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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  December 28, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> this is "cnn tonight," i'm don lemon, breaking news, humiliating defeat for the president. house overriding his veto. he wanted to hold troops hostage over his grudge match with twitter. he was holding up pay raises for our troops. house in bipartisan vote saying hard no to that. next stop is the senate. as the house also passed a measure to increase covid relief checks from $600 to $2,000, which the president could have pushed for a long time ago,
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after all his treasury secretary negotiated the deal in the first place. a deal the president refused to sign, leaving desperate americans who can't pay their rent or put food on their tables in limbo until he finally caved last night. this president gained nothing with all these antics, just needlessly creating chaos because he could. and making it clear by the moment he's completely abdicated his responsibilities as president. hear me, it's a disgrace. it's embarrassing. he's embarrassing himself. the president-elect joe biden saying today his transition team is still being blocked from getting information they need to prepare to take office. >> we need to make sure that nothing is lost in the hand-off between administrations. my team needs a clear picture of
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our force posture around the world and operations to deter our enemies, full visibility of the budget planning at defense department and other agencies to avoid window of confusion or catch-up. we've encountered road blocks in department of defense and management and budget. right now we're not getting all the information we need from the outgoing administration in key national security areas. it's nothing short in my view of irresponsibility. >> but the current president who is all too aware he'll only be in office another 23 days, 23 days, doesn't care about any of that. doesn't care about sending $2,000 stimulus checks to desperate americans. all he cares about, absolutely, all he really cares about is not looking like a loser. but in his efforts not to look
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like a loser, he is looking like a loser. he's doing exactly what he doesn't want to do. that's why he's still pushing delusional idea there's some way he could override the will of the people when congress meets to affirm joe biden's win. president of the united states is dreaming of a coup. why his minions like congressman louis gohmert are suing. suing vice president mike pence in a ludicrous attempt to get him to ignore the electoral votes from the five states that the president claimed he won. we know he lost them, over and over and over again. and keeps losing them, thereby making joe biden win over and over and over again. he also lost the popular vote, the electoral college vote as
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well, he lost the courts. it is really, really pathetic. he's so desperate to avoid looking like a loser, he repeatedly argues that votes of the american people should be thrown out. but by doing that he's looking like a loser. even his ride or die allies are getting sick of the chaos. his hometown newspaper, look at the screen, the one he used to pretend to be his own pr person, would call in to say i got good news about donald trump or whatever. his paper of record, the ever-supportive "new york post," until now, begging him on the front page where nobody, not even the president could miss it, to stop the insanity. the paper's editorial board putting it bluntly, you had ever
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right to investigate the election but let's be clear, those efforts have found nothing. what they're saying, mr. president, as i've said here, not over, it's ovah. ovah. one after another. members of his own party, white house insiders, the court, even his media allies said the same thing. no election fraud. bill barr saying there was no evidence of fraud that would have changed the results. ovah. and for good measure, throwing cold water on the president's demands for special counsel to investigate the election. >> if i thought a special counsel at this stage was the right tool and appropriate, i would name one, but i haven't
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and i'm not going to. >> ovah. mitch mcconnell finally putting his foot down and refusing to dance to the president's election fraud tune, acknowledging biden's win but waiting full six weeks after the election to do it. >> the electoral college has spoken, so today i want to congratulate president-elect joe biden. >> ovah. the agencies charged with protecting our election calling it the most secure in election history. and that got top cybersecurity official chris krebs fired for rejecting the president's crazy delusions. >> i don't know if it's intentional or willful blindness, but the result of the 2020 election is clear. this race is over. we've got to get ready for january 20th and the next administration. >> he said it.
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ovah. the supreme court, even with a 6-3 conservative majority, throwing out election cases twice in one week. first denying a request from pennsylvania republicans to block certification of the commonwealth's results. then a steaming smackdown to texas's attempts to throw out election results in four other states. that are not texas. and courts across the country are following the supreme court's lead. president and his allies have lost nearly 60 cases since the election. come on, y'all, 60 cases since november. okay. and still people out there believing the election was stolen. 60 cases. all right. as we say, believe what you want to believe.
