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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  December 10, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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thank you for watching. time for the big show. "cnn tonight," with the big star, d lemon. >> how you feeling about our democracy? >> i'm in a wait-and-see mode,
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brother. i've never seen anything like this, before. and when you haven't seen anything like it before, you've got to be, at best, cautiously optimistic. i know the law on it. i understand. this suit is a little different than the pennsylvania one. but the principles remain the same, and reading through the briefs, there's a lot of nonsense in there. but, that's the scary part. they know it's nonsense, and yet, 100 members of the re-trumplican party, sign on to this. states sign on. and what does that mean, in terms of wanting to do any kind of deal with the other side? >> they don't want it. they don't want it. >> but then, what does that mean for getting money to have the vaccine produced? >> they don't want it. they would rather division. they would rather have their way. this is the ultimate act of entitlement. that -- that you can tell other people, other states, how they should conduct their elections. we don't like what you did. we don't like what the will of your citizens are.
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what they -- what they decided to do. so, we are going to change it. that's what entitlement is. when people think that their way is the highway. they're used to being the preeminent voice, and they want to push that on to other people. that's what entitlement is and that's what this whole, last gasp of these folks that are there. they don't believe in free and fair elections. that's a lie. they don't believe in decency, as they have been saying. that's a lie. they're -- they're not the party of the moral party or whatever. family values and states' rights. it's all a lie. it's not about what evangelicals say it's about do unto others and christianity, and all those things that they claim to believe in because it's all been proven to be bs, for the past five years. they put up with a president who paid off a porn star. someone who, anytime he gets an opportunity to poke his finger in the eye of democracy, to undermine the republic and the
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democracy in this country, he does it. and you stand by him. you are complete hypocrites. what you say you stood for is all a bunch of lies. it is bull. and so, there's no recourse. don't tell any -- don't tell me how to live my life. don't tell me how to clean my house, until you clean up yours. until you get the speck out of your own eye, don't tell me about mine. >> i just don't know exactly where we go from here. even if it fails, which it should, i mean -- >> i heard you make a point, earlier. you're right. even if it fails, the damage is done, in large part. but i would rather see it -- i would -- i would rather see it fail because i think that -- >> if it doesn't fail, don, you and i are going to be very busy, for a while. >> or either on an island. >> i mean, we got big problems. >> i would never run away from this. >> i don't know how a democracy survives a nullified election, of this scale.
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>> i don't think the election will be nullified. >> me, either. but, i'm saying that's why -- you -- you -- it can't succeed. it cannot succeed. >> but think about -- think about all of the people, who you have on your program. and you know how i always tell you, chris, why you giving that person -- and you know we talk about those things. and that's -- but think about all the people you think are, seemingly, logical, in some way. and -- and sane, at some level. and then, they sign off on this. and you go, where's your credibility? you're -- you're crazy. this is absolute craziness. and when people talk about entitlement and privilege, this is what they're talking about. now, imagine, if you did this. if you lost out to something. said, no, no, no, it was all rigged and i'm going to turn it over. and i'm going to use the courts to turn it over. and i'm going to raise money off of it. and i'm going to continue to lie, to the people who support me. what do you think would happen to you?
