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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 5, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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extra dose. thankfully, that day, they found someone. kate? >> adrian, great report, thank you very much. appreciate it. thank you for joining us. i'm kate bolduan, "ac 360" starts right now. john berman in for anderson. we begin with breaking news. what could be an end to the senate impasse over the president's covid relief bill. the size and duration of jobless benefits and the objections of one senate democrat joe mansion. for nine hours today, democrats did not have enough democratic votes to pass their bill. that seems to be over, we think. in a moment, we'll speak with one of the sen tomators fresh f the floor but let's go to ryan nobles. a deal, what are you learning? >> reporter: that's right, john. it seems there is a breakthrough here with senator joe mansion of west virginia, and the senate
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majority leader chuck schumer. we're being told by several democratic aides mansion agreed to the extension of unemployment benefits through the covid relief package through september, the beginning of september and september 6th i should say for 30 $0 0 a week. the original plan was the end of september. there is going to be a tax credit available for people that receive the benefit for $10,200. that was an issue mansion was concerned about. mansion was considering supporting a republican alternative to this provision that was offered up by rob portman of ohio. that would have cut off the benefits through july at only $300 a week and also, not provide that tax credit. so this appears to be enough for mansion to cut off the benefits a little less than a month earlier than what democrats had originally intended but this was a long day, john, of a lot of
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anxiety for democrats that were concerned that they were not going to be able to cut this deal with mansion, and he was single handedly holding this process up. republicans attacked democrats earlier in the day saying they did not want this to be a bipartisan plan and holding up the whole process. keep in mind, john, we haven't begun the process known as voter-rama necessary through the reconciliation package where senators offer amendments on the floor to be voted on. that could go on for several hours. we're a long, long away from the finish line on this covid relief package but this is a significant development is democrats have the votes they need to push this measure forward. >> democratic votes they need. i want to make that crystal clear for everyone. this is a democrat joe mansion who is standing in the way of this. and just to be clear at this point, he's 100% on board at 8:02 p.m. 100% on board. what did he get for the nine-hour delay? >> reporter: that's a good
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question. we haven't got the full details of the full negotiation. all we know is what is on the table and agreed to. the principle difference is the timing for when the unemployment benefits would end. republicans were saying they were concerned that the length p people from going back into the work force and they may choose not to go back to work as the job wil jobless numbers are starting to come down. that is part of mansion's concern but essentially a couple of weeks difference between the original democratic plan and what they've settled on. this is certainly better for democrats than republicans were proposing and we know, john, that if the republican proposal had been agreed to when this bill went back to the house of representatives, which it will still need to do, it would have been met with stiff opposition from the democrat house leadership and democrats on that side. so this seems to be a major breakthrough and as far as we know, john, we still have a long way to go in this process,
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senator mansion doesn't have issues with other parts of the bill but then again, we didn't know about this particular issue in this morning. >> we thought he was fine with what was there this morning. ryan nobles, thank you very much. joining us is jeff merkley. thank you so much for being with us. do you have any information, any more information on the deal leader schumer is about to announce? >> it losounded like it had the two changes on a very quick glance is the time went from end of september to september 6th, so cutting three weeks off which essentially means there is time to come back right at labor day and decide whether the unemployment is such we need to continue it further. it gives us an ability after the senate house has been out for a couple weeks to get it done. that's an important lead for the amendment that would have said hey, we'll cut this off as legislature starts to break and
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we might be leaving people stranded. so the idea is we will not leave people stranded. it also appears that there was an additional income cap added for the tax deduction that would go to those on unemployment to help compensate from moving from $400 to $300. those appear to be the changes. >> and you'll vote for this? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. this -- no, this is the right deal. this is in essence, what senator carper was proposing earlier with some slight adjustments that address some of senator mansion's concerns. so a compromise has been forged. >> how comfortable are you with this reality that i think the democratic caucus faces in the senate that joe mansion is a one man veto over everything you're trying to do? >> all 50 of us in the democratic caucus have a one person veto and it tells you the level of challenge it is to work
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together, our bar sic basic phis are the same. we'll have a series of things we would do differently and some of that leverage is exerted clearly and fashions that adjust the bill and then sometimes there is some last minute surprises, and when that happens, we work through it as we have tonight. >> how do you assess how much you as a progressive has had to give up? i know you were in favor of increasing the minimum wage because of the parliamentarian. that's not part of the senate version of the bill. some democrats would like to force it in but that's gone. the unemployment benefit, i know you have a deal tonight but i think you probably wanted $400 a week as opposed to the $300 a week. so you had to give up a lot. do you feel like progressives are giving up more than moderates? >> you know, that tax deduction is going to do a lot of compensation for the difference between 400 and 300. there are major things i wanted with the bill. i wanted a major effort to stop
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utility cutoffs because families should not be stranded without electricity or water or broad band as we try to recover. i didn't get it. i'll tell you this is a huge bill for americans. this is so essential not only it has the unemployment, direct payment to individuals with this 1400 and previous 600, we're at the $2,000 mark we were ailing f -- aiming for. it has help in housing. the vaccination rate will accelerate. we have help for state and local government. this is about rebuilding america from main street up and we can quibble over details but it is a huge winning compilation of support for ordinary americans. >> eight democratic senators vote against putting an am amendment on this to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. how do you feel about that?
