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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 27, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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election day, tuesday, nevaovem 3rd. "anderson cooper 360" starts right now. good evening, we begin right now by saying we are a week away from election day. we are now a week away from the end of election season. more than 60 americans already gone to the polls already voted. this is already like no other elections like anyone ever seen. say how about they view their electoral destiny. joe biden made two stops in the red state of georgia. >> you know, there are not a lot of pundants, who would have
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guessed that the democratic of 2020 would be campaigning in georgia georgia on the final week of election. such competitive senate races in georgia but we do. something's happening here in georgia and across america. >> i want to talk about the significance of what he says when it comes to the races there. and the obama effect. the former president taking aim on president trump. >> more than 225,000 people in this country are dead. more than 100,000 small businesses have closed. half a million jobs are gone in florida alone. think about that. what's his closing argument? that people are too focused on covid. he said this at one of his
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rallies. covid, covid, covid. he's complaining. he's jealous of covid's media coverage. if he had been focused on covid from the beginning, cases would not be reaching new record highs across the country this week. >> president trump meantime taking stops many michigan, wisconsin and later in omaha, nebraska whose single vote went to president obama in 2008. beyond the map, everything else, there are factor that makes this the only election of its kind in the history, the pandemic and early voting. there is also this, never before had any candidate from any party in any conceivable way shape or
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form match this campaign record for telling lies. the risk of sounding trumpian, wedishonesty, lies about covid and the public and dangerous lies. tonight, for example, a press relief from the white house tauting what they called the administration's first term accomplishment. it reads again, citing as an accomplishment, ending covid 19 pandemic. apparently, they're ending the covid 19 pandemic. no seen of that. not true. so far today according to johns hopkins university, more than 850 americans died today due to covid. people are still dying. more than 850 so far today. final numbers won't be in until later this evening. more than 66,000 new cases again
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so far. they're telling you it is over. they think you will believe it if you say it enough that we are rounding the turn or magically disappear as the president said. one week from the election, their motivations are beyond transparent. it is just so obvious. with new infections of the hi highest level at any point of hospitalization numbers rising and more members infected at the west wing. the lies don't come much bigger and more egregious than that. the president getting as many people together to lie in front of them and possibly have them expose to covid as well. if the motivation is behind the covid lies are obvious, or some of the others are just weird. here the president trying out
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his golden oldest. >> when i got the man of the year, i got man of the year in michigan, a long time ago, like 12 years ago, nothing to do with politics. "man of the year." i came here and gave a big lecture. >> he lied about this in the last campaign. there is no such award. no michigan man of the year. the point is not pathological lies, it is the big ones. the ones that could make the pandemic worse. we'll talk about all that tonight along with where the campaigns are spending their dollars and what election illegal challenges looming to be like. first, the campaign map, phil mattingly is joining us. take us to the path of 270. >> yes, thwe'll start to fill i
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east to west and getting results in crucial battleground states. where do things stand? this is a snapshot for the moment. the biden campaign feeling good looking at least on the public polling. this is an average of state by state polling. 9-point lead for biden. pennsylvania, 7-point lead for biden. joe biden is either ahead or within the margins of error. if you take a look at over this side of the screen, you see joe biden based on safe democratic states and lean democratic states are already above the 270 electoral mark. that's the snapshot for today and not a week from now. how do you know what campaigns are trying to do in this moment. keep that or if you are the biden campaign or break through it. there is nothing more valuable than a candidate's time. candidates and surrogates spread
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out across the country sur underscoring the importance of campaign strategy right now. you had melania trump and nebraska bleeds over to western iowa. why the focus in the midwest? we broke through the blue walls back in 2016 and that led to his victory. take a look at the gold states. these are all toss upstates at this moment. say you give president trump arizona where joe biden is leading. say you give him nevada which democrats held in 2016 and joe biden is leading right now. he's still above 270 electoral vote mark. what it means for the trump's campaign why you see them in the midwest and wisconsin and keeping an eye on iowa and ohio as well. there is no path to 270 on this map for president trump and his
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election. it was about the midwest back in 2016 while there are a couple of different pathways campaign. >> why was joe biden in georgia today? >> joe biden laid it out perfectly, the candidate would be in a state that is they have not won since 1992. this race is very close in the state of georgia. as joe biden mentions, there are two senate races in the state of georgia that are important as well. joe biden going to georgia shows the biden campaign shows they can expand the map and very real opportunity. let's go back to this again but go ahead and give joe biden the state of georgia and donald trump the state of north carolina and ohio and iowa.
