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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  April 24, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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a celebration of life memorial in moments at brooklyn's barclays center why the three-time grammy nomineed died after suffering a heart attack in his new york home. you are live in the cnn newsroom. i'm jim acosta in washington. people are demanding more than the sheriff's department is giving them. >> no justice! >> no peace! >> this is elizabeth city, north carolina where residents are not only mown morning the death but they want to see the moment he was shot. so far no body cam footage is released from brown's altercation with law enforcement on wednesday but the audio of first respobders' radio traffic gives a small glimpse into what
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may have happened. >> ems has got one male 14, gunshot to the back. >> a gunshot to the back. that's part of what is driving people to demand answers they're not getting and natasha chen is in elizabeth city right now. you are there today when the mayor gave an update and now the family of andrew brown jr. is speaking out. what are they saying? >> reporter: jim , this press conference just wrapped up. most notably the president of the local chapter of the naacp is calling for the resignation of the sheriff tommy wooten and wooten had told the media yesterday that as far as releasing body camera footage he's reminding folks that in north carolina it requires a court order to do so and trying to protect the integrity of the investigation. but of course, as you mentioned,
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the family and public are really asking for the footage to be released in an effort of transparency because here folks besides the 911 audio played don't have any details of what happened and earlier officials told us that they are also very much in the dark on the details. and so they're equally befuddled on wednesday morning. we did hear from one of andrew brown's children, 25-year-old son, talking about the emotional difficulty of this week. >> with all these killings going on, i never expected this to happen so close to home. like, he left a close and tight family. with each other every day talking to each other every day. and we, my brothers, my sisters we drove him as a person. we is what made him better and
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now i got to live every day, my newborn without getting a chance to meet him at all. that's going to hurt me every day. i just want justice. >> reporter: and the reverend barber spoke here saying that an arrest warrant is not a license for police to kill someone and so they were making reference to that and the comparison of this situation and columbus, ohio, where the body camera footage was released much more quickly. and keep in mind that seven sheriff's deputies are now on add min straitive leave. two more resigned an ena third retired at this point, jim. >> all right. thank you for that. cnn obtained new video showing the moments leading up to the moment of shooting of ma'khia bryant in columbus, ohio.
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the video is disturbing to watch. officials saying bryant lunged at another female with a knife, a police officer shot and killed bryant. this happening about 30 minutes before tuesday's guilty verdict was delivered in the derek chauvin murder trial in minneapolis and joining me is national correspondent athena jones in ohio. what is the status of the investigation boointo the shoot? >> reporter: jim, this investigation is in the hands of the bureau of criminal investigation, part of the ohio state attorney general's office. they have first dibs on investigations like this independent of the police department so they began to investigate almost immediately after the shooting talking to witnesses, looking at the footage. we know of course that this is all happening as ma'khia bryant's family is struggling with the loss and many people in
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the community are mourning a life that ended too soon. >> reporter: a new view of what led to the shooting of ma'khia bryant. this ainge frl a neighbor's security camera across the street showing columbus, ohio, police officer arriving on the soon. emerging and shooting bryant in black as she appeared to lunge at another young woman with a knife in the hand. reardon who's been taken off street duty while an independent investigation is under way firing four shots at bryant within seconds. the police department and the police union president arguing the use of force was necessary to protect the young woman in pink. >> i would ask you if that's your family member up against the car that had a puppy in their hand, what would you want that officer to do? in that split second moment if they had a chance to stop harm to others. we have a duty to protect the
