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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  March 3, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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newly elected republican congressman dr. ronny jackson is the subject of a report tonight. the time he served as white house physician obama and trump. according to this report, he made, and i quote, sexual and denigrating comments in the white house. on a trip, four witnesses alleged that he was drunk and made inappropriate comments about a female subordinate. he withdrew a nomination over allegations that he was abusive to colleagues, loosely handled prescriptions, and was intoxicated. he rejects any allegations and later he said the report was complete garbage. a reminder, don't miss full circle, 6:00 p.m. streaming live
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on, or on the app at any time on demand. let's go to chris for "cuomo prime time." >> thanks, anderson. i'm chris cuomo and welcome to "prime time." we got two massive checks today. officials warned there could be more politically motivated terror attacks in the name of trump, maybe even tomorrow. and senators learned trump lied about what he says he did on january 6th. testimony confirmed january 6th was a domestic terror attack perpetrated by trump's people. they acted on his behalf in a series of domestic terror acts, period. officials said they were waiting to help but did got get the "go" call for hours. the second reality check is that this may be the most critical moment of our fight in this
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pandemic. the white house says they're throwing everything at getting enough vaccine to inoculate all adults by may. why? because we have to stay ahead of the variants. the cdc says the vaccine won't be enough. we have to be all in right now in protective measures. that something resembling normal, if we get it right, is within reach, and soon. now, hearing all that, why would red state governors make what president biden called neanderthal moves, lifting all covid restrictions including masks? why? let's look at the move by the governor of texas. he's not very popular after leaving the state out in the cold recently, and he's hoping the trump base will get him an election win next year. he's going full trump. he's dealing in denial of the pandemic reality.
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and defying whatever biden says needs to happen. he made the same mistake early on in the pandemic, and therefore it shouldn't be surprising that he's doing it again. but there was a reality check within the reality check on how dominant trump is within the party. former vice president mike pence wrote an op-ed that reads after an election marked by significant voting irregularities, i share the concerns that the american people expect us to ensure that every eligible citizen is able to vote, and make sure their vote is not stolen. can you believe that pence is still promoting the big lie? why? why would he, of all people, sling slop for those who wanted to hang him? >> hang mike pence!
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hang mike pence! hang mike pence! hang mike pence! >> i mean, you would think, if anybody wanted them to learn that it didn't go down the way they think, it would be pence. i guess the chants for his death and the guillotine outside of the capitol were not as scary to him as losing trump's favor in a potential bid maybe for 2024. the man told people that pence was the reason he lost. he then egged on an angry mob who went hunting for pence. and then, when people reached out to get trump to stop the mob, he refused. sure, trump said he called in the national guard. but that got settled today. listen to their commander. >> at 1:49 p.m., i received a frantic call from then chief of united states capitol police steven sund. he informed me that the security perimeter had been reached by
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hostile rioters. the chief, his voice cracking with emotion, indicated there was a dire emergency at the capitol. the approval for the request would come at 5:08:00 p.m., from acting secretary of defense. about three hours and 19 minutes later. >> and the commander was saying that what was being asked was something he had never even heard before. trump's defense department didn't approve the d.c. national guard commander's request for over three hours. why? the major general said he could have sent 155 guardsmen to the capitol shortly after 2:00 p.m., he had them on buses waiting, but couldn't get approval. when the race protestest
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happened he got immediate approval he got immediate approval in the summer, but three hours on january 6th. and why are the retrumplicans so soft on terror now? >> we cannot combat and defeat radical islamic terrorism without directing our resources to stop it. >> these people are not going away. no matter how many times you declare the war on terror over, it isn't over until the terrorists relent. >> we need to defeat isis, and find terrorists wherever they exist, and wipe them out. >> where is the same energy now? senator ron johnson and the rest, all they want to do is wipe out the account of the attack. they don't want to hold them accountable.