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d what does that tell you about the possibility of getting a minimum wage increase in the future? >> clearly, we'll be back on this topic. there are various strategies about the minimum wage, how you phase it in overtime and how many years it takes to get to 15. oregon has a plan where rural areas are lower and living expenses are lower to a parallel but lower minimum wage. there must be a way to bring 50 of us together, hopefully, 100 of us together but a lot of us together. nobody can live on $7.25 an hour. i would challenge anyone who votes against minimum wage to do that and so we don't want to create a shock to the congress. we got to be back and get the minimum wage passed. >> so president biden obviously ran on his inaugural address talked about the importance of unity and bipartisanship. this bill that you're voting on has exactly zero republican
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support that we know of, at least tonight. what does that tell you about the possibility of bipartisanship? >> well, it makes us very aware of mcconnell's philosophy of power and we saw this when he was in the minority under obama. his strategy is delay and obstruct, delay and obstruct, never reach a deal. make it as hard as possible. don't let there be success while there is a democrat in the oval office. this is a deeply corrupted vision of power that goes against the purpose of the vision of a congress coming together to solve problems for america, not to paralyze congress to create pain so that you have a better leg up in the next election. so we're seeing it again. we see the mcconnell strategy. we see he has complete control of the caucus and we know this show. we've seen it before. we'll keep reaching out. i know the president will keep reaching out but when push comes to shove, mcconnell says make
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sure they don't succeed, and we just will have to overcome that. >> you know, you look surprisingly energetic and spitely for someone that may have a long night and weekend ahead of you. everyone was mad at ron johnson for calling of the reading bill that took 11 hours. what happened today took nine hours. nine-hour delay because of mansion. how frustrating is it? >> you know, i was thinking about how when ron johnson did that, i said there goes my anniversary weekend with my wife out in oregon and so it already looked pretty glomomy and this puts the seal on it. i won't be with her. she knows that the senate is a creature that continuously disrupts our lives but we will make that up in a week to come. meanwhile, getting this done, i do feel energetic right now because we're on the path to get this done this weekend. maybe we get it, maybe it will be sunday morning.
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maybe i want will go through saturday night as well as friday night. i don't know. but we're going to get it done and we're going to deliver it on time for the march 14th timing so that unemployment doesn't collapse. it's going to help in a tremendous way across america, and it's been awhile since i've just felt like okay, this is work well done and so if we don't get it done this weekend, then you'll see a very depressed jeff merkley on monday morning but i think we are. i think we're going to succeed. >> look, senator merkley, thank you for being with us. happy anniversary. i hope senator johnson and senator mansion send a nice gift out west. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. perspective from two white house veterans. david axelrod and former senior advisor to president obama and david garrigan and analyst to nixon, regan, ford, clinton. we think we have a deal. we think there is a deal, and we think this will get things started up again, but there is a
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nine-hour delay all because of joe mansion. merkley was dancing around it saying we all have this veto power but only one senator appears to be wielding it and that's joe mansion. what did he get out of this? why is he doing this? >> look, he's in a unique position. he comes from the state that voted for donald trump by 40 points. he is a moderate and he's very clear about that. he's been consistent about his concerns on the unemployment issue and he's someone who wants to promote dialogue between republicans and democrats and so he's going to be a constant thorn in the side of progressives in the democratic party. i mean, today he was in his full mansion hood here in holding up this bill but he did get a minor concession. i do think that mansion also doesn't want to be the guy who takes biden's program down. we know the president spoke with him today in west virginia will be a big winner in this package.
