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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  December 16, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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legal action or try to ignore or fight it or he can turn the club back to his own private residents if he felt the need to. >> of course. he missed a lot then that he holds dear. thanks very much, kate, thank you to all of you. it is time for ander son. good evening, a former police captain mattis charged tonight because he thought the man was some kind of fraud. there were none, just tools and spare parts. his investigation were backward and trying to prove it happen. the incident took place shortly before the election and it is not hard to see why. >> the biggest problem we have is if they cheat with the
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ballots. that's my biggest problem. that's the only thing i worry about. you don't wake up and not read a story about it. everyday there is cheating with the ballots. >> the president was wrong with the ballots but right of the story being everywhere because repeat after me, he was spreading it. that's what he was doing. so are enablers and enablers on capitol hill. they are on full display on capitol hill. it is an old federal term that exists only to perpetuate itself, toxic and nearly deadly self-licking ice cream cone despite a total lack of evidence. citing the fact that people are talking about it as justification for pushing it and so goes around and around until
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angry mobs filled the streets protest a stolen election that was not stolen. and now despite all the evidence contrary, the election was rigged which as the legendary ice cream cone, republicans justifying new hearings on the subject today. >> the large americans do not believe the november election results is legitimate. >> normally you may think the next senate is he's speaking truth to those people saying you are wrong. you have been misinformed or misled. that's not what he's doing. that's senator ron johnson siting the state of affairs that his hearing are helping to sustain it. here is missouri republican josh
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hawley. >> these are not crazy people. these are reasonable people have been involved in politics and they won and lost and they seen it all. these are normal folks living normal lives who firmly believed they have been disenfranchised. he's encouraging them. he's been telling them they have every reason to believe that and citing their concerns about this falsehood as reason to continue perpetuating falsely. some of which according to the fbi stoked by russia of the election. gary peters latching on and called it out. >> whether intended or not, this hearing is a platform to conspiracy theories and lies. it is a destructive exercise that has no place in the united states senate. i can't sit by here and listen
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to this and say that this is not information hearing today. this is getting information we have to take a look at to restore confidence in our election b election integrity. we'll not be able to move on without bringing up these irregularities and examining and providing explanation and see where there are problems so we can correct it moving forward. >> mr. chairman, i got to respond to that. >> try. >> i had nothing to do with this report. >> you lied repeatedly in the press that i was spreading russian information and that was an out right lie and i told you to stop lying and you continue to do it. >> this is not about airing your grievances. i don't know what rabbit hole you are running down. >> and here we are. again, without any evidence of rabbits. allegations demand evidence and
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that extraordinary ones demand more. yet time and again in court case after court case have not been there. johnson can pop up his chest and act tough all he wants but the evidence is not there. no amount of hearing without evidence. judges have tossed out case after case because of lack of evidence, lack of merit, lack of standing. all the way up to the conservative dominant supreme court. attorney general barr said there was no systematic fraud. georgia's top officials, all republicans have. millions of americans have not gotten the message. one american is feeding them information and his enablers like he just saw like you are going on along for the ride. >> do you worry about the country being divided if it goes to an inauguration if it feels that way. >> i am worrying the country
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having an illegitimate president. this was not a close election. you look at georgia, we won georgia big and pennsylvania and wisconsin. i got 75 million. i didn't lose. the election was rigged. >> thwhat he's just saying ther is just completely utter b.s. he's saying it, he was the president of the united states, he's still is the president of the united states for a couple more days. that's just snake oil, sales man talking. i don't really care. it is not true. i don't think he believes it. of course he does not police chich believe it. >> at least he's up front being
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a liar. at least he's not couching it. n >> i don't see anything dangerous about evaluating information about doing legitimate congressional oversight. nothing dangerous about that whatsoev whatsoever. >> that's him bowing to the president constantly. here is the harm. where is the harm? his colleague, chris murphy, supplies the answer. >> you have a majority of republicans in this country who believed that joe biden won the election fraudulently when there is no evidence that happens and that belief as it festers and it grows and this idea that if democrats win, it has to be because of fraud. it does eventually lead to the
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voters well being overturned. that's the end of american democracy. don't assume this system is going to be around for another 240 years. this is a miracle that we held this together thus far. it is a series of choices that we make. >> senator murphy joins us now. >> there was one of the line that struck me, you can't love america and hate democracy. do you think the republicans who supported donald trump's effort to overturn the election and hate democracy? >> they're destroying democracy. i am not engaging in hyperbole here. i had tough words on the floor last week for good reasons. there are a lot of flag waving republican leaders out there who are undermining the faith that we all have in fair elections. their allegiance is first and for most to donald trump. they're willing to do anything to keep him in power even if it
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means overturning the election. this election at the end was not close enough to steal while maintaining a straight face. if they are willing to over turn an election result because if a democratic won well, it must be because of fraud. well, it will be a close enough election. in 2022, maybe election that decides the senate. in 2024, maybe the presidency itself will be overturned by officials and been told by leaders that there is fraud even if you can't find it. that's how democracy dies. that's how we all walk away from this experience. if it is not the voters who decides who controls the senate. if republican officials i am not sure we can all stay in this project together. i think this is really serious.
