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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 29, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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that they're hearing president trump's attacks questioning hunter biden's business practices. that's it for us today. thanks for spending time with us. hope to see you here this time tomorrow as the campaign winds down. brianna keilar picks up coverage right now. hello, i am brianna keilar. i want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. this hour, politics and the pandemic are colliding with president trump and former vice president joe biden hosting duelling rallies in florida where along with 40 others, they're reporting a surge in infections. as of today, they have just under 800,000 confirmed cases. with only five days to go, keep in mind the voter pool that the two men are fighting for is growing smaller by the day. more than 7 million floridians already cast a ballot, accounting for nearly half all registered voters in the state. ryan nobles is in tampa ahead of
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the trump rally. jessica dean in coconut creek where biden is holding a drive in event. tell us what the president's appeal is in florida. >> reporter: that's right, brianna. florida is an enormously important state. enormously important state for president trump. there are 29 electoral votes at stake for president trump and many paths to victory, none of them for president trump are included without florida. that means they are pouring enormous resources into the state. the president spending a lot of time here, they're spending millions of dollars on campaign advertising as well. and what republicans are telling me about the president's chances here is that they believe in a close election in florida. it tends to go to republicans each and every time. go back to 2018, close races for senate and governor. polls leading into this week
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show that the president or that the republicans were behind the democrats and won both the race for governor and for senate. in addition to that, go back to 2016, it was also a very close race, president trump was able to pull it out. they believe that florida is definitely a state the president can win. that's why they're investing so much time here. the other thing to point out, brianna, the situation with coronavirus has become very serious here in this state. for the third day in a row, the case count is over 4,000 cases and 79 deaths reported here again today. but yet this situation here that you see behind me, another enormous rally, people packed in shoulder to shoulder, and very few people wearing masks. despite the fact that coronavirus continues to rage in the state, there's almost nowak knowledgement of that by the trump campaign as being a problem. the president continues to tell people we are turning the corner. we expect the president in less than an hour. no doubt this state is important
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to his hopes of winning on election night. >> so important. and biden and the dnc are actually the ones spending big money there, they're outspending republicans 2 to 1 on ads in florida. does biden need to win the state? >> reporter: he laid it out well. if biden wins florida, it certainly shows a sign of strength for the biden campaign. it also could bring the race to an early end. this is very pivotal for the biden campaign as well. you see that based on vice president biden's appearance, and the incredible amount of money. you mentioned biden and the dnc outspending trump and the republicans over two to one here in the next week. they're putting a lot of financial resources here and time as well. that time is slowly clicking away. this is very important that he's making these appearances here today. we are in broward county, a
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strong democratic strong hold within the state of florida, also has a high number of black voters, black voters playing a key role in coalition of the biden campaign seeking to build as they look toward election day. you see the cars lining up behind me, they have been going in in the last hour or so, this is a drive in rally. again, quite the contrast as we said day-in and day-out between what we saw with ryan and the trump rally, everyone was jammed in there together without social distancing and without masks. here, everyone is inside their cars, socially distanced, masks are encouraged if anybody is around anyone else. just a very different scene here in broward county. and brianna, of course coronavirus pandemic is central to biden's closing argument that he believes he is the person that should be in charge to lead america out of the pandemic. he says he has a plan and he will take action on day one as soon as he is inaugurated if elected. >> jessica dean, thank you so much. ryan nobles as well. as of this hour, more than 79
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million americans lr cast a ballot. as that number continues to grow, so does the list of places where republicans try to stop votes from being counted. the surge has prompted state officials to extend the deadline for receiving ballots. their efforts are targeting battleground states like pennsylvania where republicans unsuccessfully appealed to the supreme court twice to stop ballots from being counted three days after the election, even if there's no legible postmark. republicans argued no vote after election night should be tallied, even if postmarked by election day. we see a similar story in wisconsin, except there the supreme court sided with republican officials. all ballots must be received by 8:00 p.m. election day to count. in north carolina, the trump campaign has fought to reduce the time to count ballots postmarked on or before election day after they ex-tentended the deadline.