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what do you think people would do to you? >> me? i don't have any followers. you know, i would either be ignored or fired. you know, the thing with trump is, you know, he's good for them. he helps them. they need who likes him. and that's why, what we're seeing here, it's not just like -- >> they need what? >> they need the people who like trump. they can't go against trump. they will lose that base. it's not donald scares me. it's, i need his people. >> all right. stop right there. what does that say about what they've done, then? what does it say about how they've radicalized those people? what does it say about how they have lied to those people? because, if they need people who they have lied to, and who are actually not operating in facts and reality right now, what does it say about those people? and what does that say about them? that's where we need to get to because, unless you admit the problem, the issue, what you have done, then how can we go
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any further? unless you come to some realization about what is the truth. when someone stands up and says my name is don lemon and i am a whatever. whatever it is when you go to aa or whatever it is. right? you cannot deal with the problem, unless you admit that there is one. and they are not admitting that there's one. the people -- the politicians know. they know. but, they are not being honest with the people. and they can't be honest with the people, because it puts them in a conundrum of being exposed. >> i just think, as i've often said, what we have here is -- >> a failure to communicate. >> no. no. there's been too much communicating. this is very fragile. nobody else is trying what we're doing here, and there's a reason. and it can break. and when your -- the webbing -- >> excuse me for this. >> -- is a mutual respect of -- what, are you tearing up -- when the webbing is a mutual respect for our laws, that's our
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national religion, that's all we have. when that's gone, i -- i don't know what's next. i mean, you could have a commission after this, that looks at it. and i guess you could take a poll of who were the ten people you believe most? but it's like, anybody who sits on it, if they say something someone doesn't like, they're going to just, oh, that guy's a trumper. you know, which should be completely disqualifying. if you back this guy in this effort, when you know there's no proof, and there's no proof. i don't know how a person gets credibility after that. >> i think we are complicit as well because what we have been doing, and i am including myself in this. either wittingly or unwittingly, is giving false equivalence to both sides. both sides play politics. that's what it is. it's politics. okay? democrats are pretty bad at politics, i believe. democrats do some things that are not great. but for the past year -- couple years and even decades, there -- there's been a large swath of the republican party, that has
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not been operating in reality. that has not been told what is the truth. that has not lived up or come to a realization about the history of this country. and those folks need to come into reality. it's not both sides. we can't do the both sides-ism, on this. and i know people are going to be mad at me and i am going to get a lot of flack but it's true. john harwood said it on my show last night. there is one side that basically operates in reality, does dumb things, plays politics, as usual. there's another side that has not been playing in reality, especially for the past five years. there's another -- the other side, who believes that the president, the former president, was not born in this country. who believes that barack obama was wiretapping. who believes what bill barr said. how he -- how he framed the mueller ror mueller report. who believes that russians did not interfere in the election. there is a whole side to this, in this country, a whole group of people, who are not operating in reality. and thinks that both sides are
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equal. it is not. and we, in the media, have to stop pretending that because we don't want to seem partisan. that's not partisan. that's operating in reality and truth. and that is what we must do, as journalists. one side, right now, and it is on steroids, showing us you're not operating in reality. donald trump lost the election. there's no widespread voter fraud. that is not partisan. that's the truth. the other side is saying, there's no voter -- widespread voter fraud. donald trump lost the election. joe biden won. that side is operating in reality because that's exactly what's happened in this country. so, we have to stop pretending and giving both sides equivalence. it's not. it's not both sides, here. we have to call out the side that's not -- that's not operating in reality. that's how i feel, and that's the only way you are going to correct it. so, some people are going to come along. i believe there are people out there who are in that squishy
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middle that people talk about, who want to be conneeducated, w want to live in reality. and then, there's a large swath of people who fall victim to cultism and non-truths, become susceptible to that. and they live in that world, and will probably never be changed. they are unreachable. i'm sorry but that is the truth. and we have to stop saying, every single time, how do we get those people? how do we get those people? because if we keep asking how we get those people, then we forget about the people that we are actually supposed to be serving. and the ones who want to listen to us, and the ones who are operating in reality. and guess what that does? if we keep trying to reach out to people who are not there. that makes us one of them. if you keep doing the same thing over and over and over, what does that make you? >> insane. >> okay. i got to run. >> amen. i love you, don lemon. preach! >> i love you, too. i'll see you soon. okay. phew! i need a breath.
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that's the truth, y'all, and you know it. you know it. you know it. you know it. and if i didn't say it, i wouldn't be doing my job. this is "cnn tonight" and i am, very proudly, don lemon, and i'm going to tell you the truth. the news, tonight, is that this country -- what this country's been waiting for. it is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic. we could just -- be just days away from the first vaccinations. can you imagine? finally. we're on the road to recovery, where this will be over. maybe, the next six months, or so. will there be a light at the end of the tunnel for our democracy, is the question? you can be mad at me, all you want. i'm going to tell you the truth. we -- we -- our democracy is on the line. i am asking a really serious question. america is in crisis, right now. let me tell you where we are. half the states are fighting the other half before the supreme court, as republicans fall all over themselves to back this -- it's an insane attempt to
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overturn the election. and all, for the sake of what? of what? of who? an impeached, one-term president, who lost the popular vote, by one of the largest margins in decades, by the way. it's nothing but kamikaze loyalty. i don't want to say anything. i'll call up joe biden. i'll congratulate -- but i can't say anything to my constituents. i can't say it publicly. even if you're not a politician, an everyday citizen, i don't want to say anything because i don't want to tick off my husband. i don't want to tick off my wife or my neighbor. tell 'em! this is the time for everyone to stand up to this president. to say, enough is enough. you lost! and you're trying to play me.
