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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 8, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PST

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they are controlling the narrative for once. they can put their story forward. they can also say which stories weren't true. >> and i'm comfortable in knowing that we did everything that we could to make it work. >> oh, my god, we just did everything we could to protect them. president joe biden says the american rescue plan will help the u.s. rebound from the covid-19 pandemic. >> everything in this package is designed to meet the most urgent needs of the nation. >> this was never about getting people back to work or kids back to school or the disease behind us. >> there is an incredibly transformational, frankly progressive piece of legislation. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john be berman. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day," monday, march 8th, 6:00 here in new york. and the stunning new claims this morning about the royal family by prince harry and meghan markle. in a bombshell two-hour interview with oprah winfrey,
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the duke and duchess of sussex paint a picture of racism and emotional abuse. meghan describes being ostracized by the palace and the concern within the royal family about her baby's skin color. >> in those months when i was pregnant, all around the same time, so we have in tandem the conversation of, he won't be given security, he's not going to be given a title. and also, concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born. >> there is a conversation -- hold up! >> there are several conversations. >> there's a conversation with you -- >> with harry. >> about how dark your baby is going to be? >> potentially, and what that would mean or look like. >> the duchess describes feeling so isolated at one point that she had suicidal thoughts. >> i mean, there was one wow
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after another in this interview. two hours full of wows there. it's the first time that the duke and duchess have been interviewed since stepping back from their senior roles in the british royal family. harry talks about feeling trapped in the family, like his brother and father, and at one point, his father stopped taking harry's calls. harry is also acknowledging respect for his grandmother, the queen. there was an epic royal gender reveal for their second child and this morning, we are awaiting response from the palace. so let's begin there. cnn anchor and royal correspondent max foster, live at windsor castle. no reaction yet, max, but honestly, a long list of things that beg a reaction. >> i think we can assume they're scrambling to find a response. we didn't get a preview of this, john. this was hyped around the world as this bombshell interview and i think, ultimately, they underplayed it. revelation after revelation. and some of them were more difficult to watch than others. >> i just didn't want to be
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alive anymore. and that was a very clear and real and frightening constant thought. >> reporter: driven to despair by the family she married into and the institution behind it. >> we had to go to this event and i remember him saying, i don't think you can go. and i said, i can't be left alone. >> because you were afraid of what you might do to yourself? >> reporter: meghan, duchess of sussex, opening up to oprah winfrey about being singled out. she believes forced out of the royal family for her race. concerns even raised by unnamed royals about the color of her child's skin. >> and also, concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born.
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>> what?! >> and -- >> who -- who is having that conversation? with you? what? >> so -- >> there is a conversation -- hold up! hold up -- >> there are several conversations -- >> there's a conversation with you -- >> with harry. >> reporter: an even more shocking allegation that she was told that her child couldn't be a prince for unstated reasons, not even afforded a security detail. >> the idea of our son not being safe and also the idea of the first member of color in this family not being titled in the same way that other grandchildren would be. >> reporter: a barrage of negative press damaging meghan's mental health. she says the palace did nothing
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to help her. instead, refusing to combat media rumors, including allegations she made her sister-in-law, the duchess of cambridge, cry, when meghan says it was the other way around. harry comparing their experience to his mother's. >> what i was seeing was history repeating himself. but perhaps definitely far more dangerous, because then you add race in. >> reporter: the couple deny claims they blindsided the queen when they announced their departure, another rumor they believe was peddled by the palace. >> when we were in canada, i had three conversations with my grandmother and two conversations with my father, before he stopped taking my calls. and then said, can you put this all in writing, what your plan is. >> reporter: harry says he has a deep respect for his grandmother, the queen, and has spoken to her more in the last year than he has for many years. as for his father -- >> i feel really let down.
