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tv   New Years Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen  CNN  December 31, 2020 10:30pm-12:30am PST

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♪ and welcome back. we are live in times square. under an hour and a half until the new year, until 2021. >> hot diggity dog. >> hot diggity dog. we are in a very different times square than normal. the crowds are not here.
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normally there are hundreds of thousands of people here. they've been here all day. there are a lot of first responders, doctors and nurses, medical professionals, first responders who are there with their families in these pens as honored guests, as they should be. they are having a good time, and we're all waiting for the ball to drop for the new year. yes, i know. >> you're a little drunk. you know, we were just talking about annoying things, things that annoy us in our lives right now. >> yes. >> i'm very annoyed by this book that i read. >> you have a whole thing about children's books. >> well, i do children's book reviews on my instagram. and, you know, there are some that make no sense. i mean i had a '70s sesame alphabet book that -- i mean it says "h" is for hull. how am i explaining this to my son? >> there are some kids i'm
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thinking is this an acid trip. >> do you have "potty time for elmo"? they're like, elmo can use the potty. >> my agent carol is a great friend, got wyatt a clappy, this monkey who's adorable. and wyatt -- this is wyatt's favorite toy. >> say what clappy says. >> clappy is obsessed with the size of the child's hands. so clappy is like, clap those little hands. clap those tiny hands. shake those little hands. like it's very aggressive. >> it is. also also very like -- >> wyatt loves it. >> everything's like small. >> that's right. but wyatt loves it. and there's an elephant that goes along with it, who is much kinder and gentler. wyatt likes the bossy one. he loves the bossy clapper. >> bossy bottom. all right. we're going to richard quest on the ground in times square with a special guest.
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>> wow. >> hey, richard, are you there? >> i am here. i'm here down on the street with the first responders, and i'm also with pickle. >> what's going on? >> happy new year. >> same to you. >> you have performed in times square. >> i actually performed here ten years ago. it's the ten-year anniversary and in the most historical year to give hope and motivation to the whole world out there. >> your song, it's an anthem. >> it's an anthem for everybody that's on the front line. >> all these people. >> they're the ones that sacrifice, fight for us, and really put their life on the line for us. i want to make sure we're out here, like i said before, to keep them strong, motivation and inspire and give the whole world hope from the big apple. from the miami boy. so from the pineapple to the big apple. >> as a businessman myself, business correspondent, the
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money that you are making or that's being made from this. >> yes. >> is being donated. >> absolutely, 100%. >> where is it going? >> it's going to any -- we've been a part of a lot of charities. one is feeding america with tony robbins. we were part of a group called gem, which we helped a lot of the small businesses across the united states of america in all the communities that needed it most. >> why have you made small businesses part of your thing? >> because small business is the heart and it's the blood and what pumps the economy in the united states of america. >> and are you worried? i mean i walk down the street. i live in new york. i walk down the street. i see the stores closed, the restaurants closed, and i worry what's going to happen. >> that's going to show our resilience. that's going to show our strength. that's going to show our fight. at the end of the day, being from the united states of america, that's what makes us american. >> pitbull, show me the moves for that dance. >> you got to say, i believe.
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>> i believe. >> that we will win. >> i believe that we will win. >> i believe that we will win. i believe that we will win. >> i believe that we will win. >> thank you, sir. >> something i never thought i would say. >> richard quest, pitbull. guys, thank you so much. >> we didn't know we needed that. >> we did. cnn's ana cabrera is 100 stories up here in new york. ana, happy new year. >> hi, anderson. hi, andy. we have such a cool thing to show you tonight. this is the highest outdoor skydeck in the western hemisphere. we are 100 stories up. more than 1,000 feet high into the sky. as you can imagine, the views from here are spectacular. let me show you what it looks like from this high in the sky as we look out over the big apple, new york city for you tonight. you can see quite a few of our iconic buildings in this shot.
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in fact, straight ahead you can see that blue and white lights. that is the empire state building. just to the left of there as we slide over, you can see the chrysler building. that's the building that has sort of like a christmas tree light sort of thing going on. then if you continue to your left and you look down a ways, that's times square. that big light in the middle, i can almost see you, i think, from way up here. and this part is extra cool. if you come all the way to the edge -- after all, we are at edge at hudson yards -- look straight down. that's what it looks like to look at the new york city streets 100 stories up in the air. not quite the hustle and bustle that you're used to seeing in new york city, of course. with the pandemic, everything has changed this year. we've all had to make adjustments. for a lot of us that means getting creative with how we exercise. as i know a lot of you are making those new year's resolutions, you might be thinking how can you get moving, especially with the coronavirus still around? well, we have an idea for you tonight.
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why not have a dance party in the sky to bring in the new year. this group is forward space. they're ready to rock. i'm going to let them take it away. ♪ tonight, yeah, baby ♪ right on the limb is where we know we both belong tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm on the edge
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>> how can you not just move and groove? all right, anderson. again, andy, too, this is the group. they are forward space. we're going to get dancing. it's a dance party in the sky tonight. i don't know about you, but i'm thinking i might need to mix up the exercise routine in the new year. back to you. >> ana, thanks very much. i haven't been to the edge up there. have you? >> let's go. it's 2021. let's you and i. >> i'm afraid of heights, but i would like that. >> let's grab a pashmina and go. coming up next, what are don lemon and brooke baldwin up to now? plus the daily show's dulce sloan joins us. we're throwing away the worst parts of 2020. >> so many. >> a literal dumpster fire. (upbeat music) - [narrator] this is kate.
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and welcome back. we are live in new york's times square. 1:18 until the new year. ring it in with us live. let's check back in with don lemon and brooke baldwin at don's house. >> you said something about a pashmina. we're beyond pashmina. how about an as-cot. >> i got this. i'm going to take it from here, guys. >> ba dum dum. >> this year has been tough for a gazillion reasons for, you know, for small businesses, for restaurants. >> right, right, right. >> so obviously it's a night of fun and imbibing for some of us.
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just shout-out to, if i may, small business, women-owned business, clogs in new york. and also michael hamilton, you are my restaurant hero. right in our kitchen is a chef. he has three restaurants. he has a flower shop in the east village. he has little ways in soho, and r rosie's in amagansett for us. i love you. your food is extraordinary. your cocktails are amazing. i know it's been a tough year for you. can you talk about that a little bit? >> thank you very much. it's been a tricky one for everyone, i believe. but, yeah, the city got hit hard and people had to pivot massively in order to make things work. and then indoor and outdoor dining fluctuated. and this is where we're at now. it's been a tricky one, but looking forward to 2021. really am. >> looking forward -- >> i got to tell you, this is great, but all i see is this bottle of 1942 over your right
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shoulder. i'm like, oh, man, that would be really good. >> it's empty. >> chef michael has what we've decided it's the cocktail. chef michael has decided it for us. we're talking it the brooke lemon time. >> quickly. what do we do? >> talk to me, michael. what's in this? >> so we've got a beautiful cold pressed juice, clementine juice from a fellow who started a business, tom's juice. it's cold pressed clementine juice, tito's vodka. >> in here, boo. so we've got the clementine juice from tom's juice. we've got pre-mixed vodka. we've got a little bit of
10:45 pm
countreau. oh, way more. and then hold on. >> shake it. >> we will finish this off. we will finish this up with you. but andy and anderson, we're going to make one. i'm going to bring it to the office. i'm going to leave it on your desk. oh, we need way more vodka. i love don's. >> it's actually silk pajamas with leather slippers. >> we'll check back with you shortly. joining us now is stand-up comedian, correspondent on "the daily show". >> dulce sloan. hey, dulce, great to see ya. >> hey, how is it going? >> hi. >> now, dulce, last year you told us your new year's resolution was to find a man. any luck in that department? how's it going -- >> absolutely not.
