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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 25, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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welcome to you our viewers in the united states, canada and around the world. breaking news, two senior aides to vice president mike pence have tested positive for covid-19. his office revealed his chief of staff mark short has begun quarantine and the vice president and second lady tested negative. trump said pence's number two
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was quarantined and he would be fine. cnn learned another senior pence adviser also tested positive recently, though it's not clear exactly when. the white house reporter sara west wood joins us on the phone. sara, the vice president and the top staff not exactly known for mask wearing and social distancing. what more can you tell us about this outbreak? >> the vice president and his staff have been seen not wearing their masks when traveling, when out in public. that was the case again yesterday. we saw the vice president traveling through florida, e me merged multiple times without wearing a mask and now as he was out campaigning in several events in florida yesterday. last night after his travel when he was arriving back in washington, the first sort of red flag that something might have been amiss is that he did step out of air force two
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wearing the mask, by himself. he did not wave to the crowd as he normally did. and then shortly after that last night, the vice president's office announced that mark short had tested positive. we know short traveled with the vice president on thursday and friday on a very long multiday trip through michigan, indiana, ohio, and pennsylvania. and mike pence's office said pence is considered a close contact of short. obviously as the chief of staff, he spends a lot of time around pence. even though the vice president's office said pence would continue his campaign under the cdc guidance under essential workers who said if there's household contact or close contact who tests positive for coronavirus, essential employees can continue their schedules as long as they have no symptoms of covid-19. but i think it's worth noting that that is very different from the excuse that the white house provided when pence continued his schedule after president
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trump tested positive. in that case they said that pence could continue his schedule because he wasn't in close contact with the president or anyone in the white house who did test positive at that time. now despite acknowledging that pence is a close contact, they're finding a different justification for pence continuing his schedule, and he is scheduled to head onto north carolina today for a campaign rally. but what's really the question here is what did change in terms of the white house's protocol between the white house outbreak we saw a few weeks ago that sickened the president and the first lady, the press secretary and a number of other senior aides, it's not clear there were any significant changes. and the containment measures before has proven inadequate. now we know the white house is performing contact tracing with mark short to see if there was anyone else he was in proximity to tested positive as well. >> thank you so much. the story we'll be following
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closely in the next couple days. that white house reporter sara west wood. appreciate that. more than 83,000 americans tested positive for the coronavirus on saturday. almost identical to the record set the day before. it's the second day in a row in which new infections in the u.s. exceeded 80,000. but with barely a week until the presidential election and down in the polls the trump campaign has the pedal to the floor. we begin with cnn's jeremy diamond as the president fights for a second term. president trump campaigning wisconsin. this time against a grim backdrop as it relates to coronavirus, not only with a surge in cases across the country. a record number of new coronavirus cases on friday just before the president arrived here, but also here in the state of wisconsin on friday wisconsin experiencing its highest number of coronavirus cases in a single
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day during this entire pandemic. hospitalization, deaths, they are on the rise. not only across the country, but here in the state of wisconsin as well. and the president gathering thousands of his supporters once again. they are loosely packed together and most people as usual not wearing masks. the president also continuing to spread misinformation about the virus and down playing the seriousness of the pandemic. making a bold claim as he often does that if there wasn't so much testing in the united states that there wouldn't be as many cases as there are. we know the surge of coronavirus cases here in the u.s. is very real. despite what the president is saying. now, the president did highlight the importance of this battle ground state as he was campaigning here. saying if you win the state of wisconsin, he believes he could win the election. jeremy diamond, cnn, wisconsin.