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i don't think you want to take the package down but i think he wanted to put his imprint on it and apparently he has and they will move on here from. >> david garrigan, this came as something as a surprise to everyone who had been covering this. they didn't think this would happen today. chuck schumer is not supposed to be surprised. the democrats aren't supposed to this have happen to them at the last minute. what does this tell you about what things are going to be like in the democrat -- barely democratic senate? >> increasingly hard to govern. with 77% of american people supporting this bill and the president himself and some 60% really supporting overall administration and i think it's unimaginable there won't be a deal. they will find a way to do this. they aren't that far apart on
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unemployment issues. senator mansion, he's the same camp that john mccain was in except he can be more difficult in many ways. but that is the centrists or moderates as david axelrod calls them are very valuable in this senate. we need to rebuild the center of american politics. so i think -- i don't think he will sustain this fight. i think check schumer will have to pay more attention. i think once they get through the relief bill, they get it passed, it's going to be harder to get the knicknext bills done expensive ones. we just spent $2 billion on this relief package on top of $3 billion we spent during the trump years. how much more can we borrow as a people? >> mitch mcconnell will text you shortly with something that reads more difficult than john mccain question mark? be that as it may. stick around. we'll pick up after a quick break and expecting to hear from the senate majority leader
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breaking news, we're expecting to hear from senate leader chuck schumer in the negotiations over president biden's signature policy goal, that $2 trillion covid relief bill. at the center of it all a key democratic power broker in the 50/50 chamber, democratic west virginia senator joe mansion we think is on board with an am amendment to this that deals with job loss benefits. back with us is david axelrod and david gurargarrigan. you worked with president biden. you know him well. he came to office and ran on the relationships he had with republicans and ability to work across the aisle.
5:20 pm
his inauguration speech was filled with it but this covid bill we don't think has any republican support so is this on him or more on everyone? >> well, look, you know, i've seen this movie before and if there is a strategic decision that, you know, we don't want to give major victories to the president, that is hard to over -- that's hard to overcome. i think if i were valuing various things in the white house right now, the most important thing is to get this virus under control, get these vaccines out and get the economy moving again and delivering relief to people and so i think that is, you know, they are prioritizing action and progress, you know, and, you know, the thing i've been interested in watching and this is the joe biden that i know. you know, he hasn't personalized his commentary on republicans. he's been very careful about
5:21 pm
that even as he was pursuing this reconciliation, he was meeting with republicans at the white house to talk about infrastructure and so, you know, i think that he is playing this right. i don't think you want to be held hostage by the republicans and have progress at a time when the country desperately needs it. on the other hand, you're leaving the door open and doing the things you're showing respect, now there are republicans that will say hey, he promised bipartisanship. this isn't bipartisan. those are republicans not really rooting for bipartisanship because they want to run the issue against him but there are people in that senate, i believe, he can work with on other issues and i think he will. >> the support for the bill in the country is bipartisan, at least right now. it got about a 62% approval rating across the country, the kcovid relief bill does and the president has a 70% approval rating how much legs do you
5:22 pm
think that will have, the duration of that and does that put some risk on the republicans? >> some, some. and i do think david was right that president biden has said it properly. he kept his focus where he needs to. he did not make one of the mistakes that obama was accused of making and that was doing too little too late on an economy in trouble. he moved early. he made it with a major bill. i think overall, it is extremely disappointing to see for the first big measure one that, as you say, has wide majority support across the country. a president who enjoys wide spread support across the country. for republicans to sit there and not a single one to go along with this is very disappointing. i remember when i first went into one of the white houses and got a call from senator that was a student of these things, starting in 1930s with social security and up to the 1960s,
5:23 pm
1970s, every major piece of legislation got super majorities in the senate. every piece of major legislation over 50, 60 years and now we're down to, you know, scrapping over one little piece of the unemployment is important for people on unemployment but in the overall schemes of things in politics, we were promised something better by the people who campaign. i know joe biden is working on it. republicans need to join him on working on that. >> david axelrod, david garrigan. >> i wanted to say look, the real challenge is when you get outside of reconciliation and you have a lot of important legislation coming up and will they stick with the filibuster or not or forge a coalition with republicans. if they can't, he has to make that decision. >> that was going to be my next question. this could be the last thing that gets past that biden wants to get passed easily and this isn't easy at all and that tells
5:24 pm
you something. thank you both very much. >> see you. next, a stunning report on lawmakers, social media postings and whether they helped fuel the insurrection. keeping them honest when we continue. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it, lowering my blood sugar from the first dose. once-weekly trulicity responds when my body needs it, 24/7. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy.
