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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  December 17, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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we are. >> this is a setup. >> ah! no, i'm not setting you up. i'm not setting you up. what'd you mean this is a setup? you think you know me, don't you? >> yes. yes, i do. >> what am i going to tell you? >> i don't know. i'm not a mind-reader. a mindless reader. >> i was just going to say, chris christie's doing a great job of rehabbing his reputation. he's on reputation rehab. that's what he is doing. i didn't believe a word he said. >> you don't think he wants you to wear a mask? >> when he said that he wants you to wear a mask, what he said before is that, you do that, some people do that, if you want to. that's the caveat within there. and then, when it happened to him, now, all of a sudden, he's maybe you should wear a mask. >> well, he's not maybe you should wear a mask. he's not maybe you should hear a mask but i hear you. i hear you. >> that is your own opinion, about whether you do it or not. no, it's not. not you should wear a mask.
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it should be mandated to wear a mask. >> but it's not. >> i know. it should be and that's -- that's the point. that's what he should be saying. and he should be saying, instead of, well, i have a friendship with this person and i stand by them. >> well, that's different. that's different. >> but that's wrong. that does not excuse the behavior. >> i agree. i agree. >> because what he is doing, instead of saying you shouldn't drive, i am taking away the keys. he's getting -- he got into the car with the president. >> the friend thing -- the friend thing doesn't work with me, the same way. but that's what the audience decides. the mask thing does work for me, and we'll disagree. i don't believe in a mask mandate, in terms of a universal one for 100 days, or any amount of days, except when the context warrants that all places have to be treated equally. meaning, right now, if you have case explosions all over the place, okay. you can mandate it. you know, you can say everybody's got to wear a mask. here's why. but, you can't just leave it up to people because they're not doing the right thing. we have less than 50% compliance.
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the mistake was talking about a mandate, when a lot of places didn't have community spread. and it allowed -- >> like, where? >> well, i mean, there were lots of time in this country, up until about two and a half months ago, where different portions of the country were doing all right. and they were moving up and down. i'm just saying that you have to be careful with musts, don. you have to be careful with musts. and it's always easier if people arrive at the right behavior by their own conclusion. >> i don't believe that. i think you must. look. i love my mother very much. you love your mother very much. if you are going to be around my mother, you must wear a mask. if you are going to be shopping in a grocery store with me, or anywhere that the public is allowed to go, you must wear a mask. >> right. you don't need the government to tell you that. >> you must wear a mask. >> but you are a 're not doing because the government made you. >> well, some people, maybe, they should. maybe, they would get fined. maybe, if they suffered some -- what do you mean, how would you enforce it? do you -- do you enforce it,
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when people speed down the highway? >> no, not that often. >> do you -- do you enforce it, when people j walk in some cities? just because people may not comply, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't enforce it. or you shouldn't have a mandate for it. people have -- you have a mandate to have a driver's license. not everybody does it. you have a -- >> you think biden's going to make a mask mandate? >> i don't know what biden's going to do. i'm not talking about biden. >> do you think the democrats will try a mask mandate? >> i don't know. this is not about democrats or republicans. i am saying you have a mandate for a lot of things that people don't do but that does not mean that you shouldn't mandate it. >> the only mandate we have that's anything like this, other than the fact that you have to wear clothes, is when you have to wear a seatbelt, and in some states, a helmet. >> no, you don't. >> those are laws. >> that's -- we're making the same point. >> there's no law here. there's no law here. what are you talking about? >> no shirt, no shoes, no
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service. so, why can't you say no mask, no service? how would you enforce it, if someone goes into the grocery store naked? >> by the way, no shoes, no shirt, no service, is not a law. it's a private-businesses policy. this is something different. >> so, when someone goes into the supermarket naked, what are they going to do? >> depends how they look if i'm running the supermarket. >> most likely, it's going to be with you in the supermarket. look, i'm just saying. there were a lot of things chris christie could have done to help the country, when he had the opportunity to help fewer people get sick and fewer people die. and he didn't do it. and when he got sick, he rushed to the hospital and, maybe, took a bed away from someone who would maybe not have been there if he had said the president is wrong. >> we don't know that. we don't know that. >> yes, we do yes, we do know it. >> he got sick. he deserved the bed. >> a lot of people get sick.