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>> absolutely not? >> i can say when the lockdown ended in new york, i had gone on more dates after the lockdown than i did the whole three years i've lived in new york. >> oh, okay. >> did you find any silver linings in this year? we all know it was a horrible one. >> i was finally able to -- well, i've been paying so much money in new york rent, so i was actually able to finally be in my apartment. so that finally made it worth it. >> any resolutions for 2021? >> i guess it's the same one, find a man. resolution, um -- don't make a
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resolution because then you can't fail yourself. >> listen, we've got a big dumpster fire in front of us, and we want to take turns naming the little things that we hate most about this horrible year. so we're going to kind of go from one of us to the next. so let's start with you, dulce. >> ooh, let's see. i didn't understand the puzzle you're done with it, i don't know what to do weith it. >> puzzles go in the dumpster. >> i'm putting the puzzles in there. i'm going to say for mine, celebrity hand-washing videos. i never need to see another celebrity washing their hands or teaching me how to do that. >> i'm going to put in the dumpster people telling me that i need to watch schitt's creek.
10:48 pm
i know it's a great show. i love everybody in it. they're great actors and everything, and i'm going to watch it. i just -- i know it's on my list. i just don't have the time, but please stop telling me i need to watch it. >> okay, sweetie. >> i'm upset about it. >> that moment that anderson thought he said shit. dulce, what's your next one. >> i did. ive ive. >> you got to watch tiger king. >> yes. that's what i'm talking about. >> get out of here. yes, people pressuring me. >> yes, i agree. >> i'm going to put fleets on twitter in here. we don't need twitter fleets. stop trying to make -- >> what's a fleet on twitter? >> like a story from instagram
10:49 pm
or a snapchat thing on twitter. it's stupid. >> what? >> it's a fleet. >> we don't need to know about this. i don't want to hear any more about rudy giuliani's dripping hair dye. i feel like we saw it. we know what it was. we can move on. >> okay. >> okay. >> dulce, you got another one? >> ooh, what's the other thing that i can't stand right now? oh, people telling me -- people telling me what i should be doing in quarantine. like you be working out. you should be learning chinese. you should be learning how to do a split. like all of the things that make me feel like you have to be productive. >> you've had people telling you you should learn how to do a split? >> yes. my friend was like, girl, you got all the time. you need to figure out how to do
10:50 pm
a split. here's the videos from youtube. >> i would like to learn how to do a split. >> here's my last one, and it's zoom happy hours. >> okay. >> no more. >> my last one is i'm tired of people criticizing hbo max. i know it's part of the company i work for, but like >> yeah. okay, sweetie. thank you. coming up, next, we are going to take a look back at something embarrassing that he did with me. plus, we are going to ring in the new year with two a-list celebrities, my parents. we'll be right back. get ready to pile on the comfort
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my new year's resolution to to end every day, from this day forward, with a sunset with my kids. when the sun goes down, that is going to signify the end of the year, and i am going to try to make that a family tradition, starting from this year and moving forward. happy new year, guys. >> my new year's resolution is to try and stop eating as much meat. i eat too much meat, and i need to help save -- so i'm going to cut down. happy new year, y'all. >> my new year's resolution is to continue letting love rule,
10:55 pm
live in the moment, and to be of service. >> my new year's resolution is to wear a mask, whether i need to or not. wear two. >> i need to make new year's resolutions because i already feel bad about things i never get right, why would i add one more thing to the pile? no. just be kinder and look for the good more in people every day, this coming year. >> all right. love you, kathy lee. you know what? i went through something with my parents, that we all went through with our families this year and our friends. setting up zoom calls. here is a moment that i had setting up my parents on zoom for our remote passover things got a little hairy. watch. >> to use zoom, install the latest version of a standard browser, such as chrome. i don't know what the hell they're talking about. >> drag that google chrome logo into your application folder.
10:56 pm
>> download? >> nope. into your applications folder. go to the e-mail that i sent. safari. sorry, everybody. >> yay! >> you hear us, mom? oh, no. can't hear you. click the bottom, left. we can't hear you. >> joining us, now, from st. louis, it's my parents. we'll see if they did any better. >> hey, can you hear us? >> look at how great you look! wow! oh, my god, you're all dressed up. >> yeah. we're all dressed up, nowhere to go. >> i got to tell you, you two have been together for 61 years. and i know that you have never spent as much time as you did
10:57 pm
together in 2020. is it fair to say that you're annoyed with each other, at this point? >> at times. >> yes, you could say that. >> yes. >> mom, i mean, early in the pandemic, you were defrosting and serving questionable food for dad. dad, she served you expired chili from 2013, one night. how did that taste? >> well, i'm still here. it was a little dry. but obviously, need a little spicing up but it really wasn't bad, considering it was several years old. >> enough of that. >> what -- what's most annoyed you about each other, during all this? >> yeah. what has most annoyed you about each other, during this? dad, what's most annoyed you about mom during this?
