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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  November 30, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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new garlique healthy blood pressure formula helps maintain healthy blood pressure with a custom blend of ingredients. i'm taking charge, with garlique. so tonight joe biden officially certified the winner of the election in both arizona and wisconsin. president trump ramping up his false claims of voter fraud attacking the gop governor of arizona who upheld the rule of law in the election, and also breaking tonight dr. scott atlas out at the white house resigning from the coronavirus task force one source calling his resignation welcome news saying atlas was controversial and pushed discredited theories. also today president-elect biden for the first time since his
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victory getting the president's daily brief, a round up of classified intelligence information. vice president-elect kamala harris also receiving the pbb as it is known. i want to bring in the former white house communications director mr. anthony scaramucci and the democratic presidential candidate dr. andrew yang. not doctor but i just thought i'd say that. good to have all of you on this evening. thank you so much. i hope you ate too much and had a great time. anthony, i want to start with you. wisconsin and arizona both certified biden's wins today. two white house advisers telling cnn despite what trump is tweeting he understands that he has no chance of winning. so what is he trying to accomplish by continuing with this farce? >> well, he is trying to appease those supporters of his so 25 to
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70 million people. he knows by linking all of them to this conspiracy theory and sticking with that narrative and lie about a fraudulent election r. they'll have a grievance that they'll share with him. many people will believe that and he'll go on to make money off of them, don. that is the ultimate goal. >> john avlon, take a listen to what senator lindsey graham said today. >> the chael i think he's focused on the challenges he has and trying to, you know, deal with mail-in voting and i'm very worried about it too myself quite frankly. >> do you think he should go to biden's inauguration? >> if biden ends up winning yeah i think so. >> why is that important? >> i think it's good for the country. it'll be good for him. we'll know in december. i hope biden will come to his. >> it is shameful. it is embarrassing. >> this is what passes for a profile in courage of november of 2020. it is just pathetic. they can't bring themselves to
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say what they know to be true. they keep coddling the president with this offering him a couple bread crumbs about fictitious mail-in voter fraud. they know it's false. they're just feeding it. what they are doing instead of standing up to the president and standing up for the rule of law they are giving credence to that conspiracy theory that grift anthony just described. it is disgraceful. >> he was the one who called joe biden as good a man as god ever created and then he said the nicest person i think i've ever met in politics. >> that was then this is now. >> hum. interesting. >> so much for honor. >> yeah. andrew yang, more than 96,000 people in the u.s. are hospitalized with the coronavirus. that is tonight. 50 million americans could face food insecurity in the next month according to feeding america. is anyone in washington trying to deal with these massive crises right now?
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>> well, you have gridlock that's seizing up any attempt to get cash relief or relief for small businesses out the door where the republicans and democrats have been hundreds of billions of dollars apart for quite sometime i don't think anyone can hear me anymore >> i can hear you. >> a problem with the network? >> john? andrew? so let's talk more about that. because an official with operation warp speed you know who that is, anthony, says that 100% of americans who want a coronavirus vaccine will have it by june u the former congressman presidential candidate john delaney is proposing giving americans $1500 if they take the vaccine. what do you think of that idea? >> i like the idea because it'll increase the likelihood of the
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herd immunity. there's a lot of antivaxxers, a lot of misinformation about vaccine out there, don. i also think people need the money. i know andrew is not on with us but i know he'd like the idea because it is a form of universal, basic income. in generally think incentivizing people will help us get out of the crisis faster. >> are you there? andrew yang? >> yeah, apparently i was here the whole time. >> you were. i was telling you i could hear. what do you think of the proposal? the proposal to give $1500 to people who take the vaccine? >> i think we should be getting money into people's hands right now but certainly it would increase adoption of the vaccine and we're going to need to do something to stimulate trust and widespread adoption if we are going to be able to resume any kind of public gatherings, indoor dining, or really any
