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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  December 5, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers here in the united states, i am wolf blitzer in washington. this is a special edition of "the situation room." right now in the united states, more than 1 million americans have been diagnosed with covid-19 in the last five days alone. more than a million americans diagnosed with covid-19 in the last five days alone. the first five days of december. the pandemic is spreading faster here in the u.s. than ever before. currently more than 100,000
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americans are hospitalized from the virus. there has never been that many people hospitalized in the united states at one time since the start of this pandemic. while there is optimism out there with a vaccine front, some state leaders say they expect to get the first doses in the coming weeks. medical officials are cautious right now about expecting a meaningful impact for the vaccine or for a few months. these initial doses won't be enough to vaccinate anyone in those quote high priority roots. president trump absolutely silent on anything related to this national health emergency in the united states. he's in georgia getting ready to focus trying to win an election that he soundly lost. he lost the election by more than 7 million national popular votes. cnn ryan nobles is in georgia
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for us where the president will be rallying off ahead of a run-off race. the president did try another tactic today to hold onto his office, tell us about that. >> air force one landed a few minutes ago as the president prepares to speak to this rally in georgia supporting the georgia run-off, republicans bracing tonight for which version of president trump they're going to get. the president trump that forcefully encourages supporters to get out to support kathe candidates or what we have been seeing from the election, complaining of the election that he already lost. if it is anything from the tweets that we see from the president today, it will be a ladder. what we learn today is president trump is in a public spat now with the governor of georgia, brian kemp. he called kemp on saturday warning and asking him to
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convene a special session of the georgia legislature to look into what he calls an allegation of fraud in the georgia election with the hope of overturning the results in his favor. that phone call sent out to a twitter spat. it was the governor responding to the president. as i told the president this morning, i publicly called for a signature audit three times to ensure that only legal votes are counted in georgia. now the president quickly responded to kemp as well by saying but you never got the survey survey verification. your people refused to do what they are asked. what are you hiding? and president trump asked brian kemp for this, it does appear that kemp is in any move to move forward in that respect. it seems clear that the results is going to stand after three
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different recounts showing that joe biden won the election. republicans focusing the president to be facing off on this run-off, loeffler and warnock. they need to show up on january 5th and cast a ballot in favor of those two candidates. republicans need to win one of those seats to redeem the majority in the united states senate. but, there is real worry tonight for republicans that even if the president does specifically send that message is going to be coupled with his ongoing grievances of the process here and as the crowd here in georgia is going to eat it up. already tonight, kelly loeffler started talking about the election. she asked the crowd here to vote early and asking for absentee ballot. they responded by using chant
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"stop the steal" which the president used the chant over and over as that can backup this claim of november. the question is which version of president trump will we see here tonight in georgia. >> what's disturbing and the crowd booiehind you, i don't se whole lot of people wearing masks or social distance at all. don't these people know what's going on in our country right now? >> they do but they don't care. this continues the trend that we saw for president trump throughout the entire election. there is no effort at all to contain the pandemic. aside from the fact that the rally is being held outdoors. every participant here is packed into a small area. there are thousands of people here, few of them are wearing masks. there is attempt to take temperatures and they asked people to wear masks. this is a dangerous situation
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and it is not me saying this. this is the president's own cdc that put out recommendations about events like this. people here are ignoring those recommendations. >> this could be a super spreader going on right now. folks right there don't care. the president does not care either. ryan, failure very much. we'll get back to you on the scene for us. new york is seeing new cases similar to the surge reported in material days of this pandemic. starting next week at least some schools, new york city will resume in person learning. i want to go to evan, what are you learning? >> officials here say that's what the science allow them to
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do. starting on monday you will see a return of five-day a week school for some students at public schools for the first time since this pandemic really shuts the schools down back in march. let me go through how it is going to work. on monday, k through 5. they resume five days a week classes. on thursday,students with disabilities they'll do in -person classes. the basic deal here is officials say they can test enough inside the schools to keep the numbers low inside schools and keep them safe for younger students who they say is important to get the socialization and the chances to be inside the school. it is an important thing when we see the large public schools reopening its doors for five days. it is important to note some
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caveats that goes with this. the only parents sending kids back to school are the ones signing up for hybrid schools before, about a third of the students. it is not a full experiment yet but it is an important one. it is those numbers staying safe inside schools. very important change verses the spring, wolf. >> evan in new york. t thank you. joining us is dr. yasmin, we are seeing these hospitalizations like never before in the united states. can you explain to our viewers how dire the situation is coming and what may happen if we don't turn things around quick? >> thanks, wolf. what we are seeing is an
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expectation of what we thought will happen. cases go up and deaths go up. we are in the phase where hospitalizations starting to mass. the difference between now and the spring is this is all over the country. it is out of control. the reason we may not see a -- a couple of weeks from now, it won't be just a couple of hospitals or regions where they are running out of the icu beds but it will be the whole country because every state will get to that point. we need to watch out because once we run out of hospital beds, we are going to face something we have never seen before. >> this is an awful situation. dr. yasmin, dr. fauci warned
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that the united states have not seen the post thanksgiving surge yet. we know more people are traveling for the holiday celebration. how do we convince the public that this is dangerous of what we are seeing? >> we really need people to be sensible here and realize traveling during the hype of the pandemic is a bad idea for the people around you. we know tsa has one million people a day for a total of 9.5 million americans traveling by air in the run up to thanksgiving. as jeremy said because of the delay when people get exposed and diagnosed to when they are whine up in the hospitals, we have not seen that surge of thanksgiving hitting the hospital. everyone can look at the map and see how out of control it is.