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because he's been through something similar. he knows what pain feels like. and archie's his grandson. >> reporter: it's incredibly powerful stuff. everyone in the uk, of course, affected by this. the newspapers put out extra editions at 3:00 in the morning because there were so many revelations. have a look at the front of the daily mail. i think this pretty much says it all in terms of what the palace has got to deal with today. >> oh, my gosh. max, stay with us, if you would. also joining us now, cnn royal commentator, kate williams. so, max, to me -- there were so many headlines, so many bombshells, as you point out. and such vulnerability by meghan to reveal this mental health crisis that she and harry, it sounds like, were going through.
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they sound desperate. so here's just another moment of her actually having suicidal tho thou thoughts. >> but i knew that if i didn't say it, that i would do it. and i just didn't -- i just didn't want to be alive anymore. and that was a very clear and real and frightening constant thought. and i remember, i remember how he just cradled me and i was -- i went to the institution, and i said that i needed to go somewhere to get help. i said, i've never felt this way before, and i need to go somewhere. and i was told that i couldn't. that it wouldn't be good for the institution. >> max, what about that? what about that? if she had gone to the royal family or the institution, as
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she says, and says, i need some mental health help. >> it's a huge problem, because, they failed in their duty of care of a vulnerable woman. and they basically, according to meghan, just turned her away, and said, there's nothing we can do to help. you're not a member of staff. the other big question here is, you know, the race issue. so people are comparing this interview now to diana's bombshell interview back in the 1990s. that caused a crisis in the monarchy, which lasted five to ten years. this could potentially be more of a crisis for the monarchy, because i think the questions they have to answer here are so much harder to answer. you could answer diana's questions. how do they answer this question about race, duty of care? i think they're in a really difficult position. normally i get briefings and texts after a thing like this from the palace. there's nothing at all. i think they're literally scrambling to have some sort of response. >> as max says, kate, it's one
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thing if this were a story of broken people pip mean, we're all flawed human beings in our own way. but this is a story about more than just broken people. it's a story about potentially a broken institution that wasn't there for a young couple in need. wasn't there for a woman who was feeling the pressures of racism. i mean, it's a real issue. >> yes, john, that's it. oprah said to harry, would you still be in the royal family if you had support? and harry said, without question. and that's the picture we got in this interview. it was revelation after revelation. harry and meghan told their story. we haven't heard it before. it's like nothing we've heard before. and i absolutely agree, it's on par with diana's interview to what kind effect it could have on the monarchy. this is an institution in which there's a young woman, a young pregnant woman who is desperate and is desperate for help, wants
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to go to hospital, and she is told she can't because the optics wouldn't look good. and we remember how diana herself, as a young pregnant woman, she, too, had suicidal thoughts and no one was there to help her. and it's striking because william and kate and harry too, there have been campaigns about mental health and talking and meghan was talking about her mental health, but there was no help for her. so we have -- really, harry and meghan said they weren't supported, there was no individual support for meghan with her mental health, but also with the stories, the racist coverage, the onslaught of racist coverage there already was in this country, that they were over and over again told, there's nothing you can do about it, you'll just have to deal with it. and actually, meghan said that actually the palace was willing to lie about her to protect other royals. and on top of this, we have these questions of race, the fact is these questions about archie's skin tone, very upsetting and both distressing, racist questions.