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public and ourselves. certainly. the public. >> reporter: a view echoed by other law enforcement experts. >> immediately upon exiting the vehicle he observes an assault taking place. he sees one person in possession of a knife and then he sees a victim that's or potential victim next to the auto. officer reardon believed that deadly physical force was necessary in this encounter because the potential victim could have possibly lost their life. >> reporter: explain why the officer took the actions and so quickly. >> this went from zero to the 100 immediately. the officer's actions were r view of the use of force doctrine. >> reporter: the mayor saying the city is grieving a tragic loss and stressing the importance of transparency. >> our african-american community in particular here is grieving not just at this particular tragic event but so many deadly encounters with law
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enforcement. they're seeing around the country and even here in this community and so it's incumbent upon all of us to make sure we support folks in the community right now that are grieving but also calling for and demanding for change, reform and justy. and transparency is such an important part of that. >> reporter: police released dash cam footage thursday. part of the effort as transparency. bryant's mother grappling with the pain of losing her daughter. >> my heart is really broken right now because i miss my baby. >> reporter: funeral arrangements are still finalized. meanwhile we heard again from the mayor this morning in a tweet in which he asked people in the community to show some grace. remember each other's humanity and the death upon death upon death of african-americans at the hands of law enforcement and it is this independent
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investigation now under way that will draw the final conclusions whether this was justified. jim? >> such an awful story. athena jones, thank you so much. this just in. we learned the family of andrew brown jr. in south carolina hired benjamin crump and you know him as the attorney for the family of george floyd and so many other families in this situation. what can you tell us about this body cam footage in north carolina? why is the sheriff's department not turning it over? seems like we get the body cam footage in the other cases. what is going on with this delay here? >> i'm honored to work with attorney harry daniels and attorney sellers who as you know is a cnn contributor representing the family of andrew brown. and it's clear to us there's something bad on that body cam video that they don't want the
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public to see. and what we believe is transparency is essential, it is essential, jim. why did the taxpayers pay all this money to have retro fit these officers with body cam video if when we needed it most, when it mattered most they would not let the public see what has transpired? we know he was shot from the back. we already know that. you might as well just own up to it and be transparent with the community so we can have accountability and we can try to get to some trust because that is why the african-american community is so distrustful of law enforcement. they believe they conspire to try to cover up illegal killings and excessive use of force on a
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regular and systematic basis. >> i want to ask you about these initial reports that he was shot in the back. given your history in dealing with these kinds of cases, that is a very disturbing sign it seems. >> yeah. when you think about it, you have so many african-americans shot in the back in my book we talk about the police don't shoot white men in the back but them shooting black men in the back is almost like a cliche. whether you look at terrance with the hands up in oklahoma, anthony mcclain who ran out of his shoes a couple months ago and the police still shot him twice in the back and we all remember jacob blake jr. in kenosha, wisconsin, when he was shot in the back and it boggles
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the mind why the police feel threatened by a black man running away from them, not presenting a threat, not presenting any violence. we are trying to get away from them yet they shoot us in the back and to athena's point, jim, it's -- we had this historic victory, this historic victory where w this precedent setting verdict holding derek chauvin responsible for killing george floyd we thought that police would be more sensitive to this issue but we see death after death after death at the hands of law enforcement. can we get through just one week without the police killing a black person in america? >> i want to ask you about that and talk about the chauvin verdict. the judge said he will be sentenced on june 16th. after a jury convicted him in the death of george floyd, the
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most serious charge is second-degree murder carries a maximum of 40 years in prison. is there a number of years the floyd family wants to see? >> certainly, jim. the family of george floyd would want to see derek chauvin stay in prison as long as george floyd would have stayed in prison if the roles were reversed. we can't have the two justice systems, one for white america and one for black america. it has to be about equal justice for every citizen in a united states of america. especially when we are transparent and we all see what happens. and that's all we're trying to do. we pray that the chauvin verdict is a precedent. that will allow for when we say liberty and justice for all that it will rain true and not ring hollow to black communities.
