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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 12, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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tonight, the pressure is growing on new york's governor, andrew cuomo, to resign. chuck schumer and kirsten gillibrand calling on cuomo to step down due to multiple allegations of sexual harassment and his handling of covid-19 deaths at state nursing homes.
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president joe biden celebrating the new $1.9 trillion covid relief law at a ceremony in the rose garden today. and telling americans that help is here. the treasury department confirming the first batch of stimulus payments will start going out to americans in need this weekend. let's discuss. matt lewis is here, and ana navarro is here. good evening to you both. ana, let's start for you. a huge week for president biden, got something done while the gop was essentially m.i.a. has the republican party given up on governing? >> i think they're governing a lot, but they're gaslighting a lot. we're focused on what is happening in washington. but i think one of the most
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transcendental things going on, republican legislatures are making changes to elections that will last for decades if they pass. in 43 states, like florida where i am, they're trying to make it harder to vote by mail. in georgia, they're trying to make it harder for souls to the polls. in the meantime, we're focused on dr. seuss, mr. potatohead. and i think the newest one is pepe le pew, the skunk. it's been a very good week for children's books, toys, and cartoons while they distract us from this major thing going on all over the country. >> i made that point earlier. i think it's a strategy to get people to focus on what one hand
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is doing, while they're doing a sleight of hand with the other. and matt, your new book is talking about cancel culture trolls. >> i think that's part of it. this $1.9 trillion covid stimulus bill, i think some of that money was probably well needed. but, man, $1.9 trillion is a lot of money. the conservative movement, there was a time when i think they would have seen this massive growth in government and spending as problematic. and they might have not only voted against it, but presented a coherent argument against it. it used to be that one-third of the conservative movement
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consisted of fiscal conservatives. you hardly heard anything about this spending. basically, they were m.i.a., don. and i think they're much more focused on fighting this culture war, but they've actually surrendered, i think, the social contract here. the expectation of the agreement, the implicit agreement between government and the individual. >> yeah. so, ana -- >> matt, i agree, but i think fiscal conservatives surrendered a long time ago, way before joe biden. because the spending, the last four years, under trump, has also been out of control. and i think that the covid stimulus package under trump was also quite bloated. could have been smaller. and could have been more targeted to small businesses and people more in need. and also there needs to be more vigilance.
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and i hope it's a lesson the biden administration has learned. there needs to be more vigilance, as to there not being fraud and people taking advantage of loopholes, and using stimulus money to buy lam b but they were acceding to everything donald trump asked for, and as we know, donald trump is really good at spending. >> do you want to respond, matt? >> i think that donald trump really discredited conservatives. for one thing, how could you possibly go talking about spending when your party didn't even acknowledge that joe biden won the election. he's discredited them, i think, morally. but also in terms of fiscal policy. on his right, donald trump spent
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money like a drunken sailor. and republicans supported that spending. so now for republicans to come in and oppose it when it's joe biden doing it, it would look hypocritical. some of us, we're concerned that donald trump not only would he be a very bad president, but that donald trump would discredit and undermine the conservative project. >> and our apologies to drunken sailors. thank you both, i appreciate it. have a good weekend. >> thank you for standing up for drunks, don, i appreciate that. >> thank you. more now on the growing calls for governor andrew cuomo to resign. good evening, thank you for joining us. new york senators schumer and
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gillibrand are calling for governor cuomo to resign. and 16 of the house democrats from new york. this is an intense amount of pressure. but he's saying it all political. >> reporter: yeah. and, don, cuomo has a history, even more recent history, of basically labeling criticism against him as political. we saw this happen during the nursing home scandal after the new york attorney general's report. that was all political. we're seeing that reiterated again and again. and just like you said, the pressure is mounting, and it literally has been every single day. more people coming out against him. first the more liberal democrats, then the two state senators for new york. unclear what made them decide to turn around their judgment. was it the investigations, the more accusations? does it -- we don't know.
