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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 23, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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people contracted the virus, inviting the virus into the white house, hosting what dr. fauci called superspreader event, endangering more people's lives by telling the public, don't worry, don't worry about the disease, don't let it dominate you. how many people from arizona will end up suffering because their loved one listened to the president. kristen said her dad listened to president trump, voted for him, believed him that the virus wasn't a big deal. her dad became infected and died. kristen says her dad's only pre-existing condition -- this is her quote -- the only pre-existing condition was trusting donald trump, end of quote. even after contracting the virus himself, donald trump still, still refuses to promote universal mask wearing which could have saved nearly 100,000
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lives and could still save over 100,000 lives in the next few months. the longer donald trump is president, the more reckless he gets. we don't have to be held prisoner by this administration's failures. we can choose a different path. we can do what americans have always done, come together and meet the challenge with grit, compassion and determination. and today i'm going to tell you exactly what i plan to do if i have the honor of being elected your next president. i'll immediately put in place a national strategy that will position our country to finally get ahead of this virus and get back our lives. i'll reach out to every governor in every state, red and blue, as well as mayors and local officials during transition to find out what support they need and how much of it they need. i'll ask the new congress to put
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a bill on my desk by the end of january with all the resources necessary to see how both our public health and our economic response can be seen through the end, what is needed. look, a pandemic doesn't play favorites, nor will i. as i said, no red states, no blue states, just the united states, united in our response, united in our purpose to stop the spread of covid-19 and beat this virus. first, i'll go to every governor and have them mandate mask wearing in their states. if they refuse, i'll go to the mayors and county executives and get local mask wearing mandates in place nationwide. if needed, i'll mandate all federal buildings and all mass transportation, because masks save lives, period. just look what happened in arizona. republican governor initially
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tried to bar local governments from implementing mandates on their communities. what happened? in june arizona got hit with a surge of cases. hospitals were flooded. the state health system was overwhelmed. so cities and counties appealed the governor's ruling. they imposed their own local mandates, covering most of the state. the result? cases fell by 75%. wearing a mask is not a political statement, it's a scientific imperative. it's a point of patriotic pride so we can pull our country out of this god-awful spiral we're in. and it's a testament to the values we were taught by our families and by our faiths. love thy neighbor as thyself. second, i'll put a national testing plan in place with a goal of testing as many people each day as we're currently
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testing each week, a seven-fold increase. there is a key difference in this campaign between donald trump and me. i believe in testing. donald trump does not. i believe in science. i believe in public health officials. i believe in the example of other countries which prove that widespread testing is needed to regain the health of our nation, to reopen safely and, critically, to stay open. every school, every worker, every american should have easy access to regular, reliable, free testing. to achieve this, we need to increase both lab-based diagnostic testing with results back in 24 hours or less, and faster, cheaper screening test that you can take right at home or in school. look, what we have right now isn't anywhere near good enough.
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states are still i am pro mimpi the fly. schools still don't know when to get a test or how. this isn't impossible to master, not if we direct a coordinated effort across government and the private sector, instead of leaving chaos to rein. we'll manufacture the life supplies needed to make sure we have enough tests. and we'll tap more of our nation's lab capacity so you can get your test results more quickly. we'll build a national corps of contract tracers to work closely with the trusts organizations in these communities that are most at risk. we'll also take steps to ensure that no one has to choose between getting a test and putting food on the table.