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well, joe biden struck a very different tone as he stumped in pennsylvania. and he got some help from his former boss, barack obama. cnn's articlette signs brings us that part of the story from florida. >> reporter: former president barack obama traveled to florida. reminding voters they helped deliver the white house for him in 2008 and 2012 and asking them to do the same for joe biden this i'm around. he also predict first down biden wins florida, the election will basically be over as he encouraged volunteers and supporters to keep up their work for the former vice president. and while obama touted the work and leadership style of his former partner, he also took aim at president trump, slamming his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and also criticizing president trump's behavior in office saying that it's not normal. and president obama also talked about the upcoming interview
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president trump did with 60 minutes. >> when 60 minutes is too tough for you, you're not that tough. if you have to walk out of a 60 minutes interview, then you're never going to stand up to a dictator. if you're complaining about how mean reporters are to you, you're not going to stand up to putin. >> while president obama was here in florida, joe biden campaigned in pennsylvania, a drive in rally with john bon jo jovi. that event was in a county that president obama and joe biden won back in 2008 and 2012 but a county that president trump flipped in 2016. biden trying to make a play for those obama/trump counties as the election nears. and both obama and biden had a message when it came to early voting. they have reached that point in
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the campaign where the biden campaign is focusing on turnout as the election is nine days away. cnn, north miami, florida. to discuss all this, i'd like to bring in thomas gift, the director of the center on u.s. politics at university college london. he's in oxford, england. thank you for joining us. i want to start with the news from the vice president's office, mike pence's chief of staff diagnosed with co-vid. so given pence is head of the task force, what are the political ramifications of campaigning without the chief of staff? >> in terms of the politics, this story is of lesser than when trump tested positive for covid-19. it's unlikely the news will alter the election significanty. still, for trump it keeps the coronavirus in the news heading
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into election day when the president is trying to deflect attention from the depressing data coming out of the cdc. just yesterday the u.s. did reach a peak one-day record of over 83,000 new infections. mike pence directs the coronavirus task force and mark short as his chief of staff testing positive. he's played a central role in down playing the virus. before chr in many ways, i think the news is another anecdote challenging the trump's grip on the pandemic. >> when you see pense and short often seen without a mask on the campaign trail, going to rallies packed with people like the president and the vice president is planning to continue campaigning. that contrasts with the vice
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presidential nominee kamala harris to took a couple days off the campaign trail when a close aide tested positive earlier this month. you're saying there's no political price for this type of behavior at all? >> i wouldn't say there's a change to the political price, but i think the political price has been paid. this is just more messaging consistent what what's pushed since the outset. the debates thursday, it was different visions for how the u.s. tackles covid-19 generally. it's hardly worth reiterating trump stated from the beginning the threat of the coronavirus is understated. he's denigrated public health experts and not imposed social distance ing at his own campaign events. that's true generally and it's also true within the personal
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behavior of both himself as well as his campaign members. i think voters kind of know what the story is. and if there is a political price to pay, i think it's already factored into the polling. >> and as you suggest, i guess it's more that it takes some of the oxygen out of the campaign they have to start answering questions about co-vid instead of talking about the economy or other things they want to. i want to turn to the democrats as we mentioned earlier, former president obama was in florida. how influential do you think obama will be as the super surrogate for biden or is there a chance he diminishes biden among progressives who are reminded biden isn't as inspirational? >> i still think there's a degree of nostalgia for the obama administration. if you look at his favorable numbers, they're high. i think on balance, him being on
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the campaign trail is a bonus for joe biden. if anything, i think one concern is that he actually overshadows the former vice president, joe biden, just because barack obama is such a towering figure. but on balance, i think he's been an effective surrogate. he's taken shark rebukes of trump similar to 2016 with the race against donald trump with hillary clinton. so on balance, i think this is a good thing for biden's campaign and he's happy to have him on the campaign trail. >> all right. last question for you. i want to ask about the debate. 10 million fewer people watched the second debate than the first which was to be expected, i guess. but interestingly to me, 8 million fewer people watched this final debate than watched the final debate of 2016. is that an indication of how much people have made up their