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just today another bogus lawsuit thrown out, this in georgia, brought by attorney lynn wood, georgia secretary of state saying today the numerous baseless and frivolous lawsuits funded by unsuspecting georgians being duped by wood are just the latest in long series of lawsuits to nowhere in georgia. his words, not mine, he's saying what? it's over. brad rafensburger. stood tall about claims of election fraud. >> president of the united states or failed gubernatorial candidate, disinformation regarding election administration should be condemned and rejected. integrity matters. truth matters. >> sure does. if you don't remember len wood,
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the guy who told the people of georgia not to vote in the senate runoff next week and told a rally crowd that the republican governor brian kemp should be locked up. >> i want you to go to the governor's mansion, circle it, blow your horns, until brian kemp comes out and orders a special session of the georgia legislature. and then he can resign. and then as far as i'm concerned, lock him up. >> it's like some weird ryan murphy 2016 election thing all over. it's just bizarre. so let's just recap here. what he's doing. so he is advising georgians not to vote in the runoff election next week that will decide the balance of power in the senate. is he working for democrats? also telling them their
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republican governor should be locked up. maybe it is a jedi mind trick that he's working for the democrats, just saying maybe because he's telling republicans not to vote. all right. that's really shooting yourself in the foot. reloading and shooting yourself in the other foot, again. right? another georgia election official, lifelong republican, gabriel sterling, got death threats for standing up to the president's bogus fraud claims last month. >> ridiculous things claimed in some of these lawsuits, it's just that, insanity, fever dreams, made up, internet cabal -- however many words i can use. >> fever dream is good. the president can't even rely on
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his friends on tv now. may be worst for the reality tv president. fox news and even farther right news max forced to back down. smartmattic under threat of legal action. debunking one election fraud lie after another. >> have you seen any evidence that the software was used to flip votes in the united states in this election? >> i have no seen any evidence that smart mattic software as used too delete, alter or do anything to vote tabulation. >> there's a lot more to that. but man, look, when you lose geraldo, it's over.
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sorry. trump buddy geraldo rivera, sadly he lost the election. stuff happens. he wrote it all out. but since he behaved like entitled frat boy, on top of saying this. >> donald trump lost the election. joe biden won the damn election. now let's just move on from there and stop this ridiculous nonsense that makes everyone look half baked. >> yeah, what is the president doing -- >> half baked, i love that, geraldo, and the president in face of all this with the clock ticking to inevitable end to his president, with more and more allies admitting the reality
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it's over, it's the end, with more americans than ever before in hospitals with the coronavirus, experts warning it could get much, much worse, what is the president doing? well, of course, it's president donald trump, you know the one who talked about how much barack obama golfed. really? come on, bro. he's golfing of course. by cnn's count today, the president's 424th day at one of his properties and 311th day at one of his golf clubs during his presidency. man, that is -- for anyone -- think about this. anyone who just has a normal job, right? i can't even get to the golf course that much and i'm not the president of the united states. can you golf that much?
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i'm just saying. president's at his private club. treasury secretary who negotiated the stimulus deal that president suddenly deemed not good enough, he's in mexico. not a good look. vice president mike pence, supposed to be leading the coronavirus task force, remember? the task force? vacationing in vail. not supposed to travel though. not a good look. but america is moving forward, joe biden, who will take the oath of office in 23 days is saying this. >> we look forward to the start of a new year, fresh with hope and possibilities for better days to come. but clear-eyed about the challenges that will not disappear overnight. reiterate my message to the american people, we've overcome incredible challenge as a nation, and we've done it
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before, and we will do it again. >> ovah. for all his disgraceful antics this president is putting senate republicans in a very tough spot. will they vote against aid for desperate americans? >> today i'm telling donald trump, don't just talk about it, act. these senate republicans have followed you through thick and thin, get them now to act and support the $2,000 checks. (kids laughing) (dog barking) ♪ sanctuary music it's the final days of the wish list sales event sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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that means cooking day and night until you get... [ ding ] you got paid! that means adding people to the payroll. hi mom. that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, banking and live bookkeeping. and we're back. house republicans breaking with the president tonight, 109 republican members of congress joining democrats to override the president's veto of the national defense authorization act. it comes as president trump is becoming increasingly erratic with final days in office and millions of americans are