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>> you also represent the family of daunte wright. he was shot after a police officer confused her gun with her taser. on friday the mother of wright's child read a letter to him. let's listen to that. >> daunte, where did you go? why did you leave? my heart breaks for our son. he's only a year old and without his dad what am i supposed to tell our son when he grows up and asks about you? when i look at his face it makes me want to cry. he's so amazing. and the fact that somebody took you from him it leaves me speechless. this feels like a nightmare. only thing is it's not a bad dream. it's reality. >> ben, we are now hearing
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reports there are family members getting death threats. what can you tell us about that? >> certainly. there has been a reaction since the chauvin verdict was handed down that for whatever reason those enemies of equality feel that they can lash out at family members and some of daunte wright's family members got threats that we reported to the authorities because we don't take those threats for granted and we don't take them lightly. but it is something very serious that when black people achieve just a little justice then you have people who are enemies of equality feel like their rights are being trampled on, that somehow their constitutional rights have been marginalized. we are better than that, america. we have a country of high ideas
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that says we love our children just like you love your children and we want the see our children come home to us just like you want to see your children come home to you so when you take our children from this earth far too soon you take daunte jr.'s father there should be accountability. that's what we call america. we want to be able to be the beacon of hope and justice for the rest of the world to marvel so we object and we refute these enemies of inequality who have issue with us have equal justice. >> we'll get back to you on this case unfolding in north carolina. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, jim. coming up, the guest on the receiving end of this meltdown from tucker carlson. >> it was excessive and -- what i'd like to do --
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>> looks like he'll spend the rest of his life in prison and more worried about the rest of the country and thanks to police in action if you haven't noticed is boarded up. so that's more my concern. everyone's coming, everybody. you, her, me, all of us.
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there is a new big lie making the rounds. one that is so toxic we need to take a moment to call it out. >> a-ha. that's the big lie. systemic racism. the left, it is always committed to use this case in any instance of white cops having bad interactions with black americans to reinforce the same big lie. mainly, that america's a systemically racist place. they can never get ahead so that lie, what does it do? drives us apart. >> laura ingram, only expertise
1:21 pm
is telling them. but let's be real why we understand what's going on in america. as the prosecutor said in the derek chauvin case, believe your eyes. and listen to what the families of george floyd and daunte wright have been going through. we know they're not alone. >> we want to make sure other families don't have to go through this. you know? i mean, come on. why do we have to keep going through burying our babies? i sat up all night staring at the ceiling thinking, o my gosh, this is really happening. why do we have to keep going through? >> it was a motion picture, the world seen his life being extinguished and i could do nothing but watch, especially in that courtroom over and over and over again as my brother was murdered. i'm going to put up a fight every day because i'm not just fighting for george anymore. i'm fighting for everybody
1:22 pm
around this world. >> but let's be real. how can you hear that and doubt what's going on? but it's not just laura. how about tucker carlson who in the wake of the derek chauvin verdict showed us all what's under the hood? >> the jury in the derek chauvin trial came to a unanimous verdict this afternoon. please don't hurt us. they spoke for many in this country. everyone understood well the consequences of an acquittal in this case. after nearly a year of burning and looting and murder by blm that was never in doubt. >> but let's be real. tucker carlson's anger not about the actions of a police officer that murdered a man but the verdict. or as was described please don't hurt us. now you can call this an act but the big, race baiting lies have been spreading like a cancer and
1:23 pm
dangerous and they have reached the halls of congress. congresswoman greene of georgia that tweeted tuesday night d.c. is completely dead because of rear of riots. police are everywhere with riot gear. blm is the strongest terrorist threat in the country. that's a lie. people were not hiding in the homes. i went out. i had a burger. it was delicious. but this member of congress has a clear record of stoking racial tensions like the america first caucus and con fimed by the staff before she abandoned it but let's be real about greene's big lie. the reason why the nation's capital resembled a war zone is because a pro-trump mob attacked the capitol. last month trump's hand picked fbi derk warned about the rising number of cases of violence.