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form of normalcy. i love it. i think john is on to something very important. it's common sense. if you're going to revive a $22 trillion economy, spending a few hundred million on getting adoption of the vaccine up makes perfect sense. >> since the quarantine, everybody is used to these technical problems. they expect them now. i think it is sometimes the only time people actually look up at the tv at our ugly faces is when we go oh, we lost -- they're listening but not necessarily watching. that is when they look up and go what's going on there? it all depends on how you handle it. you just, you know, keep going. let me ask you this, john. president trump is also falsely attacking georgia's election since he lost the state. his lies now about the election, about election fraud, it is putting republicans in sort of a circular firing squad, threatening their chances to win, which is a really critical
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place they need to win for the senate. >> two things. he's attacking governor kemp in georgia, attacking governor doocy of arizona. you're reminded of what churchill once said about appeasement like feeding the crocodile hoping he eats you last. it is not a good strategy. you can't placate this cat. the second thing of course rnc chairman the other day took a question from somebody who said why should i bother voting in georgia? everything is rigged. everything is a fraud. that's what happens when you indulge these conspiracy theories. you can't do it. it is an argument for just having the politics of principle and telling the truth. otherwise you'll get that ironic blowback which they could very well see. >> anthony didn't you tell me it was going to backfire a bit ago? >> yeah. i love it, because it is exactly what donald trump would do to these people, this is what sort of demi gog's do. they turn on every person. you have to support the person
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125% and if you don't he or she rips you to pieces. it is usually hes. i love it. hopefully it will ring the bell for every one of these republicans to realize how sinister the guy is. you see lindsey graham doing and saying what he is doing today which is basically repulsive but at some point there will be a reckoning in that party and a deep dive in that party, don, and hopefully a process to rebuild something new that won't look like the current republican party. >> i want you guys to respond to this. this is new reporting just sent from "the washington post" that trump raises more than $150 million, appealing to false election claims, and says president trump's political operation has raised more than $150 million since election day using a blizzard of misleading appeals about the election to shatter fundraising records set during the campaign according to people with knowledge of the contributions. you called it a grift. i'll get your response anthony and then go to andrew.
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anthony first and then andrew. >> oh, me first. i'm sorry. listen, i told you a few weeks ago in the fine print that's all forward operation money and to pay down debt. they don't need that kind of money for the legal bills. i think that is also tipping the president off he may just announce he is running for president so he can keep this perpetual fever going and this fundraising which he'll use. i'm not saying he'll actually run or be a candidate in 2024 but he'll raise a big war chest of money and it is disgusting. you know, more people should call him out on it. >> andrew, imagine if that money, if it went to people who actually need it, raising money for people who need it. go on, andrew. >> my organization has put about $10 million into the hands of struggling american families and we're just scratching the surface of the need, don. 150 million and more could certainly go a long way in small towns and communities around the
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country that are struggling. here in georgia i will say if you turn on the tv you're seeing a lot of ads come in on the republican side and the democratic side to a lesser extent but money is getting spent here and i know that in theory at least some of the money donald trump is raising could be heading this direction as well. the stakes are very high here in georgia. >> john, what do you think? >> this is the most sinister grift you can possibly imagine. this is the president trying to run down our democracy, trying to destroy its credibility among citizens in the eyes of the world solely so he can pocket more cash from his supporters. who are being exposed or treated as useful idiots. it is so disgusting to see a president diminish the office this way to try to profit off it by propagating conspiracy theories and compromising our democracy. it is historically awful.