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an alleged capitol insurrections made an appearance today. not unusual.
5:27 pm
300 already have. this suspect in a maga cap is a state appointed trump political appointee and still on the job when this picture was taken. he is charged with among other things assaulting officers with a dangerous weapon and violently entering the capitol grounds, which, are still ringed in fencing and razor wire two months of the siege, which would be bad enough if the threat were from outside forces but it's not. mr. kline was a member of the executive branch irony of irony a state department spokesman said he assisted in the transition team. he was an insider and the concern is there are other insiders who even if they didn't storm the barricades gave aid and comfort and encouragement to those who would and did and might do it again. listen to what colorado democratic congressman jason crow told anderson last night. >> when i sit back and think about this, you know, what's really sad is that i actually wouldn't be surprised if members of congress were involved and
5:28 pm
come c complicit. >> you wouldn't be? >> i wouldn't be which is a sad testament to the state of affairs in congress and politics there are some depraved people that serve in that chamber that to this day insight violence and further conspiracy theories and show zero remorse for what happened on january 6th. there are overwhelmingly really good people that want to serve that are trying to do the right thing on both sides of the aisle that are there to work and roll up their sleeves and do the work of the american people. there are a hand full of people that don't belong. that's the bottom line and disgraced to their districts and country and institution of congress. >> chilling stuff. all the more so now that we're getting a look at the more than 1900-page report that democrat i can the congresswoman zoe put
5:29 pm
out to overturn the election results. 93 pages are devoted to marjorie taylor greene who these days spends her time on stunts like calling for adjournment first thing in the morning. >> i called for a motion to adjourn. i would like to motion to adjourn madam speaker. >> i today, mr. speaker, make a motion to adjourn so democrats can think a little harder. >> before congressman greene's main issue was taking the rest of the day off or putting up anti transgender posters across from a congresswoman with a transgender family member, she was appearing on facebook live videos such as this one clipped in the report saying quote, the only way you get your freedoms back is it's earned with the price of blood or on page 816, retweeting a story on the former president's promise of a quote wild protest on january 6th. the congresswoman adding quote, i'm planning a little something on january 6th, as well. congresswoman greene was
5:30 pm
stripped of her come miltcommit assignments because democrats wouldn't discipline her or moe brooks with 122 pages of postings in the report and this very public, very loud en incitement. >> today is the day american patriots start taking down names and kicking ass. >> 122 of the sentiments in the report but not even close to the 176 pages for arizona congressman. he's the one whose own relatives campaigned against him and also the one in this picture late last month with alt right accused white nationalists nick fuentes, america is truly uncancelled. did more than just say hi. he gave the keynote speech in orlando at the america first political action conference and while the next day at the more
5:31 pm
main stream cpac conference, he said when we talk about white racism, he didn't seem to have any problem the night before being the warmup act for this. >> when i was there in d.c., outside of the building and i saw hundreds of thousands of patriots surrounding the u.s. capitol building and i saw the police retreating and we heard that the politicians voting on the fraud length election currying under the capitol, i said this is awesome. >> congressman has not been disciplined for keynoting for that guy. congressman brooks has not been disciplined. congressman greene has been disciplined by democrats but 199 republicans, nobody who supported the big lie has paid any price at all within the party. only republicans who call it out
5:32 pm
have from behind a barbed wire fence. joining us now, congresswoman jackie speier. thank you for your patience. we've been following a lot of breaking news with what is going on in the senate. you see this report from your democratic colleague. we know the fbi is examining communications between rioters and members of congress. there is no indication and no evidence that a member acted unlawfully. but, you know, there would be one point that would be unthinkable. how concerned are you about potential coordination between members of congress and those who attack the capitol? >> thank you, john for having me on. i don't think we know the answer to that question yet. certainly, these thousands of pages now of comments by these members show that they are willing to incite. the question is were they aiding and abetting? i think those answers will come to us later. what we see now in congress among many of these republicans