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ron johnson who fuelled these conspiracy theory and undermine the results of the 2020 election. i think they'll rule the day they decide to do this if and when our democracy crumbles. >> i hear people are talking about. in this case people are talking about it because the president has been pushing this and his enablers have been pushing it as well. just because the people have wrong idea about something and given miss information, is it the job of leaders to stand up? i am not talking about the president because that's not going to happen. the negotiatsenate ors to stand after court have looked over this, they're not presenting the same evidence they're talking about on social media because that don't holdup. no lawyer will bring that to court. that's what leadership is
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supposed to be doing, not holding hearings, well, all my constituents are talking about it and they believed this and we are looking into this. it has been looked into and rejected. >> yeah, josh hawley is right. there are regular patriotic americans out there who don't believe joe biden is president. you know why? as patriotic americans, they have been told to listen to the president of the united states. to listen to u.s. senators and so when the president and u.s. senators tell them over and over again that the election was rigged, they police chief belie. they have faith in position of power. well, we got to talk about this because everyone thinks the election was rigged. by the way, the election was rigged. there is no way out of that black hole spiralled if republicans are willing to stir
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up conspiracy shetheories. this also kind of serves other republican ends. republicans want to undermine the government in general. they don't police chibelieve th government can solve any problems. by undermining the elections, it makes it hard for government to do anything good for the people. >> i want to play something else you said on the senate floor. republicans decided and not all republicans, far too many have decided that if democracy can't keep trump in power then democracy seizes to have any real purpose. to republicans who are supporting these continued effort invalidating the election, their loyalty is to donald trump, not to the nation or our system of government. their number one goal is to keep
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trump in power. if that means throwing out the election, turning america into something other than a democracy in which voters get to choose their leaders then so be it. >> do you think politics in the u.s. can go back to -- to something that at least you have leadership, you know, trying to support the laws and the norms of our democracy. >> so, this speaks to a deeper problem. that's people all around the world starting to question democracy. this 2020 election does not happen outside a broader conversation. right now democracy is not delivering for people in america and around the world. wages are staggering and economic mobility is out of
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reach. all of a sudden people are thinking themselves, well, is democracy really going to produce for me what i need in order to leave my kids a better world. when donald trump comes along orered wo or erdogan in turkey, people start to listen. that's not an excuse of what republicans are doing. if american democracy is going to survive, we have to do more to say elections are not rigged. we have to make sure the billionaires and the plutocrates don't get everything they want. if we don't do that, i don't know if democracy can survive in the long run. >> chris murphy, i appreciate your time. we asked senator johnson to come on our program but we have not heard back. we are now on the phony election fraud fall-out as well as this.