10:58 pm
>> well, i have to choose my words very carefully because she likes to finish my sentences. >> mom, what's annoyed you about dad? >> well, first, let me say, i'm very thankful that i have a place to live and food to eat, and i'm not kidding because so many people don't. but, that being said, he is driving me crazy because i am cooking. i am buying the food. i am planning the menus. and he sits here and reads all day. i think the man has read 100 books, in the last ten months. and it's very irritating. >> and his reading annoys you. that's irritating to you. tell me something that you both appreciate about each other. dad, i need -- i want to be positive. did you appreciate something about mom, dad? >> i appreciate all the work she
10:59 pm
does. and for the most part, she's in a pretty good mood, and we do have a good relationship. and most importantly, we do communicate, even though she doesn't like some of the things i say. >> mom, what do you appreciate about dad? >> that he puts up with me. other than that, you know, after 61 years. >> that's it. that he puts up with you. that's it. since you spent so much time watching cnn this year, who's your cnn all star? >> well, besides your co-host, i like chris cuomo. and i don't know if she's still on, anna navarro. >> no, she's not. >> and ryan jones. >> mom, do you have one? >> yeah, but he took him -- i --
11:00 pm
i mean, i like -- >> oh, dad took him. okay. >> i like david axelrod, and i like -- i hike alike all of thee on your channel. >> what was the best show that you binged? that you binge-watched? >> we watched "ozarks." >> so good. i loved "ozark." >> by the way, mom, the answer to your question that you asked before is we are not wearing diapers. i know that you wanted us to wear diapers. >> why did you want us to wear diapers, evelyn? >> because, i can't imagine standing there for four hours without peeing. >> yes. mom and dad, i love you very much. you look great. i'm so glad you dressed up for the night. go have a scotch on us. >> yes, absolutely. wish you the best new year. happy new year. >> you, too. >> all right. before we start the official countdown, here's a quick look
11:01 pm
at what's coming up in this hour. and welcome. this is it. this is the final countdown. the last hour of 2020. thank goodness, it's finally
11:02 pm
here. we are live in times square. not as many people. >> not as many? no one's here. >> there's -- there's some very good people here, and they're having a great time. over the next 60 minutes, we will be bringing out some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, to help us welcome 2021. mariah carey is going to join us. john mayer. but, first, it's time to take another shot. top of the hour. wish you the best. happy new year. >> oh. i have a little left. >> my goodness. wow. i'm very excited that cameron diaz is here. sweetie, you need to wipe your nose a little. there was a weird thing you had with cameron diaz. you thought she had -- >> i was at -- you're prompting
11:03 pm
me to tell the story? >> yes, i want you to tell the story. quickly, though. >> okay. i was at jimmy fallon's house for the oscars. >> name drop. >> yes, name drop. and cameron diaz was there, sitting next to me. and i thought i smelled something that i -- i thought she had passed gas. and then, i thought -- and then, the smell got stronger. >> uh-huh. >> and i thought that she had pooped her pants. but -- >> why would you think that? >> well, because the smell was really strong. and then, it turned out that the dog, gary, had pooped on the floor and i had walked through it on my way to get -- yeah, i had walked in it, on my way to get doritos. and so, it was me and i thought that it was her. it was very embarrassing. >> and then, didn't you run into her on the street? >> yes. anyway, i think she's on now. cameron diaz, are you there? >> are you there? and do you want to -- andy -- do you want to -- just, before we -- before we begin, cameron, andy, do you want to take this time to formally apologize? >> well, i'm sorry.
11:04 pm
i hope i've apologized for that before. >> he already has. >> yes, okay. i just find it so strange. >> no, it was really. you should have seen the stink eye he was giving me, which was hilarious. it wasn't like it was thinking it in his brain, god, cameron might have farted. like, literally, he was looking at me like what did you do? what happened? did you just poop your pants? >> i thought it was such a baller move, at first. i was like, cameron diaz, man, she just wears it all on her sleeve. it's so cool. i already thought you were cool. right. >> i take it as a sign of andy's obsession with celebrity that, like, he immediately thought the most famous person in the room had -- had -- was -- was -- >> i thought you were going to say my obsession with poop. >> no. >> listen, cameron, so many people found a lot of comfort during the holidays rewatching
11:05 pm
your movie "the holiday." do you ever rewatch it during the holidays? >> i haven't seen it, honestly. i don't -- however long it's been since we filmed it or we watched the premiere, i haven't seen it since then. i never watch my movies. but i love the gifs. i really do. i love the gifs, you know, i feel like everybody can relate, don't you think? >> yes. >> oh, yes. nice. nice. >> absolutely. oh, my god, that's gorgeous. get that champagne ready because we're going to play a little drinking game, in a minute. >> we are? >> you announced -- you announced the arrival of your daughter during the first week of 2020. congratulations. we have a all now -- parents, i can't believe that i'm actually -- have a child. what's this first year of parenting been like for you? thanks. >> it's been incredible. you know, i think that's just
11:06 pm
one of the many blessings in our -- our family that our -- everyone around us, thankfully, is safe and healthy. but, that we've gotten to spend so much time with our -- with our -- with our daughter. it's been incredible that we've been home the entire year, which i know is just a truly a privilege, on our part, that we get to be able to do that during this time. which i know, not everybody gets to do. but it's been incredible. >> as we get -- as we get closer to midnight, do you any resolutions for 2021? >> woo, you know, resolutions. i don't even know. i feel like 2021 is just going to blur from 2020 into 2021. i don't know if there is truly a distinction, other than this moment right here, with you guys. but -- and i, also, just want to see i guys do another shot, so that i know, like, it's happening into the next -- into
11:07 pm
the new year. but, resolutions. i always -- i think that i -- i -- just going to try to do my best to keep, you know, counting my blessings. and to be of service, and to just, hopefully, spread some love. >> well, you have a new line of wine. so, i want you to grab it and we are going to play a little round of never have i ever, 2020 edition. okay? we all did similar things. so, grab your -- >> how does this work? >> how this works is -- you can play at home, if you would like -- you take a drink if you've done the thing. okay? we're all playing together. so, never have i ever, in 2020, baked my own bread. >> so, if you've done the thing, you would drink? >> have you baked your own bread? none of us have. >> right. okay. >> you drink if you've done it. oh, okay. you've done it.
11:08 pm
never, have i ever, bought a bunch of at-home gym equipment. >> oh, okay. i did that so i'm drinking. >> never, have i ever gotten really into puzzles. no. never have i ever seen -- never have i ever seen a ghost during covid. >> why -- is that a thing? >> i don't know. never have i ever run out of toilet paper, and had to get creative. >> what? we lost her for a second. you had to get create -- what? you had to use a leaf? >> yeah. everybody has, haven't they? >> during quarantine? >> no, not during quarantine but, like, in my life. >> no, but the -- >> only during -- >> pandemic. >> i don't care. >> okay. >> yeah. fine. >> never have i ever spent an entire day zbl-- >> i spent a month in the
11:09 pm
wilderness. >> never have i ever spent an entire day in the nude. have you spent a day in the nude? >> no, i've never spent a -- you spent a day in the nude? >> i think, while i had covid and i was sequestered from my kid. >> what, you're just lounging around in the nude? >> maybe. never have i -- >> and having fevered, covid dreams? gross. >> never -- >> getting all sweaty wandering around your apartment. >> shut up. never have i ever dm'ed a random, attractive stranger on instagram. okay, good. never have i ever learned to cha-cha. >> yeah, no. i know somebody who could teach us. >> who? >> i'm not going to say it. >> never have i ever ridden my bike around the streets of new york city. >> never have i ever ridden my
11:10 pm
bike? okay. >> never have i ever made a tiktok out of sheer boredom. never have i ever flashed someone on zoom when i thought the camera wasn't on. >> no. >> eaten an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting. yes, i have. >> this week. >> well, i mean -- >> have you tried ben and jerry's -- what is it called -- oh, netflix and chill ice cream? oh, my god. >> we -- we lost cameron. love cameron diaz. >> yes. i'm bummed. >> coming up. john mayer has an emotional, emotional tribute. and mariah carey joins us live. >> we're getting a little drunk here.