5:33 pm
is they are auditioning as apprentices for donald trump's, you know, next gig. maybe it's an effort to over throw the government again. i don't know. but it's important for all of our listeners to appreciate that it was a bipartisan group of members in the house that voted to impeach. it was a bipartisan group of members who chose not to over throw the elections in both arizona and in pennsylvania. so we've got to focus on the fact that these are out liars. these are people that frankly probably don't belong in congress because they are there to inflame and outrage and i worry as i'm sure many of my colleagues do that they are simply fanning the flames for the next effort of a mob attack on the congress of the united states. >> how surprised would you be if
5:34 pm
everyday does turn out they were coordinating in someway with the people who stormed the capitol? >> well, it won't be surprising, certainly. many of them showed up at the rally with language. one of them talked about shooting out -- shooting your way out. their fight language constantly. they have this sense that somehow they're revolutionaries harkening back to 1776. well, in 1776 our revolutionaries were trying to resist the monarch and to start a democracy. they're interested in elevating an autocrat to the presidency of united states. >> you've said that this attack took you back to jonestown and for those viewers who aren't aware as a young congressional staffer, you were investigating human rights in jonestown when you were shot five times. how did this experience impact you when you walk around the
5:35 pm
capitol? >> well, john, i was in the gallery when this happened. so i was lying on the floor of the gallery when the shot rang out in the speaker's lobby and my heart sank and i remember placing my cheek on the marble floor and it was really cold and the sense of resignation somehow i could survive the travesty in jonestown and here in this tabernacle of democracy in my home, in my home country i may lose my life. it is -- it's hard for me to articulate the sadness that i feel and we can't allow this to become normal. there is nothing normal about it. >> if i can ask you one policy question based on what we're seeing in the senate tonight, it
5:36 pm
appears we have a move forward. it involves a deal over job loss benefits. in so far as you know about the deal, what you know about the deal, which is $300 a week for people who are unemployed, i guess, through the first week of september. are you comfortable with the changes that have been made with the house bill? >> i will absolutely vote for it. >> do you like like the fact joe mansion held it up? do you like the fact he seems to be dialing back some of the things you wanted? >> well, it's not opitmum. they will embrace $300 like they would embrace $400. the schools need the money. the schools have to get back into business. our kids need to get back in the classrooms. cities and states need to be able to keep their employees in place. the law enforcement officers,
5:37 pm
the first responders. so there is so much in this bill that is desperately needed and we need to recognize that the republicans were quick to use reconciliation to give $2 trillion in cuts to the richest peach in the country. all we're trying to do is give a hand up to those americans who are the working stiffs. who are just trying to get back into the game. >> how much frustration are you hearing among more progressive members about changes or compromises that have been made, the minimum wage, the $15 minimum wage isn't part of it. the unemployment benefits will be less than you were asking for. >> well, we're disappointed. there is no question about that. let's talk about the minimum wage. already 29 states in this country have passed minimum wages that exceed the minimum wage now. the minimum wage will be increased in my area in california, we have in and out
5:38 pm
burgers where they are offering $18 an hour to flip hamburgers. so it may at some point want to be regionalized because there are high cost areas and lower cost areas but the various companies know that you cannot hire people for a wage that is poverty and if you are hiring people at a poverty wage then all the taxpayers in the country are picking up the tab to provide food stamps and other benefits. >> congresswoman jackie speier, extra points for bringing up in and out burger. i'm now hungry. >> thank you, john. the white house with another problem, negative perceptions about the new john seasson & jo vaccine fueled by a mayor. the story and differences there are among these live saving drugs when "360" continues. nity. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato.
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be kinder to yourself and tougher on your cold sores.