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you see that joe biden has a pretty large advantage. give him florida and pennsylvania. the two most crucial states. joe biden still above 270 electoral votes. it is a safety valve. it is a safety pathway. >> phil mattingly. fascinating. with an eye towards all of that but the white house claiming ending the pandemic. congressman clyburn, thank you for being with us. what's your reaction the white house claiming victory over the pandemic. we are rounding a turn that may be falling off a cliff? >> well, thank you very much for having me, anderson. we have been hearing a bunch of -- this is a big pile of
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lies. i can tell you this pandemic is getting worse. it is spiking in about 40 of our 50 states. there is nothing to gif anybody any indication that this is at an end. i don't know why they would say this or anybody would believe that. this is fairy tales coming from this president. we are in this for a long hall. i studied the spanish flu, how long it took us to get out of that? it took us two years.
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i believe we are in the same situation now. i wish this president will spend some time getting reality but what he's doing is just a lot of fairy tales. >> biden going up to georgia today, does he have a chance to flip georgia? >> yes, he does. he has a chance to flip north carolina and georgia. he still got a fighting chance in florida. i do believe that joe biden can finish the work in georgia. i don't know if anybody who believes that stacey abrams did not win georgia. it was toen from her just like they stole these seats on the
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supreme court from president obama. so so joe biden is in georgia to finish the work and put an exclamation point behind democratic victory in georgia. >> what do you think about texas? >> i think we got attach in texas. joe biden gotten a bad rep when it comes to hispanic voters. i think if you really hone in on the interests of the hispanic voters, joe biden is the much better deal for them. if i can get them to focus on the issues and not the headlines and maybe coming from various places, i think he'll do very well with hispanic voters.
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all you have to do is look at the hispanic representatives in congress. the republican party got something better for hispanics or for blacks than the democratic party is just that. >> i want to play what jared kushner told the news yesterday about the black community of what they have to be successful. >> one thing we have seen in the black community which is mostly democrats, president trump's policies are the policies can help people breaking out the problems they complain about. he can't want them to be successful more than they want to be successful. >> what's your response to that? the virus have been floating
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around the white house and i think there is something else floating around the white house as well and whatever it is, jared kushner has caught it. he ought to be ashamed of himself. i spent all of my life with various white people telling me what's best for me. well, i want jared kushner to know. i think i got a pretty good idea what's best for me and my children. i can tell you this. it ain't in the policies of donald trump. i am hearing all these numbers they're coming out with, telling they're expecting to get 20% of black votes. i want to see a black man who can tell me they can reconcile president trump looking into mic
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and this president calling the first african-american a dog. and he called her a monster and you are going to vote for him? i am the father of three african-american women. i can't abide those kinds of insults coming from donald trump or insults coming from jared kushner telling me he knows what's best for me. >> seems like the president and a bunch of other republicans are going after senator harris, not only her gender but just her name. and mispronouncing it over and over again. i want to play it to viewers. this is a pattern here.
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>> by the way, you know who's further left and crazier than bernie? kamala. kamala, kamala. senator kamala harris is a sponsor of the socialist green new deal, kamala harris. you pronounce her name wrong, she goes crazy, like a comma. >> it is like a fourth grade kid making fun at each other, mispronouncing their names. it is so juvenile and it is something he's targeting women of african-american decent. he's targeting a black woman in
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america. that's his mindset. he has a low regard for african-american women. he disrespects women. he disdains african-american women. i really feel that the goodness of this country is what's on the ballot. this country you know i often talk about is what reputed to be -- this country is great because its people are good. if the people of america seize to be great. this campaign is about restoring
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america's goodness so we can maintain america's greatness. donald trump is not a good person. >> congressman clyburn, i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> where the trump campaign is spending money and what it meansmemean means. another presidential untruth. the one where his justice department charged six people with.
