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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  December 17, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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afghans she crocheted and the beautiful strudle she baked every week. may they rest in peace. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." "erin burnett outfront" starts now. out front next, breaking news. fda panel advisory just announcing and voting moments ago to send a second vaccine recommended for emergency use. this as the president brags about the vaccine rollout but suffering what seems to be a major set back tonight. the ceo at the heart of several election conspiracy theories next. he has something to say to the president and his allies. tens of thousands of new voters eligible to take part in the crucial runoffs. who are they? who are they going to back? let's go out front. >> good evening, i'm erin
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burnett. a break through in the battle against coronavirus. moments ago an fda advisory panel giving the green light to a second vaccine this one from moderna. gienl decision can come in any minute. in a moment i'm going to speak to a world renowned member of that fda panel. it is a race against time. today the cdc forecast the american death toll will climb to as many as 400,000 people before inauguration day. we are on track for more than 3,000 deaths. we will not surprise you that trump said nothing about those deaths. nothing. a tweet. he did tweet of course, ten tweets today. half on untrue claims about the election. the one and only tweet about the virus was about the vaccine. even here as of now he's all talk and tweets. he quotes, the vaccine and vaccine rollout are getting the best reviews. moving along really well.
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get those shots, everyone. the president patting himself on the back. not empathizing with the suffering. given what he's tweeted, we've got to check the facts. when it comes to the rollout, officials in iowa, washington, michigan, oregon say they have been told by the trump administration to expect fewer doses than they planned for. washington's governor jay inslee tweeting tonight this, this from the governor of washington. cdc has informed us washington's vaccine allocation will be cut by 40% next week and that all states are seeing similar cuts. this is disruptive and frustrating. we need accurate, predictable numbers to plan and ensure on the ground success. no explanation was given. a 40% cut in what they were supposed to get next week with no explanation? they say this applies to all states? that is a big problem. pfizer says it has millions of doses sitting in the warehouses with the trump administration
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still not giving word as to where they should ship them. these facts are relevant when somebody is saying that the rollout is so amazing. the biggest issue with trump tweeting to get the shots is actually this, the president so far is not taking his own advice. this is just another example of do as i say not as i do. >> i'd have no problem wearing a mask. >> i'm good with masks. >> i have nothing against masks. >> what is it again that we all learned as toddlers? actions speak louder than words. trump has made his disdain for and mockery for masks clear every single day. this is what he did when he had coronavirus after spending three nights at the hospital. still contagious with coronavirus he ripped his facemask off when he wasn't even socially distanced from a cameraman. he has made his feelings clear again and again and again. when the president was out here at the white house with supporters or traveling, you see it there, shot after shot after
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shot. we all know the guy never wore a mask. he does not practice what he preaches and that is part of the problem here. so when the president says get your shots, he should explain his exact plans to get his because all we know is that dr. fauci said of trump and the vaccine, quote, if you were asking me, i'd recommend that he do that. so if trump is not doing it right now and if he is not doing it for a specific reason, maybe linked to his antibodies, who knows, he should explicitly explain why. he should lay out the time line for when he's going to get it. he should do so proudly. he could do good by doing this. one new poll shows the president's supporters are four more times as likely as democrats to say they are not going to get vaccinated. he can make a difference with that. it's time for him to set an example and do the right thing with something related to the virus. kaitlyn collins is out front live near the white house. caitlyn, the president again today totally silent about what's going on here. only one tweet, actually, about
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the coronavirus situation, most about the election again. >> reporter: none of the tweets about the hospitalizations or death rates. 3,000 americans a day die. this is what's concerning medical officials who say the vaccine news is good but we have to focus on what's happening across the country. the president's one tweet was about the vaccines, but he's viewing it less through this break through and more through the lens of the coverage that it's getting as you've seen the president do with many things. the way he sees things is shaped how others are seeing it. that seems to be something here. they've wanted the president to take a more public role in this education campaign about the vaccine. instead, we have not seen that from the president. he's not going to be the first person from the administration to get the vaccine on camera. we've already seen the defense secretary get it.
