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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 24, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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have easy access to online. >> agreed. i think we need to have a uniform -- you know, one place where people go to register for these vaccinations. what's happening is we had multiple sites and it's incredibly confusing, and i'm hoping that over the next few weeks to months that states will be able to work out these kinks in the registration process and have a centralized way for people to register quite easily for these appointments. >> dr. wen, dr. blackstock, thank you so much. i really appreciate it. the news continues right now. i want to hand it over to don lemon for "cnn tonight." this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. we thank you so much for joining. important message tonight, because there is another massacre and we have another chance to do something about the epidemic of gun violence, and it's slipping away.
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the question is when are elected officials going to have the courage to do something to protect americans who aren't safe from gun violence in the supermarkets, aren't safe at work, not safe at schools, in churches and synagogues, on and on and on and on and on? colorado senator michael bennett, emotional on the senate floor just tonight. >> i'm not asking anybody here to show the courage that officer talley showed or the other men and women of law enforcement who constantly have to deal with the inability of this place's capacity to deal with these issues. i'm just asking us to show an ounce of their courage by doing whatever we can to keep weapons of war out of our communities.
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>> president joe biden facing the roadblock that has tripped up so many of his predecessors, what to do about guns and a government that just won't act. vice president kamala harris demanding congress stop hiding behind the second amendment. >> it is time for congress to act, and stop with the false choices. this is not about getting rid of the second amendment, it's simply about saying we need reasonable gun safety laws. >> so the fact is the gop wants more restrictions on voting than they do on guns. restrictive voting measures that would legislate the opposition out of power, bring 'em on! the new jim crow that would keep people of color, most of whom voted for joe biden, away from the polls, bring it on! anything to fight their way back into power. anything. senator amy klobuchar slamming
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gop claims that the democrats' voting rights bill would cause chaos. >> i've been hearing the word "chaos" tossed around. let me tell you what chaos is. chaos is what we've seen in the last years, five-hour, six-hour lines in states like arizona to vote. chaos is purging names of long-time voters from a voter list so they can't go vote in states like georgia. chaos is the state of texas declaring that you can only have one drop-off box for votes and ballots in their states, including huge counties like harris county with nearly 5 million people. and chaos is what we saw happen at the capitol when people heard for an entire year that our election isn't sound and they decided to come here and take it under their own hands. that angry mob, that was chaos. >> and the majority leader chuck schumer asking why republicans don't try to win voters over instead of trying to keep them
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from voting. >> i would like to ask my republican colleagues why are you so afraid of democracy? why, instead of trying to win voters over that you lost in the last election, are you trying to prevent them from voting? >> it is shameful. they know what they're doing. they know what they're doing. they said it out loud. they know what they're doing. they're trying to restrict voting because they don't believe they can win. by the way, senator schumer will be with me on the show in just a moment, so stay tuned. i know you want to hear what he has to say. but first let's talk about another senator, josh hawley. doesn't want to do anything about guns. he thinks guns aren't the problem, that criminals are. >> how about we put violent criminals behind bars? how about instead of releasing criminals onto the streets, how about instead of looking the other way as a violent crime has soared in this country which is
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what the democrats have done for the last year. >> why do we have to do this? why? it's so disingenuous. the question, why can't we address both, right? criminals who commit crimes and our extraordinary access to very powerful military-style weapons. maybe the best person to talk about looking the other way when it comes to violent crime is not josh hawley. you know, the one -- the same josh hawley who sa saluted the crowd before the riot began? the same josh hawley who helped rioters broke into the capitol hours after they fought with police? hours after they stormed the halls of congress hunting for lawmakers, putting up a gallows outside and chanting, hang mike
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pence. >> hang mike pence! hang mike pence! hang mike pence! hang mike pence! hang mike pence! hang mike pence! >> too many republicans continue to deny the terrible reality of what happened on january 6th. continue to deny it even though we saw it with our own eyes, an attempt to take down our very own government, incited by the then-president of the united states. and we're learning more tonight about what was going on during that insurrection. evidence that domestic extremists coordinated before the attack. prosecutors say a leader of the oath keepers allegedly discussed his communications with the proud boys in facebook chats, saying he had, quote, orchestrated a plan with them.