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and some people wear masks, and they get sick. >> he said he was wearing a mask, too. except for those few days because he was getting tested all the time. >> what does it matter? >> he said i made a mistake. he says i made a mistake. >> that does not excuse him from his behavior. that does not help. >> but he said i was wrong. what do you want him to do? >> what -- i wanted him to say what the president did wrong. i wanted him to stop making excuses for the president's behavior, and trying to say that his friendship, somehow, excuses his behavior and his wrongdoing. he is a grown man. what he should have said is i should not have gone into that room. i should've told my friend the truth, at the time. i should've distanced myself from him, when he was exhibiting the wrong behavior. i don't say, chris, guess what? i think my chris -- i love my friend, chris. i'm going to stand behind him, and i'm going to let him drive drunk. i'm not going to do that, and i'm not going to stand by you if you do the wrong thing.
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not publicly. but you screwed up. you did the wrong thing. i am not going to get in the car with you. >> he is doing the same thing. >> no, he's not. >> i don't think you listened to the interview. here's what he said. he said i'm not going to be friends with a guy because -- >> i'm going to continue to advise the person, in a room, not wearing masks for a debate where he is going to laugh and make fun of the person who is sta standing on the stage next to him for wearing a mask. >> i'll take you to the same place, but on a different analysis. okay? which is this. trump is not just a friend, doing things that you have an honest disagreement with. okay? trump is hilying his ass off abt something that is fundamental to our democracy. and govern christie knows it, and he knows trump knows it. >> is he calling him out on it? >> no. and that's why i agree with you about that. that the friendship thing doesn't hold for me because if, all of a sudden, i started talking about mexicans in a way
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that they were a threat to america, our friendship would be over. you would come to me. you would try to explain. you know what you're saying, right? you know that it's wrong. do you get it? if you don't get it, let me help you get it. once i said, yeah, no, i get it, don. and this is what i am going to say because it works for me, the friendship would be over. that's not happening, here. and my opinion is that, that is not a compelling thing to hear from governor christie. but that's my opinion. i'll let other people decide. the friendship point didn't work. he is doing something, don, that almost no one in his party is doing, even if they got sick. >> after the electoral college has -- after the electoral college, now -- >> no, no, before the electoral college, he was saying the lawsuits -- >> but now, he is out giving interviews and speaking about it. >> and i think that's about trying to get to the front of the line. doing the right thing but trying to get to the front of the line which is part of the politics. these people who got sick and
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know why they got sick, squshd and should be telling people differently are not doing what he is doing. that's what i am saying. >> i got to go. you don't reward bad behavior. that's how i feel. and in the moment, you're wrong, right now. >> you may think that i am wrong. >> i got to go. >> laughing the laugh of the damned. d lemon, i love you. day in and day out. right and wrong. >> that's the thing. we are always going to be honest wi each other. i love you, too. this is "cnn tonight." i am don lemon. this country is in the middle of a crisis that cannot wait 34 days. tell people they're wrong, when they're wrong, not just when it's convenient for you. 34 days. that's when there is going to be a new president. but until then, we have to live, and die, with the one that we've got right now. the one, who is doing nothing about the virus that's killing us. thousands of us, every single day.
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every day. here is our breaking news. the most americans, in the hospital, tonight, since the beginning of the pandemic. the one who is doing nothing about a stimulus bill to save millions of americans terrified they don't be able to put food on the table, with time running out. the one who hasn't spoken on the massive, cyberbreach that we are learning tonight is much, much worse. the suspected russian hacking campaign was much bigger than previously believed. we can't wait 34 days until joe biden takes the oath of office. we need help, and we need it right now. and the current president, mia. missing in action. whining about his election loss. chris christie saying this, just moments ago. >> this is who he is. he was not going to accept losing lightly or easily, if losing came and that's what's happening. >> well, he was never going to accept losing.