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they have a large military population, votes disproportionately by mail. last night, the supreme court decided not to intervene. a defeat for the trump campaign. they asked for halt in mail in ballots in las vegas area. they don't like that observers don't have better access to the process. they also object to the signature matching process. in texas, rich with delegates, the top court voting to uphold republican governor greg abbott's policy that limits one drop box, four mail in ballots per count. just one. this includes harris county where houston is located, home to 5 million voters. one box. finally in michigan, a conservative judge ruled that residents can carry an unconcealed gun to polling places, reigniting fears of voter intimidation. this is what president trump says about the lawsuits. >> we'll see what happens at the end of the day. hopefully won't go longer than
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that. hopefully few states remaining that want to take a lot of time after november 3rd to count ballots that won't be allowed by various courts. >> this shouldn't be a republican or democratic issue. it is about people's right to vote and to ensure that ballots are counted, even if it takes a few days, especially in a pandemic where the mail system is flooded and people are trying to stay safe. p jessica, i wonder what you make of the president's explanation here. >> explanation for -- >> well, the president, he is talking about limiting, that people shouldn't be able to have their ballots counted after the election. this is something that we are hearing from republicans. >> yes. i think that what they insinuate is that would allow fraud, people that perhaps didn't send the ballot until after election
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day and intentionally didn't have it postmarked may also have ballots counted. i think they have presented very little evidence that this has happened. you know, for years the election administrators counted ballots for days and days after the election day. it is important and as i know you've already told readers, the projection we have on election night is media projection, it is not the official count or official canvas. the count continues for several days and always has. the suggestion that if we don't know the answer on november 3rd, which is something that president trump has said and unfortunately something that justice cavanaugh said in a recent ruling, that that leads to fraud is historically false. >> and we started, jessica, to see and hear election experts and former government officials. for instance, eric holder saying we're at the point it is too
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risky to mail in your vote, at this point so close to the election people need to go drop it off in person. is that correct? >> that is correct. unfortunately, there are a couple states if you have a mail in ballot you cannot drop it off, there are no drop boxes in the state of tennessee. so voters that who are concerned should get in touch with local election authority and it may be at this point necessary to pay for fast shipping of your ballot if the only way you can return it is the mail. that sounds a lot like a poll tax. that's just what voters are facing now. >> and so for those people that have mail in ballots or requested mail in ballots, if they're concerned that they can't drop them off or cannot expedite them, is voting in person a safe option for them? what is the calculus on that? >> sure. in most states you can give up, as long as it has not been cast,
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you can go and vote in person instead and we've seen this going quite well across the country for the last couple of weeks. texas early voting, georgia even before that. there were certainly lines on the first day of early voting. those have gone down quite a bit. i voted in texas. just the other day, given a stylus and had to wear a mask, found the process to be quite safe. local election administrators have been working really hard to secure and sanitize the polls, and i think if you have not mailed in your ballot, were more comfortable ensuring your ballot is cast in person, that's not an unsafe thing to do. >> jessica, thank you so much. a lot of voters have questions. we appreciate you walking us through this. >> thank you. experts warn the darkest days of the pandemic are just ahead of us. the u.s. is seeing four of the five worst days of coronavirus
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there are 40 states seeing surges in coronavirus cases. no state is currently in the green if you look at the map. that's very bad. that means there's no state that is experiencing a decrease in cases. there are many midwestern states that are having a record number of hospitalizations for coronavirus. 74,000 new cases a day in the u.s. is based on the seven day
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average. in the last week, we have seen four of five highest daily totals of the entire pandemic, and total number of cases in the u.s. is quickly approaching 9 million. experts warn that things are about to get worse, one of the experts is dr. peter hotez. talk about prediction of cases and when we are going to see trailing deaths that do come afterward. what is the difference in time between cases and hospitalizations and deaths? >> well, a few things, brianna, before i give bad news, i like to preface it by saying things are going to get better by next year by the summer, maybe even earlier as vaccines become available. i like to add that before i go into dire predictions. it is going to get pretty bad this winter. the numbers are going up quite aggressively. right now, if you look at the numbers in north dakota, south
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dakota, wisconsin, about the same as some of the worst effected countries in western europe which is going in lock town hall no down. numbers are climbing. 80,000 new cases per day, heading towards dr. fauci's prediction of 100,000 new cases per day in coming weeks. we already hit a thousand deaths today and it is likely going to continue in that direction. deaths will usually lag a few weeks. we're getting better at saving lives in the intensive care unit, but who wants to go into the intensive care unit. it is going to be a rough, rough winter and i am advising people to identify the individuals you want to social distance with in the next few months, try to avoid seeing others if you don't have to, and look after your mental health as well. you're going to get scared, going to get upset, good chance you'll get depressed.