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how many icu across the country is coming to that point and having to move patients elsewhere. this is not sustainable. it will just get so much more worse and people are not planning out their christmas plans. the end feels it is insight because we believe the covid-19 vaccine is imminent but now is the wrong time to let down your guard but we need to hunker down this winter. >> when there are hot zones in various spots of the country, new york, california, florida and now hot zones are all over the country. it just exploded. we have been dealing with this pandemic for almost a year. it is ease sy to become numb of what we are seeing. remind viewers of what you are
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seeing everyday. it is important for folks to understand the enormity danger we are facing. >> what i see is younger patients coming into the hospital. because younger people do better, it takes infection to see. i was talking to a colleague at mine who has coronavirus. he's an er doctor and we facetime so i can get a look at this guy, he's a healthy air force veteran and he's in his 40s and a healthy dude. for him to be on a lot of oxygen and pumping hey, jeremy, look at me man. this is real. it did not take much. i look at patients. he looks like he's hurting. i think he's going to be doing okay. he seems to be doing better today. when i see a normal, healthy
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person struggling to breathe, it hits home. don't wait to know someone. take it seriously. >> so sad. dr. jeremy faust and dr. yasmin. thank you. millions of americans are desperate for a relief package. will congress put aside partisanship and get something done. we got important nfginformationr you. stay with us, you are in the situation. r that fire, university of phoenix is awarding up to one million dollars in scholarships through this month. see what scholarship you qualify for at
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rethink what a blender can do. millions of americans across the country are struggling simply surviving the financial fall-out of the pandemic. this saturday night finally at least some sights, signs of hope of a stimulus.
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arlette, the vice president-elect and the president-elect are about to inherit the crisis of america. >> the economic reality that he'll inherit when he takes office. he's pressing congress to act immediately now to ensure relief is offered to americans during this pandemic as this is about to hit record potential numbers in the coming weeks. take a listen to what biden had to tell jake tapper about his support for the bipartisan deal in congress. >> i think if they can get the 900 or we are talking about the number, $900 billion. >> that would be a good start. it is not enough. it is needed and we should focus on things that are immediately
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needed. what's immediately needed is relief for unemployment checks and relief people that are going to get thrown out of their apartments after christmas because they can't afford to pay rent anymore. relief from mortgage payments or all the things that are in the original bill, the house past. >> biden makes its cle will be n payment of covid facing americans. die despite all of this, biden believes republicans will want to work together on a deal heading into the february month. while president trump is campaign ing and holding a rall, biden spent the day here if wilmington, delaware, he attended church and it was a
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quite day for the president-elect. he'll make it down to georgia in january for the senate run-off. >> arlette. thank you. let's bring in our congressman. thank you very much for joining us. i know you are the coach chair of what's called the problem sol solver, republicans and democrats working together. you are trying to come up with a deal. one of the prospects right now that you can start get some desperately needed economic relief for millions of americans. >> thanks for having me. we are building good momentum. speaker pelosi and senator schumer coming out and you saw the vice president putting in a good word but republican leaders and the chambers of congress recognizing that we have to get something done before the end of the year. people are hurting, small businesses. we got 30% and in new jersey
4:21 pm
they have gone out unemployment seeking up and the case load is devastating. everyday we see higher numbers. people need help now and they can't afford to wait for this administrati administration. as the vice president said it, down payment. getting people the help right now through the holidays and helping to put food on the table, keeping people in their homes and until we can get more support. >> 46 days until the new administration comes into office. senator bernie sanders says he won't support this plan unless it includes $1,200 stimulus check to americans. biden says to better include all of that. what are the chances of senat senator sanders want to clieinc
4:22 pm