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never. never going to accept the result of our free and fair election. never going to accept the will of the people. how can you support someone like that? a person, who doesn't care about democracy. a president, who does nothing, as america passes another, terrible milestone. more than 17 million cases of the virus. one of those is congressman cedric richmond. joe biden's incoming white house senior adviser, and director of the office of public engagement. who has tested positive for covid. and i spoke with him just a little while ago. and i am going to fill you in on what he said about his -- his case, and what contact he did -- or he had with the president-elect. i, also, talked to congresswoman katie porter, who told me that she is quarantining now, at home, with her kids, after being exposed at work. and now, we are learning that the health and human services secretary, alex azar's wife, has tested positive. so, this -- listen.
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i'm not damning anyone. anyone can get it. i mean, the virus is insidious, right? but this is all about the behavior of our leaders and what they have -- have said, how they have behaved, what they are saying now, and how they're behaving now because they are our leaders. they set the example. this virus is everywhere. it is spreading, everywhere. that, as an fda-advisory panel recommends a second vaccine. one, that could be in use, as soon as next week. but, the fact is we are facing a very dark winter. remember this warning from the cdc director, dr. robert redfield? >> we are in the timeframe, now, that, probably for the next 60 to 90 days, we're going to have more deaths, per day, than we had in 9/11. >> think about this. 3,656 americans were reported
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dead, in just one day, yesterday. we continue to see a horrific toll like that every day, even if we don't see a surge after christmas, that means more than 124,000 more americans would be dead by the end of this president's term. president trump needs to get out there, and tell people to wear masks. sit tight. stay home. wait for their vaccine and stay safe, in the meantime. gee, why wouldn't he do that? hmm. on the hack, shouldn't he at least call out the russians? gee, i wonder why he wouldn't do that, ever. well, what do you expect from the president, who said this about russian-election interference, two years ago, in helsinki? >> my people came to me. dan coats came to me and some others. they said they think it's russia. i have president putin.
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he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> president-elect joe biden with this warning. our adversaries should know that, as president, i will not stand, idly, by in the face of cyberassaults on our nation. but that's exactly what the president is doing, mr. i, alone, can fix it. not the hackme. not the pandemic. not the crashing economy. you see those unemployment numbers? what ever happened to the president, who loved to tell us that he is the biggest expert on, well, just about everything? >> i, alone, can fix it. i am the chosen one. people are surprised i understand it. every one of these doctors said, how do you know so much about this? maybe, i have a natural ability. >> how is it that you don't trust your own experts? do -- do you think you know better than they do?
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>> no. i think i have -- yeah, in many cases, i do. >> i know more about isis than the generals do. >> i think, nobody knows much more about technology, this type of technology, certainly, than i do. >> nobody knows more about technology than me. >> nobody's -- in the history of this country, has ever known so much about infrastructure as donald trump. >> i understand money, better than anybody. >> nobody knows debt better than me. >> look. i know more about renewables than any human being on earth. i think i know more about the other side, than almost anybody. i'm very highly educated. i know words. i have the best words. i know a lot. i know more than i'm ever gonna tell you. >> aw. he is not even an expert on the election that he lost. the one, he is complaining and lying about, while feeding bogus conspiracies to his supporters.
