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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  October 23, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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tonight with its star d. lemon right now. show is early because you deserve it. >> 20 seconds. you owe me about 25 minutes. >> i'll get you back. >> give me time. >> you're always supposed to sing that song with me. what happened? >> it's too instructive. he's wrong in terms of which republican president in the past, we know why he does it. it's herbert hoover. he denied the extent of the depression and wound up costing him that election. i don't know that will happen here but fdr came in with the big ideas about going big. i don't know why he didn't do that. the wall mentality is what everybody needs right now. throw everything at it. >> talk to margaret? hoover. she works with us. great grandfather. >> i know both halves of the hoov - hoovalons. >> if you warch archie bunker from queen, then you get an idea who's actually sitting in the white house right now.
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it's that kind of mentality or you think he may represent that sort of, what do you think? >> here's what i think. i think that this election is tough to call because it should be all pandemic. however, however, there is a parallel dynamic of this president seen as an agent of people's animus, their fear, their outrage, their humiliation, distaste for the elites and the system. and i coin the phrase from the movie "snatch" when one of the characters says, do you know what nemesis means? the righteous infliction of retribution manifested in the appropriate agent. that's what trump is. he is their animus. he is their virus. inserted into the political to make it sick and change. >> that part is true. but listen, i think that elite word, i wouldn't give too much to that elite word. what is elite? >> the rich. the limousine liberals. the people who run universities and institutions who look down on the working class.
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>> like sean hannity, like the rich, like tucker carlson, they're all rich. >> tucker carlson is absolutely checks every box of elitism. hannity has the working man vibe that just made a lot of money. >> still, that's rich. it doesn't matter. >> elite deals with looking down on others. >> yeah, but -- >> hannity never wore a bow tie. >> saying, don't just give people that because i don't really believe that liberals are looking down on others. i don't think -- >> it's not just liberals. there's a lot on the right. >> right. that's my point. that's my whole point. donald trump is one of them. >> republicans too. he bashes republicans and democrats. he's his own animal. he's his own thing. he talks about republicans being weak all the time. >> yeah. >> his people aren't necessarily for him because he's a republican. you hear very few trump folk say, well, he's a republican, so i'm going with him.
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those flags say trump. they don't say gop. they don't say republicans. >> he gives them license to do and say a lot of things, let's just put it that way. >> gop is grand ole party. his is a rave. >> we can go a lot of places with that, but i'll just get started with the show. >> that was good, you can have it. see you tomorrow. >> i'm don lemon. you know what? i didn't get myself in trouble on that one. normally i would, but it's been a long week, i'm not going to do it. you know why? as i sit here tonight, believe it or not, talking to you, there is just one full week left between now and election day. can you believe it? election day is already happening right now. 52 million people have already voted. 52 million. that's 52 million ballots already cast. 36% of people who voted in 2016 have already voted 11 days
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before election day right now. but there is one issue overshadowing everything. you know what that is, don't you? i don't have to tell you. it's the coronavirus. what it's done to this country. what it's done to our economy, and what it's done to all of us. our lives up ended because of a failure of leadership. >> tonight, we saw the president of the united states lie to the american people, repeatedly lie about the state of this pandemic. we saw him refuse to take responsibility for the crisis that should have been met with real presidential leadership. instead, it has cost hundreds of thousands of americans' lives, pushed millions into poverty. we saw him diminish the pain felt by so many americans. president trump said we're rounding the corner.
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it's going away. we're learning to live with it. there, quotes. but as i told him last night, we're not learning to live with it. we're learning to die with it. >> the former vice president not just laying the responsibility for the pandemic at the door of the white house, but also laying out his plan to actually do something, do something, imagine that, about the virus. sq >> i'll go to every governor, to mandate mask wearing in their state. if they refuse, i'll go to the mayors and get local mask wearing nationwide. as president, i'll mandate mask wearing at all federal buildings and interstate transportation because masks save lives. period. >> here's what is really remarkable about all of this. you know who agrees with joe biden? the man running against president trump on this?