11:11 pm
♪ you should feel invincible, powerful, strong ♪ ♪ where your focus goes, your energy flows are you hearing me ♪ ♪ ♪
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all right. we are back. and before we get to john mayer, cameron diaz is back. >> cameron, i'm so sorry we lost you. >> it's okay. you know what, i feel like technology is totally, like, not even supposed to work. it's magic, you know? >> yes. >> but, you know what's so impressive, you guys? you guys are, like, in times square, right now. you guys are such ballers. like, nobody can go into times square, but you guys are there running a whole show. >> i have to say, it's pretty exciting being here. >> it is. >> and it's special, and it's nice that the first responders are here. and i'm sorry that we didn't get to raise a glass with you. and -- >> you have -- you have like champagne, sparkling wine, rosé. you got a whole line. >> we have white. it's delicious. and it's a perfect -- it's the
11:16 pm
perfect sparkling for me to be celebrating with you guys, and wishing you both a happy new year. >> i want to do a toast to you, and also a toast because i want -- i know you said you kind of quit acting but this is a toast to get you back because i need you. >> we all need you. >> i'll just come and do scenes in -- in your house, where you're like wondering whether or not i'm -- >> oh, my god, i would love that. that would be great. >> cheers to you. >> cheers and to all of the essential workers out there, for this last year, how incredible you all have been. and i appreciate everything and the whole world appreciates what you've done. honestly, it's -- it's incredible that they've showed up, the way that they have. and i'm so happy that you guys are celebrating them this evening, in times square. >> well, we wish you the best. have a great new year. our best to your family. >> thank you. to you, as well.
11:17 pm
take care. >> all right. it's time for something very special. my friend, john mayer, is in los angeles, and i am going to throw it to him. this speaks for itself. john. >> hey, andy. hey, anderson. happy new year. i wanted to play a song to remember everyone we lost, this year, because i know they will live forever in us. ♪ ♪ a great big bang and dinosaurs
11:18 pm
fiery raining meteors ♪ ♪ it all ends unfortunately ♪ but you're gonna live forever in me i'll guarantee, just wait and see ♪ ♪ parts of me were made by you and planets keep their distance too ♪ ♪ the moon's got a grip on the sea ♪ ♪ and you're gonna live forever in me ♪ ♪ i guarantee it's your destiny ♪ ♪ life is full of sweet mistakes and love's an honest one to make ♪
11:19 pm
♪ time leaves no fruit on the tree ♪ ♪ but you're gonna live forever in me ♪ ♪ i guarantee it's just meant to be ♪ ♪ ♪ and when the pastor asks the pews for someone to remember you ♪ ♪ i'll keep my word and my
11:20 pm
seat ♪ ♪ but you're gonna live forever in me ♪ ♪ i guarantee just wait and see ♪ ♪ >> wow. that was incredible. that was so lovely. thank you, john. >> so many people lost this year. >> yeah. it's really -- we were talking about this with steven colbert in the last hour. i'll repeat myself but i remember, when i was a little kid, watching a new year's eve show. it was dick clark's new year's
11:21 pm
eve show. i was watching with my brother, it was 1978. my dad was in the hospital. he had had a heart attack. and i remember sitting in that room, watching tv. and all the celebrations that were going on in times square. and all the revelry and the excitement and stuff. and it seemed terrifying to me because i didn't know what this new year would hold, and my dad died five days later. and my life changed, very much, after that. but i remember thinking i -- something about watching that new year's celebration. and it's one of the reasons i started working on new year's because i -- there's something about the kind of phony levity and -- and, sort of, i don't know, excitement of new year's that, as a young kid who had lost -- was about to lose somebody, i found very scary. and i think there is a lot of people out there, tonight, who have lost somebody this year or whose loved one is in the hospital right now, and don't know what the next year holds. and i think for both andy and i, we are thinking about you on
11:22 pm
this night. and this is a place where first responders are, and people who have been on the front lines of this pandemic. and so, you know, i know there's a lot of people watching who may feel alone, tonight. and i just want you to know we are thinking of you, and we are with you. and with hope this is your best year, yet. and we wish you strength and peace in the days ahead. we have about another 37 minutes, before the new year. and let's hope it is a healthy and happy, new year. and the best year, yet. coming up next. >> mariah carey. we'll be right back.
11:23 pm
11:24 pm
11:25 pm
11:26 pm
okay. >> all right. let's get down to the nitty gritty. >> we had a good cry there, i have to say. we had a little bit aftof a cryd now we're back. i love you, john. that was such a beautiful tribute. you know, it's not new year's eve, until someone cries. >> someone breaks their heel, can't find a cab. >> now, let's go back to bill weir for a tattoo update. bill, waee want to see the fina product. oh, my god. look at him. there he is. wow. >> how is it going? >> i'm not going to show you the final. i'm not going to show you the final result, until we're completely done.
11:27 pm
it would be disrespectful to our artist, trudy, who is -- are you seeing us? >> is your newborn -- is your newborn baby running the camera? is his newborn running the camera? >> bill. bill, as somebody who -- how -- does it hurt? >> that's what she said. >> it does hurt. it does sting a little bit. but she has such a gentle bedside manner. you know what's amazing about, and anderson knows this because he is obsessed with bang bang, this shop is the coolest tattoo shop, hands down, in the world. the founder did rihanna, before she blew up. and as a result, everything you see on justin bieber was done in this shop. and she was recruited from austria, and was lured to new york to do this kind of work. so i have the best of the best
11:28 pm
we're working on something special that we are going to reveal in just a second. but how's the pandemic been for you? you can't really socially distant. >> no the really. our shop was closed for about five months and slowly opened when we can make sure we can keep distance. >> yeah, for sure. >> so, we were closed for a couple months. but i think our team did a pretty good job like keeping everybody safe, keeping our clients safe. >> they were telling me that everybody, because they were stuck at home, they were flooding their inbox here with their tattoo ideas. people are finally like i want to get this tattoo. and so, when things finally can open up and they get people in here. but, it's not -- i didn't go with the gloria borger, full-back tattoo. i think that's obvious, so far. >> all right. okay. >> it's a steely. the steely is in the running. >> we'll check in with you, after the new year, and we will see the finished product. >> can't wait. you look very calm, so i think
11:29 pm
the xanax is -- is working. coming up next. the icon, the global superstar, the queen of christmas, mariah carey joins us, live. we'll be right back. it's moving day. and while her friends
11:30 pm
11:31 pm
are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute. wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today.