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there is intelligence to a plot tomorrow, march 4th. why? the "q" kooks, there's a whole story to it, that donald trump will be inaugurated. it's a waste of time. and it's serious enough that the house of representatives has canceled its session tomorrow. now is no time to pretend it's something else. it's no time to keep pushing the same lies that got us here. so let's tap the better minds. we have michael smerconish and john kasich. good to have you. michael, what did you make of the commander's amazement on being held back on january 6th? >> i've always said that worse
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than the speech delivered by president trump on the 6th, we don't need the analysis into whether he incited violence. it's the inaction on what transpired that afternoon. it was confirmation of the worst fears i had, essentially to let the fire burn. and the other thing i would say is, remember, vice president pence sat out cpac. and we were told the reason that he sat out cpac while all the other heavyweights of the gop were there, he was adhering to the protocol of letting some time go off the clock before a former vice president or president would re-emerge. and today, he re-emerged, casting his lot with the very people who would have torn down the capitol if they were able to do so.
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>> i have an immediate critique potentially coming, but look, what i hear, governor, is that pence couldn't go to cpac because trump didn't want him there. and yet, he says what he says today in support of this lie that only benefits trump. why would pence be so good to trump and forward a lie when the man had a mob going to find him and hang him? >> well, i -- i can only say this. he stood by trump for four years. and we can't forget the fact, chris, that there were enablers in the party. and they let trump make all those outrageous claims and go on and on. think about what happened in charlottesville, with the videotape. he just was there the whole time. i think he looks at the trump base, and he wants it. he wants to run for president. and to me, that's the answer.
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but i just have a hard time, people checking their conscience at the door. there's nothing that is worth giving up your soul. and you would have to ask mike that question. but i think it's a political act, and but where's the surprise? he was there for four years. there was a report that i had been offered a chance to be his running mate. i asked my friends, and we said no. i asked, what would have happened, had i answered it? you probably would have been there and would have quit. i will tell you this, chris, trump is fading. he went to cpac, it was a dud. nobody really covered it, no one is talking about it. and the air is out of the balloon. he's like a tired old prize fighter, his corner is telling him get out in the middle of the ring, he gets out, but he has nothing left. each week, he will fade even more.
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>> then why are these senators playing his game for him in these hears? these guys who used to call everything terror won't even have the word in their mouth on the 6th. they're making sure the fbi is treating the people alleged to be connected the right way. they're doing what trump wants them to do. >> that's an easy one. they're terrified of the base, and they don't want to be primaried. former president trump rattle off all the names of the people who voted against him. that lets them know, he's ready to settle scores. and the easy part is to identify what is going on here. the hard part is, how do we turn the 73% of republicans who see widespread fraud, who read pence's letter and agree with what he's saying?
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i don't know what to do about this. is there a 9/11 commission to analyze the january 6th events and the allegations of fraud? and who could serve on it that would be believed by both the left and the right? people need to have confidence. people are going to question elections going forward. >> and the problem is, that momentum is creating a wave of retaliatory legislation that is not good for access to the polls. getting rid of early voting, i don't know why republicans would want to get rid of it. but is the wave of 250-plus bills good? >> no, it's terrible. they're saying in arizona there's a notion that they'll let the legislature pick the electors if they think something is not right. this is just terrible. and the fact is, the election system works. bill barr, the attorney general
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who some were very critical of, came out and said there wasn't any fraud. this is what they call in the vernacular cognitive dissonance. something is true, but you just deny it. i was teasing a friend of mine today, they went to university of michigan. they can't agree that ohio state beat them ten years in a row. the game just never happened. it's a psychological thing. it's something that people just want to deny. for the politicians, they don't want trouble. they don't want questions, and they know if they invoke the name donald trump, they'll be good with the base, and they'll be able to go on and nobody will hassle them. in the end, that's a prescription for being nobody. >> it's no good when it leads kids to tear up their school in the parking lot, or invade the u.s. capitol. hunting for the vice president. here's something that seems like
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a conclusion, but i don't see any other way right now. when you watch the way the members of your former party are behaving in the hearings, how can the democrats get anything done unless they get rid of the filibuster? how can the democrats not blow it up if they want to get anything done? >> i think the covid relief bill is a case in point. all the data i've seen suggests widespread approval for it. so i say, to the extent any president gets a honeymoon, we're still in that process. if you have an incredibly popular relief bill, and a president in his honeymoon phase, and they can't get it done, it doesn't bode well for what is to come. >> and looking at the 250 bills we're talking about. if the filibuster is in place, there will be no federal legislation that supersedes it. i know why people want the
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filibuster, but they're not going to get anything done if they don't get rid of the filibuster. >> first of all, i would say that i wanted biden to compromise. but i've come to realize that the republicans were never serious about actually producing votes that could in fact have accomplished a filibuster. which is, shame on the republicans for doing that. you will need republican support, even if you got rid of the filibuster with things like immigration, with what they're going to do on the environment. you have joe manchin, some of the democrat senators, sinema from arizona, you're going to have democrats that will say, no, no, no, we're not going to vote straight party. john hickenlooper, a pal of mine. this was not a good way to start. can they get a deal on minimum wage? i think they can. can they get some deal on immigration?