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president trump's own top health official, dr. anthony fauci, this country's top infectious disease expert. the man america trusts on this virus. dr. fauci saying that there should be a mask mandate, which is what joe biden is calling for. >> if everyone agrees that this is something that's important and they mandated it, everybody pulls together and say, we're going to mandate it, but let's just do it, i think that would be a great idea to have everybody do it uniformly. one of the issues though, i get the argument, if you mandate a mask, then you're going to have to enforce it and that will create more of a problem. well, if people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it. >> there you go. listen, this is not, this shouldn't be political to wear a piece of cloth. should not. but you know who's made it political, right? the president, on the other hand, spent all week trashing dr. fauci, telling you, turn the
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corner. he's lying to you. how do you know he's lying to you? well, for one, because it's a safe bet, right? but also know because of what you're about to hear. this is from the president's own surgeon general. >> this week, we'll probably have the highest number of cases we've ever had on a daily basis in the united states and we're really concerned in a few weeks, we'll see deaths start to increase in our country. >> the worst week we have ever had, the worst, the highest number of cases we have ever had on a daily basis. those are the facts. that's the truth. that is not rounding the corner but the president is still insisting we're rounding the corner, even though we can all see that it is not true. even though every state but one is trending in the wrong
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directi direction. >> covid, covid, covid. they want to scare people and we've done so well with it. now it's 99.8%. i mean, you look at what's going on, and we're rounding the turn, we're rounding the corner, we're rounding the corner beautifully. >> do you really believe that? come on. the numbers are here, the numbers are just, go look up the numbers. rounding the corner beautifully? usually when someone says you're rounding the corner, they don't mean you're about to run right smack into a truck. but the president keeps on with the super spreader tour. like his rally today at the village's retirement community in florida with a packed crowd of seniors, hardly any of them wearing masks. seniors. the most vulnerable. this is absolutely crazy. all those people crowded together, virtually mask-free
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tto see the president so sick with the virus he ended up in walter reed, he got the virus by continuing to put himself in the position of being around a bunch of people without masks. it wasn't a sacrifice, it was stupid. he didn't want to get the virus, but it was just going to go away, it wasn't real, right? and it wasn't just him, remember? he ended up in walter reed. multiple people in the president's inner circle got sick, again, this is evidence and logic that i'm speaking right now. you may not agree with it, but it is the truth. the white house went into quarantine. chris christie was in an icu for seven days. the president keeps doing these rallies. it defies logic because there is no logic to it. he just keeps refusing to wear a
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mask, encouraging his own supporters to risk their own health and their lives. so it's interesting to hear him say this today. >> got to lead your life. and you know what? some people want to stay in and that's good, do it, do it. you know, i'm sort of like, lead your life, right? and some people agree with me, some people, but if you want to stay in, if you want to do what you're doing, do it. if you want to get out, you want to be careful, and socially distance and all of the things, you could wear a mask if you can't socially distance, there's a lot of things you can do. but some people want to stay in and that's okay. >> that would be what you would call, what we call do as i say, not as i do. before we go, there's a pivot, right? he's got a new tone. let me play you what the same man said just a few hours earlier in the oval office making fun of reuters' jeff
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mason for wearing a mask. >> this is jeff mason, he's got a mask on. that's the largest man i think i've seen, so i don't know if you can hear him. >> you know this president never changes, there's never a pivot, no new tone, no moment he grows into the presidency or rises to meet the level of the office. you know, president barack obama talked about that. we have waited for that for four years. well, some of you, never thought it was going to happen, but maybe you did, i don't know. he is still the man who said this about the virus six months ago today. >> i said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, you can do either through the skin or in some other way, and i think you said you're going to test that too. sounds interesting. and then i see the disinfectant knocks it out in a minute, one minute, and is there a way we
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can do something like that by injection inside or, you see it gets in the lungs and does a tremendous number on the lungs. it would be interesting to check that. >> that's the president. i can't believe it's been six months, i mean, that's been six months? that's crazy. seems like yesterday when we had the ole disinfectant bleach comment from the podium in the press briefing room. does a number on the lungs, knock it out in a minute, one minute, inside the body. the president of the united states. he claimed during the debate that he was kidding what he said that. doesn't really sound like he was kidding, does it? because he kept going on and on. there was no smile. like he knew, i know what i'm talking about. put it in the body.
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and there was something else that he said in last night's debate that shows you that he never changes. >> i am the least racist person, i can't even see the audience because it's so dark, but i don't care who's in the audience, i'm the least racist person in this room. >> wow. almost sounds like that was practiced, a rehearsed or like, pulled it out of like, you know, response box or something. because i'm wondering, where have we heai heard that before? are you racist? >> i am the least racist person that you have ever met. i am the least racist person. >> are you bigoted in any way? >> i don't think so. no, i don't think so. >> islam phobic? >> not at all. >> that was almost five years ago. boy, time flies. when the country's miserable.