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we're going to see the vice president get it alongside the second lady alongside the surgeon general as well. they said explicitly they're doing that to try to instill confidence in people about getting the vaccine. around the white house, they're saying that's because the president had the coronavirus. he still has the antibodies. he has not specified. that's some of the pause for concern coming inside the white house. it's part of the larger effort we've seen or lack of effort where the president has been basically out of public view the entire since he lost the election. we saw it again today where he was behind closed doors. he's stayed behind closed doors since saturday when he went to the army/navy game. you're hearing people he does only have five weeks left on the job but they wish he would actually do the job at least publicly in the last five weeks. >> the game he barely stayed
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out. not the way he usually acts. out front a member of the fda advisory committee is an attending physician in the division of infectious diseases at children's hospital in philadelphia. let me ask you, doctor, the moderna vaccine likely hours away from emergency authorization. committee 20 in favor, one absenab senion. do you have any concerns? >> certainly from a safety and efficacy point it looks great. 95% effective against disease. it's 100% effective against severe disease against all racial and ethnic groups. we know it's safe in tens of thousands of people who have gotten the vaccine for months. there's a fame wrous vaccine researcher, hilliman who said i
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never breathe a sigh of relief until there's 300 million out there. i'm optimistic this is exactly what it appears to be. >> one thing we know it is, it's the same technology as the pfizer vaccine. there are big differences between them. one of them is a lot harder to control than the other. pfizer has to be kept so cold after x number of minutes. it's difficult, okay? moderna doesn't have those same issues. if you have the choice between pfizer and moderna, which one would you take? >> whichever one i can get. safety and efficacy wise, it's indistinguishable. whatever is available in my hospital, i'm going to get. >> you're a pediatrician, speaking of your hospital. what about children? when are children going to get this? >> right. first they need to be tested to make sure the vaccine is equally safe and effective in children.
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that's already happening. hopefully by the middle of the next year we'll have enough data in chirp to comfortably immunize them. >> that would do it for the new school year. volunteers in the trial the way trials work, you don't know whether you got the real vaccine or the placebo. the full length of the pfizer trial is two years. i know there's a big depay the saying you got the placebo, you can get the real vaccine. that would make it harder to determine the long-term effects in the trial. where do you fall on this? >> if you're in the 1a category, long term health care worker, it's time for you to get the vaccine. if you got a placebo, you should get this vaccine.
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we know it works. if you're in a high risk condition like you would if you are on the front lines in health care, i think you should get the vaccine. that's the ethically correct thing to do. >> so the president today, i said there was one tweet related to the virus. it was about the vaccine. so the big question i have around this is what we're finding out this hour. multiple states have been told they're going to get fewer doses of the pfizer vaccine than they were counting on and guaranteed. the governor of washington said they're going to get 40% less next week than they were told and this is nationwide and the cdc is giving them no reason for this. health officials say they're confused and frustrated. does this surprise you to learn this? >> not a lot. the hardest part of making vaccines is making vaccines, mass producing them. it's hard to schedule success. this is a complicated product.
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it has the mrna but the complex lip tid delivery system has never been scaled up before. we have to assume if there's no stumbling with that. i just can't wait until we get the vaccines out there because we need them. i think the hardest part of this is for example at our hospital we will give the front line people a dose assuming we get enough vaccine to give them the second one. sorry, say that again. >> to give them the booster. >> that's right. >> you don't even know that they're going to get that. >> you have to know -- you're promised right now you'll get enough for one dose you'll get enough for the second dose. we have to count on that being true. >> these are the crucial questions out there. doctor, i appreciate your time. i'm glad to have you. >> thank you. i want to go to dr. jonathan reiner. advisor to the white house
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medical team under president george w. bush. doctor, you got the first dose of the pfizer vaccine this week. moderna has some advantages you don't have to worry about whether the temperature changed or anything like that in the transport. what do you think? would you take either one if it's available? >> absolutely. and my message to the public is, whatever vaccine you can get, you should get. it's possible that over the next several months we'll have a little bit more data that will maybe help us inform whether one vaccine is better with one particular group, say the elderly, whatever, the best vaccine is the one you can get. >> the president as i mentioned, one tweet about this all day, it was about the rollout which is having some maybe understandable but very serious issues and saying people should get the shot. obviously the vice president and the second lady, karen pence, they're going to get the vaccine
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tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., they're going to do it publicly, that's a good thing. we do know trump supporters are saying they're not going to get the vaccine. trump while saying he's not going to get it has offered no details as to why or when. what is going on here? doesn't he owe it to people? does his medical team owe it to people for a detailed plan here? >> yeah. paraphrasing, the president never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. all that he has to do is come out, even if he's not going to get the vaccine now, come out and enthuse see as cities click say we are so pleased that we have these great options now for the public. every american needs to be vaccinated. the first lady and i are going to be vaccinated as soon as our doctors tell us it's the appropriate time and we'll do it on camera. every american, hear me say this, get vaccinated, but yet he
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doesn't do this. his inability to do that with mags beings has likely resulted in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary american deaths. now he has an opportunity to sort of partially right that wrong by being a vocal proponent of vaccines and he's not doing it. it's unforgivable. >> what about the rollout. you heard dr. offitt say just the scale of what's being attempted here. you're going to have some stumbles. we all get that. putting aside the president saying there will be some issues. jay inslee says said washington will be cut by 40% next week and all states are seeing similar cuts. no explanation was given. that's not just like oh, we're getting a little bit less. that's 40% less. that is a huge swing. he's saying it affects all states.