11:32 pm
and welcome back. we are live in new york times square. 28 minutes -- 27 minutes now and 57 seconds. >> wow, that's specific. we are lubricated. >> until the new year. >> yeah, we are going to take one, final check on those puppies and randi kaye before midnight. 2020 is almost over, and we are jacked about it. randi, wow, you're getting mauled by puppies. >> so cute. >> puppies and champagne. look how cute these guys are. we are doing a close-to-midnight fashion show, here at the dog ranch rescue.
11:33 pm
so, check out -- look at this. this one is winston. look at the little outfit. how adorable? winston is available for adoption. >> okay. >> by the way, randi, i've already gotten -- i've already gotten a couple dms on instagram from people asking about specific dogs. so, anybody who wants to adopt a dog should go to >> that's what is going on in your dms? >> yeah. i've been reading some of the dms. yes. you think -- you think my dms should be more exciting than that? >> i think they are more exciting. >> no. >> oh, my god. the dogs look so cute, though, in their -- in their outfits. >> look at this one, right here. but they're getting tired, and the puppies really do need to go to bed. so we are going to do a doggy drop a little early. look up there at the disco ball. we are going to drop a little earlier than you guys, in times square. >> okay. here it comes. >> my god.
11:34 pm
you know, i did a wig drop on "watch what happens live," years ago. and now, we have got a dog drop. there is a dog on a disco ball being lowered in palm beach county. >> that's not an actual dog, just for -- >> oh, why? oh, it's a stuffed dog? >> cuteness overload. >> oh, my gosh. look at those puppies. >> as the ball comes down, it is this cuteness overload. we are waking them up. they are sound asleep here. i mean, you don't want to take these guys home, i don't know. puppy new year, little fellas. >> happy new year. hope they all get adopted., if you want to adopt one of them. they're so cute. >> thank you so much, randi, and now, it's a tradition for our new year's eve show. >> mariah carey is coming up, by the way. >> yes, one even coronavirus cannot disrupt. it is good night 2020. anderson, let's do this.
11:35 pm
>> good night, 2020. presidential election. the less said, the better. good night listening to taylor's folklo folklore wrapped into a cardigan sweater. >> good night, fauci. good night, birx. good night. now, please, wear a mask, it works. >> true. good night vaccines, moderna, astrazeneca, and pfizer. good night hoarding of tp, wipes, and sanitizer. >> good night four seasons total landscaping. good night sourdough we're anxiously baking. >> good night to a year living in sweats. good night to joe exotic and his terrifying pets. >> good night, ina garten's giant cosmo. good night, chris and andrew cuomo. >> right. good night, quibby. oh, gone too soon. >> i had a show.
11:36 pm
>> didn't see it. on zoom. >> good night, cancelled plans. good night, stadium with cardboard fans. >> good night, to a breakneck news cycle, both uplifting and dire. and good night, 2020, you total dumpster fire. >> amen. isn't that the truth? wow. i love -- >> good night moon, by the way. it's fascinating. >> the colors are great. >> also, just so surreal. it's like -- it's what i imagine an acid trip to be like. >> have you ever done acid? >> no. >> really? >> no. >> well, it's time. we're doing it, tonight. >> oh, please. >> yes, we are. you're coming over after the show. no, you are coming over after the show. >> yes. >> food. >> i'm just kidding. okay. since we can't be in key west, sushi has something to say. sushi. >> happy new year's, anderson
11:37 pm
and andy. from key west, 2020 to '21, it's been a year but you know what? we are surviving and it's flawless down here. i love you. >> sushi looks flawless, and wearing a face mask. >> a visor. >> a visor. >> the housewives. some of the housewives love a visor because it doesn't fuss with the makeup. >> let's go back to richard quest, who got married, i didn't realize. congratulations, richard. i didn't know that. >> outfit change. costume change. >> look at that. how is that for you? >> you look great. >> thank you. we are here, on the street. with me, sandra. this nurse has the distinction of being the first person vaccinated in the country. how are you feeling? >> fantastic. thank you. >> all went well. have you had the second vaccination? >> not yet. i'll have it next week, and i'm
11:38 pm
looking forward to it. >> wow. congratulations. and you're here tonight. >> i'm here tonight, celebrating. >> what's your message tonight? >> my message is that, you know, 2020 was a really challenging year. we were hit hard, but we're going to come back stronger. and i wish, for the world, a healthy and strong, new year. >> look straight into there. and tell us, anybody who is thinking about or doubts about being vaccinated. >> follow the science. let the science be your guide. use me as a testament that, you know, the vaccine is safe. and i wish you all a happy, new year. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you. >> the whole place, guys. in fact, behind, you can't see me but i am behind you now. the whole place is full of first responders. congratulations. good to see you. midnight's on its way. we will be here at midnight.
11:39 pm
>> yes. >> absolutely. >> thank you, richard. it's so great. we have -- we have to heed her words, by the way. listen to what she says. she knows what she is talking about. our next guest is the best-selling female artist of all time with 19 number-one singles, 18 of which she co-wrote, by the way. more than any solo artist, in history. in 2020 she became a number one "new york times" best-selling author. and she just released the most widely watched apple tv event around the world. mariah carey's christmas special. her classic. this is amazing. her classic "all i want for christmas is you" returned to number one on billboard's hot 100. claimed a new number one peak on the global chart. it also just became spotify's most streamed song in one day, ever. breaking her own guinness world records. she has the most billboard weeks at number one than any other
11:40 pm
artist. not just christmas but her entire career. more than the beatles, rihanna, madonna. we are joined now, live, from aspen, colorado. global superstar, marie yah car >> mariah, you're on fire. >> we feel good. we're lubricated. >> we are so happy you're here. >> you had a huge year. i mean, all of those accomplishments. do you have a personal highlight from the year? >> well, first of all, it's great to be here with you guys. the year, as we all know, has been challenging, to say the least. but i was really happy to be able to connect with, as i call them, the lamily. they call themselves. and obviously, the book having the success and the critical acclaim that it's had, it's been my whole life's journey to actually write the book, be able
11:41 pm
to share my weird life story with everybody. and i think it's brought, just in terms of like me, as an artist, closer to a lot of people who maybe didn't get me. or didn't understand, you know, my dysfunctional upbringing, and how that transcended things for me. as a kid, a broke, little, biracial girl, who grew up with nothing. and then, being able to have the type of things you are talking about with this year. but obviously, the highlight is now, because we're leaving 2020 and, hopefully, having a -- having a better experience for us all, you know? and, anderson, i feel like i saw you every day because all i did was watch cnn, this entire time. >> wow. i'm -- i'm thrilled by that. i read your book, and i got to say. i mean, it's so -- i'm friends with angela davis. and it was so well written, and story is so incredible. it was such a good, powerful book. it wasn't -- i didn't know what
11:42 pm
to expect, and i was just blown away by it. reviewers were, as well. it's a number one best-seller. congratulations on that. it's such a huge accomplishment. how do you celebrate new year's eve? is it a moment? >> i mean, typically, it's a moment. i just want to speak to the fact, yay, makayla angela davis. i know you guys used to work together for a minute. she is amazing, and we had the best creative experience working on this book. i am kind of like -- okay, always, for new year's eve, it's a moment. we've had good moments, we've had bad moments. but they are what they are. this year, we're here, just me and my family. very, very close family unit. we have been together this whole time, during covid. just figuring it out. how to like exist and be festive during these times. so, here we are. i hope you guys like it, what we created for you. you know, just making it -- making it fun. we can't be with you. we candidn't leave new york for