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look, no othat no one, no one i scared of getting a test to ruin their immigration status. we'll close the ppe gap and get the gear out where it's needed. every health care worker will have a reliable supply of properly fitted n-95 masks. it's unconscionable. we're more than eight months into this crisis, and front line health care workers are still rationing their personal protective equipment. as president, i'll use the full power of the defense production act to drive the manufacture of personal protective equipment, masks, gloves, gowns and more, and ensure that it's distributed equitably. look, we won't stop until the
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nation's supply exceeds the demand and our stockpile is replenished, especially in hard-hit areas and in communities that are disproportionately impacted by the virus. i will appoint a fully empowered supply commander who is in charge of filling in the gaps. we'll make sure we can manufacture critical supplies right here at home so we're not dependent on other countries in this crisis. fourth, we'll provide consistent, reliable, trusted, detailed nationwide guidance and technical support for reopening safely. and the resources to make it happen. we need a single source of guidance that we can trust where we know the information won't change for any reason other than the science that guides it, not political expediency, not public image. it won't be easy as to open or
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close. social distancing isn't an on or off thing, and we're learning every day about the virus and how it spreads. we need to be able to adapt and adjust our behavior to responsibly respond appropriately. but schools and businesses can't make responsible decisions if they don't have the information, the science. it's not just more detail-effective guidance they need, it's consultations and technical support so people have a place to turn with their questio questions. it's having a government that's in your corner, not a government that's turned its back on you. once we get our federal, state and local governments working together, once there's universal masking, enough ppe and testing to go around, science-backed guidance to help us make the right decision, then we can get our kids back to school safely, our businesses growing, and our
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economy running again without wasting another minute. as i said last night, i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm not going to shut down the country. i'm going to shut down the virus. and, finally, we focus on developing safe and effective treatments and distributing a safe and effective vaccine. president trump claims he found a cure. well, let me tell you, yet we have 1,000 people dying each day. more than 40,000 people are in hospitals right now battling the virus. life-saving therapies shouldn't just be available to the wealthy and well connected. we need to make sure they're available to everybody, available and affordable. it's also possible we could learn any day that one of these vaccines currently in trial is showing itself to be effective. that will be a wonderful day for our people and people around the
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world everywhere. whether it comes next week or in the next two months. but it will still be many months before any vaccine is widely available. and we need a president who will take responsibility for making sure it gets to every single person in this country in a way that's equitable and accountable. we need a president who, in the meantime, is doing his job to protect the american people. once we have a safe and effective vaccine, it has to be free to everyone. whether or not you're insured. let me say that again. the vaccine must be free and freely available to everyone. this is just one more reason why it's so despicable that donald trump is fighting in the middle of a pandemic to get the u.s. supreme court to strike down the entire affordable care act which
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i worked so damn hard to get the votes for. under the aca, insurers are required to cover recommended vaccines for free. so overturning the aca would mean people have to pay to get covid-19 vaccine. that's wrong. very, very wrong. unlike donald trump, i believe health care isn't a privilege, i think it's a right. that's why as president, i'll protect and build on the aca by adding a public option that will compete with private plans to expand coverage and lower health care costs across the board. i'll bring down drug prices by allowing medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies. i'll make sure americans have insuran insuran insurance, those with insurance have access to free covid-19 vaccine. i'll direct the federal government to bulk-purchase as
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many doses as necessary of the covid-19 vaccine so we can provide it free to those who are uninsured, underinsured or medicaid eligible. throughout all of this, yes, mr. president, i'll listen to the scientists and i'll empower them. i know how much president trump has damaged faith in our institutions, in our leaders, in government itself. we have to rebuild the trust between the public and his public servants. it's one of the most difficult tasks we'll face in the coming years. but if i'm elected president, i'll always give it to you, as fdr said, straight from the shoulder. i'll deliver on my promises. i'll listen to the american people no matter what their politics. i'll let the doctors and scientists speak freely so you can make the best decision possible for yourself and for your family.
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and i won't let four years of donald trump rob us of the most fundamental american qualities, our hope in the future and our faith in ourselves. we can beat this virus. we're not too divided to achieve big things. we're america. we can do this. we've never failed when we work together. imagine a true nationally coordinated plan where we spare no expense so our schools have the resources they need to reopen, with full health and safety protocol in place. imagine every small business getting a restart package that helps cover the cost of installing plexiglass, providing ppe and more to minimize the risk of exposure to customers and workers. imagine all americans and people with disabilities having the peace of mind that comes with trusting that the public health system is working for them. imagine, instead of staying locked up in their rooms, they're able to hug their