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that as prosecutors say two more oath keepers discussed taking refuge in the kentucky mountains if they couldn't prevent president joe biden from taking office. and cnn's k-file has found that the first evidence of a qanon congresswoman, marjorie taylor greene, was inside the capitol. hmm. videos of the attack show anthony aguerro inside the mob with high lighters. 45 for the former president, but they say it was antifa, and it wasn't really trump supporters but a lot of them were wearing 45 paraphernalia. and asians across this country are terrified they will become victims of the next explosion of violence. >> how much do you think trump and other republicans' rhetoric
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calling the coronavirus kung flu and china virus contributed to this rise in hate to asian-americans? >> the spanish flu came from china, the china communist party. the biggest oppressed group in china are the chinese. the chinese communist party are horrible to their own citizens. they deny them the basic freedoms and rights that we take for granted, so the fact that the flu -- excuse me, covid-19 came from china is just a fact, and i don't buy that. >> yeah, i know what you're thinking. i'm thinking the same thing. what? what does that have to do with anything? is there anything that he won't make an excuse for? him and others.
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for the former president. look, we all heard what the then-president said. he said it over and over and over and over. i said it before, we know where the hate comes from. >> at that time we called it the wuhan virus, right? wuhan. china's cover-up of the wuhan virus allowed the disease to spread all over the world. >> i can name kung flu, i can name 19 different versions of names. kung flu. [ cheers and applause ] >> it sounds like -- i like the china virus, or i like the plague from china. >> it's got about 24 names. i i can call it from covid to china virus. i can call it the plague. i call it the china plague. >> we and the whole world got
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hit with the china virus. >> the incredible people and families who suffered so greatly from the china virus, it's a horrible thing that was put onto the world. >> don't miss that hate and toxicity, do you? not at all. not at all. let's be honest. not at all. we know where the hate comes from. and we know what it does to asian-americans all across this country, and that's where we are tonight. two days after the second deadly mass shooting in a week. when are we going to do something about it? when are we going to stop making excuses? especially for those who explicitly spread hate. kaitlan collins joins me this evening. kaitlan, good evening to you. i see you're at the white house behind you there.
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you have new information about president biden, about how he's preparing for his first formal news conference. what are you learning? >> reporter: this is going to be his most extensive back and forth with the white house press corps before he took oflfice. you see him answering questions in the oval office or on marine one, but this is his first formal press conference where he'll be asked a lot of things, including what you talked about there in your introduction, including this push for tougher gun laws. what we're learning tonight is he's been preparing pretty extensively for it. earlier he kind of joked, what press conference, when asked how is he getting ready for it. but we're told he has been huddling with senior aides. he did an informal prep session earlier this week really trying to get red ady for this. so many of his other major moments have been unscripted and on camera. this will also be on camera, but the questions will be something where he will have an opportunity to explain his thinking on his policy, his
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presidency, what that's going to look like and also to be pressed on the issues of the day, including immigration, and what those gun laws that he wants to see and how he would get there. >> kaitlan, there is a lot of pressure on the white house to add tougher gun laws. you just touched on it briefly. a lot of people are going to be watching. they want to hear what the president is doing, what this administration is proposing, how they're going to go up against a divided congress and senate. so what actions are they considering in the white house. >> reporter: they're considering several different executive actions, some that have to do with background checks or some that have to do with purchasing firearms, how those firearms are labeled with serial numbers and whatnot. but we've been hearing on this review of executive actions that president biden could take is what the vice president said this morning when she did an interview on cbs and she said, yes, this is something we're considering, but we're really pushing for legislation and we want congress to act, which we know for so many times congress
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has not actually acted. that seemed to be a push they were focusing on this morning, though. >> let's talk about what's happening oltat the border. we know the president is going to task the vice president with trying to figure out how to put her front and center when it comes to immigration and what's happening on the border. what do you know about that? >> reporter: this is the first really big add to vice president harris' portfolio. she has been to many events and meetings, but this is the first thing biden has tasked her with. it's pretty similar to what obama had him do when they were in office, back in 2014 and 2015 when there was also a migrant surge at the border. basically what you'll see the vice president doing, according to what they said earlier today, she'll be in charge of overseeing those diplomatic efforts with those southern american countries trying to stop migrants at the border. she'll be in charge of that. it's a really big task. it is going to be a challenge.
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it's something that has eluded several presidents for decades now, but this is what they were saying they envisioned her playing a role with what's happening at the border is just one of the many facets you've seen them take. of course, there are many more challenges that are facing them, so it will be interesting to see how she does in this new role. >> kaitlan collins leading us off from the white house. kaitlan, thank you. government battling to get the voting bill passed. leader schumer calling this the most despicable thing he's seen. well, he's here, next. and all the ways schwab can help me invest. this is andy reminding me how i can keep my investing costs low and that there's no fee to work with him. here's me learning about schwab's satisfaction guarantee. accountability, i like it. so, yeah. andy and i made a good plan. find your own andy at schwab.