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doesn't matter houmw many times that was sarcasm, by the way, the flying part at least. not as a president this time, because we know what else he said. we know what he said about white supremacist violence in charlottesville. we know he just wouldn't give a straight answer to the question of whether he disavowed david duke, the former head of the ku klux klan. he called african nations, and i quote, shit hole countries. baltimore being infested, i don't know how anyone would want to live there. infested. we know what he said about black athletes who dare protest police brutality and police injustice. we know. sons of bitches, remember that? just in case you forgot.
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words matter. president's words matter, i've said it before. you have the last word, and you know what that word is? your vote. all roads are leading now to a must-win florida tonight. former president barack obama stumping there tomorrow. president trump holding two rallies there today and our cnn polls show no clear leader in that state. the man who ran barack obama's campaign and worked on five gop campaigns both weigh in. they are next. at morgan stanley, a global collective of thought leaders offers investors a broader view. ♪ we see companies protecting the bottom line by putting people first. we see a bright future, still hungry for the ingenuity of those ready for the next challenge.
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so here is the breaking news. i have the numbers right here. the u.s. is reporting more than 77,000 new covid-19 cases today. as of right now, 77,289 cases, of course, a day is not over yet. so the second highest single day since the outbreak of the pandemic and just under the highest day of recorded cases back during the summer spike in july, july 16th. and with only 11 dies untays un
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election day, key issues on voters' minds right now. stewart stevens, former romney campaign adviser. i appreciate you both of you joining us. you're taking us back to a much more civil time than what's happening right now. jim, listen, i'll start with you. this is a home stretch. you've run a reelection campaign for the president. give us the state of the race, what do you think? >> right now, the president is trailing in every single battleground state and a bunch nationally, so he's got to turn this race around. and last night, don, just didn't do what he had to do. you'll continue the see to see president play around. turning the corner, covid's getting okay because incumbents need to say everything's okay but the problem, everyone in these swing states are seeing these numbers every night, and are seeing the cases go up in 49
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of the 50 states. and that's exactly the opposite of what the president of the united states is doing. the other thing is, this isn't just like, look at the polls time. look at the early vote numbers. i mean, i just got the new numbers about 10 minutes ago. 53.4 million people have already voted, don. and we know how those people are voting because we run both campaigns, run it through a model, we'll start to look at these things. and democrats have some very big leads, like in the state of florida. 64,000 biden voters voted more than trump which is why trump is a smart move in the villages today. i'll know who going to win florida when i see the village numbers come out on election day. trump attempting to come back and cut into the biden lead. >> before i go, who's winning on outlining a plan for how to fight this virus? the president is saying we're
7:22 pm
rounding the corner. joe biden saying we need to have a mask mandate in the country, that it's going to get worse before it gets better, so who's winning this argument? >> well, look. i watched swing focus groups last night of people watching the debate and when donald trump now talks about the coronavirus, people roll their eyes and stop listening to them. they like that he was a little less confrontational and the new tone but the moment he starts talking about coronavirus, he just has no credibility left. and cnn's focus group showed that as well. at the end of it, not one of the swing voters went to donald trump. not one. >> stewart, let me bring you in because i want you to respond what he said about florida. a must-win, florida is, and the election campaigning at the villages. he's going to be rallying tomorrow there as well. what do you think? is he right? is it a must-win? >> i don't think, it is a must-win for trump. i don't think it's a must-win
7:23 pm
for vice president biden. right now, i think biden is going to win that race. the key is senior citizens. i know a republican can win without winning senior citizens by a good margin and right now, it's the big story in this race, i think, that republicans are losing senior citizens. and it's crdragging down all the senate races as well. they know they're going to die if they don't have a plan out there. it's a pretty compelling message, you know, when you sit there and campaign, you try to come up with dire messages like, we're going to cut your medicare or cut this, that will have some impact on you 20 years from now. this is pretty direct. you can't see your grandkids. you've planned your whole life for this age of your life. if you're lucky. you can't travel. you can't go to canada. you can't go to mexico. the only place you can go in europe is serbia, like, great. and a complete disruption in what they thought was going to
7:24 pm
be some of the best years of their lives. >> stewart, you seem to be really certain about it. jim says they've been doing some modelling and know it's democrats, but listen, if you look at the polling, put it up. in florida, there is no clear winner. it is neck and neck. i mean, joe biden, it's 50%. 46% for trump but that's within the margin of error. >> we call this battle ground states because they're battles. this is your moment. a lot more of you than the other side and i would get out there if i was running the democratic party, don't worry about being overconfident. let let's turn a victory into a route. don't be disheartened. the battle ground states. so fight. florida's always close.
