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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  December 9, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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from taxpayer's funds that would help establish herself should she want to do that in her post white house life. >> incredible. kate bennett, thank you so much. with that reporting i know so many of you interested in. thanks so much for watching. it is time for anderson. good evening for the covid-19 vaccine hours away and the pandemic, you would think a president's first priority is preparing for a roll out. you may think the president is doing all he could to help those at home at the medical frontline and stay safe and strong until the vaccine and others become widely available. you may think that's what the president would do. by now that's not something this president considers doing and is certainly not doing. he shows again that he only cares about and that had nothing
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to do with what he calls solemn obligation. >> my first duty is to protect the american people. i am taking action to fulfill that sacred obligation. >> central obligation is protecting people's rights to governs them. president's allies have been shut down and nearly halved out of court after court really. we have seen witness after witness making outlandish statements and such as here as michigan. >> it is completely off. >> i would say that poll is off by 100,000. why don't you look at the
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register voters on there? >> my question then is -- wait, what about the turnout rate, 120%? >> we are not seeing the polls by 30,000? >> did you guys take it and do something crazy to it? >> is that what you did? when rudy giuliani telling you to shh, that says something. she made that argument after court had already ruled her allegation quoted "simply not credible." she's been doing like wise to other cases now for weeks. yesterday of no decent and the supreme court declined to
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validate. there is no victory path for the president anymore. he took another day off in the middle of the pandemic to once again exercise his sacred operation, he signed onto an effort to get the supreme court to hear a case but by the texas attorney general to invalidate results by georgia, michigan and wisconsin. it is one state trying to tell other states how to run their elections. now is not so big on state's rights. texas and the president are now trying to make a federal case out of something that's not a federal issue. >> remember the supreme court, they're throwing in all the garbage allegations of fraud that the trump campaign would not put in its complaints.
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it is absurd and it is embarrassment for public officials and led alone any lawyer or any member of the supreme court. this lawsuit is atrocious. >> that's conservative attorney, calling the effort the most insane thing yet. conway is a long time critic of the president. mit romney calls it madness as well as "dangerous and destructive" and not a kind word from john cornyn, he told ma manu raju, i struggle to understand the legal theory of it. why would the state of texas would have a say so how other states elections >> ted cruz. the president asked him to make rural arguments in the case if it gets to that far and cruz
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agreed to do it. for the president's filing, he's got a new lawyer for that. it does seem the bench is getting a little thin, and rudy giuliani had covid and so as jenna ellis but according to "the new york times" investigation it appears in state's courts for domestic abuse or theft. it was added to the trump's legal team after he saw her popped up on fox. with those two out of action, it is down to this other guy and it is not just a claun show own sh. this is fuelling a threat to democracy and possibly worse. armed protesters showed up outside the secretary of state
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terrifying her family. proteste protesters stoked by all these allegations and making hundreds of millions of dollars by doing so, the president. cynth cynthia johnson received death threats after criticizing those claims. >> i hope you are dead by now. you are a piece of [ bleep ]. you need to be run out of office and hung from a tree you dumb [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. it is not just democrats. georgia's republican gabriel sterling also republican, quote "someone is going to get hurt or shot or killed." consider that. the republican party allowed and encouraged this to continue. kevin mccarthy said "why would i
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do that? i will wait until it is over to find out, every legal vote has to be counted and every legal challenge has to be heard,". profile encouraged right there. it is all funny and a little bit of sad until it is not. our white house correspondent, jim acosta, is joining us right now. the rational for making this to the supreme court is to keep money flowing in as long as there is some sort of challenges going on. he can raise money off of this and take his followers for suckers. >> he can't handle the fact that he lost, anderson. the president's election denialism is endangering the american people. this attorney who's representing
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the president in that texas lawsuit, the same attorney who's arguing kamala harris was not eligible to be president. president trump said in a briefing room that he thought there may be something to that. he was intrigued booy the idea. and now he turned to ted cruz as we confirmed he agreed to represent the president and his gress before the supreme court if he gets that far. the president himself referred senator cruz to lying ted. the president wants somebody arguing before the supreme court. he referred to as a liar and lying ted in the past. >> who are the people still left in the president's inner circle who are telling him or is there anyone left telling him this is actually a good idea or some serious lawyers obviously they have been -- they think this is
