i'm selma abdelaziz. the restrictions came into place after a dramatic ten-day standoff where the greater of manchester outright refused to implement the governor's plan and demanded a larger financial package instead. he failed to reach a deal and the prime minister intervened to unilaterally force these cities into these tougher measures. i'm paula hancocks in seoul.
3:58 am
south korea has reported a jump in new coronavirus cases from thursday, the highest in more than a month. 155 new cases, the vast majority of them locally transmitted. health officials say that the reason for this increase is cluster infections in high-risk facilities. these are places like nursing hospitals or day care centers for the elderly. authorities say they have been stepping up testing in those particular facilities and they're hoping to complete that program by the end of this month. >> our thanks to all of our correspondents around the globe. and "new day" continues right now. >> we're rounding the corner. it's going away. >> he says, we're learning to live with it. people are learning to die with it. you folks home will have an empty chair at the kitchen table. >> trump had said 38 times that it was going away. it was wrong eight months ago and it's wrong today. we're now back above 60,000 confirmed new cases per day. and both of them were better than they were last time, but i
3:59 am
thought that joe biden held his own and that's all he had to do. >> kids were ripped from their arms and separated. and now they cannot find over 500 sets of those parents. it's criminal! >> they are so well taken care of. they're in facilities that were so clean. >> reporter: this is "new day," with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. the final presidential debate was tense, but much more calm and more substantiate sensitive. president trump toned down the outrage. he tried to portray biden as the ultimate insider and himself as an outsider, though he's been in the white house for four years. president trump offered little in the way of concrete plans for a second term. joe biden challenged the president on his record, in particular, his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. 223,000 americans have died and joe biden tried to channel those families. >> so cnn's post-debate poll was pretty clear about who viewers thought won the debate.
4:00 am
joe biden, by 14 points. and it's interesting, right? the second debate trump might have bested the first debate donald trump, but according to the poll, he didn't beat the guy he's actually running against. once again, the president made the false claim that we're rounding the corner and that coronavirus will go away. vice president pence warned that a dark winter is coming. we'll let you answer that. thank you. >> there's not a serious scientist in the world who thinks it's going to be over soon. >> president trump, your reaction? >> i didn't say over soon. i said, we're learning to live with it. we have no choice. we can't lock ourselves up in a basement like joe does. >> he says that we're learning to live with it. people are learning to die with it. you folks home will have an empty chair at the kitchen table this morning. that man or wife going to bed tonight and reaching over to try to touch their -- out of habit, where their wife or husband was, is gone. learning to live with it? come on! we're dying with it. >> coronavirus deaths are increasing in more than


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