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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 23, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news! >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." we are following breaking news. more than 223,000 americans are now lost their lives in the coronavirus pandemic as the number of known cases here in the united states has now topped 8.4 million. a very disturbing sign. the number of hospitalizations is now at the highest level since august. but despite the country's frightening trajectory, a new study shows that as many as 130,000 americans lives could be saved if people would simply wear masks. we are following all of the breaking lex ne ining election . president trump is in must-win state of florida and his performance last night was less g combative in the presidential
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election. trump has given up on fighting the pandemic says biden. 11 days until the election more than 50 million early votes in the united states already have been past. let's begin with more on the breaking campaign news. our chief white house correspondent jim acosta is joining us from florida. the president speunderstands ho important florida is to him. >> reporter: that's right. the debates behind him president trump in the fight of his political life and trailing joe biden in florida where he is campaigning tonight. we are stationed outside the president's upcoming event in pensacola. we can see trump supporters streaming into this venue behind us. hardly any of them wearing masks at this moment. we want to show you a live picture of a current trump rally taking place in the villages in central florida, a key part of that battleground state. trump export supporters not social distancing and not
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wearing masks as this coronavirus is raging across the u.s. ♪ >> reporter: campaigning in the must-win state of florida, president trump is predicting a comeback as he is trailing in the polls and running out of time. >> it will be a great red wave like you've never seen before. you're going to have a wave like you've never seen before. >> reporter: president is patting himself on the back after his less hostile debate with joe biden. >> i wanted to play by the rules and feel strong about it. two different styles. i'm able to do different styles if you had to. >> reporter: mr. trump is saying he has always responsibility for his responsible to the coronavirus. >> i always take responsibility. >> reporter: even though that is, obviously, not true. >> no, i don't take responsibility. >> reporter: as covid-19 cases are once again peaking in the u.s., the president and top administration officials gathered in the oval office without wearing masks. as mr. trump needled one reporter for using it. >> this is jeff mason. he has a mask on that is the largest mask i think i've ever
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seen. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci said the west riwing's resistan to mask setting -- >> virtually everybody is tested that day to go into the oval office but the image of that is something that may give the wrong impression to people. >> reporter: fauci acknowledged the president is listening to controversial task force member dr. scott atlas who doesn't say to wear a mask. >> yes, mr. president, i'll listen to the scientists and i'll empower them. >> reporter: at the debate the president was sending more mixed signals falsely claiming the virus is going away. >> we are rounding the turn. we are rounding the corner. it's going away. >> reporter: while also saying americans may have to grow accustomed to life with covid-19. >> i say we are learning to live with it. we have no choice. >> reporter: biden slammed mr. trump for that. >> he says we are learning to live with it. people are learning to die with
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it. anyone responsible for that many deaths should not remain at president of the united states of america. >> reporter: the president claimed he will is not a racist. >> i can't see the audience because it's so dark. but i don't care who is in the audience. i'm the least racist person in this room. >> reporter: while smearing undocumented immigrants who show up for their court dates. >> hate to say this but those with the lowest i.q. might come back. >> reporter: they say biden had a gaff when he wanted the u.s. to transition from fossil fuel to green energy. >> would you close down -- >> i would transition from the industry, yes. >> a big stachlt. >> it is a big statement because i would stop -- >> why would you do that? >> the oil industry pollutes significantly. i'd stop giving them federal subsidies. >> reporter: mr. trump tried to turn to benjamin netanyahu for help as he touted a peace deal between israeli and sudan. listen. >> you think sleepy joe could
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have made this deal, bb? do you think he would have made this deal somehow? i don't think so. >> well, mr. president, one thing i can tell you is we appreciate the help for peace from anyone in the america and we appreciate what you have done. >> yeah. >> reporter: even though the president is happy with his debate performance, not all of his advisers are pleased. i talked to one trump campaign adviser on who said the president did not deliver a knock-out blow against joe biden at a time when he needed it most. getting back to showing you how these supporters are behaving at these rallies, wolf, take you back to the villages in central florida. show you live pictures from there. again, supporters there are not social distancing and not wearing masks and i can tell you behind us as people are streaming into this pensacola rally, also again not wearing masks as they head into this venue. the president is packing in thousands of supporters into these rallies even though there is a track record that some of
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these supporters are getting sick after going to his events. wolf? >> clearly he still has a huge following. thousands of people showing up at all of these rallies in these key battleground states. jim acosta, thank you so much. let's get more on the breaking pandemic news right now. brian todd is working the story for us. i understand we are getting some important vaccine news? what is the latest? >> right. >> reporter: the drug maker astrazeneca is about to resume the experimental vaccine trial of its vaccine in the united states. that trial had been on pause since last month because a volunteer in great britain had suffered a neurological condition, but asextra ztrazene it's safe to resume the trial in the. america is by almost every metric in the stage of a surge.