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don't play me. don't play me. play lotto. i'm not here for it. joe biden won. it's time, now, for an orderly transition of power. talking about jeb bush. son of -- son of one president, brother of another president. saying, tonight, that this is crazy. it will be killed on arrival. why are smart people advancing this notion? let it go. the election is soefover. thank you, jeb bush. but the shameful fact is, this is a fact, 106 -- there are their names, right there -- republican members of the house, our elected representatives, have signed onto the current president's attempted-power grab. you see their names, right there on your screen, right now. 106 of them. elected officials. more than half the republicans in the house, selling their
11:14 pm
political souls, selling out the voters, the people they're supposed to represent. selling them out, just lying to them. giving them false hope. and i want to talk to -- to those republicans, right now. if you support this, if you are promoting these lies. if you have signed your name to this case, you have climbed onboard the crazy train. and the next stop is autocracy. absolute power, in the hands of one man, to whom you have pledged your loyalty, instead of to the constitution and to the people. unamerican. that is unamerican. none of you, who are riding that train, should ever be allowed to claim to be on the side of the founding fathers, ever again.
11:15 pm
which you all love to do. the constitution, the constitution, the constitution. give me a break. give me a big, old break. it's the constitution. i'm here to tell you something tonight, so listen up. the founding fathers would be disgusted by you. they overthrew a monarch. a mad king. fought. died. set up a republic -- republic. a democracy. to last hundreds of years, through a civil war, world wars. and you threw it all away. reality-tv show star. give me a break. to prove your loyalty to an unworthy man. to a pathological liar. to a racist. to a womanizer. to someone, who pretended to be
11:16 pm
a big boss on tv, and is now pretending to be president. someone, who sits ranting, watching tv, while hundreds of thousands of americans, your loved ones, your fellow americans, die. who shames you, with na name calling, threatens you with mean tweets. so scared of mean tweets. do you know how many mean tweets i get? i don't even read 'em. never even read 'em. so, if you are mean tweeting me, have fun, good luck, don't care. you are not public servants. you're his servants. you should all be ashamed of yourselves. and it's not -- it's not like they didn't know. it's not like they didn't know exactly who donald trump is. okay? so, here's some receipts for you. i want to start with ted cruz. perhaps, the thirstiest, thirsty, someone give that man a
11:17 pm
drink of water. thirstiest, of all who offered to argue this case, himself, before the court. remember, when he argued this? >> tell you what i really think of donald trump. this man is a pathological liar. he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. he lies, practically, every word that comes out of his mouth. the man cannot tell the truth, but he combines it with being a narcissist. a narcissist, at a level i don't think this country's ever seen. >> how are you going to get somebody named lying ted to argue your case? if i was the opposing counsel and they said -- i'd say, well, first of all, you have someone that you named lying ted, yourself, argue your case. so, where's the credibility? that was ted cruz, 2016.
11:18 pm
2020, you know, we got a whole, new model. different chip put in. where's marco rubio, who had trump pegged as a con artist, long before he attempted the ultimate con, the grift and theft going on right now? >> a con artist is about to take over the republican party and the conservative movement, and we have to put a stop to it. >> congratulations, marco. maybe, marco, maybe your name should be marko because you've been the perfect mark. lindsey graham called him a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot, threw in a kook, just for good measure, or bad measure. >> he is a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. he doesn't represent my party. i think he is a kook. i think he's crazy. i think he's unfit for office. >> that was the lindsey gram of 2015-2016, before he got his chip. his upgrade. or downgrade.
