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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  April 27, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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top of a brand-new hour. i'm victor blackwell. good to be with you. >> i'm alisyn camerota. we begin with the push by the biden administration to get more people vaccinated. president biden sharing new guidance for fully vaccinated americans hoping it is motivation for those who have not gotten a shot. >> the cdc is updating recommendations for people who have been or are now fully vaccinated. you don't need a mask for most outdoor activities. and that means that fully vaccinated people finally do not need to wear masks while hiking or being in small groups, vaccinated or unvaccinated people or dining outside. here's what the president said. >> this is another great reason to go get vaccinated. now. now. yes, the vaccines are about saving your life, but also the lives of the people around you. but they're also about helping
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you get us get back to closer to normal in our living, more normal living. getting together with friends, going to the park for a picnic, without needing to mask up. we're back to that place now as long as you get vaccinated. so go get the shot. it's never been easier. >> nick watt is in los angeles. nick, the president making the hard push there for the vaccination. it's happening as vaccination rates are slowing. >> absolutely, victor. this is all part of the administration plan to try to get as many people vaccinated as possible. they're using a lot of carrot and no stick. the cdc director this morning made it clear. she said, listen, as long as people continue to get vaccinated, as long as case counts continue to fall, we will continue to update this guidance and ease the recommended
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restr restrictions. >> over the past year we have spent a lot of time telling americans what they cannot do, what they should not do. today i'm going to tell you some of the things you can do if you are fully vaccinated. >> reporter: you can without a mask now run, walk, bike with your family outside, attend smaller outdoor gatherings, go to an outdoor restaurant. why? >> less than 10% of documented transmission and many studies have occurred outdoors. >> reporter: this new guidance gives info, reward and -- >> i hope will encourage people to get fully vaccinated. >> reporter: more than a third of american adults are now fully vaccinated, but the pace is slowing. yesterday 2.1 million doses in arms down from a high of 4.6 million april 10th. hesitancy is kicking in. in a poll last month, nearly a third of republicans said they would definitely not get the vaccine. two former trump officials say some of the former president's
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advisers are encouraging him to make a pro-vaccination psa. trump got his shots in secret, unlike other leaders here and abroad. meantime, the u.s. will release pending safety review, 60 million stockpiled astrazeneca doses likely to canada, mexico and beyond. why? it goes beyond the ethical. it's practical. >> transmission anywhere in the world poses a risk to people everywhere in the world. mutations occur, variants will develop and if a variant were to develop that was not covered by the current vaccines, we would all be in deep trouble. >> reporter: and the virus is exploding right now in india, globally new case counts have risen the last nine weeks in a row. >> to put it in perspective, there were almost as many cases globally last week as in the first five months of the
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pandemic. >> reporter: now, president biden also -- president biden also made it clear that it is his intention to send some of those astrazeneca doses to india. there's some math and red tape to deal with. first, and he made the point, when we were in a bind here in the u.s. early on, india helped us out. gu guys? >> nick watt for us in los angeles. a former cdc official, dr. khan. the recommendations, what do you make of them? first, based on the science but also as a potential motivation, incentive for people who are hesitating? >> hello, victor. thank you. so, these new recommendations are really science-based. we know less than 10% of infections occur outside. we also have seen a marked decline in cases and deaths in the u.s.
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and it's very appropriate to help people understand what a big game-changer it is for themselves, their families and their community if they get vaccinated. and so not wearing a mask outdoors is an extension of already advice from cdc that says, we don't need to wear a mask indoors with loved ones, we don't need to quarantine if we're vaccinated. i'm hoping they will continue to extend all of these new benefits of getting people vaccinated to improve vaccine confidence. >> doctor, there is still some confusion among fully vaccinated people about why they need to wear masks at a big outdoor venue, say, a concert. so, dr. walensky and the cdc addressed that today. listen to her explanation. >> i do want to convey this outdoor, large public venue such as concerts, stadiums and things like that. and a lot of that is the inability to distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated.