7:25 pm
535 votes. don't be shocked by this. just work harder. >> jim, call for trump for him. 73 million people watched the out of control first debate. first debate widened biden's lead. did anything about last night change the trajectory of this race? i know you said earlier that he didn't really help, but do you think at all, so many people may have watched and some of the squishy people in the middle, no help at all? >> no help at all. i mean, if you just look at these voters, look at every poll, there's three really good polls out that looked at these people who watch the debate. and remember, most of the swing voters won't have seen the debate. they're going to get the coverage of it and seen the clips and the back and forths. i think the president just did not have the kind of night he
7:26 pm
absolutely needed to change the trajectory of this race when people are voting all the time. in fact, i think he really damaged himself. i thought biden's strongest moment was when he meant justifiably very angry about the kids and about the daca kids being taken away from the parents. i watched swing voters cry during that exchange. they said, i have kids, that could be my kid. there are moments in a presidential race where it really tells you who these people are. the first debate was that for donald trump and last night, i think there's a couple of moments where biden looked like the guy who could bring us to together and remind people who we are as americans. >> stewart, i'm out of time. quickly, do you agree with what he said? >> donald trump needs to ask for a second chance, but only if you admit you made a mistake. he's just on the same path, that won't change. >> thank you, gentleman. have a great weekend.
7:27 pm
i'll see you soon. thanks. >> thank you. another major court challenge over mail-in votes. pennsylvania's supreme court to reject ballots because of mismatched signatures. pennsylvania's attorney general is going to fill us in next. when the sun warms your back after a cool summer swim... the lake you found... and the day pretends like it's not going to end... that's pure gold.
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in mass incarceration of black and brown communities. the shame is on all of us. i'm working to right the wrongs of injustice. ending cash bail. ending the war on drugs. decriminalizing sex work,
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and passing major sentencing reform legislation. but until we reimagine community safety and end police brutality, we must keep working to reform our racist criminal justice system that's shameful to us all. we are just 11 days away from election day and with americans turning out by the millions to cast their ballots for the nation's next president, you need to focus on protecting your vote, and today, in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, another major victory for voting rights. the pennsylvania supreme court unanimously deciding that county elections officials cannot throw out absentee or mail-in ballots with signatures they claim don't match versions of those signatures on file. the same ruling comes after u.s. supreme court decision earlier
7:32 pm
this week allowing mail-in ballots to be counted if they are received within three days of election day, even if they do not have a legible postmark. this latest ruling is really important in this election. nearly half of the mail-in ballots approved in pennsylvania have already been returned according to data from the secretary of state's office. so joining me now is pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro, good to see you again, sir. down to the wire, are you ready for this? >> we're almost there. ten days and a wake-up, almost there. >> i like the way you put that. a lot of folks just like to wake up on november 4th, already having it be decided, but we won't be that lucky. the ruling eliminates the challenge that could potentially have been used to disqualify a large number of votes. what exactly does this mean in terms of getting these mail-in votes counted? >> well, you've got to understand what we've been dealing with here, don, in pennsylvania. donald trump and his enablers are just trying to chip, chip
7:33 pm
away at our laws to make it harder for people to vote and make it easier for ballots to be tossed out. you know, with this win today, we're actually 5-0 in court against donald trump. we're actually keeping up with the steelers over in pittsburgh, and what this ruling, i know you're a philly guy, but i got to get that in there for the steelers, but what this ruling means is if your signature on the back of the envelope that you send your mail-in ballot back in doesn't exactly match the signature on file, they're not going to toss your ballot out. there's a presumption of inclusion in our election as opposed to what donald trump wants which is to exclude more ballots. you know, 2.9 million pennsylvanians have requested their mail-in ballots. 1.4 million have already responded. we've got half of the electorate already in. we've got to have an election now and we've got to stop this meddling by donald trump and just focus on people voting.