11:19 pm
or whatever it is. lindsey graham is supporting that man, now. over a man he once considered one of his closest friends. >> if you can't admire joe biden as a person, it's probably you got a problem. you need to do some self-evaluation because what's not to like? he's the nicest person i think i've ever met in politics. >> is that right? >> he is as good a man, as god ever created. >> with tears. with tears. joe biden's as good a man as god ever created. lindsey. let me stop, before i go too far. y'all know. y'all know. rand paul called him a delusional narcissist. >> donald trump is a delusional narcissist and an orange-faced
11:20 pm
windbag. dirt is way more qualified to be president. >> they all had trump's number, not so long ago. they knew. they still know. oh, they know. and we were warned about something like this. warned, by some of the people who know him the best. like, his former fixer, and keeper of secrets, michael cohen, who told congress this. >> i fear that, if he loses the election in 2020, that there will never be a peaceful transition of power. >> michael cohen said that. predicted. how would michael cohen know? because he was with him for years. his fixer. his ghostwriter on the art of the deal, who said he will never concede. >> he will never concede. he won't attend the
11:21 pm
inauguration. he can't -- he can't concede because, to concede, for him, is to accept that he is a failure. and that is an intolerable thing for him. so, he has to keep this delusional idea alive, that he was cheated. >> and you're going right along with it. his former white house communications director warned us. >> the notion of him conceding, i don't think is going to happen, erica, ever. because i think he's manifesting -- that's part of his whole conspiracy cabal. and that's how he is going to try to keep these supporters and acolytes tied to him. he's got a very large group of people believing these falsehoods and lies. and i think that's his game plan. >> previous opponent and co-president in his eyes and fox news' eyes, hillary clinton warned us. she lost to him, and then conceded the next day. >> i think it is a fair point to
11:22 pm
raise, as to whether or not, if he loses, he is going to go quietly or not. and we have to be ready for that. >> even his own family. his niece warned us. >> we should definitely be worried and on our guard and vigilant about what happens. and i think, again, the pressure needs to be on republican leadership because i don't know that there's anybody else who can contain the damage that donald is, apparently, perfectly willing to inflict upon the country he's ostensibly leading. >> they all warned us. they all warned us. and you know who else warned us? in a way, so did he. >> you don't understand me. you don't understand me. but that's okay. you'll understand me, after the
11:23 pm
election, but you don't understand me now. >> well, we're going to have much more, tonight, on the outrageous, attempted robbery of the presidency that is underway, right now. but we, also, have some huge news on the pandemic, tonight. when can you get the vaccine? and when is it safe? dr. fauci says, we're not through with this virus, just yet. >> we're not through with this just because we're starting a vaccine program. even though you, as an individual, might have gotten vaccinated, it is not over, by any means. we still have a long way to go, and we've got to get as many people, as possible, vaccinated of all groups. do it! run your dishwasher with cascade platinum. and save water. did you know certified dishwashers... ...use less than four gallons per cycle, while a running sink uses that, every two minutes. so, do it with cascade. the surprising way to save water.
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♪ as long as i got you then baby ♪ ♪ you know that you've got me, oh! yea...♪ ♪ fda advisers, giving the green light for emergency-use authorization of the pfizer coronavirus vaccine. the fda could grant that approval, at any moment. hospitals, already, receiving materials to prepare them for the vaccine shipments that they will need -- they will soon receive. like, this one in pennsylvania that's up on your screen there. but, that good news, coming as deaths are surging all across this country. yesterday was the deadliest day of this pandemic, so far, with
11:28 pm
3,124 deaths. the key ihme model projecting half a million americans dead from the virus, by april 1st. the deaths are spiking or holding steady, in 49 states. and the cdc director is warning that we will have more covid deaths, every day, than deaths from 9/11 for the next two to three months, even with vaccine approval. so, joining me now is dr. sanjay gupta, our chief medical correspondent. sanjay, i guess -- good evening to both of you -- i guess it's bittersweet. the days ahead, they're going to be tough and they are going to be dark. this is what everybody's been waiting for. there are kids out there who have coronavirus vaccine on their christmas list, right now. and we took a huge step forward, today. so put this in context for us, tell us what happened. >> well, first of all, i agree with you, don. best of times, worst of times, right? i mean, it feels like whiplash.
11:29 pm
we are seeing some of these tragic death tolls and i am glad you mentioned that because today is a day i think we're celebrating, scientifically. i am going to show you what the final vote was all about. but at the same time, we are celebrating this remarkable feat of science. the numbers are going to continue to get worse for a period of time. the vaccine may not necessarily help that for some time to come. but what this final vote was about today was basically to say we are going to look at this vaccine. and basically, when we evaluate the totality of the scientific evidence, do the benefits outweigh the risks? that was simply the question, don. this is for people 16 and older. and the conclusion, the majority conclusion, was that the answer was, yes, that the benefits do outweigh the risks. there were a few issues. there was four people who voted no. mainly, because they thought -- it seemed like they thought the age was too young. instead of 16 years old, it should be 18 years old. they said there wasn't enough data for 16 and 17 years old.