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dealing with the fallout. joining me now, john, kirsten, anthony. good to see all of you. hope you had a very merry christmas. i'm sure anthony got coal, but we'll talk about that later. i'm sure you heard the open to this show, there's a lot i want to talk to you about, john, start with you. republicans overriding trump's veto, millions of americans hurting because of his delay in signing the stimulus bill. president didn't get anything he wanted. what was the point? >> i think the point had nothing to do with policy, nothing to do with actually trying to get the $2,000 stimulus checks. had he wanted to get those, he would have been involved vocally and visibly in the talks his administration was having with
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the democrats on the hill. it wasn't about cutting foreign aid, if it was, wouldn't have put it in his budget, which he did before the covid bill came up. this was married with the omnibus bill. this was donald trump saying may be only three weeks left in my term, joe biden is about to become president, but i'm still president, look at me, i still got power, still control things. let's create suspense about what i'm going to do. it was a bid for relevance and a bid to slap out at people like mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader, who publicly recognized that joe biden is going to be president. called him president-elect, and joe biden had shepherded had compromise. in addition to saying i'm relevant, he was also doing a slap across the face for mitch mcconnell and other members of
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the republican leadership. >> i think he was right about the people saying what's he going to do but it was like, man, what are you doing? that's the kind of what are you going to do it was. >> we were covering it though. >> of course. >> anthony, you know president trump very well. what is going on inside his head. does he understand his erratic behavior has dire consequences or he doesn't care? >> he doesn't care. he's living in his own reality distortion field. i agree with just about everything that john said but take it one step further, he was pushing those guys, still testing his intimidation skills and manipulation skills. i think he learned this week those are fading. half life on those things are exponentially fading him out. and mitch mcconnell bested him. his tribe, if you will, cult that follows him around, very
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angry at him, wanted him to stay in there and put up a fight. >> they thought what he did was weak. >> it's more ridiculousness but that's him. stick and probe, stick the bayonet as deep as it goes, feels mush, keep pushing. and mitch mcconnell and the senate didn't want to hear it, pushed him back hard, embarrassing. >> he's putting senate republicans in terrible position having to vote against much-needed money for struggling americans. john says it's payback for mcconnell finally admitting the election is over and biden won. do you agree with that? i don't know, i don't know what motivates him. what i always say. i can't get inside of his head and i'm just living for the day that i don't have to. which is how many more days? 23. >> kirsten, reading my mind.
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>> two scaramuccis left. >> 11 days? two -- >> plus two. 24 days. >> reading my mind. don't have to talk about his every whim and -- adios. >> because his every whim has impact on people and it's hard to watch. everything the president does affects people. but when you have such tangible things such as a pandemic going on with so much suffering and death, and people dying in the most horrible ways possible, can't have contact with their families. we all know people who have gone through this or are going through it right now. to be behaving this way, and on top of it, have people with no income and don't have enough food, it's just so -- right in your face, you just think what kind of person can watch that
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and behave the way that he's behaving. i just -- just the lack of empathy or concern is just astonishing. it will never stop astonishing me. >> and you know, it's really astonishing for a lot of people who believed in him. we've been telling them pour years, this is the kind of person he is. now they're like what is he doing. have you not been paying attention to us the past five years? listen, i talked about this in the open and show before this, but this is especially -- this is a lose/lose situation for the republican senators, loefler and purdue with tough runoff races. >> absolutely. there's no political upside for this for donald trump, for the republicans. not that that's even the most important thing, it's not.