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but cuomo's point of view is the lawmakers, whoever is coming after him before the investigations is complete, he says it's politics at its worst. >> people know the difference between playing politics, bowing to cancel culture, and the truth. let the review proceed. i'm not going to resign. part of this is that i am not part of the political club. and, you know what, i'm proud of it. >> reporter: and don, he talked about the political club there. but you have to remember, in this same news conference, he talked about how he was running his father's campaign when he was in his 20s. he's been in new york politics for decades. so it's certainly hard to believe that that is a stance he's taking at this point. >> not to mention, his father was a governor. so that's an interesting comment
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coming from him. brynn, a former albany reporter wrote an article accusing him of sexual harassment. >> reporter: this reporter covered the governor in 2014. she no longer covers him. but she says she was sexually harassed by him. she said she didn't think the governor wanted to sleep with her. she said this wasn't about sex, but power. this is what she says in this article. she says, he put his other arm around my back, his hand on my waist, and held me in place. and said, i'm sorry, am i making you uncomfortable? i thought we were going steady. i was shocked and humiliated, but that was the point. people look at the comments and think they're arbitrary compared
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to the other allegations against the governor. but people talk about this being the culture of the workplace, which of course governor cuomo is head of. >> brynn, thank you. minneapolis will pay the estate of george floyd $27 million after the city council voted to settle the lawsuit. as the trial of the ex-officer accused in his death sets up, his brother said this. >> even though my brother is not here, he's here with me in my heart. because if i could get him back, i would give all of this back.
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we're back. the minneapolis city council unanimously voting to approve a $27 million settlement to the
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estate of george floyd. according to an attorney for the family, that's the largest pretrial settlement in a wrongful death case ever. his brother saying this. >> even though my brother is not here, he's here with me in my heart. because if i can get him back, i would give all of this back. one thing that the world needs to know, america, we need to heal. this nation needs healing. our family needs healing. >> so let's discuss. chris stewart is here, an attorney for george floyd's family. thank you for joining us. >> oh, of course. exhausted, man, but couldn't turn it down. >> yeah, i can only imagine. george floyd's family continuing to call for peace and healing. how is the family doing right now, and what is their reaction
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to this settlement? >> they're holding strong, man. we were down there in houston last weekend pushing the george floyd policing act. and they're just staying strong. they need to focus on things they can help change. they're good. and gianna is great. >> do you have any worries about this influencing the jury pool? >> no, they're such sepacsepara cases. it's going to work out, and hopefully that's a guilty verdict. >> ben is your associate, he said this settlement is just one step on the journey to justice. what does the floyd family want to see now? >> they want justice for everybody. the significance of this settlement, it changes the
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evaluation when a black person is killed. african-americans are un undervalued in these cases, but now we see that equality matters. >> seven jurors have been selected, and a third degree murder charge has been reinstated. how do you feeling about this? >> adding the other charge is good. now the jury will have a lot of different options. we hope they go for the most severe. but now they have a lot of options. i wohave listened to the jury selections, i feel like they're being honest and intentional with their answers. and hopefully the attorney general and his team are just going to do a phenomenal job. we have faith in them. >> this is the second settlement involving a minneapolis police officer of at least $20 million in the last couple of years. and the city council has voted to replace the police department
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with a new department of public safety. does the family support that? >> they're supporting a lot of the reforms they're doing. minneapolis is being extremely proactive. i'm proud of the city council and mayor. they're trying new strategies with policing, and they can serve as a test situation of reforms that can really help with policing across the board. look, we're not going to get rid of policing. i don't want to get rid of police. a lot of them do a good job. but rogue police officers and policies that don't make sense and that harm african-americans have to stop. >> chris, thank you. be well, get some sleep. thank you, sir. >> all right, buddy. >> thank you. joining me now, laura coates. a former federal prosecutor. good evening to you.