11:30 pm
and i think that's going to be a topic of discussion, to come. but, this is a recommendation now to the fda to emergency-use authorize this vaccine. fda's still got to do that. they typically take the advisory committee's recommendation. that will likely happen tomorrow. and then, over the next couple days, the cdc advisory committees will meet to sort of determine who, what, where, to determine how this vaccine gets distributed. i actually didn't think it would be this year. >> i know. you texted me it's all good news. and listen. i remember covering, you know, this didn't just happen overnight. everyone thinks this just happened starting at the beginning of the year or the spring. but, this all came after -- after sars in 2003, and so on and so forth. they've been working on these things. but i have to ask you, doctor, you said these other advisory boards have to do their thing. but is it right that pfizer can start shipping vaccines, within 24 hours after this -- this authorization?
11:31 pm
and when are we going to see the first people getting their shots? >> yeah. so -- so, after the authorization if it comes and, again, it looks very likely, then they can start distributing it. and this is from the manufacturing locations, to the states, is my understanding. what the -- what happens with the states, may be different, state to state. some will stockpile it. some will go straight to pharmacies and hospitals. but that takes place, after the advisory committee with the cdc. and they're going to -- they're going to formally recommend this vaccine. and then, after that, don, couple days, i think early next week, potentially, we could see people start getting this outside of a clinical trial. >> that's great. so, dr. inglesby, i want to bring you in because what about safety? you heard sanjay talk about that. some people thought maybe the age was too young and so on. some people think it happened too quickly. especially, after we heard about this -- you know, the allergic reactions to the pfizer vaccine in the uk. should americans feel confident that everything possible has been done to make this vaccine safe? >> yeah, i think they should.
11:32 pm
i think, if you look at the -- the trial data from the u.s., it -- it has been very safe. we have not seen severe reactions, so far. obviously, things can emerge. things can emerge. and we -- we have to follow safety data, very carefully, over time. but, so far, so good, in terms of safety. there were two incidents in the uk. two allergic reactions, which were serious. we are still learning about those, and i think by the time any american gets vaccinated, we will know a lot more about those reactions and were there any precautions that particular groups of people might take. but so far, i think safety data's been very encouraging. >> let me stick with you, doctor, because on top of the new ihme model, the cdc is projecting by january 2nd. i mean, that's not -- that's just around the corner. i mean, that would be about 70,000 deaths, in three weeks. this pandemic is going to get a whole lot worse, before it gets better.
11:33 pm
>> yeah, unfortunately, i think what we're seeing right now is the consequence of people wanting to be together over the holidays, which we all understand. but when people come together in large numbers, this virus takes advantage of that. and so, we are seeing the aftermath of the holidays. we're also -- people have moved inside, in the cold. and when people are inside and conditions aren't really well ventilated, then the virus is -- it's spread much more easily. you're right. i think you both said it, already. this is the best of times and the worst of times. we have to do everything we can to try and slow this virus down. we are not going to see the effect of this vaccine, in terms of slowing this pandemic down, for many months. so, in the meantime, we have to do what we can do as individuals. >> wear masks. >> together, with our elected officials. >> social distance. >> right. >> and don't -- try not to have large gatherings, especially over the holidays. we're so lucky to have -- to have both of you on to help get
11:34 pm
us through this and to educate about this. thank you, doctors, i appreciate it. thanks so much. 18 attorneys general signing on to this baseless, trump-backed lawsuit. jeez. looking to overturn the election and throw out millions of votes. but, guess what? at least 23 are fighting against it and i am going to speak with the attorney general leading the charge. that's next. [♪] do you struggle with dull, dry skin, and find yourself reapplying moisturizer throughout the day? try olay ultra rich. olay's luxurious moisturizer melts into the skin. it's formulated with vitamin b3 plus peptides and shea butter, providing lasting hydration, for up to 24 hours. there's no need to reapply, and no greasy residue. and, for enhanced hydration, try olay serum. just 1 drop has the power to renew a million surface skincells. for deep, lasting hydration try olay. responds to snoring-automatically. so no hiding under your pillow. or opting for the couch. your best sleep. all night. every night.