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and all of it, i think, does create this image of the institution, which was one we thought was very different to this, of distant and supportive, and one of which younger royals are completely and utterly, like harry and meghan, absolutely desperate and saw no hope but to flee. it has to reform and change if we are -- if it has to have a future, particularly for those who aren't in line to the throne. they can't be backup singers like harry forever. it has to change. but we, at the moment, we await to hear how. >> max, can you explain that part of the interview for us? so at the same time the questions were being asked by someone in the royal family, they never said who it was, about what color baby archie's skin would likely be, they found out -- meghan and harry found out -- that he wouldn't receive a title, their son, and that he, therefore, wouldn't receive security. why not?! i mean, doesn't -- why would the
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royal family want a security problem on their hands? why wouldn't that baby receive security? >> reporter: i think there is a gray area here, but i'll defer to prince harry, he knows more about the british royal protocols than i do. but back when prince george was born, he wasn't automatically going to be a prince. it's only grandchildren of the monarch who are a prince or princess. so that was made a special -- he was made an exception to be made prince, and go on to be king, and william insisted that his siblings should be prince and princess as well, because that wouldn't appear to be fair. i think probably when we hear from the palace later on, they will say that it wasn't an automatic thing, but archie would be made a prince or princess. there's going to be some debate about the language there. i'm not entirely sure as well that security is linked with title. so we're trying to clarify that, as well. but probably what meghan is looking to is the duke of york's
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children, who do have titles, they're not senior royals and they also get protection. there is a discrepancy there. there are other cousins that don't get these things. but i think that meghan feels that she went into this, she gave everything to the system, and made her child vulnerable. the least they can do is offer protection. maybe we shouldn't be looking at the protocols and rules and traditions here and just look at fairness. archie wasn't getting what his cousins were getting. and i don't think meghan thought that was acceptable. >> i want to play one more bit of sound here, because wasn't just meghan markle talking about the racism and the questions about the baby's skin color. harry talked to oprah about it, also. and this is s-22, where she tries to get more information about what that conversation was like. listen to that. >> what was that conversation? >> that conversation, i am never going to share. but at the time -- at the time it was awkward. i was a bit shocked. >> can you tell us what the question was?
3:14 am
>> no. i'm not comfortable with sharing that. >> okay. but that was right at the beginning, right? >> like, what will the baby look like? >> yeah, what will the kids like? >> there you have it. i just think that's remarkable to hear him open up like that, even while he's not telling us exactly who the conversation was or the exact wording of the question, he's telling us a lot there. >> he's telling us a lot. he's telling us how distressed he was, how shocked he was, and how inappropriate that conversation was and how really he felt it all reflected into people who they weren't protecting his wife, they didn't understand the racist abuse that she was getting was different and intensified than the sexist abuse that all women get when they marry into the royal family, meghan had it worse. and they didn't understand race, so they weren't going to protect his son there. and it's really, i think, incredibly, incredibly striking how he's talking about that he
3:15 am
hadn't really understood race before, and now with meghan, he was walking in her shoes, and now with a child of color as well, he was really feeling so protective towards his child. and i think the security issue, of course, harry feels very strongly that his mother lost her security after the divorce and that did contribute to her very early death. and so it's very important to him that this child is protected. we know that even if he wasn't a prince, he would have been a target, he was at risk. and mary ope harry talking abou this and protecting his wife, and he was not getting backup. and it was made very clear that it was harry's motivation to leave the royal family and he felt there was no other choice and no other way of protecting his wife and son than to step back and to leave. >> and there are still more headlines from this interview. max, kate, please stick around. we have more questions for you. and we want to give all of
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that point, i took matters into my own hands. i was like, i need to do this for my family. >> is he taking your calls now? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, he is. there was a lot of work through there. you know, i feel really let down. because he's been through something similar. he knows what pain feels like. and this is -- and archie's his grandson. >> prince harry revealing how bad things got, maybe how bad things are, frankly, with his father, prince charles. and that laugh that you heard before, when he said, yes, we're talking now. it didn't sound like we're talking well. >> no, and it's just -- you also get the impression of how much has been pent-up. they haven't said anything for these years, and now sit's just sort of spilling out in maybe an
3:22 am
un-pr-like way. >> back with max foster and kate. at that point in the interview, you had also knew there had been questions about the baby's race and all the viewers said, who asked that to harry, was it charles? who could it have been? we don't know that, but what he made crystal clear is there is a huge gap of understanding between himself and his father. >> yep, and it goes way back, doesn't it, to diana's death, the way she was treated and lots of, you know, rumor, obviously, in the palace about how harry really feels about his father. i think this part of the questioning was about this narrative that harry and meghan have basically just walked out on the british monarchy and moved to america, something that they were very keen to rebut. they said they were trying to form a new role. they desperately wanted to stay in the uk. and it was interesting that conversation was being had with prince charles. that's what harry's referring to there. they were trying to work out a plan.