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grandchildren or those who they love and haven't been able to see. imagine if you're a member of a community that's been hit particularly hard. black, latino, asian americans or native americans. imagine a public healthy response that treats your needs as a priority, not as an afterthoug afterthought. imagine a day in the not too distant future when you can enjoy dinner with your friends ask your family, and maybe even go out to a movie. when you can celebrate your birthday, weddings, graduations, surrounded by your nearest and dearest friends. that's the biden/harris agenda to beat covid-19. it's going to take all of us working together. and that's not hyperbole, all of us working together, watching out for one another. we're all still going to have to wear a mask, practice social
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distancing a while longer. it's going to be hard. but if we follow the science and keep faith with one another, i promise you, we'll get through this and come out the other side much faster than the rate we're going now. look, you all know this, the american people have always given their best to this country in times of crisis. and this time isn't any different. i'm not joking when i say this, i think every day about the brave doctors and nurses and hospital workers, police officers, firefighters, emts and other first responders who, not figuratively, but literally are putting their lives on the line day in and day out to care for people. i think of the essential workers who carry the rest of us on their shoulders through these many months. the grocery store clerks, the delivery clerks, the drivers,
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the folks on the assembly line, the meat packers and so many more. people too often overlooked, too often overlooked, undercompensated, have given the best to their country when we need it the most. think of the small businesses who moved heaven and earth to try and take care of their employees and keep their businesses open. sadly, all of those who couldn't because they didn't get the help they were promised. i think of the parents at home juggling the demands of overseeing their child's educations. i think about the educators who are spending hours learning how to teach online. they're doing what they always do, giving above and beyond for their students. i think of the families in the communities who have stepped up, donating to charities, doing grocery runs for older relatives
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and neighbors, finding new ways to connect and support one another. that's the america we know. that's the united states of america. that's who we are. and like john f. kennedy, when he committed to take us to the moon, he said, i refuse to postpone the possibilities that exist for this country. i refuse to postpone. refuse to postpone the american purpose to not only lead our country back but lead the entire world. there's no challenge, there is no challenge we cannot meet. no enemy we're unable to face. no threat we can't conquer. if we stand together united, bound by our common resolve, determination and values. folks, together we can harness a little bit of the potential of the american people not just to
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get back where we were before this virus hit us, but to get back better. i promise you, and you know it in your heart, we can do this. we must do this. and we will do it together. you know we can do it. this is the united states of america. may god bless you all and may god protect our front line workers and all those who have lost a loved one. thank you and keep the faith. >> welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. you've been listening to former vice president biden speaking about the pandemic crisis. he was in delaware over this final 11-day stretch of this race. he responded to president trump over his mishandling of the pandemic. that was a key issue in last night's debate. both candidates are claiming
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victory in that final debate, which was the last major opportunity for biden and trump to make their closing arguments to tens of millions of voters at the same time. arlette saenz joins us live now. arlette, handling the coronavirus response, explaining how he would handle it differently, this has become perhaps the closing message for joe biden. >> reporter: yeah, jake, joe biden has been reliably consistent in trying to turn the coronavirus pandemic and the impacts it has had on the economy into the defining issues of this campaign. you heard that from him last night during the debate and again today as he warned of this dark winter that is coming as the coronavirus progresses throughout the country. he also once again was quite critical of the president's handling of the virus, saying that he has quit on america, quit on people, and has had no plan. what we also heard from joe biden today were some policy specifics, running through what he would do as president. biden saying that he wouldn't
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wait until he was president to start working on this coronavirus pandemic issue, that during the transition, he would start talking to governors to figure out what they need to help in their state, so that once he's in office he can basically hit the ground running with being able to address those concerns. he's also saying that he's going to call for congress to put a bill on his desk to address public health and economic resources that are needed to get the country through this virus. biden also talked a little bit about that mask mandate. he's acknowledged that he can't mandate a mask wearing for everyone, but in this speech, he said he would go to governors, and if the governors would not require masks in their states, he would go to mayors and local officials to get that done in addition to mandating masks in federal buildings. one other interesting note was the way that biden talked about vaccines. he tied this back to the affordable care act. as president trump and republicans are pretty firm in their desire to try to dismantle
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obamacare. biden pointed out that the affordable care act covered vaccines, and if the affordable care act is dismantled, that would mean people would have to pay for their vaccines. biden wants to be sure that vaccines would be free for all americans so they would have access to that in this critical time of the pandemic once this vaccine is approved. but one of biden's overarching message here is he would rely on science. you heard president trump mocking the scientists, and biden says, yes, that's true, we will listen to scientists because that's what's needed to guide us in this coronavirus pandemic. you heard biden talk about the need for everyone to work together. consider the people around you. mask wearing is going to be critical to get out of this crisis, he says, and to just think about the ways that americans all need to work together to try to address this pandemic. biden really keeping his focus in the closing days of this campaign as they believe this