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normal reaction to a stressful situation. put some belts and suspenders on, be prepared, have numbers for mental health counseling. it will be a rough winter. >> that's wonderful advice. sometimes people need to know what to expect and what is natural, have resources in place ahead of time. there are other countries that are locking down. you were talking about this. france, germany, they're going into a four week lockdown over the coming days. is this something they'll put up with, peter? >> it is a great question. we are already there. if you look at the numbers over the last seven days on a per 100,000 basis, north dakota, south dakota, wisconsin, couple other states, they're already higher than some european countries that you just mentioned. so the real question is what's going to happen in terms of our hospitals? the reason the european countries are going on lock doun down, they know once above a
10:19 am
certain level, they'll have a surge on icu and mortalities ramp up. to save lives, they're going on lockdown. i don't know if we're going to get there. here is where you need the centers for disease control advising us, at what point do you implement more aggressive social distancing measures. this is why you have a federal government to advise on this. states are not well equipped to make those kinds of decisions, don't have the knowledge, depth, breadth of knowledge to make those decisions on their own, so we need advice. it is not the same for every state. for some states, we're headed to that point in some cities. what i am trying to avoid is a situation like new york city in march and april. you remember sirens, day and night all the time. i don't want to see new york city times ten, by ten, i mean ten different new york citys across the country.
10:20 am
that will have a huge not only devastating health effect but mental health effect on the country. the point is we can avoid this, we just have to plan and get ready. having a white house that still continues to play down severity of the epidemic and mock people who wear masks and try to attribute mortality to other co-morbidities and other causes, this is not helpful. we need even the most experienced federal leaders would have trouble with this one. we're going to need all hands on deck. >> there's a new study that found one in six people hospitalized with covid-19 are health care workers or family members of health care workers. how can we as a country better protect front line workers who are clearly bearing the brunt of this, taking care of sick people, now becoming sick people, seeing it trickle down to family members. >> i think the numbers i heard are along the same lines, and
10:21 am
also 1700 health care workers perished in the united states. not all of them are getting infected in the hospital. certainly many are getting infected outside the hospital. this is a time when we have to do two things. one, make certain we have adequate protective equipment available, ppe that the hospitals need, make certain we are well stocked. also, avoid exhaustion. this is what happens when you allow big surges. it is exhausting working with sick patients. as numbers start to accelerate, saw it new york and elsewhere, hospital staff gets exhausted and mortality for the patient gets up and then hospital workers may also let down their guard a little and get sick. one of the best ways to do that, prevent a surge. wear masks and be open to aggressive social distancing measures if told to do it.
10:22 am
>> dr. hotez, great to see you. bad news in there, but serious warnings people need to pay attention to. thank you. >> thank you, brianna. it is common for a republican senator to deny he or she has seen one of the president's tweets. here's a new one. a republican senator claiming she's unaware of the infamous "access hollywood" tape. and the president humiliates one of his allies as she fights for her political survival. we'll roll the tape.