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and to say that in those settings, when you have those -- that density, we really do worry about protecting the unvaccinated people. >> dr. khan, i mean, just so we're all on the same page, there is a school of thought that, why do fully vaccinated people need to protect the health of unvaccinated people if they've chosen not to get vaccinated? >> hi, nice to speak with you. going back to dr. walensky's comments, we've given everybody the opportunity to be vaccinated. everybody in america hasn't had the opportunity to be vaccinated so this isn't flu vaccine at this point. at some point when everybody in america has had the opportunity if they want to be vaccinated, then i agree that maybe we can think about, well, okay, if you had the opportunity and you're not vaccinated, it's on you, but that's not true yet. and we need to make sure that until that's true, we are
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protecting the health of everybody, including those who are unvaccinated. >> dr. khan, i -- something i learned today is india is the largest vaccine maker in the world. we're going to go to india in just a moment to check in with the situation there. but why don't they have access to vaccines, at least the number they need now? >> that's a great question. there's lot of reasons. some has to do with the different approach. the u.s. approach, the u.s. pre-bought all of their vaccine up front to the manufacturers had it ready to go and the manufacturing plants up and going. india did not use that approach. there's also supply issues around getting the raw materials they need. plus, it takes time to sort of scale up these facilities to make billions of doses, which is essentially what they need. >> i mean, they're obviously in such horrible, dire straits
12:08 pm
right now. i'm sure it's welcome news that the biden administration says they're offering to send all sorts of things from ppe to, you know, more oxygen to the raw ingredients, as you say, for vaccines, but i don't know about the timeline. when we heard about the press secretary jen psaki it sounded like the raw ingredients -- more vaccine, i guess, they would consider over the next, you know, month or so. they need them now. >> this is always a good reminder that there are numerous countries in the world who have zero cases and zero death without vaccine. so it's really important for india to make sure that if appropriate public health measures in place to supplement their vaccination effort to get cases down. and until recently, the country was holding gigantic political rallies with tens of thousands of people and held the largest superspreader event in the world. >> dr. khan, we are several
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months now into the vaccine campaign here in the u.s. first people got their vaccines at the end of 2020, but j&j, moderna, pfizer, those vaccines only have emergency use authorization. why? what's the path to full approval from the fda and why hasn't it happened yet? >> another great question to help clear up some of the confusion in the public. the emergency authorization was to allow immediate use of these very efficacious, very safe vaccines. you need six months or so of data. as this data accumulates, all of these companies have committed to get these vaccines approved by submitting a buy logic license agreement. in 2021 they were all asked for approval also. it's just a time issue to have enough time to collect all of the safety data and to do all of the documentation that needs to
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be done to get full approval as opposed to emergency authorization. >> dr. ali khan, always great to talk to you and see you. thanks so much for the information. >> real pleasure. remember, for those who aren't vaccinated yet, get your shot and mask on. >> we can always count on you. dr. khan, for the mask shot. >> that's a huge mask. >> he's wearing it over his eyes at this point. that's very protective. now to that growing coronavirus issue in india. more than 1 million new cases have been reported over just the past five days. and cnn is joined from the capital of india. you have seen the hideous pictures we have seen about these long lines that people are waiting in to cremate their loved ones. what's happening in india? >> well, there's deaths, dejection and a lot of fear at this point in time.
12:11 pm
there's a shortage of supply when it comes to oxygen. there's a shortage of supply when it comes to bed and that's what we need at this time. i was at a hospital yesterday, alisyn, and what i saw is something i'm probably never going to forget. we had so many people rush into the covid ward area just begging for one bed. they said, just give us one bed just for tonight. we need oxygen for them. and that hospital had to turn them away because they were packed. they had people saying to us, there are people on the ground in that covid ward just waiting to get a bed itself. that's not the situation, only in one hospital in india's national capital, delhi, that's happening in a lot of places in the city as well as across india. that's the worry that the deaths are going up and we have a case load of 17.6 million already. in the last 3 1/2 days india has added more than a million confirmed covid-19 to the count
12:12 pm
and that's the devastating situation we find ourselves in. i was at the crematorium and young children were there to say good-byes to someone who had a mother suffering from covid-19 and couldn't make it to hospital. someone else had a husband in the backseat of her car. she was waling away and all she could tell me, while she was trying to catch her breath, we took him to four hospitals. no one took him in and he died while at home. in is the story in almost every household. it's so close home this time, alisyn and victor, but all of us know of people who died because of covid-19 without beds, without oxygen supply. you go to the social media and you go to twitter, facebook, everyone is saying, hey, can you help us with remdesivir, can you get me a bed for my aunt, can you get me oxygen supply for the night to my family member survives. this story is being repeated at possibly every doorstep in india. it's a nightmare right now. alisyn? >> it is horrible to listen to these stories.
