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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 26, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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at the top of the hour, i am don lemon, so glad you can join us because we have important things we can talk about right now. that's jim crow's 2.0. alive and well in 2021. georgia's governor is signing a bill that's nothingless than on the assault of the right to vote. a black woman is arrested for knocking on the door. >> why does she have to stand back? >> why is the governor trying to sign something in private?
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>> why does she have to step back? >> why is he keeping us out of the process? >> exactly. yeah, you give her one more time like you are going to do something. >> are you serious? >> no, you are not representing -- >> oh no, she's not under arrest, for what? >> for trying to see something that our governor is doing? our governor is signing a bill that affects all georgians. you are going to arrest about
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representative. why are you arresting her? >> that's what i am asking you. >> stop arresting her. >> cite the violation. what is she in violation of? >> site the code. cite the code. cite the code. why are you arresting her? under what? under what? >> ma'am, let go. >> under what law are you arresting her? why are you arresting her? >> let her go. >> why are you arresting her? tell it now. why are you arresting her? >> let her go. >> cite it. give me a reason why you are arresting her. give me a reason why you are arresting her? >> let her go! >> why are you arresting her? >> she's an elected
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representative. >> you know what the honest truth is? that's a damn shame. >> every time i look at that video. i am sure every time you look at it. regardless of what side of the political isle you are on. it is a damn shame. a travesty. those troopers really? i was speaking to a friend in georgia, i can't believe those troopers sit there and did that. why? for knocking on a door, knocking on a door? think about what happened at the capitol. those people were not arrested until they got home. turned yourself in some of them. convenience for the court or whatever. knocking on a door? so, that's georgia's state representative park cannon, right? locked out.
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while the bill that's designed to keep people of color from voting was signed into law. the president of the united states joe biden today calling the bill an atrocity. >> it is an atrocity. the idea, there were not any indication that had nothing to do with fairness or decency. they passed a law saying you can't provide water for people standing in line while they're waiting to vote? you don't need anything else to know this is nothing but punitive, designed to keep people from voting. you can't provide water for people about to vote. give me a break. >> that's the dually elected president, that's the president of the united states who was elected by a free and fair election and the most secure election in our nation's history. saying those words. >> so think about that for just
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a moment. it is a crime in georgia to give water to voters waiting online. think about how that's going to look. imagine arresting someone for handling a bottle of water to an elderly black woman who lived through the last fight for the right to vote. somebody's grandmother, somebody gr gsomebody's great grandmother. >> somebody waiting to ho hoho honor -- how is denying water to voters online -- how does it make the vote for secure? can we go back to those people waiting in line. i want to explain to people why so many people feel their
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passion about going to cast their votes on certain days. it is a visceral and tangible thing because you grow up like i did. hearing these stories about voter's suppression and poll tax and on and on. many of us want to go there and go through the process for all of those people in our history who would deny the right to vote, lost their lives to have the right to vote and so for sunday after church, all these christians in america who love talking about church and doing the christianly, god-like thing? after you go to church on sunday, you want to go and cast your vote as an american.
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it is passion there. it is a right. you are inspired but no, they don't want that to happen. how does that -- how does that make the vote for secure? not in any universe at all. you know it, i know it. everyone knows it. everyone is just pretending like oh yeah there is some higher things going on. the election is insecure. the election is not insecure. it is the most secure in history by everyone. courts and conservatives, every single person, except for the president and his a-- it is not denying voters. it limits the use of drop boxes.
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governor kemp himself used in november, ironic much? it gives georgia's republican control legislatures, this is really important. republican control legislatures, the power to take over local election boards. and if you have any question, any question at all what this is about, this tells you everything that you need to know. the disgraced twice, impeached one-term former disgraced president who lost the election fair and square two tried to strong arm the georgia's election official finding votes for him congratulating georgia for changing the law. too bad this changes could not have been done sooner. yeah, they could not give the former president what he wanted
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in 2020 because it was illegal to do so. what do you do? you change the law. come on. we are talking about sunday. where i grew up the church i grew up in on sunday -- come on y'all, am i the only one in here? that's the truth. you all know it is the truth and they know it is the truth. changing the law to make it harder for democratic voters, many of them people of color to cast their ballots. president biden calling it jim crow in the 21st century, urging congress to pass the voting rights bill going onto say he's going to take his case to the american people. if you have the best ideas, you have nothing to hide, let the people vote. republicans like georgia's governor doing anything they can to get back at the good graces of the form of the president.