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president trump loves to humiliate people. it is an impulse he just can't resist, even when it hurts him politically. he uses it to keep republicans in line, even those who have been incredibly loyal to him. case in point what he said last night in arizona where senator martha mcsally's allegiance to trump rendered her the most likely republican senator to lose her job. >> fast. come on, quick. you have one minute. one minute! >> trump beckoning her on stage
10:28 am
for a rationed minute. let's look at her journey to this point. she's a decorated veteran, the nation's first female fighter pilot to fly in combat. as a lieutenant colonel in the air force, highest ranking female combat pilot in the military, she sued donald rumsfeld over a policy that required female service members to wear traditional garb in muslim nations while not requiring it from males. after serving in the house of representatives, she aimed her sights on the seat vacated by senator jeff flake but lost to a democrat. when arizona's other senator, jon kyl, was appointed, served after the death of george flojo
10:29 am
he named mcsally to the seat. now she's in a race to keep it. she has been loyal to the president, voted with him 95% of the time. she has defended him through his abysmal pandemic response. >> i appreciate the president talking to the american people from the oval office to show his decisiveness, his resolve, his compassion and the leadership that america has and we're the best equipped to deal with the crisis that started in china. >> mcsally also defended trump through his impeachment, even launched an absurd stunt against cnn congressional correspondent manu raju who she answered questions from many times before without hesitation. >> senator mcsally, should the senate consider new evidence as part of the impeachment trial? >> you're a liberal hack. i'm not talking to you. >> you're not going to comment? >> you're a liberal hack. >> manu is one of the most respected reporters on the hill,
10:30 am
known for asking fair and relevant questions like that one. it was glaringly apparent mcsally's weird attack was premeditated to put her in the spotlight as a trump ak light. she then was on fox and put the slogan on t-shirts and fund raised off it. most important of all, used it to ingratiate herself to the president in his hour of judgment. months later with her political future in doubt as she and trump fight to keep arizona red, she appeared in a debate with mark kelly, made headlines for softening that appeal. >> are you proud of your support for president trump? >> well, i'm proud that i'm fighting for arizonans on things like cutting your taxes. >> are you proud of your support for president trump? >> i am proud to be fighting for arizona every single day. >> is that a yes or no for president trump? >> putting legislation on president trump's desk. >> she wasn't the only embattled republican incumbent that had
10:31 am
trouble with that question. >> are you proud of your support with donald trump? >> i am proud of work we have done together. >> fast forward to now, days before the election, the president in arizona trying for a repeat win there this year. here's how he talked of two senators, not even from arizona, not even up for re-election, on the same stage. >> a friend of mine, a great senator, somebody that has extraordinary common sense, that's one of the reasons he is a successful man at what he does, senator rand paul. come on up, rand. look at him. look at this guy. come on up. come on. we have another great senator from the state of utah and he is a smart one, he's a good one, he's a respected one, mike lee. come on up.
10:32 am
come on. come on, mike. >> but when it came to mcsally who is up for re-election in arizona whose political future is tied to trump's with the republican majority in the senate hanging in the balance, he treated her like this. >> martha, come up fast, quick. fast. fast. come on, quick. you have one minute. one minute! >> barely a minute, barely an introduction as mcsally grinned and beared it. just at that pose that with how he treated kelly ward in arizona. ward, now head of the state's republican party. in 2018, lost the republican primary to martha mcsally. >> and a friend of mine, somebody that was great, she would have been, if she didn't have three, four people running at the same time, she would have been your senator. hate to say it, she would have been your senator, a friend
10:33 am
that's so loyal and strong and a good person, arizona gop chair kelly ward. she worked so hard. she is some warrior and fighter. >> this is what embattled republican senators must endure to hold off the wrath of president trump and his supporters, absolute loyalty, 100% of the time, and all the while, trump's loyalty to them rolling off faster than an arizona tumble weed. i want to talk with chief political correspondent dana bash. dana, in politics i think that lawmakers expect to get incoming from the opposing party, but president trump and mcsally are both republicans obviously and he is hurting a candidate that he needs. >> right. the context here is that some in the trump campaign think that she is hurting him in the state of arizona. arizona as we have been talking about now for quite some time is
10:34 am
a big time battleground state in the presidential run. that's why the president was there in the first place. it has not gone for a democrat in a half century except for one, and that is bill clinton in 1996. there is concern among republicans that martha mcsally can bring down donald trump in that state. the flip side of that is probably the better way to say it, a lot of democrats think that mark kelly, her opponent, could have reverse coat tails, could help bring along joe biden in that state which is neck in neck now in most polls and according to both campaigns in internal data. it is about donald trump. it is about the fact that many people in his orbit don't think she's a good candidate, that stunt as you appropriately called it with manu raju is exhibit a of that. that's why that happened. having said that, it would not have taken a lot for the president to have said two sentences about something nice