1:24 pm
>> when it comes to racially motivated violent extremism that number of investigations and number of arrests has grown significantly on my watch. and the number of arrests, for example, of racially motivated violent extremists who you call white supremacists last year almost triple the number it was in my first year as derk. >> no matter how hard they try they can't hide from the big lie. and it's important to keep calling it out. trump did not win the election. he lost the election. his supporters stormed the capitol. and then they tried to blame everybody but themselves. >> i knew those are people that love this country, that truly respected law enforcement would never do anything to break a law and so i wasn't concerned. had the tables been turned and this will get me in trouble and had president trump won the
1:25 pm
election and those were antifa protesters and black lives matter i might have been a little concerned. >> right from the start zero threat. they went in, shouldn't have done it. some of them went in and they're hugging and kissing the police and the guards. they had great relationships. a lot of the people waved in and then they walked in and walked out. >> just try for a minute and offer some constructive ideas to reform police and the tucker carlsons of the world don't even want to hear it. >> excess aif and -- >> the guy that did it looks like he'll spend his life in prison and more worried about the rest of the country and thanks to police in action if you didn't notice is like boarded up. so that's more my concern but i appreciate you coming on. nope. done. >> done. but let's be real. these big liars are trying to
1:26 pm
distract you. if they claim to be more afraid of this -- >> black lives matter! >> than they are of this -- >> get off my back! >> or even this -- >> let him breathe at least, man. >> i can't breathe. >> i'm trying to help out. >> then it's pretty obvious where the big lies are coming from. they're coming from the big liars. who are guilty as charged. joining me now is ed gavin, new york city's former corrections department deputy warden and recognize him from the clip i just showed you when carlson suddenly laughed and cut off gavin and i want to give you a
1:27 pm
chance to finish the thought and i thought he was just getting to the point to talk about. what were you trying to say? >> well, he actually let me speak for two minutes before he interrupted me so he let me make a lot of points with relation to positional asphyxia and the paper regarding positional asphyxia and sudden death. the other point i wanted to make was i'd like to see police officers, correction officers use leg irons trying to bring someone under control or arrest them. a leg iron is basically two cuffs connected to a maybe 15 to 17-inch chain to put above the ankles and i think that's an effective way to combat, restrain and control people and as much as you by putting the leg irons on someone arresting them you're actually preventing them from using the feet, legs
1:28 pm
and knees from weapons and aid you -- prevent a possible escape or a flight so i think that's very important. the reason i say that is i actually in 1993 i was off duty at a mall and i saw a man running, about 6'5", running, two police and security guard chasing him and we were trying to handcuff the man and very, very difficult and at the time i had leg irons in the car and popped the trunk and placed them on this guy's legs and the guide said to me what are you into? we brought him under control and he was huge. i just -- that's what i wanted to say. i think that the use of leg irons could be helpful. i don't say that the officer should carry them on the person but certainly let's have them in the radio car so that when a police officer gets on the scene and in addition to handcuffs are small and like a two-inch
1:29 pm
connection between the cuffs and not a lot of room to work and sometimes fight the person or manipulate the arms to get them in the cuffs placed on the subject. where the leg irons are easier to apply and it's an additional safeguard. i also wanted to say that -- go ahead. >> no, sure. i don't want to cut you off. >> and in addition, i think we have to really look at positional asphyxia as something that is really a -- something to cause death and we have to train the police to be aware of it. here we had in the george floyd incident mr. chauvin with his knee on the person's back and the guy in the prone position with the stomach on the ground and two other police officers applying some force to his body so at the very most you should maybe three minutes tops. what you want to do is you want
1:30 pm
to turn the person on the side and sit the person up, get them in a sitting position. in the last ten years there have been about 100 -- >> i did want to just jump in real quick and ask you about the other three minneapolis police officers in this case. from what you've seen on the video and drawing on the decades in law enforcement experience what do you think was their responsibility in that moment? do they share some of the responsibility for what happened to george floyd? >> well, they have a duty to intervene obviously and i think they should have but i don't think from -- i don't think they knew exactly what chauvin was doing to this guy and could see the head on the cement like that which is barbaric. i don't think they were in a position to see that. so i think floyd -- i mean, mr. chauvin is responsible but more so -- most important thing to
1:31 pm
realize is positional asphyxia here. we have got to train the officers in the academy and not to do this. one thing you can do is basically during training have them rear cuffed placed in that position so they know what it feels like. even a healthy person can have labored breathing or bring on a heart attack. you have a person on fentanyl, the shopkeeper said uncontrollable and he had some contributing factors to be more susceptible to this positional asphyxia or death. so moving forward this really has to be the number one thing and another thing earlier in the tucker piece i would saying to see police officers become emts. pay them a premium to maintain certification and make them detectives after 18 months. we have the specialized units, special victims unit, community affairs unit.