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>> it was not a voting rights bill. >> it was a security bill that increases early voting opportunities on the weekend here in georgia, also requires a photo id for absentee by mail just like when you vote in person. it allows georgia to have a fair election in georgia. >> you know who created the election? republicans. now they're changing it because it does not suit them. how is that make elections not secure? not when the governor signs a bill behind closed doors. senator warnock laying it on the
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line, they are afraid of the people so they are trying to silent us. this is not about election security, not when officials are arrested and led away by police. they attack police but they try to take down our government. we know what this is about. we have seen it for ourselves. this is about the big lie. the big lie that the election was stolen has been revealed to be fake. fake. everything that stems from it is very, very real. the assault on your right to vote. the insurrection in cited by the former president all of it and the gop is going along with all of it. building everything on a big lie. the same big lie that's getting fox sued, $1.6 billion by
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diminion. >> sidney, we talked about the dominion software, i know there were voting irregularities, tell me about that. >> that to put it mildly, computer glitches should not have happened at all. that's where the fraud took place where they were flipping votes in the computer system or adding votes it did not exist. >> the president's lawyer alleging a company called the dominion. a back door is capable of flipping votes. >> this is a massive election fraud and i am very concerned that it involved not only the dominion and its smart software.
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the software was used by other election machines also. >> i think many americans have given no thought to electoral fraud that would be perpetrated through electronic voting that is these machines, these electronic voting companies, including dominion, promptly dominion and of the least suspicion of a lot of americans. >> but they're arresting the black lady for knocking on the door. really? here is the thing. sidney powell argued in her own court filing she's being sued by dominion, too. she argued no reasonable person would have believed her claim. what she said was a lie, the big lie that the election was stolen. that did not stop fox anchor buying into her claims.
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then there is this second big lie that nothing really happened during the insurrection at the capitol, the former president incited the insurrection with his bogus lies of the election being stolen out there trying to whitewash the whole thing, trying to convince us that we did not see it in our own eyes and those were flags waving patriots instead of bloodthirsty rioters hunting the members of congress. trying to convinced them were trying to hug and kiss police. >> they go after people, i guess you would call them lean towards the right, they're waving the american flags and they love our country. it was zero threat right from the start. it was zero threat, look. they went in and they should not
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have done it. some of them went in and hugging and kissing the police and the guards, you know? they had a great relationship and a lot of the people were waved in and walked in and walked out. >> does anybody believe that? come on, does anybody really believe that? do i have to show that video again? okay, all right. yes, there were flags waving. >> you know what flags they were waving? flags like the confederate. that's the flag they're waving. you know what they were doing with other flags? trump's flags. they were beating police with the flags. that's the kind of flags they were waving.
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>> we saw rioters. we saw they're trying to take down the officials. jim crow 2.0. alive and well in 2021. think about this. where ever you are. where ever you are right now. do it with me. this is why someone was arrested. knocking on a door. imagine facing jail time for it. [ knocking on a door ] o outr outrageous. what will it take to protect that sacred right? who'll stand up for your right to vote?
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. president biden slamming georgia's sweeping georgia's law. deep concerns of the arrest of georgia state's representative park cannon who knocked on brian kemp's door as he was signing bill. she's facing two charges. g gin joining us now is representative cannon's attorney. >> she's shaken but she's fighting for the people she's representing the millions of
7:22 pm
geor georgians. i am going to be honest with you, is she scared or worried? >> she's always worry. any time you spend a substantiate amount of jail, you are always worried but she's resolute and making sure people's voices are heard. >> a lot of people are concerned about her and la lot of people are asking this. how can this woman, elected fi official, how can she be treated this way? what do you want people to know about your client? >> she has served in the state house for years and an advocate for disenfranchise and for all of her district. she's always the voice spoken truth to power and she did that and she continues to do that. she plans on doing that.