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♪ i shop on rakuten. rakuten!♪ the breaking news tonight on voting is pretty stunning. early voting surpassed 50% mark in 2016. the total approaching 70 million with a week to go. that's not the only breaking news. if money talks, what is it saying? our political director david is here to tell us. what are we learning? >> yesterday he was in pennsylvania and today wisconsin and tomorrow he's in arizona. now look at the ads that we are seeing from the trump campaign
5:23 pm
and the rnc. he's taken down his ad spening by $2 million net loss in florida and new hampshire and iowa. look at where they increase? they're going up in pennsylvania, arizona and michigan. those are all on the rise. what i think you see is happening here is donald trump is leaning into some of those blue leaning states he knows he needs to win back. he's relying on florida's natural republican dna hoping it repeats itself. compares to the biden's campaign, take a look. take a look at this. joe biden, anderson, and democrats are spending 6.8 million. they're being swamped. that does not include the
5:24 pm
$6 million michael bloomberg put in florida on behalf of biden. donald trump is realizing that his path to reelection has to be in winning some of those blue states leaning towards my debid. and he's hoping some of the other states that had been more reliably sort of repeat that performance. >> how much money did they have left? clearly money is more of an issue for the trump's campaign. they're in a real cash krcrunch. the incumbent president, that's a huge advantage for him. in the last two or three months, joe biden has been walloping. biden and the democrats are just
5:25 pm
crushing him. >> david chalian. thank you. our gloria and david gergen. >> they are not flushed with money so they have to go to the anc. can you help with the bill for us for these ads? so they're splitting it with the national committee because they don't have the money themselves. look, where they spend their money as well as their travel as david was talking about is like the rosetta stones of the rest of this campaign. you look at where donald trump is traveling and where he's spending his money. michigan, wisconsin, arizona. they would like to spend more money in florida but they don't
5:26 pm
have the money to spend. it is stunning given the fact that the president spent the last four years raising money for himself, not for senate republicans or house republicans as other presidents have but for his own reelection. now they're stuck and they have a pap that seems to be growing narrower and narrower. they got to put their money where they think their best shot is. >> david gergen, how do you see their money trouble? >> donald trump pledged he would put in up to $100 million. it goes to the rnc. he owes a dangle. and it disappears magically. the president certainly has been
5:27 pm
raising money since he started, does it make sense that his campaign should betrayaling tr. ? >> unclear where a lot of that money went. i think there will be a lot of reporting after this campaign is over. we are with those millions of dollars where he started out with ahm mid lead but now he's behind. in 2016 he was behind clinton. we know how that ended up. trump did ended up kicking $6 million into his own campaign. he promised to do the same. he's not as rich as he says he is. he does not have a lot of liquid cash to infuse into his ph campaign. one of the things he's doing is traveling because he can't blast the air way with ads.
5:28 pm
so yeah, in some way it is desperation and a result of - an in coming president should be able to raise hundreds and millions of dollars. >> given the pandemic, do you think these large rallies trump is having which is super spreader event, do they work? >> unlike what 2016, you can look at these rallies in different ways, oh, there is a lot of enthusiasm and the president is nerenergized. or you can look at it this is reckless or emblematic how he handled the entire election.
5:29 pm
>> what he's trying to do is motivating his base. he wants his voters out there on the poll and at the poll on november 3rd. what he's trying to do is say to his base, look, i am the same guy you loved. you got to love me for that. he started his inauguration by bragging about his crowd size. he's still doing it now. >> he believes this works. >> i do not believe this is anything that people and his campaign would have suggested at the out set. they were concerned of covid but this is what the president want to do. this campaign is being run by donald trump. >> i want to play something that president obama have said today. what is his argument?
5:30 pm
that people are too close to covid, covid, covid, he's jealous of covid's media coverage. if he add been focused on covid from the beginning. cases would not be reaching new record highs this week. >> it is hard to gauge a campaign that does not have a campaign. you see don't see -- how auchdo have an impact? >> well, i think they're trump rallies are more of a holding. i don't think it change the campaign. i see no evidence that impacts on the campaign.