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>> reporter: university of washington predicts 160,000 more americans could die by february 1st. 32 states are trending up and reporting new cases. there were more than 70,000 new cases across the country yesterday, the highest detaaily count in months. >> people are just tired. they are tired of months of mask wearing and social distancing. they are letting down their guard and, unfortunately, the coronavirus is not done with us yet even if we are done with the coronavirus so we need to double down on the basic measures. mask wearing is number one. number two, number three. >> reporter: in fact, that same modeling group at the university of washington says if 95% of americans wore masks in public, more than 100,000 lives could be saved through february. in the meantime, the head of the national institutes of health said a vaccine won't be the magic bullet if enough people don't get it. >> i've been talking to
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optimistically how we are likely to have a vaccine by the end of the year. but it's only 50% of americans are interested in taking it. we are never going to get to that point of immunity across the population where this covid-19 goes away. it could be here for years. >> reporter: in three coronavirus hot spots in the u.s., vastly different approaches to mask wearing. the mayor of new orleans says anyone not wearing a mask in her city could get a 500 dollar ticket. >> this is just another urge and another encouragement to follow the simple guidelines to put that mask on, keep your distance so we can stay on track. >> reporter: but in south dakota, the governor tweet that the government should not mandate mask wearing. quote. and in colorado, a federal judge has cited with two churches who sued. the judge ruling that the churches don't have to limit their indoor capacity and don't have to require parishioners to wear masks.
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it goes squarely against colorado's covid-19 rules. >> we will worship together. we will have congregational singing and do that without the government interfering. >> i find that somewhat confounding to the best of my knowledge, there is no religion in the world that does not put human life as the number one priority, the number one value. >> reporter: we have this just in as well. despite the proclamations by president trump and the united states is turning a corner with the virus the president's own surgeon general said this coming week, we will probably have what he says is the highest number of cases we have ever had on a daily basis in the united states. he notes that cases are going up in about 75% of the jurisdictions across the country and dr. adam said that invariable deaths will increase as well. >> i simply don't understand why president keeps saying we are turning the corner.
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it makes no sense at all. it's getting worse and worse. brian, thank you very much. joining me now, is a top vaccine expert who resigned from the federal government on october 6th several months after filing a whistleblower complainant. you heard brian todd's report showing there are troubling trends unfolding right now. coronavirus cases are surging and hospital saiizations are up. just how dire is the situation heading into the winter right now? >> thanks for having me on today, wolf. i'm very concerned about the numbers that we are seeing today. more cases today in the last 24 hours than we have seen for many months since the start of this entire pandemic. it was entirely predictable as he laid out in my testimony to the congress last may. if our government didn't step up
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and show leadership and put in place proper guidelines and strategies and plans to stop this pandemic and slow its spread, i predicted back in may that we would see the darkest winter in modern history. unfortunately, donald trump and his administration has failed to put any of those actions in place that we have talked about for months. president trump has failed to protect americans from this pandemic. he is still in denial. we heard that last night in the debates. he is still is not telling americans the truth. until americans hear the truth and see leaders leading by example, they are not following the best public health guidance and that is why we are seeing this skyrocket in cases and it will translate into more deaths. hundreds of thousands more deaths over the coming months. unless we have strong leadership and everyone takes action now. >> but there are some developments involving
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therapeutics, some developments of vaccine which is your specialty. what is your reaction to the news from astrazeneca, for example, that illustrates vaccine tri -- its vaccine trial will resume in the united states after safety concerns. you're a true expert in this field. what do you think? >> well, wolf, it's a sigh of relief. whenever we develop vaccines for anything, when we get into larger clinical studies, we are always going to find something that happens in a person and we have to stop and investigate whatever happens and determine if it was related to the vaccine or not. and determine if it poses some risk that will be greater than the benefit that we would see if we had a vaccine for that particular disease target. it sounds like the fda to their time to review this. astrazeneca provided the information and data it needed for the updated review. with the fda giving a green light to continue in that clinical trial tells me they are