10:35 am
about the person that's on the ballot with him there in arizona. but he didn't. >> yeah. she is not as natural a candidate as say cory gardner in colorado who has his work cut out for him but is seen as a better candidate. he was saying to people in arizona no one wants to hear this, no one wants to hear you as you come on stage. one of the practices it is helpful to understand is in the past, presidents allowed senators in swing states to give themselves distance if they need to. for instance, when you think of mcsally saying what she did during the debate, that's something that other presidents may have cringed at but might have been more forgiving. we saw george w. bush, barack obama give distance to people who were in swing states, but the president, president trump doesn't tolerate that. >> no. that's such a good point. he's a very, very hungry consumer of news and political
10:36 am
news. there's no question he saw that clip that you just played of martha mcsally on the debate stage really in an awkward way over and ovaer refusing to stan by the president, say why she likes the president or would support the president. there's little question that had an impact on it. by the same token, you talk about sort of traditionally presidents and people at the top of the ticket understanding that you got to let senators and members of congress do their own thing because they know their districts and states, how it works best for them, sometimes it is to criticize the president. certainly didn't happen in maine. the president criticized susan collins in the fight for her life in maine, criticize her because of her vote on his supreme court nominee. some republicans say that's great for susan collins in maine, democrats have spent tens of millions trying to tie the two together, but it does speak
10:37 am
to the exact phenomenon you're talking about, bri, that this president doesn't see past his own future and what it means to him as opposed to the big picture for the party and in this case balance of power in the senate. >> i have been dying to ask you about georgia, senator loeffler trying to hold her seat, it will be tough. she's a big time supporter of the president. ads highlight the fact she voted with him 100% of the time. when asked about the infamous "access hollywood" tape where donald trump talks about sexual assaulting women, grabbing them by the p word, loeffler acted like she had never heard of it. let's listen. >> i don't owe anyone in washington anything. i went there to drain the swamp. >> you're not disagreeing with that particular thing that president trump said, you're not disagreeing with that. >> sorry, what are you referring to? >> still not disagreeing with
10:38 am
president trump's statements about personally sexual assaulting women. >> i am not familiar with that. >> the "access hollywood" tape. >> yes. no. >> what did you think about that. is that believable? >> no, of course it is not believable. you just heard, that's actually the aforementioned manu raju was there, reminding her it is the "access hollywood" tape. even people living under rocks know about the "access hollywood" tape. that is not what that's about. that's a first time candidate really, she was appointed to her place, johnny isaacson, who is not really that adept at answering questions, particularly when the stakes are so high for her in a very unnatural position where it is a general election and yet there are four candidates on the ballot, major candidates, two democrats, two republicans. so she's running against doug collins, a fellow republican. almost definitely going to be a runoff, rules in georgia as you
10:39 am
know, if you don't get 50%, there will be a runoff. she's in a position with the demographics moving much more towards the democrats in georgia, she should be running towards the middle and instead she can't. she has to completely embrace the president and she's very nervous obviously about saying anything negative about the president, even as any candidate, as any human, never mind a woman, acknowledging that was not the greatest moment for donald trump. she can't because there's a very real chance the republican vote will be split so she can't anger any republican conservative votes there. >> it is an impossible situation for so many of the republicans. dana bash, thank you so much. we'll be seeing a lot of each other the next few days. united is offering free coronavirus tests on certain routes. we're going to talk about how that works. and new reporting that the president's controversial task force member pushing states to
10:40 am
slow testing and seemed to convince at least one other state. and cnn goes inside a hospital in the czech republic where the situation is so dire, they'll have to start turning patients away and they're putting teenagers to work. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story.
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with just five days to go until election day, president trump and joe biden are battling it out, hosting duelling rallies in the key swing state of florida. and the supreme court issued two key relation in north carolina and pennsylvania. cnn correspondents are covering all of the action across the country. let's take you there, starting with dianne gallagher in raleigh, north carolina. >> reporter: dianne gallagher in raleigh, north carolina. a state where more than 3 million already cast ballots. the overwhelming majority did it by early in person voting. that ends on saturday. also the last time somebody can drop their absentee ballot off at an early voting site. they can, however, give it to the county board of elections. if they mail it out, they have to mail it by election day.