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minds about the candidates? >> i think one key thing this year is the number of swing voters heading election day is fewer than the trump versus clinton. we've already seen more than 40 million americans cast their ballot early. it's shattered records. that means biden's lead could be more sturdy heading into election day. if there are fewer voters out there, he could be persuade the in the last week. all in all, you're right. this is a reflection that most americans at this point with a week going into november third have made up their minds. they're going trump or biden and nothing much said between here and election day is going to make much of a difference. it's an issue of turnout. >> all right. we appreciate it. thank you so much. director of the university college london center on u.s. politics, we appreciate it. >> thanks, kim. the coronavirus numbers out of europe are really worrisome some are saying the virus could
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tonight, i'll be eating a veggie cheeseburger on ciabatta, no tomatoes.. [hard a] tonight... i'll be eating four cheese tortellini with extra tomatoes. [full emphasis on the soft a] so its come to this? [doorbell chimes] thank you. [doorbell chimes] bravo. careful, hamill. daddy's not here to save you. oh i am my daddy. wait, what? what are you talking about? as coronavirus cases soar
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across europe, scuffles in italy over restrictions. police clashed with hundreds of sporlters of an extreme right wing group in rome. they defied and protested a curfew that went into effect. police used tear gas to break up the demonstration. europe is bracing for its second coronavirus wave to get worse as if it wasn't already bad enough. several countries are reporting record numbers of infections and many fear cases will continue to increase this winter. on the same day that france broke the daily case record, macron said the virus is likely to stick around until next summer. he said there could be new targeted restrictions in the days to come. some european leaders tested positive for covid-19. poland's president is positive and continuing to work but in
2:19 am
isolation. the czech republic remains the worst hit country in europe during the past two weeks. it's reporting more than 15,000 new infections for the first time since the pandemic began. jeremy is now reporting the biggest daily rise in cases from friday to saturday. the country's number of new infections per day has almost doubled within a beaweek. in wales the country completed the first day of lockdown. the fire break will run until november 9th as welsh officials try to stem the spread of the virus. wales is now well into its second day of its fire break lockdowns. more on this, let's bring in nina at the border of wales and england. nina, lockdown, a word dreaded by all. wales now doing exactly that and plenty of anger at some of the more surprising restrictions there. what's happening? >> yeah. that's right. it's important to remember that england where i am, i'm just 5.7
2:20 am
miles away from the welsh border in the city of chester, has a different strategy to wales. parts of the uk like wales, northern island and scotland have latitude to set health care policies. that's why a country within a country like wales, home to 3 million people can effectively shut down for two weeks with this fire break. it has prompted anger. there's question marks over why the rules are so draconian just down the road, a short distance away from where i am, welsh people can't mix with households. they've been told to stay home until november 9th. no exceptions exempt for exercise, walking your dog and buying essential items like food and medicines. and this is where people said especially on social media, that things might be getting a little bit too silly. there have been pictures of supermarkets cordoning off aisles of what are deemed to be
2:21 am
nonessential, like children's school uniforms and bed linens. a lot of people said in wales that will benefit the big international retailers like amazon. people go online and order these things anyway. remember the restrictions that wales implemented are going to cost the economy pretty dear. it's estimated they could cost upwards from $600 million over just that short time period. there's also been a lot of controversy about how this has been implemented because it could be punishing communities where where have hasn't managed to get a foothold. some of those say not far from the border are reliant on tourism and tourists are being turned away from there. whereas obviously there are other hot spots like the capital of wales that has a larger number of cases. i spoke to the first minister of wales over the last couple days. he was emphatic this couldn't have been put off longer. they needed to do this to save lives and protect the health
2:22 am
system from getting overwhelmed. we won't know for quite some time if it worked. the government may see its hand forced to try to change some of the rules to soften them a little bit. there's been a petition in the welsh parliament going through the motions today that's gathered 45,000 signatures and counting asking the welsh government to soften some of the rules, notably on what people can and can't buy in places like supermarkets and retail outlets. >> all right. thank you so much. at the border of wales in england, we appreciate the reporting. even if there were a safe and effective co-vid vaccine, many americans are skeptical about taking it. health professionals are alarmed. a poll found only half of americans surveyed said they would get the vaccine. the director of the national institutes of health warns that is not enough. the virus, quote, could be here for years.