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thanks for joining. a massive settlement being paid out, could this sway the jury in the trial of derek chauvin? >> of course, the full jury has not even been seated yet. they're going to be made aware of this. they're not sequestered. and it's part of the culmination of things. number one, you have former officer chauvin fired almost instantly. they were able to see the 8 minutes and 46 second video. and the city of minneapolis has recognized the culpability of a police officer by awarding the $27 million settlement. there was no trial in this instance. so you have this culmination of things. they're likely to yield the conclusion for many jurors that there is accountability that has been assigned. but financial versus criminal,
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t those are very different things. >> and jury selection is very important. cases are won and lost on jury selection. so far seven have been selected. we have a breakdown of the dem g demographics on the screen. can you tell me why they were chosen? >> jury selection is the most important thing, you want them to be objective and persuadable. you don't want jurors who know nothing about the case. the ideal juror has not had their head in the sand. you're looking for people who will be credibly able to convince them that they'll listen to the evidence in the trial.
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if someone says i have no opinion whatsoever, rather than people who are more forthcoming on black lives matter or blue lives matter, or what they describe the action by chauvin as killing george floyd, you can rely for them with their credibility, because they're willing to be forthcoming, and possibly receptive to only the evidence presented in trial. but with the high profile cases, it's difficult for people to come in with a fully blank slate and be fully able to leave everything they know behind. that's not the goal in prosecution. you want people not to leave their common sense or experiences behind. but you want them to be able to listen to what is presented and if the prosecution can prove every element, then they want to be able to have jurors that are receptive to that. >> i think anyone would say, and i think you'll agree with this, tell me if you don't, how could
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anybody, a juror, see that video and not think that it is what it is? you know what i'm saying? >> it's -- it was a traumatic video. the reason it had the impact across the nation and the globe, it elicited a visceral reaction from everyone, to hear him speak and cry out. to hear what seems to be a complete dismissiveness of human life. each of these has elements of the crimes charged, second degree murder, third degree murder, manslaughter, and what you think about in terms of officers as the benefit of the doubt that many jurors give. one of the main questions is whether you'll give more weight to the testimony of an officer
8:25 pm
than the average person. we're trained not to believe that a public servant will get up in the morning, put on his uniform, and walk with the intent to kill. all of the charges takes into the psychology of this, and the reality of what people saw. and of course the george floyd killing was illustrative of what has happened with so many people in this country. >> laura, thank you. she doesn't think the queen or prince charles are racist, but thinks harry and meghan's charges are bigger than just them. that's next.
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tonight, the foundation created by prince harry and meghan markle announced it will tackle issues like racism and mental health. their interview with oprah rocking the uk, forcing a reckoning of systemic racism. so i want to bring in diane abbott, a member of parliament, the first black woman elected to parliament. thank you so much for joining us. you're the first black female member of parliament. meghan markle was another groundbreaker. what do you think her experience was like? >> i think i have an idea of what it was like.
8:31 pm
buckingham palace as an institution, not the royal family at this point, but the advisers and the people who run it, is an institution. and meghan would have come up against that. they could not come to terms with a black woman marrying into the royal family. >> i have been speaking with british guests this week. and they say that there's a huge issue of systemic racism in the uk. is that your experience as well? >> oh, yes. whether you're talking about business or the legal profession, the world of work generally. and again, what has become clear is that although some of these institutions have had to discuss race, particularly in the light of black lives matter, the royal household was the one major
8:32 pm
british institution that never had any discussions about race. had never questioned why all the top aides and advisers were all white males from a particular class background. >> so we have been seeing the royals out this week. we saw prince william, i want to ask you about his response in a moment. we also saw prince charles. they have black people with them now. i'm just wondering, is that something new? does that always happen? is that normal? because i hadn't noticed it before. >> i hadn't really noticed it before. but to be fair, prince charles has always been concerned about diversity. >> you cut out. are you still there? can you hear me? you're there, okay? >> i can hear you. >> good. prince william was the first member of the royal family to speak out publicly.