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the president's desire to use the justice department as a an -- what do you learn of the president's efforts to over turn the certified the election results but is not going to happen. >> the charades have continued. we have been talking about this when they're supposed to read and tally up the electoral vote in the house of representatives and put joe biden over the top once again as the in coming president. a source close to the white house is that white house advisers are tracking the number of senators they believe can sign onto that effort. this could get messy on january 5th. it may not just be house republicans making this kind of noise on the house floor. they may do it with senate republicans. that obviously has people nervous that this could
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potentially spiral and something quite ugly. it is not going to prevent joe biden from becoming president. that prospect is still out there. why you laid it up perfectly the first 14 minutes of your show. ron johnson are in fear of donald trump even though he's leaving office. they fear the president and his base. >> jim acosta. >> why it is beginning to look like black friday when it comes to people clambering for pardons? the deadliest night of the pandemic. the next new hopes of the vaccine up front and how soon it is expected to arrive? how about no
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the president is using the criminal justice system to reward allies with pardons. what are you learning of the volume of pardon requests the white house is receiving and where are they coming from? >> reporter: hundreds of people had been reaching out to the white house's officials since the election, since trump lost the election because they know and these final weeks this is their last chance to get their pardon requests in front of the president. they know this is the president who likes to use his pardon power, go out of bounds with it and he's a transactional, he likes to make deals. some of these people i have
5:21 pm
spoken to are hoping their loyalty over the president of the last few years will pay off, the president will give this person a pardon or a friend or a family member or clients of lobbyist s or lawyers. it is coming in from all over the place. that's the dynamic we are seeing right now with the white house being with pardon requests all over the place. the white house's council office had been working on this and the president has been reviewing and he's been asking his aides who he should pardon. i am told from officials i have spoken with that this is above and beyond what you would see at the end of the administration with people going around the
5:22 pm
official process, doj and going to senior white house officials, chief of staff and the white house council office and vice president if they can't get to trump themselves as they are trying to lobby for themselves or clients or friends and family. >> and the president shows no interests in the traditional justice department pardon process which is there is one. what's the latest where he's pardoning himself and his children? >> i am told he's looking to pardon around a couple of dozens people in his orbit. that would include the preemptive pardons for his children, rudy giuliani and his lawyer, it is not ruled out for self-pardon. that's not an active part of this discussion right now. we know the president has been interested in the idea of self pardons and he asked his aides
5:23 pm
about it and it is not ruled out. he's been looking at allen wisselberg. he wants pay back as well. he feels like he can use his pardon power with pay back with the russia investigations. >> it is interesting that he seen this pardon frenzy right now which is a clear sign that his term is coming to an end and he's delusional according to officials on terms of accepting the results. sources describing him as throwing a temper tantrum and he's not going to leave the
5:24 pm
white house on election day. people are trying to stir his attention on post white house and what he should do. with all the evidence that he has lost this election and still not willing to admit that. >> fascinatining reporting. go joining us van jones and gloria borger. people speaking to the president as a child. what's his post election life may look like? this is an adult supposedly. >> supposedly. they talk about him as someone who throws tantrums and they're not sure when they can talk to him. that sounds like any three or four year olds i have ever raised. it is chaotic and this is how the world that donald trump
5:25 pm
runs. the guard rails are off right now. all they want to do is keep him calm until january 20th. what is so completely illogical is here is a president who's preoccupied with the power of the pardon that comes generally at the end of a president's term. he refused to admit that it is actually the end of his term and yet he wants to talk about pardons. go figure that one. >> van, the whole pardon thing, the opening scene was "god father ii" where the wedding was going on and all these people lined up to get favors of the father of the bride on the wedding day. this is what happens in countries that have ruling families that have been in power and are corrupt. >> it is funny because i am
5:26 pm