2:23 am
dozens of pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop a vaccine. 9 in the u.s., 12 in china, and russia has one registered for public use. russia has been bragging about how quickly it kwop developed the vaccine. they admit it's nod represented for some of those most at risk for covid-19. fred pleitgen explains why. >> reporter: as russia deals with a major spike in new coronavirus infections despite having already approved two vaccines for emergency use, the head of the institute in charge of the development of the most prominent vaccine tells us it could take up to a year for the majority of russians to get shots as production sites are still in the process of going online. >> when you -- >> translator: the planned capacity should reach about $5
2:24 am
million doses a month. that allows 75% of the population to be vaccinated to a maximum of 12 months. >> reporter: russia certified the sputnik vaccine in august after testing it in only a few dozen people. the move hailed as a major pr victory for vladimir putin as russia claimed to be outpacing western pharma firms, but in current large phase three trials sputnik v is lagging behind western vaccine candidates. the makers telling cnn only about 6,000 participants have so far received the two doses necessary to achieve complete immunization and start collecting data. compared to almost 30,000 in some large western trials. all this as russian state tv is trashing the uk vaccine candidate calling it, quote, a monkey vaccine. despite the fact that russia itself has made a deal to produce this very vaccine under
2:25 am
license. the head of russia's direct investment fund which is bankrolling sputnik v, claiming moscow's vaccine is superior because it uses so-called humanedhuman adeno virus technology. >> many people in the west failed to think about this. >> reporter: but even the instructions say it's only indicated for people 18 to 60 and not for people with some allergies and illnesses. leaving out older age groups and people with health conditions. some of the most vulnerable to severe cases of covid-19. the head of the institute told cnn the vaccine simply hasn't been tested in older people but he believes the elderly and people with preexisting conditions can still take it. >> reporter: with many chronic diseases, it is not just that it is carried out. it is prescribed to vaccinate people because these are risk groups that need to be
2:26 am
protected. these people, these are all chronic diseases as we know. you need to vaccinate. >> russia says it will soon ramp up production of the vaccine to vaccinate more medical workers and other high risk groups. a move a top vaccine expert at the global virus network called dangerously risky. >> i think there is a reason why they call it russian roulette. this is it. >> reporter: one russian who isn't taking this vaccine so far is the president, vladimir putin. his spokesman telling cnn putin is, quote, thinking about it. fred pleitgen, cnn, moscow. zblrch tens of thousands of new yorkers cost ballots early saturday. this is just one of the lines they waited in. turnout numbers are up across the u.s. we'll have more on that coming up ahead. stay with us. hi sabrina! hi jen! hi. so you're the scientist here. does my aveeno® daily moisturizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day?