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the biden administration is occupied with containing the damage caused with the democratic mayor about the johnson asand johnson vaccine. >> johnson & johnson is a good vaccine. moderna and pfizer are the best and i'll do everything i can to make sure residents of the city of detroit get the best. >> the white house and health officials are all in agreement
5:43 pm
all three vaccines approved for use in the u.s. prevent severe disease and not compare effectiveness rates of different vaccines tested at different times and top white house advisor insisted this was a quote misunderstanding and released this statement saying quote, i have full confidence the jac johnson & johnson vaccis effective and looking forward to receiving johnson & johnson vaccines in the next allocation. unfortunately, this could put negative perceptions about the one dose vaccine. randi kaye has more on the confusion that surrounded these vaccines particularly now that many people have a choice. >> reporter: with all the questions about the j&j vaccine and how it stacks up against the other covid vaccines, the bottom line is all three of the approved vaccines on the market in the u.s. should prevent the virus from killing you. pfizer's vaccine, which requires
5:44 pm
two shots is 95% effective against the virus. moderna, which also requires two shots is 94% effective. j&j's vaccine just one shot was 66% effective in a global trial, but proved to be 85% effective against severe disease. and like the other two, 100% effective against death. meaning nobody who got these vaccines died from covid. why isn't astrazeneca approved for use in the united states? >> my understanding was the fda has asked as tastrazeneca to do additional phase three trials. >> reporter: dr. hotez said there was confusion about as tra seven ka's results showing a smaller first dose of the two dose as trazeneca vaccine bumpe effectiveness from 82% to 90%. >> 62% using the standard doses
5:45 pm
and 90% with a low dose followed by a standard dose so that was one of the concerns that the 90% number was a low number of people enrolled. i think they wanted the result of a phase three child conducted in the united states. >> reporter: and if you're wondering how each of these vaccines stack up against the difference variants, dr. hotez says these four vaccines work really well against the original strainvariant. the south african variant is more challenging. he thinks moderna will partially protect and pfizer works well against it but produces fewer virus leveling antibodies so the level of protection is unclear and johnson & johnson vaccine? >> it was tested in south africa and there is a reduction in this level of protective e
5:46 pm
effectiveness soft reduction and partial protection. >> as tratrazeneca was only 20% effective against the south african variant. the good news is vaccines from johnson & johnson, astrazeneca and pfizer not only protect you but also seem to help stop the spread of the virus. so three of them? >> yeah. >> not moderna? >> i think moderna does, as well, but we haven't showed it. >> two doses of the pfizer vaccine are 95% effective at preventing infections including in people that don't show symptoms. >> potentially if we get enough people vaccinated, we can halt virus transmission and vaccinate our way out of this epidemic. >> what's your advice to people when it comes to getting vaccinated? >> you're not going to have a lot of choice of what you get. all of these vaccines will save your life. >> randi kaye, cnn, west palm beach, florida. >> perspective from dean of brown university school of
5:47 pm
public health. always great to see you. you heard randi's piece and the detroit mayor that back tracked some. this confusion over the efficacy rates, how can it be fixed? >> thanks for having me on. it is unfortunate because we're comparing apples to oranges when we say 95 versus 85 tested at different times with different levels of community infection. tested in different places against different variants. the johnson & johnson is really the only one that's true listen been tested against the south african variant and brazil very ya -- veariant and holds up. all three are terrific. i would be happy taking any of the three. i've been recommending to my family getting any of the three. >> they prevent you from dying. with 100% efficacy, which is the
5:48 pm
one that really matters in the case. so more states came out today and said they will rollback restrictions immediately or in the coming weeks. dr. fauci says he's worried that could lead to another spike. what do you see happening? >> yeah. this is unfortunate. because we're so close to the end zone here. by mid april, most high risk people should be getting vaccinated. should have at least one shot in. by end of april into may, a lot of americans will be vaccinated. that's a much more reasonable time to start scaling back, kind of mid to late april. right now, a lot of vulnerable people haven't gotten vaccinated. infection numbers are quite high. and these variants are cir circu circulating. that combination does not make it a smart time to do what texas and mississippi are doing. >> a new cnn analysis of federal data found the u.s. could reach herd immunity by summer through vaccinations alone and it could be even sooner when factoring individuals with natural immunity from prior infection. do you think that's realistic?