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how do you believe anything that comes out of this man's mouth? to the point with chris, how do you -- how are you friends with someone who just lies? misleads people? just lies, at will. has done such a horrible job with the pandemic. i can't see wearing a mask, not with dictators and at the resolute desk. freedom. open up. open up the country. don't take my liberty away. people. oh. it's a hoax. it's going to go away. he's attacking everything, even the electoral process. attacking anyone, who doesn't bow to his will. it is ridiculous, people. georgia governor, brian kemp, a frequent-trump target,
11:16 pm
interesting, because he carried water, for so long, for the man. he is telling the atlanta constitution quote we had the no-crying-in-politics rule in the kemp house but this is stuff that, if i said it, i would be taken to the woodshed and would never see the light of day. governor, you're right. you're right about that. and you should not be getting threats from any -- no one should be talking that way. but, guess what? it's been happening to a lot of people, for years. and many of you said absolutely nothing. nothing. now, it's happening to you. and now, you understand. so, i'm glad, at least you understand how it's felt to be the target of such things, for the past five years. doesn't feel good, at all.
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no one should go after him or his kids. the thing is that governor kemp knew the president spread dangerous lies and conspiracies. he knew it. somehow, it only matters to him when it's his career and his family who are impacted. the current president is not doing his job. he is not protecting american lives. but things are going to change, and we're learning more, tonight, about who will be serving in joe biden's government. okay. sources say that biden has picked new mexico congresswoman, deb holland, for interior secretary. she's -- she'd be the first native american cabinet secretary. michael regan to head the epa. he'd be the first black man to head that agency. this is about environmental justice, right? get ready to hear a lot more about that. joe biden promised you a cabinet that looks like america. >> i promise you, it'll be the
11:18 pm
single-most diverse cabinet, based on race, color, based on gender, that's ever existed in the united states of america. >> this is what america looks like. black and brown people, lgbtq, straight, women, and men. things are going to change, in this country. but, that change can't come soon enough. and tragically, an awful lot of people are going to die, before it does. so, as i told you, just a short while ago, top-biden adviser, cedric richmond, testing positive for the virus. i talk to him, tonight. you're going to hear what he says. that's next. grandparents! we want to put money aside for them, so...change in plans. alright, let's see what we can adjust. ♪ we'd be closer to the twins.
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instwith vicks sinex saline congnasal mist. with our savings card, for drug free relief that works fast. vicks sinex. instantly clear everyday congestion. the pandemic, getting worse and worse. time running out for the stimulus. and we are learning, tonight, that the russia ooicyberattack much, much worse than we thought. i want to bring in cnn white house correspondent, kaitlan collins. and jeff zeleny. kaitlan, you first. is anyone at the white house working on the multiple crises facing the american people, right now? >> i mean, that's a big question and, of course, it ultimately starts with president trump, and what he is doing. there are definitely people who are focused on it. but, don, what we've heard from multiple people is there are
11:23 pm
more people who wished the president would be involved in this public-education campaign about the vaccine. and that has been one of the biggest concerns, besides logistics of actually administering the vaccine is getting people who want to take it. he tweeted about vaccines earlier today, but it mostly was talking about how it's being viewed, how the rollout is going. often, how the president sees things, which is through the lens of how they are being covered. and not really talking about people getting it. and so, we know the vice president is going to get it on camera, tomorrow morning. we still don't know what the president is actually going to get it, himself. he's committed to getting it but no one has said when, and whether or not that will be on camera. and some people have thought that would be critical to encouraging his supporters. of course, we saw how it went with wearing a mask. how the president encouraged supporters not to do that. that's a concern we have heard about the vaccine, as well. >> jeff, just a little while
11:24 pm
ago, i spoke with incoming white house senior adviser, cedric richmond. he tested positive for covid. he told me he is going to isolate at home for at least ten days, and see how he tests after that. and is following all the rules of the transition and covid protocols. he saw the president-elect on tuesday, outside, and they didn't get very close, according to him. but they were both wearing masks. he said, quote, i'm feeling fine. i have mild symptoms. no fever. how does this affect the biden -- the -- and his close associates -- the president-elect and his close associates? >> well, don, it's a stark example. yet another, stark example of how the different sides handle this differently. this was announced, by the biden transition, that congressman richmond did test positive. you know, there is a protocol in place. so, we have seen really, obviously, throughout the course of the campaign, certainly since election day, and on, in their policies, but more importantly,
11:25 pm
in their actions. and this is going to -- you know, it's certainly a reminder of the fact that this virus is very much alive and out there. i was at that rally in atlanta on tuesday. it was an outdoor rally. everyone was distanced. they were apart from each other. but, of course, he did come into contact with some people. so, it's -- look, a huge reminder that even politicians, of course, are susceptible to this. but what it also shows is that the president-elect is going to get his vaccine, we're told, early next week. likely, on monday. perhaps a day or after that or so. again, to set an example and show that this is a safe vaccine and that, you know, there should be social distancing and masking. we certainly don't know how far this is going to -- one thing the president-elect does virtually every day, his staff announces that he has tested negative for coronavirus. we've not seen a result from him in about 24 hours or so. they may do it tomorrow. but this is something that really is a stark difference. but we'll just have to see how this goes.