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will pay off with voters. jake? >> all right. arlette saenz, thank you very much. let's bring in dr. peter hotez. he's at the vaccine center at texas children's hospital. joe biden said he would push for quicker lab results, a contact tracing network and more ppe for health care professionals. are we not doing that enough? what do you think? what's your analysis of those proposals? >> well, jake, my big picture is i thought this was an extremely important speech, and it was important for two major reasons. the first is the timing. this is a terrible day. we just hit 75,000 new cases in the united states, which is the second highest number ever in this pandemic in the united states. so we are looking at an awful, awful fall/winter surge, and we need some guidance and direction that we haven't been getting. the other reason in terms of the
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timing is because it also coincides with the new report from the institution for health metrics that we're probably looking at 511,000 american deaths by february 28th unless we do something. and the report also finds that if we can ensure 99% wearing of masks, we can save 130,000 american lives. this is serious stuff. first of all, the timing was very important. and, second, this is the first time we've really heard about a national plan, a national road map. this is what we've been suffering because of not having from this current administration in the white house. there never was a national plan. it was letting the states take the lead. the u.s. government did provide some backup manufacturing support for ventilators and ppe, but no direct guidance, which is what we needed. and the states never had the epidemiologic horsepower to know
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how to control this epidemic. this is why we needed the full force of the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention to provide the guidance and directives on how to do that. the governments and the states never knew how to do this, and this is one of the major reasons why we have now 225,000 deaths with those horrible projections. and also the masks were never encouraged, and we heard from the vice president, from joe biden, that he is going to contact these individual governors, and the reason why that's so important is because last night we had the south dakota governor send out that tragic tweet, and even though they're in the epicenter of this epidemic right now and hundreds of south dakotans are about to lose their lives, she's not going to encourage mask wearing. she's saying it interferes with individual freedoms. come on, we are ten months into this horrible epidemic and she has the ability to save hundreds, maybe thousands, of
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lives of south dakotans and still cling to see these ideas of health freedom and medical freedom, as they call it, or discrediting masks and fake concepts of herd immunity. this has to stop. clearly the only way this is going to happen is if we get some big change in leadership in washington. >> i want to ask you about that, because obviously the american people are looking at the choice they have in front of them. president trump or joe biden for direction in leadership in this crisis. coronavirus cases are up in 32 states. daily cases, as you just noted, hit 71,000 yesterday. that's the highest number we've had since july. the number of hospitalizations in the u.s. reached 41,000. that's a two-month high. and, tragically, the weekly average of deaths caused by coronavirus is around 760. that's the highest weekly average we've had in a month. you've been warning of a worsening pandemic in winter months. last night we heard joe biden
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say that a dark winter is coming, and we also heard president trump say that we're turning the corner. who is right? >> vice president biden is correct. vice president biden is following what the scientists have been telling him now for months, that we are in the middle of the beginning of our third big peak where the projections, as i've indicated, hundreds of thousands more american deaths. look, i understand, everyone's exhausted, everyone is fatigued by a whole year of covid-19. but the reality is that the worst could be yet to come, and that the beginning has been more or less the warm-up act for what's about to hit. we're already seeing that across the northern states. if you look at covid-19 heat map, the whole northern part is lit up from idaho all the way to minnesota and wisconsin. and it's going to continue like that. it's about to move -- it will go into the northeast and will
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likely occupy the entire nation, and the numbers, the projections are real. 511,000 americans will have died by february 28th unless there is an intervention. to give you a comparison, the horrible 1918 flu pandemic, that historic pandemic, that killed 640,000 americans. we are reaching those kinds of numbers. and unless we have national guidance, we will almost certainly head towards that point. the one thing i am worried about is, even if the vice president wins the election, it's still january 20th before he gets up and we start all of this, and how do we navigate the post-election period, that lame duck period? i'm really worried for the nation over that time. >> and we also don't know who is going to win. that's another matter altogether. dr. peter hotez, thank you very much. appreciate it. while joe biden details his coronavirus proposal, president trump is about to hold a campaign rally at one of the largest retirement communities
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and we're back with the 2020 lead. in the next hour, president trump will kick off the first of two rallies in florida, once again ignoring the health recommendations of his own administration and holding potential superspreader events, putting the american people at greater risk during a deadly pandemic. cnn's kaitlan collins is traveling with the president in the villages in florida. the president is about to hold a rally in the villages. it's a retirement community. this is a demographic and must-win state for the
12:33 pm
president. we know that seniors are far more susceptible to coronavirus than any other demographic. are you seeing there steps being taken to protect seniors gathering in a crowd during a pandemic? are they requiring masks? are they doing anything? >> reporter: no, jake. this actually looks a lot like the president's normal rallies he's been holding for the last several weeks. when we were coming in, we did see a lot of people wearing masks, they were all filing in, but now we're here, and we should note it's outdoors and we're on a really big piece of land because we're by thevil the villages at the polo field. there are a lot of people bunched together and not wearing masks while they're out here. there are a lot who are but certainly a lot who are not. it certainly does mirai lror a of the president's rallies. that's a concern here, because even the president acknowledged last night the pandemic that is