actually, i am propardon and i am a criminal justice person. i think governor should be aggressive in trying to find those cases where there is been abuses of power or been too long or someone changed their life. the governor should do a lot more than that. president obama did a lot of that but he had a system of doing it and a process for doing it. what you see here that power which is an important counter balance, a federal system that got out of the control that's being used. it is going to be a cloud hanging overall these pardons. i would love to see a lot of people who are serving sentences way too long and especially for drug offenses being able to come home and orderly manner but that
5:27 pm
does seem to be what's going on at this point. i want to see more pardons and more process so we know it is fair and it is not about favoritism. >> jefferson rosen is going to take over attorney general. >> does the sun rise? yes. i think he will. i don't know how how farthest going to get. rosen gave an interview where he had a punch list he wants to get through which sounds to me he wants to tie it up and not start anything new. the question we have to ask is if the president believes that rosen won't do it. there are reports that he's figuring out whether he can appoint special council himself. we don't think he can but i am not a legal scholar. i don't know if there is any legal way for him to get around
5:28 pm
that. of course he wanted special council, this is about vengeance and delegitimatizing joe biden's election and hurting his family. that's what he wants to do. >> do you see chris wray's job coming back? >> well, listen, all bets are off at this point. you know something needs to be done. in the wake of all of this, we had a system where there was almost an honor system especially after nixon where you had presidents that understood, you really want to have that independent department of justice. you want to do everything you can to make sure that it looks loo i c like the laws are being enforced. once you start figuring out, you get as much justice as you can
5:29 pm
buy and associate yourself and people in power to get access to. now you don't have law in order or rule of law. you have rule of a person. that's what a king is about. all bets are off. i tell you if i am joe biden, i hope joe biden pass as a number one priority reinstating all the whistle blowers, they're people who lost their jobs who tried to do something right and they got fired. he should try to figure out a way to send signals back to the families. >> gloria borger and van jones. we are getting close to a new high of the number of coronavirus deaths today. more on the latest vaccine roll out as we continue. feeling sluggish or weighed down?
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i right now the u.s. reported more than 3300 deaths today. the top five deadliest days all have been this month. we hit a new high for those currently hospitalized. earlier today dr. fauci says emergency approval for moderna could come as early as tomorrow. dr. fauci says with americans now being vaccinated, it is
5:35 pm
natural to occur a reaction. we also have words pharmacists k covering more doses of the pfizer vaccines than originally shipped out. joining us now is dr. wen and dr. sanjay gupta. is this the i mpact of the peope who gathered from thanksgiving? is this a wave from that in. >> seems to be. we are sort of in that window of time. we know a lot of people traveled over thanksgiving. we can see the graph now. we can chart the graph after other major holidays this year as well. memorial day, 4th of july and
5:36 pm
you can see what happens after that. what's different as you know is that memorial day and 4th of july, there were still warmer weather holidays and people can be outside and that goes a long way towards bringing the curve back down. the concern now is people are largely gathering in doors and a week from now is roughly christmas and christmas eve and new year's. we are not going to get a break from this increase overall and viral transmission. >> dr. wen, california beginning a new stay-at-home order tomorrow night to help commissioners and helping crisis from hospital management. what's your messages to people who are planning to get together with loved ones? >> well, my message is please don't because all we have to do is look around the country and see the numbers, the staggering toll of coronavirus that we have seen. those numbers and deaths today,
5:37 pm
soon we'll reach more than 4,000 deaths. there are something that we can do to be the heroes right now. we can make a difference by staying home and not getting out with our loved ones. with the vaccine here, we have to get through this challenging winter ahead and make that sacrifice. >> the healthcare in alaska who had a reaction, do you know more about this? >> you are right, the person got the allergy and is the protocol people are toll to wait for at least 15 minutes after the vaccine is administered within 10 minutes the person started feeling flushness and a little bit of a rash and took benadryl. the benadryl helped a little bit but the person had symptoms and
5:38 pm
they went and got entreprenethe. the person is doing well. if you look at the vaccines across the board and every vaccine is different, so as you know and you think about hundreds and millions of people being immunized in this country are likely to hear that story over and over again. but recovered fully. we had two people dying of coronavirus so it is something to be mindful of but obviously these vaccines are critically important right now.