11:26 pm
this is an ongoing thing. we see the numbers just rising, across the country. and it seeps into politics, as well. but in a policy matter, so, so different how team biden is handling it, than the trump administration. >> that's why our leaders need to get the vaccine, as soon as possible. he is about to be the leader of the free world. he should get it. should have gotten it already, my opinion. thank you both. appreciate it. the pandemic is spreading. no one is safe from the virus. congresswoman, katie porter, says she is self-quarantining after being exposed to someone who tested positive. she is here, next.
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breaking news, tonight. congresswoman, katie porter, tells me she is in self-quarantine, at home, after coming in contact with the coronavirus, through someone at work. porter is on the show to talk about the rush to get the stimulus deal on capitol hill. all of a sudden, now, it's a rush, right? and she finds herself, like millions of other americans, exposed to the coronavirus, and concerned for her family. and this just in. all members of congress will be eligible to receive the covid
11:31 pm
vaccine. that's according to a memo from the capitol attending physician and a press release from the house speaker, nancy pelosi, who says she'll get the vaccine, within the next few days. as far as the business before congress goes, the bill they are working on has a price tag of 9 $900 billion with money for vaccine distribution and schools and extension of jobless benefits at $300 a week. money for small-business loans, and perhaps $600 per person in stimulus checks, depending how much money you make. joining me now, democratic congresswoman, katie porter, from california. congresswoman, i really appreciate you joining me. thank you so much. you just told me, as we were preparing for this interview, right, you just told me that you were exposed to coronavirus. what can you tell us about it? >> well, i think it's an experience that's all too familiar for all tfar too many
11:32 pm
americans, at this point. i was exposed to someone who tested positive. i am doing my very best to quarantine here, at home. i am hoping my kids can figure out how to heat up the dinner. but i'm thankful i had already premade, luckily, enough. but i'm going to lock myself in the bedroom for a couple days. it will be a couple days until i get a result. but i think the important thing for people to understand is it's not just about wearing a mask. it's not just about washing your hands. it's, most importantly, about staying at home. and i was exposed in my workplace. >> yeah. and you were exposed by someone you work with, is -- is -- am i correct? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah. and we have a very -- very, very serious telework policy. but once in a while, we have to do things in person. so, that person's asymptomatic. we are hoping i don't have it but, most importantly, to me, that my children don't have it. >> yeah. we are thinking about you and your family. so, you didn't get a rapid test,
11:33 pm
right? you got a pcr test and you are awaiting a result? >> i got a pcr test. they are saying two to four days. but our icus are full like they are so many other places and, you know, i lost my grandmother to covid-19 on sunday morning. so, i think families are really feeling this reverberate among them. >> and your kids, you don't know and your family, you have no idea because you just got the information. wow. >> yeah. i am working on appointments for my kids to be tested but they have a different doctor and different healthcare system. all the available, drive-through testings are booked about six to seven days out. >> listen. you have always been very candid and now you are very candid about this. just because there is a vaccine out there being distributed, still can't let your guard down in these moments. >> no, it's all the more important right now because we're really at maximum capacity in our hospitals. so, be vigilant, everyone.