10:46 am
the u.s. supreme court upheld a ballot receipt deadline in the state of north carolina, meaning as long as a ballot is postmarked by election day, it can be received up to november 12th at 5:00 p.m. and still be counted. >> reporter: miguel marquez in detroit, michigan. the great lakes state is very much in play. how do we know? the number of candidates and surrogates in the state this week. today alone, jill biden, tiffany trump, eric trump, betsy devos, those last three for the president. the president was here earlier in the week, the vice president was here yesterday. the president is back on friday. then barack obama and joe biden having the first event together in michigan on saturday. if you want to get your vote in here, it is no longer safe to mail it in says officials here. this is the way to do it. drop boxes across the state. put that ballot in. officials expect the vast majority, two-thirds of votes to
10:47 am
be in by election day. >> reporter: kyung lah in phoenix, arizona. we are getting a week at the early vote count. i am in maricopa county elections department. what you're looking at here, one of the many machines that are scanning the early vote. 1.3 million votes already processed. 2.1 million have been requested. that's 60% of early ballots that have been processed that were requested. who are these folks here? they are the adjudicators. each team is made up of a democrat and republican. if there's a ballot that's unclear, they are the ones that visually determine voter intent. if they can't determine intent, they bring in a third person to try to make the determination. brianna? >> all right. thank you so much. the surge of covid cases forcing european leaders to take extreme measures they tried to avoid. some countries are going back on
10:48 am
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who's supkamala harris.5? harris says, "a corporate tax loophole has allowed billions to be drained from our public schools and local communities. no more. i'm proud to support prop 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the content of this ad. researchers say coronavirus cases in england have doubled in the past three weeks. these are part of a new study that shows rising infections across all age groups and regions in england, the biggest increase between those 55 and 64 years old. however, young people are making up the bulk of infections. researchers say the findings are cause for concern. one of more headlines from muir
10:53 am
cnn colleagues around the world. i'm jim bittermann in paris, where today is the last call for the country's bars and restaurants. the cases have been mounting, the icu beds filling at as much as an alarming rate, a new lockdown has been imposed. people can go out for only one hour a day and win only one kilometer radius in their homes. for the most part, the french are going to be spending the next month at home. i'm in the intensive care unit in a home in the czech republic, which has one of the highest infection rates in this country, one of the highest infection rates in the entire world. hospitals and icus in the czech republic are being stretched to the max. this one has already filled all of its bed space. right now it's using what used to be a storage room across the hall to house even more
10:54 am
patients. the number of hospitalized people has doubled in just the last two weeks. this hospital has already had to shut down seven different departments to make way for covid-19 patients and said in it doesn't get more help, it would have to turn away patients by monday or tuesday. even more than the space, hospitals here are lacking in staff. so to fill in the gaps, many are recruiting volunteers, some are medical students, some have no medical experience at all. at one hospital they were pulling teenagers to work caring for covid patients. >> thank you so much to all my colleagues around the world. all eyes are on florida where the pandemic and politics are colliding. president trump and his opponent joe biden are having dueling rallies. we'll look at how the pandemic is playing a critical role in
10:55 am
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with humira, remission is possible. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. wyet the united states is the baonly industrialized nation not to provide paid leave. time is our most precious and limited resource. with paid leave you do not have to choose between your job and your family or between your job and your own health. paid leave works.
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congress must permit every american, not just the rich and wealthy, to take the time and ability to care for those dearest to us. babies... elderly parents, even themselves. every family is different but life happens to all of us. our humanity calls us to help those we love. united airlines will soon begin testing for passengers. we have cnn's pete montien
11:00 am
following this for us. >> this could be what air travel could look like. for a few months, they will require passengers on one particular flight to test negative for coronavirus. it's from newark to heathrow. what's so interesting here is passengers must show up three hours ahead of time. this is not even allowing them to bypass the mandatory 14-day quarantine in the uk. united says this is just a prove of concept for now brianna? it is the top of the hour. i am brianna keilar. right now florida is the epicenter of presidential politics. president trump and joe biden are hosting