12:13 pm
we heard earlier the president say aid is coming, aid is on its way to india and other countries are sending aid as well. but it just seems it cannot get there soon enough. >> well, it's already a bit too delayed and that's when medical experts say too little, too late. a lot of people are saying yand was caught offguard because they had time to prepare for the second wave. some scientists and medical experts believe india is a few months behind european nations so they should have buckled up and prepared for the second wave. india's health minister said endgame covid-19. there was complacency as far as authorities were concerned, as far as citizens were concerned because there were large gatherings. india just had a large festival take place in northern india, the largest in the world. there are so many people infected because of that. along with us, when politicians should be at the forefront
12:14 pm
telling people to wear their mask and socially distance themselves, they are at the forefront for political rallies because the election in five states here in india. they are the ones to go there and say, wow, look at the crowds gathered. we're so impressed. now we are seeing and you also have studies saying the debts could go up to 13,000 a day. that was the situation that india was in. large gatherings, social, political and otherwise, victor. >> thank you so much for that report. still ahead, the fbi opens a federal -- a civil rights investigation into the death of andrew brown jr. of course, there are calls growing for officials in north carolina to release the full body cam video of the fatal police shooting. plus, the feud playing out for the future of the republican party. congresswoman liz cheney is not ruling out a bid for president
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you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. republican senator josh holly is criticizing house republican conference chair liz cheney for being, quote, really out of step with gop voters and members. the split also continues between cheney and house minority leader
12:20 pm
kevin mccarthy over donald trump's role in the republican party. cheney says she believes senator, such as holly, who let's remember, led the effort against certifying the 2020 election should be disqualified from running for office in the future. this as she is not ruling out a presidential run herself in 2024. today mccarthy was unclear if he would support cheney if she's challenged in a primary. >> if she does ask you to campaign for her in a primary run, would you do so enthusiastically? >> i haven't talked to her about it. >> all right. cnn senior political correspondent abby phillip joins us now. this is playing out right in public for everyone to see. so, what are we to glean about the current state of the republican party? >> i think that both josh holly and liz cheney are onto something with their comments. there is this massive chasm that
12:21 pm
has emerged. i think the question, though, is how big are either camp. i think that's a little unclear, frankly. i mean, i think you could argue that the holly camp, the trump camp, even the mccarthy camp is larger right now. the republican party, by and large, buys into the election lies that have been sold and peddled by by former president trump. they buy into his brand of politics and they have not abandoned former president trump. liz cheney is a little isolated here even though i think that she herself has a certain well of support because of her family ties. and a lot of traditional republicans have been trying to buck her up by fund-raising for her, by rallying behind her. i'm not sure it will be enough. >> so, the republicans are
12:22 pm
attending a legislative retreat to talk about how to move policy forward. i want you to listen to representative cheney about how potentially the republicans can take back the majority. let's talk. >> i think as we look at '22 and '24, we're very much going to be focused on substance and the issues. i think that's where we have to attract back the voters we lost in 2020 by conveying to them that, in fact, we are the party they can trust, we're the party of competence and of conservative principles. >> that sounds good. how? because what they're talking about is where you stand on one side or another of a lie. >> of course. look, liz cheney certainly wants that for the republican party. i'm just not sure the rest of the republican party wants that at all. i think there is definitely a strain of the party that is much more focused on issues like cancel culture, much more
12:23 pm
focused on whether or not the lie that joe biden is trying to ban "b" for whatever it is. they're much more focused on those issues than they are on policy. what we found and what we've seen in recent months is a lot of things i think republicans thought might animate the base, like the issue of whether joe biden might raise taxes on businesses or even immigration, they have not resonated the same way with the republican base. that's been a problem for them. it's been hard for them to create a loyal opposition against biden and the democrats on policy. i'm not sure that what liz cheney is saying is going to happen is actually going to happen because they're much more interested in things like whether or not people are being canceled on twitter or on facebook for being conservative. >> just to remind people, josh hawley was the person who also showed solidarity in that famous photo, you know, with his fist
12:24 pm
up for the rioters, the people who stormed the capitol, during which five people were killed, including a capitol police officer, defecated, i sometimes throw that in for good measure, victor, in the capitol. i mean, that's not where the majority of the republican party is today, is it? how can he say that he represents the majority of the party? >> you're right. the majority the party is not rioting or supportive of the rioting on the capitol, but there's no question there's been an effort at the highest levels of the republican party and in conservative media to whitewash what happened on january 6th. look at ron johnson, who talks about january 6th as if it were a walk in the park and a picnic. in large part because the protesters were not black lives matter activists. there's a wide amount of latitude on the right that's