11:34 pm
and we are all going to have to do our best. >> now, let's talk about relief. okay? can i ask you what a lot of struggling americans are thinking right now, and that is, congresswoman, where is the deal? >> listen. i'd like to know, too. the house put forward a deal, back in july. we voted again for another deal. we called it heroes. then, we voted for heroes 2.0. why we're leaving this until, literally, the 11th or 12th hour. we may even be facing a few hours of government shutdown, or quasi government shutdown. this long i think is really shameful. the other thing is we're not doing stimulus work. we are doing disaster-relief work. that's the situation we're facing, in our country. a literal economic and health disaster. the fact that we can't come together on a bipartisan basis, on what is essentially disaster relief, i think, is shameful.
11:35 pm
>> yeah. listen. a lot of people are counting on you guys. there's been a late push for direct-stimulus checks. this time, it could be $600 per individual, depending on how much money they make. is that money for the stimulus checks impacting how long unemployment benefits would be extended? >> well, again, these are not stimulus checks. these are survival-disaster payments. and senator mcconnell is trying to make sure that people who are getting unemployment don't, also, get the stimulus -- get the survival payment. but, the reality here is the most effective, most fiscally conservative way to help people is to put money directly into their hands, quickly. and all of these different things that he is trying to do, all of these layers he's trying to put on it, are just going to slow the relief down. are just going to leave people in an impossible situation here, going into january and february. >> yeah. jobless benefits could be $300 per week.
11:36 pm
meanwhile, the -- domino pizza -- dominos pizza, i should say, is giving employees up to $1,200 in bonuses. is that going to be hard to explain to people? $300 doesn't go very far these days, you know. >> it absolutely doesn't go very far. i represent central orange county, this area that won't even cover a week's worth of rent for most of our markets here in california. so, look. i thought it was really interesting that, just a few months months ago, i heard that president trump wanted to do checks up to $2,000 and his aides had talked him out of it. shame on them. >> wow. republicans are saying that they need more to -- to get a deal done. but, i mean, and they said that'll happen. but the reality of much-needed relief only hit republicans when the electoral college affirmed that president-elect joe biden won. and that was earlier in the week.
11:37 pm
>> absolutely. these -- these cries they are making that they need to get more for this group or that industry or whatever they're -- they're hocking, really ring hollow. i think the american people who are going hungry tonight, really understand. we needed to pass this bill, back in june. we needed to pass a big bill, back in june, recognizing that covid was going to be with us for a long time. and even now, when we hear president-elect biden say that, whatever congress does just going to be a down payment. i mean, i think the american people who are trying to buy groceries, tonight, can't just make a down payment on food. >> there is a push, by republicans, to restrict federal -- the federal reserve's emergency-lending authority. some democrats say that could hamstring the incoming-biden administration. why is that, congresswoman? >> because we allocated money to the federal reserve to have in this lending -- we call it a
11:38 pm
lending facility. and basically, that money allows the fed, when there is a market crash or a need to stabilize a certain sector of the economy, to move in quickly and do that. secretary mnuchin is claiming, without any even written opinion from a lawyer, and he's not a lawyer, that the law, somehow, requires him to give this money back. i think that is legally wrong. i think that is a terrible policy idea because what it's going to do is leave the fed in the position of having to go back to congress, and ask for resources in the event of more economic downturn. and we've all seen, if there's one thing we have learned about congress in the last few months, it's that we're not good at responding quickly. >> so, you going to get the deal? >> i think there's going to be a deal. but i -- i really think it's not going to be enough. particularly, on the issue of state and local funding, and
11:39 pm
making sure that our cities and our states are able to continue to pay first responders. >> how much -- how much longer? >> i think we'll have a deal by saturday. >> okay. that's what i wanted to hear. how much longer? and i think that's what the american people, they wanted to hear. as you said, june, but here we are. we are where we are. listen. we are thinking about you. we thank you for being so candid. you be safe, you and your family and be well. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> an fda panel giving the green light for a second coronavirus vaccine. desperately-needed good news, at a time when the pandemic has never been worse. did you know diarrhea is often caused by bad bacteria in food? try pepto diarrhea. pepto® diarrhea is proven effective to treat symptoms, and it also targets the cause of diarrhea. the 3 times concentrated liquid formula coats and kills bacteria to relieve diarrhea. while the leading competitor does nothing to kill the bacteria, pepto® diarrhea gets to the source, killing the bad bacteria. so, try pepto® diarrhea,