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learn more at today. so things are getting pretty heated today at a senate hearing on sweeping voting rights legislation put forward by democrats. majority leader chuck schumer calling gop voter suppression despicable. gop leader mitch mcconnell accusing democrats of overreaching. listen to this. >> it's one of the most despicable things i have seen in all my years. shame, shame, shame. instead of doing what you should be doing when you lose an election in a democracy, attempting to win over those voters in the next election,
7:19 pm
republicans instead are trying to disenfranchise those voters. shame on them. >> states are not engaging in trying to suppress voters whatsoever. this is clearly an effort by one party to rewrite the rules of our political system. >> majority leader schumer joins me now. senator, i thank you for joining us. i should say majority leader. pardon me, i don't mean to disrespect. you were fired up today. what's it take to get this voting legislation passed because republicans are dead set against it? >> this is despicable. for mitch mcconnell to say there on the screen that we are trying to change the rules? no. it's republican legislatures across the country that could take away the rights according to the "washington post" of up to 10 million people, mainly poor, mainly people of color, mainly democrats, maybe urban
7:20 pm
because they lost the election. i have rarely seen something that is so obnoxious, despicable and anti-democratic. do you know what it reminds me of? of being in a hertocracy, a place like hungary, and we are going to do everything we can to stop this. failure is not an option. this will not stand. our caucus feels very strongly about this, very strongly. >> you said hartocracy, but you said it's like jim crow rearing his ugly head once again. is there a way of toudoing this without touching the filibuster? >> there will be a launched campaign by many groups and our hope is always that republicans will see the light. but if they don't, our caucus
7:21 pm
will gather and we will figure out the best way to change these rules and everything will be on the table. as iv've said before, failure i not an option. we cannot allow this to stand and everything, everything is on the table. >> i want to talk about this and more, but let's talk about this and then we'll get past it and discuss some other things. i wonder, you said failure is not an option. how are you going to handle senator joe manchin. joe manchin is against democrats' voting rights, the bill as is. the house gun legislation, he wo won't kill the filibuster. a lot of democrats see him as a roadblock, but you also need him in the majority. >> i think every member of our democratic caucus without exception regards this as despicable as what is happening. when we come together as a caucus, if the republicans don't join us and help us change these rules, i am confident that we will get them changed. >> i want to talk to you about something else you're very passionate about. i understand you have an
7:22 pm
announcement you want to make tonight on this show. you're recommending three black nominees for top u.s. attorney jobs in new york. tell me why. >> well, first, i am so proud to have nominated damian williams for the southern district of the united states at the u.s. attorney's office, brionne peace for the eastern district and trini ross for the western district. they bring something that is much needed at this moment. so i am proud to do this. our nation is so much better when we reflect the diversity of this country which has not been, unfortunately, in these powerful u.s. attorneys' offices. so i hope and urge this to be a model for senators across the country to look for other diverse and highly qualified candidates. they're out there, like these
7:23 pm
three fine people. they are out there. it takes some intentional effort to find them. i'm proud that we were able to do that in new york, and i hope it serves as a model from one end of the country to othe othe, especially at this moment when we realize we have to deal with the problems of bigotry and racism that we are seeing in the country. >> thank you for making that announcement. damian williams, breon peace and trini ross, the senate majority leader making that announcement here this evening. we appreciate that. we have a lot of news going on. i have to ask you about the other big story, which americans are sick of these mass shootings. senator toomey proposed a compromised bill with joe manchin after sandy hook. now he's saying it's up to you. watch this and we'll discuss. >> sure. >> a big part of this is going to be to get started is up to senator schumer. does ept the want to have a chat getting an outcome, getting the
7:24 pm
60 votes, or does he want to see something fail so he can use for political purposes? if he decides the former, we really do need to take a hard run at this. i do think there is support there that wasn't in the past. if he decides he just wants to have a failed vote, then there's no prospect. >> the majority of americans want sensible gun legislation, including enhanced background checks. my question is, though, how are you going to find some common ground and do anything on gun legislation? >> let me first say, we're in a different senate. after there was a horrible mass shooting, the 49 people, i believe it was, in el paso and then the shootings in nevada, mitch mcconnell said, we're going to debate this on the floor and vote on it. and, of course, we never did. with a democratic majority, with frankly myself as leader, those days are over. we are going to put legislation on the floor of the senate. we are going to have every senator have to say where they're going to vote. they're not going to be able to hide anymore. they are not going to be able to
7:25 pm