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going to continue watching and monitoring closely for any similar events such as what they have seen already. however, the fda must be comfortable that either the event was rare or unsignificant for whatever they investigated and/or the company has a really strong plan in place to monitor for that to happen again. if it does, i'm sure the fda will be notified very quickly. i'm encouraged that the trial is continuing. i'm encouraged that we have five or six other clinical trials also in late stage development. so i think we are getting closer and closer to a vaccine. >> on the other hand, you heard what dr. francis collins, the national institutes of health, is warning if only 50% of americans are willing to go out there and get the coronavirus vaccine and god willing there will be a safe and effective vaccine either one dose or two doses, whatever it takes, the virus could still stick around for years if only half the american population is willing
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to take the vaccine. what does that illustrate to you? >> it illustrates we have a long road ahead of us still. even with an effective vaccine, you're right, americans have to take the vaccine. we have a lot of trust to rebuild amongst the american population and our government and the manufacturers who are making those vaccines. i think the politicization of the pandemic that we have seen by the white house, by president trump over the last several months, the political pressure on the cdc and the fda have not done anything to help build trust. i think, if anything, it's eroded trust. so the fda by using an external advisory panel as the vaccine become available is a critical step for that transparency i hope will build trust in the american people to take the vaccine. however, as dr. collins indicated, even when we have a vaccine, i think it's going to
2:15 pm
take another whole year from now before we have sufficient supplies and the process to vaccinate enough people across america and, therefore, we are going to still be wearing masks and social distancing for a a while even after we have a vaccine. >> dr. fauci told me a few weeks ago he thinks even with a vaccine that is safe and effective, most of us will still be forced to wear masks for most of next year given the fact that even a safe and effective vaccine might only be 70% effective meaning 70% of the people who get the vaccine will have a positive outcome from it, but for 30%, maybe it's not going to much at all. so this is a problem that is going to be around for a while. rick bright, thank you so much for joining us and thank you for your important work. >> thanks, wolf. up next, democratic presidential nominee joe biden talks about his pandemic plan and says we don't have to be, quote, held prisoner by what he says on president trump's failures. we are tracking the race to win
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fresh off last night's presidential debate joe bidin is back on the campaign trail intensifying his attacks on president trump and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. the former vice president today laid out part of the strategy for dealing with covid-19. tell our viewers what he said. >> reporter: it's clear in the final days of the election joe biden wants to keep the coronavirus front and center in
2:21 pm
this campaign. you saw him talk about it last night in the debate and in his speech today offering a different vision how he would approach the pandemic that is still gripping the country. he was once again critical of the president as he spoke in wilth wilmington, delaware are today. take a bit of a listen to more of what biden had to say earlier today in delaware. >> the longer donald trump is president, the more reckless he gets. we don't have to be held prisoner by this administration's failures. we can choose a different path. we can do what americans have always done, come together and meet the challenge with grit, compassion, and determination. >> reporter: biden also ran through a bit of the policy and strategy for how he would approach covid-19, should he become president. one of the things he said is that he wouldn't wait until becoming president being in the white house to get to work.
2:22 pm
he said that during the transition, he would start talking to governors about the resources that they might need in their states and he would push congress to have a bill on his desk by the end of january to provide resources for public health and economic concerns. biden also again talked about a mask mandate saying that he would press governors to institute that in their states if they didn't implement that, he would go to the mayors and local officials to try to get that done. biden acknowledging himself on a federal level he could only mandate masks in federal buildings. one of the over arching things you heard from joe biden he will listen to the scientists and what has guyed all of his response to the pandemic and he says that is how he would operate in the white house. now for biden's part campaigning the next few days they are likely to hammer away at this message. tomorrow he will have events in pennsylvania, that critical battleground state that president trump narrowly won in 2016. and he is also getting some more help from that top democratic
2:23 pm
surrogate president obama who will hit the campaign trail in florida. all events smaller, socially distance as they are trying to present that contrast to the president with the coronavirus. >> former president obama will be there for joe biden tomorrow is very, very significant. we will have a lot of coverage of that over the weekend. our thanks to you for that report. let's get more from cnn political correspondent abby phillip and former presidential adviser david gurgen. joe biden is focusing his message entirely on coronavirus. president on the other hand, is holding crowded mask-less events in the oval office and campaign rallies. this one that he is holding today with senior citizens packed without a lot of face masks, no social distancing at all in florida. what do you make of that contrast with just 11 days to go? >> wolf, the president is
2:24 pm