7:23 pm
i want people of america to know that georgia is on the front line, we are fighting for voting rights as we always have. i am proud to represent representative cannon, she's proud to stand up for what's right in georgia. it is unfortunate of what happened to her. she's going to stand resolute and make sure that we don't go one step further back and we don't go to 1850 or 1950. we stand up and protect our voting rights. >> what was her goal for knocking on the door? >> her goal was to get transparency and see the process and make sure that voters as well as elected officials got to see the governor signs the bill. she wants to be present as other members at the state house at that signing. she was prevented so she knocked on the door. >> i asked if she was scared, i mean who would not be facing this, right? who would not be worried? what penalties that she's facing
7:24 pm
now and how do you plan to fight it? >> well, she's facing up to ag years in prison. we are planning on having conversations with a district attorney hoping to convince her to dismiss the charges. if not we are going to take this case all the way to jury trial and convince the jury that she did not violate any code section of the georgia code and she should not have been arrested. she's resolute. we have a great team that we have compiled. many people have seen the video. we are getting the rest of the video and fighting it all the way to trial. governor kemp was asked about cannon and this is what he said. >> as far as representative cannon, you have to question or ask georgia's department of public safety about what happened there. it is unfortunate that a siing state representative would stomp and kick a state patrol
7:25 pm
official. >> i would ask the governor stop commenting on stuff that he does not know about and we would respectfully say wait for the evidence of what she did or did not do. >> do you understand the optics and the significance of what happened last night? there are comparisons, what i am hearing from other people to rose parks and to civil rights activists or lawmakers who were fighting, she's now become the face of modern day voter suppression. the fight against modern day voter suppression, do you understand that? did she understand it? people want to see her and hear from her because they want to support her. >> yes. we definitely understand the historical moment we are in. she embraces that.
7:26 pm
she will speak at some point. we appreciate the moment historically. we just lost several titans of the several rights movement here in atlanta being representative john lewis. we understand where we are and that's why it is important at this moment to speak in one voice and to say we are not going to allow our voting rights to be taken away. >> the idea that the governor is behind closed doors signing a bill to restrict voting while you are client is knocking on the door to witness it. you are a social justice act activist, what does it look like? is this jim crow 2.0? >> it is obviously jim crow 2.0. >> we'll fight back just like they fought back. we understand how bad the optics are for that caucasian individuals to be signing a bill that would take away the rights
7:27 pm
of many minority individuals under a plantation. the good thing of georgia is we have produced the civil rights movement and i am hopeful that we produce the results of a new movement and we'll push back on this attempt to drive us back into a foregone era. >> i am asking for folks at home, i know what i have been reading. how do i help her? how do we support her? what do you say to those folks? >> we have to get the district attorney to drop the charges. >> i am talking about beyond georgia. there are people around the cou country, worldwide watching this. >> we have to make sure everyone around the world understands the fight we are in. it is time for the world to deliver for georgia and protect geor
7:28 pm
georgians' rights. we have to make sure we pass hr-1, the john lewis' voting rights act. that's what the world can do. the world can demand that we protect voting rights not only in georgia but for the entire country so we do not go backward. >> representative griggs. thank you attorney griggs. represent tative cannon is welce here any time. >> thank you, don. >> the big lie has a major impact on the health of our democracy. can anything be done to undo the damage? we'll talk about it. need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites for flights with no change fees. so you can book a great deal now, and always change later. kayak. search one and done.