8:33 pm
he said that the royals are very much not a racist family. and the queen said in her statement that she intended to deal with these allegations in private. do you expect we'll see some changes in behavior from the royals? you said you don't believe that members of the royal family are racist, but you think the institution itself is racist. do you think we'll see changes? >> i very much hope so. i should say, as well, that although i think it's an institution properly in buckingham palace, there was a p member of the royal family who asked questions and was concerned about exactly what color the baby would be. that's a textbook definition of racism, and the most important thing is the color of the baby's been. but i think we'll see changes. because unless the royal family and the palace face up to this issue, i think it will make it
8:34 pm
very difficult once the queen passes away for the royal family to continue in its constitutional role in britain, but also in the commonwealth. they have to make changes. their survival will -- >> so, diane, alex beresford challenged piers morgan on the air for his disparaging comments about meghan markle. he posted, we need to recognize that the experiences of friends, staff, and family will be different based on access. alex said yesterday he didn't want morgan to quit the show. he just wanted him to listen. is this part of the problem,
8:35 pm
people don't listen when it comes to these kinds of conversations? >> part of the problem is that people don't listen. and part of the problem is people react in a particular way, when you want to talk about racism. they think you're saying that they're a bad person. and they get very defensive and quite aggressive as we saw with piers morgan. but they're just being asked to look at themselves and to look at the way their institution works. >> diane, thank you. i loved our conversation. i hope you'll come back sometime. thank you so much. be well. >> thank you. >> thank you. one year since the shooting death of breonna taylor, and her mother is still waiting for justice. she speaks out to cnn. plus, we're learning about new links between capitol hill i insurrectionists and roger stone.
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tomorrow marks one year since breonna taiylor was shot and killed by police officers during a flawed raid. and her family says they're still waiting for justice. jason carroll has more on this story. >> i'll never get to a point
8:41 pm
where i'm over what happened to her. >> reporter: the one-year anniversary of her daughter's death will be marked by attending a rally. >> it's been a year for people. but every day has been march 13th for me. >> reporter: march 13th, 2020, the day taylor was killed. >> you know she should be here. >> reporter: none of the officers who raided the apartment have been charged. instead, a grand jury brought felony endangerment charges against one of them. the attorney general defended the officers' actions saying they were justified because taylor's boyfriend fired first that night. >> the male was holding a gun, arms extended in a shooting
8:42 pm
stance. >> reporter: walker argued it was in self-defense. he said the officers never identified themselves, but the officers say they did. just this week, a kentucky judge permanently dismissed charges against walker. >> he's supposed to say thank you and walk away? no, there has to be accountability. >> reporter: that's key to not just walker and palmer, but people like pastor timothy finley, who protested calling for police reform in taylor's death as well as other african-americans at the hands of police. >> march 13th, it's breonna taylor, not just remembering her name, but a call for justice. >> reporter: last year, the city
8:43 pm
paid taylor's family $20 million, and passed breonna's law. the city's mayor says there has been a top to bottom review of the louisville police department. >> there's a lot to do. we have done a lot. but we're going to keep working at this. >> reporter: it's still not enough for palmer. with no officers charged, she says justice still eludes her. she penned an open letter to president joe biden, asking the president to enact national po policies to hold police accountable. >> if we don't fix it, we're going to be in a lot of trouble. >> she's more hopeful than me. >> reporter: why is that? >> i don't trust them. >> reporter: and taylor's mother filed a complaint with the louisville police department's
8:44 pm
professional standards unit. alleging that six officers filed false investigation about breonna taylor related to that raid. and the police department in a statement saying they will investigate that complaint thoroughly. >> jason, thank you. capitol riot, the prosecutors building their case. the latest on that, next. opping) the ink! dad!!! dad!!! i'm so hosed. yeah, you are. (shaq) the epson ecotank printer. no more cartridges. it comes with an incredible amount of ink that can save you a lot of trips to the store. get ready for the dean's list. who's dean? the epson ecotank. just fill and chill.