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what do you think is going on? >> it's coming from the federal government. this afternoon pfizer put out a statement saying that they have millions of doses in their warehouses waiting for delivery instructions. they don't have delivery instructions, right? that's what our federal government should be doing, organizing the distribution of these vaccines. they've been manufactured. they're waiting to go. there are arms that are waiting for them. the district of columbia wr i work has over 700,000 people but it's flood with more people during the day. 80,000 health care workers. dc got 7,000 doses. so few that the governors of maryland and virginia are now sending 8,000 doses each to the district of columbia. we need the vaccine distributed in a timely fashion because an enormous amount of virus.
4:16 pm
we need to vaccinate the health care workers and get it out to the population. >> deeply concerning what's happening with the threats. 40% less vaccine to the rest of the country and millions of doses sitting not knowing where to go. next we'll take you to california which has just shattered its own record for new deaths in a single day. calling the situation untenable. plus, every vote in georgia has been counted multiple times and yet we're still hearing this today. >> we're going to keep fighting until every legal vote is counted. >> the state's republican li lieutenant governor responds and putin responding into the blocked remarks. ahead. ♪
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♪ let's go we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa tonight california shattering its report for coronavirus deaths in a single day. covid cases exploding across los angeles county. icus at capacity in southern california and hospitals say another wave is coming. out front, dr. christina gally. she oversees all of the hospitals in la county. dr. gally, i appreciate your time. cases skyrocketing, doubling in the past weeks. more than 52,000 just today reported in the state. what kind of strain is that
4:21 pm
putting on the hospitals right now? >> this is an immense strain on the hospital system. no hospital can manage the rapid increase that we've seen in covid cases in the last two weeks. as you mentioned, cases are doubling every two weeks. based on the case counts that we've seen come through, just in los angeles county alone, 15,000 new cases a day. we anticipate that those will continue to escalate and lead to more and more hospitalization in the days to weeks to come. there's really no end in sight right now of what we're experiencing on the ground in the icus, in the emergency departments across los angeles county. >> so the los angeles county health director, barbara farer, prominent voice in your state, she said one in every 50 people may be infected. that's untenable. what is driving the surge right now? >> i think it's so many factors that have all come together at
4:22 pm
the same time. certainly the cases that we see in the hospital today started -- they became infected right around the holiday. it has to do with all of the activities before and after that. people going out of their house for shopping. going to the park. participating in sports tournaments. those things make a difference. and when you combine that with all of the essential workers that need to leave their homes and the people who need to use essential services, you have way too much intermingling between people who aren't in the same household. intermingling compounds case upon case upon case and leads to a disastrous area right now. some of it i'll know more when you get a break and all of the holidays there. >> right now in los angeles county the stay at home order is
4:23 pm
the strictest in california. playgrounds are shut, no outdoor dining. how much further can you go? do you mean more of a lockdown than you already have? >> people have been asked to do what they can to stay calm. i would ask anyone and watch what's going on. those people aren't coming back and people need to realize that the overwhelming of the hospital system, that's not just people with covid. it affects everybody. if you get in a car accident, you need chemotherapy, if you have a stroke, if you have a bowel obstruction and you need surgery and you go into a hospital, right now there's no promise the ambulance will be able to off load you in the emergency department in a timely manner. the operating rooms are full of covid patients. there's patients filling into the areas of the hospital.