5:39 pm
>> dr. wen, your thoughts on the reaction? >> we should expect them to happen. they are rare and they can happen. we are glad to hear sanjay and cnn and other news outlets report exactly what happened. there needs to be a lot of studies and look at the components that's triggering this reaction. we have studies being done that people have these reactions. people are wondering should i be taking this vaccine? well, the answer is yes because we can treat allergies. they should take the vaccine but we should be doing the studies to see who's allergic to which vaccines. >> moderna may prevent infection and not just severe illness. people will be able to choose
5:40 pm
which one they want to receive? >> demand is going to be higher than supply. it is going to be challenging and whatever vaccine is available in the area, i was going over the numbers for our health system, i think about 15% initially of people qualify for the vaccine would be able to get the vaccine by the next several days. it is going to be hard for us to pick. i do want to say as well there is evidence as you point out in the moderna trial that the vaccine not only did a good job of preventing illness but did a good job preventing infections. we have not seen that data from pfizer as well. starting to put all the pieces together. it is likely that these vaccines will also reduce infection or reduce the viral load or the amount of virus somebody is carrying in their body. we just got to see that data and i think it is going to be
5:41 pm
important. >> when we hear the head of warp speed talking about the doses for pfizer and moderna, 100 million doses equals 50 million people because two doses are needed. >> you talk about 60% or 70% of the country, you are talking about 500 million doses roughly, celebrated by a few weeks as we know. we always have to take that into account. some of the trials are looking at one dose sort of regiment. these ones we are talking about moderna thoauthorized this week requiring two doses. >> the cdc will offer recommendations but states decide their own order and priorities. how do you think they should allocate the vaccine and why is it important for people not to skip their place in line? >> when ever there is a scarce
5:42 pm
resource, we know difficult decisions are going to be made. what i do not want to see happen is people who are healthy to be able to access to vaccine. this virus have hit certain communities, communities of color that have low income are particularly hit hard. rules need to be set and we node to look at fairness and equity here. we no we need to understand that we are all in this together. >> sanjay gupta and dr. wen, thank you so much. the white house official tells cnn that president trump will not be receiving the vaccine. joe biden is expected to get his
5:43 pm
vaccination early next week and like pence he maplans to do it public. we're excited to do business with you
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another life-changing technology from abbott, so you don't wait for life. you live it. the story we mentioned at the top of the broadcast how far
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people are believing of the voter fraud story. more now from our ed lavandera. >> reporter: mark anthony drove a man off the road and held him at gunpoint. the former houston police captain suspected the man driving a box truck was the master mind of a voter fraud conspiracy. inve investigators say that master mind was an air-condition repairman. he said help me, help me with his hands inside his coat and he pulled out his gun. when i saw him unlock the safe, i thought he was going to shoot me. former harris county clerk.
5:48 pm
>> a working man who was at gunpoint for no reason whatsoever. it is extremely unfortunate. it is damage yongerous. this man deserves to be prosecuted. >> reporter: the group tracks the repairman for four days suspecting the man carrying 750,000 fraudulent ballots in his trunk. police say there were no ballots in the truck, just repair parts and tools. prosecutors say he crossed the line from dirty politics to a violent crime and we are lucky no one was killed. again, his attorney disadprgree >> it was an accident and they were surveying a vehicle and there was an accident and a member of the car got out and
5:49 pm
rushed towards him and that's where the confrontation took place. aguirre was paid $266,000. a wealthy republican donor pushed lawsuits against harris county to throw out $130,000 presidential ballots cast at polling locations. after the judge ruled against the lawsuits, he had a team of investigators hunting >> i have had investigators on the ground. the democrats have committed massive voter election fraud in harris county. >> no reports of massive widespread fraud in voting. that is a fact no matter how many times you say it. >> sir, you're totally wrong on that. >> houston police say when he got out of his truck, he pointed a gun at him, forced him to the
5:50 pm
ground and put a knee on his back. part of the incident was captured on police body cam footage. court documents say he told the officer that he can, quote, be a hero or part of the problem. i just hope you're a patriot. >> evidend, this is just -- i w say unbelievable, but it is not sadly. what can you tell us about the man who hired this guy? >> that wealthy republican donor tonight remains stubbornly convinced of something he can't prove and hasn't been able to prove. he said he went on to hire 20 different investigators, including a former fbi surveillance analyst. but, anderson, prosecutors and police in houston continue to say that they have not seen a
5:51 pm
single shred of evidence to prove those claims in any way. >> it is like when citizen donald trump claimed he hired invest guy fors to go to hawaii and they were finding amazing evidence of barack obama not being born in hawaii. investigators on the ground, that's a phrase we should keep an eye out on. up next, we take you to moscow. russia is responding to this. when we tried to confront an fsb agent earlier this week accused of being linked to the assassination attempt on aleksi navalny. let me see. she looks... kind of like me. yeah. that's because it's your grandma when she was your age. oh wow. that's...that's amazing. oh and she was on the debate team. yeah, that's probably why you're the debate queen. - mmhmm. - i'll take that. look at that smile. i have the same dimples as her. yeah. the same placements and everything.