5:49 pm
>> i do. we'll have plenty of vaccines so that's the good news. i think any american who wants a vaccine should be able to at least sign up for one and start getting their first dose in may. so that vaccination goes well through june and july. we should have enough vaccinations for herd immunity. the problem, john, is going to be there is still a minority of americans who are skeptical and we'll have to engage with people and help them understand how safe and effective these vaccines are. that's the challenge of may and june ahead. >> what about kids? about those of us who have roommates who are say, 13 and 14 years old and they will not get vaccinated to the fall at the earliest depending on the testing. what happens with that huge part of the population that will be going to school, mingling with parents and other people that won't have the vaccine? >> yeah, so i think older kids, let's say 16, 17, 18-year-olds, i do think at some point over the summer, many of them get vaccinated. anybody over 12, any of the kids over 12. again, i believe we'll have enough data by mid to late
5:50 pm
summer to vaccinate them. younger kids very much may be the fall or winter. the good news is they don't get as sick if infected and how hope is everyone else does a good job of getting vaccinated. infection rates came so far down kids are protected through the herd . before he would be comfortable lifting restrictions, he would like to see the case rate down to less than 10,000 cases a day. that realistic at this point, i don't think that we were -- we have been there since last march at this point. is that lower than we reasonably expect to get to any time soon? >> i think we can get there, and the reason is sachss. we are just vaccinating, vaccinating, vaccinating. we have to keep going on that. i to i do think we can get there. you have 10,000 cases a day, that is 150 people dying a day. that is the annualized average for the flu. at that level will, we can tolerate a bit of risk.
5:51 pm
we have to continue to be careful but we can start opening up a lot more. it may take us a few months to get to that level will. i think for me the key metric is let's get all high risk people vaccinated and then we can start relaxing some of the public health smeasures. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> the biden administration facing a growing number of migrants seeking entry in to the united states. we will take you to a shelter in texas, where the hopeful, many of them children are crowding in. that is when 360 continues. everywhere. we emit optimism, not exhaust. we plug in our vehicles as naturally as we charge our phones. we. we are generation e. we want smart. clean. and safe. to also be fun, easy and powerful! ultium! a battery that charges fast. runs long. it fits everyone. nobody will be left out. and that, changes everything. ♪ ♪
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new developments on the southern border as the bidened a membersh -- biden administration is trying to find a shelter for those crossing. they are apprehneding more children than they can release. they are reopening up to prepandemic level wills because of the rising numbers of children across the border. biden is taking criticism from both sides of the aisle, while
5:56 pm
the administration is calling it a challenge, others are calling it a crisis. >> reporter: this week, father roy snipes has welcomed 100 migrant families a night ito sek shelter. over flowing from a shelter down the road, no longer arebeing se their families, but they are waiting for their cases to be heard in court. the shelter asked that we protect this woman's identity. she left honduras two weeks ago and crossed the rio grande in to the u.s. a few nights before. why did you decide to come? many migrants are still being turn today away at the southern border and the growing reality for the biden administration is
5:57 pm
there's a perception in central american countries ravaged by crime, it's now easier to make the journey north and crosses the border. homeland security secretary insists it's not a crisis is, but a challenge. >> we are working as hard as we are not only in addressing the urgency of the challenge, but also in building the capacity in to meet our mour humanitarian goals. >> reporter: in january, customs and border protection reported 7500 families were taken in to custody and 5800 unaccompanied children. during a major surge, exactly two years ago, border patrol encountered 5500 children in one month. the department of health and human services told facilities to open bed space for minors to prepandemic levels. which is just under 14,000.
5:58 pm
there are now about 7700 children under hhs care, and the concern is, that the number will rise quickly in the coming weeks. >> the way we are going i think it will be a crisis. >> reporter: now, some texas democrats are warning the biden team about what as unfolding. >> they seem to be on a mission with all due respect to start releasing and show they are compassionate and i think people should be compassionate to our communities on the border. >> reporter: at the same time, activists are asking that they reverse the trump administration pa policies. several shelters saw children traveling to the border alone. how old were the children you
5:59 pm
saw? >> and terrific reporting as always, some republicans top of all this are accusing the biden administration of letting migrants with covid-19 in the country. what do you say about that? >> right, this stems from information this week that 108 migrants have tested positive since the end of january. this is one of the hot spots of the migration patterns. three migrants per day roughly. the reality is it's a complicated situation on local officials and local charity organizations to do conduct the covid testing for migrants. one of the charities, the catholic charities organization in the rio grande valley has received thousands of tests in recent weeks, and it's those
6:00 pm
volunteers that are testing and they are providing hotel space for anyone that tests positive. the question we have not gotten a clearance to is how many are in the hotels. they cannot force them, but they are urging them to go there. they have gotten false positives on the tests. so, all of this unclear and speaks to what is definitely starting to change rapidly on the borderer. >> thank you very much. a reminder, don't miss full circle, anderson's digital news sh show. let's go to chris for cuomo pr primetime. >> it's good that you bled over in to my show. hold my program for a second. ed is right, what governor abbott in texas has been saying is really poisonness, yes,