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welcome to our viewers in the united states, canada and around the world. the chief of staff for mike pence has tested positive for covid-19. the diagnosis was revealed saturday in a statement. they said both the vice president and the second lady tested negative. short is the second top pence aide to come down with the virus in recent days. his senior adviser tested positive earlier in the week. mr. pence will remain on the schedule and stay on the campaign trail. nine days to go before election day in the u.s. with more than 52 million americans already
2:31 am
doing their civic duty. according to information from catalyst, a data company that provides services to democrats, academics and nonprofits. the total includes both in person voting and absentee ballots. nearly 94,000 people voted saturday in the first day of early voting in new york. that's up among younger voters in key states as well. we are in georgia, a potential swing state talking to early voters about what's driving them to the polls. >> reporter: as of noon on saturday, more than 2.6 million votes have been cast in the state of georgia. when you look at the in person early voting along with the absentee ballots cast, that's 114% increase over the same point in the 2016 election. we've been seeing tremendous enthusiasm and energy even in the rain as people continue to
2:32 am
wait to cast their votes. we have talked to a number of people in line who represent the changing demographics in georgia. a younger more diverse group that is adjoining the voter roles. we met one couple in atlanta who said they are considering some very important issues as they cast their ballots this people. >> do you think it's about the character of this country, but what we vote for, so i think -- i want my voice heard on that. >> i think also having a young daughter, we're also setting up the world for her. hour votes now speak more than it did as single people that it's not just for right now. it's for the future. >> reporter: over the past 20 years there's been a significant increase in the percentage of african american voters making up the electorate in georgia. according to a recent study, georgia also has the largest growth of any state in the country of eligible immigrant voters. we met a voter here who was
2:33 am
recently naturalized and excited about participating in the first election. georgia in 2016 started automatically registering people to vote when they got their driver's licenses. so a lot of young people joining the voter roles. cnn, georgia. even as tens of millions of americans are casting their ballots, u.s. national security experts are warning that the presidential election is a target for countries such as russia, iran, and china. but another possible threat to voters comes from a source much closer to home. pamela brown explains. >> reporter: new concerns about possible voter intimidation. after the trump campaign filmed voters at a philadelphia voting station, the campaign claims it found at least three people dropping off more than one ballot each. what trump's team believes is just the tip of the iceberg and constitutes unlawful absentee
2:34 am
voting. voters are allowed to drop off ballots for people disabled. and the videos might be interpreted as intimidation. >> it's illegal. videotaping you, taking pictures of you kout your consent is part of that. >> reporter: the trump campaign calls it absurd. on election interference, intelligence officials con officialed russian hackers have stolen election data. it's unclear how the information will be used. officials say iran used voter information to send threatening emails that came to light this week. >> iran and russia have taken specific actions to influence public opinion relating to our elections. >> reporter: the federal government issued two new cyber security alerts, warning that state and local governments were targeted but officials say election infrastructure has not been compromised. the intelligence community generally agrees that russians interferes four years ago to
2:35 am
help trump campaign. despite that, trump slammed the assessment again. >> they both want you to lose. there's been nobody tougher to russia between the sanctions, nobody tougher than me on russia. >> reporter: intelligence experts agree stopping russia should be a priority. >> russia has been interfering in the runup to the election. for my part is a far more serious threat than iran. >> reporter: americans have turned in their ballots, more than 50 million of them. >> we do it early so i know i voted. >> reporter: more than half the votes are from cnn's most competitive states. one of the fiercest battle grounds, north carolina, over 2.5 million ballots cast. that's more than half the total turnout in 2016. we're learning more about 2020's first election attack in georgia. in one georgia county officials there said the hack affected
2:36 am
precinct maps. they don't believe it affected the infrastructure. security experts say it was more about profit than politics likely. but they're concerned as the ransom ware attacks. they can cause chaos and confusion. pamela brown, cnn, washington. joining me now in san francisco, california, renee, the technical research manager at the stanford internet observatory. thank you for being here on this important topic. given what happened in 2016, there's so much misinformation being spread primarily by russia. going into the election, there were concerns about the international and intentional spread of misinformation and how it might effect the vote. from what you've seen, has it been as bad during this campaign and what if any are the differences between 2016 and
2:37 am
now? >> right now we're seeing more misinformation from domestic sources. misinformation meaning information that's inadvertently wronged a opposed to disinformation campaigns with regard to russia. what we're seeing today instead is information that often types starts with somebody snapping a photo of maybe a ballot misplaced or something they see in the trash, and then that's amplified by domestic influencer who is want to spread a narrative to benefit a partisan said. sharing it means it reaches many more people. because these are authentic accounts often with large followings. >> and who is being targeted here the way you make it sound, it sounds like it's just kind of pumped into the online world for anyone to consume, or is it specifically aimed at smaller but influential constituencies of voters? >> so we're seeing a lot of different types of narratives being spread.