in this. >> of course the white house can agree to in a divided government. the problem is 50 of us and 25 democrats and 25 republicans have been working with a group of bipartisan senators for weeks now getting this together. there are some things in there i love to get more of. i recognize what the president said. this is a down payment, it is an emergency short term relief package to get the people help now. to me whether nutrition or giving the food line that are so devastating or helping people with small businesses or unemployment, $300 a week. helping our schools and child care. really addresses all the major priorities and vaccine distribution. the bottom line is about helping our local community and our states now and getting some help and getting another package i am
4:23 pm
hoping when the president-elect biden is sworn in. >> the house speaker congressman, nancy pelosi, is defending herself after rejecting a larger deal of $1.2 trillion deal. she said no at that time. i want to play what the congressman in cal told me. >> i put a lot of blame in mcconnell as well. he was not willing to have a vote. we would have had a deal. i don't think it is useful, quarterback on the speaker, i say clearly we should have said yes at one point of $8 trillion. >> i adprgree with that.
4:24 pm
i work diligently with that package to get something done and trying to get it across the finish line. now that we got to look forward and he's right it is not just democrats but republicans and everyone who deserves blame for not getting that done. the key is to again focus on what we can get now across the finish line. i think this $9 billion we put together covers and help families and small businesses and communities. it is the right package and answer for the moment we are in now. people as we know can't hang on much longer. you have people who are suffering and they can't put something on the table. businesses will go out. if we don't help them now, more people are going to be out of work. whether you are talking about child care or our schools or support for our state and local governments or for our families and hospitals, these are what we
4:25 pm
have to get done. none of us should leave washington until it is done. >> you better not leave washington because it is so critical. so many americans are suffering because congress can't get the job done for whatever reason. as i often say you can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. you have to compromise and come up with something and move down the road in the months to come. congressman, thanks to you and your entire caucus. >> thank you for putting it so well. that's exactly right. >> all right, we'll take a quick break, more news after this. i don't like veggies... what?! ♪ whatever you have at home, knorr sides
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now the hope of getting a safe vaccine is getting close to reality. a lot of people want to know what to expect when they get their vaccination. dr. sanjay gupta reports. >> that evening was rough. i had a low fever, fatigue and all. >> he describes the effect he's experiencing during the moderna vaccine trial. >> it is like you are punched in the arm. >> when you are going through the process of the 22-page consent form and hearing all the potential side effect and knowing you are trying something that did not have any data at the time. did you have second thoughts? >> honestly, san yeajasanjay, y.
4:31 pm
>> every decision we make is risk verses reward. when the company announced early data showing 94% efficacy, yasa is confident. >> those effect last longer and it could be life or death. these are early dates and two vaccines front runners in this country. pfizer and moderna using a type of genetic sequence called mrna, it is a technology never used in humans outside of a clinical trial. mrna stands for messenger rna, it carries the instruction making whatever protein you want, in this case the spike protein that the virus uses to enter our cells. the body mounts what we hope will be a lasting immune response. one of the biggest concerns is the side effect that yasa is
4:32 pm
describing, fatigue and muscle pain and fever and chills will deter people to get the second dose. >> do you worry of the impact of t the vaccine long-term in. >> i have given it a lot of thoughts. trying to understand how mrna vaccine works. >> you can't get infected from the vaccine because the vaccine does not contain the virus. even though these are genetic based vaccine, they don't alter our dna. as far as side e feffect goes,t may be a good sign. for now yasa is looking forward
4:33 pm
for his next appointment which is on december 10th, the exact day the fda may authorize the first vaccine for covid-19. >> so i put my name down because i felt so helpless. it is public service. i have to do it. i think mask scale vaccination is the only way out of the pandemic we are in. >> dr. sanjay gupta reporting for us. thank you. the president and his allies are profiting from the so-called stop the steal movement. why that could be behind the president's baseless claim. that's next. touch ♪ ♪ still the one ♪ and i can't get enough ♪ we're still having fun, ♪ and you're still the one applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eating good in the neighborhood. to save you up to 60%. these are all great. and when you get a big deal... ♪ feel like a big deal.