doubling down on this part of his re-election strategy. there has not been, despite the change of tone last night, a change in message from president trump. he is running on the coronavirus basically going away even though we know that that is not what is happening. he is running on this idea that he doesn't have to campaign with the virus in mind or even responsive -- being responsive to the concerns of voters on the issue of the virus. that is the contrast with joe biden. it could not be more clearer for voters. this is not an attempt by the trump campaign to try to narrow the differences between the candidates on covid and leave the broader differences on issues like the economy, which the president is on more sure footing on, and it's a real distinct choice. i'm not sure it's going to be work because we know, based on the polls, the american people are not satisfied with how the president is handling this virus. they think he needs to take it
2:25 pm
seriously and show more leadership and the kind of leadership they want to see is in the way that he behaves at the white house at these rallies and in his day-to-day life, in addition to sort of sending a broader message to the american public. >> david, despite what the president is saying, we are rounding the turn, coronavirus cases are surging throughout so much of the united states with only 11 days to go before election day. how much do you think this will weigh on those few undecided voters right now in those key battleground states who potentially could make the difference? >> if we are in the beginning stages of a dark winter as joe biden said last night, the next ten days, the media is going to have to decide if they are covering the presidential race or cover the pandemic. the truth is that they will cover how biden and trump respond to the pandemic. so far, trump is relying on these rallies, that doesn't provide an answer on the
2:26 pm
pandemic and there is no evidence in yet that his rallies are changing the margin joe biden has had a steady margin of eight to ten points ahead nationwide. that rallies don't seem to be cutting into that. we have seen no evidence at these rallies are extending people to vote early. most of the people -- a lot of people are voting early are democrats, not republicans. so i think the trump campaign has maybe they are just in a box and can't get tough on but they have mishandled the messaging and the focus on the pandemic to show real leadership. they are not showing real leadership and i think it's become a real drag on them and one of the reasons joe biden is likely to win at this point is that he is handling the pandemic with so much more respect for science. >> i wouldn't pay too much attention to those national polls. i would pay attention to five or six or eight battleground states where this election will be determined. national polls interesting but
2:27 pm
the current president lost the popular vote last time about 3 million but won the electoral collect and elected president of the united states. he needed 270 electoral votes. president trump might have missed his last chance to transthe trajectory of the race with 11 days to go last night. what does he need to 2k3wi6 himself a serious shot on election day with only a few days left? >> we have been just discussing it. the big drag on president trump is his handling of the virus and he has demonstrated that that is not going to change between now and election day. i do think last night that the change of tone, while it probably wasn't the kind of -- as jim acosta put it, the knockout blow that perhaps maybe his allies wanted, it was soothing to some republicans who are unlikely to vote for biden but wanted the president to sort
2:28 pm
of show a different kind of tenor of his voice, frankly. and especially for other republicans who are running on the same ballot as president trump. i think his change of tone was important for them impu but he still struggling with seniors and with women. he didn't offer them anything different in the substance of what he had say last night and not change his approach. we know that already. this is where the race is right now and i think this is probably where it's going to be in terms of the fundamentals between now and election day and a matter he gets enough people to support him or don't like joe biden to show up at the polls. >> i suspect he did reassure some of those undecided republicans with his performance last night. thank you both. coming up, president trump and joe biden are focusing in on those key states as they battle for the 270 electoral college votes needed to win.
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breaking news. more than 51 million votes already have been cast here in the united states. election day is still 11 days away. cnn's phil mattingly is tracking the race to win 270 electoral votes. what can we glean about the state of the race the candidates are focusing in these final few days? >> this is, obviously, crunch time. you can pick up signals and that is where they are going and how much they are spending. state of the race right now as it stands cnn race tracker has joe biden in a fairly comfortable position above the 270 votes he would need to win the election. but there is still a lot of time and a lot of money to be spent. that is where i want to start. pick um the ad spending the final two weeks of this campaign, joe biden has an edge but where he does not is in spending in florida. millions of dollars going to be kicked out the next several days but no question both campaigns
2:35 pm
are laser focused on the state of florida and it's not just the spending. it's the personal time. president barack obama going to be in miami this weekend. president trump currently in florida. mike pence heading there as well. here is the reason why. if you take a look at the gold states, these are the tossup states right now. give president trump every single tossup state except florida. we give that to joe biden who is in a comfortable position if president trump ticks away in arizona and pennsylvania and he won those states in 2016 and he would have to sweep the midwest in order to win if he loses florida. it's why everybody says florida is so crucial. it's why so much money has been spent there. the reality for the trump campaign is without florida, it's very unlikely the president will be re-elected. >> i don't think he can be reflectr reflectr re-elected if he doesn't carry florida and a battleground state and why he is in there today.