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i think they can. this was not the right way to start by the administration, and shame on the republicans for not being willing to compromise. >> do you think republicans will give him a deal on the dreamers with nothing else attached? >> it could conceivably happen. >> it's like smerc waking up tomorrow with an afro. there's not a chance of it happening. but i love the optimism, gov. because you should be right. as michael brilliantly designed as the metaphor for his show, people should be stuck in the middle trying to find ways of getting things done. i got to jump. >> i can't help but laugh at smerc having an afro. >> i've seen a picture of him with a big, bushy head of hair. >> back in the '70s.
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>> he looks betser now. he has one of the most beautiful heads in the business. take care, fellas. look, here's what we know as a matter of fact. january 6th was about lies run wild. okay? that's why it happened. it's not that these are inherently bad people. you have your extremists, but it was the motivation of a lie. and that threat never stopped. remember, it was always about what and who would remain. and it hasn't gone away because the lies haven't been shut down. that's what makes what pence is playing at here so dangerous. the house of representatives will not be in session tomorrow because they're worried about a real, credible threat that the capitol could be attacked again. march 4th is a "q" kook conspiracy date. i want to bring in a friend of the show to take us through what is likely and not, but also what is ahead. next.
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let's go deeper now into the capitol hill security lapses on january 6th and what was behind them. and why are they ramping up for tomorrow? how real is this threat? let's bring in phil mudd. good to see you, brother. >> hey. >> now, this idea of qanon and march 4th, it has nothing to do with the ides of march. it has to do with some crazy idea of what makes somebody a real president. it's real enough that the house is not going to convene. what do you see about what it means, and the state of play? >> i see two different stories. on the civilian side, my expectation is that this will be like the inauguration day. we were really concerned.
10:25 pm
the images of some state capitols, lone people showed up with trump flags, nothing happened. this is what we used to call a 1% problem. if you are 99% confident nothing will happen, because maybe the protesters are intimidated. if there's a 1% chance, you have to be prepared. you can't take the chance that three days from now, you're sitting in front of a house committee saying how did you guys miss this again? there's a relatively low chance, but you want an abundance of caution. >> do you think there would have ever been the day that republican senators do not want to call something terror, and they want to fight on calling something a domestic terror act. >> terrorism is simple.
10:26 pm
an act of politics that is a protest against a noncombatant target for a political purpose. using violence. that's what happened at the capitol. the definition is pretty simple. the reason i'm proud is for four years, everybody was described as the deep state that was like me. today on capitol hill, these are practitioners who were demeaned for years by president trump, we're telling the american people, we're trying to serve you, and now we can speak. i'm proud of the people speaking up. the deep state speaks. >> and they were right about the domestic terror threat being these groups. and here's what major general william walker said today. >> the army senior leaders did
10:27 pm
not think that it looked good. it would be a good optic. they further stated that it could incite the crowd. so their best military advice would be to the secretary of the army, who could not get on the call. he was not available. we were told he was with the secretary of defense and not available. >> this smells bad. first of all, the national guard always spooks a crowd. but last summer, they had no problem calling it out, when trump wanted to walk to the church, they had no problem. why are they worried about of the optics now? >> they were embarrassed. if you wanted to respond to the president provoking violence, people get nervous. the deep state, the government officials, they want to respond. regardless of whether it's the president, we have a problem in washington, d.c.