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what we were talking about is much more important. but he couldn't even justify it if he somehow could find moral calculus to justify his behavior that somehow it was helping the republicans, but it's just putting them in a position that is not where they want to be right now, not where mitch mcconnell wants them to be right now, having to answer the kind of questions they're going to have to answer about not supporting this $2,000 stimulus -- relief check. >> it's interesting because i get the updates, don't follow him on twitter but get the email updates that come to us. president says stay tuned, he's going to have a rally, whatever. to me it feels like when my great-nephews were younger, mom said go to your room, no, why, i'm not going to do it. seems like he's being a petulant
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child, john. i want to get your take on all of this, and as we're talking about it, louis gohmert, suing vice president pence to overturn the election results. behaving like a petulant child, still saying i won. this is crazy. what is this going to accomplish? >> nothing, put pressure on mike pence who will have to declare whether he wants to fight this lawsuit or doesn't. but this is not an option. this is a crackpot idea advanced by a crackpot in congress. and one of the things that's been exposed by this situation is how many crackpots there are in the republican party, including in congress. remember that lawsuit filed by the state of texas that was a lunatic claim, trying to influence the election results in other swing states. and now this notion that the
7:28 pm
vice president can decree different electoral votes, wow, maybe al gore could have thought of that in 2000, or early 2001 when he had to read the results making george w. bush the president. or richard nixon in early 1961, if he had been devious enough could have come up with way to flip the electoral college votes away from john f. kennedy. no, he does not have the power to do that. it is a bottomless pit of nuttery that the individual members of the republican are going to pursue at the behest of president trump to raise money, rally their base, and some may be crazy enough to believe in these things but simply not going to happen, not going to accomplish anything. >> i have to go.
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anthony, can you speak for those folks, you supported the president and went to work for him, those folks being duped into believing that, hey, listen this is going to be overturned and giving their money, can you say something to those folks? >> i've been saying it almost two years, don, it is a big con. he knows it. he's had lunch with friends of mine, telling people he's out the door. it's a money-making thing, but i do believe there's a sliver he believes he has a chance. >> does he? >> absolutely no shot. we have to heal, you have to put him behind you, in a year from now, you won't even realize why you were so angry enthralled in his lunacy and demagoguic behavior. let's come together as a country and heal the country.
7:30 pm
>> i would say if i had fallen for this, would be a little bit embarrassed. i understand that. you have to accept that. >> look, i owned it, don, i owned it. >> what are you saying, anthony? >> no, i was in there, i worked for the guy, tried to support him. and i owned that mistake very publicly. >> i thought you were saying that other folks have to own it or what have you. >> i definitely think they do too, trying to help people create an off-ramp to get out of the situation of being a supporter of his. >> think you, see you soon, hope you have a blanket behind you john, would be very nice. see you soon. breaking news, house increasing stimulus checks to $2,000 and voting to override the president's veto of the
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my best friend's father died of covid-19. then my father caught it. wearing a mask, washing your hands. sacrifice those things now. you have the power to protect the ones you love. so millions of americans are struggling to make ends meet during this pandemic. they're now dealing with lapse in benefits this holiday season. why? the president held their stimulus checks hostage for days before eventually caving and signing the relief package last night. tonight the house passing another bill to increase the checks to $2,000 like the president demanded at the last
7:35 pm
minute. now heads to the senate. joining me, democratic senator debby stabenow of michigan. thanks for joining me. how damaging is the president's delay in signing this relief bill to the people of your state, senator? >> it's really cruel what has happened, he's delayed the help right now probably at least a full week if not more to people that are literally trying to put food on the table and keep roof on their head every single day. it's cold in michigan right now, you have to keep the heat on, pay the other bills. it was cruel and it was all about getting attention. i think he didn't feel he was being talked about enough in the press, this bumped it up so everybody was talking about him again, at the expense of people in my state and across the country. >> you're right. it's not just light, food, this time of year, you got to have
7:36 pm
the heat on, it's cold in most of the country. house voted to override the president's veto on the national defense authorization act. senator bernie sanders says he's going to delay vote in the senate unless mitch mcconnell brings a vote of $2,000 checks to the floor. do you support sanders' move? >> i strongly support the $2,000 and agree with bernie that we need to have a vote. mitch mcconnell needs to bring this bill up and we need to have a vote on it. we know where the democrats stand, we wanted more in the stimulus checks from the beginning. we'll be there voting for $2,000 per person, the question will be will the republicans be there. we need both, the defense bill, give the military a pay raise, the cybersecurity funding in that bill, and by the way, i think the real reason that the
7:37 pm