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president biden is out rrag by the law in georgia. there was no election fraud but republicans are using the big lie as cover to pass voter suppression law. senator john mccai-- good to se you, thank you so much, i am going to start with you laura. there were three counts of on the ballot to georgia. biden won every time. there was no fraud. the election was secure. this georgia voter law grew out of this big election lie that
7:34 pm
the election was stolen. is this really trying to steal about the next e llection? what is this about? >> this is a pretext reason to use some sort of methodology to convince people that this is about voter election integrity, about trying to solve the problem that it did not exist. talking about william barr and the leadership in georgia including those who knew they would incur the wrath of donald trump when they refused to go along with the big lie. now somehow acting there is this widespread fraud that we are going to try to solve that problem. this is the kind of thing that made me go to the voting right section at the department voters trying to undermine the work of
7:35 pm
the civil rights movement. the idea of access to the polls without using race as a pr pretextural -- do you know where your democracy is? apparently it is not in georgia right now. you saw the picture and all of these guys signing behind closed door. this woman is an elected official, she has every right to be where she was. she was knocking. what does a knock mean? knock, knock, i am here, can you let me in. you say yes or no or whatever it is. you have this black woman who was arrested while they're signing this law under a picture of a slave plantation. >> don, the idea of what we saw people breaking down windows and barging through the door of the
7:36 pm
house of the people, the united states capitol. they were allowed to walk home freely in many instances. the idea trying to locate people, they were allowed to walk back out to law enforcement who i admit was handicap by the overwhelming number of people who were there. then you have somebody who's knocking on the door. the symbolism here is that even when black people in georgia tried to knock and get into the room the room we were talking about voting. they were constrained. there are actual rules of the new changes in georgia. what they're trying to do is do the same thing to other people who tried to access the polls. they're trying to knock and following the rules and somehow
7:37 pm
they have done the wrong thing again. it is not just about the idea of food and water being denied. it is about having the rules and the people who were able to implement the rules and decide whether the rules are followed or who's qualified voters or not. that's removed from the county board and is in the house of republican legislatures and majority. knocking on the door is what so many voters wills do. this law will ensure they too will be arrested. this is based on the first big lie that the election was stolen and the second big lie that the insurrection was not that bad of what she said on fox news. what is all of this doing to our democracy.
7:38 pm
>> one, the graeatest of fraud. the texts the attorney general spent 22,000 hours of voter fraud and came up with what? bad addresses. you know the party has a problem when the entire strategy is trying to get fewer voters to vote. you know that's a big problem. the other problem is when you are trying to solve a problem that does not exist. and so by the way, i think this whole thing were backfired in a big way. what it is going to do is activate all the stacey abrams of georgia and democrats are going to get the message. this happens to some degree in 2020. democrats got the message that these republican voters suppression going on which was going on then, too. democrats are getting the message that republicans are
7:39 pm
trying to hold your voters back and as a consequence, democrats and everyone is going to double down and seeing higher voters turning out ever than before. this is going to backfire. >> not the mention the optics. >> no food and water? >> the optic of having this woman arrested, you know, you can be the staunches conservative for trump supporter and you see this woman knocking and she's facing two felony charges and eight and a half years. >> it is a rosa park kind of moment. i guarantee democrats will be fired up and ready to go and be at the poll. >> can we talk about this insurrection thing that they were hugging and kissing police and it was not a big deal and they were flag wavering patriots as what the former president said last night?
7:40 pm
>> that's the big lie number two. 2.0. the first lie was the election was stolen which caused the insurrection and we know donald trump got those people at that speech, i was at that speech and i would have been surprised if they had inflicted violence at the capitol and given all that he said and donald trump jr. now he's taking it one step further, yeah, the insurrection was not that bad. people were hugging and loveing each other. had he not seen the test? i don't get it. >> it was a love fest. >> yes! >> come on. >> thank you, mark mckinnon.
7:41 pm
>> thank you, laura coates. >> oh, you got my last name right. >> i will take my licks live because i deserve it. >> martha coates is my mother and i love her dearly. >> hi martha coates. >> i love them all. i have one mother. thank you, thank you. >> y'all have a great weekend. >> you too. a controversial theory of the origin of the coronavirus and he's giving no evidence to back it up. dr. sanjay gupta is next. ( doorbell ) thanks boo. ( piano glissando ) i think you better double them tots. no, this me was last year. i didn't get my madness last year, so we're doing double the madness this year.
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good news in the battle of covid-19. the cdc reported 3.4 million
7:46 pm
doses administered since yesterday. a new daily record. e perts stiexperts is warning t pandemic is still not over. i want to bring in dr. sanjay gupta. he has a new cnn's special. i can't wait to see that doctor, the best of luck. let's get to the news. the u.s. number of covid vaccine doses jumped nearly 3.4 million doses. this is a new record. this is great news but is this fast enough in the race against the variant or should we be vaccinating more people and faster. >> you would like to go as fast as you can. it is worth taking a step back and reminding people that this is the fastest vaccination project we have ever seen. it is extraordinary than what it is.