11:43 pm
like five months, me and the kids. so i kind of feel a little bit detached from my roots. but i always love being in aspen, especially for christmas. by the way, i have not let christmas die, yet. everybody wants to kill me because the christmas music is still on, 24/7. >> nor should it. >> i am listening to nat king cole, as it snows. i feel like i got a bonus, this year. you know, extended christmas. >> i got to -- i got to ask you about "all i want for christmas is you." because it broke -- it keeps breaking so many records. and so many records and the spotify thing, the most streamed song, ever, in a day on spotify. when you recorded "all i want for christmas is you," did you have a sense that it was going to live for so long? because it's one of those songs that you listen to, and it still sounds like a brand new song. it's as fresh, every time as you listen to it, as the first time. >> thank you. well, first of all, i hate to
11:44 pm
always say this. but as a writer, i wrote that song and -- >> i know. >> -- when i think about it -- yeah but, you know, you said recorded, so i just had to clarify for the folks at home. >> as you should. >> andy, you know. no, but i'm really proud of it in terms of that. no, but really. it's because when i first wrote it, i was like i just want to write about whatever makes me feel -- what i wanted to hear as a little kid. when i wanted my christmases to be fun and festive and they weren't, necessarily. you know what i mean? so, that's why, as i've grown, i feel like i've grown up with it, too. you know, i was kind of little when i first wrote it. littler. many ways. but, yeah. i just -- i've grown to love it more and more, i think because i've experienced life with it, as -- as a listener but, also, as someone that it's really my -- i put everything into it. so, i never knew it was going to be this big. but i'm thankful. i know that much. >> yeah. >> you released the rarities
11:45 pm
from -- tell us about it. >> okay. so -- >> yeah. it's -- we got -- we got j. lo behind us, actually. ariana grande, she said in her netflix documentary, she got so emotional talking about what an influence you were for her and how she learned to sing by mimicking you. now, you came out with a song with her. it was so great seeing the two of you together, on your christmas special. talk to me about that. >> so, that was amazing. the christmas special was an incredible moment working with apple and working with all the folks who -- who were there. i loved working with ariana and j.hud. i thought it would be cute for us to do a girl-group thing with it. so, i rearranged it and how it was going to go and we filmed it. by the way, yay, apple, apple tv plus.
11:46 pm
because just getting through, like we had the concept to do the special in february. i had a year before. but -- and then, being able to do it during covid, film it. we had to -- we all had to be tested every day. everybody was on set, like, who could be wearing shields and masks, and everything. for the people at home, the only reason i don't have a mask on right now is because my shield is right over there. i asked for it but they didn't give it to me. but everybody has their mask, the shield, all of that. i would just say thank you to everybody who participated in the special because we've made it through the rain. and like, so glad for the success of that. and looking forward to -- to more to come, and just hope -- hopeful for a way better 2021 for the world. you know what i mean? >> yeah. what -- what is your wish for -- for everybody out there? i mean, a lot of folks have had a really tough year. it's going to be a tough year for a long time, this year. there is, obviously, a vaccine coming. hope, on the horizon. what's your hope for the new year?
11:47 pm
>> well, i think it's everybody's -- i mean, i would imagine it's everybody's hope, healing for our country, for the world. unity. we've seen so much despair, this past year, which has always been sort of there. always been there, underneath the surface. and i was grateful to be able to release my memoir, which dealt with so many issues of race and identity. and, you know, just classism and just things that i've gone through as -- as a human being. and then, of course, as a celebrity, whatever that means. and i think, you know, all of us have kind of come together, a little bit more, this year. and my hope or wish is that we continue to do so. obviously, we all are ready for a new moment, in terms of being hopeful about the vaccine and being hopeful for all those -- and really thinking about and wishing just the best of -- of -- of everything for those
11:48 pm
who have been affected by -- by covid. those who went through so much pain, and who are still going through so much pain. we're celebrating. we're festive. but i think we're hopeful for better times. >> i -- you know, you mentioned the memoir. >> am i seeing that? >> no, no, the ball is not dropping, yet. i have to ask you. what was -- you know, you -- you were so revealing in the memoir. and people thought that they knew so much about you. what -- what -- was there one thing that you think people took away from the memoir, that they didn't know about you or were surprised about you? >> i don't know that there's one thing. i think there are many things, andy. >> was a lot. yeah. yeah. >> there is a lot. again, i put so much into it. and then, the world turned upside down. and we were dealing with these very timely issues. that people were like, oh, why are you, suddenly, talking about
11:49 pm
this now? but as you know, this has been a labor of love. we worked on the book for a good two and a half, three years, prior to it coming out. and then, it was just, all of a sudden, this kind of relief but, also, i didn't want people to be like oh, now, she wants to jumpen jump on this bandwagon or whatever. no, it's hard to encapsulate a lifetime in a ten-minute interview. you know, we're not talking about serious issues because you don't want to be debbie downer. it's bad enough i'm not even having a splash with you guys, right now. >> well, you need to have a splash with us right now. >> somebody. >> yes! get -- get the girl a splash. >> without splashes. >> i know. i need -- i need you to have a
11:50 pm
smas splash. tell me what will happen for the rest of the night for you, mariah? how will you ring in the new year in aspen? >> well, there is a 10:00 p.m. curfew that i just got an alert on my phone about. yeah. yeah. no, it's pretty surreal here, and i have never seen it so empty in the streets and stuff . don't act like you didn't have one sitting around. >> we had plenty. >> i've been waiting for you guys. i had like three coffees. i was like, let me be alert. and i'm sorry it's always so hard to not cut everybody off and to, you know, have a communicative moment. i've fallen victim to that many times. but anyway, for tonight we're going to just ring in the new year here, small group, just family and super close, people that are close to us. again, it's been a year of kind of isolation.
11:51 pm
>> yeah. >> when this is all over, are you, are you thinking, god, i'd love to go back on some huge world tour. i would love to go back to vegas. i know it's so in your blood to perform. is there one performance moment that you're looking forward to? >> you know what's -- >> superbowl halftime show maybe? >> what i was going to say is, of course, i miss seeing my fans and being close. that's one of the things i talk about in the memoir as well, just my relationship with my fans. a lot of people talk that talk, but for me, the chapter is called "a family" and that's what they've become for me because it's not just, here i am, you know, you know, listen to me on my records, look at me on the video, whatever. it's kind of like they validated my existence. i was that little kid that felt like i didn't belong anywhere. what was the exact question, what do i miss going on tour?