hide. and there are a bunch of alternatives. i believe in hr-8. that is universal background checks. it has overwhelming support, don, of the american people. i think it's something like 90% of americans and 80% of gun owners support this. you know, i was the author of the brady law. but unfortunately, there was no internet so we didn't block internet sales. gun shows then were places where you would show off your 1939 derringer and now they're a place where illegal guns are sold in the country, guns that shouldn't be there. so we have to upgrade this law. i am sitting down tomorrow with senator murphy of connecticut. i will be talking to senator blumenthal as well. they are our leaders, and we are going to figure out the best and strongest path forward. there will be votes. there will be votes and toomey should know that. toomey should know that. >> you're talking about democrats and you're saying it's a much different senate than what he was talking about. but they like the way things are
7:26 pm
right now, and they don't have to do anything. they can just sit and do nothing right now. how -- what are you going to do about that? >> don, no. they were able to sit and do nothing under mcconnell, because even though he promised, he totally backed off on that promise and never put any of this legislation on the floor for either debates or votes. there is going to be gun legislation on the floor with debates with votes. we'll see. our republican colleagues, many of them know that they're on the wrong side of the issue. they're not going to be able to hide. maybe they will join us in legislation. maybe they won't, and then again, we'll have to figure out -- >> you actually think there is a chance that a republican will join you on gun legislation? >> toomey said he's going to join. i'm not sure what he's proposing and we want strong legislation, but they're feeling the heat, they're feeling the heat. the reason mcconnell was never going to bring bills to the floor was because he knew a lot of them didn't want that heat. now they're going to get it. let's see what the outcome is, and again, we will figure out
7:27 pm
the best way to move forward, but move forward we must. >> on to infrastructure now. you know it's a top priority for president biden and we're hearing white house advisers are expected to present a $2 trillion bill to infrastructure proposal soon. how is a mass sive spending pla like this going to get done? >> again, it's the same old story. we prefer republicans join us, but if they don't, we'll figure out how to move forward. infrastructure is in all kinds of places. the biden plan has three sort of pillars, all of which i think are great. one is strong on infrastructure, two is strong on climate, three is strong on jobs and particularly jobs for the underprivileged who have been left out before. and that combination of three led to a passage of historic legislation in new york. i believe it can happen in the
7:28 pm
nation. again, we've got some indication some republicans are interested in joining us on this. if they will, great. but we're not going to let them stand in the way of bold legislation. if we have to use the reconciliation, we will, in certain parts of the bill. but right now we're trying to get as strong a bill as we can hopefully with some parts of it being bipartisan. >> we've covered a lot of ground and we're happy that you're here to speak directly to the american people so they know what's going on. transparency. >> thank you, don. >> thank you, majority leader. >> great to be with you, don. thank you for having me. >> you as well. disturbing video from the january 6th attack on the capitol. it shows rioters attacking officer brian sicknick who died after the insurrection.
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new video today from the
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"new york times" showing what happened to capitol police officer brian sicknick during the january 6th riot. the video shows officer sicknick being sprayed with a chemical irritant while he held the lines of the violent mob. that is showing coordination between the paramilitary group the oath keepers and the far right proud boys. cnn's jessica schneider has the story. >> reporter: tonight we are getting our first glimpse of capitol police officer brian sicknick in the hours before he died on the front lines, guarding the west side of the capitol january 6th. in new video from the "new york times," the moments before and after sicknick was hit with a chemical spray play out. you can see one of the two men accused of assaulting officer sicknick and two other officers, ju julian kater, standing in the crowd. then kater is seen with what
7:34 pm
" "the times" identifies as a spray can. you can see sicknick turn away after being struck by the spray and start to move away from the crowd. they released these pictures of the officer huddled and hunched over. all three were temporarily blinded. the officer was sick the next day and died. the role the chemical spray played is still in question. but the acting attorney in d.c. who led the riot investigation for the past two months said it is possible that kater and george tanios, though only charged with assault now, could eventually be charged with murder. >> if evidence directly relates that chemical to his death, yeah, we have causation, we have a link. in that scenario, correct, that's a murder case. >> reporter: meanwhile the possible coordination between far right groups, the proud boys and oath keepers in advance of
7:35 pm
january 6th is being exposed by federal prosecutors. a new court filing lays out the facebook messengers from oath keeper kelly megs saying he orchestrated a plan with the proud boys. it's the first time prosecutors have allegedly linked the violent efforts between two far right extremist groups and documented their alleged planning. megs said of the proud boys, i have been communicating with the leader. we'll fall to the back of the crowd and then we'll get in front of antifa and beeltat the hell out of them. >> this is evidence of contact but agreement between the two groups on things like contacts and positioning. >> reporter: in a facebook message on december 22nd, two weeks before the insurrection,