3:23 am
harry was listing all the requirements that he wanted met in order for him to continue in a new role. and that was the discussion there. and that's when things broke down. so effectively, what he's saying is that charles stopped the conversation. he's not going to be talking about it anymore, so they had no choice but to leave. so they're effectively blaming prince charles, i think, for the split and their move to california. and charles would have had a say in all of this. he does run, you know, all the funding for the su sessexes ande cambridges. it was their money they're living off. it's a quite complicated decision, but it wasn't necessarily the queen's decision on her own. prince charles was intimately involved in all of it. >> kate, what i thought of watching it, for any little girl who has ever dreamed of being a princess, for any grown woman who swooned at the romance of the royal wedding, we'll call her hypothetically alisyn, this was a stone-cold reality check of what you give up, what you have to give up in order to have
3:24 am
that sort of presentation. she explained how they take your car keys, your atm, your passport. and then you're basically trapped. and if you're trapped with any mental health issues or you're trapped with any of your feelings, you can't get out. and so basically, oprah then asked, one of the sort of conceptions is that meghan got harry out of the royal family, you know, this was all meghan's doing. this was her diabolical plan from the very beginning. and so oprah asked harry, would you have left the royal family if not for meghan. here's his answer? >> here's the question. do you think you would have left or ever stepped back were it not for meghan? >> hmm. >> the answer to your question is "no". >> you would not have? >> i wouldn't have been able to, because i, myself, was trapped as well. >> she felt trapped. you were trapped? >> yeah, i didn't see a way out.
3:25 am
>> that word just kept coming out, kate. >> yes, trapped kept coming up. yes, as i say, the royal wedding, we were there commenting on it together, it was so marvelous, such a great day. and prince charles walked meghan down the aisle. there was so much optimism. and yet it crumbled so quickly, because really, as harry and meghan made clear, there was no support for them for this endless racist coverage in whatever meghan did, from closing car door to eating an avocado, she was criticized where other royal women were congratulated. this is the reality of being a princess. she said, can i go and meet some friends for lunch. and apparently the answer was "no," because you've been out in the newspapers too much. she had only been out two times in the last four months. and she felt like a prisoner, she was trapped, she couldn't get out, she was suffering. and i really did hear echos of princess diana here, how diana couldn't escape, how she was trapped and panicked and the
3:26 am
differences, of course, is that, as harry said, diana went through it alone. these two have each other and they made this joint decision to leave. and now, as they said, it's their new beginnings. they've made their own happy ending and they did it themselves. and i think it really is, for all of us, you know, the princesses, this is the reality of being a princess. and for meghan, it was suffering. >> i will tell you, i have a different view of what is truly romantic. it's not, you know, the coaches and the crowns and and the tiaras. it's two people on tv. it seems to me they do have in their own way a fairy tale ending here, which is a deep love that goes beyond a palace there. >> look, i agree, but i'm telling you, all of that imagery and pomp and circumstance has played in the u.s. for obviously decades. and that we succumb to that. >> maybe we should pay attention to something else, is what i'm saying. and that's the nachlture and de of their relationship.
3:27 am
max, how is this being received in the uk today? i know it hasn't played yet in full, but at this point, everyone has had to see all of the explosive revelations. >> you make a really good point. when you watch the whole show, it's an impact from all of the drip drip of the newspaper reports and the clips you're seeing here in the uk. i think people will sit down and watch it. there is broadly a different view, i think, of the duchess here. there's a lot more cynicism about her. and i think, i think they're going to watch tonight. and they're going to see a really genuine appearance. and something very raw and emotional. they're seeing a different side of her. i was speaking to people close to her yesterday. and they, you know, we were talking about how the palace doesn't have its say, it doesn't comment on these things. and this is meghan and harry's first chance to really say what they feel. they've never been able to do that before, because they've always been within this constitution, where they didn't represent themselves. they represented the monarchy.