2:36 pm
it's where in the state he is going on that is also significant. tell us why. >> track back to 2016 to show why i think where he is speaking at this moment in the villages in sumter county, a retirement community. oldest median age in the country. this is not a county president trump is going to lose. why is he there? in florida, you're not about flipping counties. you're about running up in the counties that you traditionally win. here is why this county, even though president trump is going to win is a problem. up to the polling for seniors. those above 65. national exist polls in 2016 president trump carried seniors by seven points. in florida he blew it out won by 17 points. now take a look at where things stand right now nationally, down by ten points to joe biden. in florida, down by eight points to joe biden. . president trump has a serious problem if he is losing seniors right now, that is why he's in the villages right now and it's not exclusive to him. president obama is going to miami-dade. that is a democratic stronghold
2:37 pm
as well and democrats trying to raise their margins and their strongholds as well. >> the former president obama will try to get that vote out. the democrats who didn't bother to vote four years ago he wants them to show up at the polls this time around. that could be key to the determination of who wins florida. phil, thanks very much. coming up, with 11 days to go until the presidential election a truly extraordinary number of people already have voted early. we will have an update when we come back. also boston, massachusetts, the schools there go back to all remote learning as coronavirus cases are surging. i'll speak with the city's mayor when we come back. at visionworks, we want you to feel safe and we want you to see yourself in your new glasses and think, "ooh!" but if you get home and your "ooh" is more of a "hmm..." you have 100 days to change your mind. that's the visionworks difference. visionworks. see the difference. i was always comparing myself nefertitito my sisters.irl they were always thin and i wasn't... i ate a lot of food.
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call now so you can... retire better boston schools have just gone back to all remote learning as the city now faces a growing number of coronavirus cases. until yesterday, three high need students had been allowed back in the classrooms. joining us is mayor of boston, mayor marty walsh. thank you for joining us. i know you said you have not' seen transmission actually within the school, so why suspend in-person learning or rather than target those places like restaurants or nonessential venues? >> well, we have been following the science, wolf, from the very beginning here and the science and the data has showed us that a week ago, we were at a 4.4 infection rate for testing and in one week period it went from that to 5.7 and we just felt that it was a little on the edge
2:43 pm
there for us to continue to have in-person lean for high-need students. it was a really difficult decision. i was at the opening day of school on october 1st. the first time many young people were in school since back in march. and making that decision was probably one of the hardest decisions i've had to make since the coronavirus pandemic began here. >> it is such a painful decision because you have to explain this to the parents of these kids, for example, with special needs or kids who can't afford or don't have the internet or don't even have access to a good lunch at home. it's so difficult. how do you do that? >> well, you know, these kids need the physical therapy and they have challenges, physical challenges and it's implicated and hard for them i think to understand, you know, they are back with their teacher, each in the short period of time they were in school, they made gains and got back a lot of the gains they lost during the pandemic. so it's complicated.
2:44 pm
we have a structure in boston we are providing many of those families with in-home services during the pandemic. we served over 2 million meals to our kids in our schools and currently doing that. our whole district is remote now so we still have food locations set up and we are giving out thousands of meals a day to these kids because they get two meals a day in our schools. >> and sometimes those are the only good healthy meals these kids have access to. the city's positive iterate as you point has jumped to 5.7%. did that spike take you by surprise? >> it took me by surprise. we have seen a steady increase here for about four weeks now from 2.8% to 4.4. i was anticipating maybe a couple of percentage points here, maybe going 4.8, 4.9. when marty martinez, told me 5.7, i was taken aback. then we have watched the last several days here and go to another count in another day or
2:45 pm
so on another seven-day average and seeing the numbers go up significant. numbers we haven't seen since may. >> as you may have heard, dr. deborah birx, the white house coronavirus sponsor coordinator saying one of the reason for the spike we are seeing is people have moved their social gatherings indoors. how is that in boston where the weather is getting colder now? >> what we are seeing now in boston seeing a lot of house party both indoors and outdoors and 25, 30 people there, many people there and that is a problem. with we are seeing people a little lackadaisical with their masks and maybe putting them down around their chin and not having their nose covered. that's a problem. two of the areas that we are seeing the largest percentage of spikes in is people 30 and under obviously. then the latino community. we are focusing on both of those communities and how do we get information out to those. the latino community sometimes is a language barrier. sometimes it's generations of families living in a home together. younger people are doing it because the bars and
2:46 pm
restaurants, they are not what they are used to seeing there. it's causing an issue. we have been asking people the last several weeks what you do has impacts across the board and right now the impacts we are seeing are with our young people not able to go to school. >> boston mayor marty walsh, thank you for joining us. good luck to you and everyone in boston. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, wolf. coming up, new questions about voter intimidation as millions of americans cast early ballots. we will be right back. (vo) 5g just got real. iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro are here on verizon 5g. this new iphone plus verizon 5g... game changer. (vo) with the coverage of 5g nationwide and in more and more cities, the performance of 5g ultra wideband, the fastest 5g in the world. whoa. i downloaded a whole movie in under 30 seconds, how is that possible?