12:25 pm
being given to some of these excuses for january 6th that allows josh hawley to be members of the republican party in good standing. that's the element that i think is going to be difficult for liz cheney to combat. maybe republicans by and large don't support the riots but they are permissive of people like josh hawley and others being leaders in their party. folks like marjorie taylor greene and others who are part of the kind of rationale for why january 6th happened have more power today than they did before the january 6th riots. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. one of the biggest criticisms we heard about president biden was his handling of the situation at the border. today the biden administration just announced a new operation to crack down on human smuggling. cnn priscilla alvarez is
12:26 pm
following this for us. so what's the administration's plan? >> reporter: they plan to impose penalties to human smugglers. that can happen in a number of ways. for example, revoking travel documents or freezing financial's sets tied to the network. officials are calling this operation sentinel. it's a cross-government approach that includes department of homeland security, the state department and the justice department. remember, human smugglers pose a steep challenge to this administration. they use platforms like social media and popular messaging apps to reach migrants and encourage them to come to the u.s./mexico border, oftentimes spreading disinformation. now, the united states has launched a campaign through ads and social media to combat that messaging, but clearly officials don't think that's enough and they want to target specifically these criminal organizations. one issue they raised was the pure risk to migrants. we saw that video from border patrol of smugglers dropping two
12:27 pm
young girls from a 14-foot barrier on the border. officials looking at that and saying, that's enough. they want to go into human smugglers that are making profits off the journey these migrants go on. again, "operation sentinel" launched today. officials will say they're going to target the organizations and crack down on them in the coming months. we expect to start to see those penalties, victor. >> thank you very much. so next there's a curfew in place in elizabeth city, north carolina, tonight, after the deadly police shooting of andrew brown jr. the president of the naacp joins us live as calls grow for that full body cam video to be released to the public. ♪ ♪ i had the nightmare again maxine. the world was out of wonka bars... relax. you just need digital workflows.
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the fbi is now opening a federal civil rights investigation into the shooting death of andrew brown jr. he was killed by sheriff's deputies in elizabeth city, north carolina, six days ago. and today the family released the results of an independent autopsy. the results showed the 42-year-old father was shot five times, once in the back of the head. >> mr. brown had his arms up on the steering wheel of the vehicle that he was in located
12:33 pm
in. and what happened was that there were four bullet wounds to his right arm. these bullet wounds, according to the autopsy, were more or less glancing shots. they were not fatal shots. so, he was able to back up as these shots were coming into the vehicle. he was able to back up turn the vehicle around, spin off that cross a vacant lot. at that time, he was hit in the back of the head here, and that is the fatal bullet wound. >> a group of media outlets, including cnn, are asking a judge to release the full body cam footage, the state and the sheriff. they say they will follow the judge's order. derrick johnson is president and ceo of the naacp. thank you, sir, for being with us. let me start with your reaction to the breaking news, the opening of the fbi civil rights
12:34 pm
investigation. >> well, it is important that police officers are held accountable or at least the family have a good sense of what happened -- happened in this case. think about it. since the george floyd incident, we've had a rash of police-involved killedings and harassments. since the derek chauvin trial, we've had brooklyn center, columbus, ohio, chicago, illinois. now this. we must hold officers accou accountable. we must increase transparency. and this jurisdiction must release the tape. >> i want to ask you more about the other incidents you mentioned. first more on this specific incident. the north carolina attorney general in his most recent statement on saturday, here we are tuesday after what we saw from county officials there, and
12:35 pm
josh stein said of the investigation that he is, quote, ready to assist should the da request our help. you've called on the office to do more, be more proactive. what do you want to hear and see from the state? >> i think we have surpassed the state. i think it's time for the department of justice to open up a clear investigation. we are in a state of crisis across the country. when it comes to police accountable, particularly when it involved african-americans and specific african-american men. we have to elevate the level in our community. this is about trusting law enforcement agencies and having safe communities. meaning many communities don't feel safe and lack any trust of law enforcement officers or agencies. >> elizabeth city, to get to your earlier point, is in pain. and we saw and heard some of that at the news conference today in reference to the autopsy.