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ludicrous and these things have not gone anywhere. >> right. >> i talked to a source at the white house, the only person who believes this anymore is president trump himself. that may be stretching things a little bit because the president does have his enablers. what they say publicly is different than privately. i talked to a couple of different trump advisers who said there are attorneys who want nothing to do with the president's case. not only does it put them in an embarrassment situation, it could have serious consequences in a legal career. i also talked to trump's adviser who say what the president is doing is dangerous to the country, dangerous to democracy. it is high time. we talk about this all the time. it is time for one of these advisers to come forward to say
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this publicly. what the president is doing is dangerous to the country. as you know anderson, you can laugh about these claims he's making in court but there are millions and millions who believe him and will continue to believer him aft believe him after he leaves office. >> it is not a joke. it is dangerous. jim acosta. i appreciate it. the law in politics and the president ruthless efforts. joining us, dana bash and john dean. >> does this texas lawsuit have any merit whatsoever? >> anderson, i can find none. it was filed late. it was filed after people relied on the law and they are now attacking and the court will recognize that. they'll dismiss on that. this is an original jurisdiction case.
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they don't these kinds of cases. it takes four justices to get a hearing of the case to bring it in. often these types of cases they have a master, lower court judge to hear the case and process it. i can't see it is happening. >> what about the rest o of the republicans in congress. president trump wants ted cruz to argue for him in court. but, he also wants to be president. just the thought process whether cruz decides whether or not he's ready to do this? why not say yes? >> that's kwaexactly right. you just nailed it. he was a clerk for a chief way
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back when. he pretty much understands the law more than anything who's maybe at the president's orbit at this point. when ted cruz agree to argue the case in the supreme court, there is little question that he does not think it is going to go there. that does not answer the political question which is by being public that ted cruz with the credentials that you and i just talked about gives any kind of credence and allowed the political bar to continue in a real way because it gives it credibility in the eyes of those who want to believe everything that the president said. >> john, the attorney is having this set for trump. he was best known for arguing the conspiracy theory of kamala harris because her parents were
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immigrants, which is obviously wrong. what's the caliber of president trump's legal team these days tell you. >> it seems to be pretty well infected right now. i say that in the ironic sense in my ways. i know johnny, he's somebody who ran for congress and attorney general here in california. i happen to debate him on "citizens united." he knows how it works at the supreme court and it is quite surprising to see him on this brief but again he likes attention. i am sure the president saw him last night on fox where he was saying that he thought the court would take this case up. >> when kevin mccarthy says the
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day official college officially votes, he does not accept joe biden is the president. does congressman mccarthy, i guess he does not care. >> all right, he just wanted to have another database how paralyze -- >> of course, i am going to abide by the electoral college and certified and cementing all of the state that they have presented the election result and ail of this legal processes, they have been gone through at that point. the motion that well, we have to
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wait for everything to proceed, that'll have been in the past. it is already in the past right now. that'll cement the fact that this is a done deal. it is surprising to hear kevin mccarthy to say that but not given the fact that we know how tight the president's grip is on this party. >> what are you hearing behind the scenes from the next four years. the idea that the president is ang hanging over their heads. i mean are they happy about that notion? i can understand where there would be getting support for the
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president uning again. ted cruz wants to one for president, he has before and failed. >> yes, donald trump if he decides to run again, it will be hard. fechb if he does not run. he's going to be a huge presence. we talked about a lot of this legal shenanigan is a way for him to raise money for his own plette cal future. he's going to use it and never piend mind the money of misvoice and on twitter or social media whatever cable outlet he chooses to do this. he's going to be a huge presence. i heard it time and time gwen and especially today and so many
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republicans on capital hill either silence about it or not saying very much. >> john. in terms of the institutions , president nixon fought over -- i mean this is a sitting president trying to overturn the election that he lost. i can't recall any president denying the will of the people blata blatanty. it is threat of violence and activities and demonstrations. the fact that the president and