11:52 pm
of course. >> no, no, are you going to tour -- yeah. >> nobody knows who is touring, what's happening. i'm thankful that i wrote -- was able to put out the book. next year, this coming year, ten minutes from now, the new year, we are talking about the film, adaptation of the memoir. yes, darling, conversations about that, with some exciting talented, talented people and getting into all of that because for me, i love that. i do love the behind the scenes stuff. but i miss my fans, like the proximity to my fans that i had before when i was able to tour, whatever. but we all do. so we're going to all be banded together and hope for a better 2021, hope for the best for all of us. if any of my lambs are watching, i love you guys. i miss you so much. thanks for having an historic christmas with me this year.
11:53 pm
and now it's new year's, honey, and we're raring to go with some fresh energy and healing moments. >> amen. well, mariah, thank you. that was actually kind of a great benediction into 2021. you're an iconic performer. thank you so much, mariah carey. cheers to you and happy 2021. >> we hope you have a healthy and happy 2021, mariah. >> thank you. >> same to you guys. happy new year! >> thank you so much. wow. >> mariah carey. 7 minutes to go. >> 7 minutes to go. >> the end of 2020. >> i have to say when i walked into times square tonight, i thought it was so odd -- >> yeah. >> -- that there were so few people here. but there weirdly is -- >> there's an intimacy and an energy to it that is unique. >> sweetie, now you have to wipe your nose.
11:54 pm
remember when you were on me about it? now i'm giving it back to you. >> there is an intimacy and an energy, as you just said, around here. >> does ryan seacrest have anybody saying to him, you have to wipe your nose, sweetie. probably not. probably not. >> we do this for each other. >> but it is unique and incredibly appropriate that it's first responders, it's nurses and doctors and health care workers who are here, and they're here with their families. it's nice. >> yeah. um, how are your heating apparatus that you're wearing -- >> i could not be happier. >> really? because i just caught a major chill. i'm like -- yeah. anyway. >> there you go. >> you know what, we went from the macro to the micro. >> we have almost 5 minutes left, little bit more than 5 minutes left. let's quickly check in with richard quest who is down in the
11:55 pm
crowd. richard, how many people do you think there are here, actual first responders and their families? is it like -- >> about 300, 300 in total. anderson, i'm at your 7:00. >> i see you there. >> we see you. >> john lennon and -- >> let's listen to "imagine," actually. we are ramping up to 2021. let's listen in. ♪ ♪ ♪ imagine there's no heaven ♪ it's easy if you try ♪ no hiell below us ♪ ♪ above us only sky
11:56 pm
♪ imagine all the people ♪ living for today ♪ imagine there's no countries ♪ it isn't hard to do ♪ nothing to care, nothing to die for ♪ ♪ and no religion, too ♪ imagine all the people ♪ living life in peace ♪ ooh, ooh
11:57 pm
♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ but i'm not the only one ♪ i hope someday you'll join us ♪ ♪ and the world will be as one ♪ imagine no possessions ♪ i wonder if you can ♪ no need for greed, no need for hunger ♪ ♪ just a brotherhood of man ♪ imagine all the people ♪ sharing all the world
11:58 pm
♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ but i'm not the only one ♪ and i hope someday you will join us ♪ ♪ and the world will be as one ♪ i hope someday you'll join us ♪ ♪ and the world will be as one
11:59 pm
>> happy new year!
12:00 am
>> 10. 9. . 7. 4. 3. 2. 1. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪
12:01 am
♪ start spreading the news, i'm leaving today ♪ ♪ i want to be part of it, new york, new york ♪ ♪ these vagabond shoes are longing to stray ♪ ♪ right through the very heart of it, new york, new york ♪ ♪ i want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep ♪ ♪ and find i'm king of the hill,
12:02 am
top of the heap ♪ ♪ these little-town blues are melting away ♪ ♪ i'll make a brand-new start of it in old new york ♪ ♪ if i can make it there, i'll make it anywhere ♪ ♪ it's up to you, new york, new york ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ new york, new york ♪ i want to wake up in a city
12:03 am
that never sleeps ♪ ♪ and find i'm a-number 1, top of the list, king of the hill ♪ ♪ a-number 1 ♪ these little-town blues are melting away ♪ ♪ i'm gonna make a brand-new start of it ♪ ♪ in old new york ♪ and if i can make it there, i'm gonna make it anywhere ♪ ♪ it's up to you, new york, new
12:04 am
york ♪ ♪ new york ♪ oh, beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ for purple mountain majesties ♪ ♪ above the fruited plain
12:05 am
♪ shall >> well, now, wait a minute, i'm talking about -- ♪ america, sweet america ♪ you know god done shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ he, he, he crowned thy good, yes, he did, with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ >> you know, i wish i had somebody help me sing this. ♪ america, america ♪ i love you, america ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ my god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ >> you ought to love him for it.
12:06 am
♪ he crowned thy good, he told me he would, with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ oh, lord ♪ oh, lord ♪ i thank you, lord ♪ shining sea ♪ i see trees are green ♪ red roses, too ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ ♪ and i think to myself, what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ i see skies are blue and
12:07 am
clouds so white ♪ ♪ the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ the colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky ♪ ♪ are also on the faces of people going by ♪ ♪ i see friends shaking hands, saying, "how do you do," ♪ ♪ they're really saying "i love you" ♪
12:08 am
♪ i hear babies crying ♪ i watch them grow ♪ they're much more than i'll never know ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ yes, i think to myself ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ oh, yes ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
12:09 am
♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪oh, ooh, ooh ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ somewhere over the rainbow way up high ♪ ♪ and the dreams that you dream of once in the lullaby ♪ ♪ i know somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly ♪ ♪ and the dreams that you dream
12:10 am
of, dreams really do come true ♪ ♪ some day wish upon a star, wake up far behind ♪ ♪ be where trouble melts like lemon drops ♪ ♪ high above the chimney top ♪ that's where you'll find me ♪ oh, somewhere over the rainbow ♪ ♪ blue birds fly ♪ and the dream that you dare to, oh, why, oh, why can't i ♪
12:11 am
♪ i see trees of green and red roses, too ♪ ♪ i'll watch them bloom for me and you ♪ ♪ and think to myself, what wonderful world ♪ ♪ well, i see skies are blue and i see clouds are white ♪ ♪ and the brightness of day, i like the dark ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ the colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky ♪ ♪ are also on the faces of people passing by ♪ ♪ i see friends shaking hands
12:12 am
singing -- >> times square 2021 was presented by planet fitness. >> and even though there are not the crowds here in times square, it is an extraordinary thing to be here in times square, an extraordinary thing to be here with all of you watching all around the world. there's really no place like times square on new year's eve. >> true. it felt magical and weird and cleansing and a little drunk. >> and 2020 is gone. it's done. >> and 2020 is freaking gone. we flushed it down the toilet like an eco mass that it was. i like saying that. i'm glad i brought two bottles of this. >> oh, my god. >> yeah. >> ooh! >> that's how i felt when i saw mayor de blasio dancing right now. i just don't need to see that at
12:13 am
the beginning of 2021. do something with this city! honestly, get it together! >> god. >> goodness. all right. anyway -- >> we still have a lot of show. >> tiptoeing back to bravo in about 20 minutes. while i have this platform, i have some other stuff i want to say, too. >> you're that guy in the bar. >> yeah, i am. listen, and another thing. yeah. >> i think we've had enough of that in 2020. 2021, let's all just wear masks, get through this. >> yes. could there be some decorum? would it be the worst thing? >> a sense of shame. >> sense of shame. nothing wrong what -- by the way, i want to rerack to 11:58 and andra day, so brilliant. she plays billie holiday inn lee
12:14 am
daniels movie coming out. she's incredible in it. i thought that was such a great performance. i just wanted to shout that out while i have the mic. snoop dogg's coming up. he's going to join us from his compound. he's got a stunt man. >> i want a compound with a stunt man. >> you have a compound with a stunt man, vanderbuilt boy. >> where is this coming from? >> i don't know. >> wow. >> you know what's going to happen? >> no, i really don't. >> at the bottom of the hour -- no. is 11:30 the bottom -- no, is 12:30 the bottom -- >> sweetie, this is not something we need to work out on air. >> what's going to happen is if you can believe it, this one is coming back to my house and we're going to have munchies, i have special hor'dourves for you. countess luann kent me caviar
12:15 am
which we're going to have. yes, we're going to ring in the new year. it's not done. don and brook are going to be here getting drunk. all right. we're going to be right back. >> we'll be right back.