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4:38 pm
over the white house, jeremy, what are you hearing and what's the latest? >> these numbers are eye-popping. more than $270 million raised by the president. that money is benefiting the trump campaign, the republican national committee as well as the new political action committee that the president established to help him move his political activities post white house. it is a startling sum. it has come on the backs of this effort of 400 e-mails sent out by the campaign and hundreds of text messages telling supporters they can overturn the election making baseless claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 campaign. # it is nothing but misleading. look, you can help overturn the
4:39 pm
election. a smaller and smaller percentage of that money gone to the legal fund for the trump campaign and the republican national committee and their recount account. in the last few weeks, 75% of the donation put in by supporters, that's going to the president's political action committee save america. that's the name of that political action committee. those supporters don't know what's what's happening to their money unless they read the small prints otherwise they are seeing these big bold letters, election fund. tonight at the rally, there are signs "save america." >> these are hundreds of millions of dollars after he leaves office to do whatever he wants. jeremy, thank you very much. ge let's bring in our senior analyst, david gergen.
4:40 pm
the president is raising a lot more to facing legal battles and he's raising ton and ton of money, is that why he's not giving up the fight for all practical purposes. it is becoming a cash cow. >> it shows and demonstrating how much power he retains as he leaves for presidency. in this case, once again the president's making as a leader, donald trump, leading money in georgia. enormous important election and if the republicans can just pick up one seat to get in this election of the two that are on the table, they'll be in
4:41 pm
trouble. how much he lost with nancy pelosi. we are down to less to $1 trillion. that's because of the continuing strength of donald trump. >> the republicans want one of those senate seats. when the spike ends, david, donald trump leaves the white house on january 20th, the money he's raised more than 200 million already, probably 100 million ready to come in, he can do all sorts of things as long as he insists that he may run again in 2024. >> that's a reaching point. he can't put it in his own pocket. he does have that money to spend, he can make an enormous difference in politics. if you support me in 2020, you
4:42 pm
can support me in 2024. it gives him a lot of leverage and politics is everything in many cases. >> he can use that money for travel expenses and other expenses. he does not have to dip into his own pocket. going to mar-a-lago and florida and california and this is quote, campai"campaign related." if he wants to say it. >> you know he can use it for the future of his own campaigning. >> yes, political action committee. he'll be able to use that money if he runs in 2024, certainly can use hundreds of millions of dollars for that. >> kind of use it for defense purposes or pay lawyers if he's being sued. >> yes. i suspect he can. that's one of the reasons he's continuing the spike which is hopeless but he's continuing and raising a ton of money which is
4:43 pm
significant. let's talk about georgia right now. the president i assume he wants these two republican senators to get elected on january 5th when the run-off takes place. what do you make of the news though of the way the president is describing georgia's republican governor, brian kemp trying to strong arm him into overturning joe biden's win in georgia. the president of the united states called governor kemp a loyal republican, strong supporter of the president, a moron and a nut job and he publicly said he regrets endorsing him. have you seen anything like this before? >> no, no, this proves once again that donald trump can be his own worst enemy. this is really crazy. he very much need for the republican party to be in control. he need to go in the simple message, we got to elect these two republicans, loeffler and
4:44 pm
perdue. we have enough insurance policy in the senate to control things. he needs to simple straightforward message. he's stepping all over his message. he's completely taking the focus off of that. if you are a republican and you care about the future, you have to wonder, theis guy does crazy things and making the party looks ridiculous. he's harming what the republican is all about and what it represents in the next couple of years. republican wants to put back together of a party that's more sensible. >> david, thank you so much for joining us. >> good to see you, wolf. >> the stakes are high right now for republicans and democrats. senator kelly loeffler and
4:45 pm
rafa rafael rafael warnock. debate night in georgia that's tomorrow. 7:00 p.m. eastern. that's tomorrow night, sunday night. as the nation is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases. the nfl is not immune at all. what could that mean for the current season. the chief medical officer is standing by live. we'll discuss the nfl and covid-19 when we come back. whd car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate answer a few questions. and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot and pick up your car, that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way at carvana.