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his accolades is all the more troubling. i don't know how we diffuse it and get on the business of dealing the pandemic and the economy and the things that are important. >> john dean, appreciate it and dana bash. the scrambles distributing the first vaccine approved in this country. later the legal fights that could complicate the white house's lives. that and more tonight at 630. come on, no no n-n-n-no-no only discover has no annual fee on any card. is often unseen. because the pain you're feeling
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the death toll stands at 2,939. that's a new high in this country. it is the dark tunnel for some welcome light. how long the tunnel is? we don't know. the fda will meet for the covid vaccine. canada approved it today and britain approved it yesterday. pete, what's the latest you know of preparations there and how fast the company is poised to
5:23 pm
move if it gets fda authorization? >> reporter: quickly, anderson. pfizer says trucks can be leaving here carrying the vaccine within 24 hours fda emergency use authorization. pfizer is the largest manufacture facility, 1300 acres. we are learning from operation warp speed that the truck leas s leaving here will go to 600 places. things needed to administer the vaccine like syringes and alcohol swabs, all of that will be in place before friday. >> do you know how many doses and where they'll go? >> reporter: 2.9 million doses will be in that initial shipment. we are learning from states that will not be enough to cover those who need the vaccine right
5:24 pm
off the bat, those are frontline healthcare workers and those living in long-term healthcare facilities. state tells us they have to prioritize and it is not an easy job. >> you have a new reporting how the national guard is going to help us facilitate shipment. >> reporter: this is a big task. michigan has now directed the national guard to support the logistics and the transportation of the vaccine. the national guard was primarily helping out with things like meal distributions. >> pete muntean, appreciate it. joining us our dr. sanjay gupta,
5:25 pm
the two candidates experienced a reaction. can you explain this? >> we don't know specifically what they reacted to within the vaccine. this is what you think like a flu vaccine or an egg product or something like that. this vaccine is not made that way. there is certain stabilizer in the vaccine that they may reacted to. your second reaction is as it turns out we look through the exclusi exclusionary require for the trial. people have had allergic reaction from the past were excluded this. these people who have had the history of anaphylactoild.
5:26 pm
they had reaction and they carrieancarry epp epipens so to speak. what the u.k. is recommending that people who have these allergens in the past to not get the vaccine right now. i am sure it is a discussion tomorrow. >> secretary, how concerned are you of the reaction? >> i think they know there is a reaction among people who are very allergic i can goigoing in perhaps it is a safety warning as dr. sanjay gupta just said. they were exexcluded from the trial. we still don't know a lot.
5:27 pm
this is on a fast track. we don't know about pregnant women or children. this will be decided over a period of time. what we do know is that for the vast majority of the population, it still seems to be safe and effective. as issues come up and excluding people from the initial dosage, again, this is pfizer. moderna, we need the share it with the public as soon as possible and take steps necessary to protect. doing no harm is the bottom line. if it helps more people than hurt, we need to push it out of the fda. >> sanjay, all the experts' predictions this being a dark winter coming into intuition. we are just at the beginning o f this dark -- when do you think
5:28 pm
the vaccine will be provided enough for the people to return back to normal life. >> i talked to dr. fauci for this event. when you get to 30% roughly, you may start to see i am impact, that's a lot of choses of vaccine, probably 200 million doses of vaccine. the herd immunity which means you have enough people vaccinated that the virus has a hard time finding the home. that's 60% to 70%. if people get the vaccines and if there is not a problem with the roll out and all of that stuff. you know and end of second quarter is what we keep hearing. it does not mean people don't
5:29 pm
need to wear a masks. we talked about it the other day. even if you get the vaccine, you still could get infected. that's why you will see masks for a period of time. and before next year, before you will have a significant. >> if one can still get infected with the virus even if you have the vaccine. and you can still pass it onto othe others. is any talk of herd immunity is valid? >> herd immunity through the vaccine because people can have it and get infected and pass it on. that seems like as much of a risk as other people regular. >> i understand, we all have to recognize. we don't know a lot about both the disease which is relatively
5:30 pm
new and unfolding forever our eyes and we don't know about the vaccines beyond having a lot of people participating in trials and having an efficacy rate that's significantly higher. making sure that this works. the through vaccine, this is can't higher than most flu vaccine. i think what we are looking at is ir about to have 3,000 people today. today in the united states die of covid-19. the disease is everywhere. northwest and east coast. hospitals are totally full. we have top balance some
5:31 pm
unknowns still with the vaccine and with the notion that it will absolutely save lives and keeping people from getting desperately ill. >> we don't know all the precushions and how long. there is significant light at the end of the tunnel. the short term means aif or six or seven months. making sure that people follow the guidance about guidance and masking and social december tansitan distancing. we got to take what we have learned the last eight months and put it into practice so we don't continue to have this unthinkable death toll and disease toravaging the country.