12:34 pm
still very much happening, he talked about how older people are more susceptible, they are more as a rule navulnerable. that's the concern here, he's gathering all his supporters together not wearing masks and not social distancing, jake. >> and, kaitlan, the bar was low but president trump seemed to reach it. he took a less combative approach than he did at the first debate. he wasn't constantly interrupting. i guess the question is, do trump allies, does the trump campaign think that there is still the potential for the president to have moved the needle for undecided voters or any of these demographics he struggled with, seniors or women? >> reporter: well, based on the conversations i had, the way they were looking at that final presidential debate is that if the president had a repeat of that first performance, it was going to hurt him. they know what the poll numbers look like, they're looking at the same polls that you and i are looking at. so they knew he needed a better
12:35 pm
performance which last night objectively was, because as you saw the president was restraining himself and not interrupting as he was in the first debate. but the question is just because they believe the president performed so much better last night, does that change voters' minds, or is it too late for the president to have done that? based on a lot of people we spoke with, even republican lawmakers, they wish that had been the donald trump the nation had seen during the first debate, when people were casting early votes. we know how many have been cast, millions of them. they wish the president had shown that then because they feel a crunch in the last few days as the president is doing now with all these rallies really helped pull them over the line. now they're concerned that's not the case as so many are going to early vote or absentee vote already, so they won't have as many going in on election day. the president did perform better this their eyes. they basically viewed it not as donald trump beating joe biden but good donald trump beating
12:36 pm
bad donald trump last night. the question is if it's actually going to change anybody's mind. >> kaitlan, put your mask back on. appreciate t. the numbers are in. more than 55 million people watched the presidential debate, and they said they had the best online performance at any point in his campaign, both 2020 and 2016. still, biden maintains a big cash advantage over president trump with over $7 million more than president trump. van, let me start with you. biden is the frontrunner, so last night he really just needed to stay the course. how do you think he did? >> look, i think he did well. if you're a trump supporter after that first horrific debate, then he gets covid and throws a fit and won't be part of the video thing, you're just hoping anything good would happen, and something good did happen in terms of trump's
12:37 pm
performance was as solid as he's ever done. he did a good job, it's just probably too late. at the same time if you're a biden supporter, every time he looked to the camera, and he was talking directly to the american people about our pain and his plan, that was working for our side. so this was more like a draw, but unfortunately, when you're as far behind in the polls as trump is, a draw is not good enough. >> i watched your comments last night, i know you're more happy with his performance in this debate than the first debate. do you think he will actually make inroads with any voters, though? >> i do, actually. some of the national polls, jake, there's been a lag between trump's job approval and his ballot share against biden, and i've always struggled to understand, well, if you approve of all of his policies, why aren't you voting for him? there is a clear answer, of course, because all the folks are worn out. i like the tax cuts, i like the judges, i don't like the tweets
12:38 pm
and i don't like feeling worn out every day. last night he reminded them of why they voted for him before and why they have largely supported him, and that's because they see that a republican president who is arguing on policy and arguing on the things that they like, they see what that looked like. if that happened in the first debate, i think we would be having a different conversation right now. it's unfortunate for him it came in the last debate. wobbly, conservative, center right suburbanites, i think it checked a box for them. and senior citizens, if they were watching, that's the kind of republican performance they recognize as well. >> and he falsely claimed to have done more with the black community than any other president with the possible exception of abraham lincoln. it's a crazy thing to say when you look at the records of lyndon johnson. he also said something else that was a little controversial. this. >> i am the least racist person, i can't even see the audience
12:39 pm
because it's so dark, but i don't care who is in the audience, i'm the least racist person in this room. >> eight in ten black americans believe trump is a racist, according to a "washington post" ipsos poll earlier this year. why does the president make comments like that rather than acknowledge that he has said things that seem insensitive but he wants to work on it? >> well, that's not his style. i think it's really unfortunate, because donald trump, this is the third time i'm saying it and i'll keep saying it. he has done good things for blacks. college stuff, i worked on criminal stuff, i saw him embrace and treat african-americans well, there are things he doesn't get credit for. but the recent he doesn't is
12:40 pm
because he also says very incendiary stuff and he violates the one rule of blackness, which is, i don't mess with people who mess with people i don't mess with. in other words, i'm not friends with people who are friends of my enemies. and so the black community can appreciate some of the stuff he's done, but when they see him play footsie on twitter with national organizations, it just wipes it all out. if they had a disciplined strategy of being a consistent ally with the black community and being an enemy of the white nationalists, we would be in a very different spot, and that's the tragedy of these mixed messages from the trump white house. >> scott, i know the trump campaign is jumping all over comments that biden made and the controversy about whether or not he wants to move away from fracking or not. it would be political malpractice for them not to seize that. take a listen to what biden said last night. >> i never said i oppose fracking. >> you said it on tape. >> show the tape.