4:24 pm
so the message is please just stay calm. stay home as much as you can. put you will of the interactions with your kids on hold. we need to get through what is a very dangerous situation. >> thank you very much, doctor. i appreciate your time. so, sanjay, we just learned the fda has voted in favor of the moderna vaccine but none of this matters in terms of what dr. galy's talking about, right? you've got more than 3,000 deaths a day across this country and given where we're headed here, that number is going to go up. you'll have almost 100,000 people dying between now and inauguration according to the cdc. >> that was quite something for her to lay it out as well because that's what the reality
4:25 pm
is just it's not an expectation. hospitals are strained. it's a tangible problem. in terms of reducing the sort of situations she was just describing, it'll take a long time. it's just -- it's such good news what's happening with the vaccine. the idea that it's some sort of silver bullet, that's simply not the case. the way the vaccine works, more and more people take it and eventually it has an impact on the public's health. that just takes time. >> what are you hearing from the governor of washington? they've been told that they're going to get 40% less vaccine next week than they thought. he said that's nationwide. how big of a concern is that to you? that is a very -- that's not just a little swing. >> there's several things.
4:26 pm
i've been following this closely. several things. pfizer is saying they are going to have the vaccine available. this doesn't appear to be some sort of manufacturing or distribution problem on their end. why this particular state? is this something that's more widespread as you're saying? i don't know. there's a real practical issue here in terms of planning and poor distribution, that's a significant problem. i'm surprised a little bit, erin. i've been following operation warp speed. we know what's going into this last mile distribution issue, so we've got to figure out what's happening in washington state. if there's something more we're not hearing about. they've got to address this quickly. it will sort of defeat the purpose. >> do you think when you look at the numbers out here, record case counts. record hospitalizations, death at record levels, now back to
4:27 pm
levels not seen since the peek. have we seen the full extent since the thanksgiving surge? i say this with full awareness we're coming into another express here? >> i say that not from my july 4th and we saw how long the surges lasted. what you see here, part of the reason that time. people could largely be outside. given the fact that you have, as you say, several holidays happening around the same time and we don't have the buffer of people being able to be outside where the virus spreads less, it's a significant problem. again, i was really struck by and be home. people have been equivocating.
4:28 pm
secretary azar said, everyone has to assess their own risk. i've talked to so many families who have lost somebody. everyone was surprised. it wasn't that they didn't think this was real but they didn't really think that they would get it. then they did. then they got sim p tomorrows, then they had to be hospitalized, then it turns into the worth days of his life. right now people who are going to die have no idea that it's about to happen, they're going to get infect the. it's not because they don't believe it, they don't believe it will happen to them. you need to stay home. that's what we need to do to protect everyone. >> dr. sanjay gupta, thank you. next, the voting machine company targeting is my guest,
4:29 pm
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tonight dominion voting systems fighting against sidney powell. dominion says, quote, as a result of your false accusations, dominion has filed false harm. they have been attacked and for the time being. out front now, john kulas, the ceo of dominion voting systems. i'm glad to have you with me. you're at the heart of this, your company. so many conspiracy theories about this election. all of them debunked. i wanted to give you a chance to
4:34 pm
take these down. our viewers can explicitly hear them. very clearly hear your response. president trump says your machines shifted 2 to 3% of trump votes to biden. that changed the results of a landslide election. what's your response? >> yeah. thanks for having me on, erin. it's just been an absolute bizarre goal of loyalty, yourself are not here to talk about them in any other than under oath. >> we are completely asking for a complete retraction or ultimately we'll have to see them in the courthouse. >> so many of the conspiracy theories centered around michigan. human error caused unofficial
4:35 pm
results to show biden head and biden was fixed. came out. software error, not human error. what's your response to that? how do you deal with this? >> sure. people keep talking about this, but our machines are test the all the time. it's hard to think of a more and highly regulated business than ours and we're certified and regulated by the bipartisan federal agency, eac. >> we have paper ballots and then we have another machine that allows the counting of that paper ballot. so some of the bizarre allegations that votes had been sent to germany or spain, just