5:32 pm
>> is there one thing in the distribution chain that concerns you the most? >> it is a little concerns. there is a lot of confusion. operation warp speed getting the vaccine from the team was to the stat states, you get a sense of a good plan around that. when the state receives those doses of vaccine, a tri a.age i taken place. we have been trying to investigate this but you run into investigations where neighboring states could have different plans and one of the states may gear more of the doses towards long-term care facilities and others towards hospitals. you can run into a situation where someone qualified for the vaccine one state and cross the
5:33 pm
border, not qualified. eventually we'll catch up with the doses. there will be a little bit of confusion and a lot of story like that in the first couple of weeks. >> sanjay, benjamin netanyahu says he'll be the first to take the vaccine. >> do you think biden should be aun of the first to get it here? >> you can make a national security argument for this. i heard three former presidents have said they would be willing to get the vaccine as a public confidence. obviously, president gets treattrea treated differently and he's coming into contact with a lot of people. he's 78 years old. maybe not fers in line but he's way up there. >> we appreciate your time as always and san yeah as well. >> legal trouble.
5:34 pm
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today key witness posting a million dollar lawsuit. winter has been sued. she was deposed today. the d.c.'s attorney general pursuing this action will join us in a moment of what he's learned. first, randy kay, on all the investigations that'll greet the president and his family when he leaves office. >> reporter: perhaps that expertise will come in handy when donald trump is free grain. manhattan attorney is looking into the inner working of the trump organization. the investigation first focus on hush money payments to two women
5:38 pm
alleged before the 2016 election that they had engaged with wall encounter with president trump. the president denies and affairs and knowing anything of the payment. michael cohen says there was no doubt that trump knew. in court filings, vanc e-cigarettealled this probe may include possible bank and insurance and tax fraud. for two years now, vance has been trying to get access to trump's taxes. >> the same people that failed to get me in washington have sent every piece of information to new york so they can try to get me there. >> reporter: how trump value his assets will get a close you are look post presidency. the attorney general opened a fraud investigation whether the trump organization inflated its
5:39 pm
assets to get bank loans and played it down. >> mr. trump inflated his total assets when it served his purposes. he deflated his asset to reduce his real estate taxes. >> reporter: this is still a civil investigation but it has a potential to turn criminal. trump will have to answer the attorney general of maryland and washington, d.c. over the emoulument clause back in 2018. trump appealed the case to u.s. supreme court. >> somebody said oh, he may have rented a room to a man from saudi arabia for $500. what about the 5 billion that i lose. it is going to cost me including
5:40 pm
upside down lawyers because everyday they sue me for something. >> reporter: citizen trump will face lawsuits involving allegations of rape and sexual assaults. the former apprentice contestant is suing trump for defamation related to her claim that he assaulted her. last year he lost his attempt to have the case dismissed. his deposition is put on hold until he leaves office. trump has denied harming either women saying this about carol. quote, "she's not my type." randy kay, cnn, palm beach, florida. >> a lot of legal fights for president trump ahead. mr. attorney general, thank you for joining us.