7:47 pm
at the same time cases may go up in certain places, not because of vaccinating. it is been the same problem throughout the entire pandemic. we know what to do, we wait for science to rescue us. science starts rescuing us, we start to pull back further. that's the real race. the vaccines are really important. we got to hang in there a little bit longer. we are so close to be able to say we brought this thing under control. we can get our hands around it for the first time, we are not there yet. >> i want to talk to you about your documentary, it airs on sunday night. let's take a look where you were looking to robert redfield of where he thinks this panvirus
7:48 pm
originated. >> i am allowed to have opinion. i have the point of view that i think the most likely ideology of this pathogen from a laboratory in wuhan escaped and others don't believe that. that's fine, science will eventually figure it out. it is not unusual fo for respiratory pathogen to be affecting workers. >> the city is a widely known center for viral study in china including the wuhan institute virology. >> it is a remarkable conversation i feel like we are having here. because you were the former cdc director and you were the director at the time this was happening. >> the first time the former cdc
7:49 pm
director stated publicly that he believes this pandemic started months earlier. it originated inside a lab in china. >> these are two significant things to say. >> that's not applying any intentionality. it is my opinion. but i am a virologist. i do not believe this somehow came from a bat to a human and at that moment in time. the virus came to the human became one of the most infectious virus. it takes a while to figure out how it becomes more efficient. i just don't think this makes biological sense. >> in a lab, you think that process of becoming more efficient was happening? >> yes, i have coronavirus that i am working on. most of us trying to grow the virus and making it grow better
7:50 pm
and better so we can do experiments and figure it out. that's the way i put it together. >> so sanjay, just to under line here, there is no concrete evidence to backup his plan. this is significant coming from the cdc director. >> yes. >> that's the thing, this theory has been out there for some time. i was surprised that he was the one who said it. he showed up and he was ready to talk about it. it was a longing conversation. i want to make sure he was precise. he stuck to it. he really believes this virus and this pandemic essentially originated in a lab. not at that wet market. he thinks it started months earlier than we were told. we were not told until december 31st, 2019 about, this unusual cluster of pneumonia patients. he is saying september, october, they already knew this was spreading in wuhan so these were
7:51 pm
considerably important things that he was pointing out. the world health organization, they say the lab leak theory, extremely unlikely. chinese officials are now saying, they're pointing to a multiorigin theory saying it emanated from many different places. that's unsubstantiated. it is striking to me. we don't have evidence of this lab, of how it emanated from a wet market either. a year into this, we still don't have clear knowledge of how this pandemic started. >> do you think we'll ever figure it out? >> that is a great question. i mean, the world health organization sent in a team. they did their investigations. there's a 400-page report forthcoming. they say they're putting the final touches on it. i'll be the first in line to read the report but i don't know if in the end it will be conclusive or not. there are ways, dr. redfield said science will eventually give us the answer but we will have to wait and see. >> i'll be first in line to wait
7:52 pm
and see what you have to say after you read the report. make sure you watch the special report to hear what else he learned on the war on covid. sunday night at 9:00 right here on cnn. gop senator mitt romney getting the jfk profile in courage award voting to convict the president in his first impeachment trial. will and he the rest of the gop have the courage to stand up for voting rights?
7:53 pm
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in just the right place and that will be the tipping point that changes everything. ♪ ♪
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. so take this. republican senator mitt romney is this year's recipient of the john f. kennedy profile in courage award. given for the lone gop vote to convict donald trump and his
7:57 pm
first impeachment trial. jfk's daughter, ambassador caroline kennedy, says this. that senator romney's commitment to our constitution makes him a worthy successor to the senators who inspired my father to write profiles in courage. he reminds us that our democracy depends on the courage, conscience and character of our elected officials. the award comes despite the differences in historic political leanings of the romney and kennedy families. so you might remember that romney, unsuccessfully challenged jfk's brother ted kennedy to represent massachusetts in the u.s. senate back in 1994 before going on to be elected governor. doing the right thing, its own reward and it has no party. president biden slamming georgia's new election law that suppresses the vote. now he's saying the justice department is reviewing it. our bottles are made to be re-made. not all plastic is the same.
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we visited mars...mars! and people with diabetes are still pricking their fingers? that changes now. meet the dexcom g6. it shows your glucose right on your phone and where it's heading. finally, a better way to manage our diabetes. welcome to this family meeting. i'm here because you guys need some serious together time... the good kind. mom's alone at the office... dad's hiding out in the van... and the kids are virtually teaching each other. y'all need to let yourselves woah... at universallllll. good job, jonesesess... jones'. jones'? anyway, that's how you let yourself woah!


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