1:32 pm
how about a save a life unit? how about training people in medical science and in emergency medical practices so that they can intervene and prevent the fellow officers from taking that step that wasn't required? if you look at -- when they initially removed mr. floyd from the vehicle they rear cuffed him, placed him on the ground and everything is fine. that michb a good point to start triage him. let them get the temperature and look at the respirations. >> so many -- yeah. there were so many moments there, ed, where they could have intervened to help them medically why that to me is the thing i can't really understand at the end of the day when it comes to this case and this trial. they clearly had him under control and they didn't do anything medically there to save him? j great insights and ideas and glad you came in to finish the
1:33 pm
thoughts. ed gavin, thank you so much for coming in. we'll have you again real soon. >> thank you. coming up, cdc advisers recommend lifting the pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine but the recommendation comes with a new warning. , we support you with career coaching for life. including personal branding, resume building, and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at
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states are resuming use of the johnson & johnson covid vaccine after the cdc and fda lifted the recommended pause of that vaccine on friday. the j&j vaccine now comes with a new safety warning telling women under 50 to be aware of the risk associated with the vaccine. and with us is dr. lena wen.
1:38 pm
just so we know, you are part of the johnson & johnson vaccine when you knew you had the placebo you got the johnson & johnson vaccine and now saying you wish you hadn't. explain that for us. >> right. good to be with you, jim. i want to say i'm glad that the fda and cdc resumed the johnson & johnson vaccine. it is a very good vaccine. and certainly if it were the only vaccine available it's got extraordinary benefit compared to a very minimal risk but there is a subgroup and that's women between 18 to 49 who are at much higher risk of having a very severe blood clotting disorder and the way that we counter vaccine hesitance is not to down play the risks. some people have been saying
1:39 pm
people get blood clots. this is a serious blood clot combined with low platelet count and need to counsel women in this age group of other alternatives. if i had known about the severe risk myself i would have taken the pfizer or moderna vaccine and that's what i will be counseling my patients. >> absolutely. and the number of vaccine doses as you know administered is starting to drop. the seven-day average below 3 million a day. a model says that the supply of vaccines will outstrip demand in two weeks. if someone is recognize about the to get the vaccine what is your pitch to them? >> i would say that you have to think about the extraordinary benefit of these vaccines. there are so many studies that show that your risk of getting infected of covid-19 with the long haul symptoms of being hospitalized and dying from covid are substantially
1:40 pm
decreased after getting the vaccine and that they allow us to get bag to pre-pandemic life and getting vaccinated is not only protecting you but others around you including young children who cannot yet be vaccinated and i think that we need to have a lot of tolerance for those who whatever reason are hesitant and not a monolith and we have to address each concern one at a time and the way to do that is not to downplay the risks but to be honest about the risks, the benefits and explain alternatives and the group of women 18 to 49 that there are alternatives to this one vaccine with a specific risk. you can get the pfizer or moderna vaccines given to 100 million people with no adverse side effects. >> doctor, that is great advice and i think you are right on the money about talking to people who are hesitant. let's bring them along and have that conversation. i think that's so important. doctor, great to talk to you as
1:41 pm
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all have one goal — to make you smile, today. start now. call 1-800-aspendental or book online at when the los angeles dodgers take on the san san diego padres tonight vaccinated fans will get a taste of pre-pandemic life with a section all to themselves which means no social distancing, no masks but those that must be worn. the major league soccer team is trying the same thing and hosting an on-site pregame vaccine clinic and paul vercammen has more. >> reporter: it is a momentous day in los angeles because both the soccer club and the dodgers are opening up to vaccinated fan section and just a great sense