2:38 am
there's some suppression type narratives. right now we're concerned about some of the footage that is real showing long lines at polling stations and implying people are not going to be allowed to vote. we're seeing footage taken out of context suggesting that police officers will interfere in the voting process targeted at people on the left. we're seeing narratives of misleading ballot d claims about ballots being thrown away or mail-in ballots, multiple people submitting multiple mail-in ballots. that one is really more targeted at the right which is hearing constantly about how voter fraud is going to be committed in the process of the vote because of coronavirus. it's really running the gamut. there's no one community that's more targeted than another at this point. we are seeing a little bit more, however, in the way of these narratives about mail-in ballot fraud disrupting the election. >> that's what i was going to say. it sounds like a lot of the
2:39 am
disinformation depending on i guess who is doing it centers around either voting or the general theme of democracy. what's the aim here? >> unfortunately the aim seems to be discrediting the confidence in the results of the election. insinuating if we can't run a free and fair election, one person, one vote, everybody's vote counts, the concern right now is that there's substantial lack of confidence in the process. and what that might mean is that 50% of the population doesn't trust the outcome if their pe preferred candidate doesn't win because they're hearing about how the election is going to be stolen and manipulated by the other side. >> it sounds like what you're saying is what trump is saying out loud. is this to help him or his followers? >> unfortunately, you know, one
2:40 am
of the things you never expected to see was the president of the united states participating in this process. that was a thing not on anybody's -- things we expected to see in 2016. in 2016 what we saw a lot of with regard to the narratives about election machines not working or people fraudulently voting was coming from russian trolls. interestingly enough, that was one of the common themes they tried to amplify. those pages really leaned into the idea the election was going to be stolen leading up to the election in 2016. now it's echoed by prominent blue check influencers with large followings. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. another powerful storm
2:41 am
threatening the caribbean, mexico and the southern u.s. zeta has been upgraded to a tropical storm. it's forecast to become a category one hurricane moving into the gulf of mexico. it's now projected to hit the u.s. along the northern gulf coast which was already battered by multiple storms this season. forecasters expect zeta to we weaken to a tropical storm before then. nigeria's police commander calling out the police force. will it be enough to quell weeks of unrest? we'll look at the unrest coming up. stay with us. when you go blonde, it can go brassy. correct brassiness with everpure purple haircare. everpure purple from l'oreal. sulfate-free haircare enriched with purple pigments. instantly neutralizes orange and yellow tones. everpure purple haircare from l'oreal paris.
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in nigeria, the nation's entire police force deployed. this was the disturbing scene
2:45 am
saturday in a city has looters ransacked a warehouse. it's after weeks of mostly peaceful protests over police brutality. accusations of members of a unit harassed, kidnapped and extorted citizens. >> reporter: broken glass and debris on the streets of lagos, shattered remnants of process in nigeria over police brutality that quickly turned from peaceful to deadly. there is a tense calm in the city now. but on tuesday night the city erupted in to chaos after eyewitnesss say multiple protetsers were shot and killed by army soldiers. they dismissed reports as fake
2:46 am
news. the shooting set off a wave of anger across the country. many shops and businesses have been burned or danimaged, and there is widespread looting. the worst unrest in the country since the return to civilian rule in 1999. it is one of the biggest political challenges so far for the country's president. on thursday he addressed the nation appealing for calm. >> your voice has been heard loud and clear. and we are responding. >> reporter: but critics say he waited too long to make a public statement, and didn't even address the events on tuesday. which has further angered many nigerians. >> people died and lost their loved ones. he didn't mention anything about it. >> the speech was hopeless. >> reporter: the state governor spoke and said he is committed to a full investigation of what
2:47 am
happened, and people will be held accountable. but also says demonstrators should have left when they were told as a curfew was in effect. >> the protesters have time to also have left. they -- the side we're talking about. >> reporter: the process began more than two weeks ago and have been largely driven by young people in nigeria organizing on social media under the #endsars who initially called for a police unit known as the special anti-robbery squad to be disbanded because of allegations of kidnapping, harassment, and extortion. under intense pressure, the government agreed to dissolve the unit and redeploy offices to a different team. but the movement continued. widening to include economic reforms and more protections against the police. the voices raised here in a call
2:48 am
for justice have found willing echoes around the world, gaining international attention from celebrities like beyonce and rihanna. placing a spotlight on shootings that have yet to be fully explained, and the growing discontent from the country's youth. cnn, london. samsung's chairman has died after six years in a coma following a heart attack. lee was considered a visionary who turned his father's south korean company into an international text giant. he was convicted in several criminal cases but was pardoned. his son has been leading the company since 2012 and is expected to inherit his father's title. he was 78 years old. we'll be right back. did you know that some aluminum-free deodorants only mask odor?