10:28 pm
the real question is not about intelligence or whether there's an fbi memo. one question. in a national security event of this significance the people who can bring a hammer down to guarantee the national guard response are the white house. when there are secure video conferences on january 6th. was the white house there or not, yes or no? on a typical day, they should be there. >> phil, thank you for the perspective. we have a new president, president biden, and he's taking a look at two governors who are still playing the trump game with the pandemic. the play with the denial of reality. they were told, now is the time to knuckle up. this is our window to stay ahead of the vaccines, and they said, no, we'll do the opposite. dr. fauci calls it inexplicable to roll back mask mandates and other restrictions.
10:29 pm
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president biden will not allow governors to deal in denial of the reality on the pandemic. here he is, targeting the governors of texas and mississippi over their decision to lift all covid restrictions including mask mandates, right after the cdc told them now was the time to knuckle up.
10:33 pm
>> we are on the cusp of being able to fundamentally change the nature of this disease. the last thing, the last thing we need is neanderthal thinking. thinking everything is fine. forget it. >> experts say, now is our chance. so it makes no sense to let down your guard right when you need to do your best. and you know what, the texas governor knows it. >> if i could go back and re-do anything, it probably would have been to slow down the opening of bars. >> remember, he went and did this play for trump early on. i'm not closing anything. then the cases exploded down there. so he learned the lesson. that was back in june. case counts were just above 5,600.
10:34 pm
today's case count tuesday, 7,300. he says vaccinations will make a difference. but not when less than 70% of texans are fully vaccinated. and variants -- and we're told they have all four notable variants in their state. something like 11 of the top 20 case counts in the country. and mississippi, 7.5% of the people there are vaccinated fully, they're not being much better. i want to bring in dr. leana wen. this is governor abbott from texas. >> personal vigilance to follow the safe standards is still needed to contain covid. texans should continue following medical advice on preventing covid. just as they do on other medical issues.
10:35 pm
at this time, however, people and businesses don't need the state telling them how to operate. >> leana, you're the smart one. but isn't this an amalgam of what he said the first time, that businesses and people don't need it. and isn't it the opposite of saying you should follow the medical advice? >> that's right. what is happening in texas and mississippi just defies common sense. and it's so infuriating. because we're so close. we could by the end of may have enough vaccine for every adult american, according to president biden. we're talking about hanging in there for just a little bit longer. even if what the governor of texas is saying let's open businesses at 100% capacity. i have some sympathy for that. we want everyone to be able to do that, but if that's the case, why are we removing mask mandates.
10:36 pm
we should keep workers safe. this isn't like somebody deciding, i'm going to smoke a lot or eat bad food. this is about personal choices that directly impact somebody else's well-being. and it makes no sense as we're seeing masks as somehow restricting individual freedom. actually it's sng something that allows businesses to come back safely. >> what can the federal government do about it? they demand that texas put rules back. can they do anything with how much vaccine comes? do they have any control? >> this is the problem. i've thought about what are those levers that president biden could use, and the levers are things that are punitive to texans. you wouldn't want him to withhold vaccine doses or aid to a state and hurt individuals. i think the biden administration can continue to use their bully pulpit.
10:37 pm
there will be mayors, businesses, church leaders who need the cover of the federal government. if local leaders can say, this is something we're doing, because the cdc said it's hazardous to roll back mask mandates. that's why we're asking for a mask. something like that could be helpful in order to assist those on the ground to protect workers and customers. >> quick bad news/good news. bad news, cdc guidance keeps getting delayed on what you can do once you're fully vaccinated. why? and what is the upshot of what people will be able to do? >> i'm sure the cdc is in a difficult bind. they want to be careful with the guidance they give. but now is the time to give people practical guidance. 8% of the population is fully vaccinated. and we need to tell them more than keep up the same precautions that you were using before.