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tonight, a federal judge in new york releasing a capitol rioter who allegedly took part in the brutal assault of a d.c. police officer. he was seen on body cam ripping off the officer's badge and body camera. >> i remember guys were stripping me of my gear. these rioters, pulling my badge off my chest. they ripped my radio off of my vest. started pulling, like,
8:50 pm
ammunition magazines from their holder on my belt. and then some guy started getting ahold of my gun. and they were screaming out, you know, kill him with his own gun. >> well, that as investigators are saying more than 400 people could be charged in connection and the first plea deal may come in a matter of weeks they are building out a case against the oath keepers. we have the latest. >> reporter: in what is shaping up to be one of the largest and most complex criminal probes in american history, tonight prosecutors are zeroing in on members of the extremist anti-government group the oath keepers. >> going to to the capitol, over ran the capitol. >> we are in the -- capitol. >> reporter: prosecutors are building out a major capitol riot conspiracy case against nine oath keepers. a federal prosecutor telling a
8:51 pm
judge that new charges are coming against new members all while the connections to the group, with trump's ally rodger stone is becoming more parent. an fbi agent saying that a member of the oath keepers drove rodger stone surrounding the stop the steal rally on january 5th. one day before the insurrection. james wife testified that her husband was paid $1500 by the oath keepers for his security work at two events including that rally. prosecutors say oath keeper robert minoto was seen screaming at police hours after he appeared to stand guard by rodger stone's side outside the willard hotel in with a wavmt he wore a vip guest credential with an oath keeper's hat and patch. he was identified by the fbi
8:52 pm
inside the capitol, wearing ballistic goggles, a radio with an ear piece and possibly carrying bear spray, according to an fbi affidavit. stone has denied having advance knowledge of the capitol bridge and only accepted security because of death threats. a judge is openly questioning the conspiracy against one oath keeper. caldwell has beenheld in jail, and has been ordered to be released the judge said there's no direct evidence from planning from caldwell, a strike against the conspiracy charge against him. they accused him of transporting weapons across the potomac, he is now on house arrest, barred from communicating with members of the oath keepers. and prosecutors are now revealing a new court filing, the vast scope of the insurrection investigation. a criminal probe unlike any
8:53 pm
other in american history. federal investigators are pouring through a mountain of evidence, they are reviewing more than 15,000 hours of surveillance tapes and police body camera footage, about 1600 electronic devices and they have connect e-mails and text messages. more than 900 search warrants have been executed in every state around the country and prosecutors expect 100 more people will eventually be charged adding to the nearly 300 people already publically identified and charged. and tonight, we have learned more than a dozen federal prosecutors have been sent here to washington to assist the u.s. attorney's office and while plea deals are in the works the logistics of the investigation combined with backlogs in the courts mean any trials could still be 12-15 months away. that's according to people briefed on this probe. don? >> jessica, s schneider, thank >> jessica, s schneider, thank so much, we will be right back.t surfaces?
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take full accountability and embrace your reality. when we go through our program, it's only the beginning. i want to be there through your whole journey. because i want to see you successful. there we go. one more. >> i have gained so much from my injury and i want other people to have that same mind-set. you are learning that you are about to do more. i believe that once we help someone now they have the ability to help someone else. this is something that has to have a ripple affect. we coming together and empowering each other, and being an inspiration for one another. >> wow. what an inspiration, wesley, is, to see his full story and his work, go to cnn while you are there, nominate somebody you think should be a cmn hero. thank you for watching everyone, our coverage continues.
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. we begin with calls for governor cuomo to step down. talk about the latest figures in the party calling on the governor to resign. >> well, it's the most senior, the leaders of the especially diddic party here in new york state, i am talking about senator chuck schumer. the majority leader and then kirsten gillibrand saying cuomo should step down after multiple allegations of sexual harassment. to think we started the day by hearing from congressional members and leaders in congress calling on the governor to resign and then we ended the day with the two top democrats also now calling on the governor to resign. >> we're going to come back to you in a few minutes for more in depth coverage but quickly, how many allegations are there as of tonight against the governor? >> reporter: so cnn, yeah, so cnn is reporting on six allegations. there is a new allegation coming from a reporter who covered the governor back in 2014 where she accuses him of inappropriately touching her at the time and
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