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>> i just have to get this note in that andrew has been spending a lot of time in georgia knocking on doors for john ossoff and reverend warnock and is seeing the disinformation up close and personal the president and republicans are sowing there. thank you. on the day dr. scott atlas walks away the pandemic death toll in this country passes 268,000 people. dr. anthony fauci says being vaccinated is the solution to this crisis. >> if you want to be part of the solution, get vaccinated and say i'm not going to be one of the people that is going to be a stepping stone for the virus to go to somebody else. i'm going to be a dead end to the virus. tonight...i'll be eating a falafel wrap
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as a barber, nothing's gonna especially for guys who tend to get razor bumps from ordinary razors at home. so when they can't see me, there's gillette skinguard. a razor that's made different and designed just for men with skin that's easily irritated. it flattens the skin and lifts the blade for a shave that is closer than a trimmer, but not too close for comfort. i mean, it's just right. tonight the u.s. passing 13.5 million coronavirus cases a
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staggering 4.3 million of those cases added just this month. that as a record #96,000 americans have been hospitalized with the virus. today the fda is scheduling an advisory meeting to discuss an emergency use authorization for moderna's coronavirus vaccine and an official from operation warp speed now saying that by june 100% of americans who want the vaccine will have it. but with critical months to go how can officials make certain that the process goes smoothly while limiting risk to americans? joining me now to discuss is a former veterans affairs secretary under president trump also served as under secretary of veterans affairs under president barack obama. so good to see you. i appreciate you coming on. you have been critical of how the pandemic has been mishandled so far. but there is a chance to get it right with this vaccine. how difficult is it going to be to roll out these vaccines and
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do you believe the trump administration can handle the task until biden takes over? >> well, don, first of all, great to be with you. i do think this is a critical time for the country but there is a lot to be hopeful for. the vaccines, themselves, i think, are really surpassing people's expectations about how they may perform and of course we certainly hope that they do get the authorization that all of us expect. but it is going to take a very coordinated effort to be able to see the distribution happen and get those vaccines to the people that need them as soon as possible. this type of coordination is not something that the trump administration has done well but i do believe that there's been ample time to have the states involved and at the level of the health systems that are being contacted by the states i know that they're well organized and planning to have a successful distribution so i am optimistic about this, don. >> what is the incoming biden
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administration needing to do to hit the ground running? talk to us about the logistics involved here. >> of course, don, i've been involved in a transition between the obama administration and trump administration and that's why i think it is such good news that they're finally beginning to talk directly because the biden administration of course is focused on this distribution plan and was going to have to come up with a parallel plan if there wasn't this type of coordination. now that we're beginning to see the task forces talking together i think we will see a smooth transition happen on january 20th and there should not be bumps in the road. by inauguration i expect the majority of health care workers and the majority of those who are in the skilled nursing facilities in the nursing homes will already be vaccinated so that we can now then start moving on to the next tier of priority people to be vaccinated
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in the country. >> as i said in the first question you have been critical of how the pandemic has been handled so i have to ask you do you think so much would be riding on this vaccine if the trump administration had done more to control the virus? >> i think the vaccine was always going to be a part of how we would bring this pandemic under control. it's only one part of it and of course that's the piece that i do think has gone the best allowing industry to be able to come up with this type of solution with government help in the premanufacturing of this and the funding of this. but i think that it's taken us a long time to put the other pieces together. of course in the beginning the administration did not do a good job on biosurveillance. it did a poor job getting diagnostic testing available. as you know, even today we still don't have enough diagnostic
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testing. and testing as well as the vaccine will be the one-two punches that bring this under control. the inconsistency of the messaging, the overall undermining of confidence in information from scientists in our government agencies i think all contributed to a situation that led to this virus, unfortunately, getting away from us and getting out of control. and i think we could have been in a far better situation waiting for the vaccines than we find ourselves now. >> you held top positions in veterans affairs department. you served there under two presidents. who would you like to see joe biden choose to run the v.a.? >> listen, i think i'm so pleased that they're looking at very capable candidates here. i think you want somebody that has a track record of being able to manage a very complex organization. this is an agency that is
8:23 pm
400,000 employees, $220 billion budget. you want somebody who is mission focused. this is an agency who really has a mission unlike any other in government. this is to care for those who have raised their hands to sacrifice for the rest of us and i really consider it one of the noble missions of government so you want to see somebody who is in it for the right reason, who has the experience and the ability to handle the complex health issues that our veterans face both physical and emotional. and i know that vice president biden, president-elect biden understands this very well. his son served. i've spent time talking to him about this. i believe he is prepared to make a really good choice. >> it is a really important job so no names specifically and not a sholkin in the names. >> i think whoever the president-elect asks to do this
8:24 pm
will be honored to serve and should be prepared to serve nobly but i'm not going to get into the guessing game and try to get in front of the president-elect on this one. >> secretary, you're a fine man and i thank you for joining us here. appreciate your time. thanks so much. >> thank you, don. president-elect joe biden moving quickly to build an administration that looks like america. we'll discuss the women joining the administration plus former president barack obama on biden's hurdles in healing a divided nation. >> i don't think joe biden is going to fix racism in america any more than i was going to fix racism in america. i'm happy to give you the tour, i love doing it.