3:28 am
anything they said was seen as speaking for the monarchy. they were utterly restricted in everything they did. and then you see the relief and the sort of the happiness there. there's something real there. i think people will pull them up on some of the points there, because there's some gray areas. but ultimately, you can't argue, particularly on meghan's experience of race. you can't argue with that. that is genuine. it's real. and i think thaey're going to se that tonight and i think it may change a few opinions. >> we'll be watching. this is fascinating stuff. max, kate, thank you both for being with us. so calls growing for new york governor andrew cuomo to resign as a new former aide accuses him of harassment. what will he do next?
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a major blow to new york
3:33 am
governor andrew cuomo overnight. the state senate majority leader is now calling for his resignation. she's a democrat. this comes as three former aides are now accusing him of sexual harassment. cuomo says he isn't going anywhere. >> i was elected by the people of the state. i wasn't elected by politicians. i'm not going to resign because of allegations. the premise of resigning because of allegations is actually anti-democratic. the system is based on due process. and the credibility of the allegation. anybody has the ability to make an allegation in democracy, and that's great, but it's in the credibility of the allegation. >> joining us now is jesse mckinley, the albany bureau chief for "the new york times." and you have been telling us for days you've been watching senior elected democrats in albany to see how they would react to what's been going on. and now we have the state senate majority leader coming out and saying she wants the governor's
3:34 am
resignation. this has to be a blow. >> yeah, it's a significant development. you know, andrea stewart cousins is one of the highest ranking women in the state, she is a democrat and leads a democratic super majority in the state senate. a lot of eyes were on her to see how she would react to the most recent allegations. and yesterday afternoon, shortly after governor cuomo spoke, she came out and said, he must resign. >> now there's also a third aide, a former aide, who has come forward to say that she has had some of these experiences. she says, a former aide for cuomo, ana lisz, told that governor cuomo asked her if she had a boyfriend, touched her on her lower back in reception and once touched her hand when she raised from her desk. she served as an aide from 2013 to 2015. so there's the allegations of
3:35 am
sexual harassment and also a toxic workplace. "the new york times" talked to scores of people who had worked for the governor over the year. many former aides and advisers described a toxic culture in which the governor unleashed searing verbal attacks on subordinates. some said he seemed to delight in humiliating his employees particularly in group meetings, and mock male aides for not being tough enough. they both seem very moldy, in the year 2021. i mean, three and a half years after me too. and i don't know, does he survive, in this day and age, when reports of those things are coming out? >> well, you know, "the post" did a great job with that story and we did a similar story about two weeks ago. you know, the points that they were making, the points that that we were making and the points that you were making were all in sync. there is a question about whether or not cuomo's style, this kind of very abrasive style is out of step with the current
3:36 am
political reality. but kind of keeping in that, you know, going back to john's remarks, the governor's approach at this point, at this hour, is that he is going to fight this. he is not stepping down. he said, there is no way i'm going to resign yesterday. he has, with the five allegations that have come forward, has basically divided them into two camps. and in two cases, he said, these are simply not true. in the other three, he said, look, there's mitigating factors, perhaps i was misunderstood or misconstrued, i'm embarrassed by this. the governor seems to be parsing not only his behavior, but his r reaction to these five allegations, but no indication he's going anywhere. >> it seems like he's playing for time here and wants to wait this out, if he can. i think the only things or what would get in the way of that. you have the actual investigation. and i'm not sure we know a time frame on that and you would have the possibility of some kind of impeachment proceedings. and you tell me. but there's no movement towards
3:37 am
that, is there? >> well, as we know from the federal level, impeachment is tough. you know, in new york state, honestly, it would have to go through the assembly. they're not quite there yet according to their leader, carl hasty. the senate seems to be -- the jury -- it would be the jury in this case, their leader seems to be ready and willing to get rid of the governor. but once again, it is still a steep climb to get all of those democrats to defect from the governor, the leader of their party and say he has to go. >>ckinley, thank you very much for all of the reporting, as always. so now to washington. president biden's coronavirus relief bill is set for a big vote in the house tomorrow. so we'll look at how senator joe manchin played a key role in advancing and delaying this whole thing.