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so, here is some breaking news. the fda plans to quickly grant emergency-use authorization for the moderna vaccine. that could allow for 7.9 million doses to be shipped, in the next
11:44 pm
week. 2 million doses of the pfizer vaccine, and 5.9 million of moderna's, according to the department of health and human services. there were over 220,000 new, confirmed cases, today. we have set the hospitalization record for the 16th day in a row. and more than 3,000 deaths were reported, today alone. joining me now is dr. chris murray. dr. chris murray is the director of the institute for health metrics and evaluation at the university of washington, and we thank him for joining us. thank you so much, sir. appreciate it. so, two vaccines under emergency use. what kind of impact is that going to have on those -- on these soaring death tolls and -- and case numbers? >> well, don, the -- eventually, the vaccine is going to have an extraordinary impact, and get us back to normal. but the problem is that, given the number of doses, given the time it'll take to deliver those doses, we're still going to live
11:45 pm
through rising case numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths, probably well into february. so, we still see things getting worse. and then, we'll start to see the effect of the vaccine, we hope, really kicking in once we get into the middle of february. >> man, i hope you're right. i mean, it would be great if it could happen earlier. but, you know, it just doesn't work that way. so, getting the vaccine delivered is key. some governors, saying that they -- that they have notified and they'll -- they are going to get fewer doses, and they aren't sure why. they have been notified, i should say, they're going to get fewer doses and they're not sure why. could fellollowups in delivery blunt the impact of these vaccines? >> we know with the history rolling out new vaccines is it takes some time to get it to the people, who need it. but sort of the saving grace here is that, in every year with seasonal flu, the u.s. is able to deliver about 3 million doses, a day, of just the
11:46 pm
regular-seasonal flu vaccine. so, that makes us think it'll take us a while. but we'll ramp up to a pretty high rate in a matter of a month to two months, to get up to the high level. >> so, it's been a couple weeks. three weeks, since thanksgiving. cases are out of control. we're setting records for hospitalizations and deaths on an almost-daily basis. should anyone be getting together with extended family or households that are outside of their own bubble for christmas, next week? >> absolutely not, don. you know, we know that covid is incredibly transmissible. it's really seasonal. so it's much worse, greater risk of transmission, in the winter months. as you say, things are getting worse. particularly, in number of big-population states. so, no, people should stay safe. they should stay with their own households. and -- and -- and really avoid those gatherings, that can be so risky. >> chris murray, thank you so
11:47 pm
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he used to have gum problems. now, he uses therabreath healthy gums oral rinse with clinically-proven ingredients and his gum problems have vanished. (crowd applauding) therabreath, it's a better mouthwash. at walmart, target and other fine stores. at least one incoming senator seems to be willing to keep trying to overturn the will of the people and the president loves to hear it. i want to bring in now cnn's senior political analyst kirsten powers and political commentator charlie dent, a former republican congressman from pennsylvania. good evening to both of you. good to see you. doing okay? >> yeah. good to be here. >> always great, don. >> kirsten, the senator-elect,
11:52 pm
tommy tuberville, is not ruling out objecting to the election results when congress tallies the votes on january 6th. watch this. >> listen to me now. we have no choice but to win this election. they're going to try to steal it. they're going to try to buy it. they're going to do everything they can, lie, cheat, and steal to win this election. like they did the presidential election. >> are you going to fight to make this election right? >> we're going to fight hard. >> what are you going to do on january 6th? madison said y'all have tricks up your sleeve. >> we're going to -- >> just wait. you'll see what's coming. you've been reading about it in the house. we're about to do it in the senate. >> lordy, lordy, lordy. and president trump is take notice tonight tweeting "more republicans should follow his lead." this plays into trump's twisted narrative that he has been cheated and why is this guy going along with this b.s.? >> i don't know. i can't get into his motives