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in a new interview with the former president barack obama saying joe biden's administration can put us back on the path to making things
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better when it comes to combatting racism in america. president trump spending much of the past four years fanning the flames of division with one racist dog whistle after another. obama cautioning the issue of race in america is too big for one person alone to solve but the incoming team can help us get on the right track. here it is. >> i don't think joe biden is going to fix racism in america. any more than i was going to fix racism in america but what i have great confidence that joe will do and the people who surround joe biden and kamala harris in the white house can do is to set a tone of inclusiveness to send a message that racism is not acceptable. >> cnn political analyst and veteran white house correspondent april ryan conducted that obama interview and joins me now. nice work, april. good to see you. hope you had a great
8:30 pm
thanksgiving. >> good to see you, don. i did. >> president trump was the backlash to president barack obama. let's just say that. our colleague van jones remember he called it a white lash. does president obama think biden can leave that behind or move past it? >> well, at the end of the day we are going back and forth seeing polar opposites going from barack obama the extreme and barack obama with donald trump. now we're going from the extreme end of donald trump back to what people believe could be the normality of a democracy without the vitriol, without the hate. at the end of the day, don, when we look at the matter of race, we have seen generations try to grapple with this issue for 401 years since africans were brought into this country to be enslaved. let's look at the president that
8:31 pm
abolished slavery. let's look at the president that integrated the military. let's look at the president who tried to begin the issue of civil rights. let's look at the president who enacted the civil rights act, the voting rights act, then the fair housing act, and let's fast forward to 2020. we're still dealing with issues of race. so it is not one person but it is a people. we've got all these laws on the books but still there is a problem. you've got people marching in the streets with tiki torches and a president who said there are good people on both sides. something is wrong there. and you have to go beyond the laws and look at the heart but also make sure there are people included at the table. that's what washington is talking about right now, the big piece in washington inside the beltway. >> but also it is what is reality, right? because there are people, you know, we can't seem to come to an agreement on what reality is, what facts are. president trump has been spreading lies about his
8:32 pm
election defeat. he's peddling conspiracy theories about his entire presidency. this is what obama told you about that. >> look at companies like a news max that just are mimicking the wild accusations, unfounded accusations made by donald trump about this election without regard to any support or evidence of these claims and lots of people are soaking that in. all of us are going to have to figure out how do we get back to the point where the truth means something? and that, you know, you can't just make stuff up. and suddenly half the country believes it. >> but that's what we have been dealing with. a president who makes stuff up. >> yes. >> half the country believes it. there have been so many lies coming from the trump white
8:33 pm
house even if the biden white house is more truthful, which i can't imagine any white house being as untruthful as this one is are people going to believe it, april? >> you know, we are now in the era of fact checking and for this president to have to -- for twitter to say, we dispute this claim, that says something. when you think of the united states president you believe that the president has your best interests at heart. you believe that he's telling you the truth because so much weighs on what he says from the stock markets to life and death. then to have a president of the united states, a leader of the free world, to be fact checked, that is saying a lot. i believe as a member of the media who is going to see the next president come in, january 20th, i believe that we are now going to be -- donald trump has caused something where we have to look and make sure everything
8:34 pm
is fact checked. he has changed the dynamic. he has changed what used to be. we're going to be doing more fact checking to make sure. we are now looking at lies saying oh, it's spin. out-and-out lies with this president versus what used to be considered spin was nothing near where we are now. >> okay. so i'm going to drive people over to listen and watch your interview because in the interview. >> yes you will. >> april talks about, she asks the former president if there is going to be another black president and what kind of scrutiny kamala harris is going to be under as the first south asian vp and black woman as vp. go listen to april's interview. it is great. thank you. good to see you. i'm so glad you got that interview. congratulations and thanks. >> thank you, don. i appreciate you. love you much. >> thank you. i love you more. president-elect joe biden announcing his choices for some key roles in his administration. a look at the women filling those roles and exclusive cnn
8:35 pm
reporting leaked documents from china show what the country knew about its early coronavirus cases. that is still to come. it's down to the wire,
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the team's been working around the clock. we've had to rethink our whole approach. we're going to give togetherness. logistically, it's been a nightmare. i'm not sure it's going to work. it'll work. i didn't know you were listening.