7:36 pm
megs' plan was for 200 oath keeper members to travel to washington. he added, plus, we've been in contact with pb and they always have a big group. three days later, megs laid out the gear they should bring. bring no guns. mace, helmets a-- >> this is the action they allegedly took between the two groups. >> you heard the evidence. prosecutors say it proves a high degree of coordination and communication between the oath keepers and the proud boys before that riot on january 6th at the capitol how significant is this new evidence? >> yeah, don, the conspiracy
7:37 pm
charges are going to be enormously important here. first of all, they'll allow the pr prosecutors to tell the american public the whole story. how was this planned? who was in on it beforehand? who was talking to who? how were they communicating? who financed it, if at all? and keep in mind, don, these conspiracy charges are going to cause these guys to cooperate. they're going to flip at each other like pancakes. i've sign it happen. there was a lot of bravado, tough talk that day, flags waving. when you get on the other side versus the united states, watch how they give the full story. >> what about what the prosecution released today? could it rise to the level of conspiracy? >> sure. conspiracy really just means an agreement, a meeting of the minds for two people to commit a crime. i think conspiracy will be the least of their worries here. i think we're going to see even more serious charges. sedition charges could be at play here. it sounds like a big word but it
7:38 pm
means trying to interfere with any government function. why do you think they were there on january 6th? because they were counting electoral votes. that's a government function. even trying to take over a government building is sedition, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if we see sedition charges as well as conspiracy charges. >> this is the alleged communication from the leader of the oath keepers to members of his group. hi here's what he writes. he said, trump said it's going to be wild, it's going to be wild. he wants us to make it wild. that's what he's saying. he called us all to the capitol and he wants us to make it wild. sir, yes, sir. gentlemen, we are heading to d.c. pack your -- shit, that's what he said. does that implicate the president in any way? >> you know what that relates to. donald trump's tweet following the rally, he said hwe'll be
7:39 pm
wild. he sto they stormed to the capitol echoing that. there have been over 400 charges. that's good, that's progress, but let's hold merrick garland to his promise. when he was confirmed in his testimony he said, we'll follow every lead from the ground on up wherever it takes us. so donald trump has some real culpability here. will it rise to the level of legal liability. that will be a big question for merrick garland to answer. >> we have to talk about the assault on officer sicknick. two men have already been charged with assault. if prosecutors can prove that bear spray is responsible for his death, what then, murder? >> if they prove that. if the autopsy and the toxicology, which is the blood analysis, come back and tie the bear spray to the death, then yes, i believe we'll be looking at a murder charge. that video is so important because it takes away any
7:40 pm
defense the individual may have. it's obviously not self-defense, it's obviously intentional. it's not an accidental discharge. he asks for the bear spray from his friend, he holds it over his head and shoots it directly into sicknick's face. if they get that scientific link to the death, then i believe we'll see a murder charge. >> michael sherwin, the former acting district attorney said he believed some of the capitol rioters could be charged with sedition. you just talked about sedition. do prosecutors have the evidence to make that stick, eli? >> i think they do. i think you look at what happened inside the capitol, and look, entering the capitol is a crime. unlawful entry into the capitol, destruction of property, theft, a lot of those have been charged. you have to ask the next layer question, which was, what were they trying to do there? why were they there january 6? not because it was a nice random
7:41 pm
wednesday in january, because that was the law your honor the constitution where the electoral votes were counted. that's why donald trump called them there, that's why they stormed the building, that's what they were looking to do inside. if you can establish that, by all means sedition should be charged here. prosecutors can't be shy about this. prosecutors can be fair, but they ever to be aggressive. this is the time to be aggressive. >> i asked you about conspiracy and i asked you about sedition and you had two very concise answers. is there one that's more likely or is it a possibility of both here? >> conspiracy has already been charged in some cases and is a virtual certainty. conspiracy is very common. if you look at federal indictments, any time two or more people are involved and work in concert or any kind of agreement, you will see a conspiracy charge. that is very run of the mill. sedition is very rare. there has actually not been a sedition charge in this country in over a decade. there has not been a successful
7:42 pm
sedition prosecution in this country since 1995 by my former office, the southern district of new york. so conspiracy is run of the mill, sedition is very rare. i think both are warranted here. >> that's why we have you here. thanks for the clarification and for the information. eli honig, thank you, sir. boulder residents hold a candlelight vigil for the ten people who were killed. we're live in boulder, next. sth is supported by ours. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you. the epson ecotank. no more buying cartridges. look at all this ink it comes with.