5:31 pm
we have seen much of trump and for so long, a lot of americans are relieved having a politician not in your face and not yelling or lying to you. there are something he may have been doing that's smarter. >> the contrast is so clear. you have trump at a rally like he's always been and you have biden giving speeches. his speeches was about unifying america and you listen to a speech like that in a different way and you can compare them. >> the president is going to
5:32 pm
nebraska. that's a testament of how desperate he is. he sees the same polls of it. certainly as an internet poll reflecks, joe biden is a much stronger candidate at this point than clinton four years ago. >> thank you very much. also, what president trump says against the state governor when we continue. but we didn't stop there. we made a cloud flexible enough to adapt to any size business. no matter what it does, or how it changes. and we kept going. so you only pay for what you use. because at dell technologies, we nothing. ♪
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president trump's first campaign in omaha today. >> your governor, i don't think she likes me too much. >> hey, hey, i am the one. it was our people that helped her out with her problem. people are entitled to say -- >> the president says this happens. his comment came from the same day as a michigan drug struck boone a directive. we'll talk to anyw, how do you
5:38 pm
respond? >> i don't know what we can possibly say about a president claims to be pro-life and in order seems to be making excuses and justifications for those enga engaged? terrorism and who the allegations are that they hash a plot to kidnap and execute her. i don't know what to say to that. it is a disturbing set of circumstances for sure. >> he seems to down play it but which is maybe an excuse because you know, talked about liberating liliberat liberating michigmichigan. he's threatening ledgers and
5:39 pm
police officers and scheming in their paces, they were fine people. he's also on the other side handing crete for federal authority is roaring it thousand he has talked about antifa as if they were some well authorized domestic terror threat. >> i don't know. the evidence against this guy in michigan and elsewhere he's down playing it. >> yes. i mean it is really very concerning when you have groups out there. and it seems as if though the president is their biggest fans.
5:40 pm
>> at the same rally, the president says saving suburbia. i want to listen to how he did that. >> you know what ls? >> i am getting you luss, they cannot to get back to work, right? we are getting rour huyour husb back to work. i don't know if i am nitpicking. he's struggling with suburban women. he made the allegation that subsidizing housing is going to be forced. which is clearly a dog missile. racial racist over tone or under own but telling part-time who he's referring to that that
5:41 pm
their husband is going to be able to get back to work. it is an antiquated swataple. the president is polling incredibly poll iciepolicies. it is going to be that same women that came out and supported joe biden. the president. >> so what locations do you think? >> first of all, i fully support our secretaries of state ben sen and providing that guidance.
5:42 pm
even the united states supreme court have said in previous decisions that you know the polls should be an eye laisland calm where voters can -- how to pull out the oval next to their name. they should not be worried about the guy who's watching on them or standing next to them. >> we think the guidance works properly. we have strong voter intimidation law in the stay. >> we plan to signature view any and all efforts to deter photoers hafrom the polls. >> i appreciate your time.
5:43 pm
>> thank you for having me. >> the false reality that trump is trying to create and winning the election. the conversation is next. and you're technically a genius... and it appears you're quite the investor. i like to trade. well, td ameritrade has pros ready if you need help, say talking through a new strategy... ... just in case things, you know, get a little rocky? i'm sorry on the upside i think that's waterproof. maybe not... ♪
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proposition 16 takes on discrimination. some women make as little as 42% of what a man makes. voting yes on prop 16 helps us fix that. it's supported by leaders like kamala harris and opposed by those who have always opposed equality. we either fall from grace or we rise.
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together. proposition 16 provides equal opportunities, levelling the playing field for all of us. vote yes on prop 16. president trump's campaign reality relying on a false reality or ballots count after election day is phony. the doctors are making it up so he could get more money. that's the u.s., rounding the turn as the president says octh administration citing and ending the pandemic. it is all part of the deception
5:48 pm
from florida from my nest guests. this is how immoral leaders other countries seek to demonize. chairman of the human rights foundation. >> gary, one of the things i heard you say recently. i thought it is so sbesing. it is sip lamar to what -- it is based on honor and tradition which tom freedman as being described as norms. >> the monoer, the constitution
5:49 pm
itself is not amended. >> absolutely. >> it is not unconstitutional. it is about the recent appointment in the supreme court. many things you know are not unconstitutional because the civil did not mention it. and also norms and conditions. i warned about trump's gradually removing them from his way back in 2016 because that's what's differentically dond typically done. trump removing people that are of the american democracy. he replaced them in ways of
5:50 pm
enable enablers. and they are loyal to trump more than they are loyal to american constitution and to the very based of american daughter or son democracy that presidents democrats, republicans, over 200 plus years, stayed intact. >> and it's one of the things that i think is so interesting about what you're saying. it's not, overnight there are armored personnel carriers surrounding the white house and moving in on television stations as happens in some places when there's a coup. but that democracy can die in a much longer tiny baby steps that at the time good people who are legislators go along with small tiny steps thinking, okay, you give a politician this and then