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so, house republicans seem to be falling all over themselves to back trump's desperate attempt to overturn the election results. as of tonight, 18 attorneys general are supporting paxton's lawsuit but at least one republican is rejecting it. the attorney general of idaho says i am declining to join this effort. as is sometimes the case, the legally correct decision may not
11:39 pm
be the politically convenient decision but my responsibility is to the state of identiaho ane rule of law. also, learning of other attorneys general calling on the supreme court to reject the texas lawsuit. ag karl racine is leading that and he joins me now. thank you so much. let me just reiterate what's going on. i want -- and you have 18 attorneys general, who -- and other gop -- and gop-led states they are saying they're not going to do it. what is your message to texas attorney general, ken paxton, i should say, 18 other gop-led states where they are doing this thing. and what's -- what's your reaction to them? and the more than 100 house republicans who are supporting this baseless, texas lawsuit? >> i'm going to look beyond them, for a moment. and i'm going to focus on the first name that you started with. and that's attorney general
11:40 pm
lawrence wasden from the great state of idaho. that's a profile in courage, right there. honest, thoughtful, and persuasive. and he is the embodiment of our attorney general room. i am the president of the national association of attorney general, a bipartisan room that, just yesterday, 48 of us sued facebook, alleging monopolistic behavior. so, seven republican ags did not join the texas attorney general, and let me tell you, they stood up against withering, coercive pressure, social media on them is awful and hateful. there are protests in front of their homes. they -- they deserve credit. as to mr. paxton and others who joined ken paxton's brief, i really want to say that i don't judge them because, again, the coercive pressure of donald
11:41 pm
trump would be easy for me to criticize them. i don't know what i would do. i hope i would be lawrence wasden. but, let me tell you something else, don, and this is where i have great confidence. the supreme court of the united states, just like state and federal judges throughout donald trump's tenure, he's losing about 80% of the cases that have been filed against him. because, as chief justice roberts said, the judges are not democratic judges, nor republican judges, nor trump judges, nor obama judges. they take an oath to follow the rule of law. and, don, i'm here to tell you. sometimes, i'm upset at how a decision comes down, especially if it has to do with reproductive rights or gun control. or even campaign finance. but overall, the supreme court,
11:42 pm
state judges, and federal judges, are the heroes of this particular time when we have seen other individuals in politics yield to donald trump. >> i agree. listen, i -- i could let you speak all night, and i would love to hear you because i think you're right on. but unfortunately, we have a time constraint. i want to make sure people get out of it, everything that they can. but -- and i want to talk about what's happening with this case because, yes, there are other attorneys general, as you mentioned, who decline. and -- and they're standing up, under great pressure. and -- and i commend them and you did as well, and i think most people in this country do. but there are others, 18 others, who signed on. and can you tell us, in a nutshell, what this lawsuit is claiming? and if you think it has -- if -- if it's going to go anywhere? >> in my view, it's really close to frivolous and it's not going anywhere. the lawsuit claims that the four states that they're seeking to
11:43 pm
invalidate voters' will of. georgia, pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. they claim that those states are riddled with fraud. well, we know there's no systematic fraud in voting. it's never been established. remember, ben ginsburg, the great, republican election lawyer? he's told you, over and over again, that there has never been systematic voter fraud. not until donald trump made it up. so, a court, especially supreme court of the united states, regardless of who appointed them, i believe, is going to do the easy and right thing. the lawful and truthful thing. and dismiss this matter. >> well, everyone is watching and i do have to tell you. listen. again, i think -- i agree, you agree, and most people in this country agree, that the people who stood up to this, those
11:44 pm
attorneys general, they deserve all the credit and support, as you do as well. >> can i say one thing? >> yes, we'd love to have you back but go on, please. >> okay. i just have to say, as i'm praising my republican colleagues who didn't join, the democratic attorneys general are not a bunch of partisan-hack lawyers. we care about the rule of law. we're not perfect. but, i got to tell you, if you're pitching 80% in your lawsuits against a lawless administration, you're actually standing up for justice and fairness. and i'm proud of my colleagues. >> thank you, so much, attorney -- attorney general racine. appreciate it. be well and be safe. >> thanks, don. >> so more than 100 republicans signing on to this bogus lawsuit. a suit actively looking to overturn the will of the voters. how much chaos are they making and how long will it last? before we go to break, though, the people like him and the people he mentioned, as i said, you should speak out against the