7:34 pm
>> uh-oh, i think that's your phone. your emergency? i do that all the time, when i have a lot of stuff in my hands. i press the emergency thing. am i right? was that right? >> we're good. >> this is an emergency though, so. >> four kids running around the house, so i just try to make it -- >> i understand. a lot of kids make appearances now on zoom videos and even in these television appearances. but back to what we were talking about. are you expecting, josh, republicans to appeal the ruling to the supreme court and do you think that it will happen before or after the vote of amy coney barrett's confirmation on monday? >> the united states supreme court ruled that ballots could be counted after election day provided they were postmarked by election day. it was a 4-4 decision. frankly, don, it probably should have been an 8-0 decision, based on the percel principle, that
7:35 pm
the federal courts should not meddle in state election law matters, particularly as we get close to having an election. obviously, if judge barrett becomes justice barrett, she could be a deciding vote in that matter. late tonight, the republicans in pennsylvania seemingly on behalf of donald trump asked the united states supreme court, pardon me, to consider this issue, again, and we'll see, ultimately, what the united states supreme court decides to do. i would hope they would honor the percel principle and allow the top court in pennsylvania, the pennsylvania supreme court, to interpret matters of state law and have an election. move forward and have the election. >> i'll let you get back to your kids and your friday night. thank you so much. >> good to be with you.
7:36 pm
all star group of campaign surrogates hitting must-win states. president barack obama hitting florida tomorrow. lizzo stumping in michigan today and there's a whole lot more. we'll speak with the co-chair of biden's campaign that's congressman cedric richmond. he's next. >> they out there trying to make america great again but we need to finally bring america together because i don't want to go back to the way it was. online last night ♪ ♪ and a yoga mat, to stay zen ♪ ♪ now, i'm gonna just buy a bike for him ♪ ♪ rakuten! cash ♪ back on the stuff all in my home. ♪ ♪ i shop on rakuten. ♪ rakuten!
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oh, yeah. -hi honey! -hey dad! oh wait... make sure you vote 'yes' on prop 19, okay? why's that? well, it saves you money. you guys can sell the house and move to a smaller place near us with no tax increases. plus, you'd be really close to your doctor. boy, that sounds good. so vote 'yes' prop 19. love you guys, bye. can you believe, 11 days, 11, count them, days until election day. and the vice presidential nominee kamala harris making the case against president trump's efforts to court black voters. >> you have to know the other side. to turn 20% of black men in
7:41 pm
favor of him. donald trump who pushed as part of his popularity, the theme that the first black man to be president of the united states was illegitimately there. donald trump, who, when it came to charlottesville, on the other side of peaceful protesters, nazis, find people on each side. >> president trump making a last ditch appeal to black voters, repeating his claim that no one else has done more for black americans except possibly lincoln. >> nobody has done more for the black community than donald trump, and if you look, with the exception of abraham lincoln, possible exception, but the exception of abraham lincoln, nobody has done what i've done. >> abraham lincoln here is one
7:42 pm
of the most racest presidents we've had in modern history. >> here to discuss co-chair of the biden campaign, good evening, congressman. i mean, before i get to the black vote, what did you think about that when he said that? >> you know, donald trump is who he is, a pathological liar. african-american athletes trying to take a social position to improve the lives of black families and protect black men. he called them sons of pitches, how he thought about the athletes and mothers. he is a blatant racist, doesn't
7:43 pm
use a dog whistle. i think vice president biden says he uses a fog horn, and so, let's just stop pretending about it. he wants to see if he could get 10% or 12% of vice president biden, but it's not going to work. >> i was just going to ask you that. you heard senator kamala harris there saying, the goal to turn out 20% of the black men to turn out in then. but if he does manage to get the support, how much of a problem could that be if you look at the overall electorate? >> i think the numbers are solid. i think we're doing very well with african-american most
7:44 pm
robust by a presidential candidate so as long as we keep talking about it, i think both black men and women will see that our plan allows them to be the architects of their own future and empower them to accumulate wealth and all the things that go with it. >> 21, 22, but somewhere in the 20s on joe biden's plan, his rally tonight. president trump claiming biden disrespected former president barack obama at the debate, watch. >> joe biden was disrespectful last night to president barack hussein obama. barack hussein obama. remember rush limbaugh would always do that. barack hussein obama. >> congressman? >> do you really want me to
7:45 pm
respond? >> i actually do. go on. >> i don't think there's enough sensors on tv to adequately describe the foolishness that came out of his mouth. he was making fun of president obama by drawing out his middle name, the same way with kamala harris, and vice president biden, according to barack obama said that the best decision of his presidency was picking joe biden to be his vice president and then gave him the presidential medal of freedom. so that relationship is thick as blood and vice president biden holds former president barack obama in the highest regard but president trump, his whole purpose on life in his little mind is to discredit and dismantle anything that president obama did. that's why he's in court right now trying to repeal the affordable care act, take health insurance from 20 million people in the middle of a pandemic and then the 7 or 8 million people
7:46 pm
that have been affected, god bless them enough so that they would survive and now allow them to be treated with preexisting conditions and discriminated against. but this guy is exactly who we think he is. he's a fraud, he's a con man and at some point, 11 days away, i think america is going to send him a clear message that we are better than this and we're going to unify this country and uplift the country. so it's just hard to watch the things that come from him because on one hand, you get mad but two, you're just astonished that so many people fall for it. >> you read my mind in a sense, because if that crowd didn't buy it or eat it up, he wouldn't say it. wouldn't come out of his mouth because it wouldn't be politically expedient for him. the people there listening, they like it at some level. we have to keep that in mind. interesting. thank you so much, congressman. see you soon. be well. i want to make sure you know about my podcast.