12:36 pm
brooklyn center is in pain, minneapolis, and you know the list of cities. what is the residual impact, if you believe there is some, from what we're seeing in -- in elizabeth city and how this is being handled on the other communities, and really the rest of the country that is watching this. >> well, african-americans have said for decades that law enforcement agencies, in particular officers who are harassing, injuring and killing us across the country. rodney king video proved the case. george floyd video required us to step up at this moment. this is our selma, alabama, moment. this is an opportunity for this nation to provide a different level of accountability on rogue officers. this is also an opportunity for police officers who are good cops to stand up and speak out against what they know to be the truth. far too many people who are unarmed are being killed at the
12:37 pm
hands of police officers. >> we're a week out from the derek chauvin guilty verdict and there were plenty of people on that day saying this is a new day. this is the ushering in of a new moment for justice, and here we are now having this conversation about a north carolina and andrew brown, jr. what do you believe about this era? is this a new day or was that just one day? >> well, we are at an inflection point. what we witnessed a week ago was justice with the bar to get to justice required a video, eyewitness, broad daylight, the state attorney general stepping in, taking over from the local d.a., who refused to do anything, peaceful protests in the streets, riots in the streets, only to find guilty what all of us seem to be true. now the new day requires us as a nation to pass federal policy,
12:38 pm
to move legislation that has already passed out of the house through the senate for the president to sign, to increase accountability, to create a national database for african-american communities to build trust and feel safe. >> president and ceo of the naacp, derrick johnson, thank you. >> thank you. next, west virginia now offering a $100 savings bond to anyone 35 or under who gets a covid vaccine. and the perks of getting your shot are just starting to add up around the country. we'll talk to a washington, d.c., bar owner who says he wants to open back up for fully vaccinated people and staff at full capacity. we'll tell you his plan. ♪ smooth driving pays off. saving is easy when you're in good hands.
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in west virginia it pays to be vaccinated. the state's governor announced residents 35 and under will get a $100 savings bond if they get vaccinated against covid-19. in alaska, one small town is requiring vaccinations to shop at local stores. some businesses also giving out other perks. budweiser, for instance, victor, will offer free beer. >> what did you call my name for? >> for proof of vaccine. i thought you might be interested in the next ones. >> not a beer drinker. >> how about this one. nathan's is dishing out few hot dogs. >> no. >> i'll move on. the next one, joints for jabs is handing out pot to vaccinated adults. that was last week. and several baseball teams are offering sections specifically for vaccinated fans.
12:44 pm
our next guest is the owner of a popular bar in washington, d.c. he says he's considering requiring proof of double vaccination to come back to his bar for staff and patrons alike. joining me now is bill duggan. you can go away, victor. he's the owner of madison's -- sorry. he's the owner of madame's organ. so, bill, listen, both victor and i were talking about how much we like your bar when it's open. >> wow. that's pretty cool. >> it's a great place. the mayor of d.c. says you are going to be able to reopen at 25% capacity. why isn't that good enough for you? why do you want all of your patrons and staff to be fully vaccinated before you open? >> two things. a friend of mine, the owner -- the manager of the 30 club in town says there's only one thing worse than being totally closed and that's to be partially open.
12:45 pm
the bars just don't work for people in this industry. we have musicians, staff. it's a pretty tough business to begin with. and so when you start with these tiny steps, and the mayor is offering 25% with month mention of people being vaccinated, how to stay safe other than stay away from each other. i would rather be one foot away from someone who is fully vaccinated or six or eight feet away from people when we have no idea where they've come from. the story of giving away $100, i might have to offer money for people to get a shot. it's an sin entive for people to get the vaccine. venues throughout the city, i've been in touch with pretty of much all of them over the past week and they're on board for something like this. we're looking for some feedback. so far the city has made these restrictions without any input from the music industry whatsoever here in washington.