10:38 pm
so i think they should say to people, you can get together with others who are fully vaccinated, indoors, without masks, you can hug, and you can travel and see your family that you haven't seen for a long time. keep on wearing masks while you travel. but you can travel now, go to museums and restaurants. give people some hope. and the idea that they can reclaim some normality. that is a counter to people like governor abbott and others, we want to tell them the end is not far away. here are the things you can do once you're fully vaccinated. >> we know members of the administration watch the show. they must have heard you railing about teachers getting vaccinated. and now biden is saying at least with the vaccination chain they control, the pharmacies, they will have vaccines earmarked for teachers, day care workers, and others. so is that the secret sauce to reopening the schools?
10:39 pm
is that enough? you're getting vaccinated. reopen. >> i think the biden administration missed an important opportunity. when they issued the school reopening guidelines a few weeks ago, they should have included vaccination. they didn't. now we are going to be able to get teachers and school staff vaccinated. that's a good thing. but the next step is to say, what other layers can vaccination replace? if you have teacher vaccinations and masking, and improved ventilation. do you need the six foot distancing? three-foot distancing if you have all these other measures? that's what the cdc needs the do next. >> if they say, you get the vaccine, everything else, you'll have some masks, but you have to go back, the vaccine is enough, would that be true? >> it would depend on the level of community transmission, and masking has to be required and enforced.
10:40 pm
>> doctor, always a plus. thank you. >> thank you, chris. as i was just talking to dr. leana wen about, it's teachers. we know they're very important. the staff, the people who are there, day care. everywhere, there's a lot of people involved. that whole group has just been moved to the front of the vaccine line in this one chain that the federal government controls, which is really the pharmacies now. but will president biden be able to make good on his newly announced goal of getting schools back open? is this the key? we have an important guest on it, next.
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after weeks of prodding here, here, elsewhere, why don't teachers and the staff get vaccinated if we want to get kids back to school? president biden today made a move. >> we want every educator, school staff member, child care
10:45 pm
worker to receive at least one shot by the end of the month of march. >> now, we keep saying on the show, great, how? turns out, when it comes to delivering shots, the feds do control the rules for the pharmacies. >> starting next week, and for a month, the month of march, we will be using our federal pharmacy program to vaccinate school and child care workers. >> what's the problem? not enough supply for the demand. the latest numbers say that pharmacies only get 2 million shots a week. and they'll have to compete with everyone else for appointments. that's tough. so the feds won't be able to do this alone. the good news, the bully pulpit still carries some weight.
10:46 pm
after the president's announcement, in 38 states, teachers can now get shots. but it doesn't mean they'll get two shots, the president said one. all the things the cdc lays out for reopening still have to figure in. universal mask rules, spacing, ventilation, cleaning. this will never be a one size fits all commitment. that's why the decisions are happening at the district label. your kid may still in the hybrid mess, but another person down the street has a kid riding the bus every day. 72% of kids live in a high transmission zone, that's a lot better than 89% the week before.
10:47 pm
bottom line, we're still looking at about 4 million kids out of the 56 million total in the u.s. who live in a county that meets the cdc's threshold. we still are not where we need to be. so, in light of the vaccine move, are we being too cautious when it comes to reopening the schools? the teachers' unions say no. let put that to the test with with the president of one of the largest teachers' unions, next. that's why at america's beverage companies, our bottles are made to be re-made. not all plastic is the same. we're carefully designing our bottles to be one hundred percent recyclable, including the caps. they're collected and separated from other plastics, so they can be turned back into material that we use to make new bottles. that completes the circle, and reduces plastic waste. please help us get every bottle back.