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so with about 50 days to go until his inauguration president-elect joe biden moving to fill out his cabinet. naming janet yellen the former head of the federal reserve as treasury secretary. the first woman to hold the position, she is one of four
8:40 pm
women to, in top roles i should say on biden's economic team. vice president-elect kamala harris saying last week biden is committed to diversity in his administration. >> when joe asked me to be his running mate he told me about his commitment to making sure we selected a cabinet that looks like america, that reflects the best of our nation. and that's what we have done. >> let's discuss now with our cnn economics commentator and political commentator so good to see both of you. good evening. so biden appears to be making good on the commitment announcing today key members of his economic team and there is janet yellen who would be the first woman to serve as treasury secretary, cecelia rouse would be the first woman of color to lead the council of economic advisers. then neera tanden the first woman of color and south asian
8:41 pm
descent to run the office of management and budget. these are history making appointments. what do you think of the choices so far, tara? >> well, i have to be honest. it is a breath of fresh air. regardless of policy differences or differences in the past. it really is a breath of fresh air. you'll see competence, with the communications shop, big congratulations to jen psaki for getting the secretary job. you won't see the level coming out at the podium white house press briefings that we've been seeing. it is encouraging to see the way joe biden is starting off his presidency will be keeping a promise. a promise to have a diverse cabinet that represented america. one of joe biden's mantras throughout his campaign was that not only was he going to unify america but he repeatedly said he was going to be the presidet of everyone. and that his cabinet will reflect all of the problems and
8:42 pm
the solutions that require a diverse point of view. i think that is encouraging. it really is a repudiation of this make america great again. let's go back to the 1950s or whenever that donald trump put forth. it is clear that the american people did not want to go backward. they wanted to move forward and joe biden is reflecting that in his choices for his staff moving forward. >> biden's choices are a huge contrast from president trump's original mostly white and male appointees from four years ago. but they are also highly experienced. do you think this is a rebuke of the current administration on a number of levels? competency? >> competency. i know. who thought we could have that back in the white house again. it is really as tara said a breath of fresh air. i think it is a huge relief to a lot of americans. this is what americans voted for for the most part when they voted for joe biden. someone who would find people, experts who have authority and
8:43 pm
put them in positions of authority. janet yellen for example you could not craft, if you had a lab, a better person to lead the treasury department right now given her experience, given her intellect, her even keel, and the fact that she really cares about american values and using the economic tools available to achieve those values. things like greater equality for example. so, yes. i think this is a great team, not just because of the historic firsts they represent but because first and foremost they are experts. they are competent. they are experienced. >> i want to ask you about neera tanden because she has drawn criticism from progressives and conservatives. she has a history of blasting republicans. she's had trouble as well with the bernie sanders wing so do you think she'll get confirmed? >> well, i think this is an interesting thing.
8:44 pm
we haven't really seen this level of pushback from most of the nominees biden has put forth. she does have to get confirmed through congress and it doesn't help when you go after the majority party as of right now. that's why what is happening in georgia is so crucial. it will determine who controls the senate. but listen. when you're upsetting people on the right and on the left then i guess you're in a pretty good place because she is getting it from both side. the bernie sanders folks have always been rather unruly at times. they don't always play on the same team. it is par for the course. it's clear to me given biden's experience and his transition team's experience they anticipated this pushback and wouldn't have put her forth if they didn't think she'd get confirmed. the flip side is you always have a confirmation controversy once in a while here when you have big confirmations like this but for the office of omb this is the hill that republicans want to die on then that's on them, but i think it'll be difficult
8:45 pm
for them to justify not nominating the first south asian woman to run that office because she put out a couple of tough tweets on them. >> not confirming. >> right. >> thank you both. i appreciate it. a cnn exclusive. documents from inside china show what they really knew about its first cases of coronavirus inside those documents, next. ♪
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instwith vicks sinex saline congnasal mist. for drug free relief that works fast. vicks sinex. instantly clear everyday congestion. cnn has obtained leaked