5:51 pm
they'll stop and then it's only once you kind of have gone down the road and done a bunch of baby steps that you realize, wait a minute, we're in a whole different place. >> absolutely. that's why i believe these elections are so important. one of the most important elections in american history. it is not just about trump or biden. it's not about republicans or democrats. it is about the way the government functions and the way the power is being transferred from one president to another. if an incumbent loses elections. it seems to me that trump is determined to use every trick in the book and even to go beyond that, to stay in power at any cost. and it is quite unfortunate that many, many of his supporters if gop who probably have reservations about trump's
5:52 pm
behavior, they have turned into his enablers. in 2016, trump's election confirmed his political style, his re-election will confirm his political practices. >> one other thing you said before we go, i wrote it down. you said i don't know much about chess but i understand what you were saying. you said saving your king from being mated in two doesn't mean that you win the game. it is a long game. this is not just about voting in this election. >> yes. but let's remember. saving your king is a top priority. winning elections this time, biden being elected is the number one priority. if this game, if this game is lost, then it's the consequences, you know, i think it is hard to imagine. but even if biden is elected, if
5:53 pm
democrats get the senate, it is the beginning of a long road. trump can be defeated but trumpism, the idea that you can turn the corners and you can bend the law at your convenience using every loophole that you can find on the books will be very much alive. trump's success will enable more trumps from the right or the left to repeat this experiment. and we should be aware of that. new trumps will be coming. and they'll be younger, more dynamic, more intelligent, not obese, and younger. and not corrupt. and it is very important that the, that after november 4, hopefully results will already be announced so we'll work hard. and that's what i believe our organization will be doing. to start building the new fire walls against potential trump as a revival. >> i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. president trump has one more stop to make before he finishes
5:54 pm
his campaign today. he'll hold a rally in omaha, nebraska. there's a live shot of the crowd right now. there's exactly one presidential delegate at stake in omaha. the question you're likely to ask, why is he going there? we'll explain ahead. one day we'll look back
5:55 pm
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and long overdue reform", that "will exempt small businesses and residential property owners." join governor newsom. vote yes on 15. who's supkamala harris.5? harris says, "a corporate tax loophole has allowed billions to be drained from our public schools and local communities. no more. i'm proud to support prop 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the content of this ad.
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president trump holding his third ral yift day in omaha, nebraska, where only one delegate is up for grabs. they will split by congressional district. jeff is in omaha with a look at why this one stop is so important to the president. >> one week before election day, president trump is threading a narrow needle. >> you have nebraska, too. you have omaha. and that's something that a lot of republicans don't get and i would like to get. >> never mind the big battlegrounds. he's talking about nebraska's second congressional district which most republicans actually do get. he won it four years ago but now is facing a tough fight with joe biden. as the president he barn storms the country, his path to winning
5:58 pm
270 electoral votes is so precarious that he's chasing single electoral votes. in maine on sunday -- >> it will be on ebay tonight. >> tonight in nebraska. these states are the only two in america that split their electoral votes by congressional district rather than a winner take all model. but his visits to both highlight how his political path is complicated by political math. westerly voting already breaking records. here's why nebraska's single electoral vote matters. if biden gets it, he could win the presidency sip reply by flipping arizona, wisconsin and michigan. even if he loses pennsylvania and florida. >> how is it going, omaha? >> barack obama won this electoral vote in 2008. but his path to the white house hardly depended on it. in the final stretch of the race, democrats are playing on trump's terrain hoping the expand the map jill biden in maine.
5:59 pm
>> so tell me, bangor, maine, are you ready to go out and vote? >> and her husband in georgia which hasn't gone democratic in a presidential year cynic 1992. >> i believe america and american hope. not fear. unity. not division. love, not hate. >> the president is on defense. working the hold ground he won last time. >> go out and vote. >> rallying supporters today in michigan and wisconsin before stopping in nebraska. the latest sign he doesn't have a single electoral vote to spare. >> now every one of these rallies without question is already supporting the president. but they're also told to find nine other people over the next week to make their case for president trump. that is certainly one reason the president is here in deep red nebraska on a cold october night, trying to make his case.
6:00 pm
and looking to iowa voters, he wouldn't be here if he didn't need every single vote. >> quite a play list they've got. thanks very much. after a race like no other, join us one week from tonight for a live coverage of the ballot count. see what's happening in your state and across the country. our special coverage election night in america kicks off next tuesday. 4:00 p.m. eastern. it is going to be exciting. the news continues. let's hand it over to chris for prime time. >> exciting. understatement of the year. thank you. appreciate it. i'm chris cuomo. welcome to prime time. one more week. today, this is last tuesday we have that is anything resembling normal. the next tuesday we have, we will be entering the vote counting crucible. the big question, will we know who won next tuesday? maybe not. why? different states have different