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theraflu hot beats cold. officials in the u.s. are worried about widespread trust in a vaccine, particularly among the black and latino communities. fuelling that concern is the lack of participation in diverse communities in clinical trials.
2:53 am
vaccine maker moderna said only 10% of the trial participants are black. 20% are latino. and these groups are both more than twice as likely to head covid-19 than white americans. now, asian americans contract covid-19 at the same rate as white americans but they're dealing with a soaring unemployment rate. we have the details. >> reporter: lunchtime at this chinese restaurant is typically a busy hour. that was before the pandemic. now at canton house in atlanta, t mostly empty tables and an unusually quiet dining room. >> my god, the business dropped 98%. >> reporter: the restaurant industry was among the hardest hit during the coronavirus pandemic. but this owner is facing a struggle unique to asian americans. a double whammy of historic
2:54 am
unemployment and discrimination. >> at the time we closed, we do have our window was broken. and we with a hammer without any reason whatsoever. at that time we really think that's racism. >> reporter: as covid-19 spread, so has the racism and zen phobia. there was concern over an alarming level of racially motivated incidents against asian americans saying president trump's rhetoric seems to play a role in legitimizing the hate crimes. this 60-year-old reopened his dining room in may. business is still down 50%. he wonders if discrimination is slowing down recovery. >> when we -- when we first opening, i do have a feeling that the people say don't go to chinese restaurant. >> reporter: people were avoiding asian businesses -- people were avoiding asian
2:55 am
businesses because they thought they would get the coronavirus from these businesses. >> reporter: an economic professors says covid-19 has taken a heavy economic toll on asian americans. according to government statistics from february to june, asian american unemployment rates increased by more than 450%. >> asians typically have among the lowest unemployment rates, and it's really shot up during co-vid. >> reporter: a visit to atlanta's chinatown underscores the struggle. this gift shop is closing at the end of the month. other businesses say they're trying to survive. kim says few are taking notice. >> i think it's been overlooked because people don't think that asians have problems. people think of asians as a model minority. >> we are not -- we are struggling. >> reporter: but wong who came to the united states as a refugee from vietnam remains hopeful.
2:56 am
he says he's been living the american dream for 40 years and hopes for 40 more. >> we have a dream to get business, to have a house, a stable life are, peaceful life. have a family, and then raise our kids. but hopefully our dream is not broken because of this covid-19. >> reporter: he tells me he just started breaking even. he has a ways to go. he's concerned about a second wave of covid-19 hurting his business, but he says he's the most concerned about the outcome of this presidential election and whether that will enflame racial tensions. back to you. >> with that, that wraps this hour of "cnn news room". for viewers in the u.s. and canada, new day is ahead. for everyone else, it's quest world of wonder. ♪yo yo yo yo yo yo start your day with secret.
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on saturday, more than 83,000 americans tested positive for covid-19. among them, mark short, the chief of staff to the vice president. >> now it seems the vice president mike pence's bubble is also perhaps getting burst by the coronavirus. >> you have to lead your life, and you have to get out. you have to be vic latin. >> he's also saying on one hand that it's no big deal, and on the other hand his strategy is herd immunity. >> we're breaking records that we don't want to break. >> there's going to be a dark winter ahead unless we change our ways. >> we're rounding the corner and in fact we've rounded the corners we've ge


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