11:45 pm
ones who are doing the wrong thing. you should speak up for the ones who are doing the right thing. they need to know that you support them. we'll be right back. eating a falafel wrap with sweet potato fries. (doorbell rings) thanks! splitsies? ♪ meant the food, didn't you? they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! get their dishes as clean as possible.olks ask me how to i tell them, try cascade platinum plus the power of oxi. it breaks down food soils
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president trump is doing anything he can to hold on to power and the gop seems ready and willing to help. tonight, more than half of house republicans, 106 to be exact, are backing the bogus, legal push to invalidate millions of votes. our democracy is in danger. let's discuss now. presidential historian, jon meacham is here, who occasionally advises president-elect biden. good evening. this is -- this is crazy. i mean, america is in crisis, right now. they say the darkest hour is just before the dawn. is that where we are? or is it going to get darker? >> and i've always wondered if
11:50 pm
that's true, actually. actually. crisis is a great word. we use crisis in our politics because it was a medical term in the ancient world. hipp ocrates first used it. when you have 106 members of congress who are enabling this madness, you are at that kind of inflection point. i was reading today about the succession winter of 1860-'61 and how you had conflicting visions of reality that would not, could not reconcile. and there had to be this extraordinary clash of arms to do it. i don't think we're there.
11:51 pm
but there is a -- there is a sense here that we're just -- it's not that we're not talking to each other. it's not even that we're talking at each other. we're just speaking two different wages. >> you talk about the sussex winter. has there ever been an effort to invalidate millions of votes the way we're seeing now, john? >> no. they left because lincoln won. they were awaiting results. ultimately 11 states of the confederacy were waiting to see what happened in 1860. but even in our most ferociously fought elections, you often had, interestingly, twice in modern memory, richard nixon in 1960 and al gore in 2000 who as vice president of the united states and president of the senate had to preside over what's going to happen on monday, the electoral
11:52 pm
college vote. and they both had every reason to believe that they should be the one being elected. and they performed their duties with grace and understood that in a republic, in a popular government, in a democratic republic, you ultimately follow the will of the people. you climb back in the arena if you want, and you take the case to the people again. but to have an american political party that is so disassociated from reality is a remarkable and unique moment. >> john, i wish i had more time with you. i kind of went on a little longer a the top of the show. i'm long winded. but you have some friends in television who are that way, so you should be used to it. it rhymes with shmo -- all right. thank you very much. i appreciate it, john. i'll see you very soon.
11:53 pm
damning allegations that the trump administration tried to conceal and destroy evidence at the cdc. stay with us.
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
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responds to snoring-automatically. so no hiding under your pillow. or opting for the couch. your best sleep. all night. every night. experience the mattress ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by jd power two years in a row. take this -- the director of the cdc says the u.s. should expect upwards of 3,000 deaths a day in the next two to three months. >> we are in a time frame now that probably for the next 60 to 90 days we're going to have more deaths a day than we had at 9/11 or pearl harbor. as i said, this is a real -- going to be a real unfortunate loss of life.
11:57 pm
the reality is, the vaccine approval this week is not going really impact that. >> that last part is important. not really going to impact that. this is beyond disturbing. if you do the math, 3,000 death a day for just 60 days means another 180,000 deaths. the vaccine will not stop it. that as a congressional committee wants to talk with cdc director robert redfield. the committee is concerned the trump administration tried to conceal and destroy evidence of interference at the cdc from trump appointees. they want to hear from redfield because an official at the cdc says she was ordered to delete an email, an instruction she understood came from him. in that deleted email, an hhs appointee allegedly demanded that the cdc alter or rescind truthful scientific reports he believed were damaging to president trump.
11:58 pm
we're going to stay on this story for you. 3,000 deaths a day for the next two to three months, yet the current president is focused on overturning the will of the people, and most of his party is just following along. last night's sleep, interrupted by pain? tonight, silence it with new zzzquil night pain. because pain should never get in the way of a restful night's sleep. new zzzquil night pain. silence pain, sleep soundly.
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