president actually vetoed that bill is because there is anticorruption, anti money laundering language in there that anonymous shell companies would have to be reported. underneath everything, that would take immediate effect. i think he's really worried about that. >> very interesting. >> we've got a situation to get the defense bill done, hopefully override. at the same time, there's no reason when we are scheduled to have that vote we can't have vote on additional help for americans. people have gone through so much hardship, and we're not done. i'm hopeful for the new year with president biden and vice president kamala harris, i know it's going to get better, but it's going to take time to get better and people have just been barely holding on. >> i want to ask you about, you said you need the republicans to be with you. speaking of, republican
7:38 pm
senator-elect tommy tubberville leaving the door open to joining to overturn the election results. how do you see this playing out? >> very good question. we don't know. we know that it's been reported that senator mcconnell has urged his members not to participate in that. but we have a new member from alabama who we know has been wooed by the president. we don't know what he will do. i know this, at the end of this process, joe biden will be president of the united states and kamala harris will be vice president of the united states. i do know that. what they can do is create chaos and lord knows we've had enough of that, right? i'm pretty tired of it myself, i know we all are. at the end of that process, however long it takes, we will still have the next president of the united states being joe biden. >> senator, thank you so much,
7:39 pm
and i have to give you props for your beautiful tree, very beautiful tree behind you. >> thank you. it's my tree in lansing, michigan. you have to energy it long as i can, going to have to get on plane and go back to washington. >> well, we need you. hope you had merry christmas. hap happy new year. thank you for joining. >> take care. more than 334,000 americans dead from the coronavirus, 19.2 million have been infected and -- oh, gosh, senator marco rubio, instead of encouraging his constituents to take care, he's picking a fight. with dr. -- you won't believe it, marco rubio jumped in line to get the thing before a lot of people, picking a fight with dr. fauci. we're going to talk about that.
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7:43 pm
rubio tweeting dr. fauci has misled the country when it comes to masks and herd immunity. he tweets elates, boogie man if ever there was one, trying to trick americans into doing the right thing. let's set the record straight here. dr. fauci has been transparent about the science since start of the pandemic, taking every opportunity to keep americans safe, asking, even begging people to wear masks, believe the science and the threat. it's a novel coronavirus, it's new. as you get information in, you update and upgrade the information and tell people what you may not have known before. that's why it's called novel, it's new, senator rubio.
7:44 pm
if senator rubio wants to point fingers about misleading claims when it comes to the virus, look no farther than the oval office. remember what president trump said about masks. >> i don't know, somehow sitting in the oval office, behind that beautiful, resolute desk, the great resolute desk, i think wearing a face mask as i greet presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens, i don't know, somehow i don't see it for myself, i just don't. >> i don't know, i just don't. remember casual consideration of the dangerous herd immunity strategy? >> maybe we shouldn't do anything, just ride it. they say ride it like a cowboy, just ride it, ride that sucker right through. >> remember. and let's not talk about the bleach and disinfectant episode. but when it comes to science,
7:45 pm
senator rubio wants to have it both ways right? because here he is getting vaccinated last week. senator rubio says he's confident enough in the science to get the covid vaccine. got it before a vast majority of americans. so question is, who is really the elite now? marco rubio. joining me now, dr. jonathan riley, george washington university hospital, sorry, couldn't help myself, so much hypocrisy and just, i mean blah. give me your reaction. >> well, i would remind senator rubio that his state has the
7:46 pm
third highest number of covid cases in the united states behind only california and texas. his state has over 8,000 cases today. whatever they're doing ain't that great. i would remind senator rubio, that the president who calls him little marco doubted masks, wanted to slow down the testing pleas, held dozens of rally around the country as the pandemic was heating up over the summer. he doesn't have words about that. he has words about dr. fauci. i will say about the science, all the expert statements about masking changed as the science changed. as it became clear that virus could be spread by asymptomatic carriers. as for number of folks it will take to attain herd immunity, that number is just a guess, principally because we don't
7:47 pm
know how many people in this country have been infected by the virus. in order to understand how many you need to vaccinate, you need to know how many have already had it. we don't know that. i think senator rubio should show a little bit of humbleness, maybe. >> here's the thing for me, for folks like marco rubio and state-run tv, all the trump tvs out there. when they talk about what's happening with this virus, they frame it in the form of they're taking away your freedoms, you have governors doing this, oh, my gosh, hypocrisy -- never in terms of my goodness, look at how many people are dead. right? that's the real sin, if you want to look at who is trying to bamboozle you, it's the -- let's frame it in a way to make our constituents feel better about something or make ourselves look better for not talking about how serious it was in the beginning,
7:48 pm
for downplaying it. not the hundreds of thousands who have died, millions who have become infected, the affect it's had on families and the deaths, that's the real sin of folks like marco rubio that i don't think that is being talked about enough or being held accountable for the damage they have done to this society. >> right. and what we've seen the last ten months has really always been apparent, libertarianism merges very, very close to selfishness. so this concept that wearing a mask infringes on your freedom, now becomes the ultimate act of selfishness. you don't care what happens to me if you don't wear a mask, that's what you're saying. that's what rubio is parroting. >> doctor, you're the best, see you soon. hope you had a great holiday, happy new year, i'm sure i'll
7:49 pm
see you before. >> same to you, don. >> we'll be right back.