12:41 pm
put it on your website. >> i'll put it on. >> put it on the website. the fact of the matter is, he's lying. >> here's what biden said in 2019 during a cnn democratic debate. >> thank you, mr. vice president. just to clarify, would there be anyplace for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking in a biden administration? >> no, we would work it out. we would make sure it's eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those, any fossil fuel. >> we should know that without an act of congress, any president cannot issue an outright ban on fracking across the u.s., and the biden campaign is saying he means no more subsidies for fracking, not no more fracking. but if it is banned, obviously that would kill tens of thousands of jobs in pennsylvania, ohio, texas, many of the states at the heart of the race. >> yeah, look, i mean, the message to energy-centric voters
12:42 pm
is, if you remember what the obama-biden administration did to coal, that's what they're planning to do with fracking and that's what they're planning to do to oil. while they can't universally pass laws, they can certainly implement a regulatory regime that makes it extremely difficult to use fossil feeuels and that's what biden indicated. he's all over the map. he said one thing in the primary, he's saying another thing now. his running mate, even more for anti-fracking, anti-fuel. if you're in pennsylvania, texas, ohio, donald trump has been right with you all along. joe biden has been all over the place and now he's struggling to explain it. those voters have not yet voted and i think it's good for the trump campaign. >> you think this is a good thing for young voters who care a lot about climate change, van? >> also, you can't be for coal and fracking. what took coal down was fracking. it wasn't the obama
12:43 pm
administration, it was the cheap natural gas that fracking poured in. people want to have it both ways on the other side, too, coal and the fuel that replaces coal. he gets his words tangled up. i think he was trying to say in his world, we're going to start removing subsidies for dirty energy and give more help to clean energy, and most americans agree with that. >> thank you both, i appreciate it. hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved if americans did just this one thing. stick around. still a father. but now a friend. still an electric car. just more electrifying. still a night out. but everything fits in. still hard work. just a little easier. still a legend. just more legendary. chevrolet. making life's journey, just better.