5:41 pm
can you share if she was cooperative or not? >> miss winston wilcox is fully cooperative since day one and her deposition today was truthful and honest and full some. i can't talk about the details of the deposition, i can tell you it strengthens our case and our case is a just case because it demonstrates that trump took advantage of the inaugural committee and fund money essentially into their pockets and purses through the trump hotel. >> can you walk us through how you believe that the inaugural committee may have over paid the trump's family business and what you found after years of collecting evidence.
5:42 pm
part of it is they were charging these rates for hotel rooms but don't all hotels in d.c. jack up their prices during big events? >> they do. the issue is the proper conduct of the inaugural committee which was not for profit organization that receives certain tax benefits which he didn't pay taxes and expenses were able to be written off. in exchange for those benefits, they're supposed to guard against waste and self-dealing that would lead to money going into related businesses like the trump hotel. anderson, let me give you one example. we have found evidence that the trump hotel charged the inaugural committee $175,000 for event space that they charge another not for profit
5:43 pm
organization 500,000. >> wow. >> that's wasteful and to be honest it is taking advantage of the public to line their own pockets, that's why we are suing. >> and ivanka trump, "this inquiry is another motivated demonstration and waste of taxpayers' dollars." she posted in the e-mail that she instructed the trump's hotel to be a fair market rate. you said her savings is highly misleading. can you explain why? >> sure, her e-mail was december 14th, i know that because it is my birthday. sure enough in that e-mail, she talked about market rate. she didn't talk about what occurred after december 14th including fire alarms and red flags from mr. wilcroft winston.
5:44 pm
there is no e-mail to those kinds of charges. we know she was in the loop but didn't stop it. let me go further. you mention inside the opening segment. >> he's a phd in litigation. i can tell you that my colleagues and i on the democratic ag front have sued the president a lot, over 138 times. 80% of those cases we have won and in front of courts that have been judged by democratic and republican appointed judges. they have found that pump had no legal chaims that their actions are contrary. i am confident at the end of the
5:45 pm
day when this inauguration suit, it would be another lost for trump. just as their last attempt to over turn this election is the complaint filed by the texas attorney general and i believe the supreme court will be rejected by fair minded judges and appointed by republican president and democratic president. the heroes of our democracy have been the federal courts. >> what sort of timeline do you anticipate for the rest of these lawsuits? what would a fair resolution look like if he won? >> the return of all the money that were wasted and wint to en the pockets of trump's pockets
5:46 pm
and his kids. unfortunately, sometimes a lawsuit takes time. he'll be well into the year 2021 before a resolution. as you mention at the off charlotte, civil cases is not part of it. we'll litigate this into the end, i am confident that justice will revail and we'll win. >> thank you very much. >> the u.s. reported highest i think single day covid-19. more on that when we continue. before we talk about tax-smart investing, what's new? -audrey's expecting... -twins! ♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans. at fidelity, a change in plans is always part of the plan.