7:47 pm
we talk about all these difficult issues. it's called silence is not an option. i'm taking on the hard conversations about being black in america. in these weeks before the election, we're looking at voting and social justice, okay, and we're talking about people who are trying to steal your vote, so you've got to listen to these podcasts. they're very interesting, very informative. find an apple podcast or your favorite podcast app. in the meantime, the coronavirus cases rising to near record numbers. more than 77,000 cases reported today. that is the second worst day this country has seen since the pandemic began. stay with us for the very latest. with this seal, this restaurant is committing to higher levels of cleanliness. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. so we have breaking news in to cnn, and it involves the pandemic. today, and this is just if in. today the united states reached the highest single day of coronavirus cases. 80,005. yet this president is continuing to claim the united states is rounding the corner when it comes to the coronavirus. but the virus is telling a different story. look at the map. cases are surging across the country. 45 states trending in the wrong direction or holding steady. today we have seen more than 80,000 americans diagnosed with the virus. michael osterholm is here. doctor, good to see you. 80,000 today. >> good to see you. >> thank you, 80,005 cases alone today, a record setting number, what does it say to you? >> well, first of all, we have to put it in perspective.
7:53 pm
think at labor day we were at 32,000 a day and we are going to continue to shoot straight up. the numbers are going to grow much, much larger. it's a confluence of a number of factors. i said, we were just entering the dark estimate dest days of pandemic. >> any idea that the winter surge is upon us? >> it's a combination of things, first of all, it's pandemic fatigue. people are tired of dealing with the virus. even though the virus is not tired of dealing with them. when you are looking at people going to bars and restaurants and weddings and funerals and going to church and family gatherings, all the things are really facilitating transmission. you have a third of the population, that are pandemic anger. they are actually believing the pandemic does not exist and that in fact, once the election is held, it will be over with. they are not going to do
7:54 pm
anything to help public health. then you put the mix all together, and in door air, and that's what you are talking about with the fall and winter. we know the virus transmits more easily in the indoor environment. the virus concentrates there as opposed to outside. so with that mix, you know, we easily will hit 6 figure numbers in terms of the number of cases and the deaths are going to go up preciptously in the next 3-4 cases, following cases by 2-3 weeks. >> oh, boy, i think you can also add, you are talking about bars and restaurants and churches and gatherings. you can add political rallies in to that. i'm wondering since we are in the season, if the leadership is more important now, considering where we are now and where we are headed? >> well, you know, at this point, it's not just about the science. the people have heard that. what we need right now is fdr moments. we need fireside chats. we need to bring people together to understand that this is going
7:55 pm
to be some of the dark estimate day the -- the darkest days in the country's history. we need people to understand why we need you to stay apart. between now and then, it's us against the virus. if you look at the asian countries. look what hthey have done. they have beaten it back by doing the things we recommended. it can be done. it's whether or not you can convince the american public that it needs to be done. the leadership is critical to do that. >> thank you, i really appreciate it. >> thank you. thanks a lot. >> yeah, we will see you soon. more than 80,000 cases today, the highest so far. there have been 80,005 coronavirus cases this is per johns hopkins university. this is the highest single day reporting since the pandemic began. over 52 million people voting and we are 11 days out to
7:56 pm
election day. what could the path to victory be? what is it? john king is at the magic wall right after thi6after this. okay, ready for the next one?
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so, it's 11 days until election day, and we have breaking news. the u.s. reporting more than 80,000 new covid-19 cases today. the single highest day since the outbreak of the pandemic. the surge in pandemic playing a key role on the road to 270. the president holding two packed rallies today in florida, where cases are on the rise. no social distancing. few people wearing masks. falsely telling americans that the virus is going away. joe biden, saying that trump has given up on fighting covid and


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