11:53 pm
but, you know, it is obviously completely made up. it's not -- it's going to create delays but it's not going to actually ultimately change the outcome of what happens. i don't think people should be too concerned about that. but just the idea that you have, you know, people out there, somebody who is going to be a u.s. senator saying these kinds of things is so scary and, also, just to consider anybody who's been sitting here watching the news what is actually happening in this country right now in terms of this pandemic, in terms of needing a stimulus package, and you have the president of the united states, you know, tweeting about still this craziness with this idea that somehow the election has been stolen rather than dealing with the job of being the president, rather than actually dealing with the fact of, you know, major hacking throughout the u.s. government. i mean, it's just -- i'm kind of at a loss for words at this point. >> yeah. charlie, listen. the number two republican
11:54 pm
senator, john thune, you know the tall guy you always see behind, in the background there, he's been there for a while. he is hoping tuberville doesn't do it. he says it's time to move on. do you think the republican senate is going to stay in line? >> i think most republican senators overwhelmingly will follow john thune and mitch mcconnell on this. what senator tuberville is doing is not a great way to start your senate career. he's a new guy. as kirsten said he might disrupt things, slow things down a little bit. he's not going to change the outcome. it's a complete waste of time. i think the senators will be more disciplined than the house members frankly. i'm more worried about the house being disrupted at this point than the senate. >> really? why so? tell me about it. >> because i think there are more members. you saw over i believe 126 signed a letter basically supporting the texas lawsuit that would have disenfranchised millions of voters in pennsylvania, georgia, michigan, and wisconsin. in many respects i think they are less disciplined in the
11:55 pm
house on these types of matters. they don't follow instructions as well from their leadership as do the senators. i think you have a potential problem. again, it'll be disruptive. it's not going to change an outcome. joe biden is going to be elected and he'll be approved by the house and senate on january 6th. >> it's just one more delusional act to add to the circus that is already in washington right now. kirsten, i've got to talk about this because charlie just mentioned, you know, how congress has to -- he's concerned about -- well, he talked about the 126 folks who voted for this crazy texas lawsuit. or at least signed on, i should say. >> right. >> so the president-elect picked congresswoman deb haaland to lead the interior department. she's going to be the first native american cabinet secretary. but by choosing her democrats will only have a three-seat vote margin in the house. so again, to charlie's point, they have to stick together if
11:56 pm
they want to get something done and if they want to maintain a majority, right? a majority vote. >> yes. yes. absolutely. i mean, i think, look. the thing about it is that nancy pelosi, there are people i know aoc has come out recently and said she thinks she needs to be replaced eventually. she is very good at keeping the democrats together and very good at navigating those differences. so at least they do have somebody who has experience managing the different sort of personalities and different factions that are in the democratic party. but that is a very narrow margin. that doesn't give you a lot to play with. you know, what's going on here even though ultimately all of this is going to end up with joe biden as president of the united states there's been a lot of damage done to democracy and a lot of damage done to our systems. i don't think we should overlook that. i think we don't realize sometimes how fragile our democracy actually really is.
11:57 pm
and you know, people who look at this certainly a lot of people i've been interviewing recently for a book i'm working on about the division in the country, people who are experts on this, experts on democracy and have looked at other countries are saying like this is starting to look like a lot of other countries that ended up in civil wars. and so you know, we have to be -- we have to really take this seriously. >> thank you both. good to see you. be safe. >> thank you. >> thanks, don. >> the republican party becoming more and more detached from the reality under trump, under president trump. well, biden's optimistic he will be able to reach bipartisan agreement. but will the road blocks be insurmountable? ♪ may your holidays glow bright
11:58 pm
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