1:46 pm
of euphoria. don't forget that california's vags rate slightly above 1% and seeing the fans going into the vaccinated section they're going through the metal detector, they have proved they've been vaccinated and two weeks beyond that. if you're 2 to 15 you have to show that you had a negative covid test. that's both at the lafc and the dodgers. it's been a while since you have been to a game here and now you can stand right next to your compatriots. keep your mask on unless you're eating? >> that's right. finally shoulder to shoulder again. >> reporter: how does it feel to be part of the fan section? >> we will try to bring the noise for those that can't be here. sadly this year it's taken many brethren from us and this is for them and being loud for everyone that can't be here. >> reporter: 200 fans allowed
1:47 pm
and you have a rep investigation for singing along and doing this. what will it be like? >> very emotional because we did lose people close to us and same time we get to scream for them and do everything for them and support the team and one little bit of normalcy to get back. >> reporter: well said. one little bit of normalcy to get back. you have the feeling for california beginning the grand experiment with vaccinated fan sections. from los angeles, paul vercammen, back to you, jim. coming up, a deadly crash in texas with a tesla with no one behind the wheel. questions about the futuristic cars, next.
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a deadly crash in texas is raising safety concerns about tesla's autopilot feature. >> reporter: autopilot is the tesla feature that drivers love. >> look at this! >> reporter: tesla said it reduces the workload of attentive drivers but facing scrutiny after this crash in a texas neighborhood last week. police say this tesla slammed into a tree with nobody in the driver's seat. both men on board died. >> the design studio. >> reporter: elon musk says car data logs show autopilot was not enabled. even still it prochted two
1:53 pm
federal investigations and a demonstration. on a closed course test drivers say they were able to easily trick auto pilot to operate without somebody behind the wheel. they climb into the passenger seat ian the driver's seat seat belt is buckled. >> i turned the wheel and at this point it was completely driving on autopilot and no one in the driver's seat. >> i was horrified. >> reporter: william wallace heads safety policy. >> consumer reports tricked the system and we only did it to demonstrate how much more is needed from tesla coming to safety. >> reporter: in a new letter a pair of senate democrats demabd an investigation by the national highway traffic safety investigation why they have 24 open investigations into tesla and richard blumenthal said he is worried the safety concerns
1:54 pm
are becoming a pattern. >> there needs to be immediate investigation and intervention by the federal agencies but tesla itself bears a moral and likely legal responsibility to do more and do better to protect the drivers. >> reporter: tesla has not responded to the request for comment and they said they should be ready to take over in a moment's notice and "surm reports" said they have that through eye tracking technology that's absent on teslas. >> and the international space station welcomed four new residents today. a rocket docked there this morning. the mission is spacex's third-ever flight with a crew on board and the first to make use of a previously blown rocket booster and joined another seven
1:55 pm
astronauts already at the iss and smet with smiles and zero gravity hugs and having a good time and crowded but looks like they're okay and expected to stay in space for six months. georgia's secretary of state one of only republicans to stand up to donald trump after he lost the election. he fiercely defended the state's results but brad raffensperger is supporting a controversial new voting law passed in response to the election. we'll ask him about this. he joins us live next.
1:56 pm
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you're live in the cnn newsroom. i'm jim acosta in washington and another american community dealing with a demabd for answers. people in elizabeth city, north carolina, have been marching peacefully and urging the sheriff's department to release body cam video of the shooting of andrew brown jr. andrew brown jr., a 42-year-old man, was killed outside his home as deputies attempted to serve him with a warrant and city officials are calling for the community to see the body camera footage, the mayor


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