4:36 pm
to put this into context, the u.s. army had to get involved to debunk and they don't cross kubty lines, state lines and certainly don't leave the country. >> really bizarre. i want to be clear, when you say paper ballots, the most secure election in georgia. they had a paper so you use the word bizarre. i had saved it for this question although i don't question your use in it and the con text in which you lose. one of the most bizarre climbs has vens thank you all. >> the company counting our vote would control over our vote is
4:37 pm
owned by two venezuelaans who were allies the suarez or president of mow dern owe whose company is an association and business partner. >> there's a lot of conspiracy theories there. the company with control of our boat is known by two aliens. shaw vez is dead. i wanted to get a chance for you to respond? >> our country is started it and in 2018 we sold to u.s. investors. i'm not sure what mr. genz is talking about. no vensz, no china or communism. it's something we report to, federal, state, local
4:38 pm
governments that we report to. in 2010 while we were still a canadian company i underwent a cifius process, committee on foreign investors in the united states. in 2010 most customers and employees were becoming american in the united states. we moved our head office to denver. so the claims on venezuela and cuba and china are absolutely bizarre. >> i don't mean to laugh in any way that it's funny. i don't. i think this whole thing is tragic or dangerous. the movies are that you could have been a target and fortune 500 facilities. we don't even know the extent of this attack, right? >> right. >> all of these use the same
4:39 pm
solar wind sock wear. is there any chance you were impacted by the breach? >> you brought up two things. it isn't funny but it's crazy it is. it does have a damaging effect not just to our company and our employees but to our customers and the integrity of the elections which is a real shame given the strides that have been accomplished over the last 18 years since the creation of the help america vote act. with respect to solar winds, the platform of owe ryan that has been the subject of the dhs note from the other day, we do not use that platform and we don't use anything to do with that product with our election systems. i keep coming back to the paper ballots. there's no tricks that can change our tallies. and even if somebody tried, it
4:40 pm
would be caught. so i keep coming back to paper, paper, paper. >> thank you for going through each of these in detail. i think it's important. i thank you. >> thank you very much. i want to go to the republican lieutenant governor, jeff duncan. you're one of the states that used dominion's voting systems. there have been charges. you've audited it. looked into it. it didn't happen. the president claims that dominion rigged the election and that he won, quote, by a lot. you heard the chief of dominion go through this. what do you say to the president who continues to put these false statements out against dominion and the election in georgia? >> certainly it's part of the category of being in a crop and
4:41 pm
having to go. it helps us in the january 5th runoff. let's move on. focus in why we want conservative relationship now. >> so tad brooks sent it to mcconnell. 18 other house members have signed on. brooks is leading this effort to contest the result of the presidential election, right? the whole point is they want to contest it even though the electoral college has confirmed it. they want to contest it in a joint session of congress on january 6th. what is your response to some including your own state represents? >> there's a division that was
4:42 pm
op open, that's not the case, there's a better opportunity to improve our party and communications. here in georgia, the separation was around 12,000 votes. nationally it's important to remember, there was over 7 million difference in votes. to me, that's concerning. certainly i think it's something we can do better. here in georgia, you and i have talked about this. 53.7 voted for a republican state senator. i'm proud of that. >> the vooisz president was in your state. here is what he said. >> we're going to keep fighting until every legal vote is counted. we're going to keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out and we will never stop fighting to make america
4:43 pm
great again. >> this is the vooits president. surely he knows better than this, lieutenant governor. he's been a great man, a good leader for if you years. analyzing what went wrong? how did we lose the white house? >> all of those different dissections will give us the thing. i think on a national perspective, republicans waking up and for 31 years voted for john mccain to be their u.s. senator. that was at odds with the way the president ma sojed. gotten us to one of the lowest in the country. listen to the president unfairly picking on you for things that were actually helping georgians.
4:44 pm
>> thanks, erin. next, they were too young to vote in the presidential election, but they will now be able to vote in the crucial georgia runoffs. the candidates are taking nodes. >> victory in georgia comes down to the ask and what putin is claiming does not add up.