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biden is moving teachers up in line for the vaccine. but it's going to take time. we're talking about millions of teachers and staff. remember, it's not just the teachers. teachers matter, of course. but there are a lot of people to keep our kids in school and daycare. all across the country competing for the very few available appointments that do exist. let's discuss whether we can afford to wait even longer to get our kids back in school. randi weingarten is president of the american federation of teachers. good to see you. welcome back on the show. >> you too, chris. nice to see you. >> how big a deal is the vaccine
10:52 pm
improvement in the protocol by biden? >> look, it's huge. but even beforehand, we had just done some polling of our members. and about 20% to 25% had gotten vaccines already. the really good news is 70% of our members really want it. and want it quickly. and so we are overcoming vaccine hesitancy, particularly in our black and brown membership. and so this was, no pun intended, a shot in the arm when president biden, you know, said this yesterday about vaccines. but what leana wen, dr. wen said was really important, which is there is a road map. it's basically three things right now. it's the laird mitigation that cdc has told us is needed. it's the testing that the nfl and march madness and others have done because so much of the
10:53 pm
transmission of the vaccine -- of covid is asymptomatic. and then what vaccines do, and this is really important, we don't know yet if they stop transmission. what we know is if you, god forbid, get covid you're not going to get as sick as -- and you well know what it means to be so sick. >> right. i hear you need the vaccine for schools to open. that also is completely wrong. >> if everybody has to be vaccinated we might as well tell people the truth, there will be no in-person instruction. >> democratic party puts the interests of education unions and special interests ahead of the well-being of our children. >> you got them coming from all sides saying that the reason our kids aren't back in schools are because the teachers are being unreasonable about this. >> it's completely -- >> and they don't want to take a
10:54 pm
risk for the rest of us. what's your take? >> look, it's completely false. some of the people -- and sorry. you know i get very angry about this. my union has been trying to reopen schools since last april. we know how important in-school learning is. but we had a president who refused to collect data, give us the guidance that the cdc has just given us, and given us the resources. these are the three things. and i was on your show. i begged for it for months and months and months. and ultimately what's happening is that between some of the resources we already got in december, which is starting to be out there, the resources in the rescue act, this vaccine announcement and the cdc guidance, you've already seen in the last few weeks a turnaround that all the school districts that had closed in november or december because of the surge are now reopened.
10:55 pm
the goal is we get every child who wants to have in-person learning this year have in-person learning. we have those safeguards this year. and then we have a great summer school program to really get kids their mojo back. but it's just a complete lie that some of these folks who didn't help us at all last year are now turning around, are johnny on the spot. it's really hypocritical. >> summer school. how do you think summer school is going to fly with families and kids? and do you think it's a good thing to have, or do you think it's going to add to the collective ajita about covid in the first place? >> so i think summer school has to be completely different than how we would normally envision it. it has to be much more like camp. so wealthier parents are already starting to figure out how they can get their kids to camp this summer. and let me just also say, i agree with joe biden.
10:56 pm
i agree with dr. wen. it was irresponsible and unconscionable what the governors in mississippi and texas did because we're so close. so if we think about summer as a place for joy, as a place for enrichment so kids can get their mojo back, i think it's going to be a net plus. if we think about it as remediation where a kid is going to sit with a tutor, i think it's going to be a net minus. we have to help kids deal with and get the resiliency back and deal with the social isolation they've had. >> absolutely. >> let me just say this. >> go ahead, please. >> let me say when school was open, i was with dr. biden, first lady, and dr. cardona, dr. cardona's home district and a district we represent and spent a lot of time with. the joy in that school, the joy in the kindergartners' faces, the joy seeing the first lady walk the halls talking to the teachers.
10:57 pm
they have the safeguards. people are back in school. there is a sense of resiliency and joy there. i wish everybody could see it. >> quick thing -- and you know you're welcome back on the show. these are very important issues. i live them personally and i know they matter most to most families. what percentage of kids do you think are going to be way behind where they're supposed to be after a year of schooling the way we had to go through it? >> so, you know, i think, chris, we don't really know that answer. i think what we do know is if we can actually deal with kids' well-being and get their resiliency and their mojo back i think you're going to see a lot of kids snap back in a fabulous way. but we have to actually start with resiliency, and we have to start with addressing the social/emotional deprivation of kids being alone for so long. >> if they're going to think about summer school they better start talking about it soon
10:58 pm
because families have to plan and figure it out. i've got to go. you are always welcome to discuss these issues. they're not going away. it's not the end of the story. stay safe. we'll be right back. >> thank you. le to go. the audible plus catalog is awesome. it's like having a streaming service, but just for audio content. there's so many options. there's podcasts. i'll listen to the meditations. i love audible originals. mythology, anthropology, a lot of the -ologies. they pretty much have whatever you like. it's just endless. to start your free 30-day trial, just text join 15 to 500500.
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