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documents from inside china that reveal the missteps and the chaos of its early days during the coronavirus. cnn's nick payton walsh takes >> reporter: an unprecedented leak of internal documents to cnn reveals, for the first time, what china knew in the opening weeks of the covid-19 pandemic but did not tell the world. a whistle-blower who said they worked inside the chinese health care system shared the documents with cnn online, which show a chaotic response, from the start. >> this lack of transparency, sort of, also, contributed to the crisis. >> seeing information, in black and white, was very revealing and instructive. >> reporter: cnn has verified them with half a dozen experts, a european security official, and using complex, digital forensic analysis, looking at their source code. >> the documents provide a number of key revelations about
8:51 pm
the province of hubei, home to the epicenter of the city of wuhan. in these reports, february the 17th, where these say 196 people, who were confirmed cases, died. but that day, they only announced 93. china was, also, circulating, internally, bigger, more detailed totals for new cases in hubei. for one day, in february, recording, internally, nearly 6,000 new cases. some diagnosed by tests. others, clinically, by doctors. and some, suspected because of symptoms and contacts. but all, pretty serious. yet, publicly, that day, china reported, nationwide, about 2,500 new confirmed cases. the rest were downplayed in an ongoing tally of suspected patients, that meant sounded like they were in doubt. but it, later, improved the criteria. >> if china had been more transparent and, also, more
8:52 pm
aggressive in responding. clearly, that would have had impact on how much the virus spread in wuhan, in hubei, in china. and perhaps, to the rest of the world as well. >> reporter: strikingly, the documents reveal one possible reason behind the discrepancy in the numbers. a report from early march says it took a staggering, 23 days, on average, from when someone showed covid-19 symptoms to when they got a confirmed diagnosis. that's three weeks to officially catch each case. >> as information seems to be very surprising to me because, normally, it would take, you know, just a couple of days. >> you're making policy, today, based on information that already is three weeks old. >> reporter: perhaps, the most remarkable revelation concerns early december. the moments when covid-19 first emerged in china. >> startlingly, these documents reveal there was an enormous spike in influenza cases in hubei, right when studies have shown the very first-known
8:53 pm
patients were infected with covid-19. 20 times the number of flu cases, compared to the same week the year before. >> reporter: experts said it could have flooded the hospital system with patients sick from flu-like symptoms. maki making it harder to spot the first cases of covid-19. the documents don't link the outbreak to coronavirus origins, directly. but they show patients were regularly screened and many did not have a known flu virus strain. leaving open, the possibility they were sick with covid-19. >> the spike right in wuhan was very unusual, like compared to previous years. you know, so, that would raise a red flag. >> it was very, very sizeable. it's clear that the chinese virologists can make precise diagnoses of influenza. but, in retrospect, you have to wonder, was there some covid in
8:54 pm
there, masquerading as influenza? >> reporter: the documents also show the flu outbreak was biggest that first week in december, not in wuhan, but two other cities nearby, in hubei. all, valuable information in the hunt for where the disease came from. chinese officials have said the outbreak began here, the seafood market in wuhan, in mid-december. and despite western accusations that it has limited its cooperation with the w.h.o. investigation into the virus's origins, china has insisted it has been as transparent as possible over the coronavirus. for some time now, in order to shift the blame, she said, some u.s. politicians have constantly used the pandemic and other issues as a pretext to smear and demonize china, and so lies disinformation about china. this will mislead some citizens of the united states. china's foreign ministry and health officials in beijing and
8:55 pm
wuhan have not responded to our requests for comment. this disease has killed nearly one and a half million people. about a fifth of known deaths, in america. these documents, a rare, clear, and open window into what china knew, all along. trying to appear in control, while a local outbreak turned into a global pandemic. nick paton-walsh, cnn, london. >> thank you, nick, and thank you for watching, everyone. our coverage continues. i'm a momma with a special needs child, she is the love of my life. doordash provides so much flexibility. if something happens with her, where i need to be home, i can just log out and just say "okay, my family needs me." i don't have to answer to nobody. i don't want to be nobody's employee. i do what i want, i'm independent. independent lady. that's what i like about it. i want to wish you a very merry christmas
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anderson. that's the chief medical officer of moderna, describing his reaction to extremely positive data on his company's new covid vaccine. moderna is now seeking emergency-use authorization for it. joining pfizer, which has a similarly effective vaccine. this is remarkably hopeful news. and it was followed by a dose of breaking news. the departure of the only doctor the president seemed to embrace on his task force. dr. scott atlas. the one, who doubted masks and had no infectious-disease qualifications for the job, stepping down. more, in a moment, on how the task force is taking the news. what could be the darkest days, yet, for the country. nearly 95,000. in wisconsin, nearly one in four of them are in icus. in rhode island, there are sifrmly sifr simply no beds left. an alert went out to cell phones that hospitals are at capacity. the country i


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