4:45 pm
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those november and december birthdays is a key voting group. kyung lah is out front. >> it has taken 18 years for valerie to finally get here. >> i've been looking forward to this day for so long and i'm just so excited to see what my vote is going to accomplish. >> she is just turning 18. one of the thousands of
4:49 pm
georgians too young to vote on november 3rd but able to vote for the first time in the january 5th senate runoffs. why you hear the two senate democratic challengers talk directly to them. >> victory in georgia comes down to young people in georgia. >> and the issues those voters care about. >> when we do something about student debt we will unleash the power of the american economy. >> let's get out of here. >> georgia stand up says the youngest voters may be the difference makers. 18 to 24-year-olds made up 12 percentage points of georgia voters in november. a small group. joe biden won the state by less than 1 point. >> that vote right there for any candidate is going to be one that makes the difference because as you see, when they show up, they show out. >> like arianna gooden who wanted to vote and now finally can. >> i just want to be a part of this group of young people
4:50 pm
voting to make a change, make a difference. >> reporter: that belief drives students for tomorrow. these young activists have backed democrat jon ossoff as they brainstorm how to boost youth energy in the runoffs, they registered 3,000 new voters who will turn 18 between election day and january. >> that is an extremely sought after group. you are but -- >> it feels like my entire group, demographic are completely written off. >> we will win. >> the republican senators have been far less specific about targeting young voters but they may be looking at november exit polls that show 18% of 18-24-year-olds voted for donald trump, more than their peers nationwide. >> a lot of my friends are republicans and it's nice to see
4:51 pm
them getting excited about voting. >> what is it about kelly loeffler and david purdue that draws you to vote for them? >> they are constitutional conserve can i have. i know for a fact that we may be out numbered but our will is strong to come out and vote. >> well, in a mod to how important the youth vote is, 33-year-old jon ossoff is doing to the youth congregate, basically tiktok. the question is, if those likes that he got will translate in to votes. >> thank you, very much, and outfront, putin's chilling response to cnn's reporting about the poisoning of a opposition leader. at you'll nee, and help you build a flexible plan for cash flow that lasts,
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4:55 pm
tonight, russian president vladimir putin responding to exclusive reporting, including the poisoning a key opposition leader, he denied involvement, said that if navalny would be dead if special services wanted him to be. >> in this case, the special services should keep an eye on him. but it doesn't need at all that he needs to be poisoned. who needs to anyway, if they wanted to, they would have probably followed it through. >> he fell seriously ill on a airplane, which was a deadly nerve agent possessed by the russian government. and now, we know an elite group
4:56 pm
of russian agents followed him on more than 30 trips to and from moscow since 2017, including two tompks, which is where he was poisoned, we spoke to him about the agent and we went at the home of one of the agents in russia. courageouses. >> i just wanted to show you e photographs here and ask you if you have seen any of the men in the photographs? >> no. i don't recognize any of them. >> would it surprise you to learn that these men went on over 30 trips with you over the course of three years? >> this is absolutely terrifying, i don't know if terrifying is a good word. >> i think it's a pretty good word. >> so, we are here now at one of the homes of the fsb team and
4:57 pm
see if he has anything to say to us. we enter a run-down apartment building on the out skirts of moscow, where the operative lives. my name is clarissa ward i work for cnn, can i ask you a couple of questions? was it your team that poisoned navalny, please? do you have is any comment? he doesn't seem to want to talk to us. >> all right, it's incredible what she did, right? she went to the home of an fsb agent. and in his first comments since the investigation putin denied having a role in poise on onning, and circumstantially confirmed russian agents have been tracking and claimed that without evidence that he is being supported by u.s. agents,
4:58 pm
the the support a was incredible to watch, how surprised do you think putin was that, that somebody actually put all these dots together? found the fsb agents and found the 30 trips that they tracked this guy, put then in the same place the morning he was poisoned how surprised do you think he was that it came out? >> it was a great piece of investigative reporting and an important piece. he is the main opposition figure in russia today and it's extraordinary to find out the lengths to which the fsb had carbon to follow him around the country, and to then use a chemical agent, you know, poison him nearly result are in his death. i mean, look, as far as sglvladr putin goes, it's how he often responds with this had sort of nondai nondenial, denial, we have had plenty of examples in the past
4:59 pm
that they have attacked opposition figures. it's striking. >> by the way, if they would have wanted to kill him, they would have killed him. they failed in other cases as we know, even recently in the uk when they tried. this is information is extensive, we have phone records and the flight information that placed these agents with navalny, a lot of evidence that proves that they were tracking him. let's play what he said about that. >> i understand had how the system works in russia. i understand that putin hates me and i understand that these people sitting in the kremlin, they arrange to kill. >> is it your contention that vladimir putin must have been aware of this? >> of course, 100%. it could not been happened without direct order of putin, because it's, well, it's big scale. >> susan, would you agree at the
5:00 pm
direct order of putin? >> erin, it appears that way. and i would say that you know, vladimir putin, a former kgb lieutenant occcolonel, they are aware that other countries would have been aware. and that only russia uses this type of chemical weapon. it's something that the russian state had a hand in and the evidence is powerful that turned up in the investigation. >> all right, thank you so much, i appreciate your time. and also, appreciate all of yours for watching anderson is now. a second covid vaccine takes the last bigstep toward emergency approval. great news to be sure. but it comes in the end of another searing day in the middle of a nightmare. john berman in