3:38 am
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hi drama this weekend over president biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. it's now back in the house for a final vote that will take place tomorrow. this is a hugely significant piece of legislation that will
3:42 am
have an impact on the lives of millions of americans. cnn's lauren fox on capitol hill with the very latest for us. lauren? >> reporter: president joe biden is one step closer to his first major legislative victory, with help for millions of americans at stake. >> it obviously wasn't easy. it wasn't always pretty. but it was so desperately needed. urgently needed. >> reporter: after a marathon weekend on capitol hill, the deeply divided senate passing biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill on saturday. >> this is the type of comprehensive bold action that we've been needing since the beginning of the pandemic and we're finally moving on it now. >> reporter: all senate republicans rejecting the legislation. >> this was not really about coronavirus in terms of the sp spending. this was a liberal wish list of liberal spending, just basically filled with pork. >> reporter: senate majority leader chuck schumer slamming
3:43 am
his gop colleagues for their decision. >> i think they don't understand the needs of the country and hopefully now that they've seen we can do it without them, they'll join us and do it with us. >> reporter: but schumer also facing challenges within his own party. with two centrist senate democrats showing how their votes could easily allow legislation to sink or swim. the american rescue plan act only passing after ending negotiations with west virginia senator joe manchin over the tightening of the window for federal unemployment benefits. now some senate democrats are also debating getting rid of the filibuster. that gives republicans the ability to block legislation without a 60-vote super majority. >> i'm supporting the filibuster. i'm going to continue to support the filibuster. i think it defines who we are as a senate. >> the senate is not the senate of years ago. i think we should be open to changing it. >> reporter: but the white house says that's a road biden would rather avoid, for now. >> his preference is not the end the filibuster.
3:44 am
he wants to work with republicans, to work with independents >> reporter: the relief bill will send stimulus checks up to $1,400 to individuals making less than $75,000 a year. and married couples earning less than $150,000. and extend enhanced pandemic unemployment benefits through september 6th. those payments set at $300 a week. the house will need to approve the senate's changes before it lands on the president's desk to get signed into law. house speaker nancy pelosi must maintain her narrow majority in tomorrow's vote, including the support of some progressive democrats, who may disagree with the changes. >> i think that the votes are there to pass what the senate has done. it doesn't mean that we're in complete agreement, with everything they've done. >> and obviously, the house will take the final step here in trying to pass this piece of legislation. and while there might be some
3:45 am
disagreements between moderates and progressives on specific provisions that are included in this bill, overall, democrats are feeling like they can't say "no" to the president's first big push for coronavirus relief. john? >> so lauren, we saw what joe manchin can do. he held up the process for what, nine hours on friday, although in the end, he gave progressives almost everything they wanted. but going forward, how much influence does senator manchin have on the biden agenda? >> reporter: i think he's shown time and time again not just on the coronavirus relief bill, but also what you saw that joe biden -- or excuse me, that joe manchin is not going to sit idly by. he is going to have a say in the president's agenda going forward. i think that's true of infrastructure, even if they use a process known as reconciliation, the same process they used for this covid relief bill, joe manchin is going to have a say. i think you'll say that with gun
3:46 am
legislation. whatever biden wants to do, he cannot ignore his moderates. that's the lesson, as all of his democratic colleagues were watching very nervously on friday, to see whether joe manchin was going to sink this bill. something that democratic leadership thought they had on lock. obviously, joe manchin playing a very key role here, john. >> lauren fox, keep us posted. thank you very much. this morning, minneapolis on edge as a former police officer charged with murdering george floyd set to stand trial. jury selection scheduled to begin today. we have a live report, next. more simplicity with the what's in your fridge? recipe feature. and more motivation with on-demand workout classes. the new myww+. join now, pay later! get your first 3 months free.
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asthma symptoms can attack anywhere. get fast relief here with primatene mist. available over the counter for mild ashtma. primatene mist. breathe easy again. jury selection begins this morning in the trial of derek chauvin, the police officer charged with murder in the death of george floyd. prosecutors say chauvin put his knee on floyd's neck for nearly eight minutes. the city is bracing for protests and omar jiminez has more from minneapolis.