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. breaking news on the pandemic. the u.s. is reporting the highest single day death toll,
5:50 pm
more than 3,000 so far. nevada is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases. the number of known cases in the state is doubling every month. that's why a hospital in reno set up a field unit to treat patients in the parking garage. there the work is intense and all consuming and it is not helped by a retweet by president trump calling the whole operation fake. so how is the hospital doing in terms of capacity and supplies tonight? >> yeah. so inside the hospital building is where the icu unit is, and that is very close to capacity, anderson. but i want to make very, very clear. there is nothing fake about this facility. just take a look. you can see the signs for the parking garage still up. but you can also see that this is a fully functioning covid-19 unit. dr. jacob is mustering all his
5:51 pm
mental and physical strength as another wave of covid-19 patients show up in the intensive care unit at his hospital. everyone here has been going nonstop for months. what was your worst day? >> so my worst day of this pandemic was actually the day i posted the tweet thanking my teammates. i had just finished a seven-day stretch in the intensive care unit. there had been patient after patient after patient who was not surviving this illness. >> reporter: the tweet he sent was a simple selfie showing off their new covid-19 wing. that wing set up in the hospital parking garage. that fact seemed to set president trump off who retweeted a tweet calling it
5:52 pm
fake and a scam. that unleashed the twitter trolls. >> i was sad, devastated and i was angry. >> reporter: devastated and angry because all of the hard work being done by his colleagues inside this parking garage hospital every single day, from the food staff to the ceo. >> this is not fake. this is as real as it get snoos the idea was conceived and executed months ago. but during this covid surge, patients are now parked in the spaces instead of cars. the number of coronavirus cases in nevada that this hospital services has exploded. this week, there are actually ten times the number of covid-19 cases than there were just a couple of months ago. so the hospital had to do whatever it takes to find more bed space. and, so, here we are on 4g of a parking garage. >> it was scary. you know, we don't expect to go
5:53 pm
to work and be working out of a parking garage. we have made it a hospital. so we don't even consider it a garage anymore. >> reporter: did you ever think that in america they would have to treat people in a parking lot? >> when they started building this, i laughed. >> reporter: making a dusty, dirty parking garage into a sanitary space seemed laughable. but then she ended up hospitalized here. >> people won't realize how bad this is. the pain that i feel, not being able to breathe. that's one of the worst things that i ever get to experience in my life. >> reporter: a few days later, her husband of 35 years was also hospitalized with covid. >> i thought, you know, she's going to die. >> reporter: after spending days in isolation with no visitation,
5:54 pm
they found each other again, parked just four beds apart in the parking garage. >> he coughed at nighttime. i can hear him. and if i yell, he can hear me. he knows that i'm still alive. >> wow. i understand this facility is particularly meaningful to the man who runs the hospital. >> reporter: it absolutely is. the ceo and president of renowned health systems, dr. anthony slonum. the day this covid unit was opened here in this parking garage was his birthday, but it was also the day that he found out that his father had died back in new jersey where he's from. his father died of covid-19. >> wow. >> reporter: anderson? >> appreciate it. thank you very much. more breaking news ahead. details on a federal investigation into hunter biden when we return. our time.
5:55 pm
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more breaking news tonight. hunter biden is under federal investigation. he issued a statement that reads in part, i learned yesterday that the u.s. attorney's office advised my legal counsel yesterday that they are investigating my tax affairs. i take this matter seriously, but i am confident they will find i handled my affairs appropriately and legally. so what do we know about this? >> well, anderson, we know this is an investigation that began in 2018. and we know that it's been going on led by the u.s. attorney in delaware along with the irs criminal investigation and the fbi. they have been taking a look at hunter biden's business opportunities overseas, particularly in china and
5:59 pm
whether or not there were violations of tax are looking a underreported over the last several years. this is now an investigation that is picking up as a result of the fact that after the election they're allowed to issue subpoenas and ask for interviews and do over overt steps. >> and what possible implications could it have on the biden administration investigating the soon to be president's own family members. >> it is going to be one of the thorny things that the new attorney general is going to have to deal with. the president-elect has said that he expects the justice department to behave independently. but today the biden transition is the one that issued this statement on behalf of the vice president's son, which is an odd thing to do, you know. we have just come off four years of an administration that didn't know the difference between the president's personal and official responsibilities.
6:00 pm
it's not clear how much thought went into the decision for the biden transition to issue, you know, a statement on behalf of the son on a purely personal matter. >> yeah. evan perez, appreciate it. a reminder, don't miss full circle. 6:00 p.m. eastern or on the cnn app any time on demand. news continues. >> anderson, thank you very much. i am chris cuomo and welcome to "prime time." 18 state attorneys general from states trump won are now trying to sue other states because they aren't happy joe biden won. brothers and sisters, this is the worst of times. the reference is not a nod to a tale of two cities. we are altogether in a single world of pain. we have never had more starving from a pandemic in modern times. today