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the suspect in the boulder mass shooting has his first court appearance tomorrow morning. he's facing ten counts of murder in the first degree. no word on a motive yet but a source is telling cnn that the fbi is examining the suspect's online activity and interviewing his family and friends. one big question. why did he choose to open fire
7:47 pm
at the boulder supermarket when he lives a half hour away? cnn keung lah is in boulder. thank you for joining us. do investigators know what he committed this shooting? >> reporter: they don't yet, and that's what's puzzling to investigators. they said it's going to be really important as far as motive. what was the connection between this suspect and this grocery store? that's a tie they feel will be critical to really understanding motive here. something else rwe're hearing from a law enforcement source is that he wasn't part of any previous fbi investigation, so when, you know, there is a federal search, a background check, nothing prevented him from being able to buy this weapon, don. >> so keung, i see that you're at that memorial in boulder right now. what are you hearing from the
7:48 pm
people? >> reporter: yeah, you know, this is a little reason why i'm speaking a bit softly here, because this is something that we've seen across the city of boulder tonight. this is just outside the king soopers, the scenem. but you can see all these candles are lit here, and we went to a couple different vigils across the city where people were gathering. they were lighting candles and they said they want to come together just to grieve as a community for what had happened to their community. take a listen to a young woman whofls at one of these vigils. >> it's not like we haven't seen shootings like these before on the news. i live a krocross the street an watched the whole thing on the internet. i didn't go outside my apartment. it just seems so dehumanizing seeing it across the country. like the shooting in georgia just felt so terrible but so
7:49 pm
dis distant. this shouldn't happen. this shouldn't be normal. so i just think it's so sad how normal it is. >> reporter: how do we stop it from being normal? >> gun control. >> reporter: and she says that very simply because that woman is sick of it, don. she says that growing up, and you saw how young she is, that she is the generation of the active shooter drill, that she did more active shooter drills as a young child than she did fire drills. and that is the state of our society today. and she says she is simply sick of it. don? >> keung lah in boulder, thank you very much. i appreciate your reporting. a lot is going on. people are dealing with a lot and we need to take the stigma off mental health. so if you're experiencing any issues that you need help with, help is available to you.
7:50 pm
you can call the national suicide prevention lifeline. that number is 1-800-273-talk. 1-80 1-800-273-8255. no matter what you're experiencing, they can refer you to the right place to get help. o okay? so call that number. we'll be right back. ( piano glissando ) i think you better double them tots. no, this me was last year. i didn't get my madness last year, so we're doing double the madness this year.
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7:55 pm
cnn's nick watt reports, this may be a double edged sword as local health officials say the expanded demand could challenge their vaccine supply. >> vaccinations will be available to all 16 and older on march 24th. >> that's today. and tomorrow in georgia? >> all georgiians over the age of 16 will be eligible for the covid-19 vaccination. >> reporter: at least half the states will open vaccination to everyone 16 and older by the end of april. around 130 million doses now in american arms. around 1.3 million school staff have now been vaccinated. new york city high schools are back in person this week. >> about 75%, or three quarters of our schools are offering some form of in-person learning including hybrid. >> reporter: but -- >> i continue to be worried about the apparent date and the apparent stall we're seeing in
7:56 pm
the trajectory of the pandemic. cdc is watching these numbers very closely. >> reporter: nearly 40,000 americans are hospitalized with the virus and five months after discharge, 7 in 10 people still suffer symptoms. the new study finds. new cases, nearly 53,000 reported yesterday. >> when you're at that level, i don't think you can declare victory. we are at the corner. whether or not we're going to be turning that corner still remains to be seen. >> reporter: one issue that will emerge, should there be different rules for the vaccinated and the not. the miami heat just announced, they will reserve sections in the stands for vaccinated fans only. >> thank you so much. president joe biden holding his first presidential news conference tomorrow. and there won't be any shortage of topics to discuss. for me? what about me?
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