3:51 am
>> reporter: a test of police accountability, as the trial of derek chauvin gets underway, starting with three weeks of jury selection. the former minneapolis police officer seen on that now-infamous cell phone video kneeling on the neck of george floyd for nearly eight excruciating minutes. he's standing trial for second-degree unintentional murder and second-degree manslaughter, both of which he's pleaded not guilty to, but the first carrying a weight of up to 40 years in prison if convicted. the case is likely to bring protesters and renewed attention to george floyd. his family remains at the center of it all, balancing grief with the weight of a racial justice movement. >> i just want to say i love you. and this will invite my brother's spirit win love you. >> reporter: now, as the trial begins, preparations are in place on naumpl fronts. the intersection that became a central place to grieve for
3:52 am
floyd and protest his death has been closed to traffic since last spring. >> we fully expect our minneapolis residents to engage in the time-honored tradition of their first amendment rights and speech, and we want to make sure that that right to protest is protected in every way, shape, and form. >> reporter: and sunday, this city saw just that. many taking to the streets as part of a peaceful protest on the eve of the trial. but what some protests evolved into over the summer is still fresh on the minds of city officials. it's why they say to expect an increased law enforcement presence over the next weeks, even months, with up to 2,000 national guard prepared to respond. not to mention the physical barriers up around the government center where the trial will be taking place. then there's covid-19 protocol. derek chauvin will be the only one of the four former officers on trial this spring with judge peter cahill citing the physical limitations of the courtroom. and tied to that, only one
3:53 am
member of the chauvin family and one member of the floyd family will be allowed in the courtroom at a time. a decision the floyd family called disappointing, according to their attorney, but one that's part of a process many see as a major step toward justice for george floyd. >> my brother screamed, tell my kids i love them, as his soul left his body. i can't stop thinking about that. >> and george floiyd's sister, bridgette, and it happened to be the floyd family representative in the courtroom today. cameras will be in the camera, but no chosen or prospective jurors will be shown. every weekday, jury selection is expected to begin at 10:00 a.m. eastern time and go until 6:00 p.m., in what is not expected to be an easy process. alisyn? >> omar, thank you very much for all of that information. so reaction is already coming in from around the world
3:54 am
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your home can be rebuilt, regardless of your limits. (customer) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ tennis super star serena williams showing support for her friend, meghan markle, after the bombshell interview with oprah winfrey. andy scholes with the latest on the bleacher report. >> so serena and meghan markle became really good friends after playing on the same flag football team at a super bowl event back in 2014. and we've seen markle go to support serena at her matches over the years. serena, meanwhile, throwing markle a baby shower, and after last night's interview, serena posting on twitter saying, markle leads her life and leads by example with empathy and
3:59 am
compassion. she teaches me every day what it means to be truly noble. her words illustrate the spain and cruelty she's experienced. serena adds, i know firsthand the sexism and racism in institutions and the media used to vilify women of color and to break us down and demonize us. we must recognize our obligation to decry malicious unfounded gossip and tabloid journalism. the mental health consequences of systemic oppression and victimization are devastating, isolating, and all-too-often lethal. the nba, meanwhile, holding its annual all-star weekend all in one night in atlanta. and the league raising more than $3 million for historical black universities and universities. before the game started, actor michael b. jordan chatting with vice president kamala harris. she's a proud hbcu graduate, howard university, big basketball fan.
4:00 am
she encouraged everyone to get the covid vaccine when it's their turn. as for the game, featured team lebron versus team bryant. yanis made all 16 of his shots. he was named the game's mvp. and you know, john, i went to the event. it didn't have the same electric atmosphere that an all-star night usually has, because there weren't many people there in the stands. but props to the nba for being able to hold this event during this difficult times and they certainly did raise a lot of money for some good causes. >> great they did it, less defense than people, but that's always the case at the nba. andy scholes, thank you very much. "new day" continues right now. >> reporter: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota john berman. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day" and it is a day of reckoning for the house of windsor. how will the palace to


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