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7:52 pm
pay attention. tonight we are learning more about the death of andre hill an unarmed black man shot by a columbus, ohio police officer. the officer adam coy was fired today. police have released body cam footage and i must warn you it is disturbing. that was on december 22nd from a neighbor reporting that a man had been sitting in his suv for quite sometime repeatedly turning his engine on and off. footage shows hill walking toward the officer with a cell phone in his left hand. his right hand not visible on the video. then the officer opens fire. the officer is then heard cursing and shouting at hill to get his hands out to the side. the franklin county coroner's office announcing preliminary findings of its autopsy saying andre hill's death was a
7:53 pm
homicide by multiple gunshot wounds. i want to discuss this with andre hill's daughter, his brother alvin williams, the attorney for andre hill's father benjamin crump. thank you all so much for being here. i have to say i am so sorry to have to speak to you about this. i'm sorry for your loss. tell me what you were thinking when you saw this video. >> there are so many things going through my mind. it just looked like murder. how can we pay these people to murder. so many things going through my mind. >> alvin, how are you holding up? what do you think about how your brother's case has been handled so far? >> i respect the due process that the first steps was
7:54 pm
conducted correctly and that was to get this ex-officer off the police force and other than that, myself, it was just still an unbelievable tragedy in the way that andre was shot multiple times, four times, and how he was actually just left for dead and could have been many possibilities for him maybe to survive his injuries. and he was just killed like an animal. >> so, ben, alvin mentioned the officer. it was announced today the officer who shot andre has been fired after a disciplinary hearing. are you satisfied with that outcome at least? >> that's only the first step because when you look at this officer's history and the fact that he has been reported, he
7:55 pm
was abused by banging the head of a citizen of color against the dash board of a car repeatedly saying inappropriate things and they have that on video but they didn't terminate this officer and now you see what happened to andre hill three days before christmas, an unarmed black man holding a cell phone. 76 black people have been killed by the police since george floyd was killed in minneapolis on may 25th, 2020. and, don, we all thought that was going to be a turning point where this wouldn't happen. but yet how many more black people have to be killed before the year 2020 ends? >> what does achieving justice look like in this case, ben? >> you know, the first thing, carissa keeps talking about andre law.
7:56 pm
the fact that we want transparency because the officers turned on the body camera after he shot her father so we can only speculate about why did this officer do this? and so transparency plus accountability and that's finally how we can get the trust between law enforcement and communities of color. other than that, we are going to have hashtag after hashtag after hashtag. >> yes. carissa, what do you want people to know about your dad? >> i just want people to know that he didn't deserve this. he was just a great person. he was hands on with the family, with the children. he didn't deserve this. >> well, listen. i am sorry you guys are having to go through this. i apologize that our time is short but as ben will tell you,
7:57 pm
we will continue to cover this story. and i appreciate you joining us. i'm so sorry you have to deal with this. as ben said this time of year. carissa, thank you. alvin thank you. ben, thank you. please keep us updated. we'll continue to follow. okay? >> thank you, don. >> thank you very much. thank you for watching, everyone. our coverage continues. (kids laughing) ♪ upbeat tempo ♪ sanctuary music it's the final days of the wish list sales event sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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very good evening to you. late today the house of representatives passed legislation increasing the size of federal covid relief checks from the $600 in the recently passed cares act to $2,000. it goes now to the senate where many republicans opposed even the original $600. the president as you know refused to sign the cares act until last night saying he was


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