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before moving on, some incredibly sad, breaking news. we have passed the record for covid deaths by a lot. the total stands at 3,453. it is more than 238,000.
5:56 pm
record hospitalizations as well. now reaction to a stunning cnn exclusive report that seems like a plot from a hollywood movie. instead, this is real life. this has to do with the poisoning of aleksi navalny. cnn has uncovered evidence that russia's security service formed an elite team, specializing in nerve agents that followed navalny's moves for years. he was poisoned back in august and nearly died. our chief international respondent and her team have been working the story for months. the stunning report first aired on monday. two days later, there is some reaction from russia. those details in a moment. but first here is part of her official report. take a look at she attempts to confront one of the men accused of being part of the assassination. >> so we're here now at the home of one of the fsb team, and we're going to see if he has anything to say to us. we enter a rundown apartment
5:57 pm
building on the outskirts of moscow, with the operative lives. my name is clarissa ward. i work for cnn. can i ask you a couple of questions? was it your team that poisoned navalny, please? do you have any comment? he doesn't seem to want to talk to us. >> she joins me tonight from moscow. this reporting is just extraordinary. what has the reaction been to your reporting in russia? >> well, thank you very much, anderson. it was very much a team effort. but what's so shocking is that there has been no reaction. it's been radio silence. we have reached out to the kremlin. guess what? the spokesperson for president putin canceled his briefing
5:58 pm
yesterday. he canceled it again today. because president putin gives a big press conference tomorrow. but really it is startling to see the lack of any reaction. we did hear something today from the foreign minister who said he found the report funny. he said he was used to these types of things from the west and he said one shouldn't confuse russia's silence on this issue with an admission of guilt, but not really any substantial, meaningful response to our allegations, anderson. >> given the importance of what you uncovered, has there been any reaction from washington? >> well, we have heard from secretary of state mike pompeo. he essentially said that, you know, the u.s. has already called out russia on its activities and that this investigation needs to happen and russia needs to give a full accounting of what happened. but the reality is that, unlike the u.k. and the eu, who have both come out, who have called
5:59 pm
this an assassination attempt, who levied sanctions against top officials, the u.s. really has been dragging its heels on this one. and that's one thing that navalny told me. he said, i want to see the u.s. be on the right side of history here. come out and levy sanctions against people who are responsible for it. >> you talked about this press conference tomorrow. what do you expect from that? >> it's always difficult to know exactly. these press conferences are a big annual event. they can last anywhere from three to four, even five hours occasionally. but they are very heavily curated. you have to submit the question in advance. they cherry pick the questions they want to answer. perhaps unsurprisingly, i don't have my proper accreditation so i will not be allowed to ask a question. i'm counting on my colleagues out there, both western and russian to ask the president about this team of operatives and about the poisoning of
6:00 pm
aleksi navalny and to get people in power here to answer for that. >> appreciate it. thank you. check out her full report online. it is remarkable. a reminder, don't miss "full circle" at 6:00 p.m. eastern. watch it there and on the cnn app. news continues. let's hand it over to chris. >> i am chris cuomo, and welcome to "primetime." i want you to think about this. in america we refer to our highest officials as honorable. an example: >> the honorable ron johnson, a senator from the state of wisconsin. the honorable mitch mcconnell, a senator from the commonwealth of kentucky. >> the honorable rand paul, a senator from kentucky. >> i picked those three cats for a reason, and i'll get to it in a second. but this matters, okay? all over the world this term is used. they spell it differently, but it's the same