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the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system,
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replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. following multiple breaking stories in the break room. 52 million americans have cost ballots in the presidential election. more than a billion this hour a loan. that's a huge number, but i understand there are also some troubles, what are you hearing? >> yeah, that's right, wolf. continue as we learned tens of millions of voters have cast their ballots early, there is renewed scrutiny on voter intimidation, and foreign adversaries using stolen data to influence the elections.
2:52 pm
with the election just eleven days away, more than 50 million americans have already turned in their ballots. >> i would rather get it done and over with and do it early, that way i know i voted. >> half of those come from cnn's 16 most competitive states and one of the fiercest battle grounds, north carolina, over 2 1/2 million ballots have been cast. that's more than half of the total turnout in 2016. millions of people choosing to vote in person, amid the coronavirus surge across the country. most states with mask mandates say they won't stop people without masks from voting. they'll be asked to fill out a ballot outside or in an isolated area. some voters agree with the approach. >> it's important to accommodate them, and if they don't choose to wear a mask, they have the right to vote. >> and a new debate over what is considered voter intimidation, after filming voters at a
2:53 pm
philadelphia polling station, the trump campaign found at least three people dropping off more than one ballot eecach, wh their attorney believes is the tip of the iceberg. but voters are allowed to drop off ballots for people who are tabled and state officials warned the videos might be interrupted as intimidation. >> voter intimidation is illegal under state and federal law and video taping you, taking pictures of you without your consent is part of that. >> which the trump campaign calls categorically absurd. on election interference, intelligence officials confirm russian hackers have stolen election data. but it's unclear how the information will be used: officials say iran used voter information to send threatening e-mails that came to light this week. >> iran and russia have taken specific actions to influence public opinion relating to our elections. >> the federal government issued two new cyber security alerts
2:54 pm
warning that state and local governments were targeted by official says election infrastructure has not been compromised. the intelligence community generally agrees that russians interfered four years ago to help trump win, despite that, president trump slammed the assessment again at last night's debate. >> the one thing that's common to both of them, they both want you to lose because there has been nobody tougher to russia, between the sanctions, nobody tougher than me on russia. >> intelligence experts agree stopping russia should be the priority. >> russia has been interfering in the run up to our election already. and for my part at least is the far more serious threat than iran. >> we are learning more about 2020's first election ransom ware attacks that hit georgia. officials in one georgia county say the hacks affected a voter precinct map, and security experts believe the election infrastructure was not affected. that is important and that the
2:55 pm
attack was likely driven by profit, not politics, but ransom ware attacks are a concern of security experts because they can have chaos and confusion. coming up, president trump campaigning in the must win state of florida with just eleven days to go until the t election. he's still talking about last night's debate. we'll give you an update when we come back. of rejecting climate science, gutting protections for our air and water, and putting us at risk, isn't it time to wipe things clean? joe biden has led the way, with a bold plan that protects our environment while creating new jobs. and tougher rules for clean air and water. so all of us can live healthier lives. it's time to get back on track. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> we want to welcome our
3:00 pm
viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. we're following breaking news on the coronavirus and the worsening second wave. nearly 224,000 americans are dead. the u.s. case count keeps climbing and climbing and now hospitalizations are rapidly increasing, hitting the highest level since august. it's yet another alarming indicator of the dangers ahead. but a new study shows as many as 130,000 american lives could be saved over the next several months if most americans started to wear masks. also breaking, president trump is in the must win state of florida right now. he's still in need of a campaign reset even after he managed to give a more measured performance in his final debate with joe biden last night. the day after their faceoff with former v


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