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♪ all right, here we are, we are back, hobbling into the new year -- no, we are charging into the new year. >> that's right. >> joining us now from his compound in l.a., the one and only host of the new show "go big" on tbs it's snoop dogg. >> hey, what's cracking like? we have my spot bringing in 2021. having celebrities pop in on the zoom call. now we're in my lot, about the same size as, you know, the "go big" lot. i brought somebody from the "go big" show to do something special for y'all tonight. >> let's see it, my man. what's going on? >> andrew, come here, andrew. my main man andrew stanton right here. he's on the "go big" show. he's a phenomenal stunt man. what are you going to show them, andrew? >> i would be swallowing a sword and diving into a cold pool. >> you hear what he said,
12:20 am
swallowing a sword and diving into a cold pool. >> let's see it. >> swallowing a sword. >> don't try this at home, please. please don't try this at home. ♪ ♪ >> andrew is very calm with what he does. he takes his time. when he swallows that sword, that's something that makes me cringe. ♪ ♪
12:21 am
>> ah! ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> he came out with the sword. give it up for my main man andrew. that's how you close down 2020, baby, with a sword in your throat, swimming in the water like nemo. >> i got one more for you, snoop. >> go big or go home. >> here we go, lights under water.
12:22 am
>> hu >> houdini, man. >> happy new year! >> i have been to so many parties where that happens. wow. >> would you date that guy? [ laughter ] >> hey, man, that was crazy, you know. i'm glad y'all got to see it. that's what the "go big" show is. we get to see that every week on the "go big" show. it's crazy. >> that was one of the first things we all saw in 2021. you are shocking the system in 2021, snoop. i mean, i can't believe it. >> go big or we're going to go home. i'm glad you enjoyed it. i love you two brothers, man. >> we love you.
12:23 am
i got to tell you something. i love when you come on my show and you bring some of the good herb with you and i want to play a game with you because you're so up front about your smoking. and i want to play a game with you called, "have you gotten high there?" okay, i'm going to run through various locations and i want to know if you've gotten high in them, okay. all right. snoop -- >> i like that. >> have you gotten high -- yeah, i do, too. have you gotten high on a yacht? >> i have got high there. >> yes, i know the answer to this one because you talked about it on ""watch what happens live"." have you gotten high at the white house? >> and you do know that. yes, yes, yes. >> okay. have you gotten high at martha
12:24 am
stewart's house? >> what is happening? >> just let me handle this. >> and answer would be y-e-s, yes, yes, yes. >> did you get martha high? did you get martha high? this is the new cnn. >> i would have to say if secondhand smoke counts, yes, yes, yes. >> okay, okay, snoop, have you gotten high at a bar mitzvah? [ laughter ] >> you wouldn't believe me if i told you, but that answer is going to be yes, yes, yes. >> i knew it! i knew it! because you were performing, some rich guy paid you to perform at his kids' bar mitzvah. the >> he told me, do whatever you want to do. >> where am i? where am i? have you gotten high at an nfl football game?
12:25 am
>> yes, yes, yes. and i almost got thrown out. >> yes, you did. have you gotten high at an awards show? >> how many? yes, yes, yes. >> i'm sorry, yes, you have. have you gotten high at the oscars, snoop? at the oscars? >> i've never been to the oscars, but when i do go, you better know that i will. [ laughter ] >> that's on my hit list. you just put that on my hit list, andy. >> have you gotten high at a late-night talk show? of course. >> i know, he's gotten me high lately. >> letterman, len oo, chekimmel.
12:26 am
>> have you gotten high on cnn? >> no, but in front of a sunset boulevard, i have. [ laughter ] >> snoop, have you gotten high at the dmv? [ laughter ] >> that would be a no. that would be a no-no. >> let me ask you this, and then i'm going to wrap out of this game. have you gotten high at a -- [ laughter ] >> yes, yes, yes. >> no! wow! >> this is the dog of all dogs we're talking about, andy. >> wow. snoop, i love you for a million reasons, but your answers in that game.
12:27 am
can you remind us who was in office when you got high at the white house? because it is cnn and i need to ask these questions. >> it was the president that got the same complexion i got. >> all right, okay. i think i know who you're talking about. just >> just a clue. and they had chicken wings a greens on the menu. >> snoop dogg, thank you so much. i can't wait to high five you for this brilliant performance tonight. the "go big" shodai bouyw debut week. hope it's a good new year for you. >> i love what you're doing, love y'all, man. 2021 is here. >> 20 21 is here. >> i love it these workers have no respect for the fact we're doing a broadcast here. they've got to sweep up the
12:28 am
stuff right now? >> that's the amazing thing. that's great things about times square. as soon as it's done, it is done, and they're incredible how efficient they are in getting this stuff up and out and done and done away. i love the way they're working. i love the way they do this stuff. >> duy, toi do, too. >> it's incredible to watch. >> i feel like i'm getting served right now. evgenia that is it for us. >> anderson, this is fun. >> man, i don't know what this was. >> i had a great time. >> i had a good time. >> i had a great time. >> don lemon and brooke baldwin are going to continue this after the break. >> cheers to you all. happy 2021. ♪ >> announcer: new year's eve live with anderson cooper and
12:29 am
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