12:46 pm
and we're actually closer to virginia where they're open, where they don't have these restrictions than other parts of washington, d.c. of course, in that situation, people can choose to go across the river to hear their music. i'm afraid they'll change their habits and start going there. we're a very small city relatively. >> i hear your point. you make a good point. you would rather 100% fully open than 25% open where you don't know who's who. i think that makes sense. but i'm sure you guys have some experience with fake ids, occasionally attempted to be used at the bar. how would you prove somebody's fully vaccinated? >> let's look at the downside. someone fakes their id card. who's at risk?
12:47 pm
our doormen right now check ids from all around the world. they check driver's licenses from all around the world, passports from all around the world. they're pretty adept for looking for a face. in the case of someone gets through with a fake passport, a vaccination card, they're essentially the only one at risk. it just doesn't make sense. i think we can incentivize people to be safe. after everyone here, we spent over the past year doing everything that was asked of us, all with the promise that when we get the vaccine we can go back to normal or back to abnormal. >> good point. you have to give people something. right now we're getting not a lot. >> i hear your frustration. >> we only have a few seconds left. has the mayor responded to your pitch to let your bar do this? >> the mayor responded even crazier. she said she wouldn't even consider this until we apply for
12:48 pm
a waiver in washington, d.c., apply for a waiver to have live music through the department of homeland security. i'm sorry. we're not a terrorist organization. we're a blues bar. hopefully we'll get the mayor at least in a conversation and looking at this. she's saying they'll revisit this issue in the coming months. i have neighbors that don't have months, some don't have weeks. in this past week i saw two being evicted for nonpayment. >> gosh. we haith to hear that. bill, we have to go. thank you very much. please keep us posted on what happens with madame's organ. we hear you and we know what a frustrating time it's been for all owners of bars and restaurant and the sta of. we'll check back in with you. just into cnn, a u.s. navy ship was forced to fire warning shots after what they say was a second recent incident of the iranian navy harassing u.s.
12:49 pm
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. the u.s. military has had another run-in with the navy in the portfolio. this is about the second time in a month. cnn's pentagon correspondent orrin leishman is following the developments and this time the u.s. knave he to fire a warning shot. tell us about that. >> reporter: this occurs as a u.s. navy patrol craft and u.s. coast guard cutter were operating in the international waters of the persian gulf. a spokesperson for the fifth fleet says three iranian islamic revolutionary guard corps fast
12:54 pm
attack craft came very close to the american ship, within 68 yards so much shorter than a football field and began harassing those and operating in a way that was unsafe and risking collision. after multiple bridge-to-bridge warnings a spokeswoman says the navy fired a warning shot after which the iranian ships backed off to what was described as safe distance. not the first time that this has happened. earlier this month on april 2nd four ships from the iranian army revolutionary guard corps navy came within 70 yard, very close to the same distance there and that lasted three hours, this harassment of two u.s. coast guard cutters operating in the persian gulf. the context here is crucial. the first time this happened back on april 2nd it was the announcement that the u.s. in iran would have indirect talks in relation to iran's nuclear program so as the diplomacy pushed forward iran's irgc navy appeared to get more aggressive and it happened again just yesterday as a third round of talks was announced in vienna
12:55 pm
about the nuclear program. iran's irgc navy once again more aggressive. >> orrin lieberman, thanks very much for that report. minutes from now cnn will release results of a new poll on the chauvin verdict, racing and policing in america. stay with us for that. ♪ ♪ i had the nightmare again maxine. the world was out of wonka bars... relax. you just need digital workflows. they help keep everyone supplied and happy, proactively. let's workflow it. then you can stop having those nightmares. no, i would miss them too much. whatever you business is facing... let's workflow it. servicenow.
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preponderance of the evidence will give his first address to a joint session of congress tomorrow, the first ever in the middle of a pandemic, and that has forced senate democrats to organize a lottery for tickets to be in the chamber. >> bet you have a tint. cnn will bring you all the action from inside the many rao. join us for live coverage tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern. >> "the lead" with jake tapper start now. >> brand new cnn polls on policing in america. the "the lead" starts right now. our poll finds most americans think policing does need a major overhaul, but does america think the chauvin conviction is the beginning of real change? breath of fresh air. the cdc gives new mask guidance for vaccinated americans that's frankly good news for the summer, plus alaska meltdown. a lawmaker banned from flying for refusing to wear a mask. she will now have plenty to think about what she did on her 14 hour commute by car


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