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there's more breaking news
4:50 pm
coming into "the situation room" right now, professional sports not immune to the ravages of the coronavirus as we all know. now there is word that major league baseball has filed a lawsuit against insurance providers, citing, i'm quoting now, the severe economic damage covid-19 has caused baseball and the insurance coverage purchased to protect baseball against the risk of economic catastrophic losses that those baseball now faces. cnn reached out to the name in the suit. a response has not yet been heard back. meanwhile, we are learning professional basketball, we are talking about the nba, has issued new guidelines for players and staff to follow as the season is set to get under way this month. espn reporting players and staff are barred from going to bars, clubs, live entertainment and spas and pools while they are in their home markets. during road trips, teams will only be permitted to dine at
4:51 pm
quote approved restaurants or fully privatized spaces. also in this year, like no other, it's been a football season like none we've ever seen before. games played, quarterbacks without fans, but with 200,000 new covid cases now daily, the norm in the united states to the national football league, can they possibly finish its season? the nfl chief medical officer is joining us now. thanks, so much for joining us. the pandemic is spiraling out of control right now. more than a million new cases in the first five days of december alone. it showed absolutely no signs of letting up this winter. can the nfl finish the season safely? >> well, wolf, i do believe that we can. we've said all along we expect this to get tougher as we go forward. we knew the number of cases would likely increase. we are comfortable in our plans and protocols. we believe if we can continue to
4:52 pm
increase our compliance, we can do just that. we can move forward just safely. we can continue to finish our season in the manner that we plan to. >> for those of us who are not nfl fans, we hope that happens. i want you to listen to dr. myron rowe. he is an nfl player. he is now a neurosurgeon. this is what he told cnn about attempting to finish the season. listen to this. >> the nfl should have delayed the season, stopped it for right now, allowed independent thinkers to come in and allow these infections to stop down. look at my hospital, mass general, cleveland clinic, other places to see if to use easy a barometer for how the country is doing. with all the disruption, players in games, positive tests. the outbreaks that you are seeing. the non-compliance with mask wearing by coaches, players, staff members not being fully transparent with symptoms. all of this is a public health
4:53 pm
disaster. i think the nfl is falling short, the players, the league and the community at large. >> what is your reaction when you hear what he had to say? >> wolf, as i said, we know there are a lot of challenges in front of us. we feel we have a plan. i am a neurosurgeon and basic compliance is always a challenge. when we see when we comply and we do the things we know to mitigate this i'd point out our overall testing in the nfl is 0.2%. that's well below the positivity rates anywhere in the country right now. i think our nfl facilities are the safest places than their community. the reason i have that is we have very detailed protocols in place. we're testing our players and staff every day. we have an innovative and detailed placing that far exceeds other elements of the society. we all share concerns and are monitoring these situations. also, i'll point out, we continue to have regular and
4:54 pm
ongoing discussions with public health officials with the local and the state and the federal level. we're in communications with the cdc, the white house task force about what we're doing. so it's a situation we continue to monitor. but i think our results speak for themselves. our positivity rates have been well below than you seen in other elements of the society. >> you said a secure bubble like the one used by the nba, for example, is that something you would consider to ensure, for example, the playoffs from the superbowl would have no interruptions? >> well, we said all along all option remain on the table. what we mean is we are looking at other models to mit ga it the risk and keep ourselves safe. we work in very close partnership with the nfl players association and their medical advisers. we also have a lot of external advisers from leading academic medical centers around the country so we'll look at our data and see what does the safest choice seem to be as we move into january? because one thing we learned is
4:55 pm
it changes constantly. every few weeks brings a new set of challenges. so we said all options are on the table. let's look at where the data takes us and do what we think is safest when we get to january. >> thank you for everything you are doing. i know these are difficult times for you, for the entire nfl. let's hope for the best. the buffalo bills are doing well. we want to see them continue to do well and be safe at the same time. so let's see what happens. thanks, so much for joining us. >> thanks, so much for having me, washington. >> meanwhile, new developments in the coronavirus crisis, since midnight, the united states has now reported more than 174,000 new cases, more than 2,000 new deaths and this day is not even over with yet. the first week in december, it's not a week. it's five days. and the five days are not over with yet. more than a million new infections have been reported so far in december. staggering numbers.
4:56 pm
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