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a brand new study finds that widespread mask use could save more than 100,000 lives in the united states between now and february. 100,000. cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is standing by with the details. elizabeth, break down the numbers for us. exactly how do they arrive at this number? how do the authors describe widespread mask use? >> so, jake, this is a group out of the university of washington that has been doing much of the modelling we've been talking about. they're modelling using
12:49 pm
statistics, what would happen if. and here's what they came up with. they said if everyone always wore a mask in public, or most people, this is what would happen. right now about 49%, about half of americans report always wearing masks in public. if we could get that 49% number up to 85%, we could save 95,000 lives from late september looking forward until the end of february. if we could get that number up to 95%, we could save more than 129,000 lives. it is so unclear why anyone, including the president, keeps dissing masks. it doesn't make sense, they save lives. this study, this modelling shows it. other kinds of studies have shown it and there is no downside to masks. jake? >> what sdoes the study say abot the need for further lockdowns. >> it's interesting, they said
12:50 pm
if we could get the number of lockdowns up, we could get cases down. if that was the case, maybe you wouldn't have to do other things, you wouldn't have to do these lockdowns, maybe you wouldn't have to take these steps. so when people talk about let's open up more, well, we could open up more if more people wore masks. >> and some of the states without mask mandates are now seeing their highest levels of infection. tell us seeing highest levels of infection. >> south dakota could not have a mask mandate op on wednesday she said south dakota is doing good. when you take a look just today, they posted a record number of cases more cases per day than they have had ever in this pandemic. it is hard to see how that is doing good. it is hard to understand why they won't have a mask mandate. >> south dakota governor you're quo quoting. >> right. >> 11 days until the presidential election an astonishing 50 million voters have casted their ballots vice
12:51 pm
president mike pence who cast his ballot in indiana along with his wife. i wonder who he voted for. cnn pamela brown reports in our latest installment of "making it count. >> reporter: the election just 11 days away, more than 50 million americans have already turned in their ballots. >> well, i would rather get it done and over with and do it early, that way i know i've voted. >> reporter: more than half of those votes come from cnn 16 most competitive states. one of the fiercest battle grounds north cool 200 when wmi ballots have been cast. many are choosing to vote in person across the covid-19 across the country. most say they won't stop people without masks from voting. they will be asked to fill out a ballot outside or in an isolated
12:52 pm
area. some voters agree with the approach. >> i think it's really important for people to vote and so it's important to accommodate them. if they don't choose to wear a mask, they still have the right to vote and i think as long as the accommodations are reasonable. >> reporter: on election interference, they say russians have stolen data. it's unclear how it come to use. >> iran and russia have taken specific actions to influence public opinion relating to our elections. >> reporter: the federal government issued two new cyber security alerts warning that state and local governments were targeted but officials say election infrastructure has not been compromised. the intelligence community generally agrees that russians interfered four years ago to help trump win, despite that, president trump slammed the assessment again at last night's debate. >> the one thing that is common
12:53 pm
to both of them, they both want you to lose because there has been no nobody tougher to russia between the sanctions, nobody tougher than me on russia. >> reporter: intelligence experts agree stopping russia should be the priority. >> russia has been interfering in the run-up to our election already and from my part, at least, is the far more serious threat than iran. >> reporter: this as 2020's first election ransom ware attacks hit georgia. officials in hall county say the hacks affected a voter signature database and precinct maps but security believe it wasn't affected and it was not driven by politics. there is new information. the trump campaign intermediate voters going to a polling station in philadelphia and found three people who had more than one ballot. under pennsylvania law, you can drop off someone else's ballot
12:54 pm
if they have a disability but it has to be in writing. the trump campaign claims this is just the tip of the iceberg but the secretary of the commonwealth says filming people as they are going to polling stations could be voter intimidation which is illegal in pennsylvania. jake? >> pamela brown, thank you. breaking news on one of the coronavirus vaccine trials here in the united states. that is next. (burke) deep-sea driving, i see... (customer) something like that... (burke) well, here's something else: with your farmer's policy perk, new car replacement, you can get a new one. (customer) that is something else. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ record heat waves, does that worry you? well it should. because this climate thing is your problem. forty years ago, when our own scientists at big oil predicted that burning fossil fuels could lead to catastrophic effects, we spent billions to sweep it under the rug. so we're going to be fine. but you might want to start a compost pile and turn down the ac, you got a lot of work to do. because your kids are going to need it. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this
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love you guys, bye. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin the second hour with the 2020 lead. joe biden and donald trump are both making final pitches to american voters. a short time ago, biden wrapped up remarks trying to draw contrast between his plan to contain the coronavirus pandemic and the president's handling or mishandling of the virus so far. it is a contrast as biden pushes for more mask mandates and ramping up testing and contact tracing. this hour, president trump is holding the first of two rallies in florida and once again holding potential superspreader events and putting the american people at greater risk.
1:00 pm
a more normal match june than the first face-off the last time which developed into chaos with the the president's frequent interruptions and attacks. more than 50 million ballots already cast this election as cnn kaye kaitlan collins reports. >> reporter: after clashing on the debate stage last night, biden and trump on the campaign trail 1 1 days to go. >> i think this was better. this was a more popular way of doing it. no, i think, you know, i wanted to play by the rules. i felt very strongly about it. >> reporter: meanwhile in delaware, joe biden continued his criticisme